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1 08/02/2004 14:45:44 CDNFZ750 Tires Whats the best rubber you can get for the FZ in stock sizes?
2 09/02/2004 13:16:45 Dutch Re: Tires Bridgestone BT45 Unless you have a 3KS, then (at least in Europe) the speed rating of bike and tire don't mach (which is kind of odd since the bike lost a few ponies compaired to the 2MG). On bikes with the 17" front i'd recommend a BT54
3 09/02/2004 21:16:37 CDNFZ750 Re: Tires Thanks Dutch
5 04/05/2004 21:51:31 Belet Re: Tires Hello from France (sorry for my langage mistakes). I have a 1987 FZ (red & white), which score 95Mkm this morning. My tire sizes are normaly 120/80V16 and 130/80V18. Michelin: --------- Macadam 90X, Radial: New tires when I bought the FZ at 40Mkm. The precedent owner had select a 150/70V18 for the rear tire, which was definitively too large. Impossible to reach the edge because of the little rim, and it make the leaning control not really precise at the end, but not really bad the other time. The good fact was the were resistant, I change them after 12Mkm and they were able to do much more. Now, I see that it exist a Macadam 100X for my front size, and a Macadam 90X in the correct 130/18 size. Perhaps I will test them another time. Metzeler: ---------- ME33 Laser, Bias: The front tire I usally mount. Good grip, make the drive neutral. Also resistant, I'm making more than 20Mkm with the front. But want to try something else, find the shape too "flat". I've tried to catch a ME33 CompK, just to see, but it is very difficult to find one in France. ME55: Have mounted this tire several times. Good grip, but I had to change them every 6 Mkm. That's why I move to something else (Dunlop). Dunlop: ------- No front tires in my size. Actually, there is a D205 available, with good reputation, but this is a radial one with no match in rear size. For the rear, I tried the bias GT501 (with ME33 on front). A good one, with a different profile than the ME55, more "sharp". It make the motorcycle more agile. I bet it can be ever more agile with the correct GT501 on front. The wet grip is also good, and I manage to keep it at least 10Mkm. Also available: -------------- AVON AM22/AM23, Bias: Racing tires, wich are ofen use on classic races. They are very populous and must have a very good grip. But I'm afraid about the durability. Perhaps this summer, for a good trip in the alpes :))) Bridgestone BT45R/F, Bias: Good reputation, but never try them on any bike. Continental TKV 11/12, Bias: Very cheap tires, did not test them, but don't want to. Pirelli Sport Demon, Bias: In Pirelli, I only know the MT75 (available only in H speed), but they are quite good in grip. As the Sport Demon are Belted Bias, they probably improve the durability. I think it will be my next try, probably next month. If you have some comments, please do. Regards. Arnaud.
6 24/06/2004 07:05:27 RIFLEMAN Re: Tires :idea: I have heard good things about the Dunlop GT501. Myself,I feel its worth the expenditure to make the necessary mods to mount current 17" wheels. Everything from rock hard touring rubber to Velro-like SuperSport hides. Think about it. RIFLEMAN :pint:
7 12/08/2004 13:36:48 Dutch Re: Tires I was just on the Bridgestone site and found they have the BT014 in sizes for the >89 FZ. This is a sport tire. The previously mentioned BT54 toursport is going out of production and I saw BT020's in sizes that where previously BT54. As I'm older (quite sure) and wiser (not so sure) I think the 020 is so good that its more than you ever need for street riding. Gives beter milage than sports and does better in wet/cold conditions. Not that I like riding in those, but it sometimes happens :-) As I have a modded rear (5.5x17) I'm also looking at the Pirelli Diablo (sport) and Dragon GTS (toursport). choises, choises... Odd thing about tire life though: my 1st BT54 front lasted almost 15 tkm (9 kM), the 2nd one is on 10 tkm (6 kM) and starts to look like it hasn't got much life in it. Could be explained if the 1st did a lot om m-way and the 2nd not, but in general I think they had about the same treatment. Is it just me that had very different milage out of the same model tire or does it happen to others as well?? Cheers, Dutch
8 06/05/2004 15:56:50 Belet Adapting a FZR 600 front rim Hello. As I'm tired with the 16" front rim from my 1987'FZ, I'm searching for a long time to get a 17" one. The "simple" solution maybe to find a complete 1989 forks, with the 17" rim wich fit in it. But there is much to change (fork, rim, brake disks and calipers), and nothing is free in this cruel world :) You can also adapt a 1989'FZ rim by doing an adpating plate to fix the old calipers, so they can go on the bigger disks. But somewhere, I don't like that, and I do not find any FZ 17" rim anyway... Now my question. I heard one time a guy saying that the fisrt 1989 FZR 600 had a front rim directly compatible with the first FZ fork. Nothing to change, he said that the "sheath" (pick the word in a dictionnay, I mean the bottom part of the fork, under the pipes) are exactly the same and the disks fit completely with my calipers. Did anoyone have heard something about that? Is that available for the 2MG model or only with the last ones? The fact is that I just found a 600 FZR white front rim wich could fit... Bye. Arnaud
9 06/05/2004 18:52:30 Tommi Re: Adapting a FZR 600 front rim I have read somewhere that year 1989 FZR600 brake calipers are interchangeable with earlier FZs (FZs with 16" front). Also the brake disc size is the same (but I don't know if the brake disc bolt arrangement is also the same). This would mean that lower part of the front forks should be quite the same between 1989 FZR600 and 16" front FZs. So my quess is that the 17" front rim of FZR600 will fit on earlier FZs (but that's just a guess) Tommi
10 10/05/2004 08:09:29 Belet Re: Adapting a FZR 600 front rim Hi Tommi. >I have read somewhere that year 1989 FZR600 brake calipers >are interchangeable with earlier FZs (FZs with 16" front). I ask a Yamaha Store about that and he confirm that references in the Yamaha DB are the same for FZ 750 1987-1988 and FZR600 1989- ? (at least 1993 I think). >So my quess is that the 17" front rim of FZR600 will fit on > earlier FZs (but that's just a guess) Thanks. I'll buy it next week and see what happens. Arnaud.
11 10/05/2004 08:43:41 Dutch Re: Adapting a FZR 600 front rim just from memory: the FZR600 has 298 mm discs, same as the '98- FZ750. The 85-86 and 87-88 FZ have the same disc size, the vented on the 1st can be replaced by the regular of the latter. Not sure of diameter, 267 mm or so. So although wheel might fit snugly, might be more difficult for the brakes. The fixed small and floating big discs also bolt on differently, so don't think you can put your old discs on the FZR wheel. good luck, Dutch
12 10/05/2004 15:24:42 Tommi Re: Adapting a FZR 600 front rim Dutch is correct, I checked some part lists and it definetely seems that FZR600 brake disc bolt arrangement differs from early FZ750s. Meaning you are not able to put FZ discs on FZR600 rim. Tommi
13 11/05/2004 10:19:58 Dutch Re: Adapting a FZR 600 front rim accutally you can, but they have to come from the >89 FZ :-o Just looked at Kevin Foote's pages: the wheel from the early FZR1000 is a straight bolt in. Requires repositioning / update of the brakes though. It comes with 320 mm discs and I don't know if their are smaller discs that can be bolted to this wheel. The hub FZR600 wheel is supposed to be smaller, so spacers are needed and difficulties with the speedo cable are mentioned. Don't know if there are differences in FZR600(R) wheels between years. Great info Kev, thanks. Cheers, Dutch
14 04/06/2004 14:08:23 Belet Front disk 267mm for 17" rim Hello. In my search to replace my 16" wheel with a 17" one, I've found something very interesting. I've read everywhere that the 2 easier possibilities are to take a FZ '89 (3" rim) or a FZR 1000 '87-'88 (3"5 rim) front rim (take care, the 89- FZR 1000 rim are with a 17mm axle, not 15). Even if I have not tested it yet, it seems that it is a straight bolt in. Howewer, you have to make brackets for the calipers, because of the 300 or 320mm disks which don't fit with the old caliper positions. Then, it may be exist another solution, keeping the old calipers. I found that Yamaha as used a 267mm disk on the 1989 TZR 125 (2LR Type in France). Theses disks are "floating disks", with same center dimensions as the FZ/FZR floating disks: TZR 125 '1989 disks: -------------------- Inside: 64mm Outside: 267mm Thickness: 5mm Number of holes: 6 Holes size: 8mm Holes "diameter": 80mm FZ 89, 1000 FZR disks: ----------------- Inside: 64mm Outside: 300/320mm Thickness: 5mm Number of holes: 6 Holes size: 8mm Holes "diameter": 80mm So it will mount on FZ/FZR1000 rims, and fit with the old calipers without modification. If... the disk are well align with the calipers. Unless, you will have to make some collar (I bet between the disk and the rim, but you can make them between the calipers and the fork), and it will be more easier to do than big brackets, and also more discrete. Will try this as soon as I will find a good rim on sale. Disks references by "France Equipement": Y811. Arnaud.
15 01/07/2004 02:44:44 ssevret Interchangable rear wheels on a 86 FZ750 I would like to know what rear wheels are interchangable for a 86 FZ750. I would like to upgrade to a larger rear tire but the stock rear rim is too narrow. Any suggestions?
16 03/07/2004 17:49:58 Dutch Re: Interchangable rear wheels on a 86 FZ750 Hello Ssevret, Depending on the effort and money you are prepared to put into it most wheels can be made to fit. But the only one that is a bolt in is the 18x3.5" from a >89 FZ. Cheers, Dutch
17 16/12/2004 21:22:17 gaillarry Replacement Tires I just bought an 86 FZ750 that had been sitting for years. I got it running and the compression is good, It does need a lot of TLC (carb clean, valves adjusted, etc). Now that I know the bike runs I;ll spend money on new tires. Anyone recommend a good brand to run on this bike and I would like a larger rear tire.
18 13/01/2005 08:47:53 Dutch Re: Replacement Tires Oeps, not much reply to this topic. In Europe we are all very fond of the Bridgestone BT45. It's a cross-ply tire designed to work on the small rims of the FZ. Available for the 'old' FZ with 16" front. For the 'new' FZ with 17" front you can e.g. look at the BT54/020 (radial). On the rear you can go 1 size over (140 i.o. 130) but since that is still small compared to today's 180 imho best to just stick to the 130 and let everybody think it's a baby bike (but well riden darn difficult to shake off :-D :-D :-D ). Cheers, Dutch.
19 29/03/2005 15:21:06 Pedge Re: Replacement Tires Hi, I saw your reply on the tyres for the "old" FZ750. Am I right in thinking my 1986 example SHOULD have a 17" rear wheel. Mine has a 140 profile tyre on an 18" rim at the back and a 16" rim on the front. Are the Bridgeys you were mentioning available in this size??
20 02/04/2005 23:45:57 dave56 Re: Replacement Tires I own an 85 model with the 16inch front wheel and am running a Metzeler ME33 Laser on the front and a Metzeler ME55A Metronic on the rear. The majority of my riding is commuting on country roads to work and I have found these to be excellent in both wet and dry conditions as well as wearing extremely well.
21 11/04/2005 12:48:09 Dutch Re: Replacement Tires Hello Pedge, The '86 FZ has a 16x2.75 front and 18x3.00 rear rim. From '89 on it has a 17x3.00 front and 18x3.50 rear. The 'wide' rear came with a 140 tire but can hold a 150. Bolts straight in the earlier FZ, so if you happen to come across one.... Many FZ's have been modified, a very populair mod was the 18x4.50 wheel of the early FZR1000, nowadays people tend to use 17" wheels althoug this does make the bike squad a bit. Cheers, Dutch btw: Metzeler 33/55 is a nice combination too.
22 15/04/2005 21:43:14 chad86 Re: Replacement Tires I will be putting the following tires on my back in the next few months: - 84 bucks - 74 bucks -Andrew
23 14/04/2005 18:41:54 FreddanXRV BT014 ordered will post evaluation info here Just ordered a pair of BT014 which should use information from MOTOGP technology... ???? I will post the outcome here.
24 19/04/2005 14:07:39 Dutch Re: BT014 ordered will post evaluation info here Have a pair of Pirelli Diablo's ready (my FZ has a 17" front and rear). Should be similar to BT014 in respect that they are made for sporty street use with an occasional track day trown in and both should have a reasonable milage. Let you know too. Cheers, Dutch
25 19/04/2005 18:30:10 FreddanXRV Test with BT014 found For those with a little knowledge in German you can see a test by the leading german magazine MOTORRAD here. The BT014 was not their top choice.... But anyway... The tires are soon on and the FZ does not have so many PS as the bikes they tested. With the profiles we have you must be glad for what you can find. Its going to be fun to see how they behave on a testtrack later this summer! /F
26 10/06/2005 15:21:40 ssevret Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... I just recently just fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel on my 86 FZ750. It took some machining of the wheel and sprocket carrier to get the offset correct, but it was worth the time and effort. Also, this was done without modifying the swingarm. I now have a Dunlop D208 170/60ZR17 on my bike and it has made a world of difference.
27 10/06/2005 22:27:50 gaillarry Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... There can't be too many FZR1000 rear wheels left! I've been looking for one for months. I keep watching EBay but no luck.
28 27/08/2005 19:47:13 crow32 Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... I like the sound of what you done, could you please tell me the details so i can give it a go
29 08/09/2005 17:02:08 ncc1310 Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... Hi I have just bought a 1986 FZ750 and i'm now starting the exciting process of restoring this excellent bike back to it's former glory and beyond. I was wondering if what you have done to your FZ750 to increase the wheel size is the only way to do it? if so could you give me the details so that I can try it myself? many thanks. :-D
30 26/09/2005 00:03:23 mike760 Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... yzf600 mid 90's models uses a 5.5 inch or 160/60 ZR17 wheels that look the same as the FZR1000 and might be lighter as well. but taken a 170/55 or 170/60 may be more difficult might be a good replacement if can't find the FZR wheels
31 28/09/2005 08:19:34 Dutch Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... When I'm not mistaken the '88 FZR had a 4.5x18 rear wheel which has been used quite a bit on the FZ. I also have the 5.5x17 from the later 1k FZR with a 170 tire on it (rim is made for 180 but chain is in the way). Bit OTT, but I love it nevertheless :-D :-D . A mate has a 5.0x17 rim from TRX or something, also with 170 tire. Looks like it is factory made. Another relative easy option seems to be the 4.5? wheel from a Bandit 600. Cheers & good luck to all, Dutch
32 10/10/2005 19:11:57 ganepeil Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... enthusiasts, I to have changed rear wheels on my fz750, mine is a 1985 fz50 (1AE) and I replaced the stock rear wheel with one from a TDM 850, unlike the fzr1000 I did not need to do any machining of the sprocket carrier, the wheel is a MT4.00 17 which accepts 1 160/70 17 tire with an acceptable profile. I have about 14 mm clearance to chain after building axle spacers to center wheel and align sprockets.Unfortunatly I can't remember what rear disc or caliper carrier I used, though as I'm planning on installing the aforementioned 1000 rear wheel I'll attempt to identify and update once I get further into that phase of my project. one drawback is that the tdm wheel is cosmetically different from any I'm familiar with and to have matching wheels one would logically need the front as well, and I'm not familiar with the particulars of fitting said front wheel to stock or alternate front ends.luck Gane
33 17/10/2005 17:34:55 gaillarry Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... Where did you find a rear wheel from a TDM850? I've been looking for months! They're not that popular in Canada.
34 18/10/2005 03:03:45 ganepeil Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... gaillarry. stole it from my ex. boss.he decided to race the tdm in twins class and fit new wheels, have no idea what he ended up with, but after about a year,I invocked the machanics claiming rule (mine mine mine)and fit it to my fz. as a side bar, yesterday I fit a 93 gsxr 1100 5.5 rear wheel. I had to machine all three spacers and have yet to fabricate, or space caliper stay arm. but wheel and sprocket carrier required no machining, axle/bearing diameters match (had to trim sprocket bolts to clear swingarm}and I have no idea what the caliper or caliper carrier I have came off. but! it all fits, and the gull wing matches my 1000 front wheel. the wheel presenty sports a 80/70-17 michelin pilot slick which measures 185mm wide and has a pinkies clearance between swingarm on right and to chain (regina 530 o ring) on left with chain running centered on inordanatly proud of myself. oh yeah, tdm wheel is availible, still want to sit on your plastic? luck G.
35 18/10/2005 17:50:57 gaillarry Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... I'm holding onto the plastic for my project bike - the engine is disassembled on the shop bench.
36 19/10/2005 12:26:44 Dutch Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... The trimming of the sprocket bolds sounds familiar :-D The 185 mm wide tire should look good, wonder how it fits, I have surprisingly little between the 170 Diablo and the 350 chain.... Post some pics will you, very interested to see how it looks and works. Cheers, Dutch
37 20/10/2005 03:59:35 ganepeil Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... dutch, nice to hear from you, would like to send pic.'s but haven't the faintest how. have digital camera and know how to click shutterbut downloading and sending is a different matter. my son is more computer literateand will try to incorperate his help. bike is still on bare frame/rolling chasis,and while wheel is in swingarm and chain on ft and rear spks and brake caliper made up haven't split cases on 1000 motor to fit 6 spd trans.yet. the ticeman says the engines are a drop in fit,but will wait til I can confirm chain alignment before I can endorse. in the interem if you'd like I could take a poloroid snd mail it if you'd usual G.
38 20/10/2005 06:45:33 Dutch Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... Hello Ganepeil, Thanks very much for the offer. Am not in a hurry, just very curious :-D If you have the pics, just ask your son to turn the into a decent size (more than 600x800 is usually annoying), put them on the web and place a hyperlink here. My bikes can be seen at 1st 7 pics are my ride bike and my project bike. Billy is the bike that has been done and sold :-( (fortunatly found a very loving home :-) ) the others are just mis FZ's Good luck with your project, Dutch (who usually hangs around on the BBS of
39 22/10/2005 02:23:58 ganepeil Re: Fit a 88 FZR1000 5.5 inch rear wheel... dutch, will do when i can, by the way, have been shopping e bay pretty heavy latelyand counted at least 6 fzr1000 wheels up for bid, didn't note years, and since they changed axle diameters would recommend that anyone intrested in doing the swap find out if bearing sizes are same. if they are install is much easier, if not, its still possible but requires machining of stepped wheel spacers or inner sleeve ot match inner bearing diametres and side to side space.ride smart G.
40 27/08/2005 19:26:38 crow32 need bigger wheels Can anyone help? I am new to this site so to start hello everyone. I need advice on a ploblem i have with knowing what bigger rims i can put on my genesis. I want a bigger and wider profile tyre can anyone help please.
41 31/08/2005 01:06:38 gaillarry Re: need bigger wheels Check Ebay. I've seen a few conversion kits available.
42 16/09/2005 03:59:52 7forty8 michelins anyone running the Macadams on stock rims? Opinions on Radial vs Bias (if you can even find a radial in 16") thanks, will
43 27/09/2005 02:08:52 mike760 Re: michelins you should find that all motorcycle tyre are radial i ran macadams on front of GPZ900R it was radial i ask my guy at the bike shop for the difference can probly get them but they prices have jump by $50 in Australia better to run bridgestone anyway
44 27/09/2005 02:31:18 mike760 Re: michelins if you go to michelin website you find the anwser to question they do run on stock rim the tyre are front 120/80-16 60 V TL/TT macadam 50 rear 130/80-18 66 V TL/TT macadam 50 up to model 1988 are radial website is just look up your bike it will do the rest
45 28/09/2005 01:01:06 mike760 Re: michelins found out most come in radial they do come in both but you find the cheaper set are bias and dear set are radial about $30 to $50 difference
46 28/09/2005 08:24:07 Dutch Re: michelins Difference between bias and radial is that a radial needs a wider rim to work best. Since our beloved FZ is blessed with rather small rims, specially the -88 model with 16" front, it is best to stay with bias belted tires. In Europe the general concensus is that the Bridgestone BT45 works best on the 16" FZ, Americans seem to like Dunlop a lot (don't know what model exactly). The Mic Macadam 50 is a bias tire, should be ok as would be a Metzeler Lasertec etc. Cheers, Dutch
47 19/10/2005 00:55:39 ganepeil re fit a 5.5 fzr 1000 rear wheel wishing you all the best, can't fault a fellow from trying tho. am attempting to reproduce camaro's dream fz but in oe red /white strobe and with 87 fzr 1000 eng. with 6 speed trans. will add particulars as project progresses G.
48 22/10/2005 03:55:32 ganepeil re fit a 5.5 fzr 1000 rear wheel Dutch, just how many languages are you fluent in? jst visited you'r site. appreciate you. never concidered teal as accent. thks G.
49 16/11/2005 09:46:24 mike760 wheel that can fit hi guys which bigger wheels can fit in the stock swing arm for 1985 model with little modification what better 17 inch or the 18 inch
50 17/11/2005 03:36:01 ganepeil Re: wheel that can fit Mike, am running rear off 97 gsxr1100 accepts 180/60-17 and still clears chain and swingarm. had to run brake stay arm outside of mounts instead of in yoke to clear tire. and face sprocket bolts on suz,sprocket carrior to clear swingarm, also make 1 off wheel spacers. looks impressive and completely fills up rear end. as to which is better 17 or 18, have no facts, but would rec. 17 simply because most current sportbikes are 17" and tire manufacturers offer the latest in rubber tech. for what they can sell. G.
51 18/11/2005 21:05:36 buzz87 Re: wheel that can fit Gane - I'd be interested in a list of everything you need to do this conversion. Wouldn't mind assembling the parts and trying it. I've got a machinist friend at work that can do fabbing for me. Does the yam sprocket bolt to the suz cush drive? which rear caliper set do you use, and how is the whole thing for cornering?
52 19/11/2005 02:46:23 ganepeil Re: wheel that can fit John, I used 97 gsxr 1100 rear wheel with its sprocket carrier and suzuki pattern sprocket to match fz's # of teeth. gxr carrier to whl bearing spacer, original wheel bearings and center spacer{un disturbed) and rear disc. the brake caliper, and its carrier are 86 fz750. for some reason the caliper carrier spacing was critical for alignment and required some fiddling before got disc to be in center of caliper window and pads to quit dragging. used 86's axle, chain adjusters. and swingarm. have no idea how it corners yet as bike is still inanimate.last time bike was ridden had tdm rear wheel w 160/60 17 tire and was only making 78 rear whl hp at 5,000 ft elevation.still, was vast improvement from stock 18 inch rear whl. and no the yam. rear sprocket does't fit the suz. cush drive . if i've left anything out just yell. luck G.
53 19/11/2005 03:51:57 buzz87 Re: wheel that can fit Thanks, Man! I'll start assembling the parts. Haven't ridden this bike yet, so I want to run it in its' present form first. That way I'll have a base line anyway and see where I want to go from there. If it is indeed setup the way I am told, I am guessing it could put out in the 125 Horse range, but I could be off. I have enough parts right now, that I could setup to run two rears, if I want. A wider tire would be good at the local 1/4 mile where I plan to run the bike, too. So the Yam o-ring chain will ride in the Suz sprocket with the same # teeth? Thanks again! :-D
54 13/02/2006 02:10:49 ganepeil Re: wheel that can fit For those who read; , This project is stock 85 fz 750 frame/w 91 fzr600 triple clamps, lower legs, internals, 17" wheel, 320mm rotors,twin 4 piston ft calipers and 2 in. over fork tubes/w 2" PVC spring spacers, rear end is 1 off fox twin clicker 2" over (from FOX) and GSXR1100 5.5 i n.wheel centered in stock swingarm running metezler MEZ2 120/60 17 ft and 180/50 17 rear. track temps preclude racing lean angles and harsh braking. 1 thing to note for street riders is , going large on wheels and tire sizes consumes hp, also slow's tip-in but turns braking capabilty from poor to race capable.G.
55 13/02/2006 13:44:13 buzz87 Which type of tire - Bias ply or radial Hi all - I need the opinion of experience here. I have yet to but new rubber for my bike for this year. If you read and believe the manufacturers web sites on tires (ie Dunlop) these older bikes that came OE with Bias tires should ALWAYS run bias tires. They say those bikes were not designed around radials, and that when radials came out, the new bikes were designed around the radials. So here's the thing: many of you out there run radials; so what is your experience with them as to handling, etc. and what brands/sizes do you run. I'm trying to figure out what rubber to buy. Thanks,
56 13/02/2006 17:29:12 ganepeil Re: Which type of tire - Bias ply or radial John. what wheels do you have? G.
57 14/02/2006 00:54:09 buzz87 Re: Which type of tire - Bias ply or radial That's part of the mix, of course. I still have the stockers i.e. 16" front 18" rear. Going radial, would likely involve going with, say 17's front and back? But is that the only reason for switching the wheels - going radial (selection of rubber) or is there a performance gain?
58 15/02/2006 03:17:21 ganepeil Re: Which type of tire - Bias ply or radial John, Here's the short story,Because your' wheels are narrow by current standards,and bias plys are generally taller in aspect ratio,I would rec. sticking to biased ply tires for 1: tire profile provides consistant contact area tru lean angle.2:taller tire provides more ground clearance,3;lighter /narrower tire gives quicker steering/flick response.and 4; Pirelli, Michelin,and Metzler (at least) are now offering rubber compounds similar to those used on radials. Have lots more info, but not sure if anyone would be inteested. G. 8-)
59 16/02/2006 03:28:13 ganepeil Re: Which type of tire - Bias ply or radial John,2nd part of your' question about handling, am running a 3.5"x17 front and 5.5"x17 rear with corresponding 120/60-17 and 180/50-17 tires,ATT. have noted steering (and counter steering) is slower and requires more effort.not that it's a chore,just moves it 1 step further away from the teflon scalpel feel of say the I never had any complaint with stability of stock wheels and tires would say biggest improvement would be that the 17" ft wheel came with much larger rotors & 4piston pots, turning brake capabilities from ho-hum to more than I really need. at the rear, any time you swing more rubber it eats HP. thats the down, however if you've got enough on tap, the larger your' contact area is the better, (bear in mind, contact area depends on tire profile, which in turn is determined by proper wheel width) so far as who makes the best tire, sorry, I'm a take-off whore, I'll run anything with tread, tho I match rubber compounds and plys (radial or bias) can only say I prefer sexy looking tread designs (prefer wide sweeping chunks of rubber to little blocks)Don't care much for fronts w/ribs or linear patterns as they track rain grooves ( they make longitudinal slots in the cement of super slabs here for rain run-off). Luck G. 8-)
60 16/02/2006 03:45:11 buzz87 Re: Which type of tire - Bias ply or radial Thanks for your input, Gary. I value it! Any others have comments?
61 23/02/2006 03:41:28 ganepeil Re: Which type of tire - Bias ply or radial John, and all. Did a little research and came up with some options for performance oriented riders. Bridgestone; Battlax BT45 , a hi performance silica compound V rated (sustained 150 mph)biased ply avail. in 110/90-16 @$107.58 120/80-16 $114.79 130/80-18 $134.36 140/70-18 $135.90 rear is a dual tread compound. Dunlop GT501 biasd ply.120/80-16 $108.00 130/80-18 $148.00 tread design is similar to the 208 which is common oe rubber on many current sport bikes. (also V rated). Metzler Lazertec ft is 120/80-16 Laser $165.00 reae 130/80-18 Lasertec $178.00 bias ply. Pirelli Sport Demon 120/80-16 $114.95 130/70-18 $125.00 140/70-18 $135.00 The Sport Demons are a H rated (sustained 130 mph) multiple radius bias ply (meaning they don't grow as much as most biased plys at high speed and have handling characteristics closer to radial tires) they are classified as a sport touring tire, see harder rubber compound-higher mileage. I include them because I liked the tread design and one of the guys at the shop runs them and likes them. which is more than I know personally about any of the others.prices are just ballpark for my locale, and I doubt you'll find any on the shelf at your' local dealer/shop. though should be avail. thru warehouses provided manufacturers supply same product in your' county-continent. luck. as usual G. 8-)
62 16/02/2006 05:50:35 ganepeil tires, anybody intrested? Looking for feed back,anybody wanna know? G. 8-)
63 08/03/2006 14:48:08 MG_Speed R1 wheels on a FZ750 I NEED HELP; I have a 1985 FZ750 and I知 trying to put a 2001 R1 front wheel and rear wheel. The front wheel I think will fit fine, with some modification to the caliper brackets. The rear wheel is a different story. I bought a rear swing arm from a 2001 R1 and brake assembly. But I知 not sure if everything will work. If anyone can help me it would be appreciated Thanks
64 12/03/2006 22:27:37 mike760 Re: R1 wheels on a FZ750 hi MG the r1 front should go in but won't have speedo since the 85 is cable driven and it's bigger wheel so forks won't be right lenght. as for the rear well i don't really know the biggest trye i heard about on stock rear is 170/50/17 you would better off to use 160 or 170 from either a TDM or YZF750 OR YZF600 model before 1997. there is one guy on who did a front and rear change of R1 triple trees and forks and wheel and change swing arm, he made it into a naked bike i'm using 1996 yzf600 wheels haven't started to change overyet not much time at the moment. hope this help a little
65 22/03/2006 09:05:12 Dutch Re: R1 wheels on a FZ750 The 17" R1 front wheel is bigger than the 16" FZ wheel, but the corresponding tire is lower: 120/70 i.o. 120/80. In total the difference in height is neglectable (less then the difference between a new and worn tire). There are FZ's with a 180 tire, but chain alignment needs to be looked at carefully. Keep in mind the R1 swing arm is a fair bit longer that the FZ ones. Nice if you have 200+ hp 'cause it reduces the tendency to wheely (see Otherwise a 5.50 x 17 wheel will fit the original swing. Best upgrade imho: upgrade the suspension, specially that rear shock will be totally worn out if it's still the oem one. cheers, Dutch
66 23/03/2006 00:38:52 buzz87 Re: R1 wheels on a FZ750 Dutch - I know this has been touched on before, but what are the popular swap in updated "shock" brands that work? Keeping in mind that the '85 suspension is different from later suspension setups on the FZ. John
67 12/05/2006 19:03:31 Dutch Re: R1 wheels on a FZ750 Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on .com lately. Spend most my time on .net or the dutch fz msn group :-D Main difference in shock is the 85-86 has an eye-fork and the 87> has eye-eye. Any decent aftermarket shock will work fine. Hagon is quite popular, they have decent quality against good price, I have a Technoflex on mine (even better quality and 5 years warranty), but than again, I get special conditions on these goodies. :-D Last week the founder of Technoflex introduced YSS from Thailand to Europe. Planning on getting one of those for my project 1FT. Cheers, Dutch
68 14/05/2006 23:42:04 mike760 Re: R1 wheels on a FZ750 when ipull my shock off The two ends are different size I beleive i have a eye eye suspension can you shead any light on this
69 15/05/2006 12:39:44 Dutch Re: R1 wheels on a FZ750 Hello Mike, Could be the top is a 10 mm bolt, bottom 12 mm. All shock manufacturers should know the proper size so no problem. Have the OEM shocks (both 1 and 2/3) lying around, so if you need measurments just give a shout. Cheers, Dutch
70 30/03/2006 04:42:13 tommyrut 91FZR600rear rim on 86FZ750-spacers So I have a 1986 Fz 750 with the std. 18 x 3 rear wheel. I need just a little more width back there, so i bought a 91 fzr 600 wheel, i believe it is an 18x4. It needs some spacers made and the machinest in town charges like 50 per hour. He said it would cost a half hour if i had the dimensions i needed. or it would cost like 4 hours if i didnt. So does anyone have the right measurements for spacers to fit a 91FZR600 rear rim on a 1986FZ750 swingarm? Thanks.
71 30/03/2006 22:17:14 mike760 Re: 91FZR600rear rim on 86FZ750-spacers hi get some verniers and measure it yourself it very easy to do best way is to put the wheel in and see where got to be and measure what spaces you need and put the measurement to paper with a very neat sketch with the diamensions if you can't handle it well maybe so you fuss let the machinest do it for your then you know it right the first time and there be no troubles. try to it yourself that way you learn about the bike better cheers mike760
72 31/03/2006 03:36:36 ganepeil Re: 91FZR600rear rim on 86FZ750-spacers Tom, a couple of things to note/check while doing swap are axle diameteres, brake rotor dia. caliper carrior height. luck G.
73 24/04/2006 23:23:21 tommyrut Re: 91FZR600rear rim on 86FZ750-spacers so after doing some measurements I got the wheel on. You will need 2 spacers. 1 needs to be 5mm and the other needs to be 6 mm. make sure you use the fzr wheel bearings. The easiest way to get the dimensions you need is to just bring in the bearing, and have a machinest measure the axle size. You will have to make some adjustments to the caliper torque arm. I had to make a new one, because i added a 6inch extended swing arm. So it wasnt any more work. Hope this helps someone.
74 03/05/2006 10:01:54 robhar2 Front tire My front tire is getting to the point where it will need replacing soon. I would imagine that it would be better to change the front and back tires as a set, but since I have over 50% tread left on the rear I was wondering how bad of an idea it would be just to replace the front and not the rear.
75 03/05/2006 15:19:09 oldman Re: Front tire i see no problem in just changing the front tyre i would change the front tyre for the same type that is on at the moment thou
76 04/05/2006 01:43:31 mike760 Re: Front tire you don't have to change you tyres as a set rather keep same brand of tyres is more recomended. unless you are racing don't have to change tyres as a set anyway by the time you change the rear the front proably be at 80% as rear wear quicker and the next tyre change after may do both any hope it help at a little mike760
77 07/05/2006 01:18:40 ganepeil Re: Front tire R. agree w/mike, tho feel more important to match rubber compounds than brand. as tread designs for ft and rear are usually different. tires generally wear 2 to 1 (rear to front ) unless yer very agressive on the brakes. if considering changing brands, would go to future rear brand now and have matched set when time for new rear comes as matched rubber is optimum. G 8-)
78 07/05/2006 09:58:07 robhar2 Re: Front tire Thanks for all the advice... it has been very helpful. When I bought the bike the rear tire had quite a bit more tread than the front, and up until about a couple of weeks ago I had been using the front brake exclusively. I have macadam 100x front and rear right now, and they seem to be a very reasonable tire from all that I have heard. I have no complaints with them. So my plan is replace the front with another mac 100x until the rear wears down (Hopefully about the same time as the front) and then re-evaluate my tire choices. Thanks again for all the help.... Robert
79 08/05/2006 03:26:49 buzz87 Re: Front tire Robert: From what I have read - the Macadams are an older tire design and compound from what is available. IOW you can probably do better, so you may want to shop around. Check this listing from Gane on various tires available: John
80 12/05/2006 18:57:17 Dutch Re: Front tire Mac100 is a radial tire, so best to stay with a radial front. In some places it is allowed to run radial rear and bias front, not sure if this is in your part of the world. Do you have an FZ with 16" front or with 17" (has that one been sold in the US/Can?)? I had the Mac90 on my 3KS (17" front, 'wide' 3.5 rear) and it was a totally crap tire. Rear was good enough, but the front was $@#!. Wore out quicker than the rear, and when replaced by a BT54 (90 still on the back) the bike was much better.
81 19/06/2006 23:01:48 tommyrut 1986 FZ750 engine for sale I have a 1986 FZ750 engine for sale. It's in good shape. I never had any major problems with it. I will be including the starter, water pump, alternator, and carb boots(intake boots whatever you call them). The starter could use a can still electronically start the bike, but it sometimes wont engage right away, might take once or twice to get it running. It's worth about 550 if you add everything up. I will be selling it for $400. I live in Ames, Iowa..near des moines. I can deliver it for a charge, or I will be in Chicago this Thursday night and friday morning, then wisconsin...lake geneva..friday/sat/sunday. If you are near any of that, we could meet and you can pick up. Let me know asap. thanks. tom-6/19/06 PS.. i am looking for some sides and upper fairing for an 88 FZ700.. if you have a good set, let me know, and we could trade.
82 21/03/2007 04:44:29 lilfzr76 Re: 1986 FZ750 engine for sale what do u mean by the starter not engagin right? cuz my starter seems to have issues too it will try to crank but then will make a nasty metal clashing sound. if that isnt the problem you have i would like to buy the starter gears off of you plz pm me thanks\ tony
83 20/06/2006 02:16:12 spack q's about moding '92 fzr1000 wheels on my '88 fz750 do i need to make and axel or is there an easier way to do it? and also, is it common to have to widen the swingarm to fit the wheel?
84 27/06/2006 18:09:21 Dutch Re: q's about moding '92 fzr1000 wheels on my '88 fz750 When did the FZR switch from the 18" to the 17" wheel? Either way, both fit in the standard FZ swing arm. I have the later 5.5x17 in mine. The guy who made it used sleeves to bring the diameter of the FZR hub from 21 mm to 17 mm (FZ axle size).
85 28/06/2006 02:45:45 ganepeil Re: q's about moding '92 fzr1000 wheels on my '88 fz750 guys, I went from different angle. replaced w/bearings to fit wheel OD to axle ID p/n AB1 (NAPA US AUTO PARTS) 5.5 wheel snug fit to stock swingarm (required trim of sprocket bolts and facing of brake cliper carrior and spacers to fit bt do-able. luck G.
86 22/06/2006 13:46:23 robhar2 Wheel size question... YZF 600 on FZ750? Hi all, I have a spare rim from what I was told is a YZF 600 rear wheel (unsure of the year though). It's a 160 wheel. I was wondering whether I can make this fit stock on my 87 FZ750 without going through the process of changing the swingarm and rear shock and making tons of spacers... I read on a few posts that people have been able to fit up to 170 sizes but I was sceptic... before starting this project I'd appreciate some input... any tips or queues are appreciated Thanks, Marc
87 23/06/2006 10:09:08 mike760 Re: Wheel size question... YZF 600 on FZ750? Hi the yzf 600 if early model 94-96 is a 160 which spaces and rear brake bracket need to be made to fit the yzf 600 rim the tyre fits no problem i did a complete change of brake too. from the 600 it is a little of hasel to fit the wheel a little time and measure correctly time can be reduce. all depends on how good you are to make something fit that why people change complete swing arm only front spaces to work on shock change easier but can cost more there no choice on the spaces measure it up uses any axel that fit through the 600 wheel make sure spocket and disc are on and line the spaces up then see where the rear brake must go and measure the space hence draw up the spaces to fit the axel to be used. make sure brake caliper is undone, it is best if tyres on but should be able to line the sprocket where suppose to be for a close as possible stright chain hope help a bit mike760
88 27/06/2006 15:02:57 Dutch Re: Wheel size question... YZF 600 on FZ750? As Mike says, the wheel fits in the original swing arm. Spacers etc have to be made. However if you would call it "easy" is completely up to your own definition of easy
89 13/09/2006 22:15:19 oops-sorry r6 wheels any body tried these or am I going to be the pioneer
90 23/09/2006 11:56:00 gr8wyt Re: r6 wheels I'm about to give it a shot also! I only paid $5 for the rims so no big loss if they dont! Do you know the largest we can go on tire size? 150,160? I think as long as the brake rotor fits it should only take minimal modifications! I wont know til I recieve the rims though! I'll try to keep tabs here and provide some updates!
91 27/09/2006 08:23:08 Dutch Re: r6 wheels I have a 5.5 x 17 rim with 170/60 tire. 180/55 should also fit but came (imho) too close to the original chain guard. Now that that one is replaced by a stainless steel one though........ :-D
92 29/09/2006 03:32:00 fz750scott Magnesium Rims?? Did any stock FZ 750 come with magnesium rims? I was told that my 85 FZ750 Genisis had magnesium rims. :-?
93 29/09/2006 04:59:21 mike760 Re: Magnesium Rims?? hi don't believe that 85 or 86 had magnesium rim stock they good of been cover in magnesium finish similar to the rocker cover type of thing. if i remember right only had steel 6 spoke in a 3 spoke pattern. i believe it was from 87 magnesium rim may of been available but not too sure. cheers mike760
94 27/11/2006 14:18:29 HerbFZ700 Anyone running Bridgestone Battlax Bt45v Hello all, Anybody running the Bridgestone Battlax BT45V tires on their bikes? What do you feel about them? Is the grip good? Wear? Just like to know, just got some mounted, under 30mi, not broke in yet. Thanks to all, Herb.
95 04/12/2006 09:02:00 Dutch Re: Anyone running Bridgestone Battlax Bt45v In Europe they are considered the #1 choise for the FZ :)
96 07/12/2006 00:56:37 HerbFZ700 Re: Anyone running Bridgestone Battlax Bt45v Dutch, Thank you. Herb.
97 07/02/2007 08:26:32 fzpilot pirelli tyres hi all. has anybody had any experience with pirelli sport demon tyres. . i like the look of these. thanks in advance Ben
98 12/02/2007 11:49:40 Dutch Re: pirelli tyres In general Pirelli makes good tires. I had a GTS Dragon (?) on the back before, now have Diablo's f&b (not original wheel size) and those are much better than I would really need. So if the price is reasonable compaired to a BT45, go for it. Cheers, Dutch
99 17/02/2007 23:46:57 fzpilot Re: pirelli tyres thanks dutch :-D
100 07/05/2007 09:05:35 fzpilot Re: pirelli tyres i've put a sport demon on the front seems very sticky so far . back tyre about to go have been recomended a avon super venom. apparently hold on well and last really good. any opinions on these tyres. cheers Ben.
101 02/06/2007 07:05:01 fzpilot Re: pirelli tyres pirelli sport demon went on the rear. 140/70-18 . it's a bit too round,(battlax 140 was a lot flatter). tips in very fast. i'll neve get near the edge on this tyre, oh well live and learn i guess. 130/80-18 would have been better. cheers Ben.
102 20/07/2007 11:50:28 fzpilot Re: pirelli tyres 2000klm on back and flattening out. pilot road 2 on thundercat wheel, test ride tomorrow :-D . looks the bee's knees.we'lsee how it goes. cheers Ben.
103 25/07/2007 00:39:21 85fz7505v Re: pirelli tyres Hey I thought you couldn't mount radial ply tires on wheels meant for bias ply? Maybe I'm missing something?
104 30/07/2007 10:59:57 fzpilot Re: pirelli tyres [quote] 85fz7505v wrote: Hey I thought you couldn't mount radial ply tires on wheels meant for bias ply? Maybe I'm missing something?[/quote] check this thread out. cheers Ben
105 02/08/2007 07:15:15 Dutch Re: pirelli tyres Just a matter of how wide the rim is. As rule of thumb a wider tire needs a wider rim and a radial needs a wider rim than a cross ply of the same size. The latter depends very much on the design, some radials are designed to work on the relative small rims of youngtimers. Some manufacturers (e.g. [url=]Bridgestone[/url]) mention the rim size required for a specific size tire.
106 23/03/2007 07:40:54 lilfzr76 parting out my 86 fz750 looks like this project will be too much for me i will be selling parts next week so if you have any parts off of this bike let me know. i have an 86 no side fairings no windscreen. have everything else i will let u guys have first crack at it before i post on ebay. lots of these parts are discontinued so might as well get them if you need them or for back ups. more parts you buy the better deal i can give you plus i can combine shipping.
107 24/03/2007 12:02:52 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 most parts on ebay now go check them out if i have not listed then ask me for other parts
108 09/04/2007 02:22:59 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have front and rear end with tires, brake rotors stuff like that if interested plz pm for more details.
109 25/03/2007 09:12:36 fzpilot Battlax BT45 looks like my rear tyre isnt going to make it to 5000k's flat as a "shite carters hat" in the center.40 psi, plenty of twisties, not just on the h'way. the hard compound center ain't to hard. maybe i just hammer it to hard off the lights???.just cant help myself,awsome bike and power.:-x By the way have a me33 laser on the front unknown k's as was on the bike when i bought it from cammo. the pattern wears evenly but it doesn't like getting over near the edge, damn scary when going too hard around corner and front starts to slide. :-o Anybody use the new lasertech.tread pattern the same but it hasn't got a big channel of nothing right where you need it. cheers Ben :-D
110 16/07/2007 08:09:50 fzpilot yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel hi all just got a thundercat rear wheel. got it lined up in the back end at the moment. measuring things up .looks a treat with the 170 on it. one question though it seems like its going to lower the bike somewhat, now do i just lower the triples or repace the rear shock. i will put a 17in on the front eventually. cheers all. Ben [img][/img] [img][/img]
111 26/07/2007 15:33:27 texasFZ Re: yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel WOW! That looks good! :-D More rubber on the road. Are you using your stock axle? What year FZ750 do you have and what year model is the wheel from? How are you going to mount the rear caliper? Keep up the good work and keep us informed.
112 27/07/2007 17:55:14 trooper19 Re: yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel Hi I'm looking to do the same rear wheel swap over the coming winter, I now have a wheel I have changed the wheel bearings to give me the right spindle size for the FZ spindle.But you may be able to answer a few questions:- have you the sizes for the spacers, how have you mounted the rear caliper. :lol:
113 29/07/2007 09:30:03 fzpilot Re: yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel snafoo, stock axle. had spacers machined with a sleeve to go inside of wheel bearings to fit axle size. trooper, on the sprocket side you will need one 10mm thick which leaves aprox. 1mm clearance outside of dust seal. you need this to have sprockets lined up as close as possible. just measure from bearing to dust seal plus 1mm on your wheel. caliper side you will need a 14mm spacer to keep caliper carrior lined up with disk. use yzf600 carrior and your caliper(callipers are the same). you'll need a sleeve for the carrior of 20mm o/d to 17mm i/d. you also need to cut down carrior to 10mm at the axle to have it fit in the swing arm.have to make longer torque arm too. need anymore info.? cheers Ben.
114 29/07/2007 09:36:20 fzpilot Re: yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel cheers Ben. :-D
115 29/09/2007 11:00:12 fzpilot Re: yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel have done over 3500klms on this tyre. can only say that it doesn't even look worn and feels great in the twisty bits. cheers Ben.
116 29/09/2007 19:00:09 trooper19 Re: yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel Hope your not running a Radial rear with a crossply front as it will handle like a pig and may be against the law, cheak out Brigestone's web site as the give overall tyre measurements and you can see the difference between the 130/80/18 and a 170/60/17 tyres
117 30/09/2007 06:11:13 fzpilot Re: yzf 600 thundercat rear wheel yes i am, no it doesn't and stiff shit if it is. am going to get an fzr100 front wheel in the next couple of weeks and put a 120/70 17 michelin pilot road 2 on it. :-D cheers Ben
118 22/08/2007 14:20:26 kayak810 FZR600 wheels on FZ700 I lived in C-Springs back in 2001 for a short time but i left just before the first big snow dumped on 28 nov 2001. Heard it can get really bad there.
119 23/08/2007 09:19:56 fzpilot Re: FZR600 wheels on FZ700 hi guys, ive just received a cdi from someone on another forum, and i cant for the life of me find out exactly what its off its an IGNITOR not a digital ignitor, and not an ic igniter its the same size as the twin pickup cdi from 85 and 86 fz750's its got a black label numbers on it are TID-X136 and underneath on line 2 is 1AE-70 it looks indetical to the 14-39 only the numbers are different it works on my fzx700 and also my fz911 so im confused ive never seen them numbers before and google dont give me anything if anyone knows what it is please let me know cheers carl p.s. somebody has engraved '86 race' on the back
120 04/09/2007 20:55:58 texasFZ Re: FZR600 wheels on FZ700 as we say round our way thats hello chaps to the rest of you then dave the new owner here, just bought a fz750 '86 off ebygumbay mainly in boxes well it was on saturday now its sat round the back purring happily to itself amazing what you can do with a hammer some tape and tie wraps eh? but seriously hello and i might need a few pointers along the way like why isnt there a haynes for it and where can i get a wiring diagram? can i post a pic ? you look like you need a good larf later dudes dave
121 07/09/2007 20:26:28 texasFZ Re: FZR600 wheels on FZ700 Hi from scotland...there is no haynes for this model, just a clymer, use this link for manual I got 4 fz 750's, Greedy...huh! Cheers, Geoff :-o
122 09/09/2007 09:26:23 fzpilot Re: FZR600 wheels on FZ700 Hi, I have fitted a FZR1000 2Gh front end and a Kawa zzr600 d rear wheel that fits in the bike with no probs, it holds a 160/60-17 tyre or tire as you like.The ZZR wheel needs NO machining or extra spacers, but it must be a ZZR 600 D wheel. Cheers, Geoff
123 01/01/2008 00:56:58 opifz wire wheels on the fz? hello, I am thinking of putting together a fz custom, I have a spare frame/ motor and most parts, thought it would be cool to go with a streetfighter look with wire wheels, does anyone have info on this ever being done? would prefer to use my stock front and rear ends, brakes etc, thanks, Bill
124 09/01/2008 19:15:01 Dutch Re: wire wheels on the fz? That would be an interesting approach :-D Lots of different wheels have been put in FZ's from all kinds of donors. So a wire wheel is surely possible. Just find one you like and start fiddeling to get it fitted. Cheers, Dutch
125 08/02/2008 06:08:03 ganepeil Re: wire wheels on the fz? offer this for thought. if you could find spoke front end w same fork dia.and similar height. could relace to 17 inch wheel. brakes would be poor, but tires would be avail. thinking out loud G
126 01/04/2008 12:21:26 bnail 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? Hi, I have a 1987 FZ750 and would like to fit 17" wheels for a better selection of sticky tyres. Does anyone know of a pair that would simply slot in or do I need to get spacers knocked up? I will be looking to upgrade the forks and brakes too but this will be as funds allow. Cheers
127 06/04/2008 21:24:33 texasFZ Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? Hi, FZR 1000 front wheel, or better still, forks yolk and front wheel, fit straight in, no probs, rear end...needs spacers, sprocket holder machining to completre.....unless you can get hold of a conversion already done. I got a metachemex deep braced swinging arm and 17" x 5.5 wheel second hand. Geoff
128 08/04/2008 10:13:53 bnail Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? Hi Geoff, How much are you looking for, for the Metmachex arm and wheel? Do you have an exhaust pipe as well? Mine is fitted with a Laser race pipe, the down pipes are held to flanges that fit to the head with springs, only the flanges are missing and Laser aren't replying to my emails which makes me think they have moved on from their FZ days. Do you know if a pipe from a newer bike will fit, if only the down pipes? Thankjs for your reply. Chris 07805 830144
129 23/04/2008 19:33:25 reclaimer Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? Sorry Chris, I gave the wrong impression there....not for sale. These and IRIS deep braced arms come up on ebay every so often and go anywhere between へ0-び80. If the seller has the rear wheel and need to go for these as well. Rear wheel with sprocket and some sort of tyre...between ふ0 and ぺ0. With the front end that can mount up..but you get a descent special out of it. I've got a 911 cc engine to go in and with a bit of adaption a fzr 1000 top fairing, also probably fitting a yzf 750 sub-frame and seat unit, again with some adaption. cheers, Geoff
130 27/04/2008 13:39:15 Dutch Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? 17" makes te bike sit lower. Imho the 4.5x18 from the 2LA is the best choice.
131 28/04/2008 19:57:52 reclaimer Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? Yes Dutch, it does, however, that has not presented a problem a few local modern sports bike owners will testify to! I just get through my bike boots a bit quicker that I used to! Geoff
132 29/04/2008 00:09:06 sammalaj Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? I'd be careful with fitting radials on an FZ 750/700. I put Michelin radials on my '86 FZ 750 with the stock 16" in front and an FZR 600 18' rim in the rear. The new tires caused a strange weave at about 60mph and up. Not like a tank slapper, more like a subtle snake weaving like riding over a grated bridge. I hunted down a number of tire reps and was ultimately told that the FZ's frame isn't rigid enough to counteract the forces that the stickier and softer tires were transferring to the frame, geometry, etc. I slapped on some bias-ply tires and, poof, problem solved.
133 29/04/2008 15:15:39 reclaimer Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? I've had no problems at all, I got Maxxis tyres, a 120 x 17 front and a 180 x 17 rear, goes and handles real well. Geoff
134 30/04/2008 07:56:46 Dutch Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? if you have a 20 year old shock it will also make a massive difference when replaced by a new one. Let the suspension soak up the bumps, not the tires :-) in 160-18 there is a very good choice of tires, though sometimes difficult to find a matching front. Specially if you have a 16" front rim. Most sporty 16" front tires are for the early Fireblade which obviously has a much wider rim than the 2.75 on the FZ. On the risk of sounding like an old fart 8-) the bike doesn't need ultra sticky tires, only the rider's ego does :-x
135 30/04/2008 14:01:48 reclaimer Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? With the risk of being an old fart (Which I am) and sounding young and silly...ever heard of customisation? I have 7 bikes in total, six (including two fz 750's) and the six are all 'standard' bikes. This FZ 750 is my toy...I have done it how i want (including fitting a 911cc engine), not how others think it should be. Yes the tyres are what? My money, my fun! Take a look at some really over the top customised may be surprised, or is that frightened or envious of something different to what you have or would like to have. I didn't post here for advice, someone asked a question and I answered...if you don't like my answer or my idea of a bike....well tough!
136 01/05/2008 13:07:29 Dutch Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? no intention to offend, you can do with your bike what you like best ;-) Remark originates from a few people I know who "really need super sticky tires" and then get overtaken by Goldwings etc as soon as there is a bend in the road :-o I got Diablo's on (120-17 front and 170-17 rear) which probably is overkill too, but I like them as they do surprisingly well in the wet also. What I don't particularly like about the 17" isn't the ground clearance but the steering geometry. That was better with 18". Imho putting the forks through the yokes helps a bit, jacking up the rear another bit, but oem was best (darn, seems those Japanese knew what they were doing after all :-D ). Cheers, have fun and enjoy. Dutch
137 01/05/2008 18:00:25 FZ750Horse Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? I'm inclined to agree with Dutch re. Steering geometry - the standard 16" front/18" rear turns in pretty quickly - almost falls in. With 17" wheels fitted front and rear I've dropped the (shorter) R6 forks through the yokes and lengthened the rear shock by 15mm. I'm now looking at shortening a swingarm because I can't raise the back any more without chain/swingarm problems.
138 02/05/2008 04:33:55 ganepeil Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? Just a note.Sammalaj's post of handling probs included mounting radials on stock wheels. radial tires require wide rims to maintain torsional stiffness/profile. thus the 40/50 aspect ratios. sidewall flex changes dramatically when does contact patch. My experiance is that the fz's steel frame is up to task for the stickiest of compounds provided they are mounted on proper wheels for application.and suspension is up to task. possibly one of the weakest links of the fz 750 is the small dia./ventilated front dics. steel lines and high metallic pads help,and may be sufficent for most riders. serious brakes and tires require more elaberate measures. be fore-warned, swinging big meat slows handling, more noticible at rear than front. luck G
139 07/05/2008 13:23:12 Dutch Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? As for those flying couches: this one is pretty famous You need to be fairly awake if you want to keep up :-D
140 21/05/2008 19:35:02 bilbo Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? Goeff could you pls let us know details of swing arm mod you`e done including mods and costs just bought a lovely fz750 but want to improve handling cheers Mat :-D :lol:
141 11/08/2008 12:23:02 FZ750Horse Re: 17" wheels on an '87 FZ750? I just fitted a shortened FZ swingarm over the weekend which has quickened the steering up a good bit. I've now got only about 4mm clearance between the 180 tyre and the swingarm, which if nothing else should keep the track rubber from building up on the edge of the tyre! I've got an FZR1000 Genesis arm which should be easier to shorten and give more clearance. It might bugger up the shock rate though - I'll try it at some point. I think the wheelbase could still come down a bit without making the bike too twitchy so the next idea is to make a new top yoke with slightly more offset, which should tuck the front in a bit. :-) Horse
142 18/06/2008 07:48:43 jazzman tyre pressures? Hi all whats the best tyre pressures to run on my 87 fz got BT45 on her and are currently running 32 front 36 rear 120f 140r section. cheers all.
143 18/06/2008 23:08:27 FZ750Horse Re: tyre pressures? I've always run 32/36psi on 120 front/130 rear BT45s with no problems They last forever and I've only ever once managed to get the rear to break traction - chasing my mate's K5 GSX-R through the roundabout at Corfe Castle at stupid speed and that was quite progressive/controlable. Makes me wonder what speeds the guys who think the Dunlop Qualifiers on their R6 are rubbish ride at. :-D
144 19/06/2008 01:37:51 ganepeil Re: tyre pressures? Hi, 32/36-38 are good presures, and easy to guage.was told once by a tire rep. that optimum presures could be ascertained (for street use)by a 10% increase in pressure from cold to hot. easy enough, and makes sense to me, as pres.increase would indicate rubber is warm enough for optimum traction/wear, and allows compensation for different size/compound tires. rule of thumb, higher pres.less heat & vice versa. for track application, tire pressures are varied to provide best heat range for traction (wear be damnd) and change with track/abient temps and how agressive one gets. G
145 19/06/2008 14:13:10 jazzman Re: tyre pressures? cheers all,looks like I had it about right,didnt think they were far out as right hero blob can testify on my local roundabout!
146 07/09/2008 21:55:08 tstover Rear wheel tire size Hi All, I am on the last stages of restoring an '86 FZ750. Reading some of the posts here has helped quite a bit. At this point the bike is DIALED IN mechanically!:-) My question is about rear tires. On the stock rim, what is the widest rear tire that will fit and perform on this bike. Any suggestions about tires in general? Thanks in advance, Tim
147 08/09/2008 07:45:45 Dutch Re: Rear wheel tire size Imho stick to the 130. You might be able to fit certain models of 140 or even 150 on that 3.00 rim, but compaired to a 180 on a 5.5 rim it still looks small. And the 130 has several advantages: * relatively cheap (guess this could only come from a Dutchman :-D ) * the underdog factor, they will never guess such a "small" bike can be that fast * a lot quicker to be thrown from side to side. I guess one of the reasons all roads are popular is because they can get away with a relatively small tire which (with other things) makes handling easy. Cheers, Dutch
148 08/09/2008 17:27:37 FZ750Horse Re: Rear wheel tire size I'm in agreement with Dutch. My 2MG roadbike had a 150 rear and 130 front on it when I bought it 15 years ago - they just slowed the handling for no advantage. I like Bridgestone BT45s - wear well and adequate levels of grip (people used to race on them in the 80s and I'm sure the tyres have improved since then!).
149 08/09/2008 21:17:22 tstover Re: Rear wheel tire size Gents, I guess I will stick with the 130 rear! Thanks for the advice. Cheers, Tim
150 28/10/2008 19:18:15 Akirasan Dymags for sale I have a pair of Dymags for sale. They are for a YZF 750 are white and weigh as light as a feather. Good condition and are located in Oldham uk. Other YZF 750 and Thunderace parts available. Thanks
151 29/10/2008 08:54:27 trooper19 Re: Dymags for sale Hi What size are the Dymags and how much are you asking for them?
152 30/10/2008 19:32:32 Akirasan Re: Dymags for sale Hi standard fit for a YZF 750 へ00 they are located in Oldham
153 26/03/2009 15:33:09 bnail fz750/1000 rear wheel swop Hi Guys I have fitted a 1000cc motor,forks ,swing arm,wheels over the winter,the rear is 18 x4.5 I would like to fit a yzf600 wheel to the rear i have the wheel already 17x5 the axel sizes are different the 18 has a 17mm and the 17 x 5 has a 20mm axel i can change the bearing no problem its the caliper carrier spacers etc . Any one done the swop ?? :-)
154 12/04/2009 03:57:27 rexie Re: fz750/1000 rear wheel swop change the bearings to suit the 17mm axle then you may have to have spacers made up to suit the wheel this is how i put a 5.5 rear gsxr whell in my fz. now i have a trx 850 front and rear ends. :lol:
155 12/04/2009 03:58:00 rexie Re: fz750/1000 rear wheel swop change the bearings to suit the 17mm axle then you may have to have spacers made up to suit the wheel this is how i put a 5.5 rear gsxr whell in my fz. now i have a trx 850 front and rear ends. :lol:
156 14/04/2009 14:19:39 bnail Re: fz750/1000 rear wheel swop Thanks for the info , i have the bearings now , i also have a spare fz750 brake carrier braket which i can mill down to size cheers Glennyam :-D
157 21/06/2009 22:22:12 djcrow22 Re: fz750/1000 rear wheel swop Glenn, I'd like to know how your swap turned out. I'm new here but I have been trying to do the same swap. I ended up milling down the brake carrier as well and having an FZ750 sprocket side spacer machined down to fit the FZR 1000 wheel. Here is a link to my project. Later, Kevin
158 23/06/2009 11:24:10 bnail Re: fz750/1000 rear wheel swop Hi I have not completed the swop yet , the wheel 17x 5 trx/yzf600 is at the powder coaters at the min , my fz has a fzr1000 swing arm fitted which is wider in the axel width , it will fit i have had spacers machined at work and sourced the bearings , i will post when completed with pics - the swing arm has a different linkage to the early fz mines a 85 . you have to grind of the centre stand mounts and have spacers made to centre the linkage ,it can be done ! .you use the fzr shock and 145 mm dog bones . hope this helps GL
159 24/06/2009 02:23:19 djcrow22 Re: fz750/1000 rear wheel swop Thanks Glennyam, When measuring the dogbones are you going center of hole to center of hole or overall length? I have an FZR 1000 swingarm,shock and stock dogbones(145mm center to center)Looking forward to the pics. Thanks, Kevin
160 24/07/2009 17:39:32 djcrow22 Re: fz750/1000 rear wheel swop Glenn, Thanks for the shock/swingarm info. I did most of the grinding last night and it fits good. Some more grinding to clean up today. I will try to retain the centerstand but you already know if that is possible but I'll see for myself. Did you have to machine the FZR bushing inside diameter to accept the 750 mounting bolt to attach the linkage to the frame? What were the dimensions of the finished spacers? Thanks again, Kevin Link: Scroll down to the end...
161 21/06/2009 20:16:32 Graham Wider rear wheel Hello folks, I am desparate to fit a wider rear wheel to my new FZ as the standard one looks hillarious to me. :lol: I have tried my spare TRX rear with 5" rim but aside from the axles being a different thickness it looks like there will be no room for the sprocket carrier so it's a no go. Does the FZR1000 genesis wheel fit any easier or do I need to change the whole rear end ? Was hoping to do this on the cheap so would like to change just the wheel if possible ?
162 21/06/2009 22:34:36 djcrow22 Re: Wider rear wheel Graham, I am trying to do the same thing. I have an '87 FZR 1000 wheelset, swingarm,shock and linkage. Short story is I ended up using the 750 swingarm/shock and milled down the rr brake carrier to fit. Here's a link to my build: Drop me a line, Kevin
163 21/06/2009 23:27:02 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel Cheers Kevin, I have made an offer for a 1000 Genesis rear arm which was suposidly fitted to an FZ so will see what happens tomorrow. Also looking at a 1000 rear wheel with good tyre & sprocket for decent money. Only problem with the wheel is it's 100 miles from me ! :-( Sent you a message Kevin. :-D
164 22/06/2009 17:48:09 djcrow22 Re: Wider rear wheel Graham, Let me know what you end up with. When you say 1000 Genesis, do you mean an '87 or '88 FZR 1000? It seems to me that the 88 FZ 700/750 changed the suspension linkage to dogbones which does match the '87/'88 1000 setup. Also the cut out area on the '85/'86 FZ 750 swingarm where the shock resides is missing on the FZR 1000 swingarm. The 87 FZR 1000 swingarm, shock, linkage and dogbones. The swingarm circular cut out in the 750 swingarm 750 linkage frame attachment point, part of centerstand mount. This 1000 linkage would not reach because of the lack of a cutout on the 1000 arm and the widths of the linkage point and the welded frame tabs was not even close. At that point I was concerned about the suspension geometry if I went ahead and altered everything to fit. 1000 swingarm and 750 shock/linkage. This could be machined to fit and a shock clearance cutout in the 1000 arm done but this is beyond my capabilities or budget. 750 on the left, 1000 on the right. The 1000 has a clevis style mount on the bottom instead of an "eye". You probably know all this... I bought the FZR shock thinking it would solve the problem to no avail. Good luck, I just wanted to save you from buying something that won't work. Kevin
165 22/06/2009 17:50:21 djcrow22 Re: Wider rear wheel I can't post pictures using photobucket account either. Best I've managed is posting the link without the [IMG] bit which just saves copy & pasting every link. Yes mate 1000 Genesis is the last of the non exup FZR's so 87-88. :-D Cheers for the pictures & info, might come in handy for me soon enough. I bought FZR1000 rear wheel, tyre & sprocket today for ぶ5. Tyre alone must be worth that, nearly new Michelin hi-sport 160/60/18. Last night I won a mint, blue & white tank on ebay for 99p ! :-o :-D Also bought Harris fairing lowers for 50 notes & a FZR1000 swinging arm complete with front & rear axles, paddock stand bobbins & modified shock linkage to accept my FZ shock (hopefully). Might have to re-make the dog bones as they look well ropey from the pictures I've seen. :-? All this & I haven't even told the other half I've bought another bike yet ! She's gonna go nuts for sure. :evil:
166 22/06/2009 18:04:44 djcrow22 Re: Wider rear wheel What am I doing wrong to get the pics to post? Anyhow, paste the links and you can see the pics I took this morning...
167 22/06/2009 18:14:20 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel I'll resend with the [IMG] taken off both ends, sorry...
168 02/09/2009 08:26:23 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel You said it Kevin. Not looking forward to selling the TRX one little bit as I've put a lot of time & effort into it. They were generally considered to be Yamaha's attempt at tapping into the Ducati market with the trellis frame & twin cylinder engine. Although a parallel twin (XTZ750 ring any bells ?), Yamaha altered the firing order to 270 degrees so it sounds & rides like a V twin. I love it because it's different & sounds fantastic but with only 80bhp & 5 gears it's not the fastest bike to ride. Now if it had 1200cc, 6 gears & weighed a bit less than a small car I would probably keep it forever. ;-)
169 02/09/2009 14:10:50 djcrow22 Re: Wider rear wheel I fitted all my FZR bits yesterday, rear swing arm, wheel etc. Using a combination of FZ & FZR nuts, bolts & spacers it all went straight on more or less but my FZ shock is rubbing the arm at the lower linkage mount. The arm came with some slightly longer dog bones which I was told meant it would all bolt straight up to my FZ but I'm wondering if they might be the reason for the shock rubbing now ? I fitted the spring to my spare TRX rear shock last night having had it powder coated blue & the lower mount is exactly the same as the FZ shock. Upper mount is narrower so I have made some spacers to take up the gap but now I'm worried there might be extra stress on the mounting bolt from the narrow shock mount ! :-? Not the end of the world but something for me to think about over the next few days. TRX shock has remote gas chamber & is at least 10 years newer than the FZ unit so should be the better choice until I can stretch to the cost of a rebuild. No pictures sorry, I forgot to take the camera but will have another look today & see if the TRX shock fits any better. :-D
170 02/09/2009 18:00:19 FZ750Horse Re: Wider rear wheel My FZR bones are 145mm. What is the difference in length with the 750 bones? Which set is mounted? Kevin
171 02/09/2009 18:09:06 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel I'm pretty sure that 2MG FZ dog bones are also 145mm centres. I've been having a clearout and found some 135mm bones, which jack up the rear by about 30mm (and also effectively increase the spring rate a bit). I was going to ebay them, but if you think they'll improve your shock clearance let me know - you can have them for a tenner.
172 02/09/2009 18:14:11 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel I have no idea what if any difference there is between FZR & FZ dog bones Kevin. I will measure the FZ ones tomorrow & see how much longer these "other" ones are. I'm guessing you measure the hole centres yes ? I tried the TRX shock today which looks lovely but is a good 30mm too long so none of the linkage mates up. :-( I don't mind a bit of fabrication for the TRX rear seat unit but not really interested in making a new top shock mount so that's put an end to that idea. I'm sure I read an article where someone mentioned they had a TRX rear shock fitted to their FZ ? :-? Oh well back to the standard shock it is then. Also need to get a wheel spacer made up for the FZR rim, sprocket side as my arm came with every nut, bolt, washer & spindle except that by the looks. Can anyone tell me what, if any spacers are fitted to either side of an FZR1000 wheel & their dimensions please ?
173 02/09/2009 19:33:02 daddyjay Re: Wider rear wheel Just read your post Mr Horse. cheers for the offer, if you can hang on a few days I should know for sure what I will need as I plan to spend most of tomorrow sorting the rear end out. I might have to make some to suit perhaps ?
174 02/09/2009 20:40:56 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel [img][/img] Not sure of dimensions but this is the layout taken from service manual. Have a better copy somewhere if you need it.
175 03/09/2009 18:25:19 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel Thanks for that Jay, I appreciate all help at this stage. Looks like I need the outer number 6 for definite & possibly a number 1 from your diagram. Can't remember what is on the disc side so will have to check tomorrow.
176 18/09/2009 16:07:55 wrenchnfx Re: Wider rear wheel I'd pretty much go with the previous reply except to add that I think the standard YZF arm is actually longer than the FZ one and the bracing will probably foul the lower subframe rail. JME and Metmachex both made arms with the bracing underneath which might fit better but they're awkward to shorten. Steve Spencer probably knows more about racing these bikes than most and he recommended using the stock arm shortened to give a wheelbase of about 1415 - 1420 mm and increasing the offset of the yokes to shorten the trail (this with 17" rims - it'd probably turn into a rodeo bull if you did it with the stock wheels :-D ) There are some photos of my shortened FZ arm here:
177 18/09/2009 17:43:22 Graham Re: Wider rear wheel I need to do some float adjustments the manual says to fill the bowls with fuel , use a tube and measure the level. my question is, is there something else i can use instead of gasoline? I picture this process being very messy, constantly having to remove the bowls the adjust the float. So I dont want to be spilling gasoline everywhere. thanks
178 20/09/2009 12:39:09 wrenchnfx Re: Wider rear wheel [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] There are 2 ways of getting your picturess to show on here I've noticed. All I did with your was copy & past the links you posted but with this [img] in front & this [/img] at the end. The other way is more complicated but works all the same. Oh how I wish my garage was as big as yours. :-(
179 27/07/2009 17:31:55 djcrow22 FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Got the swap done with some help from member Glennyam. Just need to have a bit of machining done and the swap will be complete.
180 28/07/2009 23:29:04 Graham Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Do you mean FZR1000 ? What machining works needs to be done ?
181 29/07/2009 17:54:28 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Hey Graham, nice work on your build btw. Thought about replacing the canister screws with flush rivets? My V&H Supersport pipe is connected with rivets and they don't look too bad. As far as machining goes, your FZ came with the dogbone linkage setup stock so I think the FZR 1000 swingarm will bolt right on. The 85 FZ has a different linkage. I have the FZR 1000 shock and linkage and the linkage end that attaches to the frame is 12mm narrower than the 750 linkage. There I need to make two 6mm spacers with the bolt holes drilled to accept the larger diameter 750 mounting bolt. Also the FZR 1000 linkage bushing is too small in diameter to accept the 750 mounting bolt and needs to be bored out. Check out the pictures on this link: Scroll down to the end to see the swingarm pics... Kevin
182 29/07/2009 20:34:59 bnail Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Hello Mate I have been watching you progress and its looking good , i had the centre bush machined at work and the 6mm spacers , the spacers where a top hat shape so the pushed into the linkage, not to tight you want them to move freely. Pm me your e-mail and i will send pics Glennyam
183 04/08/2009 14:57:26 Graham Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Hello Kevin, sorry for the late reply but I've only just realised you were talking to me ! :lol: Looked at all your pictures for some inspiration & guidance. Think there are too many screws in my exhaust for it to look any good even with rivets in their place but that is a long way off yet anyhow. I am seriously considering selling my TRX850 when I get back from the Nurburgring at the end of August in order to free up some much needed time & money which I can then dedicate to the FZ. I wan the rear seat unit & swing arm to fit properly then I will strip the whole bike down to the bare frame for it to be powder coated. I've got such a lot going on with the house & a track car I'm trying to build that there isn't enough of me to work on them all ! It will be slow progress but I tend to favour old over new when it comes to cars & bikes so the FZ is winning my heart over the slightly more modern TRX even though it's been an absolutely brilliant bike for me. Hoping the FZ's extra 20 or so horses will ease the pain of having to sell the TRX. I will be sad when it goes but what can you do ? :-(
184 04/08/2009 17:59:10 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Graham, No worries, I know exactly what you mean about finding time for everything that needs to be done. Regarding the FZ, I had an '86 model I bought wrecked and then repaired. To this day, the FZ was the sweetest handling motorcycle I have ridden. And the motor is one hot lump. For whatever reason, I felt the most stable, planted and confident when riding this bike. Whenyou look at the design features(forward canted,narrow engine;downdraft carbs,perimeter frame) and you see the evolution of those features on todays best sporting motorcycles, I think the FZ was ahead of its time. BTW, have you seen the pics of Glennyam's finished project? Talk about raising the bar, that FZ is flat out gorgeous! A pic of the '86.
185 08/08/2009 20:46:29 Graham Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Replied to your message Kev. Not seen pics of Glennyam's bike. I looked through all his posts (all 6 :lol: ) but no pictures ? Where would I find them ? That FZ you restored looked to be in a bad way from your picture ! Was the frame bent ? Looks sweet in the "after" picture, nice work. 8-)
186 09/08/2009 11:31:53 Nosforatu Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Yeah ditto that more pics :-D 8-)
187 09/08/2009 17:06:23 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Glenn sent me several pics in a pm so I'm not sure if he would want me to post them?!? Don't want to steal any wind from his sails so to speak. I'll pm Glenn and ask him to post them if that's ok. What I will say is that he did a meticulous and skillful job on his FZ 750/1000 build. The man has talent.It is easily one of the best restorations I have ever seen... Kevin
188 09/08/2009 18:01:34 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Graham, Sent a pm to Glenn about posting his pics...Keep an eye out. The '86 frame was ok but obviously all the bodywork was trashed. I paid $800 for the bike and $250 for new bodywork (incredible but true.) [img][/img] I eventually sold it for $2900. In the pics you can see the rh handlebar was still bent. I eventually got her squared away and turned out to be a bike that just clicked with my riding style. Michelin race radials stuck like a kids lips to a frozen flagpole. The engine was a jewel. I am really looking forward to riding my current FZ but it is still a ways off. $$ is tight right now so things are moving slowly. Kevin PS- Saw your post about posting pics and I'll give it a try here... [img][/img] When I get to the point when I can paint I am going to do this '85 FZ 400 with 400 decals. I love this paint scheme and there are no identifying decals(750 ect)in the decal kit. The front fender will be blue rather than red. The side cover racing stripe may be a bit short for the 750 side panel but I can make it work. Hopefully it will confuse a few folks and still be a factory looking paintjob. I needed a new lid as I haven't ridden since '94 and I scored($86 plus, couldn't pass up) this matching HJC AC-12 from DKirk awhile back: [img][/img] [img][/img] Take care, Kevin
189 09/08/2009 19:34:09 Graham Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap :-D Problem Solved! It turns out a large washer of which there are two was in the wrong place!! It had been placed behind the clutch housing when re-assembled instead of after the clutch housing went on. Thats the last time my father in law (who has been riding and fixing bikes for years by the way!) helps me with anything! Thanks to all who responded with various posts. Your help was very much appreciated. Cheers.......I can ride my bike again, woo hoo!! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
190 10/08/2009 17:08:32 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Hi, I Googled up "yamaha fz 750 carb rebuild kits" or "yamaha carb rebuild kits" on the net and got a few leads, PeterL.
191 11/08/2009 08:01:06 bnail Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap hi everyone, i have a problem. i recently purchased a non california fz700/750 gas tank and it has the twist on cap and not the hinge style cap. where would i find a new twist on cap and key? i live in california. any help would be appreciated.
192 11/08/2009 08:36:15 Graham Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Hi Kevin If dont mind posting the pics i sent to you ,that would be great , still working on bits to improve the fz ,as for the wheel swop its on the backburner as im on my summer hols Adjustable dogbones are going to be the next project. (you can buy them from japan - but where's the fun in that) Glenn
193 11/08/2009 09:11:45 daddyjay Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap We've gone a bit off track regards the wheel swap now but here's a link to some nice (& not so nice) home made adjustable dog bones from the TRX forum I visit. I hope you don't need to be logged in to view it.
194 11/08/2009 12:21:07 Nosforatu Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap check out They may have what you want.
195 11/08/2009 16:00:21 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap [url=]Glennyams pics[/url] Hope this helps, damn good looking bike there. :-D [img][/img] [img][/img]
196 11/08/2009 17:10:49 Graham Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Here are the pics of Glenn's build. He's on holiday and said to go ahead and post them. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
197 11/08/2009 17:21:32 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Edited to show pictures of adjustable dogbones. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
198 11/08/2009 22:20:48 Graham Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap Graham, So the purpose of these adj. links is to change the ride height? Fill me in, I'm new to this stuff...
199 11/08/2009 22:57:51 djcrow22 Re: FZ 750/FZ 1000 wheel swap I'm no expert either but yes, shorter links makes for higher seat & vice versa. I think it also alters the amount of weight acting on the shock/spring too but never got involved enough to investigate further. I made some shorted links from ally for my TRX to raise the arse end a bit in an attempt to place a bit more weight over the front & it worked. Also dropped the front down the fork legs for the same reason which transformed the bikes handling for the better. :-D [img][/img] Rubbish, out of focus picture but you get the idea. From this, [img][/img] To this, [img][/img] I didn't do it for looks but got to admit, it looks a whole lot better with some air between the seat unit & rear tyre which is what I want for my FZ. 8-) I know you see some of these "street fighter" efforts with the seat at 45 degrees sloping towards the tank & enough room for another wheel between the existing one & seat unit but I don't get that at all ? There must be some middle ground where handling & looks are improved without endangering your fertility at the 1st mention of brakes ! :lol: :lol: :lol:
200 29/07/2009 20:26:24 bnail fz750/1000 Hello fella I have been looking at your progress, the fzr linkage spacers i had machined at work they made me a new centre bush aswell a cant remember the measrument , but the spacers where top hat shaped . I will try to send some pics of my finished bike . Its the same colors as yours ,
201 03/08/2009 16:31:56 djcrow22 Re: fz750/1000 Thanks Glenn, Some pics would be great. Top hat shape makes sense.The bike is back burner for a week or so, bunch of stuff on my house to get done. It was 107 degrees here in Gig Harbor last week... 8-) 8-)
202 30/10/2009 15:09:22 Henway Does 1989 FZR600 suspension match up? There's a rolling chassis available cheap. Can the front graft on easily? Is it worthwhile?
203 01/11/2009 02:58:53 ganepeil Re: Does 1989 FZR600 suspension match up? Henway, not certain. mine's a '91. Look to these. if brake rotors are 320mm and calipers are 4 piston, then yes, a simple pushing stems will provide all the brakes and tyre your' frame will handle. if calipers are single piston, pass. G
204 01/11/2009 07:13:17 Henway Re: Does 1989 FZR600 suspension match up? I looked into it a little and quickly figured out the forks have a smaller ID and the FZ750. Probably not a good thing. As it is, I have little compression in my engine. Don't know if mine's a writeoff....
205 31/10/2009 15:40:58 rclifford FZR1000 rear wheel assembly for sale If anyone is interested I have a FZR1000 rear wheel, tyre, disc and sprocket carrier for sale on ebay. decided to sell as I am going to fit R6 wheels. Cheers Ross
206 12/11/2009 10:36:37 skoop99 Re: FZR1000 rear wheel assembly for sale Hi, Dont know if this will help but I have two fz750's both with the V&H system, both start without choke, first time every time! even after two weeks, looking at the pipe end, I would say it is a bit rich, but the spark plugs are just darkish? brown so I leave things as they are, performance is very good, I often start them in the garage, NO smoke. PeterL.
207 09/12/2009 22:18:28 gaz69 Re: FZR1000 rear wheel assembly for sale :lol: :lol: :lol: I was going to mention that gaz69 should change his profile or he would have you to answer to Peter ! :-D Now then, let's try this. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
208 23/12/2009 17:47:12 bnail Fz 750 (rear wheel-back end mod Hello all, Wishing everyone a great Christmas and a happy new year Glennyam
209 24/12/2009 03:47:35 RIFLEMAN Re: Fz 750 (rear wheel-back end mod Hello Guys I have finally fitted the 17 x 5 rear wheel, not without some work i must add , this how i did it- take one fazer 600 rear swing arm (cheap off e-bay)fazer caliper mount add one fazer 600 or 1000 caliper fazer rear wheel . they fit with some spacers use fzr100 rear shock linkage - fazer 135 mm dog bones. I have not been out it might ride like sh-t, but the snow will have to go first, i will keep you posted glennyam
210 24/12/2009 12:53:20 bnail Re: Fz 750 (rear wheel-back end mod Back atcha grunt! God Bless or God Damn eBay-I haven't decided which! Cheers!
211 25/12/2009 03:19:17 RIFLEMAN Re: Fz 750 (rear wheel-back end mod Hi Rifleman thank you for your reply, did you fit a fazer rear end as well?, if the chain run is a bit off maybe machining down the rear hub so the sprocket moves further inboard, i did have concerns about the chain alignment, how much in mm do you think is required? Regard Glennyam
212 04/03/2010 09:21:05 FZTom Tyres Hello All, New member to the forum. Still got the old 18" rear wheel on my 1990 FZ Can anyone recommend a good set of tyres. No one seems to make 18" tyres anymore in FZ sizes. Can only find Avon and Pirelli in the M&P catalogue and even then, there not as original, 150/18 rear. Can any one tell me what the wheels, and swing arm, will take, some manufacturers do 160/18 rears, too big ? And what would be best. Mileage not to big a problem. Not something "track day" tho' As much grip as poss. Any help appreciated as I'm really struggling out here !! Cheers
213 17/03/2010 02:14:08 oops-sorry Re: Tyres Thanks Peter . my email is did you buy it from mypowerracing
214 17/03/2010 11:02:53 daddyjay Re: Tyres Hi, Grunt the picture on the way, both bikes had the same exhaust when I bought them. LOVE them!!!! PeterL.
215 17/03/2010 19:48:49 FZ750Horse Re: Tyres Fronts are model specific - 1FN discs won't fit 2MG calipers (later models had thinner discs and a smaller caliper aperture). 2MG discs in 1FN calipers are ok. I'm not sure about rears but the discs went through the same changes, so I'd check.
216 20/03/2010 02:54:34 wamefou Re: Tyres Hey guys thanks for the advice. I do have the clutch boss and pressure plate marks lined up so I'm okay there. As far as the 1FN and 2MG differences.. The manual says that the FZ750N (I guess that's the 1FN) doesn't have any of these marks, while the FZ750S (2MG?) does... Either way you're probably right, won't be a big deal. In any case I can do clutch work without taking the engine out of the frame again! While we're on the subject, what tool do you use to keep everything from moving when installing the clutch nut? I just put a pair of vice-grips on the end of the transmission main shaft.. but I felt bad doing it.. Thanks again.
217 14/04/2010 20:48:30 racer361 rear wheel or tire hi guys i'm new to this forum and to make it harder i'm french canadian,so sorry if i'll make mistakes don't be too hard on me,my question it's about the fact that i own a 85 fz 750 and i put a front end of fzr 600 91 and i did not realise that i'm gonna be on radial tire so now i want to put a radial in the rear but the choice of tire isn't that big did someone ever tried a 150/60/18 on that 3 inches wide rim or if you got an another choice of tire or should i go for another wheel if so wich model can i put on without modification what so ever.thanks in advance
218 15/04/2010 15:42:54 dave1000 Re: rear wheel or tire Bonjour. I have to learn a bit more French for the TT as I have a French friend racing there. Now to your question you cannot put a 150 tyre on a 3" wide wheel, it probably wont go on and if it does it will not be the right shape. The widest I know of is 140. I take it the front wheel is 17", I use Pirelli Demon Sport Tyres, which I have had no problems with and I think you will find the size you want front and rear.
219 15/04/2010 16:22:57 racer361 Re: rear wheel or tire thank you dave 1000 i take a look at the tire and they look save my bank account and my couple Ha!Ha!have you ever tried them on the track.because i'm gonna do some vintage race,also i appreciate the couple of french words mean's a lot to me :-D
220 15/04/2010 18:39:17 dave1000 Re: rear wheel or tire Comment allez vous? I hope all is well. I can't say how they will be on the track as I don't know how quick you are. I managed to go quite quick around the Isle of Man and melted the tyres, not racing. I do have larger wheels but I enjoy myself so much, I haven't got around to fitting them. I do have an Ohlins shock and I have just fitted 89 forks, I also have Honda CBR 600/900 4 piston brakes and I just put race pistons in.
221 04/05/2010 18:31:30 CrisPDuk Re: rear wheel or tire Just a post to introduce myself and my motor. Meet Project Thunderdog: It's an '86 750 that I bought on ebay last year by accident! It hadn't moved under it's own steam for nearly ten years, I finally got myself into gear over winter and am putting some effort into getting it looking good and working properly.
222 04/05/2010 20:37:37 oops-sorry Re: rear wheel or tire [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Still can't suss the problem with the generator on this bike. It's not the rectifier, as it isn't over voltage, but there doesn't seem to be an output at the battery from the genny, and if you increase the revs the voltage doesn't increase. Only showing about 10.5V as this is obviously what is left in the battery. If I start it with jump leads to the battery leads, without them connected to the battery it dies as soon as you remove one which to me says no genny output. If I start the bike and increase the revs, every couple of seconds the neutral light and the revs dip. Does this sound like a short or genny fault? Any advice gratefully received as I'm not the best at understanding electrical faults. [/font][/color][/b]
223 05/05/2010 00:51:45 ganepeil Re: rear wheel or tire [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Graham has posted a thread on the photos thing which will really help you. What's the Honda in the pic? Looks sweet anyway. The more pics the merrier. Don't suppose you've got a spare genny lying around???[/font][/color][/b]
224 05/05/2010 08:08:05 dave1000 Re: rear wheel or tire Sweet 550!! My first bike was a '74 550 built entirely from junkyard bits and pieces. I was 16 and didn't know a damn thing about wrenching beyond changing the oil in my truck. I had that bike for 4 years and as many engines and I miss it still. Pretty new here myself, but welcome! Will-
225 05/05/2010 08:28:51 tomster Re: rear wheel or tire Hi Grunt the pistons are Yamaha race pistons converted to use three piston rings. At some stage put it on a rolling road. Where original pistons are slightly cut out acroos the middle, the race pistons are flat. Still not convinced of putting 150 tyre on 3" wheel.
226 05/05/2010 18:59:13 FZ750Horse Re: rear wheel or tire Thanks for that Graham, I'll try it when I post my next pictures. The car is indeed a 2.8 XR4x4, I've owned it now for 13 years, 90k miles and 2 major rebuilds. Unfortunately the bodywork has gone downhill since that picture was taken. Replacement sills and a pair of nearside doors on on the list of things to do. It's currently doing service as a parts store for the rest of the fleet.
227 05/05/2010 21:20:32 alliekat Re: rear wheel or tire [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Thing is the battery has been spot on since I got it, and has never failed to start it every time I went to it. The only time the bike had a run was when I came back and the battery was flat. It still doesn't explain why it keeps dipping the revs and neutral light. Can't tell if it's something earthing or the engine missing. Sorted the dipped beam out but this one is much more complex. To check out the wiring, it's a tank off job. The brushes are fine and are both making contact. There is continuity between the three winding connections. Is this correct??[/font][/color][/b] :-? :-? :-?
228 23/04/2010 10:55:29 racer361 fzr 600 rear wheel I want to know if a fzr 600 1992 rear wheel fit on a fz 750 1985 and what is the modification to made it fit. thanks
229 07/07/2010 19:59:52 wolseley Longer life rear Tried your link to the site, doesn't seem to work, anyway will keep looking! PeterL.
230 08/07/2010 15:38:16 dave1000 Re: Longer life rear Fitted a 'Conti Go' and have done 2600 miles and it's nearly bald. Is this normal?. I do use some of the power but rarely above 8000rpm.
231 28/08/2010 07:42:15 Dutch Re: Longer life rear What tire pressure do you run?
232 28/08/2010 18:18:06 dave1000 Re: Longer life rear Here we go 32psi. I do need a new rear now, about 4000miles, but I am very hard on the tyres, something to do with how fast you go. I am not to sure how long a soft tyre will last when I get to changing the back wheel.
233 01/09/2010 09:18:35 Dutch Re: Longer life rear Depending on the tire I'd go higher. Quite a lot of tires have about 2.4 bar front and 2.8 rear (35-40 psi). Low pressure is for track use where the tire gets so hot pressure will build up anyway. For road use pressure has to come from the air pump, as the tire does not get so hot als on the track. At least it shouldn't, lost a former member of our local bike club last week due to an accident :-(
234 01/09/2010 14:39:03 PeterL Re: Longer life rear I think Dutch is right, I always put 36psi in the rear and have 6000 kilometres on and still have about 40% thread. I dont thrash it, apart from the odd burst now and then. I did use Conti's on the Goldwing but only once, excellent tyre, soft, great road holding, but yes wear rate was excessive. PeterL.
235 01/09/2010 17:50:38 dave1000 Re: Longer life rear This is a problem to me, I am unfortunately 63 and should know better, but I do thrash my bike, although on the roads I know and not a lot of traffic. I am a friend of David Hailwood(Mike's son)he says I ride too quick. If it's an R1 or a Porsche I will have a go. So my tyres don't last too long.
236 02/09/2010 07:12:22 Dutch Re: Longer life rear At least you made it to 63 so you should be doing something right. Don't that FZ have terrible understeer on cold tires? On mine I don't need a pressure gauge, understeer means front tire needs 2-3 psi more.
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