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1 23/02/2004 21:54:24 testicles 85 fz750n handlebars anyone know where i can get some aftermarket handlebars and driver footpegs? tia
2 24/02/2004 19:17:04 Tommi Re: 85 fz750n handlebars Where are you located? Europe? USA? Check out: Tommi
3 26/03/2004 21:32:05 dave-c Re: 85 fz750n handlebars Hi,err testicles,if your in theU.K try M&P they do bars and rearsets........cheer's dave :-D
4 23/08/2004 04:47:52 BRITMAN Re: 85 fz750n handlebars Lucas did hava a "triple tree" for a FZ750, but it says years 89 - 91. Does anyone know if these fit the 85 - 88 model aswell?
5 04/10/2004 18:51:49 Dutch Re: 85 fz750n handlebars If it fits the 89 it will also fit on the 87 and 88 (mk 2), however not sure about the 85/86 mk1 bikes.
6 14/03/2004 13:26:24 Need4Speed Carb problems or valves? I am not sure if this is the correct area for this post (carb related) but here goes. My 85 FZ750 starts, idles, and runs good until it is warmed up. Once it is warmed up I can't get it to idle below about 2K or 2500 RPM. What could cause this? I tried to measure the float height but fuel was leaking everywhere from the drain screw, and the results were very inconclusive. I Just installed a new set of needle valves but have not had a chance to start it and see if it is any better. If that doesn't help I am tempted to lower the float height a mm or so. Any suggestions?
7 17/03/2004 04:06:56 Ziggy Re: Carb problems? I had a similar problem with the 84 XJ I bought last year....after engine was heated up, revs would not drop below 2800, plus had no guts past 5000. First thing we did was to tear the carbs apart, remove all rubber and soaked all metal for a few hours in cleaner. put em all together using specs from manual to set idle screws....took a bit of adjusting to sync all 4 but idle was great after that and was able to redline after it could be you have gummed up carbs.
8 20/03/2004 12:37:29 Need4Speed Re: Carb problems? Carbs were already tanked barely changed the problem. I think that its either the carbs or valve adjust. Bike has 8K miles, probably 4K of which were very hard (AMACCS road racing). It used to run very, very strong, didn't get used for a year or two, ran real poor after, carbs were tanked by local Yamaha dealer, didn't run much better.
9 25/03/2004 13:14:01 Dutch Re: Carb problems? Can it be it gets stuck on Choke somehow? From your description it seems as it has to to with the years of standing still (with fuel in the carbs?). Don't know what the dealer did to the carbs, perhaps it wasn't enough? Good luck, Dutch
10 12/04/2004 21:13:52 faststeve Re: Carb problems? hi need 4 speed . re carb check these points .pilot srews,start 2 turns out and see if it improves ,air leaks are possible ,spray wd40 all round carb mounts and manifolds if it slows down you have an air leak ,choke cable could be to tight or kinked pulling starter circuit open a bit or throttle cable may be caught under airbox and holding open slightly also check air jets at back of carb where air box goes on are not blocked also are throtlle needles fixed in properly if your plugs are black your to rich if pure white your to weak,float levels unlikly to be a problem unles they have been played with .if you lower them 2 mm it will sharpen it up a bit anyway. dont use the plastic tube mthod its hopeless for checking , use a vernier its easier and accurate look on the factory pro website for a good explanation of float settings and general carb tuning good luck
11 02/05/2004 12:43:09 Need4Speed Re: Carb problems? Last year it wouldn't idle, seemed to be too rich, and the idle mixture screws were out very far (I think over three turns no affect, and out should let more air in) so I suspected leaking float bowl needles. I installed new needles a month ago and tried to start it last weekend, ended up buying a new battery. I started it yesterday, and now had to screw the idle mixture screws in at least one turn. I still need to work on it but it is promising. Prior to turning the idle mixture screws in it wouldn't run without the choke, and wanted to die when I opened the throttle. Now it is much better. I think that the next step is to count how many turns each idle mixture screw is out and set them all the same. I suspect they are all around 2 turns now, were at three last year when it was running rich. Faststeve - I don't think that there are air leaks, the rubber mounts are fairly new, and I tried WD40. An air leak would make it run lean, and what I had last year seemed to be a rich problem, running well until warmed up and requiring the idle screws to be so far out. Choke/starters and throttle cable seem fine. Airbleed holes are also clean and open, but good guess, blocked would have caused rich mixture. Last year I tried the vernier for the float level but couldn't seem to measure accurately enough, or didn't have a definitive reference, do you have better details or tips? The first owner put on K&N filters and a supertrap, and played with the needles and averything. He roadraced it in the AMACCS series, the bike is still safety wired, came with a box of sprockets and other parts. It used to run very, very strong until the carb problems, so if the floats or needles are off then the Yamaha dealer I had tank the carbs screwed up something. I told them that I didn't want them messing with the jets, and I don't know if they did anything with the float settings. I am hoping that it was just the fuel bowl rubber needle tips that had got hard and were not keeping the bowls from dripping. Any tips for easily adjusting the mixture screws without getting shocked off the plug wires or burned on the coolant tubes? Thanks for all of the tips, if you have any more let me know, I will see if I can get back to the bike later today or next weekend.
12 06/09/2004 12:40:46 Need4Speed Re: Carb problems? Anyone know if the same symptoms are would also indicate the need for a valve adjust? I still haven't gotten the bike to run good, even sounds like a poping through the carbs.....
13 12/09/2004 02:27:18 Need4Speed Re: Carb problems or valves? The bike idles better when cold, once warmed won't run below 2K. Is it the carbs or valves? What will the bike do if the valves need adjustment? I just took off the radiater and cam cover, the left end intake valve was just about in the fully closed position and I can't get a 0.006 inch feeler gauge into it. I stuff I have seen indicates to measure the gap and then select another shim as needed. I have heard that the valve seat is what wears and in exreme cases the gap goes to zero (i.e. the valve doesn't qiute seat), and that when warn they can be even farther from seating. If this is the case how do I determine what shim size to use? The bike only has 8000 miles on it. Do I just select another shim 0.008 smaller and measure a second time? I don't want to have to buy shims twice.....
14 07/12/2004 16:32:00 Jimocasio Re: Carb problems or valves? Thanks all, I have had the same issue for years. Now I know where to start. N4S please let me know how you make out.
15 06/05/2004 18:33:08 TomBe Water pump impeller I tried to order one today, and apparently they aren't available. :-? Anyone suggest where I could get one? Part No.....1AE-12450-00-00 ('86 FZ750s) Thanks Tom B
16 06/05/2004 19:12:33 Tommi Re: Water pump impeller For newer FZs (year 1987 onwards) the same part is sold under part number: 1UF-12450-00-00. Eg. BikeBandit ( sells it, price is 45USD. Most likely the older and newer impeller are interchangeable but that's just my quess. Maybe you could compare the parts if you still have the old one? Tommi
17 07/05/2004 13:32:07 TomBe Re: Water pump impeller I do have the old one, but it's kind of damaged. The images of the '87 versus the '86 look a little different. Unfortunately, the nearest dealer, doesn't keep much in stock. So I would have to order the 87 and if it's not right I'd pay a hefty restocking charge. I may be able to repair my current one, with some fancy use of Crazy Glue. Thanks
18 15/05/2004 09:55:47 Tommi Re: Water pump impeller Tom, did you get my email? I sent you a pic of the newer impeller (1UF-12450-00-00) so that you can compare it with your older impeller. Did that help you at all? I can take exact measurements of it if you like, just let me know. Tommi
19 24/06/2004 06:50:59 RIFLEMAN Re: Water pump impeller Keep an eye on eBay. Every so often someone sells the stock of a dealership that has gone out of business. Also,you could grab a whole pump and rebuild it. Those parts are still available. Have a dealer swap out the mechanical seal for you,its tricky! RIFLEMAN :pint:
20 23/08/2004 04:36:18 BRITMAN Re: Water pump impeller Don't you got like used parts shops overthere? I got a "new"(Hade ran about 6200 km) waterpump for about 75€ over here. Much cheeper and more time afficiant (spelling?) the to replace the specifik part. //Emil from Sweden
21 11/05/2004 13:32:54 TomBe Water pump Seal I purchased new parts for my water pump (still no impeller :-( ) Can anyone tell me how to get the seal out? It's item number 4 in this image It seems to be in there quite tightly, and I don't want to force it. The new one doesn't have any threads or anything, so I assume it's just held in there by friction. Thanks TomB
22 12/05/2004 19:02:29 TomBe Re: Water pump Seal OK, Well I've caused major damage to it now. But still can't get it out. Anyone see where I left my sledgehammer?
23 14/05/2004 17:32:22 TomBe Re: Water pump Seal So I took it to the shop and what did he do? Put a socket in there and beat the crap out of it with a hammer. At least it's out.
24 24/06/2004 06:56:30 RIFLEMAN Re: Water pump Seal Tom, If you are careful,you can pry it out,thats how I removed mine. Getting the new one in is the problem. I have a friend that owns a dealership and races FZR power Speedway Sidecars and he has fabricated a special to to install the seal. Find a old Yamaha dealer in your area and talk to the tech that has been there at least 15 years. Definitely worth a hour of flatrate to have it done right! RIFLEMAN :pint:
25 24/06/2004 06:58:40 RIFLEMAN Re: Water pump Seal :hammer: Thats known as G.O.B.I.T.;Good Ol' Boys Institute Of Technology! :pint: RIFLEMAN
26 02/06/2004 19:57:14 cgrieves 1FN motor in a 2MG FZ750- ignition question I'm hoping somebody can help me, or point me to somewhere with the information I need.... Top gear on my 2MG FZ750 rattles so I have bought a low mileage 1FN motor. The motor fits fine but the 2MG has two ignition pickups (analogue apparently- one on each side of the crankcase) whereas the 2MG had only 1 (apparently digital, and on the right hand side). I have been told the 1FN motor can be made to work with the 2MG ignitor but I can't find any solid information on exactly how... I have tried the twin 1FN pickups plugged into the 2MG ignitor, and also swapped the wires so that the right hand pickup terminates in the same pins in the connector block, but neither gives a spark. So I also tried the 2MG pickup mounted in the right hand side of the motor and plugged into the 2MG ignitor, but also get no spark. I've been told it's a simple job or rewiring but I can't see what else to try- on the pickups, and maybe the timing marks on the crank, have changed- everything else in the ignition system is the same.... Any help much appreciated!
27 03/06/2004 22:07:17 cryoteck Replacement Windshield for FZ750 1988? Hi, first post here, and checking everyday to pin point problems with my newly aquired FZ750! I have a cracked windshield that I would like to replace, but would like to know if anyone out there as fitted a windshield from another brand or model, since the ones for the FZ750 are hard to find... Heard about people making their own with plexi?! Anybody out there did this, and if yes, any pointers would be apreciated... Thanks everyone, Cryoteck
28 14/07/2004 20:57:43 bonzo Electrical problem!!!! Hi, My problem is that the fuse for the the headlamp always blowing!!!! If i change it, the hi beam blue light come on, it work for about 5 minutes and than blow again. I don't no much about the electrical system that's why i'm asking this question here. My bike is an 1987 fz750 completely original from Canada. Thanks.
29 09/10/2004 10:17:25 rooots39 front forks hi freaks,just found out one of my fork stanchions bent,when changing seals.what else fits or what complete front end fits?what diameter is 87 model forks. please help. :-(
30 14/10/2004 13:37:54 foxstein Re: front forks I think the forks are 39mm diameter. Apparently if you get a complete fork set almost any forks will fit as long as the middle spindle is about the same length, not sure what you call it but the bit with the thread on lol. Was talking to a guy in a bike shop and he said that you can put almost anything in all you have to do is get the fork races/bearings to suit.If you measure the outside and the inside to fit. Am trying to swap my forks and would love some USD forks, but am in no rush to do it yet, depends what i find on ebay. If i get sorted will let you know. Let me know what you get sorted with too please. Mick
31 25/10/2004 19:33:32 foxstein Re: front forks try this link this seems to be related to this site I think lots of answers to your question if you scroll down the page a bit Mick
32 12/10/2004 20:57:14 foxstein fzr 1000 swing arm Hi guys just joined. just fitted a fzr1000 swing arm to 87 fz750. haven't got the linkage for it yet though. noticed that the left hand footpeg assembly catches the swing arm, has anyone else had this problem? what mods to it are needed? thanks Mick p.s. bit of a repeat of the post before me, but what forks are a straight swap?
33 28/12/2004 18:48:13 eieoeoo Re: fzr 1000 swing arm what did you have to do to get that swing arm on thier?
34 08/01/2005 18:44:30 foxstein Re: fzr 1000 swing arm mine catches too, how did you get on with fitting the swing arm? am struggling a bit with mine, but only because I am trying to get a R6 shock to fit and it has a different end, cant seem to get a fzr shocker. Mick
35 23/03/2005 21:19:44 foxstein Re: fzr 1000 swing arm My God, just realised I answered my own post. Finally got swing arm to fit and managed to get an R6 shocker to fit with a bit of hard work, you can pick the shockers up for ぴ0 on E-Bay. Used the R6 linkage with a few spacers and getting the linkage the right way round and making some dog-bones the right length took some trial and error. Shock did need the hole at the top making bigger to fit bolt and a bit of grinding of the top, and to the frame where the bolt goes to fit [ not the frame itself but the bracket for the bolt ]. Still haven't put footpeg back on yet, but I think with a bit of grinding it will miss the swing-arm So all's going well so far.
36 01/12/2004 06:19:23 linerunner trick headlight I keep seeing FZ's with the twin spotlights, but mine just has a big ugly square thing with a bulb in the middle of it. What mods do I need to perform to fit twin spotties? I dont mean the twin's inside the big square but the separate circular ones. Do they come from a different bike? or just a different model? Thanks
37 10/12/2004 20:27:37 Dutch Re: trick headlight Do you have a picture of what you like? There are FZ's with a single light (European) and with double one (US? and Canada), but apparently that's not what you mean. Could be just tape covering up the squiry thing though :lol: Dutch
38 13/12/2004 05:59:13 linerunner Re: trick headlight Hmm, well ive been having a closer look at the headlights and i think that might be the problem. i think in Aus we have the european headlights when id like to have the US ones. Here's a link to the headlight set up I had in mind: Is this the US version? there is also this setup for a bike from Aus: but it looks quite different. The cowling is round around the headlights as opposed to the square cowling like the one I have. Could it be just some sneaky custom work or am I tripping? Thanks for your help.
39 10/12/2004 06:51:20 cryoteck Replacement rear shocks Fz750 1988 I'm looking to replace the rear shock on my Fz750 1988. Would like to know options available but not in the 500+$ range. I'm looking for standard not racing shocks that would fit. Thanks for any informations, Cryoteck
40 13/01/2005 00:28:48 cpalmer Re: Replacement rear shocks Fz750 1988 go to ebay, I just saw one the other day.
42 08/01/2005 18:41:16 foxstein Re: SEAT COWL FOR 88 FZ750 hi try Ebay, saw one on there the other day with some other fairing bits too Mick
43 09/05/2005 01:54:18 maclen Re: SEAT COWL FOR 88 FZ750 and me :lol:
45 11/01/2005 00:21:49 gaillarry Re: SIDE PIECES (EXTENSIONS) ON UPPER FAIRING Got a pic I can look at? I'm curious too.
46 13/01/2005 22:57:09 stevo1 Re: SIDE PIECES (EXTENSIONS) ON UPPER FAIRING IT TURNS OUT THERE A STOCK PART!!! THEY COME STOCK ON A 88 FZ750 P#2KT-2834W-0000 R.H AND P# 2KT-2834V-0000. [img align=right][/img]
47 17/01/2005 01:30:11 gaillarry Re: SIDE PIECES (EXTENSIONS) ON UPPER FAIRING Yes, they're stock but $500 each! Ouch. Searching the local buy/sell newspapers I found a complete fairing set - both lowers, chin fairing, rear tail section and chin fairing for $400 (Cdn). I'm going to have a look at them next week.
48 08/02/2005 18:28:23 Dutch Re: SIDE PIECES (EXTENSIONS) ON UPPER FAIRING Although I still have to ride the FZ without these extensions (it's almost ready), I doubt if it will make much difference in protection for the hands. Protectors from an MX / all road bike will imho do a better job. Might look a bit odd though :-D Cheers, Dutch
49 17/02/2005 16:32:10 dickvos Re: SIDE PIECES (EXTENSIONS) ON UPPER FAIRING Hi Stevo, It also looks a odd without them. Looks like something is missing. You defenitely need them on your bike! On sites I found these extensions where sometimes reffered to as "blisters". Here in The Netherlands I found an independent dealer that could order them for me at 57 euro a piece. Since that is over my budget for such a small part I am trying to find them at forums or panels at the net. However they don't seem to come by the thousands. I am looking really hard but nothing yet. If you find a good address let me know. I will let you know too. Good luck, Dick
50 13/05/2005 06:38:28 dave56 Re: SIDE PIECES (EXTENSIONS) ON UPPER FAIRING Gents, I have these fitted to my 85FZ and they offer little to no protection from the elements. When it rains reasonably heavy, the water runs thru them making your gloves even wetter. Also on the left hand side the rain is directed into the left hand switch block and corrodes away the high beam passing switch. Only pulling down the switch block occasionally and generally spraying with RP7 (a water displacement product here in OZ) will avoid the necessary cost of the replacing the switch cluster. Cheers Dave
51 21/01/2005 07:03:01 Furious fork seals Hi all, I am replacing my front fork seals but hve run into a problem,my local yamaha dealer tells me they will have to be imported from japan at a cost. SO due to my current lack of funds i am looking into alternatives. Does anyone know of aftermarket ones or from a different brand of motorcycle that will fit? I am able to machine the the alloy outer part of the fork if need be. The diamentions are: fork-39mm dust seal outer- 51.5mm oil seal outer- 51.5mm :-) Jason
52 25/01/2005 02:23:15 gaillarry Re: fork seals Your dealer is full of crap. I got a set of fork seals for $22 (Canadian $) from my supplier. They are aftermarket made by Vesrah. Try another dealer.
53 08/02/2005 18:25:28 Dutch Re: fork seals I'm with ^ The're easy to get and not very expensive (of course the're probably still their weight in gold, but fortunatly an oil seal isn't that heavy :-) Good luck, Dutch
54 15/02/2005 00:55:09 gaillarry Windshield Anyone have a source for an aftermarket replacement windshield?
56 02/04/2005 21:35:01 westemp Re: Windshield There was some on ebay awhile back....aftermarket I believe.
57 03/04/2005 16:29:11 gaillarry Re: Windshield It was cheaper to buy a complete fairing with the windshield on Ebay. The fairing I won is in better shape than the one I have and cheaper than a replacement windshield.
58 15/04/2005 21:46:09 chad86 Re: Windshield This is from my own research: Replacement windscreen: For about ? dollars Replacement RED winscreen: Part No: 101-WS7002TR-LP By: LOCKHART for about 45 bucks Also from YAM FZ700 / FZ750 86-88 CLEAR TL Part No: 11-505-01-ZG By: ZERO GRAVITY $49.95 $42.17 YAM FZ700 / FZ750 86-88 DARK BLUE TL Part No: 11-505-04-ZG By: ZERO GRAVITY $59.95 $50.61 YAM FZ700 / FZ750 86-88 RED TL Part No: 11-505-09-ZG By: ZERO GRAVITY $59.95 $50.61 YAM FZ700 / FZ750 86-88 SMOKE TL Part No: 11-505-02-ZG By: ZERO GRAVITY Hope that helps.
59 22/04/2005 01:42:34 gaillarry Re: Windshield Thanks for the info. Parts411 must be down as I can't get their website. I've seen windshields on EBay but prices vary dramatically.
60 30/05/2005 04:09:57 ripnils Re: Windshield I just got one from Parts Canada. Part Number 162790 Smoke for $66.95 Cdn. I got my Yamaha dealer to order for me. It was the same price. Just find a Parts Canada dealer.
62 23/03/2005 21:30:47 foxstein Advice for FZr 1000 forks swap In the middle of fitting FZR USD forks to the FZ. Hell of a job though, the forks fit straight in but thats were the problems start: Tha handle-bars catch the fairing, so you need to extend it forward and down slightly, I used the radiator bolt to move it forward enough on the left and drilled a new hole to make it lower, and made a bracket for the front to extend it. The right hand side bracket is a little more difficult 'cos the fork rubs against it so did a similar thing to that side with an angled bracket to the radiator bolt, and bent it outwards to miss the fork. The forks almost have full travel until they hit the Rad which is well before the stops make contact, so will have to mod that somehow. Also the throttle cable catches on the Rad filler cap, so another mod is needed there also. will let you know how i get on with that. Looks the biz already with the meaty forks in. p.s. got the whole front end for び40 of E-Bay which is a bit of a bargain. Although the stanchions have a bit of pitting on them, so might have to have them repaired. Will update as I go on, hope this helps anyone who is thinking of doing this Mod...........Mick
63 27/03/2005 21:36:00 gaillarry Re: Advice for FZr 1000 forks swap Got any pics you can post. I'm interested in the same mod.
64 13/04/2005 21:00:08 foxstein Re: Advice for FZr 1000 forks swap will take some soon and post
65 01/04/2005 14:14:58 Nibblet99 Gel Seat Hi, New here, I'm in the process of buying an 17yr old FZ750, and it was mentioned that it's possible to buy a gel seat over here (in the UK). I was wonderring if someone could point me in the right direction of somewhere to get one from. Have tried a google search, which didn't turn up much useful. Cheers Andy
66 01/04/2005 18:18:12 gaillarry Re: Gel Seat I did a google search and found lots of suppliers in North America. I've seen a few up for auction on Ebay. Although I couldn't find any in the UK.
67 17/04/2005 11:59:30 John1fn Re: Gel Seat A quick google turned this up.
68 28/04/2005 16:17:51 Nibblet99 Re: Gel Seat Ok, Thank you very much - Andy
69 28/04/2005 19:22:23 Dutch Re: Gel Seat Just had a quick glance at above mentioned sites. Looks like these gel pads are not the cheapest little buggers :-o . One of my ST1100 riding mates always has a dead sheep on the saddle. He likes it a lot. Personally I've just gotten a tougher butt after 12 years of FZ riding :-):-). Must say the FZ saddle isn't the most comfortable around, but even long days in the saddle can be survived without great injury. Too bad Corbin doesn't make FZ saddles anymore (appearently the mold got birned in a fire many years ago), they do show up on ebay (or other sites) very rarely. Cheers, Dutch
70 11/04/2005 12:28:01 Guyman Chin fairing Im hesitant to ask this but does anybody know of where i could find a chin fairing for a U.S 1986 fz750? Just purchased the bike and cant seem to find anything on the net. Guy
71 11/04/2005 20:54:16 gaillarry Re: Chin fairing I've got one, not broken, in good shape but needs painting $35 (US) includes postage within north america. Email me for a pic (
72 11/04/2005 20:55:20 gaillarry Parts for Sale Good set of carbs from an 86 ($50+ postage) Chin fairing from an 86 $35.
73 13/04/2005 09:58:43 Guyman Re: Parts for Sale Interested in the chin fairing you have. My e-mail is
74 15/04/2005 11:15:23 gaillarry Re: Parts for Sale Chin fairing sold
75 19/04/2005 20:32:43 John1fn dogbones I've got a 1fn with a 3ks rear end as some of you will know this lifts the bike, I'm not that tall so need it back to the right height, as far as I can make out I need longer dogbones, can someone confirm this and how long should they be. TIA.
76 20/04/2005 18:03:32 Dutch Re: dogbones Depends on how much the tail got higher by the 3KS rear. Each mm the dogbones are longer will drop the rear by 3 mm. Good luck, Dutch yeah, this makes me top poster :-D :-D :-D (for the time being)
77 14/06/2005 21:39:19 revvyj body panels Looking for body panels for an 86 FZ700. Any ideas where I can get them?
78 15/06/2005 19:34:46 gaillarry Re: body panels Yamaha has them, but pricey $100 each!. Try airtech about $110 for two new panels. [url=]Airtech Body Panels[/url]
79 20/06/2005 13:54:24 revvyj Re: body panels Thanks for the help. I called Yamaha and they want $501.00 each panel. Way too pricey for me.
80 22/06/2005 09:33:59 beefy809 Re: body panels CHECK OUT EBAY. SAW SOME ON THERE THE OTHER DAY
81 23/06/2005 13:00:12 gaillarry Re: body panels There was a nice set on EBay but I bid too low and fell asleep before the auction ended - lost by $1 !!!
82 30/06/2005 13:10:58 TomBe CDI From other Bikes I've been looking for a CDI for my bike for a while now. I've found one from a Fazer FZ700. The guy selling it figures it should work since the engines are the same and the electrics are the same. But, since he is trying to sell it he may be being less than sincere. Any thoughts? Are there any other models that will work? Thanks
83 03/07/2005 12:17:06 gaillarry Re: CDI From other Bikes It will work but I've seen the FZ750/700 CDIs on Ebay. Check the part number on the Fazer CDI and compare to your CDI. Should be the same. The CDI controls duration of spark, timing, rpm limit. The older Virago's are known for bad TCIs.
84 04/07/2005 16:49:35 TomBe Re: CDI From other Bikes That's a bummer. The one I've seen has a different number. Thanks
85 08/07/2005 12:18:00 gaillarry Re: CDI From other Bikes There's one on EBay now: Auction # 7985547928
86 07/07/2005 15:30:38 street750 Tail lights Hello all, I'm new to this site and own an 85 fz750 with only 16'000km on the clock! I'm trying to change a little bit the look of the bike, and I'm running into some troubles. Everything is almost solved, I just have a little problem and need your help on this. For the tail light, when you are running with the lights on, do you get light from both lamps or only when you brake? On mine only left lamp is on, the other one only comes up when I brake... Also should both brakes make the lamps on or only the front brake? I'm getting no signal from rear brake... I'll post some pics when it will be nearly finished. Thanks for the help!
87 08/07/2005 00:58:14 gaillarry Re: Tail lights Both bulbs should always be for the tail light. The headlight and tail light should always come on when the bike starts up and while running. When you use the front or rear brake the other element in the bulb will light up. Check to make sure the two bulbs are dual element bulbs - there's 2 contacts on the base of the bulb.
88 23/07/2005 03:58:48 fzcruising 85 FZ750 Parts Bike For Sale 1985 FZ750 Yamaha parts bike for sale. Everything is excellent except the engine. Has bad wrist pins and rods. Decided to sell the bike vs repair. All other components are excellent including plastics, seat, tank, wheels, frame, new battery, 4-1 Hindle, you name it... Also have extra side panels, lowers, and mirrors. Only 23,000KM original mileage on the bike. Bike has never been down. I am the second owner. First $500 takes it all, or willing to part it out. Please email at Located in Ajax, Ontario Canada. Thanks.
89 24/07/2005 21:37:31 kcb316 Re: 85 FZ750 Parts Bike For Sale Hi, saw your listing on Forum for FZ750 freaks. I'm looking for the shift assembly (Shift arm, flange bolt, shift peg assembly, etc) from where it attaches to the shaft on out, and the rear brake assembly (pedal, pedal cover, pedal lever, hook, bolts, washers, & spring) for basically everthing south of the master cylinder. Let's talk! Ken
90 24/07/2005 21:46:02 kcb316 Re: 85 FZ750 Parts Bike For Sale your email doesn't work :-( KCB316
91 25/07/2005 22:41:57 camaro79 Re: 85 FZ750 Parts Bike For Sale Im in need of many of your parts...i need the Exhaust, front turn signals, front windscreen, All Plastics maybe, Lower Fairings if you have, seats, and some other stuff...
92 27/07/2005 23:35:49 gaillarry Re: 85 FZ750 Parts Bike For Sale I hate to disappoint everyone but I just bought the entire bike. I'll have it back on the road by fall.
93 26/07/2005 21:36:53 camaro79 88 fz fairings on an 85 fz I have an 85 FZ 750 with the naked lower looking to complete the bike with a full fairing kit...ive been able to find lower fairings for an 88 fz i was wondering will they fit? and will they just bolt on? the upper bolts look like they will fit... pretty well this is what the bike looks like now [img][/img] but i want to make it look like this [img][/img]
94 02/11/2005 02:44:46 ganepeil Re: 88 fz fairings on an 85 fz cam, I don't know yet about fairing and lowers,but the vented side covers are not a bolt on. while general shape is good ie fit to frame and seat line they use a different taillight cowl and more important front mount prongs are of different style and location. am still contemplating possible fixes.luck G.
95 17/11/2005 19:50:46 buzz87 Re: 88 fz fairings on an 85 fz If you are interested in selling the small lowers - I don't have any for my ride - I would appreciate consideration. If you want to keep 'em for backups - that is your call. My email is in my profile. Hope it works out!! By the way, How did you get your pics in? I tried copy/paste, but it didn't work. Any help there would be appreciated.
96 13/09/2005 15:28:15 yamyam CDI unit. Hi all, New member to this forum. Can someone please tell me the number of a CDI unit fitted to a single ignition pick-up model FZ750? It must be a single pick-up model. The number is usually on a label stuck on the unit. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, mike.
97 19/09/2005 19:06:10 gaillarry Re: CDI unit. Info at this link: [url=]FZ750 CDI Numbers[/url]
98 25/09/2005 03:47:37 fslflint bleeding the clutch lines I just bought a used 87 fz700, its in fair condition. I'll know more once I get the battery all charged up and see if I can get it started. but one thing I noticed first was that the clutch lever was very loose. it feels like there is air in the line can anyone help me on how to bleen the lines?
99 27/09/2005 02:14:03 mike760 Re: bleeding the clutch lines there might be air did you check the levels of fluid
100 27/09/2005 12:31:29 fslflint Re: bleeding the clutch lines well, I got the clutch lines bled. now I just gotta get the bike to start
101 28/09/2005 00:55:38 mike760 Re: bleeding the clutch lines if doesn't start here a check list and info sparks at plugs change spark plug (unused for more than 3months) check cyclinder pressure new fuel filters change old fuel with new also with cleaning engine products check carb setting might of been setup wrong (Does Happen) people do tune with out know what they doing may also be flooding you start to smell the fuel also if you remove the air filter may help to start and tune the bike then place back in and retune again(it Make a difference) if does flood remove air assembly and see if any the pistons inside the carb are stuck happen to me and flood on me all the time.
102 07/12/2008 17:13:19 rob1968 Re: bleeding the clutch lines Hi I have an 86 bike which I am restoring - but have had major problems with clutch bleeding - I recently purchased a working system from a scrappy which had a fair bit of movement- after fitting a brand new goodrich hose, I can't get it to bleed at all. No matter how much I pump all I get is nothing. Am I missing something here? Rob
103 07/12/2008 19:23:52 FZ750Horse Re: bleeding the clutch lines They're just awkward. Check the slave cylinder - the seals are prone to leaking but otherwise just persevere. Everyone has their favourite method; mine is to bleed it until I get fresh fluid through,leave it overnight with the lever cable-tied back to the bar and then just open the bleed nipple once to get rid of any bubbles that have settled under it. Occasionally you get an air lock at the highest point and need to crack open the banjo bolt at the master cylinder to shift it. Good luck Horse
104 07/12/2008 19:29:59 rob1968 Re: bleeding the clutch lines Thanks Horse I cracked the banjo bolt and started bleeding from there, and then went to the bleed nipple - Yippee - we now have a runner! :-D Rob
105 27/09/2005 02:17:18 mike760 Rear Suspension is there any good replacement for the rear suspension with out too many hassel of fitment for 1985 model
106 28/09/2005 08:14:08 Dutch Re: Rear Suspension If the bike itself is in good condition I would recommend going for a new one. I have a new custom made Technoflex on my FZ and it works miracles. Not only is it fresh compaired to the worn out original one, also shock technology has improved vastly over the past 2 decades. It's not a cheap option (about 400 Euro), but then again, sell the FZ, add 400 Euro and what can you buy as replacement? Quite sure it's something experienced with old suspension as well.... Cheers, Dutch
107 10/10/2005 21:43:44 ganepeil Re: Rear Suspension hi,agree with dutch, stock shock was adaquate, just. at the time I was intrested in replacing my stock shock,(fellow competitors said I looked like I was riding a pogo stick going down the straight) the only other rear shock available with matching dimensions at that time was the fj1100/fj1200 which was just as expensive and designed for a much heavier bike. I wound up contacting the r&d dept of Fox Shox who after adding a disclaimer built me a 2 inch longer twin clicker to my spec. cost about 600 bucks and three weeks delivery. that was in 2000. no compaints, but Ive heard there are later oe shocks that will fit, and there are ride height adjusters out there. Gane
108 27/09/2005 03:02:51 mike760 Forks any one know if YZF600R 1994 model Front end from handle bars, triple clamp to front wheel will work on FZ750 1985 or know of another yamaha front end besides the FZR's
109 28/09/2005 08:10:55 Dutch Re: Forks Don't know how it was down under, in Europe we didn't get the YZF600 (the Thundercat) until '96. In '94-95 it was the FZR600R, before that the FZR600 I have heared about Thundercat forks being used on an FZ and it seems to work very well. Not sure how much work is involved in fitting them, please let me know if you happen to find some detailed info :-) Cheers, Dutch
110 29/09/2005 00:36:11 mike760 Re: Forks i let you know there is problem i can think of speedo on FZ they were cable drive i not sure on the 1994 YZF600R if they were cable or electronic speedo does anyone know haven't found any info on it
111 14/11/2005 08:15:59 mike760 Re: Forks just fitted the YZF600r forks (front end)on the fz750 every thing is good just need to put a rear wheel in to see if seat at the right height etc
112 14/11/2005 15:49:10 ganepeil Re: Forks Mike, excellent, 1 question for general ed. did the lower triple clamp from the yzf fit to bearings/frame ? with my fzr 600 lower, I had to swap bearing posts to get correct height. Luck G.
113 15/11/2005 07:47:03 mike760 Re: Forks they run the same bearings and same length
114 16/11/2005 03:51:06 ganepeil Re: Forks Mike, Thanks good to know. I assume your're using the yzf clip-ons, are you happy with bar angle/height? any clearance probs w/fairing window or tank? curious george.
115 16/11/2005 06:38:58 mike760 Re: Forks haven't got that far yet tank not back from the painters and rear end not in
116 16/11/2005 13:42:34 mike760 Re: Forks i haven't pick up my handlebars yet (haven't paid) i am not sure if they are clip-on or not i do believe they are similar in that they go above the upper tripple clamp and clip-on there the bike also known as a thundercat where i got the front end off
117 17/11/2005 04:28:58 ganepeil Re: Forks Mike. question is accedemic. I'm running fzr600 stock bars, on a 91 front end and they pinch my fingers between tank and bars at full lock, but my tubes are smaller than your's. just garnering info. thks G.
118 17/11/2005 07:02:31 mike760 Re: Forks it not the bar size that the problems rather the angle from which the bars procced out also consider bars movement down angle another are you hand size i suppose is it 86 bike or 91 fz if 91 they have alumminium frame so width of bike could of change i have ride other new bike they do the same at full lock there are some varaible some clip-on have a degree of movement that can be made i let you know more when i do go and get the bars
119 19/11/2005 03:59:16 ganepeil Re: Forks If anyone considering putting fzr 600 front end on fz750, save yourself a bunch of time and include 600 front wheel. fzr1000 ft wheel is wider at hub and a pain to cut down speedo drive to center wheel. G.
120 21/11/2005 01:46:33 mike760 Re: Forks i am using the 600 front wheel the FZR1000 triple clamps must be wider than the 600 that would explain the the reason that the FZR1000 front wheel not fit
121 15/10/2005 15:26:23 Tommi Handlebar vibration Handlebar vibration on my FZ irritates me a bit too much. At 3000rpm is the worst case. Due to that I do not like to drive long, 80km is the longest I would go without breaks, otherwise my hands get tired. I haven't had chance to test other FZs to check if the vibration is especially heavy in my FZ compared to others. So I wish to hear your opinions, do you think that FZ is prone to vibration? And, is there anything that can be done in order to reduce the vibration? I have original handlebars with end weights. The handgrips are made of foam rubber. Tommi
122 16/10/2005 23:48:39 mike760 Re: Handlebar vibration there not phrone to vibration just old parts some area of bike my loose or worn need to check tyre for how the wear is on it gives hints on what wrong wheel may not be balance wheel bearing worn headset could be loose or bearing worn engine not running on four cyclinder, had that done to me on another bike it causes it but did it only on acceration tyre pressure or wrong tyre has been put on, does happen check forks very unlikely may have combination also at 3000rpm is a bit of dead zone though depends on your setup
123 31/10/2005 07:27:58 mike760 Re: Handlebar vibration just another thought on the issue of vibration check your carb's, one may have a busted or seize a vacumn cylinder when i got my bike not ridden for somtime the bike did get some vibration it could be one source of your problem reply back if you found out what wrong with your bike
124 16/10/2005 02:29:30 ganepeil re parts bike for sale gaillarry;reading posts see you picked up a new project. noted bike came with some spares. if you'd part with some full lowers or front fairing I'm intrested. thanks Gane.
125 17/10/2005 17:41:01 gaillarry Re: re parts bike for sale Sorry but I'm keeping them, they are like gold!
126 18/10/2005 01:37:09 ganepeil Re: re parts bike for sale sir, understand. thanks for reply G.
127 18/10/2005 02:15:01 ganepeil re handlebar vibration tommi, never noticed excessive engine vibration on my fz. mirrors go vague at certain rpms- typical on all bikes, but nothing to cause hand complaints. there is a entry in from a fellow who removed bar ends and filled tubes with lead. and yamaha rubber mounted the engine on the fj1200, though that wasn't a genisis motor so could be apples and oranges. you might try loosening your' motor mounts and looking for gaps. if any exist fill with washers and re snug, thus shimming the engine. plane bearing cranks are forged, thus seldom if ever come out of true. though worn main or rod bearings can result in engine vibration and since there is no oil pressure guage or sender (yamaha uses a oil level sender)about the only way to know the condition of bearings is visual see tear down, or watching for babbit (copper color) at oil changes. also you might try listening for knocking noises. get bike warm {thins oil} and load engine. 1st gear low revs {low oil pressure) and ease out clutch (bike stationary)and listen for dull knocking sounds. if you hear any, go to a shop and get a 2nd opinion, would hate to send you on a expensive witch hunt. luck G.
128 24/10/2005 08:10:58 mike760 Re: re handlebar vibration handle bar vibration i was in the mechanic today i hayabusa came in complaning about saw hands, test the front wheel, it was so out of balance it cause teriible vibration after some weights adjustment it never did it again after test ride i do doubt about engine mounts more likely cyclinder not firing if it the engine, had water once in my spark plug once it vibrated the crap out of the bike so check spark plugs testing does engine rev smoothly
129 18/10/2005 03:25:46 ganepeil hanging out in bars just a thought. but since bars are really just clip ons that clamp onto fork tubes, why not check fork seal part numbers fot match, and or any of the afermarket fork seal venders (they usually include deminsions)
130 18/10/2005 03:39:11 ganepeil hanging out in bars oops, sorry guys, this was intended as a reply to a guy who wanted to know if later bars would fit his bike. didn't mean to start a new topic. my bad G.
131 21/10/2005 02:16:00 ganepeil re 88fz fairing on 85 fz cam. pic is intreguing, is it a late fz which I'm not familiar with or a mod? wheels appear to be fzr though frame is apparently fz. have you any new info? G.
132 21/10/2005 07:30:53 Dutch Re: re 88fz fairing on 85 fz The 2nd pic is a bog standard FZ. Not 87 als printed on the picture, but 90>. Think in the US and Canada the FZ was discontinued after '88. In Europe it received a 17" front with 4pot brakes and slightly wider rear from 89 on. In some countries it has been sold new up to 1995 (like my Fred). For riding those are the best, for looks imho the '86 bike, specially in the red/blue/white colors as on 1st pic is my favorite (had one but sold it 'cause I also have an '85 red/white Can project bike). Cheers, Dutch
133 22/10/2005 03:15:57 ganepeil Re: re 88fz fairing on 85 fz Dutch, Thank you VERY much, In my stumbling around with light speed, {the american parts directory for yamaha}listings quit at 1988 for the fz. and L/H loweres have been discontinued. not that I could afford new oe. the retail for a fairing and lowers without the nicities of inner panels or skirts would be about 1,800.00 us. well beyond my budget for a 20 year old project wouldn't have any personal experiance with fitting a late euro fairing /stay/ lowers /to an early {86) fz would you? or ball park what prices for front end plastic might be? my intent is to make a junk-yard dog ie a 86 fz750 with 1000 eng. fzr wheels and brakes, 6 speed trans.and misc. mods look like a mint stocker. I'm a 50+ year old juvinile and love to prod kids on r6's. thks G.
134 24/10/2005 07:17:02 mike760 Radiator Guards does any the FZ750 radiators come with a metal mesh in front of it or were they just plastic on them does anyone know if other years radiator can on also as mine has a nice big hole from previous owner crash
135 25/11/2005 07:36:12 buzz87 Re: Radiator Guards Mike, did you ever find a rad? I have a spare, that has the lower left inlet soldered. It could probably be redone better, but works fine. My "spare" air inlet grill is cracked and repaired, though, so you probably don't want that. Let me know if you are interested, I can email you pics (it's still on bike.) Freight might be frightening, though, but i'll weigh my other rad and let you know...
136 05/12/2005 05:56:00 mike760 Re: Radiator Guards the rad is f--- bad crash from previous owner i got a new radiator but look for a metal grill other wise i laser cut one look like this a liitle bit any way \\\\\\l////// FZ750 \\\\\\l////// does any know if they came with a metal grill
137 05/12/2005 09:00:11 buzz87 Re: Radiator Guards Mike - can't recal ever seeing one with a metal guard/scoop on them, so stock they are likely all plastic. Your idea of laser cutting one is great - can see what you are after in your pic, above - should be nice. You can also optimise airflow in, with a mod to the "mouth" of the guard to aid in air intake. Good luck!
138 27/10/2005 16:49:04 cwhitt Desperate for footpegs! I downed my bike about a week ago and messed it a good bit. I have found all of the parts that I need except a couple for my '86 FZ. Left front footpeg Sidestand switch mounting screwes for tank (mine are rusted and stripped) If anybody has these parts available to sell, please, PLEASE help me out! Codey
139 28/10/2005 01:14:31 gaillarry Re: Desperate for footpegs! Check EBay, that's where I find most parts. You don't have to get an FZ750 footpeg, other yamaha models will work, same for the sidestand switch. I have a spare front footpeg and sidestand switch but I'm way up north, postage will kill you.
140 28/10/2005 04:04:40 ganepeil re desperate for footpegs cody, think I might have a footstand for you, how much do you need? and where are you G. (gotta shift through abunch o stuff} luck G.
141 01/11/2005 13:31:43 Need4Speed Valve shims I am looking for a source of shims cheaper than the dealer (used ok) for an 85 FZ750. I need one 170, 10 175, and one 180. The intake valves had NO clearance. I believe the shims are common with the 85-86 FZ750, and possibly the 87-89 FZ1000. They are NOT the 7.5 mm flat shims used in a lot of bikes. They have a relief machined in the bottom of the shim. Anyone have any used ones, or know of a source cheaper than the dealer? or
142 03/11/2005 01:18:17 mike760 Re: Valve shims what are the dealer charging for the valve shims i was lucky i got my motor mechanic use to race the FZ's, FZR's so had them in stock i got my head recondition fully should cost about $600 to $700 tops or $450US to $520US if done right heads should also increase exhuast valves if you going to used stage three kits help with power increase and dead spot's
143 10/11/2005 08:43:40 Dutch Re: Valve shims Usually they are a little cheaper when you trade in the old shims. Also you can move around the shims you have to reduce the number of new ones needed. But as you have found out the clearance tends to get less, not more. Therefor the dealer gets stuck with the thick ones and has to buy the thin. They are relatively expensive for such a small part, but considering the time and money a dealer has to invest it's not too bad. Doing the job yourselve saves the most. Cheers, Dutch
144 10/11/2005 17:42:40 gaillarry Re: Valve shims I have a 180 shim you can have. I can slip it in an envelope and mail it to you.
145 17/11/2005 06:36:03 mike760 Re: Valve shims check out this mob they make them from $6 up
146 02/11/2005 04:28:22 ganepeil possible fairing options Gents, on a goof after reading up on previous posts about fitting twin headlights to early (85 86) fz's I attempted to set both early 88-90 fz600 dual h/l s and tdm /fzr 1000 (cross-eyed) h/l assys to stock fz750 fairing stay. no go, massive differences in mount distances. however, if one were to use the stock fairing stay off say a 87 88 fzr600 (the frame mounts are of a different style, but bolt span is same, and with spacers would mount up)the twin h/l's would be about the same relative position as the stock fz billboard h/l. not an option for me as I wish to retain the orig.fz 750 signature look, but since maier plastics still offer oe fairings and lowers for the 600 at an almost affordable price, it could offer athe option of making a factory looking fz 400/600-/700-750/-1000 sleeper, especially if the mids/lowers would sit or could be modified to fit attractivly. welcome you'r thoughts /denigations.G.
147 02/11/2005 18:41:15 gaillarry Re: possible fairing options I tried a 92 FZ600 fairing and mount but couldn't get them to fit without major mods to the frame and mount brackets. Wouldn't it be easier to repair your FZ750 fairing. I sent my to For $120 they did an exellent job -repaired a large 1" hole, a 2" crack and replaced a 6" piece for the windshield. The fairing came back looking new. I only had to paint it.
148 03/11/2005 01:24:17 mike760 Re: possible fairing options i came across some guys who use a FZR250 twin headlight on there FZ750 may want to check if it true and fitted a FZR250 front fairing too, no idea if it works but i do believe the headlight go in with out much fuss if someone can confirm this, it might solve some troubles with the twin headlights
149 03/11/2005 01:32:16 reclaimer Re: possible fairing options Hi all, My fz750 (1986) has a twin headlight fairing on it, not the full fairing, the 'semi' as I call it. It was fitted to the bike when I bought it. The only help I give is that it has Genisis on it....thats been painted over but still shows clearly. Could it be of the 1000? I don't know!
150 05/11/2005 04:44:13 ganepeil Re: possible fairing options reclaimer, as a quest. are you'r hl's parallel to each other or angled? thks G.
151 05/11/2005 04:48:34 ganepeil Re: possible fairing options weiner127, spacers for 93 gsxr1100 rear wheel to 86 fz750 swingarm, L/H spacer to gsxr spkt carrior 12mm . rh spacer to stock fz caliper carrior 17mm and spacer between cal.carr. to s/a 9mm. Luck G.
152 07/11/2005 21:40:40 gaillarry Full Fairing Lowers For Sale Complete fairing lowers (the full type-not the shorties) in excellent condition $150 (US).
153 08/11/2005 15:04:11 ganepeil Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale gaillarry, SOLD. MY EMAIL IS GARYPEIL@PEOPLEPC.COM. AM EQUIPED to pay paypal or your' prefference. surface ship is fine. thks G.
154 09/11/2005 17:20:36 gaillarry Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale You email address keeps getting rejected? (fixed it - there's a . at the end of com)
155 11/11/2005 02:46:42 ganepeil Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale Larry,just posted paypal and thanks.have been shopping ebay nightly for over 5 months now for plastic. typical scenario, see something promising,watch, bid, get out-bid and watch price go out of range. as delivery will probly take a couple weeks, would you be kind enough to drop a note and let me know if loweres are original paint, and if so what color/s thanks again G.
156 11/11/2005 20:50:25 gaillarry Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale Original paint with FZ decals, but in silver/black. When I bought the bike the previous owner. gave me the full lowers along with a Race Tech fork spring lowering kit. They were never installed on the bike. He bought them with the intent to use them but the engine blew, so he bought a new bike. I boxed up the panels, but the post office is closed today (Remembrance Day holiday) I'll send them out Monday. Anyone want a Race Tech lower kit (new in the box)? I'm 6'2" so no need to lower the bike.
157 12/11/2005 05:52:54 ganepeil Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale Larry,Thanks for back.hows yer project coming? I'm piecing together 2 ex race bikes to make 1 streetable retro, since I have no paper on either frame (87 fzr 1000 & 86 fz750 ) have lots of spares. to whit running 750 eng. complete [was starting to smoke on de-cell) imagine needs rings valve guides (or at least seals) though trans, crank/bearings cases etc. intact. if you need parts for blown eng or I have spares will send for shipping.luck. G.
158 12/11/2005 06:03:49 ganepeil Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale Larry. Oh Yeah,also have most of front end, upper and lower clamps tubes, legs ft wheel rear whl.tho 1 clip-on mia and fork brace sold. let me know if I can help. G.
159 12/11/2005 13:11:49 gaillarry Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale I have the engine apart, just waiting on new crank rod bearings from the dealer. Its too bloody cold here to ride so I'm in no rush for the parts. Luckily Yamaha Canada has lots of parts available. I bought an Athena full gasket kit and not happy with the guality of some of the gaskets. I ordered original Yamaha head gaskets - pricey but worth it.
160 13/11/2005 02:03:46 ganepeil Re: Full Fairing Lowers For Sale Larry,glad things are proceeding a-pace. keep me in mind. would like to share resources. as usual G.
161 10/11/2005 23:28:33 reclaimer CDI Unit Hi, I got a CDI unit TID14-52, and a TID14-39 going for free if any one wants them! I'll happily post anywhere in the world free. Let me know, first come, first served!!!!!!!! Geoff
162 12/11/2005 05:21:29 ganepeil Re: CDI Unit Geoff,perhaps, you have heard of the term,"paying forward". at any rate. If you will send me your' cdi units, I will check them against any bikes that come into the shop for match and function.and if any poor sod can use them or indeed calls for one/both by # will pass it/them on. (not completely altruistic) a functioning cdi is a very expensive diagnostic tool. and could save me hours of trouble shooting. checked #'s against my bikes. tid 14-86 90 fzr1000 tid 14-57 87 fzr1000 tid 14-23 86 fz750. luck G.
163 13/11/2005 11:29:08 reclaimer Re: CDI Unit Let me have your address, and I'll happily send them on. The TID14-39 is off a 1985 FZ750 (1fn) english or british model and was working perfectly on the bike when removed. The TID14-52...don't know about that, possibly fz ru? Anyways, let me know and I'll get them posted, if they help someone, then excellent!! Cheers, Geoff
164 14/11/2005 15:28:25 ganepeil Re: CDI Unit Geoff, May already have something in the works. Checked my mail this morning to find a plea for help from a John Watson of email address ending not familiar, poss. netherlands? at any rate he's got a hybrid that sparks 1 time per starter motor engage.and in my experiance thats usually cdi. Back to subject, my email is and mailing address is Gary Peil 50 Hillside ct. Boulder Co.USA 80302 Thanks G.
165 15/11/2005 16:16:51 reclaimer Re: CDI Unit Ok, I'll get them sent off on Monday coming, working until then. I think is New Zealand....I stand to corrected though!!! Cheers, Geoff
166 16/11/2005 03:44:54 ganepeil Re: CDI Unit reclaimer, would stand to reason. ? I have what I think to be 87 or later side panels, they use post type recievers at front and don't match at plug in mount points, but I find their shape and vents appealing. ever played slice and dice with these? G.
167 14/11/2005 11:18:00 mike760 Single seat vs Touring Seat just want you thoughts i deciding if i go with dual seat or single seat i currently have touring seat in bad shape i can recover it for $100 AUS dollars (had my 900 done very good job) i do want it to be cofortable is the single seat any good
168 14/11/2005 15:41:56 ganepeil Re: Single seat vs Touring Seat Mike, Was single seat a euro option? US models came with a dual setup (single pan w/slight step up at pass.end.) and the option of a color match cowl which could be mounted over the pass. section of stock seat. personally prefer tandem seat. clean lines,no worrries about cracking,scratching cowl if you get lazy swinging a leg over and if the opportunity to give something squishy a ride should arrise no extra bodywork to pack around. G.
169 14/11/2005 22:11:51 gaillarry Re: Single seat vs Touring Seat I have the dual seat with the rear cowl that hides the rear passenger part of the seat. It looks cool and nobody asks for a ride as it looks like a single seat bike.
170 16/11/2005 07:49:12 buzz87 Re: Single seat vs Touring Seat I saw a great lookin Corbin single seat sell on Ebay this summer - all redone - went for about 90USD plus postage. I should have bought it! It mimicked the double seat with cowl cover, only it was one piece, and the seating area was curved and looked more padded. Ive seen this seat on other bikes on the net, and I bet it's very comfortable. Anyone have one or sat on one?
171 16/11/2005 09:34:17 mike760 Fuel Tap does anyone have problem with fuel tap breaking on the plastic turn handle my one did, i replace it now $10 wreckers question to ask does other year model work on the 85 tank
172 17/11/2005 04:39:51 ganepeil Re: Fuel Tap Mike, my petcock has no lever, just a square plastic face with a straight screwdriver slot. lockup was common on said cock even when new.part looks same on 87 1000, can measure bolt centers if your' intrested. option is lockhart offers a fuel line quick disconnmect which shuts off when disconnected was common use when racing.G.
173 17/11/2005 07:05:12 mike760 Re: Fuel Tap i like that ideas i get back to on that
174 17/11/2005 19:33:07 buzz87 Re: Fuel Tap Hey Mike, There is a new one with gasket available right now (for 6 more days) on Item number: 4591420369. It is 22USD plus shipping, Or buy-it-now for 25USD. I don't know if you'd get it cheaper down under?
175 19/11/2005 03:52:14 ganepeil Re: Fuel Tap the one on ebay also lists its applications as fzx700 (fazer) fz 750 and fj1200
176 16/11/2005 14:02:54 mike760 re-wire is anyone trying or has done a re-wire of entire bike i am doing mine due to parts with new electric and some discover faults i am in the middle of re-doing the complete wireing of the bike i also got a complete set of sockets for replacement also taking time with it also replace coils too much god dam resistance and spark plugs leads too if anyone looking for help can ask me anything even new designs
177 17/11/2005 04:17:28 ganepeil Re: re-wire Mike, Kind of unusual for an electrical engineer to poll hayseeds for wiring, tho yes I'm in the prosess of not exactly re-wiring but rather restoring the electrics in my 86. A couple of areas I've found weak in stock wiring are. 1 alt output wires have a tendancy to get hot and cook both couplers and wires inside harness if connectors get dirty. I had to replace about 2 ft. of brown wire to main sw. and red to fuse block. 2 both my 750 and 1000 had heated their h/l connectors at ground terminals. while you're there look closely at the handle bar switch connectors. The yellow red on my lh hbar sw.connector was fried, and since it gets common with the starter sol. I think it may be a part of cammo's starter prob. to. Yamaha's side stand switches re iffy, and their starter buttons often fail to return leaving one without a headlight/s. as a side bar. DON'T RUN M/C WITHOUT ALT CONNECTED AND BATTERY CONNECTED. It is very very expensive. at about 1200 rpm the alt will cook its diodes in its reg/rect. the reg/rect is about $300.00 us and a pain in the ass to replace to boot.will get off soapbox now, probly more than you wanted anyway. G.
178 17/11/2005 06:42:37 mike760 Re: re-wire iwasn't asking for help G. just stating what i was doing and the job i doing is in the way of show room condition for at least the first service lenght (5000km) but re-wire a piece of cake you might not of got i meant when i posted it up seem to me you have seen some problems and learn't from them very good i wouldn't do that in first place the complete mean all out at same time and all back in same time i was just letting anyone would like to know what and how i am improveing my electrics of re-wiring as i will be makeing big improvments i do know of the common problems that are there and people mistake the job i doing is a complete overhaul of all electric systems even the instrument panel getting a go over i am going to post where some improvements can be made so other can see what i done, also doing it for show purpose for the motorcycle club not in matter solve problem, i was checking if others had trouble with it solve i can help solve the problem with them that all hayseeds wasn't a fair call if you read carefully it was a progress post and seeing if anyone was planning or had done it should show you my complete design of my own design bike with my electric designs and built prototype (thesis) on engine control for multi port injection and varaible injector mapping. can change mapping while riding, with electric throttle no need to tune bike after first tune setup only when the bike approved and copyrigthed
179 17/11/2005 20:08:05 buzz87 Re: re-wire Mike - this is [size=large][color=003399][font=Impact]AWESOME[/font][/color][/size] are you going to draw up a schematic on what you are doing and do a photo documentation? If so, I would definitely be interested in receiving same. Not so much that I have any known problems with my bike, but if there is a way to fix factory problems - I want to know. I just don't have the know-how to figure it out - but can do it if I get shown! (esp wiring) Sounds to me like you need a website, Mike, to post all of this stuff you are doing and document the buildup from start to finish. That'd be a fun ride on its own! Ever consider it?
180 18/11/2005 04:13:57 ganepeil Re: re-wire Mike, sorry for mis-understanding. hayseed was out of line. abashed.. I do have a question that you might be able to help me with. the fz 750 uses 2 crnk sensors which share a ground to the input port of its cdi. the fzr 1000 makes due with a single pick-up. so I'm guessing that the 1000's pickup gets an additional trigger pulse. ie two per crank revolution. if one were to T pickup output from single crank sensor to dual p/u cdi could they use dual p/u cdi with single pick up sensor and not have to change periferials. transverse fours using two pickups (ie 1-4 and 2-3 ) usually spark 2 cyls one on comp. stroke and one on an exhaust. do you figure the 1000's cdi has a counter? also, what cooks 'em. Plan on using 1000 cdi on street 750 which has had exup wires open for 3 race seasons and power r/w going straight from batt. to kill sw to coils and fuel pump. haven't had any probs with present aplication. tho bike is still just a very compressed lump.look forward to your' mores. YOU can call me hayseed.respectfiully yours. g.
181 18/11/2005 06:35:23 mike760 Re: re-wire hi g no worry mate as to the thou cdi i got one at home from someone never used it or i never look at it i can open it up and i can tell straight away how it works i do believe though a counter is used, i say now that the thou cdi used a counter to detingish the two trigger pulses as to sensors on the shaft there is second trigger for sensor to pick up on, for the 1000 750 uses one trigger and two sensors so a thou cdi can recieve two pulse in one line as for the 750cdi you have to split the pulses up to go into two input lines both pulses would end up in both lines when one is all you want, but to do it this would mean extra electronics not worth it you can use a 1000 cdi on 750 but not 750 cdi on the 1000 as to what burn them out i never a come across a burn out one before the heat from the bike can play roll in burning them out as to what burn the circuit out too much voltage or too much current leave that with me when i take a look the cdi of the thou i know more not sure what you meant by r/w
182 18/11/2005 06:53:17 mike760 Re: re-wire well may be in two years had plan to finish bike end of summer now going oversea for a few months look like next summer i was thinking of building a new website when bike is completly finish the schematic for this job are complete but can't post up on the site or email it to you either the program i used is very unique and there no conversion or printsreen doesn't work with the software i have to do it on a more common program non electrical for you PAINT file may do it soon i don't know when i do it
183 18/11/2005 07:05:37 mike760 Re: re-wire back on the problem of burn out most comm the sensor demag-tize unable to pick up the trigger two everything running and some apply power to the ground cause a short that does any electronic as to the power from batt to kill switch coil fuel pump this is done in racing incase of haveing a crash it turns the every thing off fuel and sparks similar to outboard motor on the small fishing boat there nothing wrong with the setup it doesn't really affect anything, though possible the kill switch can burn out is the only thing if not getting hot just warm all should be ok
184 18/11/2005 19:12:48 buzz87 Re: re-wire Mike: Lookin' forward to your website when it comes - Time is such a luxury, is it not? I know what you mean with the program. I have used Autocad and Medsystem when I was in mining, and they can't 'talk' to any other programs - Hardcopy was the only way. Later,
185 19/11/2005 03:26:31 ganepeil Re: re-wire Mike, thanks for the back. reason for question, is a gent from new zealand emailed me with a problem with a hybrid. (fzr 1000 eng. wire harness and cdi) upon cycle ign.everything seems ok, lights come on exup cycles tach needle winds up and comes down and starter cranks but only 1 spark at plug per starter button probe.In my experiance single spark scenario has been dead cdi. he's thinking oil level sender and water temp. or some other harness related prob. I don't agree,experiance and reading schematic is that the only disables that the cdi control are the starting system. parts he installed were perportedly from a running bike, and I was hoping that if he could re configure his original 750's cdi it could give him either a running unit (abet with different timing curve) or at least continous spark to either 1/4 or 2/3 cyls and justify buying a new 1000's ecm. any thoughts would be more than welcome. G.
186 19/11/2005 03:41:20 ganepeil Re: re-wire Mike, just in case you cruise posts for entrys in order, I made reply to your' 11-17 entry out of order.and am genuinely intrested in your' feedback. also am intrested in what you've done to squeeze that much power out of a 750.G.
187 21/11/2005 01:38:29 mike760 Re: re-wire i improve HP because when i open my engine there was rust so i bought 2nd oversize pistions light weight (just better pistons) got new rods from carillo (very dear) change bearings of crank, rods, bore the barrel to 68.5mm heads got ported polish new shims and lifters machine the bottom of head of a thou or so (not sure exactly) lift compression to 11.8:1 increase exhaust valves by 1mm stage three kit with individual air pods aftermarket exhaust with a modification to the head pipe to mprove on lower end power ,don't know what was done haven't ask how they did it also think of adding double spark system where the spark fire twice on compression stroke second spark right after first fire i do believe some new bike run this system
188 21/11/2005 02:59:17 ganepeil Re: re-wire Mike, In a previous post you mentioned you had a new set of sockets, are they availible? from whom ? I've been using the best of old wire harness couplers with new connectors but my handlebar switches use a different style connector(pin and cyl)and coupler body. was going to simply replace with 8 blade type blocks, but would prefer stock if available. thks. G.
189 07/12/2005 02:02:57 mike760 Re: re-wire i found a guy down under that does restorations and had done two FZ back up i ask him for what parts were still availble and i got a complete set of connectors the one's for the handlebars are no longer available. yamaha my have. the guy i got my off arn't genuine yamaha they were either custom made or mass production from other company's i got the last set too from the guy took a lot of talking to find some
190 07/12/2005 02:29:26 ganepeil Re: re-wire Mike, thanks for info, hve new 8wire blocks that use large blade connectors, will use them instead of orig.hopefully with larger connections and di-elect.grease meltdown will be avoided in new harness.thks G.
191 16/12/2005 17:54:54 buzz87 Re: re-wire Mike, or others: you probably have this already, but there is an original Yamaha wiring diagram on ebay now at the following link:
192 16/12/2005 18:27:27 Tommi Re: re-wire The wiring diagram for FZ750 (2xx series) is also available on this site. Check the files section, there you can download the FZ Owner Manual. The last pages of the manual shows the wiring diagram. NOTE: The manual is for the 2xx models, year 1987- . The older 1xx model is a bit different. Tommi
193 19/11/2005 04:17:17 ganepeil other parts as I like the appearance and functional manner of the 86 fz750 stock turnsignals I priced some. currently at our shop retail $60.00 usd a pop. replica's avail. through PARTS UNLIMITED @ $17.00 ea indiscernable from original.G.
194 21/11/2005 02:39:46 ganepeil side stand switch Y'all, am restoring race bike to street, and have re-installed an ebay sidestand. stand came with pivot bolt and spring,it fits, but doesn't engage sidestand switch, parts microfiche show a link plate and two springs, inner and outer. illustration is poor, can someone look at their bike and tell me what activates the switches plunger. thanks, G.
195 21/11/2005 20:41:22 gaillarry Re: side stand switch The link plate hits the plunger. Its a weird setup. I think yamaha used a stock side stand switch and realized it wouldn't work without a plate.
196 22/11/2005 02:56:11 buzz87 Re: side stand switch Gane: The two springs fit one inside the other. One end of the pair attaches halfway down the outside of the kickstand, the other end of the pair attaches to the hole in one end of the U-shaped link plate. The other hole on the link plate attaches to the grooved pin which is welded to the frame behind the electric plunger. The curved "bottom" of the U faces rearward, with the "inside" part of the U facing forwards and rides on the plunger. Take care!
197 22/11/2005 03:28:59 ganepeil Re: side stand switch both larry and john, Thanks for the up, will order new springs and link plate. appreciate timly response.G.
198 22/11/2005 05:17:57 buzz87 Re: side stand switch No problem! I'm sure I'll be needing same, too, right? I checked my parts box, but don't have anything along that line.
199 24/11/2005 04:03:49 ganepeil updating fairing and lowers. Y'all, Just recieved new stock fairing stay for 86 fz750 from Yamaha,is straight and has all the nicitys (turn signal mounts, relay tangs lower mounts etc.) also have orig. fairing (abet butchered, windows opened, lower edge squared and wings trimmed for clean racing lines.. have used 87 fairing, targa lowers and full oe lowers in transit. does anyone know or have intuitive reasoning as to whether these parts can be fit? a vender on ebay is selling parts with the paraphrase that the fairing is marked 85 that are either 87 or 88,side covers are vented and have no footpeg flaps, anyone with experiance swapping shorty lowers to full would appreciate feedback. thks G.
200 24/11/2005 23:53:07 gaillarry Re: updating fairing and lowers. Full OE lowers will work with 85/86 fairing stay. stock OE short lowers. The 87/88 fairings are slightly different in the mount points, but can be modified to fit. I think the vented side covers are from the FZR bikes!
201 26/11/2005 05:37:34 ganepeil Re: updating fairing and lowers. Larry. thanks for the up. will keep you in the loop.G
202 24/11/2005 04:29:14 ganepeil fairing inserts Hope I'm approching this in an a coherent way, I've been trying to find a set of upper fairing inserts to no avail. the pieces I want surround the res. sw. and choke knob in left and the rad. cap on right. they are nla from yamaha and apparently exteemly rare in shopping. If anyone has a set either for sale, (or crashed with enough pieces to piece together to fashion mold)would be intrested in purchace or re-imburse with fibeglass/carbon fibre reproduction if I can pull it off.Frankly it may be over my head, but am willing to give it a shot. thks. G.
203 24/11/2005 04:45:19 buzz87 Re: fairing inserts Gane - both mine are racked, as well. If you find a source other than used, pls post here. I saw only 1 RHS one on ebay in the past 8 mos. being NOS it went for lots of $$. Later...
204 25/11/2005 00:11:00 gaillarry Re: fairing inserts Do you mean part # 1AE28365-00 ? I got one a few weeks ago from my dealer, they are in stock at Yamaha Canada. [url=]Larry's FZ Stuff[/url] I tried to post a pic of the part, but couldn't figure it out, so just click on the above link. If anyone figures out how to post pics, let me know.
205 25/11/2005 07:50:52 buzz87 Re: fairing inserts Ya, I think that's the right one. I never tried the local Yam dealer, as they priced a set of complete fairings for me at about 1300CAD! Didn't know if they were available anyway. I'll talk to them friday and see what they want. :-? Did you see my reply to your 'frame' question on BBS?
206 27/11/2005 02:20:01 ganepeil Re: fairing inserts Larry. went over the parts counter guy's head to my pts mgr,and had him pull up availibility international.on pn#'s 1ae-2836L-00-00 and 1ae-2836K-00-00. (the part #'s we have listed for inserts)apparently rh insert is avail. from japan, l/h not in stock in Japan, europe, or usa warehouses,though not listed as being discontinued. I ordered both. according to our lightspeed parts program inserts are same p/n for 85, 86, 88 for some reason 87 doesn't appear in model listing. new subject,bought another set of side panels ebay, knowing they won't fit. 1 side broken, and in hideous rattle can paint but center piece intact.though again painted over.plan on using crash plastic to invent new mounting tabs at stock frame,either welding in new posts or in desperation combining new tabs using dzuse fasteners. if unable to fab spacers to adapt late tailsection might be in market for 87-88 rear sub-frame attatchment.will update G.
207 28/11/2005 22:27:35 gaillarry Re: fairing inserts Thanks for the info on the frame, but he turfed it, didn't sell.
208 30/11/2005 03:04:17 ganepeil Re: fairing inserts Larry, viewed your' post, looks like what I need from what I could see through packaging, wondering if canadian p/n could be differentor if I've got wrong part coming.will wait it out. Thks G.
209 02/12/2005 02:31:19 ganepeil Re: fairing inserts All, recieved left insert today,p/n 1ae-2836k-00-00. fits 86 fairing stay. $61.26 US. R/H 1ae-2836L-00-00 on back-order ATT. will update. G.
210 24/12/2005 02:48:28 ganepeil Re: fairing inserts All, These parts are still avail. from yamaha. left and right upper fairing inserts.also the switch/choke cover and rad. cap block-off. also 88 upper fairing (in silky white) and left and right fairing wings (fine red) If I had known where I was going a couple months ago would have bought 88 fairing stay and saved myself hours of fitting and welding to re-locate turnsignal mounts. also 88 side panels can be fitted by using 88 subframe and adding 3 new mount points at front of covers to 86 frame. took about 4 hours and results are indiscernable from factory. can give details if anyone is intrested. tank, tail center and lowers went to paint last tues. as usual, G
211 06/01/2006 07:18:19 krondalf Re: fairing inserts Last message is correct. I have all three parts on order at the moment. From Yam's computer...I know there aprox ten of each part in Japan at the moment.. Not very expensive either .. the left and right panels approx $150 AUS each :-)
212 26/09/2006 10:51:05 fzpilot Re: fairing inserts here is how you post from photobucket. [IMG][/IMG] this is the address for the below pic. as it appears under my photo in photobucket. just copy and paste it BUT change the ([IMG]) at start and end to lower case as in ([img]). dont know why but you have to make it work. cheers Ben [img][/img]
213 23/12/2006 13:28:52 freakface Re: fairing inserts If I am thinking of the right part, I purchased them from my local yamaha dealer. I cant remember if they got them direct from Japan but I only ordered the one for the left side, radiator side. Action Yamaha 941-484-8880.
214 27/11/2005 02:38:18 ganepeil extenede sidestand Yall' because of lengthened fork tubes and rear shock, bike rests hard to port on side stand.will probly end up splicing on new foot,unless anyone knows of a compatible stand @ 2 inches longer. thks G.
215 30/11/2005 03:17:50 ganepeil guages/backgrounds Just recieved new/old clock set from london, Haven't checked for operation yet but looks promising. Speedo is in klicks (knew they would be)and have seen aftermarket backgrounds in different colors and kph/mph. as lenses appear to be crimped on am at a loss as to how they might be installed. any one had experiance? Its not a major concern, as I was stationed in germany and can convert with a little thought. thks G.
216 05/12/2005 05:48:39 mike760 Re: guages/backgrounds i have pull a few off and change them they probly look climp but pop out very easy. but those one's were for my car i guess they same as they do look climp the back ground colour change is just a change in globe and the background just thin paper some are plastic too do have pic i can see if i come across it i also heading to germany in january i have look in site is just a speedo or all function too
217 06/12/2005 06:36:02 ganepeil Re: guages/backgrounds speedo and tach, backgrounds listed for fz, fzr,fj and misc. have spare tach, will attempt to pop lens assy with caution. thks G.
218 11/12/2005 23:02:47 mike760 Re: guages/backgrounds i know that some are glue in but use a small stanly knife to cut with i be re-doing guages and making them look new with updated tech send us a picture to when you finish
219 30/11/2005 12:20:52 guui3dong Mirrors? After stupidly dropping the bike and smashing both mirrors, I'm looking at doing a mod like on Maily because I'm having a bit of trouble finding any at the breakers (I tried pattern replacement parts, but the lenses were crap and they got pushed backwards at any speed above 50mph!!). Anyone fitted other bikes' mirrors? Or found any decent aftermarket mirrors??
220 01/12/2005 02:56:38 mike760 Re: Mirrors? for replacment of mirrors you can use ZZR600 kawasaki or ZZR1100 mirrors i used the ZZR600 mirrors straight bolt on
221 17/12/2005 04:17:47 ganepeil Re: Mirrors? ordered after markt mirrors today from Parts Unlimited. listed as replacemants for fz700/750 85-89 p/n 1ae-26280-00-00 and 1ae-26290-00-00 at $14.95 each I had to have a look. will up. G.
222 18/12/2005 11:16:45 Dutch Re: Mirrors? I had the same problem with an aftermarket mirror (crap lens). CBR seems to bold on also. Apart from that you can also use handlebar mirrors that bold in on the reservoir of cluch and brake pump. Keep in mind the left one turn in counter-clock wise and that they should not come in touch with the fairing. Cheers, Dutch
223 18/01/2006 16:59:37 guui3dong Re: Mirrors? Thanks for the replies... I bought a pair of genuine R1 mirrors off ebay for ぴ5. I'll post pics when I'm done.
224 04/12/2005 23:53:45 mike760 FZ750 Belly pan hi guys i am thinking of putting on a belly pan rather than full fairing because of the nice header pipe i got on does anyone know if any belly pans can be made to fit the 1985 model i know later model came out with the belly pan could one of thoughs fit on my model
225 05/12/2005 03:45:36 buzz87 Re: FZ750 Belly pan Mike, I believe those only came on the 86 model. I almost got one on ebay, but missed it. I think it is as simple as fabbing four tabs (for the mounting bolts) and welding them to your frame, using the pan as a template for placement. What year is your frame? All we need to do is get some of us to measure the widths of our frames at the same spots for the various years of bikes - and see if they match. As long as yours isn't wider than the 86 (and I think they were the same?) It should work. I'll measure my 85 and post here, or someone can confirm that all the frames are the same dimensions in that area.
226 05/12/2005 22:56:14 ganepeil Re: FZ750 Belly pan Mike, pulled out a take'off belly pan from a seca ll. looks alittle tall on sides but will take it to work tommorrow and see if it might work. will up G.
227 06/12/2005 00:43:53 gaillarry Re: FZ750 Belly pan Look for one on Ebay from an FJ1100 or FJ1200, they can be cut to fit.
228 06/12/2005 04:42:40 mike760 Re: FZ750 Belly pan thanks guys i look and see which way i approach it
229 07/12/2005 02:43:01 ganepeil Re: FZ750 Belly pan Mike,propped seca ll belly pan up to my bike, could be done but would require cutting about 20% of it's upper area off. probly not worth the effort unless you could get one gratis and are handy at slice & dice.luck G. ps have built and fitted a couple from sheet aluminum for race applications and mounted using strap steel bent to shape and mounted at oil pan bolts or whatever avail. instead of welding to frame. G.
230 07/12/2005 03:29:40 mike760 Re: FZ750 Belly pan i was planning to try and make a bolt just a question with the lower kit do you have weld the V piece that would come with it or is that also bolt on as for cuting i get my brother to do that here a slicer of rubber should be able to cut plastic
231 08/12/2005 02:24:35 ganepeil Re: FZ750 Belly pan Mike, shooting in the dark here, have a set of full loweres for 87-88 coming from Larry still 3-4 days out. parts fiche show inserts connecting lowers so should be screws with rubber nuts tying things together . are posts on for making your' own so guess inserts are NLA or are pricy.G.
232 10/12/2005 02:24:01 ganepeil Re: FZ750 Belly pan Mike, got with painter on fj chin, sorry, spoken for.
233 11/12/2005 22:59:27 mike760 Re: FZ750 Belly pan not to worry i was gaining info at this time about what can go on and not thanks anyway
234 12/12/2005 21:02:07 buzz87 Re: FZ750 Belly pan Mike - measured my frame, just to check, and it comes in at 32cm at the front (where the front of the frame curves down and flattens out - mine is double thickness there) and 32.5cm just behind the kickstand mount. Measurements not exact, as tape measure was used. If yours is same, but different year, a stock one should fit. Not sure of exact stock style mounting, as haven't seen one in person.
235 24/12/2005 20:03:09 gaillarry FZ Frame Wanted I'm looking for a good frame with a clear title. I've seen a few on Ebay but shipping cost can be a killer to Northern Ontario. I already have a good frame but the VIN number isn't registered anywhere. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation won't register the frame as it's not in their system (I bought it in Ontario without papers). I did have the cops run a check on it and it's not stolen.
236 28/12/2005 04:08:07 ganepeil Re: FZ Frame Wanted Larry,might be useless, but if you have any friends at the wrecker or dealer, in the states we have provisions for second titles issued for salvaged bikes and or mechanic's liens. you might also contact walnecks cycle.I've heard they can do title searches on old bikes and re-register.Luck.G.
237 29/12/2005 19:52:40 gaillarry Re: FZ Frame Wanted I may go the other route, and just get a good VIN plate from another FZ and put it on my frame. Not really legal but it's been done before!
238 31/12/2005 08:33:11 buzz87 Re: FZ Frame Wanted Have to be careful with salvage titles in Canada. In British Columbia, you can no longer register a salvage-title vehicle. I believe this is to cut down on theft and putting written-off vehicles back on the road. You still can do this in Alberta, but I suspect you will see other provinces follow suit, if they haven't started already.
239 31/12/2005 14:15:23 gaillarry Re: FZ Frame Wanted Everytime you run a VIN check in Ontario it cost $20!
240 04/01/2006 02:32:57 ganepeil Re: FZ Frame Wanted Larry, there's a fellow named Doug at depalmamotorsports who has a clear title and frame for an 87 fz700 who will ship worldwide. his reply to me about cost was that he had an offer of $285.00 us and wanted to know if I could do better. I'm out. if intrested his ph. is 818-445-5319 be aware, he was selling parts off a crashed unit so frame might be tweeked. but would provide good #'s and paper.luck G. 8-)
241 04/01/2006 02:36:24 gaillarry Re: FZ Frame Wanted His price is too high for a frame. The norm is $100-150, and in this case I would suspect the frame may not be true. Thanks for looking, sooner or later I'll find one.
242 01/01/2006 21:10:10 gmanhevner For sale FZ750 Engine 1988 FZ750 Engine with Tranny/Starter Located in Chilliwack BC, Canada. 21,000 kilometers(not miles) Looks mint. No alternator and no carbs. Will assist with shipping if need be, but buyer responsible for all costs, weighs 144 lbs. Asking $350 CAD or OBO Email for more info! Thanks! Dave
243 03/01/2006 21:58:32 gaillarry Re: For sale FZ750 Engine I've asked him about shipping cost, hopefully not that much but shipping cost for everything keeps going higher!
244 07/01/2006 03:36:52 ganepeil Finishing touches All,project down to short strokes, all plastic sorted out, painted and installed,1000 mill w/6speed jetted and fitted with 750 rad, and comes on at @ 3/4 on guage and no red zone or boil-over.looks like cammo's desired end product ie full faired & 17" wheels with 320mm rotors and 4 piston pots.or as Dutch put it"bog stock 88 fz750" asside from yoshimura tri-oval polished aluminum can and polished rims could be Justin Vanderham's FZ from still need fuel sender to have working fuel guage and switched reserve, [pricy from yamaha) and license plate light (mounts above plate and below tail light)NLA from yamaha and stock chain guard. got a brief respite from bitter cold today and did about 100mi.sweet. can hardly wait for warmer weather.hope your' projects are as rewarding.luck, G. :-D
245 10/01/2006 19:39:08 mike760 Re: Finishing touches hi G. it been a while since i last post due to being overseas here in holland germany and danmark. trip well nice to hear you finishing bike of mine just got bump up to be finish in four upon of my return due to my kawa gpz900r just went around clock again die of compression failure can fix but the frame had it. i work on the one spark problem from the 95 engine it seems that the with out the key ignition it won't work. now i never come across this problem but i found a person who has i ask him on my return. i am only just out of uni to. question what colour and design did you do on your bike
246 12/01/2006 02:44:03 ganepeil Re: Finishing touches Mike,Went with full faired 88 red/white strobe paint and plastic, tho lowers are from Lockhart and don't cut to the tight "V" at bottom. Plus is didn't have to clearance "glass to clear D&D exhaust. Neg, is bottom is kinda squared looking. over-all am very pleased with outcome.will post pic,'s once I figure out how, and FZ pure sports stickers arrive and are in place.Luck G. 8-)
247 12/01/2006 03:17:40 ganepeil led tailight All, In my searching and scavanging for parts I came up with a taillight assy which had melted its bulb holders. Also in the junk pile of my garage I had a broken R6 tailight assy. short story is carved lcd's and circuit board from R6 tl trimmed to fit and likewise butchered fz base to accept LED panel and board. Eurethra, with a 2nd circuit board and some carving, one could incorperate LCD tailight to be turnsignal as well. just fiddlin G.
248 18/01/2006 17:04:53 guui3dong Re: led tailight Nice. I'm about to buy some replacement LED bulbs (just swap them for the original bulbs) but I'm not sure what the original fitting is. Anyone know? The LED bulbs are a BA15 fitting.
249 19/01/2006 02:16:11 ganepeil Re: led tailight G. If I understand your' question correctly, the orig. t/l bulbs were simply 2 12volt dual element bulbs 8w tail and 27w brake elements. orig. equip.bulbs are a little more expensive than the automotive equivilant(1157) but are also less susceptable to vibration. I believe the LED bulb array is larger than the orig. bulbs diametre, and might not go through the tailight base holes,however, with careful pryzing the lens can be removed from the t/l base and LEDs installed from the outside.luck G. :-)
250 19/01/2006 16:38:00 guui3dong Re: led tailight So the LED bulbs do fit, it's just difficult getting them back into the lens..?
251 12/02/2006 19:39:56 ganepeil Re: led tailight Nah, led's no prob, just r&r lens to t/l can be tedious.G.
252 22/02/2006 19:11:33 robhar2 Looking for part Hi all! My front mudguard on my 1987 FZ750 is broken and I was looking for a replacement... if anyone has one lying around or knows of where I could find one, please post a reply!! I'd appreciate it a lot! Or even if you know which mudguard from another sports bike would possibly fit, give me a shout! Thanks a lot! Marc
253 23/02/2006 18:22:03 ganepeil Re: Looking for part M. if by mudguard you refer to the back half of the front fender, I have one which is unbroken but would need prep and paint. $20.00 plus shipping. G. :-x
254 24/02/2006 23:12:22 buzz87 Re: Looking for part There is a set on ebay now: Item number: 4616158520
255 27/02/2006 04:14:13 robhar2 Re: Looking for part Hey! By front mudguard, I'd mean both parts... to forward and back parts (as shown on the ebay auction)... do you happen to have both parts available? I wouldn't mind having them shipped to my place... I can pay through paypal or certified cheque or anything else!! Whatever suits you. Thanks a lot! Marc
256 27/02/2006 06:59:53 ganepeil Re: Looking for part Marc, figure you refer to ebay item#4616158520 of salt lake breaking bike. Yes, I have both halves, and while when I looked after your' first post it was w/flashlite (under house)plastic was intact tho scratched and rattle can black. If still intrested I'll pull parts and inspect further.If I deem them salvagable I"d want $40.00 for the pair + shipping. understand if you want to bid/track items on ebay,my fenders are on a front end what's been under the house for @6 years and I'm in no press for time. I have paypal act. or cert.cheque/mailorder ok. 8-)
257 27/02/2006 19:11:43 robhar2 Re: Looking for part Sounds good to me... look at them and if you deem them salvagable I'll paypal the 40$ + shipping. (I'd appreciate photos, but I trust your judgment otherwise) You can contact me via email if you prefer: Thanks a lot! Marc
258 27/02/2006 21:43:14 ganepeil Re: Looking for part Marc, pulled fenders and got into light. sorry but front fender has both lower tabs missing,I had fabbed a couple aluminum mounts to inside of fender and screwed them on as substitute mounts, don't remember doing but but is obviously my handi work. if still intrested in intact rear will send along front freebies. PM or email an address and I'll figure shipping UPS (a m8 is shipping/rec. clerk at the shop. :-? PS would sent pics if I could figure how, have been attempting to post pic's of my 7-10 for months now.G
259 28/03/2006 14:16:41 fslflint I need a flasher relay assembly when I bought my 87 fz-700 the blinkers, gauge lights, etc weren't working. after a bit of time I narrowed it down to the flasher relay assembly. but they're kinda pricy from the dealershi so if anybody has one use could you let me know. thanks Zach ps, I'm in pennsylvania
260 30/03/2006 23:06:48 mike760 Re: I need a flasher relay assembly Hi there go to the wreckers most relays would be cheap and most bikes wouldn't need to replace their relays unless they got some kind of damage to them also did you replace all globes before you said it relay that when a globe go it could stop the blinkers blinking or blink really fast. and this the first case of this that i heard off blinker relay gone on a FZ. anyway wreckers should have one and not that dear so look up the wrecker and give them a call for one. cheers mike760
261 31/03/2006 03:47:42 fslflint Re: I need a flasher relay assembly I checked and double checked the bulbs and wireing. they are all good as far as I can tell. I tested the relay assembly per the methods in my service manual and according to those tests, it is bad. I know its odd but thats all I could find that would make the instrument lights, brake lights, and turn signals all stop working.
262 31/03/2006 04:15:46 mike760 Re: I need a flasher relay assembly yeah just check the wreckers bound to find one cheap
263 10/04/2006 04:44:06 ganepeil Re: I need a flasher relay assembly Zach, noted your' post some time past,piqued intrest as have never exp.t/s relay failure. relay has assorted tasks, but as near as I can tell only lighting function it performs is flasher ckt for t/s's guage lighting and misc functions of guages,horn,neutral lite,brake lite,oil level lite etc are all functions powered by output from generator ie on different wiring/ ckt. would rec. chk fuse to gen. (follow major wire from batt. + terminal to small guage wire to sq. box which looks like a relay or diode but has pop top, should contain 2 blade fuses, 1 is spare, other provides exciter power to alt. if fuse intact, fire up bike and verify you have a charging system by noting a; h/l (if operational) gets brighter between idle and @ 3k rpm or better voltmeter across + - batt termninals increases reads from 12 whaterer to @ 14 whaterer vdc. if this doesn't help, post as much info as you can as to which lites/ guages/strarting ckts / charging syst / work or don't and I'll meditate as time allows.luck G 8-)
264 19/04/2006 16:13:54 fslflint Re: I need a flasher relay assembly as far as I can tell by looking at my wiring diagram all light functions except headlights are routed through the flasher relay assembly. and all funstions that are routed through the assembly are not functioning. flashers, gauge lights, neutral light, horn, brake light all are not working. I got a line on a used relay, if it works out I'll put it on and tell you guys if it worked or not.
265 21/04/2006 00:27:37 mike760 Re: I need a flasher relay assembly HI fslflint well you got it under control if not working it may be just wire loose most likely it the relay has the relay got any noticeable damage to it cheers mike760
266 06/05/2006 20:19:46 fslflint Re: I need a flasher relay assembly well, you guys were right. found a loose conection near the fusebox. all lights started working afer it was fixed. I was very happy that it was running nicely, until I hopped on to take a test ride and as soon as I dropped it into first the engine died. so now I gotta figure out whats wrong with it.
267 08/05/2006 04:28:39 mike760 Re: I need a flasher relay assembly hi sound likes the same problem as fslflint under engine topic clutch won't engage. go back to wear the wire was loose you may find something else loose or a cross connection. other wise just check the switches on clutch and side stand may not be releasing. just goes through from one end to the other just checking all the wires may even find something else wrong. cheers mike760
268 04/04/2006 04:30:08 buzz87 Replacing Front Sprocket Okay - I've got the rear wheel off and am in the process of replacing my cracked swing arm and want to put on new sprockets and chain. In order to do that, the front drive sprocket cover needs to come off. All Clymer says is: remove the screws holding on the cover, remove the shift linkage, no need to remove the clutch slave cylinder and the cover should come off. (sic) Notice no mention of the number of bolts, and of course the picture is crap. I've removed three short bolts and two longer bolts, but the cover won't come off. Gentle prying does no good, other than a bit of movement where the shift-shaft comes through the cover. Any real-world suggestions? :-(
269 04/04/2006 04:53:41 mike760 Re: Replacing Front Sprocket hi john to get cover the clutch slave must come off since it goes right through the case. i think two of the three bolts go through because one long and the other a little shorter. i pull mine off and i got three different size bolts make sure to mark them also make sure when new sprockets attach the locking nut must be tight there have been cases where it come off and the chain will brake the clutch shaft. on my bike the guy had spot welder on the sprocket had to use the dremel to remove the weld to get the sprocket off when you remove the clutch slave remove it slowly so the seal stays intack other wise need to replace not sure if they are dear or not. but i would replace it anyway and put on braided lines too. i have another look at my pics to see what needs to be remove and post it tommorrow and how many bolts i remove.
270 04/04/2006 05:03:26 buzz87 Re: Replacing Front Sprocket Thanks, Mike! I was kinda figurin' I had to take off the slave cyl. Maybe one of the bolts could be kept in, but I guess I'll just go ahead and take her out - I have a kit to rebuild it anyway, so don't know why I didn't just go ahead! The kit cost me maybe 15USD. At least that way I can check the internals, too. I'll await your pics... Thanks, mate 8-)
271 05/04/2006 01:39:06 mike760 Re: Replacing Front Sprocket that it take it out yeah there are six bolts that need to come out to remove the cover.
272 05/04/2006 03:42:32 ganepeil Re: Replacing Front Sprocket Please note. when replacing front sprocket, collar which spaces spkt from bearing and seals at outer seal is dished at inner circumference and should contain an o ring. also spkt retaining nut needs be recessed allowing splines from c/s to enter nut(after lock tab washer) this locates counter shaft against output bearing thus locating gears for shift forks and drum. have seen cases where improper nut was used causing rounded dogs and bent shift forks. ps nut is designed to fail bfore damaging shaft ie made of cheese, torque to spec and bend tab washer. tighter is'nt better. luck G. 8-)
273 05/04/2006 10:42:05 buzz87 Re: Replacing Front Sprocket Will attempt Wed. aft. once I get up from nightshift. Will up then. I also get to take out the old adjustable shock and inspect and R/R. Will look at replacing this later when a good aftermarket comes along at the same time I have folded green in hand. Is there an aftermarket that fits the 85 suspension, as it doesn't use the dogbones and the eyes are different than later models? :roll: Thanks, guys. Here's my up: the top bolt holding the clutch slave cyl goes through it and the cover - it's the sixth bolt to remove. The other two bolts can be kept in place if one doesn't want to do the slave cyl. Then I got a surprise - the nut holding the spacer nut and splined washer was entirely missing! A mouse must have gotten to that cheese nut, Gary! If I read right there is supposed to be a foldup washer to 'lock' the nut inplace. That's gone, too, so I guess I'll be ordering parts before I can reinstal the sprocket. Only damage was the splined washer is chewed, and i'll have to chase the shifter shaft threads - they're a bit flatened. Could have been a lot worse, for sure... Hopefully no inner damage, as the adjustment was obviously loose. will have a bunch of small orings to replace, too.
274 06/04/2006 02:42:16 ganepeil Re: Replacing Front Sprocket John, am guessing that splined washer (the chewed one ) was once the lock-tab washer.proper order of parts accessible from outside cases is o ring, counter shaft seal (should still be in cases, but can be replaced from outside) c/s spkt spacer (seals internally w/ o ring and externally to seal) front sprocket, lock tab washer (is splined internally to counter shaft and outer circumference is bent over final nut after tightening. on to possible shift shaft issues. if due to spline/linkage wear after being run loose linkage is still loose on shaft after tightening pinch bolt on linkage can cheat by squeezing linkage in vice til gap is nearly closed and increase opening w/hack saw. rendering more grip on splines. if threads are damaged, can try installing longer bolt from wrong side and achieve squeeze from nut % washer from non-threaded side. also a good time to inspect wear and anchor of heim joints. luck G. :lol:
275 17/04/2006 15:14:24 buzz87 Re: Replacing Front Sprocket Gary, mulling things over on my last post and looking at yours, I think that the sprocket nut is still there, it's just that there are no longer threads in it (cheese.) It is recessed, and there's no room outside of it for another nut anyways; plus, the splined spacer behind it is likely the lockwasher, as you say. It is crudely turned up in two spots as a cue, too, but with it being chewed up as it was, I didn't catch that. Can't get the tapered metal spkt spacer off c/s at moment, but haven't tried too hard, wasn't sure if it should come off. The o-ring and seal you mention are behind that in the case, correct? I think I should replace these, as there is evidence of oil leakage from that area - perhaps leading to failed nut? Also my error - it is the c/s threads that need to be chased, not the shifter shaft. Now - on to play. I didn't get to check that with the sprocket on, as it wasn't really on! With the shaft bare, there is some sideways play in the shaft. Is this normal, or should I pray for another life in which to tear down this bike, as you mention in post to "oldman" about having to split cases in order to change this bearing? Did you get my PM on swingarm?
276 18/04/2006 03:13:57 ganepeil Re: Replacing Front Sprocket John, Sorry if my posts are dificult to visualize. I have a tendancy to mix and match english and american terminology. drive shaft,main axle, input shaft all same. the trans shaft which clutch basket lives on and connects crank to trans via primary drive gear.(the big one at the back of clutch basket.) this shafts bearings are located into cases by slots in bearings and corresponding slots in acases and fixed by the equivilant of 1/2 piston rings keep bearings located. this shaft is kept in place by cl hub nut. keeping it in place laterally.or more accuratly drawing mainshaft to r/h side of engine w/0% clearance via the cl. basket, its corresponding washers bearing and locktab washer. counter shaft /lay shaft drive,output shaft, the one with the little chain gear attached s' bearings are similarly located either by locating rings or shoulders in cases (which simply keep bearings from spinning. the point is moot. the location of shaft is not. the lateral location of the counter shaft is made by the c/s spacer,c/s sprocket, locktab washer and nut. thats why the nut is recessed to accept the splines of shaft prior to lock up. accepting misc aftermkt sprockets wilst still locating c/s against internal bearings and properly locating gears and shift forks. some play is to be expected as with any bearing , but if you can pull an air gap at c/s seal by tweeking output shaft w c/s spkt /spacer /nut in situ, its time. think I'll take a hiatis if you'd like specific exp. drop an email. luck G. 8-)
277 19/04/2006 14:40:04 buzz87 Re: Replacing Front Sprocket Thanks, Gary. Have a nut and lockwasher coming, hopefully within two weeks. Will up then. In meantime been bench testing other bikes for this years' riding season - It's upon us! :-x
278 10/04/2006 17:27:51 robhar2 Clutch problem Hi I have an 1987 FZ750. Essentially, I'm having trouble with my clutch. It seems as if it's not bitting anymore. By that, I mean that its almost as if I would need to pull it a bit further, but then it hits the handle bar. Previous owner had mentioned this, and said the way to solve the problem was to clean the clutch once in a while. He said to remove the three bolts on the clutch cover (on the engine) and gently clean the inside. At first I thought fine, but shouldn't a hydraulic clutch NOT be opened like that?? Anyways I wanted thoughts on this before actually doing it. And maybe tips on things I should look for. This is my first bike so I'm sort of new at all this. Thanks a lot Marc Tomkinson
279 11/04/2006 23:18:21 mike760 Re: Clutch problem Hi Marc first thing check the clutch resovoir for how much clutch fluid and may also may have the wrong fluid so i do recomend bleeding the line. second how old are the is the clutch plates and springs the spring on the plates can be a reason the slave cylinder doesn't seem it the problem you could have a air bubble or not enough fluid density more like problems at the two ends, lever to actual plates and spring check a manual they come in handy for solving problem like this cheers mike760
280 12/04/2006 03:03:22 ganepeil Re: Clutch problem M, agree w/Mike to begin w/bleed/flush master&slave cyls,as most lever (not slippage) probs are hydrolic in nature.2nd agree w/you that disturbing slave piston is poor option unless leakage or piston travel is suspect. some things I would look at are. at cl lever there are 2 pivots, the actual lever pivot bolt (can be chkd just by wiggling lever, I believe there's a brass sleeve inside lever which keeps lever hole round and keeps lever from getting sloppy, and 2nd another brass cyl which is the reciever of th cl.master push rod shaft.have seen cases where shaft has worn through pivot bush, which would cause yer problem, ie not enough piston travel to dis-engage clutch. next, if bike has ever thrown chain cl pushrod might have been hit/ bent (easily seen as damage would be obviuus) next there is a #8 ball bearing that lives at the other end of pushrod which might be damaged /missing which would cause cl.actuaor to be out of operating might try a telescopic magnet thru cl shaft seal to verify its presence. next. a clutch hub nut could have backed off, causing cl pack to back off main axle.(would still allow drive, but is ususlly pretty noisy) next. broken friction plates could leave debris spacing cl/friction /drive plates spaced beyound range of std clutch operating range. just some random thoughs luck G 8-)
281 14/04/2006 20:51:18 oldman 6th gear noise Help needed I just purchased a 1989 genesis with a noise on 6th gear. Under load it sounds horrible but when you shut off the throttle the noise goes ? if I do have to strip down the box can this be done without stripping down the engine ?
282 15/04/2006 02:20:01 ganepeil Re: 6th gear noise oldman, welcome, sorry to hear of your woes. 6th gear failure not uncommon in this bike, in fact 2nd only to output bearing failure in trans region. usuall suspects are broken tooth on 6th gear and or galling of carrior bush of corresponding gears / shafts. sorry, but inspection requires r&r of eng. splitting cases, to include r&r of top end, as case bolts are located under cyl. something you might try, is remove clutch including outer basket(disengages trans from crank) and with trans in 6th gear rotate rear wheel in both directions at least 1 full rotation of wheel whilst gripping trans main shaft (by hand) providing a little load (final drive is @ 1 to 1) a missing tooth will feel like a notch at main shaft. and verify need for tear down. welcome all additional inputs..... G
283 15/04/2006 13:02:55 oldman Re: 6th gear noise Thanks for the info ganepeil a broken tooth would give me vibration and i sure do get vibration in 6th so i think you just might have found the problem for me, seems i am going to be off the road for a while yet gggggggggrrrrrrrr
284 16/04/2006 01:28:45 ganepeil Re: 6th gear noise Sir, had a couple afterthoughts. 1st is if missing tooth is indeed prob. could be verified by dropping trans pan and oil pickup and searching for bits. tho possible that prev. owner has done oil changes and debris has left the building, larger chunks generally congregate at pickup filter/sheild, and babbit/bush material lays in sludge at bottom of pan(just the opposite of panning for gold,yer not hoping for color). 2nd pop chain and feel output shaft for play/w/sprocket in situ, it's possible that output bearing has failed anfd requires to be at higher rpm to make self noticed (doubtful and requires same teardown to replace) 3rd if chain has massive tight spot, ie 2-3 inches of slack at 1 point and minimal at another could feedback noise and vibration. admitted these opts are low percentage, but would hate to have you spend the time & expense of tear down to find problem was junk chain bent sprocket, loose counter shaft sprocket nut, et all luck, Gane. PS if you elect to tear down yourself, can offer some time/money saving bits I've garnered. G.
285 17/04/2006 13:35:43 oldman Re: 6th gear noise Once again thanks for the tips thou i do feel after thinking about it the noise comes only in 6th all other gears are normal so i think the output bearing is out as for the chain when i got the bike the chain was in poor condition so i purchased a tin of wax that you heat up leave the chain in the tin and heat up the tin of wax i left it for 30 mins now the chain is as good as new with no tight spots so again i do not think its the chain as for dropping the sump thats a good idea i did do an oil change myself and nothing fell out but as you say the tooth might have been removed before or is wedged in somewhere. This leaves me with an engine strip down i cant say i will look forward to doing this more the cost than the manual work as i have spent to much money on the bike already :o( again thanks for your help i will keep you posted on what i decide to do
286 27/04/2006 23:26:29 oldman Re: 6th gear noise Well i have gone and done it removed the engine yesterday and stripped it today i found that 9 teeth on the 6th gear main shaft were badly damaged looks like the case hardning failed no wonder i was getting a noise and vibration i just have to wait for the new parts to arrive and then i can get rebuilding it my back room looks like a disaster area engine parts all over the place :lol:
287 28/04/2006 02:26:27 ganepeil Re: 6th gear noise oldman, if you haven't already ordered new parts, might try shopping ebay for whole trans. I purchased complete gearset and shift package this winter on faith (counting on research) from fzx 700 for @$150.00 and installed in current fzr1000. my research showed transmissions from fzx 700 fz700, fz750's all fit 750/1000 cases. can also exchange for 5 speed if you go full route (shift drum and forks)from 1000 eng. buying used always a gamble but my buck fifty probly equal to single axle cost and less than related gears/forks/bearings. if you elect to replace only failed parts, strongly reccomend new c/s output bearing even if appears good as it is the most commonly failed part in reading. also. the head and rocker box gaskets if not damaged in dis-assy can be re-used by cleaning w/carbcleaner to metal and painting w/hi temp spray paint. have been in and out of both my 750 and 1000 motors (re-ringing and trans swaps)without problems.luck Gane. 8-)
288 28/04/2006 08:31:34 oldman Re: 6th gear noise Thanks for the info but parts all on order i am busy at the moment cleaning carbon off the valves aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh then to lap them in and shim them head is away being skimmed i was told by the engineer that he can take 14thou off the head and it will sharpen up the engine :-D
289 29/04/2006 04:19:14 ganepeil Re: 6th gear noise O, sounds about right, in racing I just eliminated base gasket . G
290 12/05/2006 20:56:55 oldman Re: 6th gear noise well not much has happened in the past 2 weeks i am still waiting for parts to arrive all this sunshine and i cant get out on my bike gggggggrrrrrrrrr
291 21/04/2006 10:08:28 robhar2 sprockets I'm to the point where I will be changing my chain and sprockets for the first time (first time for me, not the bike). But, since I haven't had to try to find any of this stuff ever before, I was looking for some insight. I seem to be having a tough time finding sprockets, particularly the c/s sprocket. So far I have come up with three companies that make front and rear sprockets for my '86 FZ750: JT, sunstar, and TBI(?). So to the questions, 1. What is the difference between the different brands? 2. What are your recommendations? 3. Are there front and rear sprockets from other bikes that will fit mine (and increase my options)? 4. Also if you all know of any smokin' deals that maybe helpful, I have scoured the internet of the last day or two and will be calling most of the parts stores in my local phone book tomorrow. Thanks much, Robert 8-)
292 24/04/2006 00:23:05 mike760 Re: sprockets Hi there there many companies that make the sprockets for the FZ750 various year models if you plan to change yourself go down to local mechanic and they should have sprocket listing of some sort that list all sprockets for your bike the sprockets should match the chainthat you going to use i believe it a 520 chain chain is the dearest part around $200-300 aus dollars and about $20-60 aus dollars for each sprockets your machanic would know who better but i don't think there not very much difference as for what other bikes look at any other yamaha that runs same chain you find the spline the same on a lot of them hope this help a little bit Mike760
293 25/04/2006 05:28:36 buzz87 Re: sprockets Robert - ebay item number 8059186301 is a complete set of front/rear sprockets and o-ring chain for about 130USD buy it now. Probably a good price since it's a set. Other options for chain - item #4616207687 about 57USD 'buy it now' or go to - he's got o-ring chain, bulk or by the length. Proper sprockets are 16 tooth front 45 rear (although mine is a 46 tooth) Use 530-110 o-ring chain. Here is what I have to put on: front sprocket by Yamaha - new - part # 1AE-17460-00 (still avail in Canada) My chain is a D.I.D Professional. box says DID50VA and the sticker on it says 530-110L DID Chain (confirming the 530 size and 110 links, I believe) My rear sprocket is part No. PCL700508 or K22-3603Z by PartsUnlimited. The tag lists the OEM No. as 1AE-25446-20 Hope this helps. (I'd go with the buy it now set from ebay. If I'd done that, I would have saved alot of money and hasle)
294 25/04/2006 06:41:35 robhar2 Re: sprockets I ended up going with the Sun Star sprockets front and rear and a DID530VM X-ring chain for $200 total (after some painstaking internet searches and a little negoitiation) from my local dealership. I went with the all steel sprocket option because I was more concerned with strength and wearlife than weight. About how long does a chains and sprockets last these days? properly maintained of course... 8-)
295 26/04/2006 01:35:28 mike760 Re: sprockets hi about 20k the life of the chain but sprokets can go before the chain but chains can get upto about 30k but i don't know if your sprockets will last that long usally they both tend to go about the same time cheers mike760
296 29/04/2006 16:07:08 buzz87 Re: sprockets It is also recommended that if you have to replace one component, that you replace all three as a set. If one part is worn in, or a sprocket gets 'hooked' it will effect any new part you put on it.
297 30/04/2006 21:52:22 buzz87 Current Windscreen Site Hey kids - you know how hard it is to find a nice new windscreen for your FZ? Well I just found a German manufacturer that has distributors around the world. Here is the site Site was current as of march 2006, so it's good. They have three configurations available supposedly in many color choices: part 262-O is orig. config. 310mm. part 262-S is a sportscreen with spoiler at 245mm. and 262-T is a touring in 370mm. Check it out if everything on your Z looks great except for that old windscreen! Have fun - summer comin' 8-)
298 04/05/2006 08:28:10 dave56 Re: Current Windscreen Site Here's another site well worth checking. I've recently bought a new screen (in a dark tint) and strongly recommend them to any interested on looking at buying a new one. Cheers Dave :-D
299 29/05/2006 15:12:58 FZChris Re: Current Windscreen Site Thanks for the info. Zero Gravity also makes a replacement screen for the FZ750. It comes as a Dark almost black tint. Very nice, just put one on mine. Only trouble was a vibration noise but I now have it cured.
300 03/05/2006 02:09:25 mike760 TANKS hi guys i was thinking of putting a later model FZ 750 fuel tank on can anyone tell me if 87 88 tank go on to a 85 model cheers mike760
301 04/05/2006 01:22:52 buzz87 Re: TANKS Mike - according to Clymer (i think it was) the tanks are just a little bit different in capacity due to airbox configuration. I think the mounting points are the same though. John
302 05/05/2006 03:59:06 ganepeil Re: TANKS Mike. In accruing misc body parts for 7-10 bought from ebay an porported 87 fz750 tank. as was custom paint can't verify year. fits as stock . best guess is if you stay fz as opposed to fzr(aluminum frame ) should be ok. (fzr tanks front mount is twin spar at nose as opposed to rubber mounts a couple inches back on eithr side on 700 and 750. believe fuel level sender mount plate of different deminsions as well luck. G
303 12/05/2006 19:23:40 Dutch Re: TANKS Sorry again for late reply. NO it WON'T fit. '85 has a 22 liter tank with separate cap. 86> has 21 liter and flip up cap. The front mountings are at a slightly different position. I tried putting the '86 tank on a 85 ... :-( Cheers, Dutch edit: it was the '85 tank I tried putting on the '86 bike, but the effect is the same. From memory the '85 has the front mounting about 5-10 mm futher forward. From 86 on all tanks should be the same, though I never tried my '95 tank on the '86 bike.
304 14/05/2006 23:48:19 mike760 Re: TANKS cheers dutch thank for the info mike760
305 13/05/2006 15:58:59 seahag Sprocktes Exup rear end Hey guys, Ive got a modded 85 fz750 with a exup rear end. the gearing as it sits right now is 16T front(stockfz) and 47T rear(stockfzr1000) The thing goes like stink but revs too much all the time. Looking for some info on getting the gearing set up poperly. Hopefull someone here has the same mods and can help. Thank you.. ==============================
306 14/05/2006 23:57:31 mike760 Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end i beleive FZR1000 rear end ran 17 inch wheel on my FZ750 i have 16-44 gear ratio with a 18 inch wheel it should be roughly sitting around 5k to 6k rpm at 110KPH with the smaller wheel may want to go to 17 -44 it should nearly be the same for what ever engine you run using FZ use FZ750 Gears and change front up one tooth for smaller wheel cheers mike
307 15/05/2006 12:44:26 Dutch Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end Hello Seahag, That bike is indeed geared for acceleration. Standard on the later FZ is 17-44 or so if I remember correctly. Putting on a smaller front and/or bigger rear sprocket increases rpm and therefor pulling power at a given speed. Do you have the 18" wheel of the older FZR or the 17" of the later one? I have a 17" and use a 41 t sprocket from an FJ1100. rpm is about the same as original: about 23 kph / 1000 rpm (4.500 at 100 kph / 60 mph) Cheers, Dutch
308 16/05/2006 20:32:07 seahag Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end Yes 17" rear. still confused. some others are suggesting going to a 17T front will be fine. lots of different ideas here.
309 17/05/2006 07:49:56 oldman Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end Oh my gawd i have standard wheels and am running 16 / 43 so where does that leave me ???????????
310 17/05/2006 12:48:04 seahag Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end I believe 16 - 44 is what my stock 18 inch rear was at.
311 18/05/2006 02:50:10 mike760 Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end with the 750 motor to remain at smae rpm just drop rear down one tooth because the 17in has a slightly smaller circumference hence need gear to become a little taller to compensate for the smaller circumference most bike can drop down one more if you like put on two tooth down on rear and leave 16teen on front if it not right after 100km change the rear that way you can still change if rpm not right cheers mike760
312 18/05/2006 09:03:38 Dutch Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end The 17" is quite a bit smaller than the 18" oem. You can do the maths if you like. To keep gearing the same you'd have to go down 2 teeth on the rear. Front/rear is -if i'm not mistaken- 43/17 (for a 3KS) = 2.53 : 1. 44/16 = 2.75 : 1. As with most bikes, going up 1 tooth in the front is about the same as going down 3 in the rear. It's not that sensitive, if you like cruising at lower rpm keep gearing on the tall side, if you like vivid acceleration keep the gearing short (as it is now on your bike). Have fun, Dutch
313 18/05/2006 09:09:43 Dutch Re: Sprocktes Exup rear end ps1: with tall gearing you can always go down a gear to have quick accelaration (apart from 1st, if you want to do a traffic light sprint 8-) ). Where you'd normally do that twisty road in 5th, just do in 4th and the rpm's and hence power is there for you. ps2: with short gearing your start is quick, but you cannot reduce rpm when on a long haul. Personally I prefer the original gearing, it's short enough for quick departure in 1st gear and long enough for reasonable rpm at cruising speeds
314 17/05/2006 03:31:05 mike760 Corbin seat Hi i just found about the corbin seat designs they are not bad until they said their stop making them in the ninety well that just put icing on the cake anyhow did any you guys get one or do a recover of you seat. i just sent my down to local maker who going try to do the same scheme for me just want to hear your thoughts on the different seat and covers ??? or any with a stock of seats cheers mike760 i yeah just bought a second bike in good shape single seat it will remain as stock bike only a refresh of paint.
315 18/05/2006 08:56:53 Dutch Re: Corbin seat Appearantly Corbin had a fire in the 90's where a lot of there molds (for the base plate I assume) have been destroyed. For an "old" bike like the FZ it probably wasn't economical to make a new one. One of the US freaks (now riding Ducati) had a Corbin he had send back to freshen up. 1st attempt was rubbish, but when he complained they did it again, 2nd time around perfect. I bought a used Corbin in the US last year. Doesn't lock properly, by the looks of it the bolts that hold the lock are too long and touch the frame. Just haven't gotten around on making them a bit shorter.... Kev (UK) had his seat redone by a local company, not sure but I think it was the original seat. All you need is a good craftsman/women and when you can find one nearby that always better. Cheers, Dutch
316 19/05/2006 04:09:43 ganepeil seat covers hi all, as a vet of installing many seat covers, offer this bit. the seat cover for the fz is hardly a custom fit. while the origional seat cover retails for @ 70+ bucks, you can go to yer local fabric store and buy enough naugahide to f..up 2 or 3 times for around $20.00 expertise comes with experiance and over-all apperance is 90% of existing foam. so if dropping seat height , do yer carving from pan area, not top of seat . luck G 8-)
317 23/05/2006 10:34:41 mike760 FZ750 MudGuard hi guys i just pull my rear mud guard out to give it a clean up and redone to look like new. when i pick it up it was bloody heavy for plastic, under cleaning of the black shit, it a metal plate. are suppose to have a metal plate in them. if you have metal plate did you remove it or cut out unneeded sections. plates weigh about 5kg what will you do mike760
318 25/05/2006 02:54:04 ganepeil Re: FZ750 MudGuard Mike, inner panel at rear fender stock on my 86, probly intended to support for 2ndary license plate light and stiffen up rear fender. I retained mine to locate fender and secure 700 subframe /plastic. as I'm running later style subframe and had little else to secure bits to, used metal panel for anchor / support. also keeps wiring tidy. luck G
319 26/05/2006 20:32:59 Stroudism Shifter Stuck etween 1st & 2nd Gear Yesterday the shifter wouldn't let me above 2nd gear on my '86 FZ750. I could shift down to 1st, neutral, back to 2nd, but not above. This morning I took it around the block to see what was up, and low and behold... it was shifting perfectly. So I drive to work about 20 miles, and when I get off the highway and shift down to 1st, it's stuck again. This time, the shifter is all the way down and I have to pull hard to get it into neutral or 2nd. I am thinking this might related to the engine temp, but I really don't know a whole lot about bikes. Any input on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Steve-O
320 26/05/2006 20:34:09 Stroudism Shifter Stuck between 1st & 2nd Gear Yesterday the shifter wouldn't let me above 2nd gear on my '86 FZ750. I could shift down to 1st, neutral, back to 2nd, but not above. This morning I took it around the block to see what was up, and low and behold... it was shifting perfectly. So I drive to work about 20 miles, and when I get off the highway and shift down to 1st, it's stuck again. This time, the shifter is all the way down and I have to pull hard to get it into neutral or 2nd. I am thinking this might related to the engine temp, but I really don't know a whole lot about bikes. Any input on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Steve-O[/i]
321 29/05/2006 01:22:37 ganepeil Re: Shifter Stuck between 1st & 2nd Gear Steve, It's been a while since I've been inside, but if memory serves, shift drum has 5 or 6 pins which are inserted in drum and secured by an outer plate. and are in turn the grasping member of the shift shaft arms. if securing plate has loosened and allowed pin/s to fall out would cause you're problem. also broken spring/s or arm on shift shaft. good news is can be assertained by pulling clutch basket and visually inspect. bad is if pieces can't be found or shift shaft and pins intact would be at a loss. before launching into removing clutch would rec. checking that the circlip that retains shift shaft (behind and below countershaft sprocket is intact. luck G 8-)
322 19/06/2006 19:40:17 Stroudism Re: Shifter Stuck between 1st & 2nd Gear G, I am embarassed to tell you what the solution was: a loose bolt on the subframe was getting in the way of the shift lever. As soon as it was tightened back up, everything was fine. I do, however, have an overheating problem. The fan works and I just replaced the thermostat. My dad thinks it might be the water impeller. I have no clue what else to trouble shoot or how to go about this. Any advice? Thanks, Steve
323 30/05/2006 15:26:12 mike760 Recondition starter motor and alternator hi just finish recondition the alternator and starter motor. pretty easy not much too do, it just a little bit of soldering and machining to be done. change colour to dull aluminium look good on engine now one thing to watch though is the three wires for the rectifier make sure you label which one belong to what position. and if you alternator doesn't hold good voltage also replace the regulator(most common thing that goes. Starter motor doesn't need very much may only need to replace seal and machine commutator and replace brushes. Here a website for parts for the alternator. any question on how to do somthing or got stuck (unlikly) ask away??
324 08/06/2006 13:08:39 Dutch Re: Recondition starter motor and alternator A funny thing happens when you re-connect both wires from the alternator wrong way round: at first bike seems to run fine, but when you turn the key it keeps on running. Day after you find your battery is empty. :-( Wasn't the only one who ran into this, when a asked help on a Dutch bike forum another FZ(R) rider pointed towards the wires :-) Cheers, Dutch
325 16/06/2006 15:12:14 robhar2 Melted Fairing Hi! My fairings (maybe its called cowls) melted a bit, sticking themselves to the exhaust pipes. This annoys the hell out of me, and I HOPE to find someone with these parts used out there, or recommandation to a good online shop!? My fairings are red and white. You may mail me @ if you've got something useful to me!
326 01/07/2006 02:58:42 tilterron seat Looking for seat cowl or corbin seat for 1986 FZ750. Also looking for chin fairing. Can any one help me.
328 20/08/2006 10:44:08 krondalf Re: seat..any answer.. Has anyone been in touch with you about the solo seat cowl? If not I would be extemelly interested. Im from Australia...and the cowls were never on the bikes here. I have been hunting for one for quite some time now If still available please reply Ken :lol:
329 22/08/2006 00:49:00 snake Re: seat..any answer.. Not trying to steal the thread, but are you sure that cowls were never on the bike? I too am in Australia and some (not sure which) FZ's here certainly did come with a cowl, as mine has one - '85 model. According to the previous owner it had it since new. Just as a matter of interest.
330 22/08/2006 02:37:15 krondalf Re: seat..any answer.. Im only going by Yamaha.. here in Adelaide. The solo seat cowl is not in their spares discs. It would be great to get hold of one.. In the past 15months I have sourced and completely replaced all panels on my bike. Except for the full lower fairings which are not made anymore. I am seeing about getting the lower fairngs rebuilt and sprayed back to original. The seat cowl would cap it off though :-D
331 22/08/2006 09:15:26 oops-sorry Re: seat..any answer.. i bought on in sydney in 88 and it was a 85 bike and it cam with a cowl they are around but onmly on 85 86 bikes
332 28/08/2006 02:36:50 mike760 Re: seat..any answer.. Hi fellow aussie the individual seat were available here in australia they were offered in both forms just that the solo seat was rare i know of least of first five hundred bike in aus only around 60 had the solo seat. from 1988 more than half had the solo seats in aus just some info. mike760
333 28/08/2006 12:08:56 krondalf Re: seat..any answer.. Thanks guys.. I was only looking at my year (Dec 87) model. I will have to go and see if I can find the cowls through 85 & 86.... If anyone out there has one please continue thread... Thanks
334 28/08/2006 22:45:41 ganepeil Re: seat Just muddying the waters here, though cowls were available here in US as acc."s for fz 750's(color matched) and came stock on some fzr 750-100s. at that time they priced @ $200.00 US they show up periodically on Ebay usually w/custom paint and either damaged or missing back pad. going eventually for @ $100.00 bucks. if anyone has fitted a FZR cowl to an fz would like to hear if mod.s were required. thks G.
335 13/09/2006 22:10:39 oops-sorry Re: seat i just got one on ebay uk for 62 quid inc a seat
336 13/09/2006 22:53:32 tilterron Re: seat Sorry I took so long getting back to you. Do you still have seat cowl? If so email pic and price and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks Terry
337 22/11/2006 20:55:30 oops-sorry Re: seat..any answer.. any guys in sydney i know where you can get a solo seat cowl for $100
338 26/07/2006 01:57:17 oops-sorry rearsets can spmebody direct me to a site that sels these for an fz
339 26/07/2006 06:30:36 Dutch Re: rearsets eBay or other advertisement site. Afaik there are no new ones available anywhere. If you do find however, pls let us know :-)
340 28/07/2006 00:52:41 oops-sorry dont know exactly what to call this im looking for the black piece of plastic that sits inside the upper fairing on the left side. the choke knob sits in it. does anybody have one of these extra or at least know what its called. thanks
341 11/08/2006 07:18:10 Dutch Re: dont know exactly what to call this join the line, there are many fz owners looking for those two (l&r) fairing bits. I have only seen them at a UK race shop, but perhaps Yamaha can still supply also. Cheers, Dutch
342 11/08/2006 22:23:38 daddyjay Re: dont know exactly what to call this Unfortunately you can add me to that list. As far as I know they're just called top fairing inners. If you find someone who has a set let me know cos I need the other side. Left hand one came up on ebay a little while ago worth keeping an eye on. Jay
343 13/08/2006 03:10:37 ganepeil Re: dont know exactly what to call this J. I work for a dealership , and was told initially that they had been discontinued. and shopped ebay for most of the winter. discovered that same parts had different p#"s for US and Euro models.on a whim I ordered the US parts thru the shop. and recieved 1 direct from Japan and the other from a US warehouse.they weren't cheep, about 60.00 dollars US each, but both were new in YAMAHA packaging. if interested I'll look through reciepts and dig up part #"s G.
344 03/08/2006 02:26:49 oops-sorry yzf 600 swingarm any body know if i can fit one and what else is needed
345 12/07/2007 16:46:43 texasFZ Re: yzf 600 swingarm Bump! I'm asking the same question.
346 13/07/2007 18:33:26 Dutch Re: yzf 600 swingarm You can also use air chamber: 140 mm with forks compressed and springs out.
347 26/07/2007 14:40:25 texasFZ Re: yzf 600 swingarm I bought an '86 FZ750 from a friend. He had some extra parts for it that he was going to use to modify the bike with. He had a yzf-600 rear wheel, swingarm and axle. He also had a pair of front brake calipers from a yzf-600. I have 2 questions about these parts. 1. Will these parts interchange without modifications? 2. How can I tell if the front forks have been swapped out? Thank you for any information you can give.
348 06/08/2007 05:31:34 sidecar42 Re: yzf 600 swingarm Try checking out this guy's blog, has done some interesting mods to his FZ, including complete YZF 750 front and rear ends and gives pretty good detail of whats involved. Cheers sidecar42
349 06/11/2007 03:01:53 roadrash Re: yzf 600 swingarm i cant,help wit the yzf but heres a couple of option if you wanna change from standard. i put fazer complete front including bearings and yolkes on my 85 went straight on(iv no plastics though running risers and drag bars)rear wheel and brakes went straight in too but had to space caliper a bit but no big deal only thing i found was it lowers the bike,handled great solo but bootmd out 2up at rear. on my 89 i fitted complete exup1000 front end again with drag bars it also went straight on,at the rear i fitted the exup1000 swing arm wheel and brakes(only mods were had to get new spacer machined for the swing arm pivot originals diameter is too small for exups needle bearings.and you need to change the length of the dog bones to keep seat hieght right but it handles great and brakes are a load better than original.
350 20/08/2006 07:00:12 85fz7505v Replacement seats? Now, I've been riding my FZ for a while and I noticed how crappy the seat is. Looking around this forum I found out that corbin doesn't make seats for our bikes anymore. Now, I don't know any other company that makes seats for our bikes... If anyone has or knows a decent replacement for our FZs, post up! I absolutely HATE the seats on our bikes.
351 23/08/2006 15:51:43 Dutch Re: Replacement seats? You can get used to them :-D Maybe not love, but 'live with' ;-) Otherwise there are numerous companies that refurbish original seats. Just look around in your area. Some are specialised in bike seats, some are not but still do an outstanding job. And some are probably crap. Prices vary as much as the companies that do the work. If you don't want to take a risk: try to find a spare seat and work with that one. Probably it's even possible to do the job yourselve using foam from a furniture refurbish company ?
352 25/08/2006 05:24:27 ganepeil Re: Replacement seats? understand your' gripe. the fz's saddle is narrow. hard, and getting worse with age. once in a while a corbin shows up on Ebay, but again is showing its age. fortunately there are so few changes in the original seats foam that re-covering can be done without resorting to origional (pricy) seat covers. finding an acceptible density of replacement foam is anouther matter. my best solutin so far has been cutting down cast off touring model seat pads to match seat pan and conture of original.(as I'm not willing to sacrifice the lines of the machine for creature comfort).you might try picking up a spare seat and expereminting , or cultivating a friend in the upholstery bis. luck G
353 28/08/2006 02:41:26 mike760 Re: Replacement seats? Hi your best of getting it redone from the original base new foam and cover here in aus i got my done for $500 well worth it when you do a lot of miles i got made to look like the corbin seat in a way but more comfort cheaper if go all one colour though. cheers mike760
354 29/08/2006 02:40:36 mike760 Magnesium covers on engine hi guys i making my covers return to nice gold colour since the cover has faded and scratch. what is the best way to repaint the surface or is coated in somthing else what are your thoughts on how to return the parts to original or little better condition in colour? has anyone else have done there engine covers (rocker cover clutch cover and the crank cover at both ends) the bike going to be like a show bike cheer mike760
355 13/09/2006 22:13:44 oops-sorry fairing side panels wanted looking for the side fairings that go under the fairing in white any body help me
356 03/10/2006 22:26:27 boaberto Rear Shocker Hi guys Just got my 1985 FZ750 gen, model 1FN,but needs new shocker what would you suggest for replacment as OE is to expensive any other bikes shock would fit. Cheers Boab.
357 05/10/2006 04:21:05 ganepeil Re: Rear Shocker B. Sorry, the fz shared same ends,length and demensions with the fj 1100 and 1200 of the time. so anything you find is gonna be 20 years old. you can getr a variey of shocks made to order (for a price) or shop around and see if some one will re-build your'stocker. luck G
358 09/10/2006 14:16:26 Dutch Re: Rear Shocker As Ganepeil says, any FZ or similar shock is gonna be 2 decades old. Not only wear & tear plays a role, also technology has improved. The money spend on a Hagon or Technoflex (you have received my offer 8-) ) will increase the fun you'll have with the bike many times. Cheers, Dutch
359 06/01/2007 02:55:32 ganepeil Re: Rear Shocker Boab, out of order and probly out of date, but in wandering noted post in exupbrotherhood from fz_erwin that a 2004 cbr600rr shock is slip in. if so would probly be an excellent and inexpensive upgrade. luck G 8-)
360 11/01/2007 08:17:02 Dutch Re: Rear Shocker Ganepeil, am afraid FZ_Erwin forgot to mention the CBR shock has an eye-fork mounting. So for the 87> model. Could fit the 85-86, but you'd have to change to swing arm & link system of the 87> Cheers, Dutch
361 11/01/2007 22:49:48 boaberto Re: Rear Shocker Cheers guys,found an almost new Hagon on E-bay 45 bucks what a difference.Also heavier oil in forks, new remus S/S System WOW. Moted and ready to rock,well any dry day i can. Cheers Boab
362 12/01/2007 03:34:04 ganepeil Re: Rear Shocker ach; sorry for bum post then, G :-(
363 12/10/2006 03:19:25 paddymc Alternate mirrors? I find the stock mirrors to be quite useless, unless I want to look at my arms, that is. Anyone know of a replacement with an inch or two longer stem? Thanks, Paddy
364 12/10/2006 04:01:43 mike760 Re: Alternate mirrors? HI i found that old kawaka mirrors can give you the extra length bike were zzr600,1100 or gpz900r will give extra length. cheers mike760
365 17/10/2006 16:54:00 Dutch Re: Alternate mirrors? in case you go for my solution, a little note of warning: "after 11 years and about 50,000 km (31 kM) I felt something against my hand during a ride on the motorway. Just seconds after that I realized I didn't have a left mirror anymore :-0 Turned out the bolt had snapped just at the place where the mirror is mounted on the bolt. Probably a case of metal fatigue. Maybe the fact that my FZ (Freddy) vibrates quite a lot lately has something to do with it happening now as well. I know I have to syncronize the carbs, just haven't gotten around doing it. So I still think that bold with a nut welded to it is a relively easy and definatly cheap way to improve the view, but now would like to add that maybe it's a good idea to replace that bold by a fresh one every x years or y km's." Regards, Dutch Q: what is the technical part that causes most motorcycle accidents? A: the nut that connects the handle bars to the saddle ;-)
366 24/11/2006 23:20:28 Kentc Color Codes (again) This subject has come up a couple of times with no resolution that I can find: I cannot find any reference to color codes on my '86 ZF750 chassis, nor does Yamaha dealer near Sacramento have such codes for the red, white, and blue colors of this bike. Cannot find anything through Color-rite or other mfg's. Help?? Thanks
367 26/11/2006 02:45:02 ganepeil Re: Color Codes (again) Kent.the names of the colors on the 86 fz 750 were "stormy red" , "silky white" , and "star blue met." In my time working for YAMAHA , they have used 3 different paint suppiers, if intreseted will dig up present paint dist. and color codes for you. luck G.
368 27/11/2006 09:19:29 Dutch Re: Color Codes (again) After years on the bike and time in the sun the colour on the bike won't be the same as it came out of the factory. Specially red can fade, although on bikes it isn't as bad as on cars. Best to have a sample and take it to a paint shop. E.g. car body repair shops can mix colours to match the original. Having the colour from the shelf based on colour# like with cars is not possible with bikes. Cheers, Dutch
369 29/11/2006 04:18:17 ganepeil Re: Color Codes (again) Kent,did a little research today, Yamaha is presently sanctioning a paint co. called "color-rite" {at least here in USA} availible on line at origional yamaha color codes are; 00aj (stormy red), 00ge (silky white) and 008e (star blue met.) colors are to match origional,and not what 30 years of sun have done to pieces. silky white is a multi platform color and all use a clear top-coat for depth/tint finish. if going for complete paint job (recommened)color is avail. in qts @ $30.00 a pop plus misc prep,base,color,sealer,hardener,top coat et:all hope this helps. as a side bar, while I consider myself a handy kind of guy w/10-12 paint jobs on my own stuff, consider it cheap to have a pro blow color. if you know a painter, he/she might cut you some slack if you do all the prep. and have pictures of what you're looking for.luck G
370 06/02/2007 20:45:19 mike760 Frame Faults Hi Guys I not aware of any frame faults but i do beleive there is one on 85 model bikes. i was looking for another frame for modification project i now look at 6 plus two that i had all have a stress or hair line crack just behind the upper rear engine mount. the funny thing on all the frame line almost the same spot and same shape. as a word is you are getting vibrations this could be a reason for it. what your thoughts have anyone had the same fault. i now cut and inserted a plate of steel and welding up and reinforce the area with another plate over the break. what have you done to stop this fault if it a fault ??
371 08/02/2007 02:03:57 ganepeil Re: Frame Faults Hi Mike, Looked at my old race 1ae frame and could dicern no cracks there. tho both coil mounts ave long since broken off. will check present frame next time I'm there and post. as usual G
372 01/11/2011 11:25:08 billip Re: Frame Faults After I came across this thread I thought I'd check my bike out, as it vibrated more than I thought it should. Sure enough, it's cracked on the left hand side behind the rear engine mount. Won't be riding it again, until it's fixed... I imagine the fz's frame would flex quite a bit, and was wondering if bracing the frame would help, and if so how would I go about doing it? I really wish I didn't have to go to all this trouble... :-(
373 09/03/2007 21:34:09 FZ1000-1FN Frontfork 1FM <> 1FN Hello all FZ-Freaks, I殻 from germany and new in this forum,my bikes are a 2KK modell ・8, a 1FN Modell ・5 with FZR1000 Engine and a DUCATI 900SS. I have a question about the 1FM Frontfork (japanese Model): does anyone know if the inner parts of the 1FN fork will fit into the outer part of the 1FM fork? look here: Jochen
374 19/03/2007 22:04:10 trooper19 fork oil can any body confirm the amount of oil in a 2mg 1988 set of forks my book says 404ml is that right? 8-)
375 20/03/2007 22:30:00 Rocks Re: fork oil In my FZ750 2MG I have 408 in the manual, 404 refers to the FZ700, I've just done my seals and steering bearings (and what a Tw*t the bottom one was), also consider putting slightly thicker 15 oil in, makes the ride a lot better if your springs are getting a little tired. Daz
376 19/04/2007 10:14:59 dave56 Re: fork oil I have a 85 FZ750N and the workshop manual states 408 ml and 10w oil. I recently done mine and used 15w oil and the difference in the front is amazing. 8-)
377 21/03/2007 04:40:53 lilfzr76 need front half of front fender My bike didnt come with a front half of the front fender anyone have a spare? please reply with price and shipping to 94560 california. thx
378 23/03/2007 07:44:15 lilfzr76 parting out my 86 fz750 looks like this project will be too much for me i will be selling parts next week so if you have any parts off of this bike let me know. i have an 86 no side fairings no windscreen. have everything else i will let u guys have first crack at it before i post on ebay. lots of these parts are discontinued so might as well get them if you need them or for back ups. more parts you buy the better deal i can give you plus i can combine shipping.
379 24/03/2007 12:03:21 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 most parts on ebay now go check them out if i have not listed then ask me for other parts
380 09/04/2007 02:23:42 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 whole front and rear end with tires brakes.
381 27/03/2007 10:54:14 Dante Wiring loom Hey there, Does anyone know where I could find a wiring loom for my FZ or a compatible one? The one I have has been overbodged and is really naff right now lol :-D
382 18/05/2007 01:53:11 mike760 Re: Wiring loom Hi Dante Well first thing wreckers are good but one thing you need to have is exact model number,there are some suttle differences with each model. Or do what i did redo it your self you shold be able find new connectors or create your own fly by wire like on my second bike which last longer and bring up electrics to modern days, though it can be dear to do. cheers mike760
383 25/05/2007 18:53:34 pr0sketch head lights!?!?! hi everyone i wanted to put better headlights on my fz750. i was thinking of buying a pair on ebay, the ones for yamaha r1, r6, it cost from about 5$- 20$ 80 watt 5000k temperature. the main reason i want it because it has a blue/white color and it matches my bike. if i bought it would it be useable and not burn out easily?
384 25/05/2007 22:29:41 fzpilot Re: head lights!?!?! pro don't know where you are but here in Oz we have Phillips brand that are blue as blue can be. H4 type which fits but not good at night, except for fog because they cut through and allow you to see white lines posts ect. they do look good though. cheers Ben. :lol:
385 27/05/2007 02:55:29 ganepeil Re: head lights!?!?! pro, offer this. if problems should arrise, it won't be in burning out bulbs. 1st failure will be at wiring loom to bulbs, usually at h/l socket. 2nd failure is usually contacts in switch. then connector to wire harness. our charging system makes plenty of power to run high wattage bulbs,and when new, wiring probly would have handled the load.unfortunaty 30 years of corrosion mean resistance. and that causes heat.if you elect to go high wattage, recommend di-electric grease at h/l sockets and chk regularly for heat related distortion of h/l base, lense,and at wiring harness where the minor take off from battery feeds stator.(meltdown there is very pricy)luck G
386 25/05/2007 18:59:21 pr0sketch fork oil?!?! hi!, my fork seal are shot and it leaks oil everytime pressure is applied. i dont plan to change it soon does anyone know whats the worst that can happen? and what happens when there is no more oil left? why does it even need oil? and is it possible for all the oil to leak out? thanks fopr reading.
387 13/07/2007 18:36:04 Dutch Re: fork oil?!?! sure, and if you're brakes aren't working don't plan on fixing them. Hell who needs brakes.. or suspension, that's all for whimps anyway. The oil is there for damping. If a lot gets out it can get on the brake discs. You need to replace the fork seals and get fresh oil in. Easy job to do yourselve.
388 16/06/2007 09:29:50 85fz7505v Neutral Switch Hi, I have an 85 fz750N. After many drops (from a standstill). The neutral indicator intermittently comes on (depending on how bumpy the road is), I figure there's a loose connection somewhere right? But I decided to rip everything apart and test the neutral switch with a multimeter(red lead on the screw and the black lead to ground, this is with the battery taken out and disconnected by the way), I stuck it in 1st and tested about 8 OHMs, then I stuck it in Neutral and the multimeter showed a reading of 4 ohms... The manual said that the neutral switch should give a reading of "infinite" resistance on the multimeter when the bike's in gear, and a reading of "0 ohms" (or very little resistance) when the bike is in neutral. I looked everywhere, I haven't the faintest clue, where should I start? What would YOU do?
389 24/06/2007 05:01:08 ganepeil Re: Neutral Switch what I'd do is dis-connect wire from sensor. since light is powered by ground, if sender is disconnected, neutral ckt must be going to ground somewhere else if light comes on. chk for frayed wires especially at securing points. senders fail periodically, and are much easier to repace than tearing into wiring harness. luck G
390 29/06/2007 18:04:19 85fz7505v Re: Neutral Switch Thx for the reply, I've done as you said and I figured the same thing. However, after reconnecting and repairing some wires, the resistance dropped down to around 8 OHMs with the ignition switch turned to the "ON" position (Which I should've done earlier...). But that's 8 OHMs in-gear or in-neutral... I suspect there's a switch or something that's giving it ground that's not supposed to be closed. I've already tested all the switches that it could possibly ground off of but I've yet to test the electrical components since I'm not sure how. The electrical schematic does not show (or I don't know) which terminals on the components are actually connected to the circuit. Would you know how to test these components?
391 08/07/2007 04:03:55 ganepeil Re: Neutral Switch 85, a quick perusal of schematic indicates neutral lite goes thru the diode pack and then to sender. ie the bulb is always hot and needs a ground to light. the only compnents to ground are diode and neutral plate. if you disconnect neutral plate , the only paths to ground are possible wiring chafes or a blown diode in pack. hope this helps. G
392 18/06/2007 21:47:36 gavink Assorted parts needed for 1985 FZ Hi All, Can anyone help me with the following or local contacts for them 1. Choke and Fuel switch infill panel on left side of fairing 2. Left and right hand side middle fairings 3. Single seat conveter. 4. Decal Kit Thanks Gavin
393 12/07/2007 08:16:08 texasFZ modern forks for my fz 750 s hi guys im a new fz owner is there aset of forks off a modern sport bike that i could put on this bike were everything would match up i want to retain the original brakes and 18" rims but i hate these air adjust forks any ideas or is there away to set up the forks that are on the bike to get rid of the air set up and get someting up to were you can set the preload and did any of you guys drop your bars under your triple tree thats prob gona be where mine end up thanks for any help you guys can give me i love this bike ive had rd 250s ninja 600s cbrs f2 f3 a rc 51 fzr 1000 that i loved a gsxr i built from the frame up but it was so retared fast you really only rode around useing 3 gears all day lol i also had a derbi gpr 50 that i used to ride on the hi way around here to get too bike night lol that was fun 24 mins straight in a tuck with the motor pinned in top gear that littel 50 would maintain 65 mph it would do 90 mph down hill tham things are a blast there all about momentum i used to take the derbi to local park and turn laps for about a hour straight befor anyone would catch on i finally had to leave one day when i was coming thur a 90 lefthander all the way over and almost head butted a big dog some guy was walking but any way i love this bike its so cool just the way it looks have a good one fellas
394 24/07/2007 01:12:24 mike760 Rear Suspension HI All for those who have dual eyelit suspension wilbers have a rear shock avaliable about $850 (Aus) the FJ1200 model this is racing suspension, one thing the top end length need to be shorten in order to fit,the FJ1200 ran a longer length on top, specified the length and they cut to suit that if you want top of the range one cheers mike760
395 02/08/2007 07:28:10 Dutch Re: Rear Suspension Wilbers also makes a shock for the 85-86 and for the 87> FZ, so no need to adapt, just order the proper shocker. Retail price in NL is 449 Euro for a basic emulsion shock with adjustable rebound damping. An eco shock with only spring preload adjustability is available for 349. All including VAT and excl. Motorbazaar rebate :-D USD: 615 / 478 AUS $: 718 / 526 Cheers, Dutch (owner of ;-)
396 07/08/2007 22:12:55 texasFZ FZ750 forks Hiya all, Can someone tell me the diameter of the forks for a FZ750...engine number beginning with 1FN? Cheers, geoff :-? :-?
397 08/08/2007 06:12:26 daddyjay Re: FZ750 forks Mine's a 1985 1FN and had 38mm forks. Now changed to 41mm FZR1000 front end.
398 13/08/2007 12:29:17 texasFZ Re: FZ750 forks Hi Daddyjay, thanks for the reply, did the front end fit easily, or was there a lot of mods? The other thing was what have you done to the back end? Any advice or help would be appreciated...I want to alter the bike with the minimum of fuss! :-D Cheers, Geoff (in Bonny Scotland!!)
399 14/08/2007 07:44:50 daddyjay Re: FZ750 forks Front end was pretty easy. Used the whole front end from 1000 genesis, yolks, forks, wheel brakes etc. Straight bolt on and can be picked up pretty cheap. Will be putting a genesis back wheel in as well when I get the time. Have to make spacer up and machine the brake bracket. Details are on here somewhere if you do a search.
400 18/08/2007 16:03:08 texasFZ Re: FZ750 forks I just wanted to share a success story with my bike. Me and ZX12Rdyer was out riding one day and he noticed my bike was smelling rich at a stop light. Smelled like someone splashed me with a bucket of gasoline. Well following that my bike cut off a couple times at the stop light. I got it going and we preceded to ride. Later that day we was riding with a group and I was was doing my best to keep of with 700cc versus everyone's 1000cc engines. (I have to say the FZ kept up like a champ) As we were riding I noticed my bike WOULD NOT go pass 7000RPMs. It felt as if the bike was not getting any gas or power after that mark. To make a long story short. ZX12Ryder suggested we sync the carbs since it is an older bike and may need to be service. Well that was the answer. They carbs was totally out of wack. We synced the carbs and the bike is running better than it ever had before. It is getting the right amount of gas...accelerating excellent...and it is not stalling at 7000RPM. happy riding
401 16/08/2007 03:45:04 wamefou Mirrors, Seat Cowling, and Front Fender HI All We know that the pistons of 85-86 and 87 onwards are different the 85-86 had extra oil holes and is 1.5mm higher from the pin in compare to 87 pnwards. my purpose of this topic is i like to ask put to you is there size difference in the height of the barrels? can anyone measure 87 i only have 85's engines Or is there a difference in the head (unlikey)? just reply with any information would be great? cheers mike760
402 16/08/2007 16:48:59 daddyjay Re: Mirrors, Seat Cowling, and Front Fender Sorry to hear about your bike. Well in my experience the electrical system on my bike (87 FZ700) is always a problem. To make a long story short wires constantly overheat and melt. In return that mean wires are melted together which is a huge problem. What me and my buddy did was check every single component and wire on the bike. It is very time consuming. I found my diode was melted...two or three harnesses was melted and this caused my fuses to contantly blow and battery to drain. We had an ohm reader...extra wires to bypass...and patience. Good luck
403 18/08/2007 21:43:57 zx12ryder Diodes, Neutral swith etc. Bought my seat cover from ebay, they do come up every now and then. Mine was brand new and is still available as a yamaha part in the uk. Very pricey though, I was quoted へ7 ($130us) just for the rubber pad for the front!!! Made my own instead. If you can find a seat cover for an early FZR750 it is exactly the same. As for the fender, you'll probably find that a couple of the mounting lugs have snapped as they did on mine.
404 24/08/2007 01:44:03 FZBlack Re: Diodes, Neutral swith etc. Hey guys, I have an 87 FZ700 and I was thinking about putting a set of 94 FZR600 rims on it. Will my speedo cable work with that rim? What is the widest tire that will fit on the rear. Thanks in advance. Dave
405 02/09/2007 22:11:32 zdhonda93 Re: Diodes, Neutral swith etc. yeah, the cdi i have is 1ae-70 1ae usually denotes a 1fn model part but all of the 1fn cdi's say 1ae-10 not iae-70 the tid number on mine is tid-x136 the tid on all the other 85 and 86 fz's is tid 14-39 than 'x' on mine is totally out of format, there is not another cdi on the market with a letter in that position, they are all numbers, ive tried breakers, the last owner of the cdi was on the brotherhood, he got no response from there i am gonna contact yamaha and see what they say thanx for replies mate carl
406 19/08/2007 21:05:08 fz-andy R1 forks hi Daddyjay, I just tried a Kawa zzr 600 D Rear wheel in the FZ, straight in, loooks good so that will be used, I'm just checking the front end now. Cheers, Geoff :-o
407 24/08/2007 10:31:11 mike760 Re: R1 forks 140 is standard on fzr600 but can put a 150 on. fzr 1000 can take a 160 cheers Ben
408 24/08/2007 16:47:25 daddyjay Re: R1 forks It works like a charm. My bike is running on the remote starter and the battery is just fine.
409 16/11/2007 20:18:22 darftblerk Re: R1 forks The R1 front end causes lots of problems. You're better off looking for and Exup RU front end, this will bolt straight in. The stem length and bearings are identical, so just unscrew and replace with the 1000 Exup USD front end.
410 17/11/2007 15:03:33 Dutch Re: R1 forks Darftblerk, In your post you mention the FZR1000 normal (RU) and the USD fork. I have read before the 2LA (pre-EXUP, RU) is a fairly straight swap. Is the EXUP USD also so easy? Cheers, Dutch
411 25/11/2007 16:10:28 darftblerk Re: R1 forks Dutch, I have a 1991 Exup RU Front end in my frame now. Front wheel, R1 calipers (any yam calipers with 100mm centre on mounting holes will do). The stem is the same as the fz750's, so it slots straight in. some photo's of the swap here:
412 19/12/2007 13:20:41 fz-andy Re: R1 forks Thanks, got myself an R6 front end complete!!! A friend is going to press out the stem from the FZ yokes and fit it to the R6 yokes for me. Looks wicked :-D
413 24/12/2007 08:52:39 Dutch Re: R1 forks No problems with the length of the R6 forks? Afaik they are a fair bit shorter than the FZ ones.
414 31/12/2007 12:27:02 FZ750Horse Re: R1 forks The R6 front end works extremely well - I've had it on my trackbike for a year. The shorter length isn't a problem with clip ons fitted below the top yoke, I have the tubes dropped through the yoke by 10mm and the rear ride height raised by about 30mm - The FZ is so long that it's still very stable. There are two things to watch out for: 1)The FZ stem is marginally smaller in diameter (by about 0.006") than the R6 - you need to hard chrome/metal spray it and machine it to the correct interference fit into the bottom yoke to avoid it slipping. You'll also need to machine a top hat spacer to fit the R6 top yoke onto the FZ stem - the FZ stem is a lot thinner here. 2) If you go the way I did, with the clip ons under the top yoke you end up with drastically reduced steering lock. I had to build up the lock stops and trim a lot of plastic off the fairing. It's not a problem for track use but it'd be a pain on the road. The alternative would be to use a custom top yoke with some sort of riser bars. There are some photos of my bike with the mod at under the "building the beast" link. It's quite a lot of work but, along with the Technoflex shock, the improvement in handling is massive. :-)
415 26/08/2007 15:54:57 fz-andy R6 rear end/seat unit S.....still here.wish i had something to offer. 1AE would indicate 85 fz750 box.. 4 ports then 6, without pigtail for EXUP servo. unfortunaty, as you are undoubtably aware. Yamaha offered different boxes for US/EUO/JAP releases. and to further bolux works not only changed timing, altered asigned ports as to designation of cyls, fuel pump, and added oil pres. ckt. this above and beyond changing ignition from dual pickups to single without corresponding breakdown of schematic, or the guts of unit. I was fortunate to have both a single and dual pickup example to draw from in my swap,and both are running well, which makes my next project, to incorperate an EXUP servo with an late ignition unit potentally expensive. still doing research G
416 28/09/2007 09:26:48 fz-andy FZ750 fork diameter 89 Genesis model Can someone tell me the diameter of the forks for a FZ750...engine number beginning with 2N..I am building a streetfighter and need to know so I can get some bar risers!! Thanks for your help, Andy :-D
417 28/09/2007 16:01:57 daddyjay Re: FZ750 fork diameter 89 Genesis model Standard forks are 38mm diameter tubes Andy.
418 29/09/2007 19:06:38 fz-andy Re: FZ750 fork diameter 89 Genesis model Sorted, thanks for your help!!
419 26/11/2007 21:08:25 FZ1000-1FN Re: FZ750 fork diameter 89 Genesis model Sorry,but what I know (and have measured)every FZ750 has 39mm Diameter Forks Greetz Jochen
420 27/11/2007 19:00:56 FZ750Horse Re: FZ750 fork diameter 89 Genesis model I'm with Jochen - 1FN and 2MG should be 39mm.
421 29/11/2007 08:21:03 Dutch Re: FZ750 fork diameter 89 Genesis model I'd also vote for 39 mm :-D
422 03/10/2007 18:49:19 mickiwizz handlebar risers hi,how can I raise bars on a 91 model fz without chopping the fairing to bits? I've tried a pair of riser clamps that fit over fork stems but any new bars catch on the fork top nuts so I put on some risers to get clearence for bars but now everything hits the fairing.Any ideas? Cheers,Micki
423 04/10/2007 22:21:04 fz-andy Re: handlebar risers Hi, have you seen this article? this guy has kept the fairing on. hope this helps, Andy
424 05/10/2007 12:29:41 mickiwizz Re: handlebar risers Cheers for that.have managed to fit some bars that fit without added risers and master cylinders now clear fairing but now throttle cable might have to be rerouted or replaced with longer one(can this be an off the shelf item?).brake and clutch plenty long enough.
425 04/10/2007 21:39:35 fz-andy VFR 400 swing arm on an FZ Hi, could anyone tell me if a VFR 400 swing arm will fit an FZ 750 genesis (with a bit of modification) cheers
426 07/10/2007 07:47:02 daddyjay Re: VFR 400 swing arm on an FZ Anything can be made to fit with enough modification. Never seen one done with a VFR400 arm though. There are a few FZRs around with Ducati and Triumph arms.
427 06/10/2007 22:31:58 fz-andy I need a wiring diagram!! Please help Hi everyone, I really could do with a wiring diagram for my 89' FZ 750! if anyone has one are they able to send it to me? Many thanks, Andy
428 07/10/2007 12:00:38 fz-andy WANTED FZ 750 FRAME Hi, I really need a spare FZ 750 frame to take the parts for my streetfighter project. Could anyone point me in the right direction, or does anyone on here have one!?? Cheers, Andy :-?
429 04/11/2007 16:35:43 Dutch Re: WANTED FZ 750 FRAME What part of the world? There is one for sale in the Netherlands at the moment.
430 19/11/2007 18:42:06 FZ750Horse Re: WANTED FZ 750 FRAME It's probably no use to you but I've got an 85/86 frame you can have for free. It's in SE England and would need straightening - the steering head has been bent in a front end crash. It has no log book - I was going to take it to a scrapyard when I've got the engine and swingarm out.
431 01/01/2008 00:43:38 opifz Re: WANTED FZ 750 FRAME hello, I Have a straight frame, as well complete rear end and front end, not sure where you are but I can qoute out shipping in north america, I'm in sidney, british columbia, canada, thanks, Bill
432 07/01/2008 13:25:01 fz-andy Re: WANTED FZ 750 FRAME Hi mate thanks for the reply but I am using my existing one now.. cheers, Andy
433 24/10/2007 23:28:31 fz-andy Longer throttle cable needed URGENTLY Hi everyone, I really need some longer throttle cable for my FZ. Any ideas where 2 get it from and how much? :-? I have looked in quite a few places but cant seem to track any down as yet! If not just the length of the cables would be useful so I can get some fabricated by someone i know as a last resort cheers
434 16/12/2007 23:47:24 alcopaulic Left Dash Plastic Wanted Hi All, I have just registered with the forum as I am looking for some FZ knowledge. I have been sorting some old photo negatives and came across these pictures from 1985 (?). Can anyone tell me who is riding the No.4 FZ750 painted in Marlboro colours ?? Thanks for your help. Foxy [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
435 24/12/2007 08:50:39 Dutch Re: Left Dash Plastic Wanted where are you located?
436 25/12/2007 19:07:00 alcopaulic Re: Left Dash Plastic Wanted i'm located in wisconsin usa. and thank you for any of the searching you did so far.
437 09/01/2008 18:48:16 Dutch Re: Left Dash Plastic Wanted I have a set for sale a guy in the UK made. Black plastic only, not the cover. I simply do without :-0 If you want an original one with the little cover: perhaps yamaha (or bikebandit) sells them new, otherwise check breakers or see on ebay if someone is breaking an FZ. Good luck, Dutch
438 09/01/2008 23:35:18 alcopaulic Re: Left Dash Plastic Wanted thanks dutch, i guess i didn't realize i could still buy the plastic new, although it's 60usd!!! but if i have no other choice i'll buy it. once again, thanks.
439 18/01/2008 13:45:57 fz-andy FZ750 belly pan Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody knows where I can get hold of the belly pan which is on the bike on the front page of Thanks, Andy
440 20/01/2008 21:58:02 reclaimer Re: FZ750 belly pan Andy, I have fitted a Yam FJ1100 belly pan to my fz750, thats about your only option. Try ebay UK for parts. Geoff
441 08/02/2008 10:54:40 fz-andy Re: FZ750 belly pan thanks mate :-D
442 22/02/2008 22:20:06 Martin Master cylinders wanted I wonder if anyone has a set of master cylinders for a FZ750. Destperately needed.
443 26/02/2008 20:03:22 FZ750Horse Re: Master cylinders wanted There are some on UK eBay. Item 120226659028
444 02/03/2008 21:20:27 bnail Dog Bones does anyone know what length dog bones to fit to my rear suspension to lift the seat height. the ones i have on now are 140mm hole centres. want to lift the back end by about 100 mm if poss.
445 01/05/2008 13:12:37 Dutch Re: Dog Bones 100 mm is really a lot. Wouldn't go shorter than 130 mm which raises the back about 30 (1:3 ratio). Make sure the chain don't chew into the fork protector
446 04/03/2008 00:04:22 alcopaulic Blue touch up paint. What is the best way to go about touching up small scratches on the tank? i have the standard red white and blue paint job, i think the red is vinyl, not really sure, but i don't know the color name for the blue or the white.
447 10/03/2008 20:08:19 ganepeil Re: Blue touch up paint. Paul, color names are silky white, stormy red and star blue met. unfortunatly 20+ years mean these are no longer matches. and the white at least was a composite of base and tint coats. over the years yamaha used a # of different suppliers for their paints. and unlike automotive, m/c paint codes are seldom easily avali. thru paint jobbers, I was fortunate enough to share w work space with a custom painter/airbrush artist who was kind enough to blend mixes which are barely discernable. luck G
448 21/04/2008 06:08:28 texasFZ Re: Blue touch up paint. Ever since I started tinkering with my FZ750, I couldn稚 get it run for more than just a few seconds. It seemed to be running out of fuel, even though, it was getting ample fuel supply (I could see it through a transparent fuel filter). The only external problem with fuel squirting ~12・from one of the 砺ents・on top (the one of the left): [img][/img] I didn稚 think that it was THE problem, but it couldn稚 have been helping me :). Well, today I dug in deeper and found a bunch of problems: 1. The screw below of the #1 cylinder needle jet was overtightened and cracked. It came apart when I just touched it with a socket. That jet is connected to the vent on top, which was squirting fuel. I am 90% sure that this was the reason for the squirting. 2. ALL FOUR pilot jets were clogged! I am not 100% sure what they do, but that can't be good :). 3. Two main jets were clogged. 4. One cylinder had a clogged float needle valve, so it wasn't getting any fuel. One questions, though. The main jet has a small rubber o-ring on the inside. It is larger than the actual jet, so it wouldn't be a restriction, but what does it do? The ones I removed were dried-up and falling apart. I suppose I should just replace them with new o-rings. Does anyone have a needle jet screw kicking around? It is the brass screw/nut on the left: [img][/img] Thanks!
449 09/03/2008 11:59:15 flindbar FJ1200 handlebars conversion Hi. Has anyone ever tried fitting a set of FJ1200 bars on an fz. There appear at first glance to be the same fitting on the top yoke / forks. The reason for doing it is to rise the riding position as being lent over (std bars) is cream crackering my wrists. :-(
450 10/03/2008 19:19:14 ganepeil Re: FJ1200 handlebars conversion Flindbar,A quick check of TuckerRocky fork seals by demension indicates fz750 tubes to be 39mm and fj12 41mm. hope that helps.G ps, another possible opt. by drilling upper clamp and installing risers literally hundreds of 7/8's bars or even 1" pro tapers would be avail. luck G
451 01/05/2008 13:19:58 Dutch Re: FJ1200 handlebars conversion Try those of a early VFR 750 / CBX 750. Also 39 mm but slightly higher. Have a pair lying with intention to mount, but never got to it. Maybe in the (near?) future ;-) Honda secures the bars differently then Yamaha, but there is always a way. I rode quite some time with the bars just clamped around the fork (no bolt in yoke) and they never moved.
452 05/04/2008 05:24:11 bnail Looking To Buy 85 Tail Section Ihave a tail piece off a UK bike and the mounting brackets are not the same as the american version. If anyone has one for sale or can pot me to someone who is selling one please email me at Thanks.
453 13/04/2008 20:09:18 ganepeil Re: Looking To Buy 85 Tail Section LAFZrider,I have a new 1AE-21651-00-AJ piece, which is described by yam. as cover rear fender, it's the piece which sits atop tail light and joins side panels. mine surrounds the tailight lens, and incomaptible with the fz700 rear section/panels on my bike.on which the side panels directly frame t/l. If I've incorrectly ID.d the piece your' looking for and indeed your' seeking a tail cowl, theres abroken one on Ebay under item#22022218282853 luck G
454 14/04/2008 18:54:32 bnail Re: Looking To Buy 85 Tail Section Hi thanxs... I amk looking for the work shop maual.. The worst part is that there are no markings on the crank ,, but ille take my time .. hehe but i got to get it in order very soon, its riding time hehe,,, but thanxs :-) [quote] ganepeil wrote: Oberg.If I interpret your' querie correctly, you are looking to time your' cams. If so, yamaha locates them by 1st locating crank at 1-4 tdc via marking on crank thru slotted plug at l/h crank end. Then, Cams are located to crank by fitting exhaust cam first to cam chain and referenced by marks on cam sprockets to cam tower marks (at 12 0'clock) Unlike some Kawasaki and Suzukis the fz method doesn't call for counting pins. I strongly recommend accessing a shop manual, incorrect cam timing on a Genesis motor can be catastrophic. markings at crank are cryptic, and cam locators become clear w/illustration. take your' time, get it right, make your own marks to facilitate your' next valve adjust, and re-check your marks after rotating the crank a couple of rotations prior to buttoning up.hope this helps. G [/quote]
455 16/04/2008 00:54:39 ganepeil Re: Looking To Buy 85 Tail Section Thank you Josh and G, Great ideas and I appreciate your taking the time to respond. I put gas down the carbs last night and gave it a good crank. It acted like it fired out the valves (smoke near the front of the engine. Compression sounds solid when cranking but haven't put a gauge on it. I suspect my cdi(if I am looking at the right part) is A.F.U.. It makes a multiple clicking noise once in awhile like a failed relay. Plus, it seems like I have spark all the time, not just every fourth revolution. Questions: Is the cdi located right next to the fuel pump measuring about 1.5" wide by 1.5" high by 1"deep and read 1AE-00 on it? This is the part making noise; is it supposed to? How do I check the pick-up coils? Thanks again, John.
456 17/04/2008 00:36:27 bnail Re: Looking To Buy 85 Tail Section drop me your mailing address, and I will ship ya my piece so you can see if it was the proper fit.
457 17/04/2008 01:18:08 ganepeil Re: Looking To Buy 85 Tail Section L. look for my e-mail.G
458 22/04/2008 12:33:30 robban_hag Colour code? Hello! I知 looking for the colour code/number to my FZ 1985(silver/red model). /Robban
459 08/05/2008 18:00:09 Dutch Re: Colour code? bikes hardly ever have a colour code like cars do. Also the red probably isn't as red as it was 23 years ago. Best take the part with the good colour to a repair/paint shop and ask them to match the colour.
460 27/05/2008 05:13:45 wbdaily model intechange Does anyone know if fz600 plastic will interchange on a fz750? Mounts look very similar but I have no comparison on which to measure. I have looked at pics of headlight assembly and think it too will work. Just hoping someone has mocked it up before I drop cash on plastic. Would even consider FZR plastic as its also much more avaliable
461 28/05/2008 16:45:28 Dutch Re: model intechange I'd be very surprised if it is interchangable. Basically the FZ600 is a Japanese spec FZR400 with the air cooled engine of the XJ600. Just a quick fix before Yamaha came with the FZR600. Cheers, Dutch
462 13/06/2008 07:17:10 Dutch Head light parts wanted Yesterday removed the US/Can twin headlights from Betsy as the refectors were covered with aluminium foil. Turns out the reflectors are very black, as if someone has used 500W bulbs or so :-o :-o If anyone has a broken or damaged twin headlight with good reflectors, I'm interested :-D Cheers, Dutch
463 15/06/2008 01:22:24 ganepeil Re: Head light parts wanted Dutch, just looked thru my h/l box, and have 2 3HH units and 1 3LG, I believe, the 3HH are from FZR600's (twin flat round beams) and the 3LG is from the FZR1000 w/cross-eyed twins. all are in good shape (tabs intact, reflectors good and lenses fresh) I'm not familiar with any headlights for the fz750 except the billboard common to US 700 &750.but If any of these would help. you can have your choice for shipping cost. If intested, PM me a shipping address and I'll have the shop's shipping/recieving gent check pricing.G
464 15/06/2008 11:51:39 Dutch Re: Head light parts wanted It is the common US/Canadian head light. Seems the silver is coated on only lightly, try to clean and you wipe it all off. Would explain why the black is so nice as if uncolored plastic. FZR600 is also offered to me on a dutch board, thanks very much. [img align=left][/img]
465 16/06/2008 19:31:21 ganepeil Re: Head light parts wanted D. Sorry, miss-interpreted your' post. PS, how did you manage to seperate lens? G
466 17/06/2008 06:57:25 Dutch Re: Head light parts wanted I put it in the oven :-D :-D :-D Dishwasher for cleaning, freezer for bearings 0;-) Never tried the dishwasher though, my marriage is a bit too valuable to me to try ;-0 First heated the oven to 70・celsius, put it out to avoid radiation heat from the heating element and put the light in (glass down). Didn't separate but the plastic was not soft, so tried again at almost 100・celsius. 20 minutes and it separated with just a little persuation and the plastic was still not soft.
467 19/06/2008 00:57:39 ganepeil Re: Head light parts wanted Thankee Sai.. Tried once attempting to put a fair lens to intact back. twas near there when... G
468 22/06/2008 03:31:55 jhafley rz500 Hey guys. Will a rz500 fairing bolt up to a 1986 fz 750 fairing stay. I found one on craigslist and my local dismantler wants $250 for a new top fairing. Any thoughts? BTW I am going to be up and running on my fz 750 next week. Thanks to all for the help.
469 13/07/2008 19:01:50 FZ750Horse Metmachex swingarm I've just listed a Metmachex swingarm for FZ750 or FZR1000 here: Cheers, Horse
470 16/07/2008 19:36:12 zdhonda93 led turn signals anyone put 2 wire led turn signals on their bike? I have the turn signals but can only put them on the front or rear, not both, do I need a relay or something to get them to work properly? any help would be appreciated.
471 18/07/2008 14:08:50 Dutch Re: led turn signals If you google it you will probably find a zillion topics on general bike boards as the principle is the same for each motorcyle: the relay needs a certain current to be happy. Less current and it flashes quickly. With oem signals a sign a bulb is broke. You need to either replace the relay by one that gives a steady signal regardless of load or you put a resistance parallel to the LED blinker to pull more current and keep the oem relay happy. I use one on each side, but have gone only from oem to 10W. With LED you'd need 1 resistance per blinker and you can put front, rear or both, whatever you like :-)
472 20/07/2008 04:14:02 besusprice stator case cover '86 fz750 where can i find a stator case cover for my 86 fz750 in south western ontario. Windsor to Toronto. Or online. Please help I have my M2 license test in a week and a half.
473 21/07/2008 07:26:56 Dutch Re: stator case cover '86 fz750 Welcome on this board. The cover is the 'tea cup' with the airing holes in it isn't it? Have one lying around, though sending it to Canada might be bit expensive, around 23 euro. Also check local breakers and e-bay (also the people who offer a wheel axle or so but mention they are butchering an FZ). Cheers and good luck with your test, Dutch
474 23/09/2008 17:37:01 besusprice Re: stator case cover '86 fz750 thanks for the offer but i just got some JB weld for it.
475 07/09/2008 11:16:49 JoelB Chain tension How tight should my chain be? I had it too tight once and the shaft was whining so now it hangs loose. I'm concerned it may jump a tooth.
476 07/09/2008 15:42:09 FZ750Horse Re: Chain tension Too loose is better than too tight - too tight can cause the OP shaft bearing to fail and the engine needs to be completely stripped to replace it (there are a couple of bolts that go right from the cylinder head to the lower crankcase half). Personally, I set 20mm slack halfway along the lower chain run on the tightest part of the chain, with the bike on a paddock stand.
477 18/09/2008 17:12:59 Akirasan Front fork options Hi I have just bought an FZX as a project. I need some info on the front end please. I know the FZR 1000 front end fits ok but does the early EXUP also fit straight on?? Also will the FZR 1000 front wheel fit the early EXUP forks or is the spindle diff?? thanks
478 23/09/2008 18:09:11 fz-andy Re: Front fork options I have heard of people fitting the FZr 1000 EXUP front end and its a straight swap. I have a 1999 YZF R1 front end on mine and all I had to do for that was get the stem's changed over and it fitted :-D looks good too, much more chunky!
479 23/09/2008 17:41:26 besusprice For Sale: Corbin Seat Hello, I have a Corbin seat from my 1986 Yamaha FZ750 that I'm selling. I'm not sure of the value, so shoot me an offer. The seat is in decent condition. It is red, white and blue. Also, it's a dual seat, not a solo. Extremely comfortable. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. ( ) The seat is located in Windsor Ontario, Canada
480 25/11/2008 22:13:39 melemel Re: For Sale: Corbin Seat whats going on man humm i can use that seat.ill give you fortty bucks for it.if not let me know how much u want.
481 21/01/2009 21:58:14 besusprice Re: For Sale: Corbin Seat email me
482 16/02/2009 20:13:19 billllz Re: For Sale: Corbin Seat is this seat still for sale?
483 06/11/2008 18:55:04 Akirasan Head Races Hi I cannot get the bottom race out of the frame. Can anyone help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn thing is annoying me. The race fits flush with the frame and I cannot get a drift on it. Anyone near Leicester?? Thanks
484 06/11/2008 20:32:57 daddyjay Re: Head Races I used a dremmel to cut small notches on 2 sides of the inside of the frame just above the races. Only needs to be small to get a long screw driver or similar drift on and will make it a whole lot easier if you have to shift them again. Also read somewhere that if you run a line of weld around the middle of the race it drops right out, never tried it myself though.
485 07/11/2008 18:53:53 FZ750Horse Re: Head Races The bead of weld trick works brilliantly (you need to destroy the bearing, just leaving the outer race and weld round the inside of that). It has the added advantage that you can get a drift behind the bead and give it a clout, but normally it'll just fall out anyway :-)
486 09/11/2008 23:22:22 ganepeil Re: Head Races I've used a small cut-off (whizzer wheel).to cut nearly thru bearings outer race at a low angle. the race is pretty brittle, and once nearly thru striking cut w/punch from above will break race, relieving its tension and facilitating removal.once removed, I usually relieve two notches at seat so if race ever needs replacing again the process will be eased. PS, by cutting at obique angle, even if you go thru bearing and contact frame the retaining area holding race remains consistant along the vertical axis of race. Hope this helps. G
487 17/11/2008 19:42:16 Akirasan Re: Head Races Finally got it sorted. Welded a piece of flat bar to the race an one gentle tap it fell out. Then used the old race with flat bar attached to push home the new race. The USD's will be on this week and get it in for an MOT on friday. Thanks for all the sugestions.
488 08/12/2008 21:03:32 rob1968 Re: Head Races Is this best left to a professional mechanic if he quotes me a fixed price? :-(
489 20/11/2008 01:21:47 flems 87FZ750 parts I am looking for upper fairing side pannels .They are usually red and say 5 valve on them.
490 22/11/2008 17:20:11 FZ750Horse Offset top yoke I'm still toying with the idea of increasing the offset of the top yoke on my track bike by about 5mm in order to shorten the wheelbase a bit more - I've gone as far as I can with the swingarm, see Has anybody done this? If I make a new top yoke and increase the offset from the standard 30mm to 35mm, will there be enough flex in the R6 bottom yoke to fit it without any problems? Thanks, Horse
491 22/11/2008 18:10:50 daddyjay Re: Offset top yoke Bike is looking very sweet mate, nice to see one on the track. 5mm at the yolk sounds quite extreme for offset change, have you worked out how much that would make at the wheel? It should give that steering damper a good work out anyway.:) If you are making a new top yolk could you machine the bottom to match the new angle so they wouldn't be as stressed at the pinch bolts? Keep up the good work horse.
492 22/11/2008 18:25:00 FZ750Horse Re: Offset top yoke I haven't worked out what that would be at the wheel, but I've been told that 35mm is about optimal - if it gets too twitchy I'll put the longer swingarm back on and/or drop the forks back down through the yokes a bit. I was more worried about the stress at the lower yoke; if I have to modify that as well it'll probably never get done... Cheers, Horse
493 23/11/2008 21:41:21 oops-sorry Re: Offset top yoke mate did you ever make a copy of the kenny irons pipe cause i'd love to get my hands on one
494 24/11/2008 19:58:11 FZ750Horse Re: Offset top yoke [quote] grunt33 wrote: mate did you ever make a copy of the kenny irons pipe cause i'd love to get my hands on one [/quote] No, I spoke to Steve Spencer about eighteen months ago and he had a design which was pretty similar but with a better looking layout, which he was meaning to put into production. He ran into some problems getting the pipework bent (including some which I had a hand in - you wouldn't think putting a bloke who wanted some pipe bent in touch with a bloke with a pipe bender could go that wrong... :-() and the delivery time kept going back. He hasn't answered my last couple of emails, so I'm not sure what's happening at the moment. I still have the measurements and a lot of photos of the Gibson exhaust but no time to make a copy at the moment, and getting someone to make it would be beyond my means. You can still buy them from the present owners of Gibson exhausts but they want about へ50 for a system or ぷ80 for the pipework without the can. If you've got access to a bender I can send you the info I have. I need to do something before next year - current cheapest option looks like Predator pipework and collector with a custom link pipe. Anyone got any other suggestions?
495 22/11/2008 17:56:17 FZ750CA WTB: Full Fairing (Left Side) for a 1987 FZ750 or 1988 FZ700 As Subject indicates.. looking to buy a full fairing (left side) for a 1987 FZ750 or 1988 FZ700. I need the fairing and decals to be good to great condition. Would require it shipped to Canada or USA... I have two addresses. Thanks!
496 08/01/2009 16:06:45 rob1138 Re: WTB: Full Fairing (Left Side) for a 1987 FZ750 or 1988 FZ700 Try
497 16/02/2009 19:48:49 jhafley parting it out Well, times are tough and I am out of cash. I am going to be parting out my 86 fz 750. Used parts of course but i have an almost complete bike. E-mail me at and let me know what you need. I'm not looking to make a huge profit or anything, just looking for enough to get by. Got 1 good condtion top fairing, 1 beat up one. Brand new Zero Gravity windshield and all the mechanical pieces but the engine right now. 8-)
498 16/02/2009 20:09:09 billllz Re: parting it out id be interested in a right lower if u have one? doesnt have to be perfect but it couldnt be anything less then an 8.5 out of 10! im in waterloo ont canada. let em know? bill.
499 20/02/2009 02:14:48 jhafley Re: parting it out Sorry, no lowers except the two small ones directly under the top cowling.
500 26/02/2009 01:31:47 billllz Re: parting it out i believe those would be the ones i need the ones with the "fz" on them. actually i might just take both of them. how much do u need for them and again im not too sure how we would make this transaction work? my e-mail is if u wanna e-mail me with pics and a price. thanks j. bill
501 26/02/2009 16:15:52 billllz Re: parting it out Hey, I just wanted to let u know i added u to my msncontact list. I figure we could get more acomplished this way. bill
502 28/02/2009 20:30:26 martynfzr Re: parting it out have you got a frame with a v5 cheers martyn
503 13/03/2009 01:16:13 garfield13 Re: parting it out What condition are the mirrors in? I need both. Thanks
504 15/03/2009 04:08:56 jhafley Re: parting it out glass is cracked in the left one otherwise they are in great condition. easy fix at a glass shop.
505 29/03/2009 18:43:12 martynfzr Re: parting it out have you got a top yoke and also clip ons cheers martyn
506 10/04/2009 21:25:25 jhafley Re: parting it out Ok guys. Sorry I haven't gotten back to anybody lately, but lons story short, my wife broke her leg and I have been having to do everything around the house. I have the top clamp, clip ons (2 pr). I don't know where to look for a V5 on the frame, I still have 2 top fairings, 1 beat up pretty bad and 1 in good shape. no factory colors on anything. Also have tires, rims, brakes, suspension... everything but the motor right now. e mail me @ and I will hook you up.
507 18/02/2009 18:33:48 chr1smasta Removing Shock!! Hi guys, First post, but been here ages for the great information. my problem is this. i cant seem to remove the top bolt holding the rear shock to the frame on my 89 2MG no matter how much err.. gentle help with a big hammer i give it. is it just seized in or is something else holding it in place which i can't see?? the bolt spins freely and rocking the shock side to side the bolt moves. its starting ever so slightly to annoy me any ideas thank you chris
508 18/02/2009 19:34:00 FZ750Horse Re: Removing Shock!! It should just come out. The nut should be on the brake lever side, the bolt head side should have a flat welded to the frame to stop the bolt turning. There's a bushing inside the shock top mounting which has probably seized onto the bolt - the bolt and bushing would turn inside the top of the shock but the bushing will be too big to go through the bolt hole. Soak it in WD40 and get a bigger hammer... Horse
509 19/02/2009 01:39:00 ganepeil Re: Removing Shock!! Cris, another thought, If shock has worn a deep enough groove in bolt it may require centering as well as perswasion to remove. be sure swing arm is unladen, luck G
510 24/02/2009 19:35:54 chr1smasta Re: Removing Shock!! hi, thanks for the comments....but nothings worked as of yet. i gave it another bath in WD40 for 24hrs and then smashed the "grandmother" out of it and the little gem never budged???? theres no weight forcing the shock to stay in place as the shock is the only thing left on the frame lol. cant send it to the powder coaters till its done though. think i might try some heat tomorrow?? :lol:
511 24/02/2009 22:30:40 FZ750Horse Re: Removing Shock!! Drill it? I did have to give up on a relay arm that came with a rolling chassis I bought a while back. I soaked it in parafin for a week, got the bolt glowing cherry red with a blowlamp, soaked it some more, hit it with a 4lb hammer - it's still there...
512 10/03/2009 18:24:24 chr1smasta Re: Removing Shock!! hello again. i come bearing more fz probs now???? ok so i popped to local auto store grabbed a can of 3-in-1 penetrating fluid, shook can applied to bolt waited 3 mins hit it with a toffee hammer and it flew out???? sorted. bought used hagon monoshock from online auction apparently for a FZ750, but the bottom of the shock is rounded like my shock linkage so obviously dont fit?? ARRRGGGHHHH. i guess the guy was running a non standard setup... but what kind of shock linkage would he of used as i need one now if its worth it...if not i might just take a little trip, knock the door and forcefeed it to him thanks in advance chris
513 10/03/2009 19:11:33 FZ750Horse Re: Removing Shock!! Sorry Chris, but it sounds like you've got an 87 onwards frame (2MG or 3KS) and an 85/86 (1FN) shock. The early models had a completely different swingarm and linkage - shocks for this model had an eye on the bottom, later ones had a fork. I don't know if the different linkages used diffent spring rates, but if they're the same Hagon might be able to supply you with a lower fork to fit your bike. Good luck, Horse.
514 24/03/2009 22:47:48 buzz87 Re: Removing Shock!! All - just an aside, but: WD40 IS NOT A PENETRATING OIL!! It is a "Water Displacement" oil and NOT a lubricant! (I know it makes things appear slippery for a short time.) Trying this as a lubricant and especially a penetrating oil in a previous life proved one thing to me: It Doesn't Work.:-? Use the right 'oil' for the right job! I have busted off more bolts while using WD40 than I care to mention. In fact - when applied to nuts that were just barely moving or rusted - I found it actually SEIZED the nut!
515 25/03/2009 10:25:23 daddyjay Re: Removing Shock!! Are you looking for a home for the shock now...? :-D
516 06/04/2009 20:02:37 chr1smasta Re: Removing Shock!! 3-in-1 penetrating oil.....good stuff
517 06/04/2009 20:04:17 chr1smasta Re: Removing Shock!! yes shock need a new home now as its surplus to requirements open to offers. or its going on ebay the weekend chreers chris
518 09/05/2009 09:02:23 mike760 Re: Removing Shock!! HI Chr As for the rear shock main has both top and bottom with a barrel is your the same, if so you may want to get wilber, due to stock, i got a FJ1100 or 1200 can't remember and the guy who import them machine to match the FZ the only diffence between the two was fj ran a longer top barrel mount only couple of mm. FZ's did come with two different setups depending on option and country you in, i look at the hagon shock it comes with a barrel top and eyelet below not about 10mm i think as appose to 39mm or something like that and the top is about 48mm, is there someone who can confirm correct width of the top of shock on the standard shock you have to include the caps as your measurement when converting over, to wilber or hagon or even YSS as they run there own bearing for there barrels.
519 19/02/2009 04:32:45 simon6210 Braced swing arm What year model FZ or FZR 750 or 1000s had Braced Swing arms that bolt right on to 85 and 86 FZ750s? I have a pair of the ole girls (86 & 86) that ran sprints in the late 80s and am go to build to run 6 hour endurances. Open to slight mods. LMK, Michael
520 16/09/2009 23:02:39 steven53 Re: Braced swing arm here is the u.s. that bike would bring anywhere from $1500 to $2500. ive seen many beat up fz's that run "o.k." go for $1000
521 17/09/2009 18:53:31 FZ750Horse Re: Braced swing arm yeah it all clears but the cables are a bit tight. Have startedto make some alternatives, (in steel would prefer ally but i can't weld that) will see how they turn out and post some pics.
522 13/03/2009 01:20:01 garfield13 Lowering the rear suspension. I have an 86 750 that I need to lower about an inch or so. Anyone have an idea on how to do this or can point me in the right direction? Thanks for the help.
523 13/03/2009 08:50:50 daddyjay Re: Lowering the rear suspension. The '85 and '86s don't have the dogbone rear suspension linkages so makes it a little more difficult than later models. You could drop the forks through the yolks a little which would quicken the steering too. You could try removing some foam from the seat too.
524 14/03/2009 06:13:42 PeterL Re: Lowering the rear suspension. Hi, I recover seats (part time) if you have the normal fz dual seat I doubt you could take out enough padding to give you what you want, if you did you would have to replace whats left with a more dense foam or you'd have a hell of a sore bum (I own a fz750) the seats are basic to start, find another way to lower, not the seat. PeterL.
525 14/03/2009 16:04:25 garfield13 Re: Lowering the rear suspension. I have a Corbin seat on there now.
526 09/05/2009 11:50:34 DuncM3UFG I have weepy fork seals and need data Having been the unfortunate victim of my bike being nicked and recovered, I first had to pay to get it back which sucks and then to get the bits to fix it. Unfortunately I can't seem to find out how much fork oil I'll need. Any clues? My FZ's an '89 model and it's only mod is the inclusion of an aftermarked exhaust system to the forks are the original type. P.S. I did the forks on my old CG125 which served me well when learning to ride and they were quite easy. Are there any special pitfalls to watch out for on the FZ? Live Fast and bury the bodies faster. :-D
527 09/05/2009 13:08:04 PeterL Re: I have weepy fork seals and need data Hi, I've always put 408cc or 13.8oz but consider using 15w oil improves things a lot, PeterL. :-)
528 17/05/2009 20:51:47 DuncM3UFG Re: I have weepy fork seals and need data Thankyou very much, I'll give them the treatment you mentioned and see how different things feel. Quote of the day:- I was only keeping it above the recommended speed Ossifer.
529 14/05/2009 16:11:18 yzergod Looking for replacement windshield... Lockhart Phillips quite making them and I can not locate a new Zero Gravity one. So, anybody have a line on a used one? Thanks!
530 08/09/2009 14:56:24 yzergod Re: Looking for replacement windshield... Thanks ganepeil! I've since bought a bank of stock carbs off ebay.
531 08/09/2009 19:14:14 Graham Re: Looking for replacement windshield... I'm in Redditch mate, just south of Birmingham. My bike is an 87, 2MG model which I'm thinking should have 2 cables. The twist grip has a threaded hole for a cable & the carbs have a bracket & linkage with an extra groove for a 2nd cable as I've just been back to look properly. :-( I will do a google search for Flitwick motorcycles but if I have no joy do you have a contat number for them ? Edit; don't worry I found them ont'internet. Will give them a call tomorrow to see if they can sort me out with the missing cables & stuff. Cheers. :-D
532 08/09/2009 19:24:35 djcrow22 Re: Looking for replacement windshield... How's progress coming? Any new pics of your bike? I've been VERY lazy on my build, mostly $$ stuff butI made a new list(hate lists really)of things I can do, mostly cosmetic, so I'll have some updates shortly. Take care, Kevin
533 02/06/2009 22:21:06 85fz7505v Yamaha fasteners? Hi I was just wondering, is there a list of all the fastener types and sizes used on our fz750s?
534 10/06/2009 11:54:07 gaz69 Who Supplies Race FZ Race Bodywork? Hi All Does anyone know of any suppliers in the UK who does replica race bodywork for the 85 Spec FZ750? Gaz
535 10/06/2009 14:29:36 PeterL Re: Who Supplies Race FZ Race Bodywork? Hi, Have you tried SKIDMARX.CO.UK they may have something,PeterL.
536 12/07/2009 09:34:49 Nosforatu Batteries Hi I want to replace the almost dead battery that came with my bike for a GEL type one have just spent the last hour trawling through the net and am now slightly wiser (battery wise) but more confused: Dry, Gel, Glass pack, Extra plates, More cold cranking amps, this last seems to be good. So has anyone fitted a "Gell" type and if so what and how did it perform? Thanks Nos :-?
537 13/07/2009 21:56:33 Graham front mudguard/fender Hello peeps, I have posted elsewhere on this forum (can't remember where) regards a front mudguard for my FZ. I have the front half but no back bit. I am willing to buy a complete one if the price is right. :-D daddyjay get back to me mate. :-)
538 14/07/2009 21:04:21 daddyjay Re: front mudguard/fender Graham, you have mail mate. :-)
539 14/07/2009 21:05:11 Graham Re: front mudguard/fender Cheers Jay, replied. :-D
540 21/07/2009 08:34:36 wheaty8918 Re: front mudguard/fender Hiya Graham, regarding your front mudguard, if it helps I have fitted a front mudguard from an early (16 inch front wheel, forks the right way up) fireblade to my fz. You would need to drill 4 holes in the top of the mudguard to mount it to your forks, but I think that it looks a heck of a lot better than the original mudguard and more sturdy because it doesn't have the crappy mounting lugs that the original mudguards have (that keep breaking off)
541 28/07/2009 23:31:46 Graham Re: front mudguard/fender Cheers Wheaty but I have bought one off daddyjay now. Would still be interested in seeing pictures of yours. :-D Ultimately I would love to fit some upside down forks from a late exup but not sure what's involved so will take it slowly for now.
542 21/07/2009 19:55:37 jbruns Flush Mount, Sliders for YZF750 Hi everyone, thanks for reading.. Does anyone know how I might go about finding some flush mounts for a 1997 Yamaha YZF750R? I've checked catalogues online etc. and nothing seems to go back that far. I've been told that flush mounts for an 2002 R6 will fit if that helps any. I'm also looking for frame sliders. Does anyone knows how to figure out the engine block bolt sizes? My engine block is behind the fairing so I'd likely have to remove it to find out (and drill a hole in it later to install sliders). Cheers :-)
543 24/07/2009 18:20:23 djcrow22 '86 dual headlight onto an '85 wiring harness Has anyone here put a headlamp from the '86 onto an '85? The '86 has a dual lamp and two wire leads while the '85 only has one lead. Thanks, Kevin
544 28/07/2009 02:02:39 PeterL Re: '86 dual headlight onto an '85 wiring harness Hi, They must have made some different combinations, I have two '85s both with dual lamp and two wire leads (FM Japanese models). PeterL.
545 30/07/2009 02:47:34 djcrow22 Re: '86 dual headlight onto an '85 wiring harness Thanks Peter, I have a US 1986 FZ that the double headlight came from. My 85 harness has one lead for one bulb. The 86 harness is sketchy other wise I would swap them out. Thanks for the input. Kevin
546 29/07/2009 06:27:12 bigshuford what other front ends are exchangable w/ an "88" fz750? My "88" FZ750 has a lot of pitting on the fork tubes which causes the fluid to leak even with new seals. I would like to replace the entire front end with a newer one. Which forks will work with the "88" FZ750 with little or no modifications?
547 04/08/2009 20:02:05 Graham Re: what other front ends are exchangable w/ an "88" fz750? Hiya matey, I need to know this too as I would like to fit a bigger 17" front wheel & a pair of later brake callipers with 100mm mountings. If you just want to replace like for like then you need the same sized stanchions which on my FZ at least are 39mm. Think a lot of the later forks such as TRX850, late FZR600 (foxeye) are 41mm which would involve swapping yokes but I aint got a clue what 41mm yokes will fit in the FZ frame without changing steering stems. :-(
548 05/08/2009 07:05:38 FZ750Horse Re: what other front ends are exchangable w/ an "88" fz750? I've seen all sorts of front ends fitted to FZs, including R6, R1 and Aprilia Mille but all require a bit of work. The usual method is to use the FZ stem in the replacement yokes and fit the whole front end from the donor. The stem usually needs to be hard chromed or metal sprayed and then machined to give the correct tolerance in the lower yoke and top hat spacers made to fit the upper yoke. Other factors to consider include fork length (which has a huge impact on the steering geometry), lock stops and clearance between the bars and fairing - the fairing often needs to be radically trimmed.
549 05/08/2009 08:07:01 daddyjay Re: what other front ends are exchangable w/ an "88" fz750? I have early exup 1000 ('88-'89) forks on mine and had a mare trying to set things up keeping the top fairing. Wanted to keep it standard looking so didn't want to lose the fairing but clearance was a big issue with the bars. Tried clip-ons but couldn't get them to work under yolks and as the forks are a lot shorter I couldn't pull them through the yolks to fix clip-ons above top yolk as is standard. Tried risers with Renthal style bars and still had clearance problems. Then tried a set of Vincent (drag) bars on 1.5" risers I was going to use on another bike and everything lined up perfectly. Still have to sort the lockstops but everything else is good.
550 13/08/2009 03:47:00 jhafley still got parts the main thing im trying to find is the float needle. mine leak. i called the dealer and they said the rebuild kit is not offered. so i priced the needle at the dealer and they want $70.00 for one. majorly overpriced in my opinion
551 14/08/2009 23:52:29 oops-sorry Re: still got parts Cheers Jay I thought as much. Seller hs just got back to me saying he typed the wrong date in, should have been 87. Still don't know where he got "pre genesis" from though, the very 1st FZR1000 "was" the genesis FFS ! :lol: I've bought them now so just have to wait & see what does or doesn't fit. :-D Bit torn though, I really like the FZ front mudguard (as you know) because it says "FZ750" to me & looks cool and my standard forks are in very good nik only needing oil seals. Oh well it's nice to have a few choices. :hammer:
552 23/10/2009 01:40:25 Guntech Re: still got parts Do you have a good fuel tank?
553 14/08/2009 08:58:30 Graham FZR1000 genesis yokes thanks for the help. im going to try and purchase some parts this weekend from someone local. if that doesnt work i will go and try to look up allens
554 14/08/2009 12:08:59 daddyjay Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes I have read somewhere that the FZR1000 genesis top & bottom yokes will bolt straight on to the FZ750 frame thus allowing for the fitment of bigger 41mm forks etc. Can anyone confirm this for me as I have a lovely front end from an FZR600 foxeye model (41mm) which I would like to fit to my FZ eventually. Does anyone know of a "pre genesis" FZR1000 ??? Never heard of it myself but there is a chap selling a pair of yokes from a 1986 ? FZR1000. I can't find any 1000 models older than 1987 though. :-?
555 14/08/2009 12:44:41 Graham Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes FZR1000 production models started in 1987. A brief history 'borrowed' from Wikipedia. [i]1987-1988: FZR 1000 "Genesis" 1989-1990: FZR 1000 "Exup", major motor and chassis redesign, two round headlights 1991-1993: FZR 1000 "Exup", USD forks fitted, one rectangular headlight 1994-1995: FZR 1000 "Exup", Revised USD forks, uprated brakes, two "fox-eye" shaped headlights. (In some countries old stock was carried on to sell in later years, notably 1996 models which are identical to 1995).[/i] The 41mm FZR100 front end does indeed drop straight in, you would have to check the gap between forks for both sets to see if the yolks could be used with the 600 front end.
556 28/08/2009 22:56:12 Graham Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes Not 65 laps Kev, 5 laps @ 13 miles a lap making 65 miles. :lol: Don't think my knees could cope with much more than 3 laps in a row. :-( There is a chap who does nothing but take pictures of cars & bikes lapping the ring then he posts them on his website. I'm still waiting for Mon/24th pictures to be put on there as he didn't get any of me on Sunday. :-( If I had it my way I would buy a guest-house over there somewhere close to the track & live there full time. :-D I will post more pictures if I find them as those 2 are a bit boring I know.
557 29/08/2009 00:24:45 djcrow22 Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes Well my FZR1000 yokes arrived today at long last & the top one drops straight over my FZR600 forks which are fitted to the TRX at the moment. This means the spacing is exactly the same & I can fit the whole 600 front end to my FZ when I'm ready & it will all bolt straight up... . . which is nice. :-D The 600 forks are better for several reasons, they are fatter @ 41mm, they have uprated, progressive hyperpro springs fitted, allow for a 17" wheel & my favourite bit is the R1 blue spot calipers that are bolted to them. 8-) All I need is a pair of front discs for my TRX wheel & I have a complete front end for the FZ. Happy days. :-D These are them. [img][/img] The standard front forks, brakes etc will be going back on the TRX as I will probably have to sell it when the FZ is done. I will use my old TRX front wheel for the FZ ( I have a spare set) & possibly paint it gold to match the FZR rear I bought a few months back. Never thought about having gold wheels before but seen a few bikes with them now & I like it.
558 29/08/2009 09:53:56 Graham Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes Graham, A really slick motorcycle. We don't get these stateside and I'm liking the Ducati style frame, good seating position and the back/gold paint. This one will be difficult to part with I'm sure... Kevin
559 03/09/2009 18:33:27 bnail Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes Found the reason for my shock fouling the arm today. The dog bones that were supplied with my FZR rear arm have been shortened which was pulling the arm down onto the spring. Fitted the standard FZ ones & all is well again. Maybe the short ones work with the FZR shock ? If you are reading this Mr Horse I wont be needing your 135mm ones thanks or I'll be back to spring/arm rubbing. Bike looks a wee bit low at the back with this set up now so I'm toying with th idea of cutting & bending the rear subframe as I've got to do some welding of lugs etc to make the TRX seat unit fit. Please ignore the huge chunk out of my FZR arm. :-o [img][/img] Watch this space. :hammer:
560 03/09/2009 19:15:12 daddyjay Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes Hello again Graham, does that say RSI on tour on your bike? I take it you are an RS1600i escort owner? Robbo
561 03/09/2009 21:55:55 Graham Re: FZR1000 genesis yokes [i]I take it you are an RS1600i escort owner?[/i] Or he has Repetitive Strain Injury...... :lol:
562 15/08/2009 11:46:02 Graham older seat unit on to newer model FZ Thanks for that Graham just had a look. Yes I know you posted this a while ago, what can I say I've been slack. :-?
564 06/09/2009 16:21:26 djcrow22 Re: Mirrors? I need a new set of mirrors as I am not getting any with my FZ, and am wondering do the ones from an R1. The outside edge of the bolts are 34mm apart... Could anyone measure those of the FZ's standard? I need to make sure they fit before buying of course!
565 08/09/2009 15:40:44 Graham Throttle & choke cable query Anyone? Class.... class... anyone?
566 08/09/2009 17:20:58 wheaty8918 Re: Throttle & choke cable query Dude, My build is on an '85 FZ and although most of the parts are the same the '86 is a secondary project. So for now I can use $$ more than parts but I will certainly keep you in mind.Let me know on the ignitor and I'll send it off. Take care, Kevin Links to my build:
567 08/09/2009 18:28:13 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query Hiya Graham, I presently have 2 FZ's, one is the pure sports model that I have put photo's on the site of and the other is the genesis model that has a full fairing. I only have one throttle cable on the (older) pure sports model and 2 cables on the genesis model so it will depend on which model you have if this helps. I have always used Flitwick motorcycles in Bedfordshire for my spares because a couple of the blokes in there are very knowledgable about FZ's, if you ask for Mark in the spares dept then he could help you with a lot of things. If I get chance tomorrow I'll take a couple of pics of the choke cable for you, where abouts in Worcestershire do you live?
568 08/09/2009 19:18:12 djcrow22 Re: Throttle & choke cable query Bueller ? Bueller ? Bueller ? :lol: :lol: Sorry mate, can't help you. I've only got 1 & it's for my bike. :-(
569 08/09/2009 19:38:11 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query Try this:
570 08/09/2009 20:05:21 djcrow22 Re: Throttle & choke cable query Only this picture of the seat height Kev. [img][/img] Nothing obvious to report my end but a fair bit of ground work done which will help in the long run (I hope). FZR yokes cleaned & painted, FZR arm now fitted properly (picture above with the wrong dog bones causing shock to fowl on the arm), water pipes which "were" painted yellow now satin black, my engineer friend is turning down the FZR600 wheel spacer tomorrow so it fits inside the dust seal of the FZR1000 wheel, new head-race bearings ordered, white TRX seat unit on its way to me any day now (I hope) as are the half fairing panels I bought off good old ebay. Still need to buy 2 front discs for the TRX wheel I will be fitting, a new battery, choke & throttle cables, 4 indicators, plenty of pearl-white paint for the bikini fairing & YZF front mudguard. Doesn't sound like much but I'm also trying to gather parts to build a track day car so my already tight budget is being stretched to the limits at the moment. :-o
571 08/09/2009 22:00:58 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query The gold paint is killing me! Nice. Must be nice to have an "engineer friend" to turn down the spacer! You're referring to the sprocket side RR spacer right? 35mm OD, 9mm thick that fits inside the 62mm OD seal? I'm doing the same thing but using the stock FZ 750 spacer. You have the advantage of having the '87 which readily accepted the FZR 1000 linkage ect. Glenn had the work done on his FZ, been waiting to hear from him with some specs maybe. Is his FZ the balls or what? I have a pic of it on my desktop to motivate me. I stopped drooling only a few days ago so I'm beginning to get a grip and start back in on mine. Thanks for the pic. Any chance of posting pics of your 4 wheel project? Take care, Kevin
572 09/09/2009 13:24:46 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query Guessing you mean the rubber diaphragms and the float valves? They should still be available from Yamaha main dealers, if you are in the UK try Webb's of Lincoln, Fowlers in Bristol and Flitwick motorcycles. Should warn you though, diaphragms were べ0-ぺ0 each last time I checked. Might be better off getting a second hand complete set of carbs from Ebay.
573 09/09/2009 14:24:24 daddyjay Re: Throttle & choke cable query Thanks again Wheaty, I called Flitwick m/cycles today & spoke to Mark who couldn't be more helpful. :-D I mentioned this forum & he says he knows who you are. Ordered the choke cable which comes with the knob I'm told but he also tells me I will need the left hand, infill panel to bolt it all to which is a problem as I don't have one. :-( He mentioned a reserve switch that bolts to the panel too which I'm pretty sure I don't have either ! :evil: For anyone who might need them the spares dept number is; 01525750380
574 09/09/2009 17:04:46 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query Infill panels seem to be quite hard to come by now. There was a bloke making and selling reproduction ones on Ebay a while ago, not sure if he's still there. Need the right hand side one for mine at some point.
575 10/09/2009 15:54:38 djcrow22 Re: Throttle & choke cable query Graham, You're a madman! The bit in the kitchen is priceless. The bike carb mod is improvisation gone wild. Thanks for the pics. Kevin
576 10/09/2009 15:57:55 djcrow22 Re: Throttle & choke cable query Did you beadblast the clutch cover or is it like that? Looks good, love the blue/white/gold...
577 10/09/2009 18:21:20 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query Spot on Kevin thank you. I had decided against it regardless. I may as well just send my original shock off to be rebuilt, it's not as though I will be needing it any time soon. :lol:
578 11/09/2009 01:21:11 PeterL Re: Throttle & choke cable query I'm wondering if we shouldn't just use this thread to post pictures of our bikes as it seems nothing comes of anyones suggestions ? You should go first Nosforatu as you started it. :-D
579 11/09/2009 14:41:52 djcrow22 Re: Throttle & choke cable query Hi all have fitted the ZXR forks but have been struggling to find a solution to steer the bike. I can't use the clip-ons from the zxr because A; one is broken & B; the master cylinder fouls on the clocks and the lever fouls on the fairing. I do have some Bars from a GTR 1000 which will clear everthing but they are higher than stock, my originals are bent as well. Then the cables need sorting more expence and I'm skint, I did offer up some renthals but really didn't like the look and i would still need to alter cables and make some risers. so any ideas would be great and if anyone has some parts that would work for not tooo much cash that would be fantastic :-D [img][/img] 8-) [img][/img] original no real way to attach. [img][/img] GTR 2 bolt attachment.
580 11/09/2009 18:28:43 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query Sly, Should go right in. See what ganepeil and the other folks say. I have both models and the wiring harness' are a bit different. Two things I'm aware of is the ignitor part #'s are different and the '86 has dual headlight leads(2 bulbs) vs the one lead on the '85. Keep us posted on your build...Kevin Is yours rougher than this?... [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
581 12/09/2009 12:50:40 Graham Re: Throttle & choke cable query I think 16-44 is standard for 2MGs and gives about 148mph. Using 17" wheels, I often use 17-46 on short circuits (bigger front is mainly just to keep the chain from eating the swingarm with extra rear ride height)this gives good drive out of corners and probably tops out about 135mph. 17-44 should give approx 155mph but you would likely need some serious engine work or very long straights to make use of it!
582 09/09/2009 18:18:10 Graham Will an early shock fit my 87 FZ ? That's a very kind offer mate but I should be ok. There's always this forum if I get really stuck. I ordered the choke cable from Flitwicks today but left the 2nd throttle cable as it's ふ0 & I've spent too much on the FZ this month already. :-( Mentioned you to Mark & he said he knows who you are. :-D Just bought a reserve switch from an ebay seller (you've got to love ebay) & asked after this other cable on the off chance I can save a few quid. If I had it my way the FZ would live in the living room full time but then if you met my missus you would know why it doesn't ! :lol: :lol: :lol: I sold some car spares to a lad in Derby & delivered them to his house. He was 55 miles from me as I recall so I could take a ride up when/if I get it finished. 8-)
583 10/09/2009 15:20:13 djcrow22 Re: Will an early shock fit my 87 FZ ? I hope for your sake that your misses doesn't log onto this site. With regard to your choke & reserve switch, if you look at my previous photo's you'll see where they go in the cockpit photo if it helps (2nd photo down below the left handlebar). I'm not too sure about the different shocks but I would have thought that most of the old shocks are stuffed by now, sorry to inform you. And you're always welcome to a cuppa if you're up this way (Burton on trent)again
584 10/09/2009 18:12:45 Graham Re: Will an early shock fit my 87 FZ ? Let me know on the reserve switch, I've a couple laying around here...
585 13/09/2009 14:23:18 Graham Fairing infill panels available soon 13 up front ! :-o & I worried fitting a 16 in place of a 17 on the TRX for fear of over stressing the remaining teeth. :lol: Does the chain clear the arm ok with the 13 fitted ? Sounds like you will have to get brutal with your clutch if you want to stand on the rear wheel. My TRX has roughly 80-85bhp, weighs 190kg & with standard gearing (17 font, 39 rear) the front is very reluctant to come up, even with a very unsympathetic clutch hand.. . but it does. :-x
586 14/09/2009 00:01:56 PeterL Re: Fairing infill panels available soon did you notice a power increase? it seems to me that increasing the front one tooth and the rear two teeth. you pretty much brought everything back close to stock gearing. please correct me if im wrong.
587 18/09/2009 20:20:26 Graham Re: Fairing infill panels available soon Nice one wrenchnfx, have you got any pictures of your bike you could post on here or just the links ? If you could copy & paste links I will get them to show (hopefully) as it's a bit complicated if you don't know. Where'ya from ? :-)
588 06/10/2009 20:11:38 Graham Re: Fairing infill panels available soon thanks i'll call and see if the dealer will sell me just those parts
589 20/09/2009 08:06:39 wolseley belly pan
590 25/09/2009 18:21:39 FZ750Horse Re: belly pan Well I'm slightly gutted & very annoyed at myself with today's findings. Having spent a lot of time & effort getting the parts I want & welding the new sub-frame on, I started thinking about the exhaust or lack of it today. Still can't believe this is the 1st time I have looked at the cylinder head properly in all this time but it's true. I bent down at the front of the bike which is sitting on a stand with no front end on it & was greeted by 8 holes where the exhaust studs would be. Fine you might think, someone has removed the studs but only 4 of the original holes are recognisable as stud holes whilst the other 4 have been drilled out (badly), 3 of them are going into the head at nearly 45 degrees & are next to, not in the same place as, the originals ! The idiot responsible has some how managed to tap a thread in all 4 holes but they will never ever line up with the collars which hold the exhaust down pipes on. :-( Even if I drilled the collars out so the holes line up it will be a bodge & I'm half expecting coolant to leak from some of these holes & the thread is dubious to say the least so would probably strip at the 1st attempt to tighten the exhaust nuts. :cry: I am now looking at 2nd hand cylinder heads on ebay, some of which are quite cheap but I hadn't anticipated having to replace the cylinder head, I just wanted to tidy the bike up & use it. I heard it running on the day I picked it up with the exhaust in position but not bolted up properly. Now I know why. I'm a bit pi***d off with this today so to cheer myself up I'm going to look at a 93 fireblade with a 980cc big bore kit on it on Sunday. :-D More trouble perhaps ?
591 08/10/2009 15:27:36 Graham Rear shock rebuild, recommendations ? Here they are folks. Try to contain your excitement. :lol: [url=]CLICK ME[/url]
592 08/10/2009 18:30:09 FZ750Horse Re: Rear shock rebuild, recommendations ? I would sort the charging system out before you start looking for any other problems. Have found that mine will only start with a strong battery and if your regulator is fried your spark will be very weak causing the bad running. P.S. Welcome to the site.
593 08/10/2009 18:50:03 Graham Re: Rear shock rebuild, recommendations ? If it's a "DeCarbon Monoshock" like the later FZs, I don't think it will be re-buildable. You could ask Steve Jordan MCs in Leatherhead, Surrey. If it's serviceable he'd probably give you a price over the phone.
594 09/10/2009 08:29:41 FZ750Horse Re: Rear shock rebuild, recommendations ? It is a de carbon one. Writing on the sticker is all Japanese except the bit that says "DE CARBON". :-( [img][/img] Same length as FZ unit & will bolt in place no bother. Have I just wasted even more money then ? :evil:
595 13/10/2009 12:58:25 skoop99 Will an '85 shock fit my '89??? Looking at a Hagon shock, off an '85... Will it fit my '89??? Please! It ends in 5 hours!!! :-o
596 13/10/2009 13:11:06 daddyjay Re: Will an '85 shock fit my '89??? No, won't fit. 85 and 86 have different linkages to later models. Sorry dude.
597 13/10/2009 13:43:02 skoop99 Re: Will an '85 shock fit my '89??? Arse! Bollocks! :-( Guess I might have to fork out for a new one, then... :hammer: Thanks, mate!
598 21/10/2009 08:19:47 PeterL Fairing Infill Panels Hi, FZ750 fairing infill panels available Ebay listing 250507650880, bye, PeterL.
599 26/11/2009 13:19:19 oops-sorry Re: Fairing Infill Panels They look exactly the same, even have the same plug style and color scheme, but check the part number in the casting on top of the coil and see if the numbers match up. If they do, then both bikes use coils with the same resistance value. If they're different then they're different. I started the thread Horse is referring too. From what I could find out from the members here and from what I've read elsewhere, If your ignition system has two pickup coils (one on either side of the crank) then the bike uses the hotter (and much more common) coil. If there is only one pickup coil on the crank, then it uses the cooler coil. Take a look at your engine, or look at the plug on the left side of the igniter (if you're facing it), if the left plug has three wires then it's the two coil system, if it's got two wires, then it's the single coil system.
600 26/11/2009 16:15:52 PeterL Re: Fairing Infill Panels Peter just picked up a set . well made but unsure what they will look like fitted. they are in white jell coat
601 05/01/2010 12:03:40 oops-sorry Re: Fairing Infill Panels try ebay uk have seen a few there
602 05/01/2010 14:17:55 PeterL Re: Fairing Infill Panels Thanks grunt, didn't think anyone was ever going to reply to this as it's not a Yamaha ! :lol: I think TTS are very well know in the world of bike tuning. looking at the receipt for engine work dated 08/03/96 it has had JE big bore conversion which cost ほ18, dynojet kit ぺ8, gas flowed head ふ50, bearing shells ぷ0, Yoshi shift kit ぴ5 & the exhaust at the time which was a Scorpion stainless system with 2 cans supplied which cost へ60 ! Someone had a lot of spare money to throw ぴ090 at it. :-o All I've done to it is chop the Akrapovic can down to roughly 2-thirds the length in that picture, took the grab rail off & cleaned the air filter/carbs. That picture doesn't show how tidy the bike really is. I would post more pics but don't think they will go down very well on here & I'm not really bothered with finding a fireblade forum. It's a bit of a diversion for me even owning a Honda so I'm not in love with the bike, just the speed, the sound, the wheelies & the Rothmans paint job ! :-D
603 05/01/2010 15:26:51 Graham Re: Fairing Infill Panels Hi Grunt, You said yours were white, when I spilt the brake fluid mine were white gel coat under the black and for a while I thought to have them white, but the fuel tank is blue on top, so a matt black finish/spray job looked the goods, hope 2010 is a good year for you, PeterL.
604 06/01/2010 02:06:47 PeterL Re: Fairing Infill Panels so i checked the earth ground, its fine, im thinking its the blinker relay, but yamaha wants an arm and a leg for it,i will keep u guys posted
605 25/10/2009 22:29:59 alliekat Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hiya, i have just joined the site as i have a 1988 genesis that i am silly enougth to try to modify. Iam wondering if any one has put an EXUP arm on am FZ? i have mamanged to get the arm to fit with different bearing and modified insert btu am now having issues with shock length and spring width hitting the hole in the arm and length needing to be longer i have an EXup shock as well i realise it will be difficult but i have plenty of help with making bits. Any more ideas would be good. I also have front end (43mm forks,yokes etc)plus back wheel (180 tyre 5.5 rim). I am probably digging my self a hole but do want to do it my self. So if any kind gentleman has done any thing like this before it would help this lady a great deal. Take care, Alliekat
606 26/10/2009 08:32:01 Graham Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hello Alliecat. :-D I have seen several pictures of FZ's with EXUP rear arms fitted so it can be done. Wheaty on here has one I believe so he will be able to fill you in when he sees this. I would expect the EXUP shock to clear the hole in the EXUP arm so maybe you need to alter the length of your dog bones ? I had trouble with my FZ shock fowling my FZR1000 Genesis arm because someone had altered the length of the dog bones but once they were changed it all fitted perfectly. Have you got any pictures you could post or links to them perhaps ? We love pictures. 8-)
607 26/10/2009 09:10:33 wheaty8918 Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hiya Alliekat, as Graham has mentioned I have an Exup swingarm in my FZ. As I have mentioned recently, there are two ways that I know of to put an exup rear end into an FZ. The first is to get the Fz frame drilled out to accept the larger diameter Exup swingarm pivot bolt but after doing this it will be more difficult to convert the bike back to the standard swingarm if you would want to. The second way, and my preferred way, is to get a swingarm pivot collar with the external diameter of the Exup collar and the internal diameter of an FZ collar made up by an engineering company. I think mine had to be heat treated to harden the collar if I remember rightly, and if its of any interest I got SEP in Kegworth near Donnington race track to make mine. You will also need to grind out the bracing web from the swingarm where the shock goes through the swingarm to give you more clearance and even then it can be a little bit tight. I presently have a Marvic 6.5 inch rear wheel with a 190 back tyre on so you should have no problems with wheel/tyre width. Hope this helps and if I can think of anything else I'll let you know.
608 26/10/2009 17:45:10 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Cool thanks for the information i was getting a bit down cast with all the thinking. I have managed to get the arm on the bike by having a sleeve made up for the exup arm and putting my fz bearings in it so thats all cool now. The problem is with the shock and ride height. i have a hagon shock and an Exup shock the hagon is 4cm shorter than the exup standard one and also has a wider spring diameter plus thicker coils. But hearing you say about grinding the webbing out makes sense but i am having issues with the dog bone mount on the arm hitting the spring on the hagon shock. Are you using the standard shock or the exup one ? the exup one is longer but i cant get it to match up with the bottom mount this is all before i start fiddling with bog bones. i am going to make soem adjustable bones to help me set up clearances and ride height. Thanks again i will try and get some pics done. :-D
609 27/10/2009 17:42:13 wheaty8918 Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hiya Alliekat, I presently have 2 FZ's fitted with Exup rear ends, one is the Pure sports model (half fairing) and the other is the genesis model (full fairing). If you have the half fairing model then you would have to remove the centre stand bracket if you haven't already done so. Both of my bikes are fitted with Exup shocks and standard suspension linkages, although my pure sports has an Ohlins shock, but to be honest this shouldn't make much difference. When I built my pure sports exup rear end I did find that the clearances were very tight but I just put a good chamfer on the top shock mounting bolt to help to get it in at the end, if you have got a pully system in your garage to lift and lower your bike whilst you connect it all together then this may help, it just depends how stubborn you are. Another point to think of is what you will do with your footrests, I have managed to use the standard footrests but had to cut the heel protector plates down so that they don't foul the swinging arm, they don't look too bad if you get the remaining plate polished underneath the clear laquer. I tried to get some photo's done but ran out of time so may try again in a few days. Hope this helps
610 27/10/2009 18:00:50 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Ok that sounds positive. I have i believe a genesis as it has a full fairing and alloy rear foot rests and says Genesis on the side panels it does not have a centre stand or mounting. But i also has the old style wheels and not the three spokes with big discs I have cut a groove so that the exup shock air pipe clears the mount at the top but may have to take a bit more out. i will take the webbing out around the shock hole in the arm that may give me the space to be able to get the exup shock to reach the bottom mount as it just looks like it wont even with doing thses things . But it has been done so i will have a play this weekend. Thank you all for your help i feel i can do it now. Will keep you all posted. :-D
611 06/11/2009 19:45:41 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hiay , well i had a play after the arm had been modified but i still cant get the exup shock to fit. It fits at the top but it is out at the bottom . The exup shock is 4cm longer than the standard so the angle for the bottom mounting is wrong and it cant be conected. cant work out how to put pics on here at the moment.. So do i need to use the bottom shock linkage from an exup as well cos i think if this was different from and fz say longer between the bolt holes it might work other wise i would have to use a standard shock which would lower the ride hight alot even with shorter dog bones. Any help would be cool. :-(
612 07/11/2009 00:33:39 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm What year is the swingarm your trying to use? I have an 87 FZR1000 arm in my 86 FR750. It was modded to use a stock FZ750 shock and linkage. Two aluminum blocks were welded to the bottom of the FZR1000 arm. Works like a charm and no clearance issues with a Fox TwinClicker shock.
613 07/11/2009 00:34:57 FZ750Horse Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm I haven't fitted anything EXUP, but these seem like scary numbers - do you mean 4mm rather than 4cm? 40mm longer shock would increase the rear ride height by something like 120mm - nearly 5"! My race bike has a shock about 15mm longer than standard and that puts quite a bit of pressure on the chain skid - I'd imagine 40mm would be trying to saw the swingarm pivot in half. BTW, shortening the dog bones RAISES rear ride height. Cheers, Horse
614 07/11/2009 00:36:53 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hey Wheaty, What did you do to deal with the chain alignment clearing that 190? I run a 180 and shimmed the countershaft sprocket to get the clearance.
615 07/11/2009 00:39:55 FZ750Horse Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Sorry, just re-read your post - disregared my comment re. dog bones...
616 07/11/2009 00:47:46 FZ750Horse Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Re. Rifleman's comment, I was also wondering about the 190 tyre. I turned the gearbox sprocket wrong way round to fit 180 tyre rather than shimming it but clearance is still minimal. Like this: and that's with 520 chain.
617 07/11/2009 01:11:48 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm I should flipped it,but I had the high spot blanchard ground off so that the retainer could get to some splines after I shimmed it out as far as I could.
618 07/11/2009 18:00:32 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hiya yes it really is 4cm longer hence why it wont fit. I am using an exup 1990 swinging arm that is different to Fzr1000 the shock is different as well. Due to the difference in length (which almost fits) and also the increased depth of the arm it wouldnt raise it up to much and i would have to have shorter dog bones so that it would fit. The bones mount on the arm has been moved lower due to the increased depth of the arm th bottom shock mount has also been pushed right down. So i have decided to have a ride height adjuster made for the top shock mount and then use the standard hagon genesis shock i have got whci will let me run slightly shorter bones and i can adjust ride height via the top shock adjuster plus also make the shck more upright making clearance through the arm better.... phew what do people think. Allison :-)
619 07/11/2009 19:34:39 Graham Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Sounds bloody complicated to me ! :-o Only just realised you're not a dude sorry. I had to check my previous posts for sexist comments but think I'm fairly safe. Must learn to read all posts carefully & not just skip over them to get a general idea as your 1st post was a bit of a give away now I've read it all properly. :roll: :lol: So you're doing all the fabrication work yourself then Allison ? I'm impressed & very curious as to how you came to be an FZ owning lady who likes to get her hands dirty & if you can tell me where I might go to meet similar females ? :-D
620 08/11/2009 03:48:54 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Finally, One of the Fairer Sex amongst us! And skilled to boot. Allison,you would like my Mum,she race dirt oval cars when I was a kid. Sounds like your cut from similar cloth. Cheers PS:Graham,if shes mad enough to fit a 90 EXUP arm on her own,I doubt anything any of us testosterone addled fools might say would offend her! :-D
621 08/11/2009 22:44:48 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Well my father and brothers had motorbikes, my father had triumphs, my older brother had things like xs750 and my younger bother had dirt bikes so there was no hope for me really. But they all gave up and i had a break , but after the split in a reltionship i though "sod it" and the Fz turned up cheap on e bay!!! but befor ehtat i had bought an old 500/4 as i had one when i was 18 i restored it to standrd as it was a dream bike when younger but i was dispointed, rose tinted glasses. I dont like people telling me i shouldnt do things so i of course have to learn how to do it!!! has go tme in trouble in the past. I also used to race 350lc's in the eighties and passenger an ex's outfit, really coool can highly recomend it. :-D
622 09/11/2009 16:19:02 wheaty8918 Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Sorry to butt into you're 'fairer sex' chat but it seems like you're making the Exup arm change a bit too complicated. Both of my FZ bikes are fitted with Exup arms AND suspension linkages. The Pure sports model is fitted with an FZR1000 engine and has about 5mm of clearance between the tyre and chain run and I've never had a problem with the clearance, as the FZR1000 basically shares the same crankcases there won't be any difference with the output shaft position. My Genisis model has the standard FZ750 engine and Exup rear end including the swingarm, shock + linkages and rear wheel, yet again the clearance between tyre and chain is small but isn't anything for me to worry about. If I had known that Alliekat was in Brighton then I could've given you some first hand advice as I was in Eastbourne a couple of weeks ago to do the Beachy Head marathon. Never mind I hope this helps. If you look in the general tab on this site and scroll down to GLENNYAMS input (8/9/2009) then you'll see a few more pics of my bike on there if you're interested.
623 09/11/2009 17:12:16 Graham Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Sorry no pics . The FZR swing arm and linkage will be different from FZ's But all I done was drill top shock bush to pin size .. bottom pin I cut in half turned down to fit bottom shock mount and being hollow made stainless bolt too hold together through centre ............ SIMPLE BUT WORKS
624 09/11/2009 17:40:46 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Wheaty mate if you put a / in front of the last img like dis,[/img] those pictures will show. Then everyone will be able to see your blurry pics of what might possibly be 2 FZ's ? :lol: :lol: :lol: Just the last ones, not the 1st. ;-)
625 10/11/2009 00:01:25 Graham Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Thats fantastic i think you have just solved my problem. i have been trying to use the 750 bottom shock linkages !!! and it would make sense that if the Exup ones are different then i could get my Exup shock to fit. Are the Exup and Fz750 linkages different? the exup ones would need to be a bit longer and perhaps a different angle?. Do i have to get some new dog bones made up as well? ... i am feeling a little bit blonde and embaressed, but then that why i joined the site lots of guys with FZ's to help me out. :-D oh and can someone tell me how to put pictures on. Allison :oops:
626 10/11/2009 13:27:49 wheaty8918 Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm You need to upload your pictures to a website such as photobucket then copy the [img] link & paste it on here. The[IMG] bit will probably be in capital letters so change it to lower case [img] & it "should" show on here then. Example being [img] [/img] I have left a gap between the [img] bit & the rest so it doesn't show. Without the gap you get this, [img][/img] The original link was this, [IMG][/IMG] Which is fine for most forums but doesn't work here because the img is in capital letters. There is a more complicated method for posting pictures on here but I think that's enough for one night. :-? Go here & follow their instructions to get started.
627 10/11/2009 17:41:01 Graham Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Apologies for the crap photo's, I had way too much to drink over the weekend and the pics looked fine to me when I posted them, maybe next time I won't get too wankered on ale before I post anything on here. Just a quick thought whilst you're putting your FZ together over the winter Alliekat, I've yet to get my suspension bolts modified so that I can grease the linkage bearings via a grease nipple at the end of the bolt instead of stripping the whole suspension apart, it just involves getting an engineering company to drill part way through the bolt and then drill an exit hole at the point where the bearings are. Yet again, thats for the photo info Graham, one of these days this mongol is gonna post a nice clear photo on here, just don't hold your breath.
628 10/11/2009 23:50:38 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Yes I'm still throwing money at a bike which to date still has no engine. :roll: This time I'm after a pair of the short fairing lowers that bolt to the top bikini fairing. I have a pair of Harris full fairing lowers but not keen on how they look so would be willing to do a deal for these with someone who has the short ones perhaps or will just pay good old pound notes. I have just taken delivery of a lovely white & blue belly pan which matches my new tank so I'm keen to complete the "half faired" look with a pair of these lowers. Anyone wanna sell me a pair ? :-)
629 12/11/2009 19:17:40 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Where are you mate ? I will pm you for pictures. :-)
630 12/11/2009 19:46:28 FZ750Horse Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm [img][/img] my friend modified my exup arm [img][/img] getting there [img][/img] difference in shock lengths. The hagon FZ will be for sale if i get the exup one fitted as will the old arm and wheel, olus the forks and front end a si have n Exup front end to fit when i get a bottom yoke, oh and i have odered the bottom shock mount for and exup today :-D
631 13/11/2009 18:17:59 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm im in bristol
632 13/11/2009 19:29:46 FZ750Horse Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Baseline setting for the air screw is 2.5 turns out. Most free flowing systems seem to cause rich running under 4000rpm.
633 14/11/2009 22:51:41 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Did you want me to post the picture you sent on here mate ? I was slightly tempted for a second but think I will give it a miss, I've got enough on my hands with mine.
634 15/11/2009 08:28:22 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Will, Its actually a very simple system. When the switch is in the 'main' position,the pump runs as normal. Then when the fuel level drops to a certain level,the level sensor in the tank sends a signal to the pump that shuts it off. You flick the switch to reserve and the pump restarts,simulating the operation of a normal petcock. There is one small problem with the system,though. If you do not reset the switch to the main position before you turn the ignition off before you refuel and instead switch it back to the main position after re-starting the bike with a full tank,the system won't reset and you'll be in "reserve" even though the tank is full and you won't get the "running out" mode and the bike will run dry though the switch is in the main position.
635 15/11/2009 08:30:21 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Kat, If the clutch is getting a little slippery,besides the springs heres something else to do and its FREE! Pull the steels and fibers out of the clutch. Clean them thoroghly with brake solvent. Look carefully at them after they are clean. Are the steels displaying bluish or brownish discoloration? Does the surface of the fibers have a shiny glazed look about them. If the steels or fibers have one or both symptoms the clutch has been slipping. Take the steels and find a bit of flat concrete with a moderately rough surface. Place a steel plate flat on the concrete and slide it around in a figure 8 pattern until the surface is roughed up very well. Then do the other side and repeat with the rest of the steels. You can do the same with the fibers,but be very careful and gentle as the fibers are more fragile. You're just trying to break the glaze. When you're finished,hit everything with the solvent again,then dip everything in the engine oil you're using and reassemble. One problem with the FZ750/FZR1000 clutch is inadequate oil supply into the clutch pack which causes chattering and heat,cusing slippage. There is a mod outlined somewhere on the web that shows how to mod the clutch assembly to improve flow. I'll see if I can find the URL and post it. Also make sure that the fingers of the drum and the slots in the hubs don't have indentations in the surfaces where the dogs of the fibers and steels engage.
636 15/11/2009 10:50:13 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Found it!
637 16/11/2009 05:04:53 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm My pleasure!
638 16/11/2009 05:13:03 RIFLEMAN Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Well,I hope it works! May not,most FZ's have big miles on them by now. BUT,if ya try it and it does work,you just saved mega $$$$$$! Worked on my 02 ZX12R and it makes 175HP. Good Luck!
639 07/12/2009 20:30:31 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm YES, it's me again. :roll: Just checking as my replacement head is in bits now, have I GOT TO replace the valve oil seals ? Where from, how much etc. head is from a 50 something thousand mile bike. Flipping Flitwicks will be getting sick of me soon. :lol:
640 07/12/2009 20:38:41 Graham Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Hiya Wheaty, i have maneged to get it alll on there after taking your advice and buying a bottom shock mount for an exup. However i am now having some issues with the spring from the shock hitting the alloy mount for the dog bone things on the under side of the arm. Do i have to grind a dip into this area so that the spring doesnt foul it? an also did you use standard Fz bones or exup ones ? finally if a grind a dip in th earm would it allow me to run with some of the shorter Fz jack up bones ? Sorry to be a pain. Alliekat
641 07/12/2009 22:00:00 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Your dog bones are too short already if the spring is fowling the mount on your arm. I had the same problem with some "home grown" links that came with my 1000 Genesis arm. they had been shortened which meant the arm was being pulled down on to the spring at the bottom. There is a picture on here somewhere but I'm sure it's the same thing. I resorted back to standard length links & it all fitted perfectly. :-)
642 19/01/2010 20:37:56 alliekat help again Hi scarabrun I have one with a few marks on it it was the wrong colour for mine, so hasn't been used much. I have to get a box and pack it to see how much to send to the US of A. I am also waiting for a camera to take decent pictures of it. I am going to put it on EBay UK, I will lt you know when I do. It will be in the next week.
643 19/01/2010 21:11:21 Graham Re: help again Hello all, well i have finally got the arm and shock on, but i need some more advice. Which bog bones do i use? the exup ones or standard FZ ones? the exup ones make the bike sit very low and the FZ ones make the chain run on the swing arm rubber and also the shock spring hits the swingarm dog bone mount and then it is difficult to get the suspension to work. I have used the exup alloy bottom shock mount. It looks weird with the exup bones as it sits lower than it did but the chain has clearance on the top of the arm. Getting a bit fed up now and wishing i had left it alone btu i cant go back as the old arm has had the bearings and spacer pushed out and put in the exup arm. Any help would be appreciated. oh i have a 45 rear sprocket on as well which came with the exupo wheel is this ok or woudl a bigger one be better and woudl thihs help with chain clearance !!!! :-(
644 20/01/2010 09:13:48 oops-sorry Re: help again PeterL, Perhaps this will help. Look at your' new seals, If there is 1 spring visible, It is the oil side. If there are 2 springs visible (one on either side) look for demensions /#'s molded into face of seal. If present, that is top(outside) on double lipped seals (2 springs) there is a slight differnce in the open area between the inner & outer surfaces, the larger gap is wet side. luck G
645 20/01/2010 18:34:47 wheaty8918 Re: help again Peter now that you are a expert on fork seals do you want to come over and do mine . Cheers Paul
646 20/01/2010 23:50:28 alliekat Re: help again I hope you're not getting too fed up with the conversion because it can be done although I must admit that I had nowhere near the amount of problems that you are having. I've had a look at both of my bikes earlier and they both have slightly different length tie bars, my Genesis model has the 158mm long tie bars on it but I can't confirm what the suspension linkage is as I didn't convert it. My pure Sports model (1985) has all exup linkages with approximately 168mm long tie bars but I'm unsure if there were any differences in the frame geometry between the models. There shouldn't be any problems with a bike engineering companiy to make you another set of tie bars of differing lengths if you need them. I looked through some clippings from Superbike magazine when they converted an FZ to use an EXUP swingarm and they used Track Record to do they're machining if it helps, they may just still have the info from the conversions that they have done if you decide to contact them. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] If you go onto and do a search for FZ750 there is a couple of photo's on there of an orange streetfightered FZ with an EXUP arm if its of interest. Don't give up, it will work.
647 21/01/2010 09:21:17 wheaty8918 Re: help again Hiya all, I have managed to make my own damper rod holder in the past so that I could strip the forks down completely. All I did was to get a bit of metal bar and weld two bolts on either end of it so that the head of the bolts were on the outside of the bar. This meant that I could put a socket or spanner on the outside of the bar and turn it. All you have to do is to make sure that one of the bolt heads fits snuggly into the damper rod and I think that the diameter of the bolt (flat side to flat side) that I used was 25mm. Just bear in mind that most of my work has been done on an 85 model and I'm unsure if there were any changes in the models. Also, to fit the fork seals I used to get a bit of metal tubing that would fit snuggly over the inner fork tubing and use it to push/ram the fork seals into place, you just need to ensure that the external diameter isn't so big that it hits the outer fork tube.
648 23/01/2010 19:35:43 alliekat Re: help again Yes Graham but next time the same problem will possibly happen so I'll back of and build something that works its the second bike so there's no hurry maybe fit a 1000 in to it at a later stage. PeterL.
649 24/01/2010 14:33:52 wheaty8918 Re: help again Thanks wheaty i am a bit blonde some times so did nt think about the tie rod holes. I am going to get some rods made up that are in between the two lengths as i have tried the std FZ ones and it looks great but suspension wont move as the rod mount on the arm is fouling the spring. The exup ones clear ok but it looks like a drag bike !! anby way working this weekend so monday next chance to put my overals on and get dirty.The bike is 6 miles away in a friends garage. :-D
650 24/01/2010 18:44:34 RIFLEMAN Re: help again Hi Graham Good Job getting your motor back together, I rebuilt my motor last year,Just a few suggestions valve clearances very important if your valves a tight you will lose compression, do a comp test,try and go to the max valve clearance. You say you have a poor spark, try ht caps & leads sometimes they get green corrosion if the have been unused for a while, the same for all connections. You mention your carbs have been cleaned, the floats may be sticking i doubt it, they normally stick open and flood. As for coils,carbs etc i have some spares you can try if you need to. All the best mate Glennyam
651 25/01/2010 14:52:30 wheaty8918 Re: help again Can you post of send me some pictures of the installation please, I'm very interested in this mod, I have just fitted a FZR1000 back end to mine with R6 wheels but need a new shock and I'm looking for something cheaper than a ぶ00 Nitron unit!!
652 15/02/2010 20:41:39 alliekat Re: yay did it [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]. Well hope these pics show up. sorry about the one with me making a silly fac but i told my friend not to put me in the picture but obviously she did.As you can see i have got it on an dall seems to work the pic of the rods is small FZ middle my new one off stainless made by a friend and the others are the exup ones. I have a copy of the cad drawings for the rods if anyone wants a copy mso they can get some made. Waiting for some decent weather before i try ride it and then clean it up. Thinks i will ride it this summer then if i still like it i will do a full rebuild and get the frame painted scary but think with a manual i could manage it. What does everyone think :-D
653 15/02/2010 22:02:07 FZ750Horse Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Very tidy, it looks like it has improved the stance a bit too. 8-)
654 16/02/2010 17:04:38 wheaty8918 Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm Wey hey, at last! I'm glad that you got there in the end, its made the bike look so much more up to date and should improve the handling anyway. With regard to the frame spraying I've done mine a couple of times and if you can change the backend of the bike then you should be able to get the frame enamelled without too many hiccups, if I were you I'd wait until next winter for that. Does this mean the end of possibly one of the biggest topics on this site? Well done!
655 16/02/2010 20:28:26 alliekat Re: Exup/FZ 750 swingingarm i would like to thank everyone for thier help and support. ;-). I do have some stuff to finish off, rearsets, chaingaurd and sprockets. I am running 16, 44, but the exup runs 17-47 which is i think is the same ratio ?? i thought if i put exup sprockets on it that will give me more clearance over the siwng arm with the chain as they are bigger cogs. Is that right.? i also have the exup 44mm forks, top yoke, wheel, discs, calipers etc, need bottom yoke though also have handlebars. i think i will wait a while to do that as i would need to alter the fairing, the exup bars fit under the top yoke and will foul it. Needs some thought. Again thanks for the help will let you all know how it goes :-D
656 30/10/2009 17:31:09 Graham Fuel tank sealant ? Hello everyone. I'm fairly sure I've heard of something you can use to seal minor leaks in your fuel tank by pouring it in (tank empty of course) & swishing it around then leaving it to set. Does anyone know what this "stuff" is called & know where I can buy it ?
657 30/10/2009 17:58:18 Henway Re: Fuel tank sealant ? It's called Kreem. Yamaha also sell a 3 part kit. You need to do good prep and it takes a LONG time. Typically you'll be putting in rocks or something like that with a cleaner and shake it up a TON to try to remove all the rust flake. Then it all comes out and you etch the tank. then you pour in the goopy stuff and you need to make sure you're constantly spinning and turning the tank to get it everywhere and have an even coating on all surfaces. Like watch a 4 hour football game will spinning/rotating the tank. It works great IF you prep and follow instructions EXACTLY.
658 30/10/2009 20:23:16 Graham Re: Fuel tank sealant ? Cheers matey. Had a few replies on another forum & PETSEAL is another one, I just couldn't remember the name of it. It's for my 93 fireblade. Really pissed off as it's got a beautiful Rothmans paint job done by dream machine & the white is coming off along the edges now where the fuel has been seeping out. :-( It's only been leaking since I took the tank off & straightened the rear mount. Serves me right for messing eh ? :roll: :cry:
659 05/11/2009 13:18:07 rpmay73 YZF 750 swing arm into FZ 750 Does anyone have experience of fitting a YZF 750 swing arm into the FZ 750? I have seen a few FZ's with this mod, including one in PB magazine, but it didn't give any detailed information. Any help will be much appreciated
660 05/11/2009 13:55:59 Graham Re: YZF 750 swing arm into FZ 750 There is a link somewhere, I think it's on here or the forum showing dimensions for most popular Yamaha arms ie FZR, YZF, TRX etc giving width front & rear, length etc. I was looking for it last night but couldn't find it. Borrowed this image from "project FZ750 racer" blog. [img][/img] How cool does that look ? Answer, very. 8-) But when they look this good with a non braced arm.. . [img][/img] Hopefully someone will come along with a link to the site/page with the arm dimensions on & put us out of our misery soon. Nearly forgot to say hello, HELLOOOOOOOOO ! :-D
661 05/11/2009 19:14:16 FZ750Horse Re: YZF 750 swing arm into FZ 750 This one? Simon's bike (67) had to have the lower seat subframe removed to fit the YZF arm - you can see the mod in Graham's photo. I think he came to the conclusion that it was a bad mod for racing - heavier and longer (the last thing an FZ needs!) and with no advantages over the stock arm, which is good enough. Phil's bike (61) had the stock arm shortened and R6 type adjusters welded on to run the bigger R6 axle with less faff. Unfortunately the bike suffered serious frame damage at Brands in August and hasn't been out since. Before anyone asks I've already spoken for the swingarm and adjustable yokes if he decides to scrap it... :-D
662 07/11/2009 08:15:09 rpmay73 Re: YZF 750 swing arm into FZ 750 Hi, thanks very much for the info and the swingarm dimensions. It sounds like you have first hand knowledge of the 2 FZ's and their owners, is this the case? If so do you know who did the work to get the YZF arm in and also who made the new subframe to take the OW01 seat unit. Any further info is appreciated
663 07/11/2009 08:52:38 FZ750Horse Re: YZF 750 swing arm into FZ 750 I know both of them through Bemsee Thunderbikes, which is just about the only place you can race a non-stock FZ these days and be competetive (though I'm not competetive :-D ). Simon didn't race this year and Phil finished the season on a Laverda after breaking his FZ. Phil is a machinist and did most of the work. The subframe mod was done to stop the YZF bracing hitting the lower rail, I think the top rails are stock. The OW01 seat was only fitted because he couldn't find an FZ one. 2MG FZ race seats are now available from here: Cheers, Gavin
664 05/11/2009 23:34:25 Kdane R1 front end (or other) I have seen mods for the FZ with R1 front ends. Does anyone have any idea what they do for the speedo?
665 06/11/2009 18:52:02 FZ750Horse Re: R1 front end (or other) I used this Acewell unit. It was about べ0 and was triggered by a magnet on on of the disc carriers. It was pretty robust and worked for about 18 months. I removed the speedo input when I took the bike off the road. They do a range of them with temp gauges, indicator LEDs etc built in.
666 08/11/2009 17:38:58 Kdane Re: R1 front end (or other) Thanks for the information. Funny I didn't even think about aftermarket even though I used them back in the racing days!
667 10/11/2009 17:51:45 Graham Fairing lowers wanted :lol: :lol: :lol: Each time I explain it a bit differently in the hope that someone else might suddenly understand what to do. If it makes you feel better Wheaty I sometimes log on in the morning & read stuff I forgot I posted the night before ! :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :oops: :lol:
668 20/11/2009 19:05:03 wolseley Re: Fairing lowers wanted i need a set of front suspension for my 88 fz 750, what makes and models can i swap with? i found a set of tubes on ebay for an 85 wil they fit my triple clamp and work on my bike? i have cash and and willing to purchase do any of you guys kno where to look or have an extra set that you are willin to let go of?......
669 20/11/2009 19:33:14 FZ750Horse Re: Fairing lowers wanted Try They are not exactly the same as the originals but at ぷ5 a pair plus postage. The main difference is that the lower penny bolt hole is not recessed. This is not a real problem cos they look right.
670 20/11/2009 21:08:57 Graham Re: Fairing lowers wanted Hello. :-) If you're looking for forks that will just bolt straight in I have a pair from my FZ which just need seals. Chrome is in excellent condition, no pits or scratches & they are straight. You don't say where you are from ? The forks I have are from my 1987 2MG bike & are 39mm ish. If you are looking to fit fatter ones then you need to replace the yokes too. Drop me a message if you are in England & interested in the forks I have. 8-)
671 20/11/2009 23:56:48 FZ750Horse Re: Fairing lowers wanted Thank you both, I didn't realise you could buy new repro ones. :-D Hope you don't mind Horse but I saved that picture to my pc a few months ago. If the only difference is the recess for the bolt then they will do very nicely for me. Thanks again.
672 19/11/2009 01:43:04 rexie rexies racebike. Pete Beale ? My name is Graham Beale ! :-o We could be related.. . . but I doubt it. :roll: I would love to meet up with other FZ owners in the new year but would most likely be on my Fireblade if that's ok ? We should start a thread with a suitable title, I just can't think of one right now. :oops: Thanks for the info Wheaty, I will google this Pete Beale bloke now & see what comes up. :-D
673 19/11/2009 01:49:33 rexie rexies racebike [img][/img] trx 850 front end with fz750 stem [img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img] some billet blocks to make some triples etc.
674 19/11/2009 01:52:20 rexie Re: rexies racebike [img align=left][/img][img align=left][/img][img align=left][/img][img align=left][/img][img align=left][/img]
675 19/11/2009 13:46:12 FZ750Horse Re: rexies racebike Look in shows it to be a european model from 1985/86, maybe some other info usful to you as well. PeterL.
676 20/11/2009 16:27:17 bnail Re: rexies racebike Hi everybody! My name is Fabio and I write from Italy. I'm looking for an 85-86 FZ but unfortunately this beautiful motorbike isn't much appreciate in my country. So I'm here to ask you if there are some common problems in this model. Do I have to control some particular parts of the bike, of the engine or anything else? Another question is about upgrade. I saw a beautiful japanese site where there is a FZ with R1 front fork and FZR exup fork on the back. Is easy to make this kind of upgrade?Because of Italian laws I'll not be able to use rear tyres larger than 150/70 ZR18. Does make sense use an exup rear fork with such small tyres? Thank you and sorry for my english! Regards, Fabio
677 28/11/2009 21:03:31 Graham Re: rexies racebike The symptom you describe sounds like float levels and possibly needles and seats. If the float levels are too high,the bike will run cleanly at speed,but when you drop to idle,the motor floods. Also listen to the fuel pump. Switch the bike on,but don't start it. You should hear the pump run. when the carbs are full,the pump should shut off. If it doesn't,then you have a possible pump problem too. Good Luck!
678 30/11/2009 08:34:16 rexie Re: rexies racebike Hi, Just a question about steering stems, I have two FZ750's FM's (Jap model) and when you unscrew the steering stem say to check/replace/grease the bearings I noticed in my parts manual there was a washer between the two upper ring nuts which neither of my bikes had. The washer is Part No. 90202-26142-00 "washer plate" I ordered this washer/plate its a rubber washer! the dealer says its right. I always after check/replace/grease would tighten the first upper ring nut till the steering would just fall to the side under its own weight, no binding, then I would tighten the second upper ring nut down to lock both together. How would that work with a rubber washer between the two there would be movement. Any suggestions, PeterL.
679 30/11/2009 19:35:43 FZ750Horse Re: rexies racebike Mike, Thanks for answering for me. I know I have to do something to upgrade this site. I'd like to redesign the whole site and enable the freaks to upload photos. I just need time to do so. I hope you all have patience with me.
680 17/12/2009 06:16:50 rexie Re: rexies racebike Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind. I really don't need an entire rebuild kit, just needle jets and float bowl gaskets which I got from that link that djcrow22 posted. No seats, but I'm hoping to get by. Will-
681 17/12/2009 20:29:14 FZ750Horse Re: rexies racebike sorry took so long horse heres the link to rules for the class. its in australia.
682 22/12/2009 18:34:48 bandit74 Re: rexies racebike HELP NEEDED I have just fitted a2000 R6 shock to my FZ Model 1FN . BUT the spring is way too soft can anyone tell me Lbs force and spring rate of standard FZ spring . SO I can have a base setting to start from . I have the R6 force in N/mm and also in Lbs BUT need FZ HHHHHELP
683 30/12/2009 19:20:46 FZ750Horse Re: rexies racebike Cliff, Usually l/h coil is 1-4. and has longer leads. But Point is moot. coils are interachangable as long as they fire 1-4,2-3.. Check wires at coils from harness. 1-4 should be R/W & Orange. 2-3, R/W & gray. All other surmises correct.depending on, one can usually r&r plugs w/out removing rad,, tho sometimes easier if un bolted. avoid draining if possible. luck G
684 30/12/2009 23:46:55 Graham Re: rexies racebike Rules sound ok but I've just completed my annual Christmas trip home to Ayrshire and it took me 9 hours to get back to Surrey, where I've been exiled for the last 25 years, so racing in Scotland looks no more likely than in Oz :-( Maybe when I retire and move back... :-D
685 31/12/2009 19:08:48 FZ750Horse Re: rexies racebike I don't think its mechanical -probably drew some dirt through from the bottom of the tank. I haven't time to go through the system as I am under pressure trying to fix up another project!
686 01/01/2010 06:00:55 rexie Re: rexies racebike It believe it was a fairly common mod on race FZs and Endurance racers using FZ motors in FZR100 frames back in the 80s. I was told that factory supported teams often had bracing added parallel to and underneath the top perimeter tubes but the lateral bracing I've added is a lot easier to do. I'm not going to pretend that I was out-performing the standard frame - I just asked Steve Spencer if it was worth adding any bracing while he had the engine and he said it was a worthwhile addition. I used box section but anything would do - I think the main idea is to stop the frame walking/spreading under heavy braking. The subframe saves a little bit of weight and hopefully will make crash damage easier to repair.
687 01/01/2010 15:14:38 FZ750Horse Re: rexies racebike mine is a bare frame at the moment i will have to brace it as well. where you have the front bracing though behind the carbs is where my alloy fuel tank will be going so maybe just the one brace will do. what kind of mods are needed to install the yzf radiator?
688 07/01/2010 09:28:35 oops-sorry Re: rexies racebike Hi Cliff let me know when the water pump gets there. I might have a chain slider. I have dealt with CMNSL and they are very good. What you should do is have a really good look what else you need, and get it in one go and save postage.
689 08/01/2010 23:09:06 FZ750Horse Re: rexies racebike Jeeeezus this is doing my head in now. :evil: Looks like RIFLEMAN is going to email me some of the pages from the factory manual but in the mean time, does anyone know for sure exactly what the TDC mark looks like on the crank ? There are several marks which could all be right but they are all different & none of them obvious ! :-? :evil: I've hit a brick wall with this as it needs to be spot on & was hoping to have this engine sealed up by now so it could go back in the bike over the weekend. :-( Anyone ?
691 14/05/2010 10:09:56 tomster Re: rexies racebike no not a straight swap but as i dont write anything down i cannot even give you measurements. (maybe i should start doing that) its not that i dont want to help its just once i get into it i dont stop till its done. i know i cut off the linkage mount off the frame and welded on another i cut off a gpz250 so i could use the trx linkage and i have a fzr600 rear shock. i have the trx shock but the top mount bolt for the fz is a larger diameter.i got another sleeve from the pivot made up same id as fz but a tad longer than the fz.(i think) the forks and trx triples went straight in. i used the original fz stem to put into a yzf 1000 front end that i put into my 83 gpz1100. i also have the complete yzf1000 rear in it as well. large wheel in it looks great. nothing stock in my shed. even my zx14 isnt.
692 15/05/2010 04:16:15 rexie Re: rexies racebike [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]How much better is the K & N filter than a standard one, Dave?[/font][/color][/b]
693 15/05/2010 10:00:30 tomster Re: rexies racebike [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Thanks for that, fella, I just wondered[/font][/color][/b]
694 16/05/2010 04:35:39 rexie Re: rexies racebike [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Well done fella. As George Peppard would say....... "I love it when a plan comes together"[/font][/color][/b] :lol:
695 16/05/2010 12:05:52 tomster Re: rexies racebike i also get some round. at the moment im making a rotor carrier to mount an rg500 front disc as a full floater on the rear and also going to do the same with some gsxr 600 320mm discs for the front. make em out of 7075 aircraft grade and make the rotor buttons out of the same.
696 28/06/2011 22:07:12 sidecar42 Re: rexies racebike I know this post is getting on a bit but why wouldn't you just bolt the later discs on and why a floater on the back, most people don't use the back hard enough for heat to be a problem. I have FZR1000 discs on mine Period 6 FZ750 and can do stoppies with 2 fingers.
697 20/11/2009 18:42:27 mrfazer 88 fz front supension Hello Can you tell me what swing arm is that fitted to your bike , it looks a lot like a trx arm with the under-slung caliper. regards Glennyam
698 20/11/2009 21:00:11 Graham Re: 88 fz front supension If you do tear it down,DEFINITELY replace the starter clutch and the countershaft bearing. Would be a real heartbreaker to have these fail in a fresh mill! Got to agree with glenny,pop it in and run it first and see what ya got. Might not need anything and you'd save yerself quite a few scheckels. Me,I would pull the cam cover and run the valves(alot easier with the mill outta the bike),pull the clutch cover and check the condition of everthing and pull the oil pan and have a look around to make sure everthing visually is in order. Then bolt 'er in,fire it up,then see whats up. Good Luck! :-D
699 22/11/2009 01:28:20 trueblue2 Head fairing wanted Just wanted to send some props out to FZ750Dude for being a man of his word. He needed an ignitor a while back and I sent him one. Turns out it solved his engine problem. He had a turn of bad luck but he hung in and took care of business. Another square shooter on this site. Cool... No, I didn't forget... [img][/img]
700 22/11/2009 08:02:35 PeterL Re: Head fairing wanted Anyone have a head fairing for a fz750n 1985 model or know where I could get one in Australia?
701 30/11/2009 21:23:58 wolseley Rear number plate light for 85 Excellent! I've been looking round for another series that I could run my non-standard relic in. What mods do they allow/restrictions do they apply?
702 08/12/2009 07:44:43 gaz69 R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale Josh, there are kits which allow splicing new wires, (basicly male/male couplers) but if problem is simply chaffed wires, consider removing plug caps and sliding on a layer or two of shrink tubing,wires are re-insulated sealed against moisture, won't unravel and cheap. (PS ceramic caps w/age are also prone to spark leakage. check them also.) luck G
703 08/12/2009 11:01:02 Graham Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale My 1988 FZ750 currently has the complete front end and the rear wheel from a 2000 model R6. The front wheel and the left hand bottom fork leg have both been modified by Steve Spencer to use a speedo drive so you can still use the original FZ750 clocks. As I'm now converting my FZ for racing I have no need for this particular set-up as I now just want to fit the standard R6 parts. I was wondering if any one is interested in buying these parts or even just swaping me for the standard R6 front wheel and fork leg? If you need any pictures or any more information just let me know. Cheers Gaz
704 08/12/2009 11:59:55 PeterL Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale Not intersted Gaz but it would help if you mentioned where you are from as this forum has such a wide spread group of members. :-) Got any pictures of what you're selling/swapping ?
705 08/12/2009 13:18:44 gaz69 Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale Hi Graham, You made fun of my entry about "saying where your from" seems like it came back to bite you on the bum! PeterL.
706 08/12/2009 15:22:13 Graham Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale I replaced a couple of mine, but it does need patience and a determined attitude. You need 7mm copper cored lead. Pull the old lead out and clean all the green crap out of the bottom of the hole - there is a self tapping screw thread about 12mm long down there. There is a dogleg in the hole which makes it hard to get the new wire in. Use a piece of welding rod or similar to measure the depth of the hole and mark this distance from the end of the new lead. Grease the lead and work it int the hole until your mark is 12mm from the top of the hole and then start screwing it onto the terminal until the mark is flush with the top of the hole. Good luck, Horse
707 24/02/2010 06:05:28 lilfzr76 Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale Hi Gaz, have you still got this front end for sale? Could do with something like this, as i'm fitting an R1 swingarm and wheel to mine. I'd go the R1 front end route but don't want to lose the speedo drive, and have to mess with stem swaps. Cheers Steve :-D
708 03/03/2010 21:27:25 markyboy Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale Hi gaz, I`ve just joined the forum and I`m looking to upgrade my wheel sizes. Do you still have the rear wheel, for sale? cheers, Mark.
709 11/05/2010 04:12:34 billip Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale You guys are brilliant! STUCK PLATES! Isn't it funny how you and Ganepeil figured it out without even looking at it...I've been staring at it and, well you know. LOL Just waiting for the clutch cover gasket to come in and I'm ready for my first "test flight". The only issues with this bike are from sitting at my mates house. It hasn't been licenced since 1999 and has 27,000kms on it. It looks 2 years old. Starts up and idles fantastic. Hope is runs as well on the road. Thanks again fellows. Dave
710 11/05/2010 11:36:21 gaz69 Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale Hi All! I have a later model FZ750 and intend to convert it to a 911. I知 sure this subject has been covered many, many times before, but I just wanted to clear a few points in my own head before I tear my engine apart! I understand that you use the 1000 Genesis Block and Pistons, but I have a few questions that I need to confirm. 見Can I use the 750 head onto the 1000 barrel, and if so do I need to alter the piston crowns or the head itself? 見If I use the 1000 head do I just leave it as it is? 見I read somewhere that you have to put a 1.5 to 2mm spacer under the block? Was that ever the case? 見As for cam chains, do you use the 1000 or the 750? 見I know you have to open up the crankcase mouths for the 1000 block, is there much metal to be removed? 見I知 sure there may well be other questions but in my head they are the ones I could do with addressing just now! If anyone has done this conversion before and has any pearls of wisdom regarding any potential pitfalls, they would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Gary
711 11/05/2010 15:17:12 tomster Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale You can use a motocross/ bicycle type speedo that reads of either the front wheel or the rear sprocket I think. Yes you are right the R6 doesn't drive off the front wheel. Cheers Gary
712 31/05/2010 06:59:22 billip Re: R6 Front end that fits an FZ750 for sale I can't decide if this guy is just a bell end or a wind up ? There's one born every minute I hear ? :-?
713 22/12/2009 18:28:51 bandit74 REAR SPRING ??????????? Still not told the missus about the 1st FZ I bought earlier this year & I've just won another ! Damn bloody ebay thing. :lol: Brace yourselves, it's very very ugly. [img][/img] Not sure what has gone on with the rear sub-frame so that could prove interesting when I collect it. Still waiting to hear back from the seller regards collection but it was so cheap I will just expect the worst when I go fetch it & anything more will be a bonus ! :lol: Here's the sellers description, " FZ 750 plus lots of parts. Engine turns over when put in gear and rotated, been in garden waiting attention for a couple of years, just a project that never happened. Used to use this as a commuter but wiring was a little rough so took it off road and stripped the wiring off. Removed calipers hoses etc but got FZ1000 calipers to fit but needs brackets. Will need alot of attention and as such will require collection. Comes with alot of parts from a number of different bikes but good to tinker with such as wheels exhaust and other bits and bobs. Will need collecting quickly. Fuel tank is painted with a devil face but other side has a poor repair to a dent. If you like tatting and fancy a challenge you could use this as a base for a bike or parts for other projects. Getting rid as moving. Comes with box of bits ,vehicle is on sorn plate is F reg so take it off my hands . Front tyre is flat , needs to be collected quickly." I have no intention of breaking it so the spares I have took off & replaced from my other FZ should go some way towards putting this one straight.. . ish. :-? :-D
714 23/12/2009 09:13:39 dave1000 Re: REAR SPRING ??????????? The same to you all out there in fz land. sadly not much under the tree for the fz except white power fork springs but loads of lc 350 goodies.God bless ebay. Enjoy the festive season .
715 24/12/2009 03:53:59 RIFLEMAN Re: REAR SPRING ??????????? Back atcha Glenny and to all the other FREAKS! As I right this,or POMEy member should just now be waking up to screaming kids and the smell of hot tea. Cheers!
716 29/12/2009 15:42:06 bandit74 Re: REAR SPRING ??????????? Hi I've just bought a non running 1985 FZ750 to do up. I've not yet had it going. I've removed the spark plug leads, and aren't confident I've got them back on correctly. When I now crank the engine (having put a little fuel down the throats of the carbs) it backfires up through the carbs and /or out the exhaust. Currently from the riders perspective, the LH coil fires cylinders 2 and 3 (numbering from LHS to RHS) and the RH coil fires 1 and 4. Is this correct? (Side note- the battery is old and whilst showing 12.5v at rest, once cranking the voltage drops down to around 10.5v.) Any sugestions would be apreciated. Changing topic slightly - what's the procedure for changing the plugs? Obviously access is tight. First a shot with an air gun to clear out crap around the plug, then carefully remove? And put it back in with a rubber hose to ensure no cross threads? Do you have to remove the radiator??
717 24/01/2010 20:19:50 bandit74 Re: REAR SPRING ??????????? Hey Wheaty, I have one of those arms in the garage waiting to go in one day and I've noticed that you didn't bore out the pivot hole,so I have to assume you sleeved the bearings in the arm. Who made the sleeve and would he be willing to make and ship on to the USA for the appropriate amout of Ducats? :-D
718 17/02/2010 19:46:44 EagleHawk Re: REAR SPRING ??????????? Bandit, Was 900 lbs. the stock spring rate for the FZ's shock spring? I'm looking to stiffen up my front end, and suspect my rear spring rate may need to be increased as well to get everything to match up once I'm finished with the front.
719 17/02/2010 21:02:42 bandit74 Re: REAR SPRING ??????????? SORRY dont know standard FZ rate ... Ifitted an R6 shock on my 1FN .. standard R6 was 545lbs I calculated difference in weight of both bikes added pecentage to 545 and a bit more for swing arm length to get 900lbs .. front end Ive fitted 20 mm preload spacers and this seems to have done the trick ..... hope this helps
720 02/01/2010 03:34:39 scarabrun 1985-86 fz750 solo seat I hit a snag with the rad - I pinched the idea from a guy called Simon Baggett who raced in Thunderbikes a couple of years back (there was a feature on his FZ in Performance Bikes July 2008 issue). Simon didn't have any fairing lowers on his bike so it was just a question of blanking off the unused hose feeds, manipulting the brackets and hose feeds to fit and making new hoses. Unfortunately, the rad cap fouls my fairing lowers so I've shelved the idea for the moment and am concentrating on respraying the bike in new colours for 2010. If I get time before I start racing again, I might modify the filler to FZ style if I can find someone to TIG weld it.
721 05/01/2010 12:00:17 oops-sorry Re: 1985-86 fz750 solo seat thanks to all
722 06/01/2010 02:54:10 scarabrun Re: 1985-86 fz750 solo seat Hi, I did get black ones originally, only resprayed because got some brake fluid on one and it was white underneath,PeterL.
723 19/01/2010 16:21:57 dave1000 Re: 1985-86 fz750 solo seat This one? Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV and Snowmobile parts and accessories at great prices.
724 21/01/2010 16:20:48 dave1000 Re: 1985-86 fz750 solo seat I did something similar to wheaty but used a solid bar & welded evenly spaced blobs around one end which (with a bit of filing) fit inside the ridges on the damper inside the forks. Other end is held with mole grips, stillsons or one of those multi wrench spanners that tightens up when you force it. Not much use to you now Peter but the trick is to loosen the bolt with forks in place & the bikes weight acting on them. Not guaranteed but normally works.
725 18/02/2010 00:19:30 scarabrun Re: 1985-86 fz750 solo seat thanks dave for the great deal ! it looks very nice on my bike ,,,,,,,don
726 06/01/2010 09:23:49 Cliff Plastic chain slider thanks i will try that
727 06/01/2010 21:16:50 gaz69 Re: Plastic chain slider Today I removed the damaged cylinder head from the engine I intend to put in my bike. I have already built another, good head which will go in its place. Before stripping the old head off my motor I measured the valve clearances out of curiosity mainly but I was also thinking that I could just throw the shims & pads & cams from the damaged head in my new one (in their correct places of course) as long as they were all within tolerance. They are all good so I'm guessing they have been done at some point as the clocks are showing 50 odd thousand miles. So far so good but then I had a thought that the pads/shims might not just be matched to the cam lobes but also the valves they sit on which would mean I have to take all my nicely lapped in valves out of my new head & replace them with the ones from the damaged one. :-( Then I thought I was probably over thinking a bit too much & should just get stuck in & fit it all to the new head & see what happens ? Any thoughts on this folks ? I know the one way of finding out will be to just do it & take another reading with the cams in place but I want some expert opinions before I start. I will more than likely be doing it all 1st thing tomorrow as my work load has gone from "acceptable" to "non existent" since Christmas ! :-o I suppose what I'm really asking is, "do I really need to fit the valves that went with the cams & shims ?"
728 07/01/2010 01:55:19 Cliff Re: Plastic chain slider Hi Cliff This site still has them listed but the number has been superceded Hope this helps! Gary
729 07/01/2010 05:46:36 rexie Re: Plastic chain slider Hi has anyone bought bits from this website? Are they reliable? Thanks Cliff
730 07/01/2010 05:47:04 rexie Re: Plastic chain slider you could always buy one of the nylon cutting boards from kmart and cut it up and screw or rivet it to the swingarm. ive seen this done before and some of them are really neat and prob 10 times cheaper you get a few out of one board.
731 07/01/2010 06:13:18 oops-sorry Re: Plastic chain slider you could always buy one of the nylon cutting boards from kmart and cut it up and screw or rivet it to the swingarm. ive seen this done before and some of them are really neat and prob 10 times cheaper you get a few out of one board.
732 07/01/2010 08:27:56 dave1000 Re: Plastic chain slider cliff how does $20 plus postage sound
733 08/01/2010 22:18:58 Cliff Re: Plastic chain slider I've used Castrol semi-synthetic for years with no clutch problems. My road bike currently has Motul semi-synthetic in it - no problems. I'm reliably informed that FZs will run on fully synthetic Silkolene Pro 4 with no clutch problems though I haven't tried it.
734 09/01/2010 20:12:36 oops-sorry Re: Plastic chain slider I've only ever had 2MGs but I think I'd heard that the tank mountings are different. Maybe you've got a 2MG tank and a 1FN frame?
735 11/01/2010 10:13:51 oops-sorry Re: Plastic chain slider Rifleman to the rescue. Thanks again Mike, your pictures confirm what I was hoping to be right. Phhheeeeewwww, I've put it all together & took it apart more times than I can remember already so didn't fancy doing it again. :evil: Just took sum pan off tonight as there was silicone sealant oozing out all around it & pulled out a strip of rag about a foot long from below the clutch basket ! :-o WTF ???? Probably dropped in by the same person who drilled all the old exhaust studs out. :roll:
736 09/01/2010 06:43:15 daddyjay speedo ratios That link doesn't work Velimir & you have to register to view facebook. I am not registered on there or I could perhaps show your picture on here if I could view it 1st. You can message me for my email address. If you want to email the link I will try to post your picture on here.
737 14/01/2010 20:16:24 oops-sorry my top triple clamp grunt, have a look here, at my last post & let me know if you need more help. :-)
738 14/01/2010 21:32:58 Graham Re: my top triple clamp guys this is my first try at posting a picture sorry about the picture quality its taken of my phone
739 15/01/2010 00:26:57 oops-sorry Re: my top triple clamp [img][/img] I tried putting the [img] thing either side of your link grunt but it didn't work so I right clicked on your image & scrolled down to "properties". This gives amongst other things, the image location which is another long line of text. By copy & pasting this address & sticking the img thing either end I got the picture to show. :-D Where did you get that from ? Looks very posh for an FZ ! 8-)
740 15/01/2010 10:35:08 Graham Re: my top triple clamp thanks Graham I got it made what do you think
741 15/01/2010 14:54:53 oops-sorry Re: my top triple clamp I think it would look more at home on a motogp bike ! It's lovely mate. Is it a standard one that's been modified or was it made from scratch ?
742 16/01/2010 21:40:49 Cliff Contents of the original toolkit If you have had it laid up so long I would change the oil and filter. Then warm the engine up, without the engine running, put in second gear and push it holding the clutch.
743 19/01/2010 23:08:11 PeterL Fork seal fitting. Hello Allie, I was wondering how you were getting on as you haven't posted for a while. If you decide to go back to standard I have got my old arm here you could have for postage cost so not the end of the world. :-) I would be tempted to get the bike upright using something under the engine to support it so you can position the arm exactly where you want in order for it to work properly without the chain rubbing or the shock fowling the mount. I know what you mean as I had similar problems with some home made dog bones. I'm guessing you need something making up which is somewhere between the exup length & the FZ ones. I made a pair from aluminium for my old TRX which were fine. Might be able to help out if you can't get any made locally so let me know how you get on. What length are the exup ones & what are the FZ ones just out of interest ? Hole centres. Edit; found this bloke on ebay selling 2 different lengths for the FZ, one to raise, one to lower. Was wondering if either would be any good to you Allie ?
744 20/01/2010 01:53:03 ganepeil Re: Fork seal fitting. Hi, I've been installing fork seals a certain way on my Goldwings, but I have a second 1985 FZ750 poor? condition! and decided to start to improve. The forks came of, and the fork oil seals have the spring side up, Clymers say (bad english) "Position the oil seal with the marking facing slide down onto fork tube". Whatever that means. And the confusion starts I found on the Internet two Honda's (pictures) one has the oil seal spring up, the other spring facing down both the same model!!!! First time I've done the FZ standard forks with the air joint, which side of the oil seal is up, is it different for some reason, thanks, PeterL.
745 20/01/2010 13:58:23 PeterL Re: Fork seal fitting. i have fitted a yzf 750 arm in a 1987 fz i tried and they are the same lenght as std exup links i used a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 50mm Lowering Kit which give a nice ride height these are what i use on my fz
746 20/01/2010 18:21:38 oops-sorry Re: Fork seal fitting. You should find that the fuel pump will run if the carbs are low on fuel. According to the factory manual it should run for 5 seconds when you switch the ignition on if the carb fuel level is low, but if it continues running after 30 seconds then you may have a resister fault. Personally I find that the fuel pump will start to slow down once the carbs start to fill with fuel (when you switch the ignition on ) and be barely audible when your carbs are full. Hope it helps.
747 21/01/2010 04:56:27 PeterL Re: Fork seal fitting. Thanks for the replies, Wheaty the measurements you have taken , are they the full length or from hole center to hole center? Thank you for the advice everyone i will investigate the rods. but i am also worried about the chain rubbing on the top of the swing arm but i see in the pictures it seems to, is this ok ? finally the sprocket sizes what sizes with the smaller wheel? i have a 44 tooth but think exup has a 47 woudl running the bigger sproket help the chain clear the swing arm a bit more ?? i will try to get some pictures done :-)
748 21/01/2010 08:53:46 wheaty8918 Re: Fork seal fitting. Hi Grunt, You have a go at me when I'm of the road, maybe you or some of the other FZ's can tell me how they unscrewed the bottom bolt and stopped the damper rod turning at the same time, yes I know there is a tool available from Yamaha, must be a cheaper way!!!! Yes I would do your fork seals but Liverpool is just to far from you!, especially when I'm of the road, NO I cant do it when I'm back on the road, I'm going fishing! bye, PeterL.
749 21/01/2010 10:14:31 Graham Re: Fork seal fitting. Believe it or not but I have got a 42 tooth rear sprocket on my pure sports model but just bear in mind that it has a 1000 genesis engine in there (with regard to the gearing, the front sprocket position is basically exactly the same). As far as I'm concerned, if the chain rubs the chain guide down too much then I'll just buy another one and put it on, so I'm not overly fussed if the chain is rubbing on it. Also remember that if the chain is rubbing on the chain guide whilst parked up, when you sit on the bike you will compress the spring slightly and probably lift the chain off of the guide. Maybe you could put the bike onto a paddock stand and get someone else to sit on it so that you can get a true picture of how the chain sits whilst riding it. The tie bar measurments have been taken from hole centre to hole centre and as you are surely aware of, the length of these are what governs your rear ride height. I havent got the measurment of the rear sprocket for my genesis model because its right in the corner of my garage and there's only so much time that I can be arsed to spend upside down over the bike trying to count the sprockets teeth, I gave up in the end! It may be worth putting it all together and taking it for a spin to see how it FEELS whilst riding it, you may find that it feels fine with the tie bars that you already have.
750 21/01/2010 23:01:27 PeterL Re: Fork seal fitting. Well, I finally got all the wires changed out and the coils re-installed on the bike. Wow, what a difference! :-D Everything from starting to top end shows a noticeable improvement. Well worth the effort for the given outcome. Horse- Thanks for the pointers. They were a great help. -Josh
751 22/01/2010 13:39:44 Graham Re: Fork seal fitting. Hi, First I tried while the forks were on the bike, to drop the fork bottoms and save taking the forks of the bike, didnt work! now the forks are of and the bottom bolt just turns with the damper, will try on the weekend to make up a fitting to hold the damper from inside, the Goldwing forks are identical but no problem, the damper doesnt turn with the bolt, they are "85 forks only difference is they have anti-dive which wouldnt make a difference to oil seal replacement. PeterL.
752 23/01/2010 00:26:00 PeterL Re: Fork seal fitting. will sell you an aerosol of matched paint.
753 23/01/2010 00:26:34 PeterL Re: Fork seal fitting. Yes Graham but next time the same problem will possibly happen so I'll back of and build something that works its the second bike so there's no hurry maybe fit a 1000 in to it at a later stage. PeterL.
754 20/01/2010 17:01:50 Graham Fuel pump As with the Goldwing the Fz/85 has just one spring which I've always put facing down, oil side, but was surprised how many sites show the same one spring oil seal with the spring side up, PeterL.
755 20/01/2010 17:57:38 wheaty8918 Re: Fuel pump With the ignition switched on should my fuel pump be priming constantly if there is no fuel in it ? I'm hoping it will stop when I fit the tank & connect all the fuel lines up. I ask as there have been some diy bodges on my bikes loom & thought this might be one of them. Ran out of time tonight so wasn't able to test my theory.
756 18/02/2010 00:35:16 scarabrun Re: Fuel pump i would think so as for its not building full pressure ,please let us know
757 18/02/2010 09:40:22 Graham Re: Fuel pump Yes it shuts up when you give it some fuel. I was just covering my ass incase I needed to buy yet another part !
758 22/01/2010 14:54:48 AndyF Paint Maybe an impact type gun would jolt the bolts free if you could take forks to a local tyre fitter or garage & talk nicely to them ?
759 22/01/2010 18:38:12 FZ750Horse Re: Paint Thanks mate, every suggestion gives me hope ! :lol:
760 28/03/2010 12:35:16 Graham Re: Paint Thought I would ad to this what I have found with most Yamaha white's I have tried to match. I can't comment for every FZ model as all mine are 1987 or 1988 2MG's but I also have a 1996 TRX850 seat unit fitted to one which is the same white. It is a 4 stage colour which means you can't just buy a tin of white paint, spray it on & get a good match. The panel will need priming in white (stage 1), a base coat of a specific "metalic" white (stage 2), next coat of a specific "pearl" white which doesn't give good coverage but allows the metalic to show through it (stage 3) then the final coat of clear laquer to give a deep shine to the job. Not wishing to get so involved this time round I have bought a 3 stage white which is a Honda colour. This just needs white primer, the Honda white (metalic) & the clear to finish. It's not an exact match but very close. Not used it yet but will let you know how good the colour is when I paint my tank & top fairing in the next few weeks.
761 25/01/2010 02:54:03 Cliff Bottom fork bushing SORTED see in :OTHER PARTS: REAR SPRING ????? :-D
762 25/01/2010 16:21:21 dave1000 Re: Bottom fork bushing Hiya Rifleman, I got my collar for the Exup swingarm made by SEP engineering in Kegworth here in 'Limey land' (not far from Donnington race track). I'm not sure if they post overseas or anything but I'm sure that there would be an engineering company near you that could knock a collar up in no time for you. All you need is a collar with the same internal diameter as your FZ collar but with an external diameter which is the same as an Exup collar. If I remember rightly, I had to have mine heat treated once it had been made. If you need a number for SEP engineering then I'll try and get it for you but there really must be somewhere closer to you that can do it. Best of luck.
763 25/01/2010 22:27:25 ganepeil Re: Bottom fork bushing Try in Manchester
764 27/01/2010 09:51:39 Cliff Re: Bottom fork bushing Hi Guys, i picked up an FZ that was stored in a shed for about the last 5 years, I'm in the middle of getting everything back in running condition to turn that magig key and hopefully that engine will turn and start, but the carbs are a PAIN since there is 4 of them and they wont exactly be clean..that old fuel is like glue from hell, but i'm getting somewhere. Here is my big problem, while screwing around with the float pin i had the genius idea to use one of the gummed up fuel needles to gently knock out the pin, thinking i was just going to buy 4 new needles...well that was the plan Trying to find these needles is impossible, i need at least one, i have meanwhile cleaned and polished the other 3. Does anyone have a spare for sale or know where i can get one, i tried almost every website they dont carry it no more :( cheers Juergen
765 24/02/2010 19:57:09 EagleHawk Re: Bottom fork bushing Cliff, I'm in the process of rebuilding my forks right now, and based on my understanding of the drawing, I believe the top bushing is the part number you have. (3KS2312500). In [url=]this[/url] diagram, the lower bushing appears to be number 56 on the parts list. However, the parts list only goes up to 55... :-? I would agree that 5 and 30 are for the upper bushing, so that makes one wonder where the part number is for the lower bushing if it is identified on the diagram. It would make no sense to me for it to only be available with the fork tube, seeing as it is a completely removable/replaceable part. I'll see if my local shop can shed any light on the missing part number, as I'd like to replace my lowers as well... :-( -Josh
766 24/02/2010 20:08:53 EagleHawk Re: Bottom fork bushing Well, I found [url=]this[/url] site that sells bushings by size. Wrong country, but right idea. Maybe an industrial bearing shop would have something? I've gotten quite a few odds and ends from such shops in the past. Fork bushings may be a bit more of a challenge for them, but it can't hurt to try. :-)
767 28/02/2010 00:29:13 Cliff Re: Bottom fork bushing Hi For what it's worth, I ordered PN 3KS23-125-00 from CMS. It's arrived., and its the top bush. I therefore conclude that to get the bottom bushing you either have to buy it as part of bottom tube thing in the fork or go chasing the bushing from someone other than Yamaha. Bugger.... Cheers
768 28/02/2010 19:00:49 ganepeil Re: Bottom fork bushing Cliff, Sorry, No substitute for new, but a stop-gap measure I've used in the past where worn bushings allowd discernable slop/fork seal failure (most common on 87-88 thous's) was to install a strip of copper sheet between bush & inner tube channel, thus "shimming" bush to leg.Varying shim length changes fit,if you go this route, be sure to feel drag at length of travel in bore, as leg can be worn.luck g
769 04/03/2010 03:52:07 EagleHawk Re: Bottom fork bushing Cliff, Looks like Race Tech may have what you're looking for. They have two sets of bushings listed for 85-86 FZ750 forks. (Referred to as inner and outer instead of upper and lower though- not sure what that's all about.) Sounds like they stocked up on OEM bushings for quite a few bikes where the parts aren't otherwise available anymore. Might be worth looking in to. -Josh
770 12/02/2010 09:30:08 Cliff FZR1000 fairing on FZ750N? Hi all is a fairing off a 1990 FZR100 - (1990 model) likely to be able to fit a FZ750 N without a lot of mucking around? Cliff
771 12/02/2010 09:30:28 Cliff FZR1000 fairing on FZ750N? Hi all is a fairing off a 1990 FZR1000 - (1990 model) likely to be able to fit a FZ750 N without a lot of mucking around? Cliff
772 15/02/2010 00:57:04 alliekat Front mudgaurd Hiya i was wondering if any one has a front mudgaurd with the brace thing for sale? i have be sorting out my swing arm and stuff which is now almost done (will post pics) but like a fool i px mine towards and exup complete front end. i am now a bit tired of trying to get bits to fit so am having a rest but cant ride my bike as i have no gaurd (except an exup one wont fit though) white would be nice. :-D
773 15/02/2010 09:25:59 wheaty8918 Re: Front mudgaurd Don't know if its any use to you but one of my fz's is fitted with an early fireblade (16'' wheel) front mudguard. All I did was to bolt it to the original FZ fork brace. It may not protect the bike from as much of the crap that our roads throw up but it looks a heck of a lot better.
774 15/02/2010 10:18:43 Graham Re: Front mudgaurd I've got a few of these spare now. Red complete in good condition, silver in good condition but front piece only or a blue one complete of unknown condition. No white sorry. PM me if you're interested in any of them.
775 16/02/2010 20:42:13 alliekat Re: Front mudgaurd sent another pm , but not sure if i pressed right buttons. DOH!!
776 16/02/2010 22:35:09 Graham Re: Front mudgaurd Yes I got it. :-) I think white mudguard with yellow wheels would look good but blue would be good if it matches the blue on your tank & side panels. Need another pm now with your address & colour choice so I can send it once painted. :-D
777 17/02/2010 19:57:15 EagleHawk Stiffer Springs? Has anyone done anything with increasing the spring rate on stock FZ suspension setups? I'm looking to stiffen up my currently soft front end from the stock .70 kg/mm to somewhere around 90 kg/mm. (As based on the spring rate calculations that I've been able to come up with for my rider weight of 170 lbs.) It could be that my stock springs are just worn out, but given the spring rate calculations I'm getting, I'm wondering if the stock rate was just too soft to begin with. I haven't been able to find any info at all on rear spring rates, or if the rear would even need to be stiffened to match a slightly heavier front spring setup. 900 lbs. was mentioned in another thread. Not sure if this was the stock rate or not... Any info/advise would be much appreciated! :-D -Josh
778 17/02/2010 21:50:21 Graham Re: Stiffer Springs? Josh I spent ages trying to find this so please tell me it was/is usefull to you ! :lol: Just filled in the box with your weight & 90kg springs are recommended but you seem to have worked that out for yourself already. :-D Still no info for rears sorry.
779 18/02/2010 18:19:51 EagleHawk Re: Stiffer Springs? Yep! That's where I'm pulling my numbers from. :-D It doesn't feel like the rear is quite so soft as the front, so maybe it will be ok. Time will tell. Looks like it's going to be a bit of work to find something for the rear if it comes down to that though... :-? -Josh
780 18/02/2010 22:53:06 ganepeil Re: Stiffer Springs? Eaglehawk, I played some games w/ the stock suspension before going to big wheels/brakes, & offer these. In stock/new state, both ends were pretty nice,but with age, front springs softened not just w/inital sag, but travel.. New springs are cheap, (try progressive suspension, or Ebach) they probly won't offer different rates, but will at least be progresive. Pay attention to pre-load spacer recomendations, at 170 your' still within normal perameters. experiance is 3/4-1" sag at rest/seated is good. upping fork oil by @ 10-15 cc's and going from 10w to 15w provides night/day difference. rear shock, Ach..spring rate rarely changes, but often becomes a pogo stick as oil deteriorates/valving wears. the fz700/750,fj1100,1200 were singular in demension. and any of these will be well, 30 years old.Fox made me a "twin clicker" @ 10 years ago for @ $400.00, Shop,there may be other options. luck G
781 19/02/2010 18:00:25 bandit74 Re: Stiffer Springs? HI I posted a reply but it has not shown up... IT was Me thet mentioned 900lbs .. I fitted an R6 shock to my 1FN model 1985 ... but had to fit a 900lbs spring to take weight difference in to account .. front forks I played around with extra pre load spacers until I got 20mm static sag and now bike feels pretty well balanced .. Hope this helps Colvin
782 19/02/2010 18:55:07 FZ750Horse Re: Stiffer Springs? I put Progressive springs in my commuter bike a few years back - it improved things but as Ganepeil said, using heavier oil makes more of a difference (especially if the existing stuff hasn't been changed this century :oops: ). I put 20wt in mine - it's a bit rigid for the first few miles at this time of year :-D . If you do change the springs make sure you get the right model - 2** springs are about 100mm longer than 1** types
783 19/02/2010 20:25:55 EagleHawk Re: Stiffer Springs? Hmm... Makes me wonder how Race Tech / Sonic Spring are arriving at their .90kg/mm spring rate for me. Both companies are giving me the same range, so one would think they're correct in their calculations. :-? That being said, I already have about 1" of preload on top of the stock spacers, and still close to 2" of rider sag. Either way, I'm getting the feeling that my original springs on the front are pretty dead at this point, so along with seals and bushings, the forks will be needing new springs as well- figured I might as well match the spring rates to the closest I could find for my weight. Currently running 10wt fork oil, so 15 or 20wt surely couldn't hurt anything either. The rear seems hard in comparison to the front, so hopefully things will match up fairly close after I'm done with fixing things up on the front end. :-D
784 10/03/2010 19:35:18 oops-sorry Re: Stiffer Springs? guys anybody tell me if there is any later offset front sprocket that will fit on the fz spline .or failing that how else do i go about spacing out my sprocket
785 17/03/2010 00:22:46 EagleHawk Re: Stiffer Springs? I've got Vance&Hines looks better than the one on Ebay dont know how to put pic on Forum if you want a picture to your email address I can do, PeterL.
786 28/02/2010 21:27:19 Graham WANTED; twin beam headlight bulbholders/loom Having recently bought a twin lamp unit I now find myself lacking in the wiring & bulb department. I was hoping that my twin EXUP lamp's bulbs would fit which would also mean I have plugs & wires too but they are nothing like the FZ ones. Does anyone have the plugs & wires I need for sale & can anyone tell me what bulbs I need as I just have the light unit with no fittings at present. Fankyooooo. :-D
787 04/03/2010 22:08:29 alliekat Fairing lowers Hiya i wondered if any one could tell me if the Fzr1000 or Exup lower fairings and v piece fit the Fz750 Genesis. My lowers are cracked and the 1000 lowers are plentiful btu fz lowers difficult and expensive to find . I have seen the after market ones but they dont look as good as the Yamaha ones. Thanks :-D
788 05/03/2010 02:11:56 ganepeil Re: Fairing lowers Allie, Sorry,My experiance is that Deltabox (aluminum framed FZR's)lowers set at a different angle. And yes, Lockhart and Meier "full lowers" are Kinda square at base of "V". To my knowledge,Here in the States, only the FZ700 came w/full lowers OE, (good lines, but require 1 off mounting, & trimming to clear exhaust) perhaps Euro models differed. Not to be forward, but I like your' rear end, & would get your' front sorted w/real brakes before chasing cosmetics. ( Full lowers hold heat.... And a common prob, w/fz's is a climbing temp guage w/poor air flow) you might look at "Gane's 7-10" in General, for an idea of what it'll lok like. Luck, G
789 05/03/2010 10:28:53 alliekat Re: Fairing lowers oh, many thanks for the info. yes the Genesis did have full fairing here. Perhaps i will get mine mended in the future as it did look good with them on. I am having a rest before putting the exup front end on. Putting the rear on was bit traumatic for me,! caused me a lot of almost giving up. Oh and "does my rear end look big on this" chuckle :-D
790 06/03/2010 04:55:13 ganepeil Re: Fairing lowers Allie, Relax. Front ends are easy in comparison. I opted for the @'91 fzr600, as it simply required pushing the stock stem into the 600's lower. bearings match, and bits clear fairing & mount. the Thou's were a common swap years ago, but believe they interfeared, & often had trouble holding seals. For more current "upside downs" your' on your' own, but believe that width, and speedo drives will be a factor. luck to you. G
791 06/03/2010 11:36:26 alliekat Re: Fairing lowers I am working up to it at the moment. i Have the 44mm forks from a 1990 exup. they are shorter than FZ ones as the clip ons mount under the yokes rather than on top. I have top yoke and bars, front gaurd (exup) i have an Fzr1000 wheel and also an EXup wheel (different spindle sizes) i have exup cable drive speedo bottom bit. set of big discs to fit plus exup 4 piston brake. Just need bottom yoke. Bu ti am worried about the bars clearing the fairing as i would like to keep it on. oh well im sure i will find out soon :-? :-D
792 10/03/2010 19:33:02 oops-sorry offset front sprocket thanks graham that is very nice of you, and i will take you up on your offer if it comes to that. PeterL i noticed on ebayUK that they are selling brand new sets of the inner fairings for around $50.
793 11/03/2010 20:05:30 FZ750Horse Re: offset front sprocket Hi All Does anyone know what the standard needle clip position is for the FZ? I've 2 sets of carbs and both are different. One is in the 2nd form bottom out of six and the other is in the 2nd from top out of six. Cheers Gaz
794 17/03/2010 21:30:53 oops-sorry Re: offset front sprocket thanks pete. did you buy that fz from bikebiz
795 18/03/2010 21:47:07 FZ750Horse Re: offset front sprocket Bought it from a bloke that lost his job as a postman because he was getting dizzy spells, he sold a harley and fz then found out he didnt have a problem after all, fill us in if/when you get the system and what you think of it. PeterL.
796 18/03/2010 22:25:34 alliekat Re: offset front sprocket This: shows the clearance and chain run on my bike. Front sprocket is turned wrong way round, tyre is 180, chain 520. One thing came to mind as I was writing this post - I've just put the engine back into the frame and it's clearly not in exactly the same position as it was before (chain tension has altered). I'll get the laser back on it and see if the alignment has changed.
797 19/03/2010 18:46:30 FZ750Horse Re: offset front sprocket You will find 1 mark on the clutch boss and 1 mark on the pressure plate just line those up. I don't see those 2 marks on the clutch in my hands, I don't recall lining up the last clutch plate when I put the engine back together. It might be to do with the first model.
798 20/03/2010 00:05:13 alliekat Re: offset front sprocket As with a lot of FZ parts, there are subtle differences btween 1FN and 2MG bikes. I think the marks you refer to were only on the later bikes. It sounds like you may have 2mg plates in a 1FN basket. It should work ok - I think the mod was just to reduce chatter.
799 15/03/2010 16:04:19 alliekat Body kit Found the problem (I think). My battery decided to give up the ghost so I can't test it until I get a replacement, but... When I was reassembled the carb for #3 the diaphragm gasket was not fully seated in it's ring so too much air was getting around. This link was super helpful in understanding how the CV carb works. Recommended reading for anyone trying to troubleshoot! Cheers! Will-
800 15/03/2010 16:28:36 oops-sorry Re: Body kit Could any one tell me if a body kit from an 86 FZ full airing, tank, panels, gaurd and everything would fit my Genesis 1988. I have chance of a full locktite kit for very very good price. All luverly red...
801 15/03/2010 16:52:05 alliekat Re: Body kit mine is a 1988 with 85 bodywork. you need the rear light bracket. side panels have different mountings but with a little cutting and a dremell and cable ties they fit fine.not sure about a tank as i left the 1988 one as a I wanted the flush filler cap. the coils mount in a different place and frame rails need to be changed or a bracket welded so the fairing lowers fairing is fine . ALL IN ALL NOT A BIG JOB.
802 15/03/2010 20:49:33 Graham Re: Body kit Ah .. oh... mmmm... think it is best to leave it then. if any on else is interested it is at ridgeway classics. He asked べ5.00 for the lot. Bargain i thought.
803 15/03/2010 21:13:21 alliekat Re: Body kit I found their website but nothing on there tells you where they are ? Gisa clue Allison. :-D
804 15/03/2010 21:27:45 Graham Re: Body kit He said junction 15 off the m4 i think that would be swindon? Wiltshire about hour and half from my place in Bighton. The guy said it had to be picked up though. Have you seen the body work? looks very good.
805 15/03/2010 21:48:37 alliekat Re: Body kit Yeah i found the website & there is a picture of it. Very nice & looks to be in good order too. I just bought another FZ but it's another 2MG model so not much use. Would be good to have for spares though even just the fairing at 75 notes.
806 17/03/2010 19:33:33 Graham Re: Body kit Hi there you can I believe use any that are for FZ 750s sale on EBay. If unsure just check the size.
807 24/03/2010 19:35:10 alliekat Re: Body kit Graham thought i had a set but threw them out on the weekend as i had a big garage clean out
808 24/03/2010 20:05:16 Graham Re: Body kit Thanks, I feel much better now ! :lol: :lol: :lol: Forgot to say I am willing to swap something for a set as well as pay cash. I have lots of spares kicking about these days so try me. :-D
809 24/03/2010 20:20:59 alliekat Re: Body kit Graham, Pretty sure I have a set as I'm fitting and FZR engine and I'm sure I have a set from that. I'll have a look and let you know. Cheers Ross
810 24/03/2010 20:25:14 Graham Re: Body kit Nice one Ross. I have just emailed an ebay seller who is breaking an FZ but I will sit here at my pc until you get back to me ! :lol:
811 24/03/2010 20:49:23 alliekat Re: Body kit That's the one ! :lol: I am 39 with 3 years no claims discount which seems to go in my favour these days.
812 19/03/2010 01:53:55 Kdane Front end swap Yeah I bought some unbranded set off ebay for 130 US.. It seems to have everything, but no list of parts or anything (I'm not sure if that's standard...). I've never bought gaskets before... hopefully I didn't get jipped. I'll let you know if it spews oil when I start it up.
813 22/03/2010 17:00:25 rclifford reproduction bodywork OK, new info. I pulled off the tops of the carbs to have a peek at the diaphragms. In the #3 carb, the diaphragm seal came out of it's groove and got pinched so I corrected that and tried a restart. It shot up to 7k rpm (I got my tach working) and stayed there. I removed the airbox and it idled at a more respectable 800-1000k rpm but it would still shoot up if I gave a short twist of the throttle. So if I restrict the airflow with the airbox it runs really high so what does that tell me? I need to verify that it's jetted properly, but this was supposed to be a bike that ran fine before it was put away so I don't imagine that's the problem. Suggestions? Any? Thanks! Will
814 22/03/2010 18:46:56 Graham Re: reproduction bodywork Has anyone had any experience of using the reproduction fibreglass fairings and lowers (85-86 model)??, I want to build a race replica with a daytime MOT so I don稚 need the headlight aperture. Do they fit up well when painted??, or are they really only for race bikes?? Cheers Ross
815 23/03/2010 10:35:09 oops-sorry Re: reproduction bodywork TOP JOB THAT!
816 28/03/2010 13:05:30 Graham Re: reproduction bodywork Ross have you found a supplier for the repro panels in England ? This link was posted by horse when I was asking about them. I also found this place but they're not in England.
817 29/03/2010 18:07:16 FZ750Horse Re: reproduction bodywork I've almost finished reassembling the race bike with all CASCU panels - I'll post a picture when it's done.
818 29/03/2010 18:15:11 Graham Re: reproduction bodywork I called the number on CASCU's website today & spoke with a woman (wife ?). She tells me he/they are in the process of moving to France & so some of the moulds are over here, some in France but she didn't know much about the actual panels I am after (short fairing lowers). I have emailed them at her request as the chap who does all the work will eventually read it & put me in the picture regards availability. The short lowers aren't actually listed on their website but I'm fairly confident that they sell them ?
819 30/03/2010 01:38:40 PeterL Re: reproduction bodywork Hi, This isnt in UK but look up "team show and go Australia" look in replica section they have some for FZ's, believe they come with brackets, PeterL.
820 30/03/2010 14:01:00 Graham Re: reproduction bodywork I found the panels on team show & go Australia today but I have had some good news from Mark at CASCU. He has the moulds out for the short lowers as he has just made a pair for someone else so is going to do me a pair for a very good price ! :-D If you want or need some any time soon I would visit their web site & email them. As mentioned he is relocating to France eventually so might not be in a position to make more for a while.
821 15/04/2010 18:37:40 FZ750Horse Re: reproduction bodywork I finally got the race bike back together with the CASCU panels in new colours for 2010. Pictures are here:
822 15/04/2010 20:16:23 dave1000 Re: reproduction bodywork Hi that looks good. I have to have one of those seats. How did you fix it on?
823 15/04/2010 22:04:27 Graham Re: reproduction bodywork [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Respect to you Gavin for painting all that. I am painting my tank, front mudguard, fairing etc & it is taking up so much time I'm starting to question my sanity. :-? Are you allowed engine mod's for the class you race in ? Do the original fairing lowers have a hole cut in them where you have put your stomp grip stickers ?
824 16/04/2010 07:26:39 FZ750Horse Re: reproduction bodywork Seat unit is held by three bolts; the tank mounting at the front and one either side behind the seat. The two rear ones screw into lugs welded to the subframe specifically for the purpose. The seat area is supported on some plastic pipe between it and the frame rails. The main reason for the colour scheme was that it doesn't take much painting - primer, solid colour, sticky-backed plastic and some lacquer. The lacquer wouldn't be necessary if Halfords paint was petrol resistant. Fairing skirts are as they arrived from CASCU. Thunderbikes allows most mods providing you don't exceed 1bhp per 4lbs weght. For an FZ this means a pipe, jetting and a bit of weight reduction gets you pretty close. If I had the money I'd tune it for torque and limit the revs to keep it within the horsepower limit. Cheers, Horse
825 16/04/2010 11:42:41 rclifford Re: reproduction bodywork Nice Job, looks great, your going to be a bit reluctant to drop that down the track. So did you use a CASCU cockpits and sides??, if so how did they line up?, an comments on the quality. I am just about to buy a set. Cheers Ross
826 16/04/2010 17:27:43 alliekat Re: reproduction bodywork Hiya that looks fantastic, where did you get the seat unit i have been looking for one like that. Allison
827 16/04/2010 17:53:10 FZ750Horse Re: reproduction bodywork Thanks for the positive comments. Ross - you're right I had to keep reminding myself "It's only a race bike" and not get carried away. The finish isn't as good as it looks in the photos but it would still be a significant loss of time and ・ぢif it ended up on fire in the kitty litter! Alliekat, all the plastics are from The belly pan is alloy. The plastics do "require some fitting" as they say but, since I've got all race subframes even the original Yamaha stuff I was using did. I wouldn't expect it to bolt straight on but the quality is good for the price. BTW, if anyones interested the Stomp Grips are a 2003 CBR600RR kit fitted upside down. The logos are USD but the fit is near perfect :-D
828 26/03/2010 18:50:19 alliekat exup shock Are these what you're looking for? Not mine.
829 31/03/2010 22:28:58 EagleHawk Re: exup shock Alliekat, You might take a look at a previous post for "Rear Spring?" I haven't re-sprung my rear shock yet (just the plain old stock FZ setup), but I did some research on the idea, and if it comes down to it, you can get stiffer rear springs at custom-made spring rates and lengths. Not sure what's available in your area of the world, though. D. Faulkner springs was mentioned for Scotland. I'm from the U.S., so unfortunately, none of the companies I found for getting springs would do you much good unless you were willing to pay for overseas shipping... FYI for you or anyone else on the subject, Aftershocks Suspension in California seemed to have the best products and prices from what I was able to find. Have yet to buy anything from them, but they were a big help in figuring out what I would need if I were to go that route. -Josh
830 01/04/2010 17:47:55 alliekat Re: exup shock Many thanks for the info. its all a bit weird i put all th exup stuff on wanting it tol ook all jacked up at the back but becuase it is so soft when i sit on it it looks like an FJ.... if you see what i mean. all sqaushed. It handles ok i suppose nut its not what i wanted and i cant put shorter tie rods on. Grrrr :-x
831 30/03/2010 03:03:29 ganepeil Ebay All, there are a couple items on Ebay which may be of intrest. item # 360227931507 is a "Dick & Jane" Schematic...I've one, & highly rec. it...the 2nd, is a seat/sport cowl.140395450792. which may or not be OE, but might be worth a look..luck G
832 31/03/2010 05:26:40 EagleHawk Re: Ebay Just bought the manual. Looking forward to the improvement over my Clymer's... :-D Thanks for the tip! -Josh
833 30/03/2010 10:13:05 oops-sorry 17 inch wheels. what size sprockets are the go guys just going to order a rear sprocket and wonder what size sprockets your running on a 750 with a 17 inch rear rim . dont mind if i loose a little top end but pick up on take off . thanks Paul
834 31/03/2010 05:46:33 PeterL Re: 17 inch wheels. what size sprockets are the go Hi, Grunt if you Google up "" could be a big help has all the info, you just enter your bike etc, gives you tons of info on ratio's/gearing/speeds etc, only thing I can add had a friend who had a FZ, wanted take off speed as well, always said "dont go too small front cog, chain wear/possible interference swing arm", depending on what your running!. Hope this helps, PeterL.
835 01/04/2010 03:11:44 oops-sorry Re: 17 inch wheels. what size sprockets are the go thanks pete top site
836 30/03/2010 19:55:06 dizmyster top yoke conversion hi guys im new to the site, can anyone help me, im wonting to fighter my c, reg fz750, and im looking for a top yoke conversion, carnt find one anywere, so could anyone please help. thanks diz
837 30/03/2010 23:04:15 alliekat Re: top yoke conversion 270551353403 on ebay. fzx750 top yoke, should be ok if forks same diameter.
838 31/03/2010 01:48:26 oops-sorry Re: top yoke conversion here you go ebay item 270553460688
839 31/03/2010 16:46:55 dizmyster Re: top yoke conversion nice one thanks guys, will have a look :-D
840 04/04/2010 06:03:01 Cliff Swingarm removal I have a 1985 FZ750. I need to get the swingarm out to replace the chain slider. I've got a workshop manual. and following the instructions removed the relay arm bolt, and swing arm bolt. But the swing arm won't "fall out". Yhere's the slightest suggestion of "slop" as the move the rear end of the swingarm left and right, but it's showing no sign of "falling out" of the frame. Any thoughts about what I should do next? Cliff
841 04/04/2010 10:08:28 Graham Re: Swingarm removal Loosen the rear engine mount/s & it should come out Cliff. I think the frame squeezes the arm a bit with engine mounts done up tight.
842 07/04/2010 07:34:55 Cliff Re: Swingarm removal Thanks Graham. Once the lower rear engine mount was loosened, the swingarm came out. Cheers. Cliff
843 08/04/2010 04:52:19 Wheels Fuel Pump Replacement So I am pretty new to this site. Just picked up an old '86 750 that has been sitting in a barn for a few years. And speaking of fuel pumps...mine has packed it in.....does anyone know of an aftermarket replacement or if a pump from another bike will do? The pump itself has a mitsubishi logo on it so I hope I can find it off something else and not pay the $340cdn that the shop was asking for Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
844 08/04/2010 08:02:24 PeterL Re: Fuel Pump Replacement Hi, It would help if we knew WHERE YOUR FROM, if second hand is good look at Ebay 360250744341 (U.K.). PeterL.
845 08/04/2010 14:08:45 Wheels Re: Fuel Pump Replacement Manitoba, Canada Thanks I'll take a look
846 09/04/2010 14:25:52 Wheels Re: Fuel Pump Replacement Would anybody know of a Fuel Pump within North America? Or possibly if a pump from another bike will be a substitute?
847 09/04/2010 16:14:01 gaz69 Re: Fuel Pump Replacement I've know of people to use an R6 5EB Model fuel pump Cheers Gaz
848 10/04/2010 00:48:41 ganepeil Re: Fuel Pump Replacement Wheels, You can use just about any of Yamaha's externally mounted fuel pumps, as the differnce's are usually simply the angles of the intake & pressure nipples. willing donors I know of are, fzr 600's fz 700/750,fzr 750/1000 (pre-exup) fzx 700/750 fazer, virago's. & v'stars 650,1100 & xvs 1600 (road star) or automotive electric units making @ 3-5 psi, or can be regulated. Luck G. PS while the OE fuel pump is sealed, with care you can acess the electical section. there are 2 circuits both activated via breaker contacts (points) 1 is simpy the pump motor , the other the fuel pressure regulator, and these are the "usual suspects" again luck G
849 12/04/2010 00:43:30 Cliff Frame lugs for fairing I have a 85 FZ750. When it came to me the original half fairing panels had long gone, and it was fitted with an FZR750 style full fairing lowers. I am slowly converting it back to its original appearance, with the small firing side panels (that come down to about the bottom of the radiator). But I have encountered a small problem. The original "lugs" that were welded onto each down tube of the frame at about the level of the bottom of the radiator - to accept the fastening screw at the bottom of each fairing side panel - have gone. I can see where they have been ground off. Does anyone have a cactus frame from which they are willing to carefully grind the securing lugs off, and send them to me in Australia? I'll pay postage and packaging. Thanks Cliff
850 14/04/2010 05:05:11 wolseley Re: Frame lugs for fairing Have you thought of getting some front frame supports from 'ebay' or a local scrapper. The other route is to make new ones. The bracket is 3 sides of a square with a hole in the middle face. I can take photos and measurements if you want. Won't be before friday. Hope this helps
851 14/04/2010 08:30:29 Graham Re: Frame lugs for fairing Cliff I have made many of these style brackets now for my FZ. I use what ever is lying around but 1.2mm thick sheet steel is about right. I drill the required hole slightly bigger than the bolt that will pass through it & just weld a suitable nut on the back making sure it is fairly central. If you can fold the edges on either side of the front face you will get the "3 sides of a square" effect that wolseley has mentioned. This gives it a bit of strength & allows you to possibly use thinner steel but 1mm is a minimum really. If you were local to me I would gladly let you come & use my gear, welder, grinders, steel, nut & bolts etc. It's all good fun.. . I think ? :-? :lol:
852 14/04/2010 13:00:07 PeterL Re: Frame lugs for fairing Hi, Cliff if you dont get anywhere with the present post, get back to me and I will make some up, will be exactly as Graham said, so when you go to have them welded on you can weld the nut in position at the same time, it's a very simple part, no problem! and I'm in Sydney so mail is no problem, give a few days for making as very busy at the moment finishing my Goldwing for a trip in May, just happens making brackets at the moment for an non-OEM rack for my gear, thanks, PeterL.
853 14/04/2010 13:23:37 PeterL Re: Frame lugs for fairing Hi again, Cliff if you do want original, your in Adelaide, there's a Ebay item No. 120556306100 in Adelaide the guy is selling a FZ750 and has a spare frame etc, if it doesnt sell or prior to sale have a talk to him maybe he can get you what you want, thanks, PeterL.
854 18/04/2010 01:11:34 oops-sorry Re: Frame lugs for fairing cliff go to supercheap and you can get a small packet of captivive nuts which are made by champion and take a 6mm bolt and then slide them on to the bracket you get made up so you can a little movement pn fron champion is pp74 and they cost $7 for a pair cheers PAUL
855 20/04/2010 21:01:52 tomster Re: Frame lugs for fairing [b][color=0000CC]Why don't you make a couple of brackets. A couple small pieces of steel with a hole drilled and tapped into it is all you need, fella.[/color][/b]
856 20/04/2010 20:54:23 oops-sorry shock sizes for a 1988 fz 750 guys anybody have a 1988 shock lying around that they could take the measurements of eye to eye for me so i can find a aftermarker rear shocker to fit , there used to be a site that told you lenght and linkage size but i have lost it . cheers Paul
857 20/04/2010 22:00:44 Graham Re: shock sizes for a 1988 fz 750 I can measure mine tomorrow Paul if that will do ? Eye to eye as in length between top & bottom eye centres or distance between each pair top & bottom ? Just took my spares bike to pieces completely today so the shock is easily accessible. :-)
858 21/04/2010 09:27:16 oops-sorry Re: shock sizes for a 1988 fz 750 eye to eye would be great and if you could take a picture that would be great
859 21/04/2010 14:17:38 alliekat Re: shock sizes for a 1988 fz 750 hiya i have a hagon shock that is not leaking from my genesis 88 model for sale (fork at botom of shock) i am running an exup shock now. So if you are interested pm me. Allison
860 21/04/2010 19:27:06 FZ750Horse Re: shock sizes for a 1988 fz 750 I think stock is 305mm centres. I've got the race bike shock at about 315mm - much more would be sawing the swingarm in half...
861 21/04/2010 21:11:09 Graham Re: shock sizes for a 1988 fz 750 I have measured one in the dark & it looked like 300mm hole centres so could well have been 305. space between lower mounting brackets is 30mm & the top mount is 50mm wide. No pic's sorry.
862 09/05/2010 06:51:06 billip swingarm and forks hiya horse, i was thinking of going to see the racing that weekend as i havnt be to brands for ages, so i might well see if i can see you and introduce myself ( six foot tall and a bob with red stripes, i do stand out a bit chuckle). A friend wants to come as well so i will give her a lift. Allison
863 09/05/2010 12:41:22 Graham Re: swingarm and forks Do the Forks, and Swingarm from a TRX850 bolt up to the FZ? I've been hunting down parts for my bike for a while, but FZR1000 stuff isn't that easy to come by here. If the TRX850 stuff bolts up, a wrecker in melbourne has 5 of them. I'm just keen to get moving while im not riding my bike over winter. cheers guys
864 09/05/2010 13:02:58 Graham Re: swingarm and forks TRX forks are 41mm so too big for FZ yokes but the TRX yokes "may" bolt up to FZ frame ? I found a restoration project on one of the FZX750 forums where the owner used TDM850 yokes & forks which bolted in to his FZX frame with no stem mod's so maybe a possibility for the FZ ? Can't rememebr who's but someone posted pics of their FZ which showed a TRX rear arm in place so it's been done. :-) There is a link saved on my pc which I will find when I get home & post showing several Yamaha swinging arm dimensions. I borrowed it from someones post on here if you fancy searching for it. Have you considered buying one of the TRX's complete if available ? Very good bikes, lots of fun. :-D
865 14/05/2010 08:14:01 rexie Re: swingarm and forks hi horse have you heard of anyone putting a yzf 750 gearbox into the fz750 engine cases? i have a yzf 750 seat and tail now.just getting some cash together for some je pistons to put the fzr1000 top end on. i should be able to wire up a dyna 2000 to the crank triggers should i not?
866 18/05/2010 06:33:07 billip Re: swingarm and forks Will those calipers still work out if someone's still using the 16" front wheel? I've given up trying to find an FZR1000 front end for my bike. One day :-) Braided Lines do make a difference, but better brakes would still be good.
867 09/05/2010 18:42:19 rangerdave Newbie with a clutch problem thanks for the help guys i just found another one on ebay/usa for 5.50 with shipping i got it for 25.50 so not to bad lol now im trying to repair a really bad wireing jod the person who had the bike before me he used electicl tape instead of heat skrink tubeing
868 09/05/2010 20:42:08 ganepeil Re: Newbie with a clutch problem First off, hello everyone my name is Dave. I waited 20 years and raised two kids to FINALLY buy my '86 fz750. I'm either persistant or crazy...time will tell! When I bought the bike I new the clutch was not working. So, I ordered new seal kits and rebuilt the master cylinder as well as the slave cylinder. I also opened up the clutch itself and checked the springs and plates. Everything appears ok. Now the potentally dumb questions... 1) how much movement is normal on the clutch when the lever is squeezed? 2) when I squeeze it I get about 0.040" movement(at the clutch) but I cannot rotate the rear tire by hand. Actually, even with the clutch disassembled (springs off and plates exposed)the rear tire is still engaged with the clutch lever squeezed. The only thing I have not tried is running the engine while on the center stand and putting it in gear. If I apply the rear brake and the engine labours, the clutch is not working. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Dave
869 10/05/2010 11:49:23 rangerdave Re: Newbie with a clutch problem Dave, 1st, welcome! the more the merrier! Where are you from? We are a scattered lot, & Its handy to know... Regarding your' clutch.. Travel at the pushrod/slave piston should be @ 1/4 inch per stroke of lever.(bearing in mind, that the piston requires the clutch packs' tension to return home.) Less than that, and I would look to the bronze bush located in the clutch lever which recieves the master cyl piston rod, and or the freedom of travel of m/c's piston. You didn't mention if you had removed/seperated clutch plates.... It's common for the plates to adhere to each other with prolonged sitting. with all plates removed, the inner clutch hub should spin freely by turning counter shaft sprocket. let us know your' progress, luck G
870 10/05/2010 21:31:34 tomster Re: Newbie with a clutch problem [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]It was a very well respected track at the time, and used to hold rounds of the Shell Supercup, which was a prestigious event. As an airfield circuit it was quite fast in places with tight hairpins at the end, much to the annoyance of many a sidecar outfit!!!! Absolutely nothing in this area now, I would think that Croft would be the nearest, then York and Knockhill[/font][/color][/b]
871 11/05/2010 00:37:35 rangerdave Re: Newbie with a clutch problem hiya, if i can be any help i will be but i am secretly blonde at times !!! can you get to the gp garages ? thought you had to pay to get into the paddock areas. Well i used to get paddock passes when i raced at brands (sidecars and elsies) long time ago :-D any way i will try to say hello
872 12/05/2010 00:53:59 ganepeil Re: Newbie with a clutch problem Hiya Gaz I had a 911 conversion in the early 90's and I kept the 750 head but had it fitted with an owo1 inlet cam if I remember right and f1 spec gas flowed. You could use a 1000 head if you wanted but probably wouldn't get as good midrange as with the 750. According to the performance bikes magazine from December 1993, Steve Linsdell (FZ racer and tuner) recomends that to big bore an EARLY model you need to fit the longer rods, shorten the barrel, machine the pistons for correct squish and valve clearance, drop compression from 14.1 to 12.5 max and reset the valve timing to avoid bent valves. The early (86/87)exhaust cam is best. I took my 911 FZ that Steve tuned for me to bruntingthorp and got 160.7mph out of it but was easily running out of revs, if I had geared it up I'm sure that I would've got 165 to 170 out of it. I've still got the bike but its a shame that the Vance & Hines system it was fitted with has gone to its grave. If you have the later model then you shouldn't have as much work to do. Hope it helps.
873 12/05/2010 02:40:29 rangerdave Re: Newbie with a clutch problem Dave, Thanks for the feed-back, sounds like your' very close to riding... Let us know when you encounter your' next puzzler. (trust me, there will be ) luck G
874 12/05/2010 09:28:39 tomster Re: Newbie with a clutch problem Went for my first (short) ride tonight...just around the block as I still need to get new licence plates. No serious issues yet. It was sluggish but to be expected after sitting a friggin decade. have a question about the is slow to react and does not seenm to be matching the revs as it travels. Can this be from under use? Is it serviceable? Dave
875 12/05/2010 15:53:48 rangerdave Re: Newbie with a clutch problem [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Hi Dave. Glad you've sorted your clutch problem. The tacho problem could be caused by a few things, but I suspect a bad connection. Follow the wires back and clean any connections that you find. Check the pickup coil is mounted okay and that the wires to this are okay and not damaged. Lift out the clock and check that the PCB isn't corroded or tracked across on the back. As it has been standing a while I would tend to go with a dirty or corroded connection. Good luck.[/font][/color][/b] 8-)
876 12/05/2010 21:27:09 EagleHawk Re: Newbie with a clutch problem [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Had the tank off and checked all of the connections today. The genny has had the connections chopped and some crimped connectors fitted but they look ok. Bidding on one that's up tomorrow so hopefully I'll get it quickly and get it fitted. Tracked down the two snipped wires that were hanging around. They were off the reserve switch so I repaired those today. It's pretty much done apart from the alternator. I've taxed it but my MOT runs out on 15th. Doh!![/font][/color][/b] :-? :-?
877 15/05/2010 13:05:17 rangerdave Re: Newbie with a clutch problem [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]That's a good idea fella. Always handy to have bits and pieces lying around when you're doing a project like that[/font][/color][/b]
878 15/05/2010 14:25:03 tomster Re: Newbie with a clutch problem Well gents, I think I got lucky on this one...I checked and cleaned the wiring connectors where I could as well as the back of the tach. Then I thought about taking the tach apart as Josh did, but absolutely chickened out. Your braver than me! Now it seems the more I ride the better it gets. Looks like it was a combination of the cleaning and just getting it moving. I love it when a fix something and don't know how I did it... :roll: Thanks guys.
879 13/05/2010 22:10:00 alliekat Fork springs Dave, I had a similar issue on my bike (had also been sitting awhile before I got it) and it just turned out to be a sticky tach needle. Dust or moisture had managed to get into the "drive shaft" for the tach needle and essentially gummed it up to the point of slowing it's response time to a crawl. I was able to carefully separate the tach body from it's lens and clean up the shaft area before giving it a couple drops of ultra-light oil to get things loosened up again. If memory serves, I think I used contact cleaner for the initial cleaning. (ie: something that evaporated quickly but wouldn't damage plastic) and super-light oil under the brand name "Balistol" for the lubricant. Great stuff if you've never had occasion to use it before. A little tricky to find, though. As a side note, I don't think it was meant to be serviceable, but I did it anyways. :-o There are instrument shops that specialize in that kind of thing though, if you don't feel up to tearing into it yourself. -Josh
880 17/05/2010 17:49:20 alliekat Re: Fork springs What?? I can't hear you!!! LOL The problem is I'm going to have to tear the carbs off and give them a good cleaning. The bike sat since 1999 and thou it seems to run well at higher rpm's, it does not run great at idle. It sometimes revs up on its own? weird. Also, I'm not sure if someone changed the jetting and I have no idea what it should be for that pipe. The bottom line...I'm no expert mechanic and I'm not really sure of myself around carbs. Do you know of anywhere online where I could read up on proper carb maintenance without a complete teardown? Thanks.
881 17/05/2010 20:34:58 FZ750Horse Re: Fork springs All went pretty well for Team Relic Racing. I was running best laps of 1m 48.5-ish all weekend - about 1s a lap up on last year but a long way behind Steve Jordan who was putting in consistent 1m 36s on a heavily tweaked SV650! To put this in perspective, I was sharing a garage with three BSB Stocksport/Supersport teams who were JUST breaking 1m 31s!! I think I was fastest orange bib wearer on Saturday (25 & 28 out of 35) but wasn't eligible for the Rookie cup because I entered two rounds last year - it went to Mark Walkey on a ZXR750 who finished behind me in both races after some really enjoyable battling. Mark seemed to find a load more of something in the first Sunday race and totally kicked my a**e, finishing about 15s in front of me. To make matters worse I got mugged by a VTR1000 and a Ducati R 748 which held me up in the corners and then disappeared on a wave of V-twin torque down the straights, so I ended up 31st. This race was filmed for Motors TV... :-( The meeting was abandoned after a serious start line accident on our second race (Thunderbikes second in three meetings :-( ) which saw SV650 rider Paul Martin evacuated by Air Ambulance. Latest word is that he is seriously hurt but stable. Fingers crossed for him. Alison - I know how you feel - with tyres and entries the weekend cost me へ00 for less than 45 minutes racing. I'll have to cancel my Cadwell entry and probably Snetterton. I might scrape enough cash to do Brands Indy in August - I'll let you know if I do. Horse
882 17/05/2010 21:37:17 alliekat Re: Fork springs [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]SOunds like you had a fun weekend then. Are you planning any more tweaks to the FZ? I hope the guy that was injured pulls through ok. It was the death of Garry Hislop (Steve Hislop's brother) racing an LC350 that put the final nail in Silloth racetrack's coffin. It's a dangerous game, and no mistake. I Think anyone that rides a bike has got to have a tile off the roof. I once managed 50 weeks off work after a bike smash. Ouch!!![/font][/color][/b]
883 18/05/2010 01:48:27 rangerdave Carbs and tuning [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]COuld well be an electrical fault. If it is shorting somewhere you can often do a check when it is pitch black at night and see if you can see any arcing across. It sounds very much like something is breaking down under load and could be a myriad of things. Have you tried changing the fuel filter? It might be fuel starvation. [/font][/color][/b]
884 18/05/2010 17:16:17 tomster Re: Carbs and tuning I wanted to know where to add air to the forks and what are the best mods for the bikes, I have a fz700.
885 18/05/2010 19:24:20 rangerdave Re: Carbs and tuning is there a rev limiter that can be disengaged or a way to advance ignition timing. Any things that people usually do to the electronics.
886 18/05/2010 20:42:58 tomster Re: Carbs and tuning Pete, AFAIK the FZ700 was identical to the MkII FZ750 except for the engine capacity. Only the MkI had air assisted forks - the MkII had mechanical preload adjusters under plastic bungs on top of the forks. IMHO the mechanical preload was much more useful.
887 19/05/2010 19:54:27 rangerdave Re: Carbs and tuning guys anybody able to measure the thread diameter and pitch of the oil filler cap as i want to get a probolt one and they dont have a listing
888 19/05/2010 20:42:03 tomster Re: Carbs and tuning Hey Tomster, I ran the engine with the airbox off and spotted the problem right away. The diaphragm on #1 was sticky. Good call. What do you use to lube carb linkages? spray lithium? Dave
889 31/05/2010 22:51:33 rangerdave Re: Carbs and tuning Pete, There were some models which came stock w/balanced air fittings, sorry I can't specify which, tho' they were obviously stock, as fittings/balance tubes/locating circlips were obviously OE. If your's is one of those, there will be either sleeves around your' fork tubes just under the upper clamp, or an air vent & circlip journal.if not, & no one has added shrader valves at top nuts you are 'sans air' no great loss...If you do have these sleeves, and the filler shrader is simply hiding, typical pressures were 4-8 psi. At one time, S&W offered a small hypodermic pump w/ guage for filling. air caps were popular for a brief time on all the big 4 then faded.. Air was nice for softening initial travel but did little there after. age& fatigue have "softened" stock springs, Pre-load spacers/new/progressive springs will do much more to regain stock ride height & stiffen front end. fresh/heavier oil the cure for "mushy"/bottoming travel.. luck G
890 18/05/2010 16:51:03 peteskeet how to put air in front forks I have one which is reluctant to rev up cleanly. Feels like it's running out of fuel & has to be coaxed gently in to the higher rev range. Having replaced the cone type filters for a standard one things improved very slightly but I'm fairly certain now the main reason for it is lack of compression across all 4 pots. I've bought another FZ that needs the valve clearances setting, excellent ! :-? :lol:
891 18/05/2010 17:08:18 rangerdave Re: how to put air in front forks I can't seem to find how to put air back in the fork legs. My bike is a 87' fz700. the legs were obviously pressurized as the top cap popped off with enthusiasm.
892 31/05/2010 22:11:48 ganepeil Re: how to put air in front forks Just tried fitting the mounting flange into the head, it seems to fit just fine, as for the downpipes the internal diameter is 39mm, i'm sure that would have been more than the stock system and should hopefully be more than enough as not to strangle the 1000 motor! Gaz
893 18/05/2010 18:05:50 peteskeet rev limiter [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]When you say rev up, do you mean that the revs keep increasing right round the clock, or they just go up a few thousand rpm and stay there?[/font][/color][/b]
894 19/05/2010 01:19:40 ganepeil Re: rev limiter [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]I'm hearing you. At what point do you say that "I could buy something cheaper than what it's costing me to do this" but where's the fun in that eh??? Altering the rake angle might make the front end a bit twitchy so will probably require some damper mods too, that's if you can keep it on the floor!!!I bought a another genny for mine and it's only making 3.5V at 5000rpm, which is a full 3v more than the one I had on. Gonna have to buy yet another now. D'oh![/font][/color][/b]
895 19/05/2010 06:45:29 peteskeet Re: rev limiter Thanks 750 horse. I've done about an inch of extra preload with 3/4 inch pvc. I just realized the forks were under load, making it seem like there was hyper atmosheric pressure on the inside of the fork. Doesn't look like the 700 has air forks.
896 19/05/2010 18:30:25 FZ750Horse Re: rev limiter [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Hahahaha MEDIIIIIC!!!!! Looks like we've been infiltrated. Get him off, the dirty animal.[/font][/color][/b]
897 30/05/2010 22:05:31 wolseley Centre stand wanted There is this guy,Shervin Rezaiy,that has become a viral sensation with his "modded" 05 ZX10R. There are thousands of links to this guy,so I'll give you a quick one to get you started: There is some disussion that this is all a joke,but the guy was banned from the site. If he is for real,he is a complete maniac. Enjoy! :-D
898 26/08/2010 02:20:35 billip Re: Centre stand wanted Its in the USA. But its the only one i've seen on ebay in a while!! :-)
899 09/10/2010 11:27:27 PeterL Re: Centre stand wanted Hi, Centre stand at Ebay #140463609117, looks aftermarket???? PeterL.
900 11/10/2010 13:32:55 Dutch Re: Centre stand wanted probably home brew, definatly not OEM.
901 02/06/2010 09:06:25 peteskeet carb parts Hey thanks Tomster, WD40 sales must be's sold everywhere here! Thanks again.
902 04/06/2010 10:39:10 Christov Handlebar replacements Highly recommended - they made a noticeable difference to the throttle response when I fitted them to the race bike. I haven't tried them on the road bike but I will next time I change them.
903 04/06/2010 10:47:35 PeterL Re: Handlebar replacements Hi all, I'm after some handlebar replacements, only really need the right side but willing to buy them in a pair as long as they fit. I've been scouring ebay but I rarely seem to find the right hand side and those I do find are in horrible condition. Anyone know a good place I can order some replacement bars from? Also, anyone know the fork size of the fz750 '86 genesis model? I saw some japanese 3rd party forks that claim to fit an fz, but there are few details and they just say forks 39mm... can't seem to find the actual documented fork size anywhere. Worst case I'll go measure my forks or something, but I'm concerned I'd get it wrong!
904 04/06/2010 15:10:52 Graham Re: Handlebar replacements I swapped back to the old plugs and it's 100% better. No buzzing and I can even see through my mirrors. Here's the strange thing, the old plugs were not standard OEM specs. They are NGK DR8ES-L...Now, one of the new DP8EA plugs could be faulty but who knows?? I was reading your other post regarding iridium plugs and maybe that's the way to go.
905 06/06/2010 23:54:29 peteskeet Re: Handlebar replacements hey guys, here is a manual i compiled it should never be deleted, hope it helps, i couldnt find one online,
906 15/06/2010 16:17:59 dave1000 Re: Handlebar replacements Hi there have been at the TT so have only just seen your post. I think I can say there was no such kit. If therehad been it would have been very expensive.
907 28/08/2010 08:07:07 Dutch Re: Handlebar replacements [quote] Graham wrote: How does it show that you have no posts in your post count box yet you have clearly posted on here ? :-? [/quote] I posted a few since not having been here for a while, but counter still says 202, should be 205 by now :-o And yes, it is 39 mm ;-) If you want slightly higher bars you can use the clip-ons from an '80s VFR 750 or CBX 750 or so. Might need new brake line, the oem doesn't have much spare length
908 28/08/2010 18:24:11 dave1000 Re: Handlebar replacements 39mm is correct. I have LSL on mine they are a bit lower and catch on the fairing a little bit, or I should say the clutch cylinder does but that is off a ZXR7 Kawasaki
909 07/06/2010 00:04:01 peteskeet tiny carb o-rings I have a 87 700 and my fork stantions are 39mm in diameter.
910 08/06/2010 22:46:28 rangerdave Re: tiny carb o-rings [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Ah right. Hmm that's a bit more complex then. I assume that it's just reading from a pickup on the camshaft. Is there definitely no way to get the tacho apart and see if there is a pot that you can adjust?[/font][/color][/b]
911 13/06/2010 16:38:45 peteskeet Re: tiny carb o-rings Hey peeps. I'm after the paint codes for an 1985 model (Red and white) or at least the closest matches to what they are now. I'm getting the FZR wheels soda blasted in the next couple of weeks, and then resprayed the same colour red the FZ wheels are now. Tastefully modified they say don't they? I managed to get a front end, so let the games begin :-)
912 14/06/2010 18:29:47 rangerdave Re: tiny carb o-rings That's great information...I've got a Hindle 4-1 on mine and I'm getting a vibration/buzz at 4500rpm. Not exactly a flat spot but it could be part of the problem. Now, I've still got the original pipes but the muffler portions are rusted. Can they be cut off and fitted with replacement mufflers? That even sounds expensive :-( Dave
913 13/08/2010 19:13:35 phatty81 temperature sensor testing i'm attempting to troubleshoot my bike's apparent overheating problem. i tested the temperature sensor today. according to the clymer manual, the resistance should be 153.9 ohms at 50 C, 47.5 to 56.8 ohms at 80 C, and 126.2 to 129.3 ohms at 100 C. i think this last specification is a typographical error. i would think that the resistance would continue to decrease with increasing temp, not do an about face and start to go up again. i was only able to get the water up to ~97 C (must be lower than standard pressure here today, should have added some salt) and the resistance was 31 ohms. the sensor showed the correct resistances at the other two specified temperatures. does anyone else think the clymer manual added a "1" to the front end of the specified resistances at 100 C? :-?
914 13/08/2010 21:19:19 phatty81 Re: temperature sensor testing another question! sorry. i tried to test the thermostatic switch, but didn't have a pound of salt around to raise the boiling point of the water. i got it up to 100 c by dumping a bunch of sugar in. the resistance started to move from immeasurably high at around 98 C where it should have. at 100 C it was down to about 50 kilo-ohms. can i conclude that it's working? i'm just wondering if anyone else has experience testing this component. if so, how did test at 105 C and did you get a similar resistance at 100 C?
915 14/08/2010 01:23:27 ganepeil Re: temperature sensor testing Ph. To 1st Q, Agree, probly a missprint, If you have a functioning gauge & it seems to give reasonable readings, move on...(the gap at mid guage is @ 180 degrees F.) Q:2, the fan switch should close a @ 220 degrees F. Hotter than you can boil water without presure. & resistance when closed should probly be 3 ohms or less, (this is a sumise, but since the fan is powered via the power going thru the switch a voltage drop across the switch should by logic be less than a volt.) a better test for both components would be assembled & running at temp & verified with a laser thermometer, & the fan sw, w/ therm. & ohm meter at or over 220 degrees for verification. Overheating is common w/ our 750's & by far the most common culprit is the radiator core which develops build-up.. followed by,(in order of frequency of failure)blown fan fuse, rad. cap "popping off" prematurely,failed fan motor/obstruction,bad fan sw. waterpump failure, & then leaking head gasket/cracked head. hope there's something here you can use... luck G
916 14/08/2010 02:36:06 phatty81 Re: temperature sensor testing yeah, i'm reasonably certain the electrical parts are working correctly. the thermostat opens as it should, as well. it's probably the radiator. it looks like it has a bunch of crud in between the fins in addition to the crap that's probably inside. after i get the motor running better, i'll have the rad cleaned out professionally and then keep a close eye on temperature. i just thought i'd investigate this problem while i'm saving my pennies for a rebuild. :-P thanks for the feedback.
917 18/10/2010 21:01:17 Akirasan Tickover rough Bike is ticking over roughly. I have changed or checked all ignition parts but no 1 cylinder does not fire unless reved. It runs great but tickover is rough and pops a bit. With the plug out the spark jumps about. I am stumped any ideas???? The bike is a 1fn 1986
918 19/10/2010 19:08:13 FZ750Horse Re: Tickover rough Since the same coil is sending sparks to No4, if it's only No1 that's misbehaving and you're sure it's a spark problem, then it's got to be the lead, cap or plug?
919 20/10/2010 06:03:08 Akirasan Re: Tickover rough Hi thats what i thought but i have changed everything to do with the ignition and still no1 is not running right. The plug gets wet and there is popping from the exhaust as intermitent fireing. The only thing left is the carb, which i have cleaned but will do again, or the shims. But it starts and revs fine just tickover is rough and as the plug is wet when i take it out i assume it is an ignition problem. I will check the carb again tonight.
920 21/10/2010 07:51:21 dave1000 Re: Tickover rough Hi have you balanced the carbs?
921 28/01/2011 00:08:03 Maniac fzr1000/fz750 engine swap I have read that a 87 or 88 fzr1000 engine will bolt up to an fz750 with only minor modifications. Why does this seem to limited to only the 87 and 88? Will a 1992 fzr1000 engine work in an fz750? What would have to be done to make this work? It doesnt seem like it would take drastic modification. Can anybody help me with this topic? I am appreciative to anybody who responds. Thanks.
922 28/01/2011 05:59:02 ganepeil Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap Maniac, The 87 &88 1000 engines were of early "delta box" frames....& had the same motor mount locations & just Bolted in (abet w/wiring & cdi/coolant line changes.) Exup motors (89 & later 1000's) had different cyl angles & the head (engine mount ) was different. It can/has been done. but requires some fabbing. luck G
923 30/01/2011 05:01:43 Maniac Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap Ganepeil, you answered my question perfectly! I have read many of your posts and was hoping you would reply to mine. Thanks for the info! It is greatly appreciated! Do you happen to know how much fab is required to fit a later fzr1000 engine, and if so, what that fab might intel? Thanks again!!
924 30/01/2011 21:17:54 ganepeil Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap M, Sorry, I've seen & worked on a swap tha went the other way,(Early 1000 into an OWO1 Delta Box frame). If you don't hear anything here, You might check "the Exup Brotherhood" library. Luck G
925 30/01/2011 21:22:51 ganepeil Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap Oops, "brothehood" is now "" G
926 31/01/2011 04:14:18 Maniac Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap Cool! Thanks again ganepeil. I really appreciate it. I'll have to check out that website again sometime. Currently it says that it is "coming soon". There is a good chance that I will soon be purchasing a 88 fzr1000 from a guy in Kentucky. Should be a great donor bike. Only has 11k original on the motor. Grant it this comes through, any tips on the conversion would be greatly greatly appreciated. You seem to be a really awesome source of info when it comes to the FZ's and FZR's. Thanks again!!
927 31/01/2011 18:16:57 ganepeil Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap Maniac, No prob, I resurected my old pic/post of Frank in case you hadn't seen it,& would be happy to give tips where I can in your' build should it come to be. Like most projects, It's really not "done". I'm quite happy with it over-all, But still would like to make it an "EXUP" exhaust (ie;functioning exhaust valve & servo ) & correct "v" shaped full loweres A'la FZ700/FZR1000. but have been playing w/other projects & its hard to mess with something that works so well... Luck G.
928 01/02/2011 06:11:39 Maniac Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap Thanks man! I appreciate the offer for tips and will likely be taking you up on that. I did a search for "Frank" and if I was looking at the FZ you were referring to than I have to say that that is a very clean good looking FZ. Nice Job!!
929 13/02/2011 12:35:05 billip Re: fzr1000/fz750 engine swap From what i've read up on an fzr forum the engine cases after 1988 and are in fact identical to the earlier ones, as much as we have been mislead. This info is for an fzr1000 but should also relate to our bikes. Posted by r6roadracer from - I have some first hand knowledge on this. I have an 87 1000 sitting in my garage with an 89-95/97 1000 motor in it. It is a DIRECT bolt in. Some of the bosses in the newer castings are not used because of the downtubes on the 87-88 that are not there on the 89 up, but the bosses for the downtubes stayed on the cases on the 89 up engines. I have heard from multiple sources that the 87-88 engines had a 5 degree different tilt on the cylinders. I checked this myself with the original cases from my 87 lined up next to the 89 up motor - ABSOLUTELY no difference in cylinder angle. And further proof is that the exhaust for the 87 bolts right up to the 89 up motor with no issues - if the cylinders had a different inclination this would create an issue with the header. The only thing that was slightly different was the water tubing that goes into the backside of the head, the tabs that are there to bolt to the head from the 87 were slightly off and needed to be filed a bit to open them up. here is a link to the whole post. Is an interesting read, since it might be easier to find exup engines than genesis ones. It is here in Australia at least...
930 06/02/2011 03:50:51 ganepeil Seat cowl Gents, After prolonged shopping, I've won an OE seat cowl for Frank. Thing is, I've never seen one. I'm guessing it should have @ 4 mount points, 2 screw, 2 latch points. what I've won is "rough" & is just a "shell" w/ pad. If anyone has a "correct unit" for FZ700 FZ750 or FZR1000, and can post a pic of mounting points, I'd be much obliged..Thks G
931 13/02/2011 19:06:17 billip Re: Seat cowl I have one. Will post a pic when I get a chance later this afternoon.
932 14/02/2011 23:10:31 ganepeil Re: Seat cowl Bill, Recieved Cowl the other day, & is simplicity... 2 screws at "old" seat stap. & done. Pad is a little "rough" My concern was primarily due to a "700" subrame & side/tail sections on a "750" frame. but fit is GOOD. now is simply color matching cowl, drop on "corbin" seat, & the "non-surround" tail-light section. making all "fit". A silly endevour, but my own, G
933 11/02/2011 12:50:24 Golaser FZ750 Windscreen Hi Guys, I am looking for a windscreen for FZ750. The current windscreen is beginning to perish and crack, with some pieces falling off. If anybody knows where I can get one, it would be much appreciated. :-) :-)
934 13/02/2011 19:00:29 billip Re: FZ750 Windscreen Hey mate, Eagle Screens have our bike listed still. Last time i got a quote for one it was about $110 from memory. Cheers Paul
935 11/02/2011 15:25:18 fabrik Mirrors I have a doubt. I want to remove the original mirrors but I don't understand if the screws are locked direct to the fairing frame or there is a nut. I've seen there is no space to avoid the nut to fall if I remove the screw!
936 13/02/2011 19:04:52 billip Re: Mirrors The nuts shouldn't fall anywhere. Just take the screws out.
938 09/04/2011 03:00:27 oops-sorry FJ 1100 swingarm I seem to remember reading that an FJ 1100 swingarm will bolt on an FZ with no issues, allowing the FZR 1000 wheel. Is this correct, or should I cancel my order? Also, if I were to "upgrade" to the FJ 1100 swingarm, what is the brake caliper situation. Will the stock caliper work with that setup, or will I need an FZR unit?
939 14/05/2011 12:39:59 Dutch Re: FJ 1100 swingarm Bit of a late reply but both the 4.5x18 2LA wheel as the 5.5x17 Exup wheel fit in the oem FZ swing arm. Keep in mind the shock, the 85-86 FZ has an eye-eye, the 87> has eye-fork.
940 09/06/2011 03:55:58 alex_dee head light trouble headlight AND cluster lights not working any idea? keep in mind i just tore the bike donw and put it back together it all works but that :-(
941 22/06/2011 13:40:00 alex_dee Re: head light trouble ok so with a lil more looking around, i ve come to the conclusion its the accesory relay (flasher relay) the black box on the left side in the front fairing! the flasher relay still works for the signal BUT the casinging looks mangled so im assuming that this relay is the same relay for the headlamp?
942 23/07/2011 12:04:53 alex_dee Re: head light trouble k well thanks for all your help but now the head light turn on by itself and then turned off i donno what the heck is going on
943 24/07/2011 17:21:27 dave1000 Re: head light trouble Check all connections and clean with WD40 also the handle bar switch, also it might be a dodgy bulb.
944 09/10/2011 00:25:08 Cliff FZ750N frame paint colour Hi I have an Australian 1985 FZ750N (- a Matich race replica if that matters.) I want to touch the paint up on the frame. Its a dark metallic grey colour - the original paint I think. Anyone know of the name of the colour , or of a close match to it? On a side matter, I have to fabricate the small tabs that are on the frame down tubes that the bottom edge of the small fairing lowers mount to. Can some one send me some pictures of the original tabs so that I can fabricate to match. Off list would be fine. Cliff South Australia
945 09/12/2011 19:16:37 FZ750Horse Japanese FZ bits I just found this. Some good bits but very expensive :-(
946 04/06/2012 08:55:43 Cliff Need advice re mirrors. I'm slowly putting my 1985 FZ750N back together. I have a query about the rear view mirrors. Is there a rubber "gasket" or "damper" between the base of the mirror and the fairing? Thanks Cliff
947 06/06/2012 17:07:37 Crusty Re: Need advice re mirrors. Yes, made of rubber type stuff about 2 mil thick
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