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1 General (except for FZ750) 18/02/2004 01:37:47 Ticeman Indianapolis Motorcycle Accessories Show Just got back from Indy a few minutes ago. It was freakin packed with people and vendors. I seen some pretty neat bikes including a Motard that did it for me and a Flat-tracker too. The Motard [url=]Quantum 450[/url] The Flat Tracker was an old unit that had been refurbished and prepaired to be raced current day. It was a Yamaha Vision, 750cc, Champion frame (I believe). This was the Factory Yamaha effort in the early 80s before the OHC stuff was made illegal by the AMA for competition. Seems the AMA is now going to allow it to be raced. It looked sweet too!!! Everything was all rusty and corroded under new bodywork. I can hardly wait. It's already got 10 more HP than the best Harley engine and they haven't even worked with it for 20 years. Kick Ass!!! Tony
2 General (except for FZ750) 19/01/2006 02:51:58 ganepeil fzr1000 All,went looking for a site similar to designated to genisis 1000's looking for horsepower. to no avail. lots of parts for sale, historys and brochures but no enthusiast groups. Anyone got info?thanks G.
3 General (except for FZ750) 20/01/2006 16:00:00 gaillarry Re: fzr1000 Theres a user group on Yahoo Clubs. Also [url=]FZR Arcives[/url]
4 General (except for FZ750) 21/01/2006 04:13:16 ganepeil Re: fzr1000 Larry,thank-you ever so much, Am currently printing out suspension from fzr archives, have already printed tranny 101, and will share with my fellow tech's at Co.PowerSports. Both articles are exceptionall in both acuracy and fundimental presentation.I'm sure they'll enrichen my crew and our clientell.G. :-)
5 General (except for FZ750) 25/01/2006 00:35:56 buzz87 Re: fzr1000 Yup! Gary - try this one - it seems okay to me, and has some FZ750 stuff in there, too: Here's what it says about itself: A forum designed for all those who have interest in Yamaha FZ, FZR, and YZF motorcycles... Haven't had tons of time to peruse, but could give some good info/contacts/links John :-)
6 General (except for FZ750) 28/01/2006 03:54:08 ganepeil Re: fzr1000 John, thanks for link, have surfed alittle, seems like most entrys are like knitting circles. still, have garnered some good info. thks G.
7 General (except for FZ750) 30/01/2006 08:06:08 buzz87 Re: fzr1000 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: You can always try this: :pint:
8 General (except for FZ750) 08/02/2006 02:28:52 ganepeil Re: fzr1000 John, have looked at last post many times, Whats that?
9 General (except for FZ750) 08/02/2006 11:20:22 buzz87 Re: fzr1000 1st line: I was chuckling at your "knitting circles" comment (I know what you mean there - tried a couple of other biking sites, and there was little on biking, and most about 'other things') 2nd line: embarrassed - it was, perhaps a poor lead 3rd line: So if all else fails: Have A Pint! (No offense intended.) In truth, I deem this a serious site for MC enthusiasts esp. dedicated to the FZ750. Not sure if there are others quite like it, but I don't have other bikes to look for on the web.
10 General (except for FZ750) 09/02/2006 03:50:44 ganepeil Re: fzr1000 John.attempted to post PM, but unable to view/retreive. let me know if you recieved. goin ridin tommorow willpost G. :-D
11 General (except for FZ750) 09/02/2006 10:11:31 buzz87 Re: fzr1000 Yup - got PM and answered - have a good one!
12 General (except for FZ750) 18/04/2006 19:28:48 stormin Re: fzr1000 Try :-D
13 General (except for FZ750) 29/04/2006 05:53:04 ganepeil Re: fzr1000 stormin, thks have become member and learned some things. g.
14 General (except for FZ750) 11/08/2006 01:58:34 ganepeil Re: fzr1000 lazy & use for access
15 General (except for FZ750) 05/12/2006 23:50:44 ganepeil back to 700/750's All; riding season pretty much over here. who's got a winter project? I've 2, still trying to locate OE full lowers, and, attempting to retro fit exup to the 7/10. G
16 General (except for FZ750) 05/12/2006 23:52:40 ganepeil back to 700/750's All; riding season pretty much over here. who's got a winter project? I've 2, still trying to locate OE full lowers, and, attempting to retro fit exup to the 7/10. G
17 General (except for FZ750) 02/02/2006 06:00:56 ganepeil hand signals When I first started riding, I was fortunate enough to meet a rider who was far more experianced than I who was willing to share his wisdom. one of the things he taught me was hand signals. some of the most basic I still pass on to riders who are just casual aquaintances. 1st while riding on 2 lane twistys and lead rider has made his pass, left hand straight up indicates that road is clear and is safe to pass. arm straight out is road is clear as far as I can see, left arm down, I'm blind, and left down wagging is get back in your' lane. Ray had a series of gestures for sh..t in the road but left hand down pushing to outside covers most. tapping top of helmet ment use your' head,left index finger circling is police. rhand tapping tank is I just hit reserve, r/hand wagging is I gotta Pee. If you'r on the side of the road. helmet on the edge of road means you need help. if you ever meet Ray Wooldridge in you're wanderings say hi, he's one of the best.G 8-)
18 General (except for FZ750) 18/05/2006 03:02:53 mike760 FZR1000 VS FZ750(1000cc) hi guys a hype-theoritical speaking which bike would win if a FZ750 had same brakes and engine of FZR1000 and what ever fairing on which bike would win???? what your thoughts i never heard of fz750 with 1000 engine taking on fzr1000 i heard people over taking and beating other bikes but never another cousin bike like hear your thoughts on this one. post you view on race between the two bikes cheers mike760
19 General (except for FZ750) 19/05/2006 03:33:56 ganepeil Re: FZR1000 VS FZ750(1000cc) Hi Mike, tough quesion. when i was racing my fz against fzrs was down @30 hp but had an extra gear and could just stay w/big boys on tight tracks. on tracks w/ 1/2 mile straights wound up sucking hind tit. my studying indicates that at higher speeds the need for h/p to overcome wind resistance increases exponensially (sp} thus the butt ugly Hyabusa. my guess is that even w/ equal mils and brakes/tires the fzr would out run the fz simply because of its lighter/ stronger frame and sliperry fairing. P/S I ride my old fz700/1000 with a neighbor with an 06 R1 anniversary ed. according to the dyno I'm down 12 hp and out 20 years of tech, but manage to keep up.G 8-)
20 General (except for FZ750) 13/08/2006 02:19:12 robhar2 my fz750 hi guys just thought id post some pics of my fz and a few other bits ive got [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img] cya soon carl
21 General (except for FZ750) 29/08/2006 02:45:03 mike760 Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ HI guys general talk what times have you done around tracks and drag strips and what was your fastest speed you done?? what tracks where you are that have regular track days too. cheers mike760
22 General (except for FZ750) 10/05/2009 00:35:06 1STFZ750 Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ Back in the late 80's I used to run my FZ at a local dragstrip (1/4 mile) and would turn consistent 11.80's @ 114 mph. My fastest run was 11.62 and the bike was basically stock with header & Dynojet kit on the carbs. Ahh those were the days..... :-)
23 General (except for FZ750) 10/05/2009 00:51:45 mike760 Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ Cheers Since i posted this i have gone down to the drags with two bike, i manage the stock of stock best time of 11.63 @ 115mph or 188.80kph with 0.00 reaction, spent a little on back wheel, next run cook it nearly went over backwards, on 790cc engine with serious work to heads and new kelin downdraft carb among other new upgrade the time was 10.31 @ 137.5mph 220kph with slicks, your right though stock times were 11.80's and just though fluky ride where every just work, that get thoughs best times
24 General (except for FZ750) 10/05/2009 01:01:24 1STFZ750 Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ 10.30's, very impressive. I had fun with mine going up against FJ1200's, Vmax's, 900 Eliminators and V65 Magna's back in the day. I wasn't the best racer but many guys came out with larger bikes and not much experience. It was fun running against them with the FZ mostly because I could launch it with minimal wheelies....not so for most of them.
25 General (except for FZ750) 15/08/2009 10:30:13 wheaty8918 Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ Hiya Glenn, it looks like your build is going nicely, your early photo's reminded me how mine used to look when I first bought it. Dunno if any of you are interested but here's a couple of pics of mine This is a 1st, hope they turn out.
26 General (except for FZ750) 15/08/2009 10:51:33 Graham Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ Bike in the livingroom, love it ! :lol: :lol: :lol: Try this. [img][/img] [img][/img] IS that an EXUP rear arm ? What rear wheel is it ?
27 General (except for FZ750) 16/08/2009 14:36:53 wheaty8918 Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ Hiya all, have only just noticed your chat regarding the exup swingarm. I've found 2 ways of fitting the exup rear end into an FZ, for mine I had an engineering company to make up a swingarm spindle collar for me that had the external dimensions for the exup collar but with an internal dimensions for the FZ spindle. The other way that a friend of mine has done has been to get the frame bored out to accept the larger diameter spindle of the the exup, I prefer my way of doing it because you can always revert the bike back to stock if need be. The only other thing that you need to do is to grind out the swingarm bracing where the shock goes through the swingarm and its a very tight fit. Hope this helps
28 General (except for FZ750) 08/11/2009 04:18:11 RIFLEMAN Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ Well,the FZ saw in the range of 160mph before I broke her. On the drylake at El Mirage I've had the ZX12 at 179.018mph. Also ran it in the bottom of Death Valley when I first got it and calculating gearing,tire diameter and RPM it ran in the 190+ range(its geared for 197). I have done trackdays at Willow Springs Raceway-Rosamond,CA ,California Speedway-Fontana,CA ,Spring Valley Raceway,Pahrump,NV . Willow is a really fast track,only 9 turns in 2.5 miles. Cal Speedway is the same length,but has 21 turns. Its uses the straight from turn 4 to turn 1 of the NASCAR track as the front straight. ZX was radared at 180mph just before the brake markers. Some where I have the times,but they're nothing to brag about,strictly mid pack. Hoping to get the FZ back up and take it the track to see what the Ol' Girl can do! :-D
29 General (except for FZ750) 10/12/2009 18:50:13 dave1000 Re: Track days and fastest speed you been on your FZ Ross Do you have your R6 wheels yet? If not would you be interested in this set up? If you need any info on fitting the R6 stuff just let me know. Cheers Gaz
30 General (except for FZ750) 05/12/2006 23:33:45 ganepeil still studying bits
31 General (except for FZ750) 09/02/2007 04:52:24 ganepeil what's wrong? all. got mine sorted out, can I help? G
32 General (except for FZ750) 10/05/2007 04:07:59 ganepeil Who's riding? Colorado weather is full of changes. and altitude makes a world of difference.I live @ 7 k ft,and the ride to town is @2 k ft. drop. not unusual to leave home seeing breath and hit main drag at 60 degrees. last couple of weeks have seen 3 or 4 days in the 70's then drop 6 to 10 inches of snow. Winter has stayed long, and the dirtbike trails locally are still closed due to snow drifts. areas usually open by mid april are predicted mid May. 4 of us from the shop have taken a Vacation day to go riding tommorrow, Tho it looks like we might end up driving half the way to New Mexico to do so. Ach, I feel dirty already. G
33 General (except for FZ750) 16/06/2007 09:42:27 85fz7505v Re: Who's riding? When I get my FZ fixed, I'll be riding as much as I can, I wanna try year round... Yes I'll even try the snow... I wonder if there's anyone that makes tires for the year-rounders. Anybody try these things by the way? [url=,showdetail,13240,e,1105803788-30287,,10107,,,.htm]Motorcycle snow claws[/url] I live around Vancouver BC, we get snow even in April, rarely though.
34 General (except for FZ750) 21/06/2007 03:01:14 ganepeil Re: Who's riding? 85, are you up yet? lived in northern wa. in my teens, and rode hwy 1 around the capes and jetties on a narcoleptic Bridgestone 250. gorgous yet tempermental. (the weather),(the bike I hate to this day) it quit on me once on a ride around Widby Island. I pushed it into a ditch and hitched back to the ferry. I'm sure the statute of limitations has run out.may it rust in peace. G
35 General (except for FZ750) 25/07/2007 00:33:41 85fz7505v Re: Who's riding? Nah, my bike is a huge problem for me I probably won't be riding anytime soon till maybe next month? There's no bloody aftermarket for our bikes I tell ya! All the troubles this bike is giving me makes me feel like an apprentice mechanic!
36 General (except for FZ750) 18/08/2007 21:50:24 zx12ryder Re: Who's riding? Sounds like a good day mate. Fish and chips and rain? Were you in England for the day?
37 General (except for FZ750) 15/08/2007 04:50:57 ganepeil just a ride Sundays and mondays are my weekend. monday morn. was 90 degees when I decided to catch some breese. Fortunatly rode into a rain squall about 40 miles in and rode out the other side about 20 minutes later. rode @ 150 miles dry but on wet pavement with all the smells which accompany A fresh rain. fish&chips for lunch, roads clear. ggod day. G
38 General (except for FZ750) 16/08/2007 16:56:44 daddyjay Re: just a ride Spoke too soon...i didn't read your next thread. Glad you got it working. Still keep the wires on your radar...
39 General (except for FZ750) 28/08/2009 08:14:09 Graham Nurburgring trip I've always heard of that being done when the brakes just don't want to firm up all the way, and also to test the system to see if the seals blow. Pressure on the system with the brake lever tied back all the way does shut off the master cylinder, and so the bubbles float up to the banjo joint. And since the system is under pressure, you're almost guaranteed to not reintroduce air when you pop the banjo open, as long as the system was close to being fully bled before.
40 General (except for FZ750) 28/08/2009 17:36:04 djcrow22 Re: Nurburgring trip Hiya folks. Just a few pictures of me & my TRX at the ring. I rode it there from my house in the middle of England (Worcestershire) & back again totalling 1113 miles, 65 of which were done on the track (5 laps). 8-) [img][/img] I think both of these were took at a section called the Karussel which consists of a series of concrete slabs on the inside line which are very steeply banked as you go further round. [img][/img] 1 lap of the ring is roughly 13 miles long & is set in the most beautiful countryside you could ever wish for. I went last year in the car but nothing compares with lapping it on the bike & I mean NOTHING. :-D I hope to go again next year on the FZ but I will probably throw it in the back of my van as I will be 40 years old by then & my back, neck & ass were killing me when I got back on Tuesday. :-( Never once got my knee down but my toe sliders are well worn so I'm guessing I must sit on my bike like a frog ! :lol:
41 General (except for FZ750) 28/08/2009 18:27:17 Graham Re: Nurburgring trip Graham, You English dog! 65 laps at the Ring, talk about nirvana...I can't imagine the emotions of going around there thinking of all the greats having raced there. There must be more pics so please share when you can, the countryside or whatever. I guess it's good to be you... Kevin
42 General (except for FZ750) 07/09/2009 16:49:19 djcrow22 Re: Nurburgring trip Tell you what, email me with your addy and I'll send it to you. If it works ok I'll take the $50 including shipping. If you feel that's fair let me know... Kevin I would test it for you but my FZ isn't running...yet! and the '85 has a different part #...
43 General (except for FZ750) 08/11/2009 04:06:31 RIFLEMAN Re: Nurburgring trip One of my 'Must Do' items in life! Was always very disappointed that the TRX was never sold here,neat bike.
44 General (except for FZ750) 04/12/2009 11:21:31 Graham Re: Nurburgring trip I'm over here Peter. :-D A bit later I will be over there (pub) but can be found mostly found over here. Please don't discourage Kevin from posting his pictures, they are helping to boost my collection. :lol:
45 General (except for FZ750) 22/12/2009 15:49:11 Graham Woops I bought another one ! Thanks Graham the same to you and your family. Best of luck with your rebuild, have just finshed mine and been out, but now the snow.
46 General (except for FZ750) 22/12/2009 21:53:39 RIFLEMAN Re: Woops I bought another one ! Come to Scotland ANYTHING PRE 88 in Senior Forgotten Era
47 General (except for FZ750) 28/12/2009 20:22:43 Graham Re: Woops I bought another one ! Rob your link isn't working mate. I'm guessing this is it. I was after one with a good, straight, "complete" frame so that I may restore one back to how it left the factory. Having just collected my 2nd FZ today which, much like my 1st has had its rear subframe chopped about I will lay off my search for a while. I knew about it but it was cheap so bought it anyway. I see you have a bid already with 9 days to go so that looks promising. :-) I'm not in the market for another FZ now but can you just clear something up for me concerning yours please ? Has the bike developed a mechanical problem since it ran out of fuel ? I ask as you say it hasn't ran since then but the ad' states it has nearly a full tank. :-? I'm guessing you have tried to start it with no joy ? Good luck with the auction. Exhaust alone must be worth the starting bid. :-o
48 General (except for FZ750) 29/04/2010 05:16:38 wolseley Cardiff Show Hi, Anyone in the UK going to the new bike show in Cardiff on May 9th. Would be nice to meet up with some other FZ owners.
49 General (except for FZ750) 29/05/2010 12:22:48 Graham Another FZ forum Hi Everyone. Does anyone know if a Micron 2000 system from a FZ750 will fit a 1987 FZR1000? They look very similar? If anyone has fitted a 1000 motor into the 750 what exhaust did you use? Cheers Gary
50 General (except for FZ750) 30/05/2010 19:12:12 RIFLEMAN Re: Another FZ forum thanks for the help. it's strange that p/n 1AE-14227-00-00 is listed as an o-ring on yamaha's website and a washer on i ordered four of them, so i guess i'll find out which it is when it arrives in the mail! :-P
51 General (except for FZ750) 30/05/2010 19:26:55 RIFLEMAN Do you know Shervin? So you a webmaster now Graham? :-)
52 General (except for FZ750) 31/05/2010 00:35:22 Graham Re: Do you know Shervin? Does any one have a spare centre stand for an 86 750 1FN. or does any one know if the FZX one fits
53 General (except for FZ750) 10/09/2010 07:52:38 Dutch Extra-ordinary trip around the world - on an R1 Perhaps you have heared about R1-Sjaak, the guy who rode an R1 for a 5-year trip around the world. I know him reasonably well (he lives only a few km/m from my home), so am pleased to promote the movie about his trip. More information on: or and Want to have any idea what he did?, click on sjaak To bad youtube has muted the music, the combination RHCP and Sjaak pictures was fantastic!
54 General (except for FZ750) 04/01/2011 11:09:58 zoltan1967 wanted: Australian fz750 / fzr750 Hi guys, if anyone has an fz750 sitting in the shed, engine going, straigtish, please email me as i am after a cheapie to do up for retro racing. thanks. ex-race bikes OK. email zoltan @ hourglassphotography ta. zoltan
55 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 17/02/2004 08:27:07 KevFoote Ducati [img][/img] 3 sisters Wigan 15.5.2003, Ducati SL500, Bridgestone BT45, one broken centre stand.
56 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 17/02/2004 08:32:47 KevFoote Re: Ducati [img][/img] and again.
57 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 18/02/2004 01:10:46 Ticeman Re: Ducati [url=]YSR400F[/url] [img][/img] It's now 453cc, 57.7 RWHP, 219lb full of fuel. Tony
58 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 21/02/2004 12:20:31 Ticeman How about this? [img][/img] Tony :-)
59 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 21/02/2004 12:22:11 Ticeman Or this? [img][/img] Tony
60 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 13/05/2004 14:48:18 MTK16 Re: Or this? Well I realise that this [img][/img] isn't quite in the same league. But I still love it Chris
61 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 20/10/2005 05:00:21 ganepeil bikes asside from fz. HI, I'm gane, and yes I'm certifiable, asside from my 86 fz I own an 87 fzr1000 (race bike) A 87 CBR1000 69 cb750, 76 cb750, 98 gsf1200, 78kz 650 81 kz550, 81 GS1100 (ex race bike) 71 xt500 (ice racer) 69 xt500 (flat tracker) an 81 xs650. a BSA star twin, a 71 tr6c triumph and a 01 yz250. British twins are a chore, but are attractive in their own way. racers,less so but like tools.allow one to do what must be done. The better the tool, the better the outcome. I probably ride the yz (trail riding with friends and scrambles)more than all my street bikes combined. back and forth to work is about 20 miles and I try to rotate enough to keep all their batteries up.but too many bikes not enough time. anybody intrested in a good used bike? would love to trim down to 6 or 7 (could put a truck inside garage)
62 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 24/10/2005 07:23:22 mike760 Re: bikes asside from fz. some rare bikes there don't many BSA's anymore thought with all that might have CB1000 from the seventy's one with 6 cyclinders i do have others bikes a GPZ900R and suzuki across yamaha R1 (05) and CBR1100XX blackbird (2002)
63 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 02/11/2005 05:04:12 ganepeil Re: bikes asside from fz. mike. pardon, but don't recognise suz. across, possibly dirt bike? G.
64 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 03/11/2005 01:57:04 mike760 Re: bikes asside from fz. the suzuki across is a 4 cyclinder road bike good for around city, fully faired bike with the tank under the seat and boot for your helmet where the tank use to be in AUS your first bike use to be no bigger than a 250cc and power to weight ratio of 150kW per a ton until you get off your P's (15months) now allowed up till 660cc but power to weight ratio still the same the weight is the bike weight plus 90kg just some info
65 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 06/11/2005 02:54:17 ganepeil Re: bikes asside from fz. mike. thanks for the up, can't think of anything avail. here that matches that description. most everything we have with fuel tank under seat uses faux tank for air box. G. learnin every day. ps whats the displacement?
66 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 06/11/2005 23:18:39 mike760 Re: bikes asside from fz. the displacement is 248cc it a small bike 4 stroke 4 cylinder
67 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 19/11/2005 14:12:58 buzz87 Re: bikes asside from fz. Fark! You've got heaps of bikes. I've had my trusty FZ for nearly 18 years. Just recently I bought a Honda CBR954RR Fireblade - it's great, handles like a dream, powerful brakes, sounds beautiful with the Hindle pipe. It's hard to go back to the FZ now!. My first bike was a Honda XL 250 trail bike. First road bike was a '85 Kwaka GPZ600 (ninja) which I bought brand new - a real head turner - had after market pipes which gave it a real growl. Will probably sell the FZ soon :(
68 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 08/12/2005 03:00:04 ganepeil Re: bikes asside from fz. Cammo, yes, we've got lots of bikes, comes from loving what they do for us and and being able to up-grade periodically. even to the extent of spending stupid hours and bucks to make even 20plus year old lumps our prizes. Mike has an R-1 I have a gsf 1200 I imagine other members own gsxr's and misc. rr's et all still there must be something about the fz that keeps us enthralled. if you sell, hope it's to an enthuisiast.ride well, have fun.G.
69 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 10/06/2009 20:36:16 Graham TRX 850 Hello folks. :-D Registered on here the other day as I'm looking to buy my 1st FZ next week with a bit of luck. I currently own a Yamaha TRX 850 which takes up most of my spare time & all of my spare money, not because it's rubbish, I just can't stop tinkering with it. It's a bloody good bike which I will be keeping if I buy the FZ so was just wondering what "other" bikes you blokes own along side your FZ or is the FZ your main bike ? I nearly bought one many years ago back in 94 but I opted for an RZ250RR which looking back, was a big mistake. If I'm honest I was looking at old FJ1200's as a cheap, reliable long distance tool but see no reason why an FZ can't fit the bill instead ? Am I the 1st person to post in here ???
70 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 14/06/2009 18:13:21 PeterL Re: TRX 850 Hi, I dont know much about a TRX850, I own two fz750's, one a ex race bike which is great, and one which is stock standard, I also own a Goldwing 1000 bought new in 1975 (and another not going, for parts). Your comments are good, the FJ1200 would be an excellent touring bike but the FZ I believe wouldnt "fit the bill" as you say, the FZ is a sports bike I find it great for fast low/medium mileage trips but certainly not a touring bike unless you want a sore bum!. I bought my first "85 FZ because my friend needed the sale due to losing his job, and had to learn to ride again because after riding the Goldwing for so many years I found I lost the "edge". Now I find I have the best of both worlds, an excellent touring bike in the Goldwing and a excellent sports bike in the FZ, recommend them both in different ways, ride safely, PeterL.
71 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 18/06/2009 17:41:59 Graham Re: TRX 850 Well I took what you said on board Peter & bought an FZ anyway ! Just picked it up today, well ratty but starts & runs, engine is quiet & the frame & swinging arm, wheels etc are all clean & straight so I think I've got me the basis of a nice bike ready for a rebuild. 8-) Don't care if it's no comfier than the TRX, she would probably still find an excuse not to go on it even if it was. Always wanted one, now I got one. Well chuffed. :-D
72 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 19/06/2009 11:32:35 PeterL Re: TRX 850 Thats great, get yourself a manual, they are easy to work on (compared to my Goldwing)and ride and enjoy, I only bought a second one because one day I hoped to put a 1000 motor in it but they are rare in this part of the world, plenty of 750 parts but not so for a 1000. PeterL.
73 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 05/07/2009 10:50:13 Graham Re: TRX 850 Think I have found out how to post pictures on here now. See if this works. [img][/img] Wo hoooooooooooo !!!!!!! My baby. 8-)
74 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 17/08/2009 09:05:24 wheaty8918 Re: TRX 850 Yes I did have the thousand carbs on at the time but have put the exup carbs on since
75 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 17/08/2009 09:25:49 Graham Re: TRX 850 Sorry Graham but I had another go at trying to put pics of my other bike onto the site but with no more progress, but as they're not of my FZ I'm not too bothered. If I get any more pics of my FZ then I may just do as you mentioned and post them to you to put on the site if you don't mind
76 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 09/08/2009 18:25:32 djcrow22 please delete please delete
77 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 09/08/2009 19:54:45 Graham Re: Gorgeous restoration '79 Suzuki GS 1000S Kevin I love those HJC lids ! Nice find. looks like you got to grips with posting pictures then. :-D Got to be the best colour scheme white with a hint of blue in it which is why I want to keep mine standard looking. It would have to be a fantastic paint scheme to look better then the factory Yamaha one for me. If you look at the FZ600 side panel in your picture it's actually quite long from tail light to frame rail so I'm betting the decals will be at least big enough if not too big. Aside from the red/black seat unit the paint job on your old FZ looks very similar to the 600 one you want to replicate so should get a few people thinking. Love seeing pictures of other FZ's, gives me plenty of enthusiasm for mine. 8-) Can't wait to see Glenn's pictures.
78 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 09/08/2009 22:23:43 djcrow22 Re: Gorgeous restoration '79 Suzuki GS 1000S I am seriously jealous of that guy for 2 reasons, he's obviously got more money than me & much much more spare time ! Some of those bikes are just too cool. See the finish on that GS fuel tank ! :-o Love the Goldwing & I used to own an MB-5 when I was 16 ! painfully slow at exactly 30 mph & I don't ever remember it looking anywhere nea as cool as the one in the link. :-o Didn't realise they were only made for 1 year though or was that the case in the states ? I think mine was a 1982 model. I also had the dirt bike equivalent MT-5 which was almost identical but with off road (ish) tyres & higher front mudguard/fender for that "off road" look & higher exhaust. :lol: I had all but forgoten about both of those "bikes". Thanks for posting that link Kevin, it's gave lots of ideas for my FZ. :idea: :hammer: Right, I'm off to find me an MB-5 on ebay & maybe a crash damaged CR125/250. :lol: :lol: :lol:
79 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 08/11/2009 04:24:08 RIFLEMAN Re: Gorgeous restoration '79 Suzuki GS 1000S AN MB-5!? :-o Just so happens that I had one m'self in my youth. 30mph? Your must have had issues,mine went 52mph out of the box and after the CR60 top end and WFO chamber pipe she would do an honest 70mph. Wish I had never sold it. They are getting very pricey here now. :-?
80 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 12/11/2009 04:15:28 Henway Re: Gorgeous restoration '79 Suzuki GS 1000S I've got the V&H full system and it seems like the bike is very rich. Got a backfire with the choke on tonight! I've been through the carbs and thoroughly cleaned them. Synced them in about 5 minutes. She doesn't like starting on choke--pulling the throttle a 1/16 turn does start her. Though the engagement for the starter does get finicky sometimes :( Any tips for the air-fuel setting? I believe it is off. Outside it looks as though it burns cleanly but inside the garage it starts filling up with smoke. (yes, it could be my low dry compression numbers being oil from the cylinders....)
81 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 28/09/2009 17:07:29 Graham My new toy Deleted to remove my email address.
82 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 05/01/2010 12:10:06 oops-sorry Re: My new toy i agree they look ok painted
83 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 05/01/2010 14:04:26 Graham Re: My new toy nice blade when i lived in the uk 20 years agohad my gsxr 750 h tuned by tts
84 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 01/04/2010 21:56:57 tomster Re: My new toy Really like yer blade mate. Was toying with the idea myself but I keep getting diverted by other bikes. Love the new Repsol colours
85 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 26/12/2009 06:23:16 RIFLEMAN Well,as for other Bikes.... Boy, I wished the missus agreed with me that easily! :-D I will say this,the Sumitomos are great brakes,but the blue spots were a marked improvement in feel over the Sumi's(not that the Sumis are all that bad). Don't think our boy wants to swap out the whole front end,though a front clip outta a first gen FZR1000 sure is a easy and worthwhile upgrade.
86 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 07/01/2010 11:24:41 oops-sorry My biking history Fzhorse i dont think you could improve on those colours as they look the biz. I'm going to do mine in the same style but using black instead of blue . lucky you scoring that gibson pipe as i want one bad . as for the yzf rad let us know how you go as i would like to go down that route as well . my bike has come to the post christmas spending blues so hopefully by feb we can start getting under way again .
87 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 07/01/2010 13:03:39 Graham Re: My biking history Growing up with two older brothers in Dublin Ireland that had bikes and all their mates did as well it was a sure thing that i would get bitten by the biking bug. After many Saturdays working in the local supermarket i finanly had enough as a fifteen year old to buy my first bike a Yamaha YAS1 125 . It never ran right except once and that time i scared my self with a wheelie that dumped my mate of the back . I thought i was the dogs nuts with my black bell star, dark visor and drop bars and oversized fairing . That gave way for a Honda cd175 that had a clear points cover and a fiberglass racing front mudguard. (how cool).Then came a yamaha r5 and after 2 more years of saving a my first new bike that cost me 2250 pounds a blue abd white rd350 lc. A couple of years later i moved over the pond to London and got a job as a dispatch rider and rode everything from a c50 honda , cd 250 ,cb250rs X4.gsx 400, z 650,x5 suzuki,z 650 kawasaki and a xs 750 yamaha. for fun i had a gs 1000 et and traded that after a few years to a GS 1000S which i wished i still had today, that went for a 1260 kitted katana. then a new 1987 gsxr 750 that some lowlife decided after i parked it outside sainsburys in sydneham that he deserved it more than me.After a long wait for the insurance i hade enough for a second hand skoal bandit gsxr 750 that i fitted a vance and hines pipe a jmc swingarm and a few more odds and ends. Then i moved downunder and the gsxr paid for the airfare. i bought a tatty gs1000 s and used that for a year and then traded it in for my first fz 750 in 1988. i put the fz 1000 rear wheel on it and a daytona triple clamp and got the bar ends gold plated and fitted a pipeline pipe.traded it against a car and stayed of bikes due to money reasons for a few years. then seen a cheap Honda CBX550 for sale, fixed it up and sold it and had enough money to but a dog of a gpz 1100. over the next 2 years i spent over $14000 doing it into a lawson replica inc new seat from japan , a Kerker pipe works performance shocks, 1270 big bore flowed head, 36 mm flatslides etc etc. got it into a few mags here in aus and won best kawasaki at the first performance cycles show up at mount white. then moved on to a gpz 750 turbo, a gsxr1100 k a honda blackbird and now have a Suzuki M109 cruiser and a project FZ750 and a project Lc 350. target is to finish the fz in 2010 and the lc 2011. thanks for reading my story Cheers Paul
88 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 15/04/2010 21:33:49 tomster My Other Ride [b][color=0000CC]This is my other bike. Sadly now in bits as I'm doing the valves and cam belts so I've got nothing on the road now. Boohoohoo[/color][/b] [img align=left][/img]
89 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 15/04/2010 21:44:43 Graham Re: My Other Ride Nice one Tomster. Can never have too many pictures of sweet bikes on here. 8-)
90 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 15/04/2010 22:01:34 tomster Re: My Other Ride [b][color=0000CC]Thanks fella. Oh and can you do my FZ when you've finished doing the valves on this one, please and thankyou.[/color][/b]
91 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 15/04/2010 22:16:28 Graham Re: My Other Ride :lol: :lol: My original project FZ is running beautifully now the shims are all sorted, it's my latest purchase that I'm having trouble with at the moment. Another 2MG with no compression. :evil: Not sure I've got time for it to be honest so may have to cut my losses & sell it which would be a shame. :cry: I'm not sure you would appreciate my kind of help mate. :hammer: :lol:
92 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 15/04/2010 22:19:05 tomster Re: My Other Ride [b][color=0000CC]Hahaha. I'm getting grief about not finishing my motorhome too, so that's two bikes and a motorhome to sort out and a nuisance thing like work getting in the way. WHY CAN'T I WIN THE LOTTERY????!!!!![/color][/b]
93 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 01/07/2010 19:29:57 wolseley The latest project I know it's short notice but is any one going to the Uttoxeter 2 day show, this weekend, at the race course. If so, see you there. :lol:
94 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 08/07/2010 20:48:56 Graham Re: The latest project Hi there I have used Pirelli Sport Demons, certainly lasted longer than that. I try not to go on motorways. I have done nearly 2000miles since the end of May, nowhere near worn, includes 3 weeks in the Isle of Man.
95 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 06/08/2010 06:33:47 RIFLEMAN Re: The latest project Looks to mostly be there,lovely project! Sorry about your fathers vision. If mine goes,I'll absolutely go mad. No books? No tarts and bikes on the 'net? Oh the horror!
96 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 07/08/2010 02:03:45 ganepeil Re: The latest project W, Wishing you all the best, My Dad came home with a "project" Matchless G12csr (pre-unit 650) In the late '70's which looked very similar to your' 350... & we spent many pleasant hours in the garage restoring it. I must admit, it was never the bike I had hoped it would be, BUT, I 'll always cherish the the time w/Dad, & the education I got during those months. G
97 Bikes except for the FZ750/700 29/08/2010 07:50:26 PeterL Another Bike. Well there is a bloke lives downstairs had an Yamaha XV1100SH in mint condition, I helped him change the back tyre and commented on the good condition of the bike. Well a week later he wants to go back to Bosnia claim his land etc, wants $3000 (Australian), bike is worth 5000+ told him only had $2000 cash! (had $4500 I could have used), well!! I now own that bike which I,m thinking of putting on Ebay as a similar one did get $5000 and although the bike is in beautiful condition I really hate Cruisers!!!! I know I have MBS (Multiple Bike Syndrome) and have tried to fight it in my later years........ PeterL.
98 Races 28/02/2004 12:27:26 Ticeman What to expect this season [url=]Sportbike Riders Picture Web Site[/url] Tony
99 Races 23/10/2011 17:32:32 RIFLEMAN RIP Marco Simoncelli :-( Lost a good one today. Marco Simoncelli succumbed to injuries sustained at the Sepang GP after a crash with Edwards and Rossi. Always like watching Marco. Was a little crazy and too big for thr bike,just like me. Condolences to his family and friends. GodSpeed
100 Freaks' Daily Life 31/01/2004 17:12:31 arch fotolog You'll see my daily life here. Why don't you show yours if you have a digital camera?
101 Freaks' Daily Life 02/02/2004 12:12:12 Ticeman Re: fotolog [][/url] Tony
102 Freaks' Daily Life 12/02/2004 14:36:27 arch Re: fotolog The server of fotolog is sometimes down these days. So now I'm using another service. [url=]arch's photolog[/url] This weblog is provided in Japanese, but you can see the photos.
103 Freaks' Daily Life 30/11/2005 03:33:37 ganepeil puns Know the difference between a pun and a fart? A pun is a shift of wit.
104 Freaks' Daily Life 05/12/2005 00:00:35 buzz87 Re: puns You're a cunny funt.
105 Freaks' Daily Life 08/12/2005 03:15:40 ganepeil Re: puns Sweet of you to notice, in the future I'll wear pants. besides it slows me down when my skirt flys up over my eyes.G.
106 Freaks' Daily Life 18/12/2005 02:44:44 ganepeil hobbies Its cold.........When its too cold to even think of fiddling in the shop I do a little modeling. TAMIA offers many M/C models mostly retro racers tho some current sportbikes which are very accurate and intricate in depiction. What are y'all doin? Merry Christmas. G. :roll:
107 Freaks' Daily Life 28/12/2005 01:50:15 buzz87 Re: hobbies Down under it's summer now and often too hot (even to ride). I prefer the milder weather. I used to make lots of models mainly WWII aircraft. I've only done one m'cycle - Mick Doohan's 1988 NSR500 (a Tamiya kit I think). I always wanted to do the Ducati 916, though I never got around to it.
108 Freaks' Daily Life 28/12/2005 03:50:02 ganepeil Re: hobbies cammo, excellent choices, my 500 is one of my best. the 916 is very nice tho engine/exhaust is more intricate than bodywork in viewing.can also highly rec. suz.gs1100 katana and cb 750/900 dohc for accurate depiction.happy holidays. G. :-)
109 Freaks' Daily Life 26/12/2005 03:57:07 buzz87 Merry Christmas Hey all: Merry Christmas to one and all and to all a Happy New Year!! Hope you all have a fun and blessed time together with friends and family. Hope all goes well for you all and that you have a safe holidays together...
110 Freaks' Daily Life 27/02/2006 07:46:53 ganepeil new project As 7-10 project is pretty much complete, (would still like original plastic full lowers and seat cowl) am moving on to make pile of spare parts into track toy. Have 88 fzr1000 frame w/GSXR1100 upside down front end and Penske rear shock.(stock swingarm w/ 5.5 in 91 fzr rear wheel) AirTech race glass, and some trick shit that wasn't compatable with the 7-10. mostly clip-ons, steering damper and remote res cl. and brake masters. have plugged in a tired 86 fz 750 eng. which is reason for post. would like to freshen up 750 mill,have everything but new valve stem seals,& std. rings to make it a track day ride, but would like to add starter motor, alt. and l/h lower frame rail w/sidestand tab to make it an effortless unload-push button ride. sorta poor-mans owo1, have already petitioned Gaillarry for valve stem seals and am shopping ebay for all. anyone w/spares pls drop a note thks G.
111 Freaks' Daily Life 28/02/2006 05:45:38 buzz87 Re: new project sent pm on this...
112 Freaks' Daily Life 28/03/2006 02:02:03 ganepeil Re: new project Completed resto on track toy, w/frshed eng and charging ststem and elect. starter. resisted urge to put on dyno 'til I put a couple hours on new rings, not that I have the self control to ease into break-in once on the track. perhaps if I just trail the group on a race school day.... On to next project.or more correctly back into an ongoing one. am now 4 years into resto of 1971 Triumph TR6C which was given to me in such sorry state that I nearly declined. after 1 year of engine parts spread over kitchen table,pieced together w/fresh bore, valve job, timing chain and clutch and turned into reading table complete with glass counter and lamp. an intresting conversation piece and Ob'ject "de art but wasn't going anywhere. though was kicked through a # of times as guests were amused by the pop pop of potentially running coffee table. last winter was devoted to chassis and aquisition of proper bodyworks and tank which I've painted in Formula Red and Silky white in origional Bonneville scheme with chrome tank strips and "T" logo bung. thing sparkles like a diamond but hasn't run in @ 15 years, only needs wiring ( I hope )to run and will launch into it anew as time allows this week. You can polish a turd, it's still a turd, abett an an attractive one. and will be a fitting cell-mate for the BSA Spitfire and Matchless G-12 CSR sitting cold and lonely. maudlin, but a new post.G :-?
113 Freaks' Daily Life 01/04/2006 13:45:09 buzz87 Re: new project With the right coat of paint, even a turd smells fresh! :lol: :lol:
114 Freaks' Daily Life 12/04/2006 04:38:54 spack my other love... this is what and who i spend just about all of my time with...
115 Freaks' Daily Life 15/04/2006 02:48:09 ganepeil tis the season Took a day ride last monday, w/a m8 on his new 50th ann, R1. logged @ 250 mi. rode peak to peak and looped Garden of the Gods, temps 70-80's got silly, but not caught. am going trail riding tommorow. wish you were here.G 8-)
116 Freaks' Daily Life 16/04/2006 22:56:46 buzz87 Re: tis the season Wish I were there, too! We've hit 55好 (15喉) but generally it's been about 35-40好(5喉). Seen a few bikes out, though, and wishin I was one of them. The further I get into my bike, the further behind I get, though! :-(
117 Freaks' Daily Life 21/04/2006 01:14:23 mike760 Re: tis the season move to australia ride all year round just in winter leave at 9am when the sun is good and up it does get into the negatives hance when 9am around it about 10 degree C even in the middle of winter sydney get still can get to 27*C which is a very nice day only place you don't want toride in winter is the snowy mountains and tasmaina the only places where it cold and stays cold cheers mike760
118 Freaks' Daily Life 22/04/2006 01:53:54 buzz87 Re: tis the season Sounds good to me, Mike! :-D Now if I could only get a mine to pay my way there.... I was close, but didn't have the degree they wanted :-( Oh, well, maybe in a few years when they can't find any skilled locals... John
119 Freaks' Daily Life 26/04/2006 01:39:23 mike760 Re: tis the season hi johny and what degree was that i got a job in mine i now look after two mine about 300km from sydney and about 50km apart. though there is no job opening here yet. cheers mike760
120 Freaks' Daily Life 29/04/2006 16:16:09 buzz87 Re: tis the season I had applied for a surveying job up in Queensland, (they contracted to coal mines) but in Aus the surveyors have a degree - here we are generally good enough with diploma from college. I have surveyed, been a planning engineer, exploration and production geologist, designed blast patterns and issued loading instructions and even had some pit supervision in there for good measure! Seventeen years in total - all in coal. Let me know if you need a hand!! (Presently awaiting a job offer at a local coal mine as a senior geologist - should know by end of this coming week.) Can't wait to get back into the game! Johny
121 Freaks' Daily Life 01/05/2006 00:12:25 mike760 Re: tis the season all my work for gold,zinc silver, lead and other type of metal that happens to come up but around me there are plenty of coal, yeah the degree you need is what we call civil engineering but there are surveyors that are working with quallification like you diffences other here it is who you know more, we just took on a middle age guy and know you need a degree to compete with others who want the jobs it like france the only to even get as job at the bakery in france is to have a degree it really funny when these french told me that your quailfication is like our tafe collage as for blasting you have to complete it at tafe but there also three course before that you have to do i currently doing my second course it takes about two years and 6 blasting experiances my dad just did he's he part of the quarry side of things usally maintence supervisor but shortly he move to new quarry where blasting is how you get your material also in mines over here must know someone really well to get into it i was lucky because i used to work in same quarry as my father and meet lots of people from mines at functions and hence get a job as what i call junior engineer it is better this way since when you do walk out uni you really don't shit about the working world so good to a mentor i only been out for a year. i found the best way to learn is also to do yourself so i work as a sparky for 6 months i tell you it opens your eyes it also very hard to know how something work without seeing open up or a compete diagrams for the objects all these electronics arn't a problem but i have been train for voltages of high magnitude. it much easier just to make your own electronics than to use someone elses any way some just insight into my world cheers mike760
122 Freaks' Daily Life 01/05/2006 04:52:24 buzz87 Re: tis the season Thanks, Mike. Appreciate it. I'll have to look up some friends I've worked with in Teck Corp. They have been to Aus at some of their mines there. Perhaps they'll know of some other people I know there, or be able to hook me up with someone they know there. Something to look into, anyways! My son also just hired on with a welding supply outfit in town that got bought out by a company that has offices in Aus. He would love to transfer down there too in a couple of years. (sorry for stealing your post, Gary) Johny
123 Freaks' Daily Life 01/05/2006 22:05:04 ganepeil Re: tis the season John, no problems friend....did another day ride on the 7-10 now have a little under 1000 miles on the old girl after this winters re-vamp. added heat sheild under carb bodies (stolen from an old 550's rack) to lessen/eliminate boil-over. and upped c/s spkt a cog. now turning @ 3.6 k at h/wy cruise and no prob w/take-off. If I can just get the exhaust note right................G
124 Freaks' Daily Life 02/05/2006 01:39:59 buzz87 Re: tis the season Thanks Gary. Sounds good - I still have loads to do on mine, but little time to so it. Will continue as time permits. Got the front sprocket parts today, so will up on cond. later... John
125 Freaks' Daily Life 04/05/2006 01:05:53 buzz87 Good News! I just have to let my friends at in on the news! I just got a job offer yesterday to become the Senior Geologist at a local coal mine! Job comes complete with truck!! I will be overseeing all of the exploration - start to finish - updating the mine model on the geology end, as well as taking care of all the in-pit geology, quality, volumes and short term geology model. It's a great opportunity, and I am pumped about the whole thing. I've got to move a couple of hours from where we are now, but that's better than a thousand miles! John
126 Freaks' Daily Life 04/05/2006 08:00:51 oldman Re: Good News! nice one John good luck with the new job but i do think a gold mine would have been better lol
127 Freaks' Daily Life 06/05/2006 07:16:49 buzz87 Re: Good News! Thanks! Yup I'm waitin for one of those, too, but they don't seem to be opening too many yet :-( Johny
128 Freaks' Daily Life 14/07/2006 02:57:01 ganepeil road trip All, picked up sponsor for a ride to CA/Ore. coast. plan on departing Boulder Co, july 29 w/return on or about aug 8. noteables to be Brice/Zion Yosimite/Redwoods and of course hwy 1 & 101 for @ 1,200 mi. Jess has a new ZX 14 and I'll be on the Bandit 12. resturants and hotels all the way. still, mapquest indicates route to be 4,200 mi. and 10 days of 400+ mi per day could be brutal. will post upon return provided we survive.G 8-)
129 Freaks' Daily Life 09/08/2006 05:24:53 ganepeil Re: road trip all, pheominal ride, 9 days 3800 mi. saw some breath-taking scenery, had an adventure or 5 , no mech troubles and rode dry all but about 20 minutes. if you get a chance, ride from lake isabelle into the sequioa nat. park . 29 miles of continious 180 % switchbacks dropping from 5k to sea level. we liked it so much we turned around and rode it back up. G.
130 Freaks' Daily Life 17/07/2006 01:50:50 ganepeil just got popped All, there I was, minding my own buisness as usual, when after cresting a little knoll I see an incoming white truck w/a tiny something on it's roof, naturally I chopped throttle and peered at it to identify its nature and chked my odo. o i thought, no biggie, 45 in a probly 35 zone. WRONG. Gilpin County Sherriff w/radar and camera nailed me for 60 and Illlegal pass over double yellow about 1/2 mile away incomming. kept mouth shut through tirade of accusations of dangerous speeds and threats of having bike towed. anyone got repartai that's worked? officers first questions were. what's the rush, and how much have you had to drink? it was 10;45 in the morning, and when I replied no rush, just riding and nothing to drink officer, he dissappeared into his truck ans kept me out in to 103 for a half hour before siteing me for 10points (we get 12 per year) then following me for 7 mi at 45mph on peak to peak hwy. just venting. but watch yourselves. G :-?
131 Freaks' Daily Life 26/07/2006 03:27:14 mike760 Re: just got popped should of said its too dangeous to said behind the truck can't see the road ahead may be a pot hole i may hit or a object of some sort. never been book yet lucky you get twelve a year we get twelve every three
132 Freaks' Daily Life 01/07/2010 19:08:28 wolseley Show this weekend, 2&3 July Hi, Hang my head in shame. It was a 130 bhp kit.
133 Freaks' Daily Life 01/07/2010 21:57:58 wheaty8918 Re: Show this weekend, 2&3 July Try applying a dab off coppaslip to the BACK of the pads. Make sure you don't get it anywhere near the friction surface or the discs. This should damp any vibration/resonance.
134 Freaks' Daily Life 10/10/2010 08:46:34 RIFLEMAN New FREAK Just thought I would let you all know that I now have a grandson! Little guy's name is Joseph Kroll V. He was born on the 8th @ 12:29pm Pacific Standard Time. His specs are as follows: Weight: 7lbs,11oz/3.487kg/.055 stone Length: 19.5"/49.53cm Mum and baby came home today and are doing well. Big sister,Carlee,just loves her little brother Joey! Life is good! :-D
135 Freaks' Daily Life 11/10/2010 11:57:20 Graham Re: New FREAK Congrat's Mike I'm really pleased for you.
136 Freaks' Daily Life 12/03/2011 05:55:15 RIFLEMAN Arch,you OK? Arch,have seen the earthquake on the news. Are you and the family OK? Best wishes
137 Freaks' Daily Life 12/03/2011 21:38:03 RIFLEMAN Re: Arch,you OK? :-D Hey everybody, Have had a message from Arch. He and his family are alright. They live many miles from the damaged areas. Great news! :-D
138 Freaks' Daily Life 12/04/2011 04:31:13 RIFLEMAN Happy Birthday! I just wanted to wish our Illustrious and Most Generous Leader,ARCH,a very Happy Birthday! Sincerest wishes of health,happiness and prosperity my good friend. :-D
139 Freaks' Daily Life 12/04/2011 14:18:49 arch Re: Happy Birthday! Thank you, Mike.
140 Anything 04/02/2004 18:40:05 RIFLEMAN Missing In Action Many of the OLDE GUARD may have noticed my absence over the last few months. I have been working some VERY long hours and really only get on The Net to do a little email and surf eBay. That and the FZ is still down and its hard listening to you all enjoying yours. I do pop in from time to time to see what is happening and make sure that someone hasn't asked a question that maybe only I can answer. Currently I am getting my Katana 1100 ready for spring. It has a couple of little problems,but they aren't insurmountable. I keep buying parts for the FZ in anticipation of its complete overhaul. Recent aquisitions include a Falicon billet steel clutch basket,new OEM clutch hub and some fairing bits. I'm soon to ship the head of to a very well known builder for a mild port job and clean up. Won't be making TT levels of power,but it will be close. I've decided that she will now be primarily a "track" bike. Some new vehicle regulations now make it manditory to my getting a 30 day suspension of my commercial drivers license if I get a conviction for exceeding the posted speed limit by 15 mph or more in any of my private vehicles. Needless to say that when I am up on the mountain I am well over 15mph over the limit. California Speedway is 30 minutes to the south of me and Willow Springs is an hour and a half to the northwest. Both have excellent track days and I think its time I hang up my "Mountain Squid" credentials and take it to the track. I will keep her street registry current,I'll never TOTALLY swear off the mountains,but I'll be dropping the pace down a notch. Miss you all and hope that this new site is worth all of Arch's efforts! RIFLEMAN :-D
141 Anything 26/03/2004 22:01:57 dave-c Re: Missing In Action Yep it's getting tougher and tougher on the road, we've got so many new laws over here in europe, seems like every week something new comes up! too many polititons trying to justify their existance,anyway( off the soap-box )good luck with the katana and keep us posted. cheer's dave :-D
142 Anything 03/03/2004 16:07:14 arch Photo Albums I uploaded new photo albums. So visit the site and see them! [url=][/url] Any comments are welcome!
143 Anything 10/11/2005 23:12:43 reclaimer Music Hi, what type of music are you all into? Me...60's & 70's rock and Progressive (Especially 70's band T2)Blues, soul and a good smattering of modern stuff including Oasis, Deep Dish, Black Eyed Peas and so on!! geoff. 8-)
144 Anything 15/11/2005 05:50:37 buzz87 Re: Music I like the newer country that we have here in N. America. Actually a bit of morality showing through, now. Not really into the older twangy stuff, though. I'm with ya on the Peas, and some of the stuff Switchfoot puts out is good. When I was a teen, it was Stevie Miller Band, Heart, Led Zeplin, Arrowsmith, Allan Parsons Project, Fleetwood Mac, Cars, and others of that era. Rock on, Dudes...
145 Anything 19/11/2005 04:38:11 ganepeil Re: Music truely eclictic mix, always seem to be two or three years cake corn nirvana red hot chile peppers et all mostly clasic rock zep doors clapton . also stupid for Frank Zappa warren zevon and meatloaf. G.
146 Anything 20/11/2005 11:17:51 buzz87 Re: Music My music collection and tastes are also very eclectic, from punk such as Sex Pistols, Clash, Ramones to classical stuff like Mozart and Schubert. Got a few Arabic, Mid Eastern, Indian CDs in my collection. 70/80's British bands such as Joy Division, Smiths, Cure, Jam; early elec/synth pop Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk, New Order. Fave American bands incl Doors, Velvet Underground, Stooges, MC5, Captain Beefheart etc etc etc etc. More modern bands incl Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, White Stripes. I hate conformist, middle of the rode, white bread pap.
147 Anything 20/11/2005 17:23:55 buzz87 Re: Music Kraftwerk - now there's one I haven't heard of for a while! That was a German band from the 70's, Right? I used to listen to a bit of that when I was in High school. - Cool 8-)
148 Anything 21/11/2005 01:28:31 buzz87 Taste in Beer [size=large][color=CC9900][font=Impact]Taste in Beer[/font][/color][/size] Now there's a topic I'm sure we can all give vent to? Not that I'm not a lush, I only actually have the odd one.:-P My Faves are Rickard's Red made by Molson and Heineken and Grolsch (now owned by Heineken.) The latter two displaying my Dutch heritage. I like the full bodied taste of all these beers, and can't stand the weak offerings of so many breweries. The Rickard's goes great with pasta. Reportedly my family used to own the Three Moons brewery in Belgium; how long ago, I cannot say.
149 Anything 21/11/2005 05:34:14 buzz87 Re: Taste in Beer I'm partial to beer myself. Generally I stick to the local brews, more often than not Victoria Bitter or Tasmanian beers such as James Boag or Cascade. Recently enjoyed a German beer called DAB. Haven't had a Grolsch in years. No wonder you like beer with Dutch and Belgian heritage - isn't there more varieties of Belgian beer than Belgian people?!?
150 Anything 21/11/2005 05:49:30 buzz87 Re: Taste in Beer HeHeHe :lol: You might be right about that. And there's always time to try a different variety, Isn't there? One I haven't tried is Guiness. was in London in '94, but just didn't make it to a local pub in the 4 days we were there. It can be had here, But just haven't tried. There's a pub in town called Fogg & Sudds that prides itself in having beers from all over the world, so I'll see if they have any of your's there and have a go! Later...
151 Anything 22/11/2005 01:33:29 buzz87 Re: Taste in Beer Guiness is an acquired taste, and I've never acquired it! Isn't Moosehead from your way?? I quite like them and they're popular enough down here to make them fairly easy to get.
152 Anything 22/11/2005 03:00:33 buzz87 Re: Taste in Beer I've heard the same of Guiness, so I guess I haven't been in a hurry to try it. Moosehead is from the East coast, I believe. Im closer to the left coast, and I've never tried it, although it's available here.
153 Anything 08/12/2005 23:22:09 buzz87 Re: Taste in Beer Had a nice large glass of Belgian Hoogenboom the other day with my prime rib. Not a bad beer - nice and smooth and no aftertaste, but too light for me. :pint:
154 Anything 02/02/2006 05:12:54 ganepeil what makes for a good ride? I like to ride, so do you, or you wouldn't be here.My favorite sensation on a bike; is after setting my line through a turn,is the feel of acceleration and traction through it's exit. pure speed , while exelerating does'nt offer the satisfaction of a turn perfectly executed. I enjoy riding with other riders who I know to be competent and stable. (be they fellow racers or mates who street ride exclusivly} I seldom ride with more than 2 other riders and shy away from riders who either ride at a pace I'm not comfortable with or make (to my mind) questionable manuvers.I derive more pleasure from dragging a toe thru a 30 mph turn than doing a buck and a half straight line. whats your' pleasure? how far? how long? what do you usually wear? have a system of hand signals? :-)
155 Anything 10/10/2007 04:21:19 EagleHawk Re: what makes for a good ride? Something of a late post, but my favorite ride to date is riding up to Mt. Rainier in Western WA. It ends with several miles of switchbacks and banked turns and unbeatable scenery to boot! Great fun. :-D
156 Anything 19/10/2007 18:28:12 texasFZ Re: what makes for a good ride? Big boobs and flexible hips!! ;-) :pint:
157 Anything 25/05/2009 11:46:14 trueblue2 Re: what makes for a good ride? Any ride that you make it home from in one piece is a good ride. I have given it abit of thought and can't pin point any one part of riding that i enjoy the most because i think that the buzz, so to speak, that we enjoy from the ride changes with your mood. Some days its the leisurely ride through the country but other times, well, not so much :lol:
158 Anything 18/07/2009 12:45:02 Nosforatu Re: what makes for a good ride? Acceleration!!!!!! Pin the bike in every gear till you: A) run out of road. B) run out of go. C) get scared. Arrange in order of preferance, All variable depending on the day. But Definatly ACCELERATION!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-x :-D :-D
159 Anything 20/02/2006 00:00:05 ganepeil What do you pack? Looking for feedback. what do y'all carry regular? personally, I keep a spare key, a$20.00 dollar bill and a couple non-specific pain-killers tucked away. so far as spares. a used throttle cable, a clip-type master link, 1 each 1157 & 1156 bulb, some fuses,a tire plug kit w/co2 filler(quit packing seal&air after 1 came active uncalled for) a disposible rain suit. some safty wire (wrapped around tool kit screwdriver and wrapped w/ elect tape.) a test lite (made from old inst, panel socket)some bandaids and stock tool kit. Kinkos shrunk the two page wiring diagram to 2x4 and lives w/reg.and POI papers in rear fender packet. sounds like a lot, but everything fits either along frame rails or inside tail piece. wot's missing? G. 8-)
160 Anything 26/04/2006 02:06:36 mike760 Re: What do you pack? hi packing well very little, allen keys, everythiny to take wheel off screw drivers full body waterproof suit, duck tape(very strong stuff),$40 , fuses, oil sump plug with pipe socket to fit, spare screw and bolts and nuts washers, first aid kit, with stitches and antibiotic in durable bag(change when ever go on long trip where not many people travel on particular road) only carry puncture kit on long trips out of city, super glue. bandages one for snakes bites and another for opens wounds some of the first aid gear only can get if you have first aid certificate, as for stitches i got after i hit a kangaroo bike had no damage other than some scratches roo hit me from the side and a falling branch went into my thigh, had to ride another 150km to next town that had a hospital only had a bandage to fix wound up, lost litre of blood and tell you luckly i strong enough to lift the bike up because i was told that rode hardly get drive on may only see about 50 cars and trucks a years so it pays to have medicalkit with unusally things also the road is very rough cheers mike760
161 Anything 27/04/2006 01:43:14 ganepeil Re: What do you pack? Mike, haddn't thought of duct tape, thks. am also thinking of getting dog tag for key ring to include name address blood type,allergies health care & who to contact. avail. at some county fairs and surplus stores for a couple bucks. G.
162 Anything 28/04/2006 03:22:23 mike760 Re: What do you pack? i know some guys out there get colour match tape i say if you crash anything good to get you home. dog tag sound good but medical people do there own testing since they can't always be sure the tag belong to you but does sound good also just remember plumber tape just for any fuel, radiator, oil, brake and clutch fluids leaks.
163 Anything 29/04/2006 03:13:07 ganepeil Re: What do you pack? Mike, yer right about ID, maybe if worn would be better. am too to get tattooo G
164 Anything 29/04/2006 06:29:19 robhar2 Re: What do you pack? Speaking from the Fire Department and Emergency Room point of view, all you really need is a photo ID with your full name and a laminated card with: 1. Emergency Contact information. 2. Allergies to medications, including Bees if applicable. 3. Current Medications. 4. Current Medical History. Those are the four most important things for us to know if you are unconcious. Anything other than that (including your Blood Type) is not all that helpful.
165 Anything 29/04/2006 07:07:08 robhar2 Re: What do you pack? Sorry, Double post....
166 Anything 03/05/2006 01:32:47 mike760 Re: What do you pack? yeah just though of something can also put in a tube of grease and some zip ties can you think of anything else
167 Anything 03/05/2006 08:51:35 oldman Re: What do you pack? on the fz all i need is my mobile credit card and breakdown card the bike is a fun bike for sunday runs out but when i go turing on my st1300 then like you guys i pack as much as i can. 2 nice things we use here is on your mobile you put a contact number of someone you want to be contacted incase your injured and title it I.C.E the medical people will check your phone and if they see I.C.E they will call that number oh sorry I.C.E is ( Incase Of Emergancy ) and the second thing is on my crash helmet is a small flap on opening the flap there are instructions on how to remove the helmet and also a place for you to put your medical information
168 Anything 03/05/2006 10:11:26 robhar2 Re: What do you pack? Very good ideas, I.C.E. really hasn't caught on much yet on the west coast (or in my area atleast). I've heard if it, and so had most of the people on my fire department. I've heard of people putting a Do Not Remove sticker on their helmet also. My Emergency card lives in the breast pocket of my jacket with 'Emergency information enclosed' written on the outside.
169 Anything 03/05/2006 15:32:20 oldman Re: What do you pack? a pic of my crash helmet
170 Anything 23/02/2006 10:55:56 robhar2 Revolver Has anyone seen the new(ish) Guy Ritchie movie 'Revolver'? I have been waiting (impatiently) for it to start showing in the U.S. I managed to find a copy of it. So I have seen it, but am disappointed that it hasn't been released here yet.
171 Anything 26/04/2006 01:42:50 mike760 Re: Revolver a movie come on what about guns get have here really in aus unless about 100 pages of paper work and 2 years later. what dersert eagle which can break your wrist if hold by one hand that what you should talk about cheers mike760
172 Anything 27/02/2009 20:22:11 buzz87 Hello Again!! Hi all my long lost friends on here. (actually - it was me that was lost, isn't it?) Well after moving around, and a couple of unsettled years, I am finally tied down in one location again. :lol:I had my bike almost all stripped down and ready for rebuild - then poof - there it sits. Well, the good news is that I now own a 24X36 shop, so I should be able to get around to putting that bike back together again and on the road. (along with a few car projects.) All I need is an FZR 1000 rear rim or something suitable - suggestions?) because I do have an FZR1000 wider swingarm in which to put thicker meat. Can't wait. Anyways all - good to drop in again. Let's re-aquaint! 8-)
173 Anything 05/03/2009 01:48:42 ganepeil Re: Hello Again!! Welcome back Johnny, will you be up for the summer? luck G
174 Anything 05/03/2009 16:14:14 buzz87 Re: Hello Again!! Hello Again, Gary. With that luck you are leaving I will be up this summer. As far as I know so far, all I need is a rear rim for the FZR1000 swingarm, (I'm pretty sure last I looked the axles were the same diameter-I have both, anyways) fab a few spacers for the mounting thereof, and get new rubber all around. That is unless I run into other mechanical problems I'm unaware of so far. I did have the ole girl running back before I moved, so I am hoping a good cleaning and a bottle of sea foam should have her good in that dept! I'll keep you all posted! Good to be back 8-)
175 Anything 03/12/2009 02:38:49 PeterL Where the bloody hell are you? Purrrrrfect, Thanks!
176 Anything 03/12/2009 17:02:56 Graham Re: Where the bloody hell are you? Hi, Why doesnt everybody put where they are from? You ask for info and it helps if we know where you are, otherwise the info may not help. It's not as if we're coming around to let your tyres down or steal djcrows22 dirty picture collection!!! but its a waste of time telling someone in England there are parts available in Aust or USA, think about it!, thanks, PeterL.
177 Anything 26/12/2009 06:26:10 RIFLEMAN Re: Where the bloody hell are you? I guess I'll share my moto history with the FREAKS. My first bike was a 77 Honda CB400F. I bought it in several boxes when I was 16 and thats exactly the condition it was in when I sold it to a friend. He did manage to get it back on the road and rode it for quite some time. Then in 84 I bought a still in the crate 82 MB5 when I was 19. I rode the wheels off of it and when the time came I rebuilt the mill(with the friend that bought the CB,he was a mentor of sorts)with a CR60 top end and a WFO chamber pipe. Probably doubled the stock 7hp. I was working part time in a machine shop and use my off time to drill the disc and used my time at GT Bikes to make a set of CroMo clip ons. My friends used to tease me for riding a 'moped' and my reply would be 'its the only moped you ever saw that can do a burnout.' I ended selling to a friend and wish I never had, In 86 I bought a Kawasaki 250 Ninja(EX250-E1 in the rest of the world). It was one of the first 200 sold in the USA. Black with red seat and grapics and white wheels. Called a 'banana bike' here. Messed with lightening it(I didn't have money for engine mods)and got it down to 296lbs fueled. Learned the canyons on that one and learned how to be fast without horsepower. Lotta squids on much bigger bikes thought it was a 5 or 600 when they finally caught me. Unfortunately I totalled it on the back of an Oldsmobile on the San Diego Freeway commuting to work. Had only one payment left. Got more from the insurance company than I coulda sold it for and the settlement was exactly the amout of the last payment and the bill for the birth of my second daughter,so it was all good. In 90 I bought a 82 Kawasaki KZ750E. Picked it up for a song. I then moved to the desert and ended up doing a 90 mile one way commute for the next 2 years. Rain,snow,desert heat,no fairing. I rode that bike in all conditions and went through chains,sprockets and tires like there was no tomorrow. One day when leaving work,the bike wouldn't shift higher than first. I ended up selling to a fellow employee for twice what I paid for it and he fixed the .60 cent broken shift pawl spring and in turn sold it for even more. I used the money to by an Isuzu P'up truck and didn't miss riding over Cajon Pass in the snow. Several years passed bikeless. I finlly dragged a 82 Yamaha XJ900RK outta an aquaintances back yard. I started dismantling it and powdercoating bits then my marriage collapsed. I packed up the bike with all my other belongings and went to live with a friend. Money was tight and the project stalled. Then a friend of my friend invited me on a ride. I told him I didn't have a bike. He said 'Oh,I have an FZ750 you can ride'. That was the first time I rode my FZ. After the first ride I was in love. A week or so later,my friend said that the FZ was for sale. When I heard the amount I was crestfallen. Not only could I not afford it,but it was WAAAY overpriced. I put it out of my mind. A couple of weeks later me and the owner crossed paths and were chatting when the sale of the the FZ came up. He asked me if I was interested,but I told him not at the price I heard he was asking. Then he asked me how much I thought he wanted. When I told him,he laughed and said that he wanted no where near that and quoted a price that was more than reasonable. I was still near broke,but he said he wanted the bike to 'go to a good home' and a deal was struck and the FZ was mine. A couple of weeks later he calls me and says he knows a guy looking for XJ900 parts and hooked me up with him and I sold the basket case for about a quarter of the purchase price of the FZ. 4 months later the pink slip was mine. First place I rode it was up to visit my kids. Ex turned red with anger when she saw it 'cause she had done everything in her power to keep me off 2 wheels for the previous 5 years. The FZ saved my life! Fast forward several years,me and the ex remarried and she rides with me. Then my friend gave me a 90 Suzuki GSX1100F Katana(Powerscreen to you Euros)is several boxes and I put her together for me and the missus. About then I burned the valves outta the FZ and parked her in the garage where she still sits today. Eventually a 02 Kawasaki ZX12R was presented at an excellent price and I bought it. Being that I live about 10 mile from El Mirage I decided that I needed to go landspeed racing. Bike is a perfect fit for my XXXL self. Beside racing on the drylake,I have done a few trackdays on it. Great handling bike once I got the suspension bolstered for my cornfed physique! Then I got a killer deal on a little 77 GS750B dragbike that is currently a stillborn project in the garage. Doing it Cafe Style. Has a pedigree. Was second in the Summit Series points at Barona Dragstrip in 03. Consistent 7.82's @88mph in the 1/8th mile. Hope to finish one day. Other bikes include a 84 Honda CR500R,90 Honda Z50,02 Honda XR100 and a chinese pocketbike that came with the dragbike. I look pretty silly on the back of that! Thats it in a nutshell,hope you enjoyed my story!
178 Anything 22/02/2010 16:32:38 wheaty8918 FZ write up If anyone's interested, theres a respectable write up about the FZ in the March edition of Motorcycle mechanics (UK) that's worth a read.
179 Anything 26/02/2010 18:40:09 Graham Re: FZ write up I bought this mag on the strength of the FZ write up. Very interesting read. The whole mag is pretty good so I might subscribe to it. 8-)
180 Anything 16/03/2010 22:36:28 alliekat Re: FZ write up check this out on e bay 250597118978. good pic in the USA
181 Anything 17/03/2010 16:25:51 wheaty8918 Re: FZ write up Bridgestone still make the BT45 in FZ sizes, not super sticky but a good all round tyre.
182 Anything 17/03/2010 21:36:22 oops-sorry Re: FZ write up running a 180 on a exup rim with a yzf swingarm. i have clearence but the chain is out of true
183 Anything 16/06/2010 01:09:00 PeterL Re: FZ write up check out sweet 1985 yamaha fz 750 on e-bay
184 Anything 16/06/2010 15:40:46 tomster Re: FZ write up First thing I would do is change the oil, filter and brake fluid and the coolant. The valves should have been done at about 28000 miles. Check the chain and tyres. Don't worry about the cam chain for a long time. Ride and enjoy.
185 Anything 07/07/2010 19:34:23 PeterL Re: FZ write up Errrrrr....... nope. Don't understand a word. Anyway, Fowlers had 22 of the little buggers in stock so I bought two. ぶ each.
186 Anything 10/07/2010 20:24:35 tomster Re: FZ write up Thanks for that but it not the shim squeal. Talk to a local bike garage today and apparently it is the noise from the drilled disks I have fitted.
187 Anything 01/05/2010 20:00:08 Graham Nurburgring weekend, Aug 13-16 any takers ? Thought I would ask if anyone is interested in joining myself & a few mates on our annual trip to Germany this year. There are only 2 bikes going to date & roughly 4 cars. We cross from Dover using Norfolk line ferries & stay at a guest house in Dollendorf which is run by an English bloke called Brendan Keirle. Guest house is called "Sliders". Without going in to too much detail, Bren is a biker & knows his way around the ring like no one else I know. He also works there during the day. Usual practise is to pay a deposit for 1 nights stay which is 34.50 Euros then the balance when you leave. :-) I haven't booked my ferry crossing yet but will post a link when I get round to it with times & dates. I will be on my Fireblade if all goes to plan & the other bike is a GSXR1000. Last year I travelled with a tank bag & tail pack which was more than enough for my shi... . stuff. This year I will be investing in a few voice activated 2 way radios so I can keep in touch with the others who already have them. At the ring you can by a card which you top up as required. Last year I think 5 laps were 80 Euros but will have to check. The card can be used for laps, food or merchandise bought whilst at the track. The track is set in some of the most stunning scenery I have seen & the surrounding villages are very pleasant. We try to allow 1 day for sight seeing as not everyone is interested in driving or riding like a nutter 24-7 believe it or not. :-? There is always at least 1 girly in our group so it's not just for boys. :-D I will post more detail when I have them (ferry crossing) but the guest house website has several links which may be of use if you are considering it. I would love to meet some of you at some point this year so this seems like a fairly good excuse to me ? :-D
188 Anything 03/05/2010 12:41:40 tomster Re: Nurburgring weekend, Aug 13-16 any takers ? [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]This dipped beam thing is annoying though. I do hope I don't have to strip everything down again to find the cause. The bulb is fine so there'll be lots of wire chasing and swearing going on. Why can't things just work???????[/font][/color][/b] :-? :-? :-?
189 Anything 24/12/2010 04:54:46 RIFLEMAN Seasons Greetings! Just wanted to wish all of thos that celbrate them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :-D :pint: :-P
190 Anything 25/12/2011 12:35:38 RIFLEMAN Holiday Wishes :-D Just wanted to wish all my brother FREAKS a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Peace :-D
191 Anything 03/01/2012 13:16:10 Dutch Re: Holiday Wishes All the best wishes for 2012, hopefully with many beautiful and above all save FZ km's/miles. Cheers, Dutch
192 About the sites 31/01/2004 16:57:33 arch Any ideas will be welcome. I'm waiting for your ideas to improve both sites, and
193 About the sites 01/02/2004 05:20:55 RIFLEMAN Re: Any ideas will be welcome. Arch, I LIKE THIS! What made you decide to update? Don't you have enough to do without having to run two sites? Only suggestion I can make is that you might want to check out the formats of a couple of sites I visit and see their formats and se if there is something from them that you might like to use here. Check out Sport-Touring.Net and They are very nice sites. Many thanks for all your unselfish efforts my friend! RIFLEMAN :pint:
194 About the sites 19/02/2004 22:05:14 chrisk Re: Any ideas will be welcome. Hi Arch Firstly, thanks for both the sites - they have been a great help. One problem with the new site - how do I start a new topic when it is the first topic in an area, for instance Brakes? I think Tommi was a bit stuck with this as well. Best regards Chris
195 About the sites 21/02/2004 15:45:42 arch Re: Any ideas will be welcome. Sorry Chris, I mistakenly regulated to make a new post. It's okay now. arch
196 About the sites 06/03/2004 19:08:44 Tommi Re: Any ideas will be welcome. Is it possible to upload files to the Files section? That would be useful in many cases. Tommi
197 About the sites 08/03/2004 15:37:35 arch Re: Any ideas will be welcome. It is not possible. "Files" or "Download" section is just an introduction of files located in other sites or servers. Of course I'm willing to upload any useful files if you freaks send me. arch
198 About the sites 09/05/2004 21:53:10 MTK16 Re: Any ideas will be welcome. Hi, I've just come across this after getting my first fz750, and I think this is a great site. If possible it would be nice to see if any other users are online. Just a thought Chris
199 About the sites 11/05/2004 15:43:44 arch Re: Any ideas will be welcome. Chris, Now you can see the block "Who's Online". This is what you have wanted, isn't it? arch
200 About the sites 12/05/2004 00:19:46 MTK16 Re: Any ideas will be welcome. Thats awesome thanks. :)
201 About the sites 13/10/2004 19:16:38 foxstein Re: Any ideas will be welcome. New user great site by the way. One idea would be if you could read all the replies in one window without having to click on each reply. Cheers Mick :-D
202 About the sites 19/10/2004 04:24:50 fj1289 Re: Any ideas will be welcome. You can do that - click on the link "FLAT" and then all the replies are displayed one under the other. I stumbled on that just a couple of nights ago. :-D
203 About the sites 02/02/2004 16:22:48 arch Don't you know how to use this site? So far just 4 posts. I thought this site would be better to discuss different topics at the same time. Is it difficult to use this forum? Or is there any inconvenience? :-?
204 About the sites 03/02/2004 19:43:13 Tommi Re: Don't you know how to use this site? Hi Arch! Personally I like this new site. One reason is that now we have well structured forum where is easy to follow different topics. On the other hand, the old forum feeled like it was more present, this new one feels a little bit distant. But maybe it just because this is so new thing. Negative point is that this site is somewhat "slower" than the old one. But it isn't that slow it could prevent people (atleast me) to use it. I quess it will just take some time until the people will begin to use this site instead of the old one. Maybe it would help a little bit if posting would be allowed from non registered users also? Is that possible to do? Tommi
205 About the sites 04/02/2004 18:24:33 RIFLEMAN Re: Don't you know how to use this site? Arch, I think the perceceived lack of enthusiasm may just be that we are all set in our ways and slow to try new things. I mean,COME ON,we ride 18 year old motorcycles fer Christ sake! I think that most of the FREAKS are very comfortable with the old site and it just feels strange coming over here. Sort of like cheating an old friend. I remember just how "shocking" it was when you changed the look of the front page of the old site and added the Lounge. Relax and give The Boys some time to get used to this site,they'll come around. Also,I think this site might attract new members because it has a more up to date format. Keep up the good work! RIFLEMAN :-D
206 About the sites 04/02/2004 19:58:22 KevFoote Re: Don't you know how to use this site? Ok ok, im on it, i can do it. Register , check... Seems a lot slower than the old site Arch difficult to find your thread, but we simply had outgrown the old one, too much traffic, post would slip into the Abyss of page 2 before you had a chance to reply. Maybe you need to make a bigger anouncment and set a date to re-direct everyone over. They'l work it out. Kev
207 About the sites 05/02/2004 13:59:55 GraemeH Re: Don't you know how to use this site? Speaking as a dedicated luddite, I find this format/forum just far too hard work. On the old one you just start typing and there you are. I feel like I've just done an exam to get this far. The Aus Guzzi site went over to this format and I hardly visit it now. Not all progress is good progress - and I think it is a basic error to assume that a format that has widespread use within the 'tecky' community is any good for people who just fiddle about with old bikes and don't spend loads of time on computors. Horses for courses and all that. I'm sure George Orwell would like it, but for me it's just far too complicated - sorry! :-( :-( :-(
208 About the sites 05/02/2004 16:28:57 motomaniac Re: Don't you know how to use this site? Well it's definitely more up to date,but i'm sorry arch i like your old one better.I guess i just need to learn how to get around on this one better.......scott
209 About the sites 06/02/2004 02:20:07 arch Re: Don't you know how to use this site? Thanks for your various opinions. I think [i]BBS for FZ750 Freaks[/i] is not just a communication board, but a kind of database of FZ750s thanks to many skilled freaks. A lot of useful tips are buried in the logs. But it is difficult to find what you want to know, especially for a new comer. There are many times when the same questions are posted. So I have opened this new site so that you can find and use various tips easily in these database-like forums. Anyway, I will keep two BBSs in and the forums here running for a while. :-)
210 About the sites 16/02/2004 08:43:22 Dutch Re: Don't you know how to use this site? Yep, must admit I do like the old BBS as well. It's specially easy to follow any new topics and replies as they are all on the same page. Indeed newby's need to be reffered to the logs every now and then, on the other hand this also gives less technical freaks like myself a chance to show off information picked up on the BBS just a few weeks/months earlier :-x Cheers & keep up the good work Arch, Dutch
211 About the sites 03/03/2004 17:04:25 KevFoote still finding this site difficult to use my password doesnt like to work, i have to keep having it sent out to me, do we need the security turned on? Very slow to load over dial up. somttimes it fails completly. The page doesnt seem to fit on my browser (Exp 5.5) the post thread button is actually off the page. ---- I love the ability to post pictures. Can you reformat the page and make it faster to load Arch??? is thar possible? Kev
212 About the sites 04/03/2004 03:05:28 arch Re: still finding this site difficult to use Sorry Kev, There are some cases you cannot log in because of the firewall. See this page. I don't know if it is useful for you. [url=]Xoops FAQ[/url] I know it is slow to load over dial up. I will reduce the load in some ways. And the page is styled for 1024x768. arch
213 About the sites 06/10/2004 09:14:23 Dutch off line ? Just noted the ol trusted BBS is out of the air :-( No idea yet how to survive, but somehow I'll have to try :-o Would it be an attempt of Arch to lure us to ?? :-? :-? Hope to see y'all soon again :-D Dutch
214 About the sites 19/10/2004 15:13:50 arch Re: off line ? Sorry, that was just a server maintenance.
215 About the sites 10/11/2005 23:16:35 reclaimer Photo's How about a 'photo' section, where photos can be uploaded to the site...for i.e rebuilds,! I do not have the technical ability for this, but someone must. Geoff
216 About the sites 14/11/2005 22:16:27 gaillarry Re: Photo's Great idea.
217 About the sites 15/11/2005 05:40:22 buzz87 Re: Photo's I'm definitely for that! Having this in sections, similar to the various threads, would work great. i.e. A section for 'brake upgrades' one for 'swingarm upgrades' one for 'general pics' 'engine rebuilds' whatever. Great Idea!!
218 About the sites 09/01/2006 16:40:02 gaillarry Re: Photo's Here's an attempt to upload a pic of my engine on the work bench. [img align=right][/img]
219 About the sites 04/01/2006 02:49:39 ganepeil need help All,sorry,but am hoplessly computer illiterate. would like to post private mail to members without cluttering general forum but can't figure out how. can anyone offer a brief tutorial? thks G. :-(
220 About the sites 07/01/2006 22:52:57 buzz87 Re: need help Click on their name from the top 10 list, from any of their posts, or from the 'who's online' list. This will take you to their profile, where there is a small box with a PM in it (for private message.) It's the fifthe line down in their profile. When you click on that - it will take you to a dialogue box similar to when you post a thread. Fill it out and hit 'send' and you are done. They will see a red 'Inbox' that shows they have a message. Thanks for the post on the quarter panels, by the way. I will likely bid on them - too bad it's not the RHS that has the fluid burn - I see what you mean on the brake fluid.
221 About the sites 02/03/2006 19:24:53 Dutch Can this forum be improved? For a while now Arch has been running this forum beside the bbs of Seems some of the old hands stick to the bbs (myself including), others are to be found mostly here. One of the things that prevents me from stopping by a few times a week is that it is slow too load. Don't know it that depends on my area (Europe) or has another reason. IMHO The fact you have to click 'flat' everytime to see all replys isn't that brilliant either. Another thing that is very usefull for a technically orientated forum like this is a search function. Many items get discussed several times and with a search in time the logical answer will be 'utfs' saving a lot of typing :-x For my local bike club I have now opened a phpBB forum ( ran on a free server. Because they run a few thousand fora it has the search disabled, but because its more for questions and making appointments for a ride that's no problem. If only one phpbb is run on a (virtual) server that should be no problem. I found the phpBB forum to be very user friendly. Any comments are welcome. Cheers, Dutch
222 About the sites 04/03/2006 16:54:21 buzz87 Re: Can this forum be improved? There seems to be benefits to both sites. Opposite from you, I stop in mostly here, and check into .net less frequently. But Dutch, you can set (in your user profile) to run flat and in earliest or latest chronological order and never have to touch that again. That will help you some, and take away the weariness of using this site with refreshing after every post.[use "Edit Account" scroll down to "Comments Display Mode" and use the pulldown menu to pick "Flat" can also set "oldest first" or "newest first" in the next pulldown menu under "Comments Sort Order"] Initial loadup is slow in Canada, too, but once in is not a problem. I think that the technology of this site is just old. Some newer sites I have visited both use similar software to one another, and it is faster to use, easy to post pics, you can run an Avatar pic if you want, and do searches, etc all on one site. I think it would be hard to put all the data from both these sites onto one new one, though. Check out the two other sites for the way they are setup. They are: and I don't like most of the content on those two sites, so rarely visit them, but the software is good!
223 About the sites 28/07/2006 18:32:25 Edgar Poser Time Hi all you I can't find the Picture Gallery of the FZ bikes :-? :-? Hope to see some next time :pint:
224 About the sites 23/03/2007 07:23:50 lilfzr76 for sale and parts wanted sections i think this forum should have a parts for sale and parts wanted sections. this would really help given that its really hard to find parts for a bike that was only made from 85-88.
225 About the sites 10/05/2009 00:52:13 1STFZ750 Re: for sale and parts wanted sections I agree with the lilfzr76. I am a member of snowmobile forums and having classifieds is a great option for members to swap hard to find parts.
226 About the sites 29/06/2008 13:58:42 EricFZ700 electrical problems, cylinders 2 & 3 and tach don't work I bought a FZ700 from my buddy for $200. The thing is in great shape. On the way into work last week cylinders 2 & 3 just instantly cutout and tach started acting like a windshield wiper. No fuses are blown and the coils checkout ok. Looking at the wiring diagram the tach is wired to cylinders 2 & 3. I cleaned the electrical connectors, still the same problem. I did power wash the bike with panels off but it drove fine after that and the next day half way to work. Scratching my head Can anyone help?
227 About the sites 02/07/2008 01:59:14 ganepeil Re: electrical problems, cylinders 2 & 3 and tach don't work Eric, I'd start by checking for power at 2-3 coil (ign on).if present, check for pulse when cranking, compare w/1-4. with luck prob is just a bad connector/broken wire. make future posts in general or engine, twas luck I noted your' post here, You'll get more help from the more often perused forums. welcome & luck G
228 About the sites 17/08/2008 01:38:22 RIFLEMAN Thanks ARCH! ARCH, Thanks for straightening out my password issues. Now maybe I can start posting once I get some time. ;-)
229 About the sites 05/07/2009 11:26:46 Graham Posting pictures on the forum I was struggling to post pictures on here using my photobucket links, copy & pasting them directly in to the text box doesn't work. Some will no doubt already know how to do it but for those of us who don't (at least 3 to my knowledge) here's what works for me. 1st you need to click on "reply" or "new topic" & type your text as normal. Go to your photobucket account, hover your cursor over the picture in question & a drop down box should appear. Copy the link (left click over the "direct link" box) for the picture you wish to show. Then if you look above your text box back on here & click on this square [img][/img] a new box will open up ready for you to paste the image link into as I have done here just to prove to myself that it works ! [img][/img] When the 2nd box opens up, just leave it blank & click OK. Sorry if this seems obvious to some people. I've had a few messages now asking how to do it so thought I should investigate in an attempt to throw some light on the matter. If the forum is suddenly swamped with pictures over the next few weeks I'll know it was worth it ! :lol: Graham.
230 About the sites 10/07/2009 16:23:53 Nosforatu Re: Posting pictures on the forum Thanks for that I've just opened up a photobucket acount and there should now be a pic in HEEEELLLP. How about a full shot of your bike it looks good from what i can see, something for me to aim at. :-)
231 About the sites 12/07/2009 20:19:19 Graham Re: Posting pictures on the forum Sorry mate that's my TRX850 but you can have a picture if you like ? [img][/img] My FZ would "NOT" be something for you to aim at at the minute as I haven't really touched it since buying it last month. :-( Glad to see my efforts have helped you post your pictures. :-D
232 About the sites 17/08/2009 18:48:26 Graham Re: Posting pictures on the forum Seen your post mate & got the pictures to show in my reply. :-D You can send them to me in future or carry on as you are posting the links then I will come along & change it in my reply so they show on the board. I don't mind either way. ;-)
233 About the sites 14/01/2010 10:45:59 Graham Re: Posting pictures on the forum graham how do i post pics
234 About the sites 17/07/2009 08:53:36 Nosforatu Gallery How about a gallery to post pics of our bikes from project to show winner to everything inbetween, and most important all the mods :-D
235 About the sites 10/09/2009 22:18:40 Graham Re: Gallery Clutch cover has had all of its paint stripped off (probably by the person responsible for all the instant gasket that is oozing out all over the place) & then left to corode. :-( I've tried cleaning it up a bit but there were more pressing jobs to do at the time. I would love to get a mirror finish on the centre like Mr Wheaty has on his FZ but mine is so bad right now I can't see it ever looking like his. :-o :-( I will clean it as much as possible, paint the outer bit & just keep polishing the inner piece. :-) Been very busy again today folks, had the whole day off work to mess with the bike (don't tell the missus). Managed to blag a few lengths of box section & angle from my girlfriend's place off work last night. Luckily she is used to me scrounging stuff for the various little projects I get involved with, so doesn't even ask what it's for these days. :-D Decided to make a separate sub-frame for the seat unit at home then offer it up to the bike once it was getting close. I had a rough idea of how it needed to be so started by cutting a few pieces of box section to the lengths needed. [img][/img] Then cut some clever (by my standards) little notches in them to keep as much metal/strength as possible before welding them together. [img][/img] I made the left rail, then the right before joining the 2 with a piece of angle which will also double as a mount for the seat latch... . . I hope. Just used 4 pieces of angle for the lugs which I drilled in (roughly) the right places for the mounting bolts to pass through. When it's finished I will weld nuts behind the lugs to make assembly & removal easier. Nothing too ground breaking but it takes a lot of effort to make sure everything is all square & the lugs are in exactly the right places. I will add bits to it here & there as needed for the rear light & maybe the indicators. [img][/img] Pleased with my progress but now I'm wondering if I should weld my home made effort to the existing rails on the bike frame or just cut the Yamaha stuff off & replace it with mine to save a bit of weight ? :-? Seat unit is a damaged one I bought as a spare for my TRX which I will replace with a nice white one when I'm happy everything is spot on. 8-)
236 About the sites 08/11/2009 04:34:00 RIFLEMAN Re: Gallery Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that our Vaunted Leader,ARCH is quite a busy guy(He is a teacher and he has 2 small boys)and he runs the 2 sites for FREE. Granted some updates would be nice and when he gets a moment he will probably make the additions you seek,but that may mean more expense for him and who know what else with the server. Just FYI
237 About the sites 08/11/2009 12:33:28 Graham Re: Gallery OK thanks for the info Mike. I guessed it might be soemthing along those lines.
238 About the sites 08/11/2009 20:46:30 RIFLEMAN Re: Gallery Yeah, Arch is a great guy! Had the priviledge of meeting him and the missus a couple of years ago when he and his family vacationed here in USA. Only had the oldest boy then and got the wonderful news that other son was 'under construction" when they got home. I am very happy to know the man,his family and call him my friend. Wow,never thought about it before,but I've known him for over 10 years now! Selfless guy too,has never once asked for a dime to help offset the cost of 2 websites,yet he keeps them up. Just doesn't have the time to play with us like he used to.
239 About the sites 30/11/2009 15:22:27 arch Re: Gallery My v max had the washer in place .all v max owners take the rubber washer out and replace it with a steel washer.its called the furbur fix.i will be doing the same on the fz if its in place
240 About the sites 12/12/2009 21:01:54 RIFLEMAN Re: Gallery There is a guy on eBay that sells under the name siriusinc. Have bought kits for my GSX1100 and GS750 from him. Hit him up. If he doesn't have them,he can usually get them.
241 About the sites 30/10/2009 18:01:44 Henway For sale and wanted section? Most sites have one. It would be helpful (along with the gallery idea....)
242 About the sites 30/10/2009 20:27:08 Graham Re: For sale and wanted section? Yeah it's a good idea but nothing ever seems to happen. :-? Maybe we should start a thread or 2 & just keep updating it ourselves ? One "wanted" & another "for sale" ?
243 About the sites 11/01/2010 10:26:41 oops-sorry Re: For sale and wanted section? cliff emailed you
244 About the sites 14/07/2010 09:27:09 billip FZ750 wiki Just thought i'd float the idea. Even if it was just a thread here on the forum with frequently asked questions, or common modifications. For example, Gonad has said that Twin pot FZ6 calipers bolt straight on (04 -06 models) for a brake caliper upgrade. My bike has the 16" front wheel, and this was great news, as we know the brakes on our bikes aren't exactly "fantastic" I'm yet to try it, as the calipers i've got from ebay are still on their way from the US, but info like this all in one convenient place for forum members would make things a lot easier, especially for people who forget to use the search function. :-) Let me know what you all think...
245 About the sites 14/07/2010 18:35:25 tomster Re: FZ750 wiki [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Sounds a great idea in theory. Dunno how it would work in practice but a database of specs and mods would be great.[/font][/color][/b] :lol:
246 About the sites 01/05/2012 02:37:23 arch about the site [color=FF0033][size=xx-large][b]This site will be changed dramatically in the near future!![/b][/size][/color] and will be mixed together. The keywords are "SNS", "photos" and "user-friendly." Now I'm making the site with WordPress. Wait for a moment!
247 About the sites 16/05/2012 12:41:25 arch Re: about the site has been renewed. I'm going to close because of the running cost. What do you think?
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