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1 07/02/2004 16:36:22 KevFoote Antique Roadshow. Judging by the faded edges of this picture its at least 100 years old. Only Joking tihs is Keith's 1985 1fn. Prob the prettiest of all the Fz's I think. [img][/img]
2 07/02/2004 22:56:56 Robcoram Re: Antique Roadshow. Hi All I have one of the Originals a 1FM 1985 Import. She is currently in storage for the Winter, and is also undergoing a major respray. I would also really like to jack the back end up. Anyone tried this mod? If so please email me as the nice weather should soon be hitting the UK 8-)...... As soon as she is ready to hit the streets, I will post a few photo's on here. Many thanks to Dave King for the spray job..... Rob
3 09/02/2004 13:13:16 Dutch Re: Antique Roadshow. I did it on a 3KS which afaik has a different link system then the mark1
4 12/02/2004 08:22:46 Kickstart Re: Antique Roadshow. Hi Cor, it looks in good condition in that picture! Probably one of the few to still have its centre stand Not much changed since then. New tyres and new disks on the front, and some new handlebar grips. It has done a couple of thousand miles, although my better half probably uses it more than me (quicker and better handling than her GPZ500). All the best Keith
5 09/02/2004 11:49:08 KevFoote 2mg wiring problem can anyone with a 2MG onwards please confirm the wiring detail for the ignition. im concerned about the white wire that did used to go somewhere but now doesnt seem to. [img][/img]
6 09/02/2004 19:28:28 Tommi Re: 2mg wiring problem Hi Kev, my bike is in the winter storage, so I can't take a look at it but how about the Clymer's manual? There is FZ700's wiring diagram presented and it should be the same as for 2xx FZ750's wirings. Tommi
7 13/02/2004 00:15:22 SUZUME Re: 2mg wiring problem Hi 2MG is so diferent from others. Most of them use only 5 electrodes. The 5 of Or,Gy,Bk/W,R/W,Bk may be that you said though colors are different from others. In 3GM or 3KS's case, the remainder must be connected to earth to ditect some conditions. e.g. the side stand sensor. If it is mine, I would try to connect to the earth but no warranty. See also
8 14/02/2004 13:57:28 Tommi Brake caliper adapter plates I tried to put this topic under Brakes section but couldn't find 'add topic' button there... I visited RD/RZ web site (, read their forum and noticed that one guy is providing front brake caliper adapter plates to fit Tokico calipers to RD/RZs. See: Just wondering if those same adapter plates fit on FZ also? I don't know the differences between FZ and RD/RZ brake system but maybe some of you knows? Tommi [img][/img]
9 16/02/2004 13:22:21 KevFoote Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Cos the page doesnt load rightm, its off the side, at least is it onm all my machines with IE 5.5. You may well be right there Tommi, We need the dimensions so i can measure them up. Kev
10 16/02/2004 13:29:14 KevFoote Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Tom cant get that thread up, link doesnt seem to work.
11 16/02/2004 15:55:46 Tommi Re: Brake caliper adapter plates It maybe that one must register to the RD site in order to access their forum correctly. Here's copy&paste from the RD forum: ********** "These plates allow you to fit either the small bolt spacing (60mm) 4 pot Tokico Calipers or the large bolt spacing(90mm) 4 Pot Tokicos Calipers. Large spacing ones are found on RGV's and GSXR's. these plates also fit Nissin Calipers with spacings as above. these plates fit directly onto F1,N1,F2 and N2 lowers and are a straight bolt on job.. They are made out of Billet Alloy and look absolutly ace. Small spacing ones are へ0 Large Spacing ones are ほ0 post and Packaging is ふ.50 " ********** The picture of those adapters is seen in my first message. Plates seem to be quite pricy. Tommi
12 16/02/2004 18:42:11 chrisk Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Hi New to the FZ sites and still a little surprised to find what's out on the net concerning FZ750's, but it's all been useful. Anyway, back to calipers - I couldn't get anywhere with the link either so I logged on to the RD forum. One of the guys has started a business around mods for LC's and has his own site - NK Racing. Mail him at or check out I think this is different to the pictures posted on this forum but they are reasonably priced at ぶ5 a pair for adapter plates. He lists plates for FZR600's to take Tokico 4pot calipers and will take orders for one-off's. Chris
13 16/02/2004 21:11:58 Tommi Re: Brake caliper adapter plates If you can access the RD forum you may find the thread I was referring in For Sale section. The topic is: NISSIN/TOKICO BRAKE CALIPER MOUNTING PLATES(Picture now on) the author is Simon5. Chris, thanks for the info! Tommi
14 18/02/2004 09:34:38 Tommi Re: Brake caliper adapter plates I contacted both Nigel(NK-racing) and Simon and asked about the dimensions for the brackets and if they know if those fit also on FZ. Nigel said that one of us (Kev, is that you?) has already contacted him with this same matter and they agreed that Nigel can borrow a FZ front end in order to test the brackets. Good! Simon said that he is quite sure his brackets that are made for YPVS RD fit also the earlier FZs. He said that the calipers spacings are the same. To make sure he asked me to measure from centre to centre the bolt holes of the fork legs so he can say if they will fit. I will measure this next weekend unless some of you tell me the figure earlier. Tommi
15 18/02/2004 21:15:07 chrisk Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Tommi I spoke to Nigel at NK Racing yesterday. Apparently (he would name no names!)it is he who makes the adapters that Simon sells too, but Simon adds on a bit for himself! Nigel would need a complete front end plus the calipers that need to go on, and it would be べ5 a pair unless a few pairs were ordered and the price would drop accordingly. He is based in Leicester. He recommended the calipers from GSX600 2000-2001 model. Perhaps the brackets for the FZ would be the same as those for RD500LC - they had the 16" front wheel, so maybe they had the same forks too?.Let me know what you think anyway. If several of us were interested it would be cheaper. Chris
16 19/02/2004 09:05:49 Tommi Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Chris Currently I am just planning what would be needed to replace the original calipers (I don't yet have new calipers). Brackets are one thing and that's why I am looking if there already exist good quality, nice looking and reasonably priced brackets that would fit on FZ. Since 45ぢis much less that 75ぢ:) I am just wondering if Nigel could borrow us RD brackets (and perhaps Tokico calipers) so we could see if they fit on FZ directly. Chris could you have a opportunity to do that test if it is ok for Nigel? Tommi
17 19/02/2004 21:56:38 chrisk Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Tommi I'll measure up the forklegs and speak to Nigel again in the next couple of days. Not sure what calipers to use myself - Kev uses Nissins from GSXR or Blade and they are the same to fit as Tokico apparently - I'd be happy to go with his recommendation anyway. Not sure when I'd be able to get to Leicester either, although I know I'm just a bit closer than you! I think Kev might be interested in calipers too - I mailed him with info about his wiring problem and mentioned the brackets then. More news when I get it Chris
18 03/03/2004 16:59:26 KevFoote Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Tommi, where are we up to with this im very interested in these brackets esp if i can keep the nissin cvalipers (i prefer them to the tokico ones). I cant get in touch with this guy the link does not work and i cant find the post on this forum. id be willing to try these if we can confirm they fit. Kev
19 03/03/2004 18:00:40 Tommi Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Some progress has happened! Chris has contacted Nigel (NK Racing, and I have contacted Simon ( They both sell caliper brackets for RD and we have now tried to figure out if those RD brackets would fit on early FZ (16" front). I have taken a picture of my front fork and measured some dimensions of it. I sent it to Simon and Chris sent it to Nigel. We asked what they think; would those RD brackets fit on FZ. Simon answered me and he was very positive that the RD (YPVS RD) brackets should fit on FZ. I have now asked Simon that would it be possible if some FZ owner in UK could borrow the brackets and test their suitability, so we can be 100% sure they fit. Simon hasn't yet answered this. Chris has spoken to Nigel and they have discussed this same matter. Chris has told that he may have a possibility to send his front fork to Nigel by the end of this month, so that Nigel can test if the brackets fit or not. Chris, can you comment what is the current status from your side? Tommi
20 04/03/2004 15:01:07 KevFoote Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Ok. Did you say what size disks the brackets are desgned to fit? Kev
21 04/03/2004 20:15:41 Tommi Re: Brake caliper adapter plates 267mm. RD350(YPVS)/500LC uses the same size disc as 16" front FZ. Tommi
22 04/03/2004 22:39:51 chrisk Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Nigel from NK is still on holiday and I haven't been able to find out if FZ forks, or lower legs at least,are the same as RD350YPVS2/500LC. It looks like we may all be using different discs and wheels though, and need different brackets. Tommi has standard front end, I will have standard forks plus FZR 17" wheel 320mm discs and if nothings changed then Kev has FZR 600 wheel and 300mm discs. I was going to change brakes on both FZ's I have but I'm going to sell one as it is i.e. standard. As soon as I have any info I'll post it - if RD and FZ forks are the same, then Tommi may as well buy the brackets already made up by Nigel or Simon - once you've decided on calipers. Kev - Nigel says Nissin and Tokico are made in same factory and have same dimensions. Did you sort your wiring problem? Chris
23 05/03/2004 22:15:14 KevFoote Re: Brake caliper adapter plates Ive got FZR1000 front with 320mm discs on the biek at the moment I got a FZR6 front somewhere tho. Not had a chance to fix it yet, tho i checked again Noud's and Tommis pictures and bother their bikes are wired the same, so im just gonna wire it like that and see what happens. Ive had carburation problems with my Guzzi, which has taken up some time, I got a horrbile shitefull little scooter in for work, yuk. I just wanna Fix my FZ!!! Kev
24 10/03/2004 07:55:36 Tommi Re: Brake caliper adapter plates I got some valuable information from Rich (thanks Rich!), he said: "The YPVS (85 on), 500LC and 2 pot FZ calipers are all interchangeable. " Based on that information one could make a conclusion that caliper brackets made for RD YPVS/500LC should fit on early FZs too! Tommi
25 20/02/2004 20:13:15 Tommi Interesting stuff at Ebat Could someone translate that in english? Seems that there is tail riser for FZ. Tommi
26 25/02/2004 20:23:12 DOROW 2mg vs. 2kk A quick question. Are the engines 2mg and 2kk the same? No difference at all? Lars
27 26/02/2004 17:37:08 Tommi Re: 2mg vs. 2kk I would say they are the same but I am not 100% sure (but 99% sure :) ) If I have understood correctly, 2kk was sold in Germany and 2mg in other countries in Europe. 2kk wasn't so powerful thanks to german insurance practise. The power reduction was made by modifying other parts(carburator, exhaust) than engine, I think. Are you looking for a spare engine Lars? Tommi
28 25/02/2004 23:18:04 DanTC Gotta Sell Gotta Sell my 86 fz750. Only 8600 original miles. Has a mayer full faring, seat cowel and the original quarter farings go with it. Over all in great shape and runs like a new bike. If interested, I'm in Washington state. Regretfully Dan
29 07/03/2004 08:43:40 Tommi Which plastic type? I need to repair some scratches, cracks and missing pieces on my FZ's side fearing + front wheel fender. It would help ( I will try chemical welding) if I knew which plastic type those parts have been made of. Does someone know that? My guess is that it is ABS plastic but it may also be something else. The type of the plastic should have been marked some place on the backside of the plastic piece but since my FZ is repainted I am not able to check that myself. Tommi
30 11/03/2004 08:42:23 Dutch Re: Which plastic type? Think it's ABS as well. Kevin Foote has written a part about repairing it. Can be found either on, probably under usefull tips or on Sean's site. Read a post on a Dutch site a few days ago about using some chemical that dissolves the plastic and which can be used to 'weld' any cracks. I'll see if I can find & translate it. Cheers, Dutch
31 11/03/2004 16:55:40 Tommi Re: Which plastic type? Thanks Dutch! The Kev's text may be the one which is named Plastic repair on Sean's site but unfortunately the site is currently almost out of use so I can't read it. Yes, the chemical which dissolves ABS is acetone which is luckily very cheap. Tommi
32 19/03/2004 20:10:42 Dutch Re: Which plastic type? Found the site I mentioned: they speak of MEK (methyl ethyl keton). Don't know the substance, the guy in question mentioned you could get very high if not used in a well ventilated space :-D
33 21/03/2004 14:48:28 Tommi Re: Which plastic type? I bought a bottle of acetone (btw, acetone belongs to MEK substances) and made a little test. I put very small fairing pieces in a jar and poured some acetone there. I noticed that those fairing pieces started almost immediately to soften. After about one hour it has turned to be like "soft wax". I concluded that this stuff could be used to "weld" broken fairing pieces together. This is called "chemical welding". Tommi
34 04/05/2004 14:01:13 TomBe Re: Which plastic type? Hey Tommi, Did you get anywhere with your ABS welding?
35 04/05/2004 18:26:54 Tommi Re: Which plastic type? Hi Tom! Yes, the welding worked pretty ok. I was able to repair broken mounting points of the fairing by welding. I am satisfied. Tommi
36 07/03/2004 18:59:53 rooots39 back to bikes hello,just back to bikes after a good few years,and just bought myself an e plate fz 750 .any info on good and bad points would be much appreciated,also any good and easy mods worth doing,thanks. :-D
37 11/03/2004 08:47:04 Dutch Re: back to bikes Welcome, the FZ is still a fine piece of machinery. You can find loads of information if you follow the links. Very much also on -> BBS -> log It has the accumulated wishdom of many knowledgeable freaks (and a few with just a big mouth :roll: ) over the past years. Cheers and a lot of luch with your bike, Dutch
38 26/03/2004 21:27:10 dave-c Re: back to bikes Hi Paul,like Dutch said all you need to Know about your FZ(allmost) is on the site. good luck dave
39 09/03/2004 19:28:06 DAFZ750 NOS shock on eBay Spotted this on eBay.
40 22/03/2004 20:30:12 Tommi Paint codes Those who are looking for paint codes for their bikes may find the following site very useful: Tommi
41 13/04/2004 16:56:03 Tommi Interchangeable part survey, attend! Are you looking for a specific used spare part for your FZ but can't find it? Did you know that Yamaha has used same parts among many its models? So maybe the part you are looking for can be found if you know which are the other models the part has been used. This topic has been established in order to gather a list of interchangeable parts between other bikes and FZ. But we need your help,if you know a part that is used in any other bike but fits also on FZ please share your wisdom and tell it here. You may tell the information by your own words but consider using the following format: [b]Part description:[/b] short description of the part [b]From which bike:[/b] brand, model, year, more info the better! [b]Will fit on FZs:[/b] also FZs are a little bit different from each other. try to tell is the part for 1xx- or 2xx or 3xx series or for what year [b]FZ original part number:[/b] this may help to identify the part precisely [b]truth-value (1,2,3):[/b] 1=you are 100% sure the part fits, 2=in theory it should fit, 3= rumor, you have heard somewhere it should fit [b]extra info:[/b] if there's something else that one should be aware of, say it here Note! Tell only the parts that are direct "bolt in" ie. no modifications are needed to fit the part Be active, attend now!
42 13/04/2004 17:11:13 Tommi Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! And here it begins! Part description: front brake caliper From which bike: Yamaha FZR400RR 3TJ Will fit on FZs: 1xx, 2xx FZ original part number: - truth-value: 2 extra info: 4-pot caliper for FZs that have 16" front
43 14/04/2004 15:45:45 Tommi Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! Part description: front brake discs From which bike: Yamaha RD350/500LC 85-90, XJ600 83-90, FZX750 87-90, XV750 94-98, XV1100 89-98 Will fit on FZs: 1xx, earlier 2xx FZ original part number: - truth-value: 2 extra info: FZs that have 16" front. This info is from Louis catalog Part description: front brake discs From which bike: Yamaha FZR600 (3HE/RG/RH ) 90-96, TRX850 (4UN) 96-, TZR 250 (2MA) 87-88, FZR400 87-88, SRX 600 (1XL/XM/XN) 88-89, TDM 850 (3VD/4CM/4TX) 91-96, V-Max 1200 (2EN/3JPR) 93-, XJR 1200SP 4PU bj.94- Will fit on FZs: later 2xx, 3xx (year 1989 onwards) FZ original part number: - truth-value: 2 extra info: FZs that have 17" front.
44 14/04/2004 15:52:29 Tommi Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! Part description: rear brake disc From which bike: Yamaha RD350/500LC 85-90, XJ600 83-90, FZX750 87-90, FZR1000 87-95, XJR1200 96-98, XJR1300 99- Will fit on FZs: 1xx, 2xx, 3xx FZ original part number: - truth-value: 2 extra info: This info is from Louis catalog
45 15/04/2004 07:01:42 DanielT Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! As far as you know will, are these discs an upgrade to the stock discs? And I suppose this will be an even stupider question, will they will work with the stock calipers?
46 15/04/2004 09:29:57 Tommi Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! ok, this is how I concluded: - Louis (German company) sells brake discs (Lucas is the brand) - according to Louis catalog same brake discs (same product code) are listed for several Yamaha models - meaning that several Yamaha brake discs should be interchangeable (otherwise their product code should be different also in case of Lucas discs) And yes, as far as I know, those discs are meant to work with stock calipers.
47 25/04/2004 18:29:18 Dutch Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! 98-01 FZS600 Fazer uses the same discs. And it's a 100% sure, I have TDM discs on mine ;-) On you can download a pdf file with the part numbers so you can check which bikes share discs.
48 28/04/2004 16:19:49 Tommi Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! Part description: front brake caliper From which bike: Yamaha RD500LC, RD350 YPVS (85 on), FJ1200(1TX), TZ250, VMAX1200 (>1992), XJ900 Will fit on FZs: 1xx, 2xx FZ original part number: - truth-value: 2 extra info: 2-pot caliper for FZs that have 16" front
49 05/05/2004 11:53:02 Belet Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! Part description: alternator From which bike: FZR 1000, XJ900, YZF750, and much more models Will fit on FZs: all years FZ original part number: will find this later truth-value (1,2,3): 1, 100% sure the part fits extra info: Changed it twice. Don't like a not full charged battery (ex: loss of water), the electronic regulator burns, but it is weld with the enroulement part, difficult to change alone.
50 05/05/2004 20:58:42 chrisk Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! Part: front brake calipers From: Yamaha FZR400RR 3TJ Will fit on 2xx onward Truth value: 1 - they are on my FZ extra info: They bolt straight on to FZ fork legs and fit over the later drilled discs. 1xx discs and some after market replacements are too wide.
51 08/12/2008 20:55:49 rob1968 Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! I have also done some research and on a theoretical fit of 3 on the scale regulator rectifier should be the same gor FJ1100/1200, FZR 750/1000 R, FZX 750, xj900, xjr 1200. Does any one else concur? I am trying to establish whether to fit a new eegulator /rectifier. I got the bike with a dried up battery which suggests over charging. When Idling the battery is getting 13.7 volts and at 5000rpm its getting 14.5. I tried for ac as well and the reading is 35mv - are these normal readings or do I need to replace. Lastly - replacement - do the universal parts work - they look to be 40 quid new? Would you get one from a breaker? 8-)
52 10/12/2008 00:26:13 ganepeil Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! Rob, Your' charging #'s are good. under 13.5 at idle and over 15 at any time are suspect. reg/rect is internally mounted in alternator. 'tis expensive (@ $300.00+ and a pain to install) Be aware, running bike without battery load causes diodes to pop almost instantly.I keep a couple proven assys around just in case, and recc. anyone anyone who owns a fz 700/750/fzr1000 to do likewise, especially if they can be had cheep.also, Its a good idea the check the brown coupler from alt. to harness regularly and service if any indication of this is also a cause for failure.G
53 11/12/2008 20:23:07 rob1968 Re: Interchangeable part survey, attend! Thanks - I'll leave it for now and see how the new battery gets on. I will check all the connections are good. Cheers :-)
54 14/04/2004 00:42:46 Brian front guards I need a new front guard (upper section mostly) for my 2MJ "88 model. I've found them pretty difficult to get hold of in Australia. Can anyone tell me which other guard might be interchangable? It looks similar to one off the early FJ1100's or it could be like ones off FZR400/600/1000. If they fit, I'll put one on but I need to know which one will fit. Happy Riding, Brian.
55 02/05/2004 17:28:37 DanielT Re: front guards I just put a new fender off of a fzr400 on my 85, however it wasn't quite just a bolt on. I used the mounting plate from my old fender then drilled some holes so the new fender would connect to my old plate. Then i just mounted the plate at the stock holes and put the fender where it needed to go (there was just barely enough room for my 130 tire, but enough). Then I just cut some wood spacers so it would fit tightly, and painted it , and viola i'm done. If this interests you I could put up a picture of two to make it a little more understandable. All in all tho it doesn't look too bad, and it does what it is supposed to do.
56 27/04/2004 14:17:54 TomBe Installing the Spacer -- looking for tips I've put my engine back in, but for the life of me I can't get the spacer in. It looks like, I only need about a millimeter of movement, but I just can't get it. I realize this is a stupid question, but was wondering if anyone had any tips.
57 27/04/2004 15:20:14 Tommi Re: Installing the Spacer -- looking for tips Hi Tom, nice to hear from you! What spacer you mean? Is that part number 14 (click the following link) [url=§ion_dept_id=1§ion_dept_name=OEM+%28Stock+Parts%29&dept_type_id=2&model_dept_year=1988&model_dept_mfr=Yamaha&model_dept_id=410445&model_dept_name=FZ750U]FZ Fiche[/url] Tommi
58 28/04/2004 18:21:28 TomBe Re: Installing the Spacer -- looking for tips Hi Tommi, nice to hear from you too. You'll be glad to know (I assume) that my bike is almost entirely back together. Thanks to your help and others. I have a couple of small parts coming from my dealer this week (a few bolts and things) and a new battery. So with any luck I can try to start it on Saturday. If it doesn't start, I'll be looking for the nearest cliff :-) Anyway, yes it's part number 14. I got the engine in OK, but I just can't seem to get that spacer in there. It's so very close, I'm thinking that tonight I'll try throwing it in the freezer for a couple of hours, to see if it'll shrink enough. Take Care Tom P.S. Just an FYI, in case you didn't know, there's schematics at if you click on Parts-Parts Catalog.
59 29/04/2004 07:43:12 Tommi Re: Installing the Spacer -- looking for tips I remember also that fitting the spacer wasn't very easy but somehow it eventually went there. Unfortunately I have no specific tip what I could share with you, sorry. In a case you are doing this just by yourself, you could look at Kev's site: [url=]Kev's site[/url] Good luck! Tommi
60 28/06/2004 01:37:20 FZ750_NY Re: Installing the Spacer -- looking for tips I'm not telling you that this is the correct way, just how i did it, i placed the engine side of the spacer over the edge and the frame side is almost able to slip in but doesn't. the frame side of the spacer that kind of poppin up, use a peice of wood or something soft but stiff and get a hammer and hit the peice down after about 2 blows it should be lined up and just keep using the wood or whatever to move it around so it lines up with the frame and motor. hope it helps...
61 08/06/2004 16:37:45 buckwyatt REDNECK ENGINEERING My best friend got a call today from the mother of an member. His name is Albert Ciniceros (sp?) and he bought this bike from my friend. He changed out so many things, adding FZR1000 parts and everything else. But now he is nearly dead from simply losing control in a turn It is VERY VERY VERY important to tell young riders that you cannot just do anything that fits. Motorcycle engineering is extrememly complicated and is not an anything goes subject.
62 24/06/2004 05:50:45 RIFLEMAN Re: REDNECK ENGINEERING :-( Bucky, Sorry to hear about Albert,I hope he is doing better. I never had the pleasure to speak to him,but I hate to hear about a FREAK going down,let alone being seriously injured. As far as the bike being modded,I read his registry and the bike was pretty built when he got it. As far as the addition of the FZR parts,they bolt on and actually improve the bike. Sounds like he just got in over his head and got bit. I see that he's registered in the USA. Where? If his mom has email,can she relay messages to him? Would she be willing to? Tell here that she has our condolences and if there is anything we can do,let us know. RIFLEMAN[quote] buckwyatt wrote: My best friend got a call today from the mother of an member. His name is Albert Ciniceros (sp?) and he bought this bike from my friend. He changed out so many things, adding FZR1000 parts and everything else. But now he is nearly dead from simply losing control in a turn It is VERY VERY VERY important to tell young riders that you cannot just do anything that fits. Motorcycle engineering is extrememly complicated and is not an anything goes subject.[/quote]
63 30/06/2004 05:40:04 fj1289 Re: REDNECK ENGINEERING Bucky, My condolences also to him and those that know him. However, I'm with Rifleman on this one. Also, losing control in a turn is 90% rider error - I've been there and only had myself to blame - especially on the street where you are in an uncontrolled environment. In my opinion, everyone is free to ride how they want as long as they don't endanger anyone else, or place blame for mistakes in the wrong place. I have no idea what happened in the incident, but the following quotes from his entry in the owner's registry lead you to some possible conclusions: "Note to Mike: I'm really giving the squids with 01-03 model bikes some serious hell on Fzelia the 2nd!!" and "With the new fz setup the way it is right now I've clocked speeds on widing roads in excess of 135+ with extreme control!! Much to the suprise of the R1's, Gsxr1000's, Ducati's etc I ride with in my group all the time.."
64 30/06/2004 07:06:41 RIFLEMAN Re: REDNECK ENGINEERING fj1289, Alberts fault or not,it still SUCKS!!! As to messing with new bikes,been there-done that! But I do have to admit,I have had a SKILLED rider on a sv650 give me fits on one of my favorite roads(Palomar Mountain Rd. heading from the top into Julian,Ca.). Fortunately there are more Squids on the latest iron than people that know how to ride! :pint: [quote] fj1289 wrote: Bucky, My condolences also to him and those that know him. However, I'm with Rifleman on this one. Also, losing control in a turn is 90% rider error - I've been there and only had myself to blame - especially on the street where you are in an uncontrolled environment. In my opinion, everyone is free to ride how they want as long as they don't endanger anyone else, or place blame for mistakes in the wrong place. I have no idea what happened in the incident, but the following quotes from his entry in the owner's registry lead you to some possible conclusions: "Note to Mike: I'm really giving the squids with 01-03 model bikes some serious hell on Fzelia the 2nd!!" and "With the new fz setup the way it is right now I've clocked speeds on widing roads in excess of 135+ with extreme control!! Much to the suprise of the R1's, Gsxr1000's, Ducati's etc I ride with in my group all the time.." [/quote]
65 18/06/2004 23:57:19 jeffl Oil ?? Just wondering what's the "best" oil to run in these things ... I've been using Yamalube 20-40 for a couple years now, no engine problems, but I've heard that different oils seem to help the common "clunky" transmission.
66 24/06/2004 05:35:48 RIFLEMAN Re: Oil ?? :-o Oh NO! Not the oil question! Seriously,its all a matter of opinion,really. If Yamalube is what you have been running and yer happy,stick with it. I tried Torco 20/50 synth and loved the way the bike shifted,but availability and price put me back to good ol' Castrol GTX 20/50. Plus the synth didn't like the loose clearances in my high mileage motor and I was constantly topping it up to the tune of 3x's as much as regular oil. Oh Yeah,just as a warning,stay away from any "friction reducing" additives such as Slik50. The reason being that the clutch rides in the engine oil and work via friction-get it? A pint of Slik50 in the crankcase and the clutch will cease to function! RIFLEMAN :pint: jeffl wrote: Just wondering what's the "best" oil to run in these things ... I've been using Yamalube 20-40 for a couple years now, no engine problems, but I've heard that different oils seem to help the common "clunky" transmission.[/quote][quote]If it has Tits or Wheels...............[/quote]
67 28/06/2004 01:45:03 FZ750_NY getting into neutral I just bought a 86 750 and im trying to get the bike into neutral, so i can start it up, but i can't get it into neutral, the light won't come on so the starter won't turn. does anyone have any way i can know for a fact that its in neutral or i can by-pass the neutral only start? I have a feeling that the transmission is messed up or something. does anyone know how to get the clutch basket out? the 1st gear on the basket is imparing the basket from comming out. also, im looking for some parts if anyone has any let me know...
68 28/06/2004 09:08:50 Dutch Re: getting into neutral NY, Is it is 1st gear at the moment? Probably due to standing still for a longer period the clutch plates are sticking together. Also it happens that the hydraulics of the clutch have been neglected so pulling in the clutch won't push the plates apart far enoug. Try pulling clutch in and rocking the bike forth and back (reasonably) gently with your foot under the pedal. With a bit of luck it might just slip into neutral. Maybe not a bad idea to change the oil before you fire up the bike, if it has been standing the lubricating qualities of the dead dinosaur let off. Good Luck, Dutch ps, where are you located, New York State, USA??
69 29/06/2004 03:15:04 FZ750_NY Re: getting into neutral Yeah, im located in New York State, USA. I took all the clutch disks out so i guess their not sticking, but the transmission shaft that the bumps up and down to change gears is welded on the end that goes into fork-thing that spins the 6 or so starred wheel, so im thinking that somethings really up with the transmission. The bike must have been in parts for atleast 2 years before i purchased it a weeks ago. I can only go into 2 gears, is there a way i can manually go in from the transmission cover side and place it into neutral? just so i can start it up? also i want to get the "clutch basket" out so i can see behind it and into the gears, without taking the bottom of the motor off? can i take it out while its still on the bike? lotta questions, thanks for the help
70 29/06/2004 15:20:47 Tommi Re: getting into neutral Hi! If I got it right you would like to start your bike but you are not able to do it since you can't get the bike in neutral for some reason. Starting the bike won't be a problem in this situation just pull the clutch lever in and then push the start button. You need to disassemble the whole engine to check the gears...taking the cluch basket off doesn't give you a view to gears. Let us know how things are going! Tommi
71 30/06/2004 12:46:58 FZ750_NY Re: getting into neutral Yeah, i just found that out last night, i downloaded the owners manual. i was wondering if the part that pushes the clutch push rod had to be attached to the push rod to start the bike? cause i don't have the crankshaft cover so i can't attach the cluch selinoid thing. i tried to just hold down the clutch but it didn't start over. let me know
72 30/06/2004 15:18:12 Tommi Re: getting into neutral When you push the start button, does the start motor turn the engine or does nothing happen? The engine should turn even if you have some gear on (at this case the bike should move forward thanks to start motor) If the engine turns then the battery may not be fully charged so that could produce power enough to start the bike. If nothing happens then your battery may be totally empty or there is something with the wiring. NOTE: [b]if some gear is on and sidestand is out and you push the start button nothing happens [/b](the start motor doesn't even turn the engine no matter if you pull the clutch lever or not). That's some kind of safety thing. So if your bike thinks that it has some gear on and sidestand out, then the bike won't start. That can happen if the wiring is incorrect. Tommi
73 01/07/2004 03:19:06 FZ750_NY Re: getting into neutral the starter wont turn over at all, not even click or anything. but the starters fine cause if you put power to it, the motor turns, its a new battery so i don't think that it doesn't have a charge, you can't really screw up the harness because their color coded and only fit a certain harness. but it sounds electrical?
74 01/07/2004 07:21:37 Tommi Re: getting into neutral Sounds electrical indeed. Have you checked the neutral switch and sidestand switch? You need an ohm meter for testing. For neutral switch the ohm meter should say 0 when the bike is in neutral and infinite when in gear. For sidestand switch, 0 when sidestand switch is up and infinite when it is down. Have you service manual for the bike? Eg. Clymer's or genuine Yamaha one? If not I could send you relevant pages by email, there you can find information how to do the testing. Tommi
75 24/07/2004 17:55:26 yamaha Re: getting into neutral FZ750-NY, I have exactly the same problem with the same bike. What I do is shift down to first when stopping, then holding the clutch and giving the throttle a twist I kick the shifter sharply with the heel of my shoe. This usually works. The alternative is to wait 'till winter and rebuild the shift mechanism. Good Luck JP :-o
76 16/10/2005 02:13:59 ganepeil Re: getting into neutral re getting clutch basket out. the inner basket on the fz is driven by the primary gear on the crank shaft and in turn drives the oil pump from behind basket. after removing cl. plates and inner boss remove the big washer and you'll see the end of a needle bearing and inner race {collar} the collar should have 2 6mm holes exposed on its face. thread a 6mm screw into 1 of the holes and pull the collar out. it should slide out easily. you might want to have a hand under the cl. basket 'cause its going to drop and could hurt the needle bearing banging on the trans main axle. Now remove inner bearing and theres lots of room to slide the clutch basket away from crank and out of the cutout in the cases. OK now you can see the end of your shift shaft. thats the thingie that attatches eventually to the shift lever on the other side of the engine. it is located by a spring with two legs going to both sides of a post that screws into the cases to the left of the thingie with the 6 pins sticking out of it (thats the shift drum}the shift shaft needs to have the locating spring {intact and both sides of the crows foot which grabs the pins on the shift drum, one side shifts up, one down. located on the pins of the shift drum is a star. nestled in one of the notches of said star is your shift stopper. this locates the shift drum positivly in chosen gear. if shift shaft is intact, star is secure and pins are all present.remove shift shaft {there is a circlip and washer on other side under all the chain lube & goo pop off the chain [makes it easier to rock counter shft back and forth} and back off uncouple or remove the shift stopper. on the star there are 7 notches 6 are gear locations and 1 is neutral {thats the one thats shallower than the rest. mark a point on the cases where the shift stopper would normally prefer to reside and by twisting main axle {what you just took the cl. basket off} the counter shaft {the thing that drives the engine sprocket}back and forth try to rotate the shift drum through all gears ending with shift drum star located where shft stopper would reside in the shalloe detent this would be neutral nd both shafts should be able to spin independantly. all this rockin and rolling can be accomplished either with a helper or prehensile penis, though once the knack is aquired one can usually accomplis it solo. if you can't get the shift drum to go through all 7 positions. go get a beer 'cause there's something wrong inside and that means pulling the engine and splitting cases. Luck Gane.
77 11/07/2004 14:11:00 Silvana Manual Hi everybody, my friend has just bought an fz750 genesis, and as she has already 40.000 km, he needs a service manual to do some manteinance. Has anybody an e-copy of the manual to send me? I would be very thankful to anybody who can help me!! Lamps Silvana
78 13/07/2004 07:46:29 Dutch Re: Manual try It's a 28 MB file consisting of scanned gif's. Not ideal if you have to download via phone, DSL or Cable should be no problem at all. If necessary ask a friend to burn it on a CD for you. Good luck, Dutch
79 13/07/2004 15:56:20 arch Re: Manual Click "Files" on this site. You'll get jpeg files of the owner's manual. They are about 11M bytes.
80 20/12/2004 14:14:03 gaillarry Re: Manual Has the site for the manual moved?
81 21/07/2004 16:01:29 MTK16 Heavy Handling Mods - '85 FZ750 What's the common work done to the '86 FZs pictured above? Obviously new front fork, FZR front wheel, etc. I've recieved some GREAT info from Ticeman via email a couple months ago, but I'm looking for any other additional info regarding setting up an '85 FZ to take dual 17" wheels. If you can direct me to proven setups, pics, guides... whatever. I'll take it. My bike is in Nova Scotia in the hands of my father and uncle getting the motor ('87 FZR1000, 1028cc) tuned up and fixed up with Keihin carbs off my dad's old '87 FZR drag bike. That side of the bike will be MINT when I get it back in the spring. But I want a handling package to better deal with the extra 'snap'. Plus dual 17's and wider rubber just looks good. Some people will say, go buy a newer bike. Well, I love the classic era look, love the sleeper factor and I've had a crush on the '85 FZ since I was a little kid when my uncle had one new in '86. Ok, enough babble. Share the knowledge!
82 22/07/2004 03:53:40 FZ750_NY timing right? carbs? I had to do some tranny work to my bike so i had to remove the head, jugs, ect. and i put back the timing chain but i i don't know if i have the timing correct? on the crankshaft "timing web" there two notches then the "T" like this... | | T should i line up the arrow with the first notch, second notch or the "T"? I got the bike in peices and it hasn't ran in a few years, i put it back together and its cranking but it won't start, i set the cam timing marks to the second notch on the crank and i think that correct. when i start it the starter cranks and the engine turns, it get about 1 good fire in a cylinder but it don't complete the job. after a while of tring to crank it gas comes out of the slip on fitting of the header and muffler. does it sound like i have the timing off or is it the carbs. the unfortuate thing about it is that I'm pretty handy but i'm not too knowledgeable with carb :( if anyone has any ideas please let me know. thanks.
83 27/08/2004 11:36:36 BRITMAN Nice FZ750 ('90) for sale I do not know if it is allowed to advertise but anyway: For sale : nice FZ750 , red /white ,'90. I want to sell it because in 3 years I own this bike i only drove about 3000 km. This hobby gets too expensive for me. I bought it for 7900 gulden , and my bottom selling price is about 2250 euro.The FZ is in perfect condition.The tires and chain are ok , the battery has been renewed last winter , and used a dedicated charger for it. The charger is included in selling price. tel:0475-401492 (near Roermond)
84 03/10/2004 15:55:14 Ticeman 198 RWHP Isn't enough Hey guys, Been a while since I posted, thought I would update you all. Got the FZ working again back in May. Tried a bunch of stuff to make the bike a little more competitive with my boss's 2004 214 rwhp Busa. He ran a 5.966 @ 127 mph 1/8th mile last weekend (1.525 60' time, lowered, 8" over arm, Mickey Thompson Shoot Out tire). Compare that to my 5.987 @ 122 mph (1.422 60' time, lowered, Michelin Hi Sport Race, R1 wheel and arm, no wheelie bar). I can get him out of the hole and all the way to the other end except the last 30 ft before the line. So, I put a little larger pill in the NOS (52 rwhp to be exact, 244.6 rwhp) and it spun the #1 rod bearing after the first test run after the dyno. I pulled it down again yesterday to inspect and got just the one bearing. Sure was fast though, made it to third gear before it started knocking. In 5th gear while it was on the dyno, the exhaust turned red from the outlet flanges to the secondary collector where the 2-1 of the 4-2-1 meets. Pretty intense. That's the most HP I have seen from any FZR1000 engine I have built. I think it may take some stronger rods too, there are some marks on the rods I have never seen before until now. They may have been bending a little. :-o I'm going to back it down to a 35 hp shot and see what happens. Tony
85 04/10/2004 18:55:49 Dutch Re: 198 RWHP Isn't enough You still bit mad ain't it Tony :lol: :lol: :lol: Just love the way you tread an engine failure the way a regular joe like me looks at a flat bicycle tire 8-) Found your Dutch twin: Supplied him with WP front springs through my company Cheers and all the best, Dutch
86 17/10/2004 03:42:57 fj1289 Re: 198 RWHP Isn't enough Tony, Which configuration was this engine? Was it the stroker motor? How many cc's are you spotting the 'bus? Is he running NOS too? or is it all motor? Chris
87 08/10/2004 14:44:59 BRITMAN new member Hi everyone Ive just joined. Got an 85 Jap import FZ. Its a bit of a bin but runs great Marc
88 12/10/2004 19:58:00 regnurse Re: new member Hello Marc, I too have just bought a FZ 1989, picking it up on Friday!! Good luck and no doubt the learning curve will begin. I have a Yam XS1100 that I have rebuilt also. Regars Keith (Regnurse).
89 13/10/2004 19:21:10 foxstein Re: new member Hi Marc, I have owned my FZ for 12 years and never had any probs with it at all. Now own a YZF750 as well and love it.
90 13/10/2004 21:07:54 Furious Re: new member I say hello to everyone too also a new member I`m from the netherlands and ride a FZ 750 for 3 years now its a 1FN type with 39000 miles on it.
91 07/12/2004 16:16:54 Jimocasio Re: new member Wassup :-) I got an 87 FZ700 and love it, have ridden it in a season, but it's still my Baby. Glad you joind and hope to see some post as it's been pretty lame here lately. Sweet riding, Jimmy O 8-)
92 11/12/2004 12:24:05 Brian Re: new member Congratulations Marc. I've got an '87 build in Melbourne Australia and it serves me realy well. Don't know how it compares to the Jap import but if you can get yours going as good as mine does, it will surely impress. :lol:
93 10/01/2005 00:01:42 cpalmer Re: new member I am a new member too. I (my dad's actually) have a '85 FZ750 N. We are trying to get it running and ready to ride.
94 01/03/2005 19:45:04 FZ_911 Re: new member Hey Marc and cpalmer I have had FZ750 1FN since 1985 to 1992 and then again ( 1FN ) from 1996 and til now. And I probaly never sell it again...... :-) It runs good with a 15/46 and a 13000rpm ignition box it follows Kawa ZX10 (1988) to 245 kmh and then no more rews. :-x regards FZ_911
95 09/06/2005 03:17:18 ripnils Re: new member Hey Marc, I just joined too. I just got my '85 FZ750 last Aug. Just got it tuned up with K&N air pods and Dynojet stage 3 Jet kit. It has over 75,000kms on it and it runs great. It had a bit of an oil leak but I think I got that beat now. Just have to get my licence now. Just in the process of repainting it now. Marc(as well)
96 07/07/2005 15:35:45 street750 Re: new member Hello all, I'm new here too! I got an 85 fz with very low mileage (16'000km) and in need of some refreshing. I removed all the stock fairing, changed headlights, windshield, painted it in black, cut some parts here and there and it looks not bad at all IMO. I'll post some pictures soon... Later, Luis
97 07/07/2005 23:15:15 reclaimer Re: new member hi from scotland, i recently bought a fz750...totally staggered by it, I'm now in the process of renewing the rear end, i.e. bigger swing arm, wheel and tyre (tire) really pleased with the rest of the package...hope you enjoy the YAM as much as I have. Geoff...AKA...Reclaimer
98 13/10/2004 19:24:18 foxstein No need for choke Having had my FZ for many years I have hardly ever had to use the choke to start it and the temp gauge hardly rises except for really hot days when idling at traffic lights. thought this was just my bike, but my YZF750 is just the same, anyone elses like this? Mick
99 13/10/2004 21:03:41 Furious Re: No need for choke hello, got the same here never uses my choke too and the temp is only for 3/4 when its >25 degrees. 1FN type
100 14/10/2004 13:40:32 foxstein Re: No need for choke Mines a 1Fn too, must be a really good radiator, my temp gauge hardly moves, can't remember the last time the cooling fan came on. had to check it once to see if it was working. Mick
101 27/10/2004 01:26:23 jeffl Re: No need for choke Same here (85 model) .. never use the choke to start, plugs are nice and tan and gas mileage is excellent. Bought it from a guy who wanted to get rid of it cause he could never get it started, always running down the battery and backfiring thru the header ... he was trying to start with full choke.
102 01/11/2004 09:19:03 Dutch Re: No need for choke Maybe it's a bit colder in the Netherlands, I do need to use the choke on a cold start on my 3KS. Once started I push it down a little to keep rpm around 2000-2500 and when I ride away I can usually push it all the way down after half a mile or so. That the temp gauge hovers so low is normal. Only bikes with low gas milage (running way to rich) run hot. I once came of the track after 20 fast minutes. Had to open my visor 'cause I was steaming. Look down, temp gauge hardly above normal as if to say "is that the best you can do" :-x Cheers, Dutch
103 04/11/2004 08:29:25 Brian Re: No need for choke I'm in Melbourne Australia and it tends to get a bit cold here at times so I have to use mine. Only when it's really cold 10 Deg's or below. Don't need it if the temp is above 20 Deg's. Something else you said intrests me though. I'm realy seriously looking at upgrading to a 93-95 YZF750 and since you've already done this tell me what it's like? Everything I've read about them sounds good, I've thrown my leg over one to get a feel for it but I haven't riden one yet.
104 07/12/2004 16:10:08 Jimocasio Re: No need for choke When I originally purchased my FZ I didn't have to use the choke at all. Made cold starting great, but when the bike warmed up it ran like crap and wouldn't do anything until 3500 RPM. I had three seperate knuckle heads work on my carbs to try and get it correct, after my two failed attempts of course. 1st and 2nd try I guess they figured just dipping them would suffice, but it didn't do a thing but cost me $600 :-( . I went to Accel Super coils, 8MM wires, Stage 1 jet, and F1s pipe to add more air, and flow for that extra fuel that was causing a rich mixture. No change, I noiced that one time when my air box was not seated correctly and more air was being delivered it had huge improvements. A third try, next mechanic setup the carbs to have to use the choke at startup, nice. But now the thing won't read line, it chokes at 8k RPM, and top speed went from 150 to 125. If anyone has any suggestions, please help. I love my bike and would hate to junk it because I can't get the carbs setup correctly. :-x :-x
105 10/12/2004 20:15:43 Dutch Re: No need for choke If you don't get any reactions, feel free to post your story on the mamma: the BBS of . We've been using it for years and it's kinda hard to learn a new trick to the old dogs 8-) Good luck, Dutch
106 18/10/2004 08:37:28 Furious what fuel to use Hi all, I have recently bought an 1985 FZ750 AND LOVING IT. Yesterday i took it in the drags, WAHHHH HOOOO. Dont know the times i did though as the computer broke down. What sort of 1/4 mile times can you all do? Had trouble with wheel spin off the line, still getting the feel of it. Low down torque is not good but when she hits 7000 rpm hold on tight. any tips would be appreciated. 91 octane or 96 ? And also how do these bikes handle av gas? Jason :lol:
107 01/11/2004 09:22:50 Dutch Re: what fuel to use How is fuel rated in New Zealand, RON or MON? Whatever, it runs fine on regular gas, no need for high octane. Cheers, Dutch, BTW do you have an aftermarket pipe on yours?
108 04/11/2004 08:19:08 Brian Re: what fuel to use Jason. I'm in Oz and I've got an 88 fz. The one with the full fairing and the 4 into 1. I've had it just over 2 years and recently I started using the 96 RON fuel (SHELL Optimax). Firstly, I have tried it in the car before and found it did sweet FA. Puting the stuff in my bike made a pretty noticable difference. Not so much to the economy. Bikes aren't meant to be economical, but it feels like it had a lot more go through the rev range. Don't know what sort of times you should get over the 1/4. I've been close on a number of occasions to taking mine to the local strip but the A$55.00 is a bit steep for me to justify to the better half. :lol:
109 08/11/2004 08:10:49 Furious Re: what fuel to use HI, Thanks, I think the fuel is RON. I tried 96 in it the other day and it did make a difference ,a bit more pull through the rev range. Yes I have a 4 2 1 pipe, im not sure what brand though cause it has no markings, its a small alloy covered can with rivets and is very loud (i like it). I bought the bike off the net for $1750, it has 77000 km on it. Happy as. Although it uses a bit of oil and has a bit of a whining transmission. Drags again in December ($40 to enter) and i might have a go round the race track next time, im getting the hang of the cornering. Cheers all. Jason 8-)
110 26/10/2004 10:13:13 rzaporshia for sale - 1990 european model fz750 genesis in usa 1990 european model fz750 genesis. 22,000 miles. the speedometer reads in kilometers. good condition. rare in the usa. located in san francisco california. asking $2500 or best offer. rizza 415-244-2688
111 27/10/2004 01:31:48 jeffl Valve shim adjustment/replacement bike just rolled 40K and motor runs strong. Just wondering if there is a drop dead mileage number for this job and what the consequences would be if I'm late. I just hate to tear it apart while it's running so well.
112 01/11/2004 09:12:58 Dutch Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement The valves tend to get too little clearance, so it is vital they are checked to make sure it keeps on running as strong as it does. It's a very labourious job so if you can do it yourself you can safe a fair bit of money. At the moment I'm working on an engine myself 'cause I bought a bike with broken mill and a spare engine. On the workbench the work is easier than in the bike, so although the engine had supposingly only done 20 kM - 32 tkm most of the valves had too little clearance. Good luck, if you have any questions we're always here (or on the bbs of to help. Cheers, Dutch
113 06/11/2004 13:42:54 Need4Speed Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement What are the symptoms of needing a valve adjust?
114 15/11/2004 13:02:14 Dutch Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement If you have any symptoms (e.g. bad starting) it's already rather late. Checking the clearance isn't such a bad job. It's more work when valves need to be done. So imho get the valve cover off, check the clearance and if they are o.k. you can be assured the bike will keep on running strong and if they need to be done it's better to do them to make sure the bike will keep..... Cheers, Dutch
115 24/03/2006 11:25:52 robhar2 Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement I thought maybe I would resurrect this old post. I am getting fairly close to the point where I may need to adjust my valves (26000 miles). First, How hard is it to check them, and what is involved. And Second same question, but with reguards to adjusting them this time. According to the above posts it seems to be a very time consuming job, and therefore a very expensive one (at $60/hr just for labor). So if it's something that I could do in the comfort of my very own home, It maybe looking into. Thanks much, Robert
116 25/03/2006 04:32:03 ganepeil Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement Rob. valve clearance check isn't too complex for a handy guy , just frustrating and time consuming.with a box of specialty tools and lots of experiance I can check clearances in about 2hours if things go smoothly. 4 if shims need changing. (thats with nec.shims on hand and no unforseen needs for v/c gsk etc.)for 1st timer armed w/basic tools and 1 finger in service manual count on 4-6 hrs for clearance chk 8-10 for shim swap. manual STRONGLY advised if swapping shims is req. w/20 valves at risk and $ of r/r head if mistake is made triple chk work, also clean clean clean and if i may reiterate clean, as any foreign crap on valve head/shim/bucket will affect clearances. also visually inspect valve cover gsk for placemant as they'r a pain to get right and cant be seen for most part.luck G
117 26/03/2006 23:47:09 mike760 Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement hi there i agree with G. but you can do a head upgrade for not much more if you take it out yourself it not very hard to do. when i got my head recondition i got new exhaust valve for the head and had the exhaust valve slightly bigger and the ports polish for better air flow and fuel as well as mix, as the for the head shims it was all done as well. and it last another 50k my bike also has around 55k on it it cost all up $900 all up and $600 for just recondition all in aus dollars so about 3/4 of the price over there to have it done but should cost you less and get better reponse too Mike760
118 29/04/2006 22:45:10 oldman Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement Re doing valve adjustment i have just spent most of today doing mine i only need 2 shims :-D will get them tuesday and thats another job done i spent most of yesterday cleaning and lapping in the valves polishing the ports etc i managed to get 14thou off the head so that should sharpen the engine up :-D
119 30/04/2006 23:22:38 mike760 Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement remember to retune the bike since the compression has gone up i do recomend that you use a higher fuel grade. also do a compression test make sure it hasn't gone too far up otherwise valves and cams have to be replace with better one also spark plugs may want to get higher heat rated ones with the new compression ratio
120 01/05/2006 09:29:17 oldman Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement Thanks for that Mike yes things are all in hand new plugs are on there way. I already have the top fuel in so thats done. Fingers crossed all my parts arrive Thursday or Friday then i get on with the rebuild :-D
121 02/05/2006 03:42:35 mike760 Re: Valve shim adjustment/replacement hi oldman let us know what compression she become with the take off on the head cheers mike
122 04/11/2004 10:36:21 Brian Decisions, Decisions. I致e got a 2MJ 1987-88 Australian model and have had it for a bit more than 2 years now. Since I got it, it has served me really well. I couldn稚 complain about anything. It looks really good (apart from the odd front guard and the few cracks and scratches on the LHS lower fairing), it has more than 115,000 Km痴 on the clock and it still pulls like a steam train, even at low revs. I致e got 90 % of a second bike for spares, and until recently, I thought this bike would be all I could ever want. I致e recently started looking at other bikes. I didn稚 think I could ever be un-faithful, but those mid 90 model YZF 750痴 have caught my attention. They almost read too good to be true. Haven稚 ridden one yet but I threw my leg over a stationary one the other day and I liked the way it felt? Somebody help me. What should I do? Can anybody tell me what those EXup valves are for and why a lot of people have problems with them. Is the more power, less weight, better brakes, better suspension and better chassis really going to have that much over my FZ? :-x Brian - Confused
123 04/11/2004 16:45:20 foxstein Re: Decisions, Decisions. Hi Brian, I own both a 87 FZ and a 94 YZF 750 in the nice grey black purple colour scheme. The Yzf's are beautiful bikes to look at and to ride especially the red and white ones. Lovely power delivery and after 7000rpm they really fly. Much better brakes, riding position, handling etc. than the FZ. They really do ride nicely and turn go and stop well, and the seat is a lot more bearable than the FZ's plank. Had no probs with the EXUP valve on mine but you do have to oil them to keep them good, pretty sure that the EXUP valve is for more power, and it shows. These bikes were over ほ000 when new and would have been the top bike if the Firerblade hadn't come out. Would definately reccomend one, just get the red and white one cos they are the bollocks, next best colour is the black/purple. If you want to know more just keep posting....Mick
124 08/11/2004 12:01:08 Brian Re: Decisions, Decisions. Mick. Thanks for the reply, I was hoping you would get in touch. I know what you mean about the red and white ones, the do look pretty horn. Is yours an "R" model or an "SP"? From, what I've read about them there's a fair bit of difference between them. Of the models that were released in Oz, there are some really stuffed up colour schemes. They put a lot of pinks, mouves, purples and light blues and greens all over them. (somebody at Yamaha was on some seriously mind altering substances back in '93 and the high lasted a good couple of years). I found a couple of good ones here. One local, with all the colours of the rainbow but the one that I'm a little taken by is in Sydney. Haven't seen it in the flesh yet but the pic's on line are good. It's a kind of a British Racing Green all (including the rims) and it looks OK. Take a look for yourself. "" and enter the make and model into the search centre. It's the first one that comes up. Let me know what you think? :-D
125 08/11/2004 18:43:10 foxstein Re: Decisions, Decisions. Hi Brian, it looks pretty good the bike your thinking of: My bike ir the R version not the SP. The SP has flat side carbs (what difference that is I don't know) and Ohlins shocks as standard, and a closer ratio gearbock. Some bike magazines reccomend them over the R but others say the opposite so the choice is yours. Not 100% sure if the Sp is a single seat version though. If your thinking of getting the green one just check that it hasn't had a complete aftermarket exhaust, because if it has the Exup valve will be missing and it will affect the power,I noticed the end can isn't standard in the pic. The colour scemes over here are pretty much the same as you mention. Cocktail colours and some more bloody awful ones. Can't give you many tips on buying one as i haven't heard of too many common faults. They do use a little oil but so did the FZ's. One thing I did read about was that they dont like wheelies too much, well not prolonged ones, drains the top end of oil !!! Hope this helps you and keep in touch, will have to post a pic of mine on here when i get one sorted. Cheers Mick
126 09/11/2004 01:13:31 Brian Re: Decisions, Decisions. Thanks again Mick. I'll keep you informed on my choice. No fear about the wheelies, I've never been able to hold a front wheel up on any of my bikes I've had for more that 80 or 100 feet and I don't consider that to be a very long time, 5 or 6 seconds maybe. Didn't check on that with the dealer about the exup valve, have to mail them again. Talk again soon.
127 14/11/2004 22:17:50 foxstein Re: Decisions, Decisions. Just to let you know Brian, in a magazine over here called Ride, the YZf750 was no. 5 in the all time best used sports bikes beating the R1 and many others as riders favourite bikes. So it must be a good choice lol Mick
128 23/11/2004 07:48:56 Brian Good Vibrations (or maybee not) My 2MJ model has developed a bit of a vibration at cruising revs. It's shaking the fairing bolts loose, (some have falen out) causing blurry images in the mirrors, giving me pins and needles in my finger tips after half an hour or so and pretty much annoying the crap out of me. She recently fell off the side stand and scratched up the LHS lower fairing a bit, broke an indicator and started to make a vibrating sound between 3500-4500 revs. I got rid of the vibrating sound by dropping some oil out of the sump (put a bit too much in at the last top up). It's coming up to 120,000 Km's and I'm thinking it is all just going out of balance, I plan on doing the valve clearances and attempting to balance the carb's very soon and I'm hoping this will rectify the bad vibes. Anyone experienced this sort of stuff before? If so, what was the remedy? :lol:
129 17/12/2004 13:14:19 gaillarry Re: Good Vibrations (or maybee not) Any unusual noises from the bottom end of the engine? I had a similar problem on my 1992 ZX6, vibrations got worse and spun a crank rod bearing. With that much mileage I would take a look at the internals. But before you panic - does it vibrate under no load conditions? It could be something as simple as misalinged forks/triple tree.
130 03/12/2004 01:05:09 Brian Am I too late. What's going on here? Have I misseed the boat or something? When I first started looking at this site, there was post after post after post. Now it seems to have been put under a heavy sedation or everyone's gone to sleep or maybe there's a more sinister reason that nobody wants to talk on the site any more. Maybe everyone has gone out and (like foxstein) bought newer and faster mounts. I must admit, in the last 3 or 4 months, even I had considered doing exactly just that but a feeling in my gut stopped me. Go on, become more imaginative get writing, it isnt hard. If you're not registered, register. More to come :lol:
131 07/12/2004 15:56:03 Jimocasio Re: Am I too late. I feel ya man, I was happy to see other persons with interest in the Early FZ. I myself became a die hard after buying mine in 99, I been looking for help trying to get it upto par with how everyone elses performances, but the responses are few, and far between. Maybe we can pass tips back and forth and try to keep this place alive. Maybe the content of the site is not enough, check out packed with content, information, bikes of the month. Etc... Maybe the FZ members should try to chip in more. I'm not a web designer, but if asked I guess I could right a few things and have it posted. Bike of the Month would really be a great thing!!! :-(
132 10/12/2004 20:21:51 Dutch Re: Am I too late. Like in the choke post, we're just too used to Apart from a few fella's new to biking most of us are old hands, we're already glad we can do some work on a pc (though most will probably still run a steam powered one :-D :-D ). Not to mention time needed to maintain a flashy site, time that's often lacking with work, wife, kids and a bike to work on :-o Cheers, Dutch
133 11/12/2004 19:53:27 foxstein Re: Am I too late. I agree brian not many posts lately, but I am still here. lol. By the way did you get the YZF you were looking at? Haven't ridden mine for ages, weather not so good in UK. Bet it's much better in OZ. Chat soon Mick
134 03/12/2004 01:40:22 Brian Smelly, oily problems! I went for a good hard ride last weekend with 17 other other various makes and the FZ lacked a fair bit where it counted but it still did a really good job. Trouble is, it used a litre of oil (like me, getting old). In the short tight and twisty bits of The Great Alpine Road (Bairnsdale in East Gippsland Victoria to Bright in the heart of the Victorian snow fields) I had guys behind me (and there were a many at times) complaining later that the smell of the burning oil I was leaving was pretty strong. Sorry guys. This has prompted me into pulling out the draw in the garage with the spare motor in it (a matching 2MJ). A close inspection of the spare brought a few alarming things to my attention. The engine sprocket nut is welded onto the output shaft from the gearbox and the gearbox seems to be stuck in first gear. Also the splines on the end of the gear change shaft are a bit knocked up. I can easily pull out the clutch on both engines and swap the selector mechanisms but I dont want to have to split the two crank cases to swap output shafts. Anyone with a good idea, please step forward. :lol:
135 17/12/2004 13:09:00 gaillarry Re: Smelly, oily problems! Split the cases, you really have no choice. Its not that big of job, just time consuming. Vesrah used to make a complete aftermarket gasket kit and they do pop up on EBay.
136 22/12/2004 05:05:04 FZ750_NY correct feeler gauge i'm doing a valve adjustment on my bike because i took the head off and tipped it over without thinking and some of the shims fell out (DOH!) well now i need to makesure the valves are correct. The feeler guage i have has the correct sizes i need, but on the intake valves i can't get the gauge in between the cam and the lifter because the gauge is too wide (1/2"). i looked at my local autoparts stores and can't find a gauge that is not too wide, and when i look online i can find ones that are 1/4" that would work but they are too thick. did anyone else have these problems or does anyone know where i could find a feeler gauge that has small metric measurements and isn't too wide? thanks
137 08/01/2005 18:57:32 foxstein Re: correct feeler gauge can,t imagine how the valve clearence is so high. Are you trying to measure without the shims in? Mick
138 09/01/2005 04:54:13 cpalmer Re: correct feeler gauge If it is to wide and you can't find any thing smaller than I think you could just cut it in half width wise. Just a suggestion.
139 13/01/2005 08:38:59 Dutch Re: correct feeler gauge feeler gauges are available relatively cheaply, so cpalmer's suggestion isn't so bad. I have a gauge 0.05 to 1.00 mm with 0.05 inclements, but only use the 0.05 to 0.25 (didn't meet a valve that had more than 0.25 clearance though 0.30 is allowed for an exhaust valve), so cutting away part of the smaller gauges only should work. The're thin so it's easy :lol: Cheers, Dutch
140 28/12/2004 03:04:31 eieoeoo i need help with my wheel can anybody tell me how i can fit a 1988 fzr1000 rim on a 1986 fz750? i have the 86 fz750 that has the stock swing arm, but i want a wider tire, and i bought a fzr1000 rim that is wider that came form 1988, can this just mount on? i am new to the game and i need some help, please help? i really would like to get that rim to go on!
141 08/01/2005 18:49:21 foxstein Re: i need help with my wheel Best place to look is tells you most things and probs.....depends on the size of wheel/tyre you are trying to fit, you might have to do the swingarm mod Mick
142 14/01/2005 13:15:32 Belet Re: i need help with my wheel The web site you mentionned is probably right for a >89 model, not for the precedent ones (not for mine for sure). I made the change on my 1987 model (2MG) with normaly a front 120-80/16 tire, and a 130-80/18 on rear. I took a 1988 FZR1000 rear rim (4"5, for 160-60/18 tires). I'm not sure that the swing arms are exactly the same between 1986 and the 1987 FZ models, you'll have to check because it can change the sizes I give under! I had to "correct" the caliper support on the right to a thick of 18mm (please buy a new one, so you can go back to the original wheel in no time). I had also to buy a standard "crown support" and a new "crown" (same teeth count) for FZR1000, the original ones from my FZ were not fitting on the FZR wheel. The rear disks are the same (on my FZ-87', both front disks and the rear one are the same). I had also to correct the FZR left spacer (different external diameter that my FZ one) between the swing arm and the "crown support". I used a 10.5mm spacer (~6mm thiner), which made the crown at the same distance from the swing arm that before. Anyway, it is only two simple mechanical change and it fit well... Belet
143 09/01/2005 04:51:01 cpalmer Part for FZ750 N Hi. My dad used to race his FZ in AMA unlimited. He raced alot of places including Daytona. Unfortunatly he had to stop for several reasons. He preserved everything perfectly in boxes and cases. The pistons, rods, and cylinders are bad(part of the reason he stoped) I am to the age no to where I want to get it running and ride it. I was wondering if anybody knew where I could get any parts for it for cheap( seeing as how I doing this with my money). Any help would be great. Thanks. :-D
144 11/01/2005 00:14:27 gaillarry Re: Part for FZ750 N Check Ebay, from time to time there's engine parts available.
145 13/01/2005 08:30:40 Dutch Re: Part for FZ750 N eBay is good, or call around with local breakers, easiest would probably be to change the complete engine. 1AE and later are interchangable, though slightly more complicated than using 1 in a mk 1 or 2/3 in 2/3 bike due to the fact that the 1 has dual pick-ups and the later engine only one. Cheers and good luck, Dutch
146 25/01/2005 23:21:39 tallertj wide rear rim/tire Hello people I'm a new member, I have a 1986 fz750 love the bike looking to go with a wider back tire or rim possibly swing arm change need help on this situation. if any one has input please let me know. also, looking to do crazy motor mods....
147 27/01/2005 04:41:57 Dumas Re: wide rear rim/tire should give you a start for info. good luck
148 02/03/2005 03:32:07 gaillarry It's Alive The 85 I picked up a month ago now runs great. After a lot of TLC, valve adjustment, carb cleaning, new fluids, battery, and tires I now have a great bike. The previous owner could never get the bike to run. I found he had the spark plugs wires reversed! The engine would turn over but never fire. Once I put the right spark plug wire on the correct cylinder it fired right up. With the Supertrapp exhuast the bike sounds awesome :-D
149 07/03/2005 00:39:17 snowman355 NEW FZ owner here that has ?'s Hello fellow FZr's. I bought an 87 FZ700 last week, and it runs really good. I've been riding it quite a bit. However, my Top fairing is off alignmet. I was wondering if I could get some help in getting it fixed, because my headlights aim to the right and I can't even use my high beams. Thanks Tyler
150 07/03/2005 16:59:49 gaillarry Re: NEW FZ owner here that has ?'s I suggest you check the fairing bracket first, make sure there's no bends and its true and straight.
151 21/03/2005 12:20:44 flindbar H-bars and riser swap. Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm finding that my wrists don't take very kindly to the position of the original handbars of my fz. I love the bike and don't want to get rid of her but need a more upright riding position. I looked at a set of fj1200 handlebars and risers and they seen to have the same mount onto the top yoke. Could anyone tell me if this is possible before i go and buy a s/h set. Any other suggestions also welcome on raising riding posture handlebar wise. cheers
152 22/03/2005 12:47:28 gaillarry Re: H-bars and riser swap. Why not get a set of gen-mar handlebar risers. I see used ones on Ebay.
153 28/03/2005 21:59:01 westemp Yamaha Track Bars to this forum, just purchased a '85 FZ750 with 22,000 kms. the bike is all original, paint etc. except for Kerker exhaust. The bike came with a pair of Yamaha Track Bars....but I can't figure out how to mount these bars properly. Can anyone tell me how to mount them? Thanks in advance. Tom
154 01/04/2005 18:06:33 gaillarry Re: Yamaha Track Bars What are track bars?
155 02/04/2005 21:31:43 westemp Re: Yamaha Track Bars gaillarry.....Yamaha track bars are two flat bars that Yamaha sold to just Canada (as I have been told) that bolt on to both sides of the frame to protect the engine castings. Genuine Yamaha track bars have a sticker on them that reads "Yamaha Track Bars". These bars sold in Canada in 1985 for $75.00 a set. You can see them mounted on the owner's registry picture #162 on the other side of this forum at
156 03/04/2005 16:25:03 gaillarry Re: Yamaha Track Bars Crash bars! You have to remove the engine mount bolts and the bars mount on the bolts.
157 29/03/2005 15:08:21 Pedge Yet another newcomer...... I am another newbie to the world of FZ750 and I have a couple of questions for you experienced old-timers (no offence meant)My bike is a 1986 with K&N filters and (so I am told) a dynojet Firstly I am experiencing a problem where the bike will run fine up to temperature, then start "losing" cylinders one by one until it cuts out. I have changed the coils on the advice of an "expert" but it doesnt seem to have made a difference. I cannot think of anything else that would degrage under heat like that? My second question is to do with a small round hole in each end of the cylinder head, the right hand one is puffing exhaust smoke in little rings in time to No.4 Cyl. Is this correct. Lastly I have noticed the later versions have drilled brake discs, will these fit onto my bike, or are there any aftermarket discs for the FZ750 which will improve braking performance? Many thanks, look forward to hearing from you......
158 01/04/2005 18:13:01 gaillarry Re: Yet another newcomer...... I'll make an attempt to answer your questions: - Cutting Out - does the engine cut out when the engine temperature gets hot? Its possible you may have a blockage in the cooling system. Have you flushed and bled the coolant? Remove the rad cap - start the bike - as the engine warms up you should see the coolant bubbling, as it gets hotter the thermosat will open and the coolant will beging to swirl in a circle, indicating its circulating. The thermostat doesn't usually open until the temp gauge passes the 3/4 mark. - Leak from cylinder head - never heard of this before. Is there a seal/gasket missing? - Brake rotors - holes in the disc provide better cooling. I had my disc drilled at a machine shop. Cheaper than buying replacement disc. Let us know how you make out with the engine cutting out.
159 01/04/2005 18:13:37 gaillarry Re: Yet another newcomer...... I'll make an attempt to answer your questions: - Cutting Out - does the engine cut out when the engine temperature gets hot? Its possible you may have a blockage in the cooling system. Have you flushed and bled the coolant? Remove the rad cap - start the bike - as the engine warms up you should see the coolant bubbling, as it gets hotter the thermosat will open and the coolant will beging to swirl in a circle, indicating its circulating. The thermostat doesn't usually open until the temp gauge passes the 3/4 mark. - Leak from cylinder head - never heard of this before. Is there a seal/gasket missing? - Brake rotors - holes in the disc provide better cooling. I had my disc drilled at a machine shop. Cheaper than buying replacement disc. Let us know how you make out with the engine cutting out.
160 03/04/2005 22:39:01 Pedge Re: Yet another newcomer...... I hadn't looked at the coolant when the cap was off. I know its full but I haven't flushed and bled it so I will look at that tomorrow. I have noticed that my temp guage doesn't ever move that much even when the bike is visibly roasting and the fan never seems to cut in either. Could this affect the problem. Does overheating normally cause the bike to cut out like that? The leak from the cyl head is well wierd. It is not coming from a leaking gasket or anything like that. There is an intentional, part of the package 2 or 4 mm round hole dead central of both ends of the head and its not affecting performance, but its not randomly leaking, its in time with the end cylinder.... Thanks for the advice on the discs - does it stop them from being quite so soft? I have been spoilt cos I am used to an RFV400 but I have noticed a distinct "oh shit" lag in the brakes which you dont get on other (newer) motorcycles. Thanks again... P.
161 04/04/2005 23:12:43 gaillarry Re: Yet another newcomer...... Overheating can cause the bike to run like shit and will shut it down (if it doesn't blow the engine). My temp gauge reaches near the top before the fan kicks in, but the coolant should be circulating (indicating the thermostat is working) about near the half mark of the needle. I would definitely check the cooling system first. Does the fan work? As to the leak - can you send me a pic of the area ( The brakes on the FZ are known for poor stopping power - you can improve the braking by adding aftermarket brake lines - steel braided. I have steel braided lines on my Kawi Concours and do notice a great improvement in braking.
162 10/04/2005 16:33:41 Horse Re: Yet another newcomer...... The holes are there to drain any water from the deeply recessed spark plugs. The plugs can be a bugger to tighten - it sounds like your No 4 cylinder plug might not be properly seated. Breaking down when hot: The coils HT leads are supposed to be one part, but it's possible to replace the HT leads. Mine (2MG) had similar symptoms, losing one cylinder when hot. The relevant cylinder had a replacement HT lead which hadn't been fully screwed in. The spark had to travel through 5mm of green detritus before it got to copper. I replaced the lead and it's been fine for the last 5000 milesSmoke rings/cutting out
163 12/04/2005 11:56:33 Horse Re: Yet another newcomer...... I just remembered I also had to replace a spark plug cap. Specified cap resistance is 10Kohms - one of mine was 30Kohms cold and open circuit when hot. I was going to replace all the leads with silicone but was advised that early electronic ignition systems could be fussy about secondary resistance, so I paid through the nose for a Yamaha cap. I might try the silicone leads sometime just to see what happens...
164 06/04/2005 11:48:56 Guyman And another Just purchased an 1986 fz750 with 23000 miles, been off the road since 96' stock exhaust ect. The only thing missing is the lower fairing panel. Looking forward to talking with everybody in my quest to improve upon it. I'm 37 yrs. old and remember this bikes when new. The closest type of bike ive had was my old 83'gpz 750. Can anybody tell me what color wheels were avail for my bike? Guy
165 13/04/2005 23:24:28 gaillarry Re: And another I have an 85 and an 86 and wheels are white on both years.
166 10/04/2005 16:46:02 Horse Another New Boy... I've had my 1987 2MG for ten years. It failed an MOT in 2001 and lay in the garage until I got round to putting it back on the road last year. I've been looking for FZ 750 sites ever since, but only found this one recently (moral - don't use Microsoft's search engine). I've got other bikes but there's something I like about the FZ, despite the fact that it's cost me a fortune over the years. I'm currently rebuilding the front end with new stanchions - chrome's gone and ripping up the seals. I've always found the front end a bit saggy and will go up to 15 weight oil. I may also upgrade the springs - any suggestions?
167 11/04/2005 12:03:22 Guyman Re: Another New Boy... Ive been finding hard to find active forums for the older fz. Wecome to the group! Im from the states and have an 86' fz 750. they were only made for two years here and then only in limited numbers. In doing research, can't remember the site, it was mentioned that the front suspension needed springs and fork oil at like 7000miles. Now that i think of it, it was a long term test article that i found a scanned version of. Is yours fully faired? Guy
168 11/04/2005 12:55:27 Dutch Re: Another New Boy... Welcome all, This site is a spin-off from The BBS on that site is more active :-D :-D i'm afraid. The FZ700 is identical to the 750. In Europe (and other parts of the world?) the FZ has been sold untill about '95 although the last year(s) may have been 'from stock'. The differences between the different years are very small, quite a lot is easily interchangable. Good luck and have a lot of fun with your bikes, Dutch
169 11/04/2005 18:07:15 Horse Re: Another New Boy... Yes, mine's fully faired and has the air assisted forks - it's the model on the front of the Clymer manual, but in blue, white and yellow. There's no sign of it having been resprayed so I'm assuming this is original. The springs are well within Yamahas specs and I'd changed the oil prior to the seals going, but the front wheel still disapeared up into the fairing as soon as you sat on it. Gavin
170 11/04/2005 19:28:41 Guyman Re: Another New Boy... Pretty sure ive seen the color combination that you have. Nice looking. My wife is from the Netherlands where ive heard there is a fairly large FZ following. There doesnt seem to much interest here in the states unfortunately. Guy
171 12/04/2005 20:54:03 chad86 Hello Hello, just found this forum after searching for spares for my new found fz750 (1991) model. great to see a forum exists for such a classic bike! Ive been looking fore spare parts on the net and cannot find very much at all, any help ot guidence would be great!! Thanks, Rich
172 12/04/2005 22:07:27 Guyman Re: Hello Welcome to the board. I joined too in hopes of finding parts. Over here in the states parts are scarce because of the fact there wasnt too many produced to begin with. Guy
173 14/04/2005 05:21:06 chad86 Another? Wow, it looks like this forumn just started. I found it over google, and am an owner of a 1986 FZ-750 (obviously).
174 14/04/2005 10:16:28 Guyman Re: Another? Lol, No kidding, Did you just get yours? And by the way what color are you wheels? Guy
175 15/04/2005 21:41:04 chad86 Re: Another? I got it early last summer. Its my first bike. I'm having diffculties at the moment. I just found out the original owner had fx700 coils in it, which made it run so crappy. Not to mention the company I bought a new set of FX750 coils from sent me another pair of FZ700 coils (same size, shape, just different resistance) so now I'm in the process of doing and exchange. As for my wheels, they're copper/goldish/brass colored.
176 17/04/2005 01:38:27 FZ750_NY Tachometer Problem I just got my bike back together and put new valve shims in it, and started it up and everything was fine, but the tach was so unresponceive, like you would blip the throttle and the tach wouldn't go above 2k, and would slowly fall back down to 850RPM. other than the tach everything is fine, all cylinders are fireing not problem. would anyone have any ideas on what exactly would cause this, the claymor manual isn't too much help. thanks all, matt
177 21/04/2005 01:01:48 gaillarry Re: Tachometer Problem Is an electrical tach, that runs off the coils, you may have a wire crossed or shorted out. Pull the connectors and give them a squirt of WD40, they maybe just corroded.
178 21/04/2005 02:51:41 chad86 Pickup Coil Emergency Please, everyone, check your manuals, or if you could do me a favor, check your pickup coils with an ohmmeter. Here's my problem: My manual says FZ750 pickupcoils should be 171-205 ohms, while the FZ700 coils should be 129-160 something. Now, my bike has been having troubles for the last year, and I finally checked them to find out that the coil resistance is much lower than its supposed to be (150 ohms). Pickup coils with the wrong resistance can really screw up a bike. The only problem is, the replacement pickupcoils that a company sent me were also in that same range (150 ohms). They talked with their mechanic, who said that 150 ohms should be fine, although the manual says differently. So, if I don't find out what coil resistance is true, then I could lose a lot of money here. I'll be calling Yamaha as soon as possible, but until then, I'm asking anyone with a FZ750 to check their coil resistance, or their manual to see what the correct value is. Thanks guys!
179 21/04/2005 07:03:12 Dutch Re: Pickup Coil Emergency Hello Abnormalia, Where are you from and what year/model is your bike? The Clymer is for the USA, so it states the 87-88 2** model as FZ700. In the rest of the world it has stayed a 750 cc. Afaik the 89> with 17' front was never sold in the states so can't be found in the Clymer. So if you own e.g. a '88 2MG you'd have to look under FZ700. Unfortunatly the few differences between US 700 and row 750 are engine (related), so coils could just be one of those. Good luck, Dutch
180 21/04/2005 14:43:19 chad86 Re: Pickup Coil Emergency I own a 1986 FZ750 (American addition) according to the manual, FZ750 should be 171-209 ohms FZ700 should be 135-165 ohms So, I suspect they are trying to sell me FZ700 coils, instead of FZ750 coils. Thanks for the help.
181 22/04/2005 01:59:05 gaillarry Front Fairing I've had no luck finding a replacement fairing and windshield. Each time I bid on Ebay the damn prices keep going up. A body shop friend of mine is going to try to repair the fairing (lots of cracks, etc). If he does a good job I'll buy a new windshield. In the meantime I'm thinking of going to a dual headlight setup with no fairing. Has anyone tried this?
182 22/04/2005 18:54:13 Guyman Re: Front Fairing This might sound crazy and expensive but try the yamaha dealer, Their computer will show it backordered, but if they make the right calls they can drop ship it from japan. I know this because i just purchased a new chin fairing from them. Should be here in about a month. Have you sent out the chin fairing i bought from you yet? Guy
183 23/04/2005 11:11:08 gaillarry Re: Front Fairing Your chin fairing went out last week. I've tried Yamaha but they want an arm and leg ($449) for the fairing.
184 23/04/2005 11:27:00 gaillarry Re: Front Fairing I just checked the Airtech catalog and the price for the upper is $160 which isn't bad at all. So I'll buy the upper and lowers from airtech. For about $250 I can get a new front with lowers.
185 24/07/2005 21:41:21 kcb316 Re: Front Fairing I collected a couple of fairings (for cheap) & had a plastic welder put the pieces together, had it painted and it's perfect!
186 27/07/2005 23:37:44 gaillarry Re: Front Fairing Thanks, but I can't find a plastic welder nearby. I've looked at those kits you can buy. Has anyone tried them?
187 26/09/2005 04:24:33 mike760 Re: Front Fairing i never see a plastic weld last more than a month i got GPZ900R i broke fairing and plastic weld but the every day riding it just continue to break i suggest buy replica or new or just used colour coded tape and tape it up though rideing the wind underneath can just re-crack the weld. i have found the front end of all bike simply vibrate too much for plastic welds
188 10/10/2005 21:59:56 ganepeil Re: Front Fairing gaillarry,see you've opted for air tech glass/plastic, have you recieved it/them, what was your' choice ie glass, or was plastic an opt. how is fit. are they close to oe?
189 24/10/2005 07:33:56 mike760 Re: Front Fairing if do get new fairing or not a new windsreen always look good i got one for my FZ750 from slipscreen cost around $75 in aus so about $55 US dollars they come in all colors i got nice blue one for my first FZ750 until it dies (crash)
190 27/10/2005 21:22:28 reclaimer Re: Front Fairing hiya, My fz750 has a twin headlight setup with fairing. It is off the Genesis, but is stand alone, in other words it is all in place without the fairing. Reclaimer
191 28/10/2005 19:36:49 gaillarry Re: Front Fairing Got a picture available?
192 10/12/2005 02:19:05 ganepeil Re: Front Fairing Larry,recieved lowers today as posted, excellent and thanks. also got r/h insert from yamaha p/n 1ae-2836L-00-00. l/h insert p/n 1ae-2836k-00-00 inserts retailed at $61.00 US a pop. not cheap, but worth it to me. after installing lowers and inserts am unhappy with my repairs to my upper researched $ and avail. for fairings. 86 fairing retail $500.00 but 88 fz750 in silky white w/o decals a more reasonable $236.00 know I'll have to weld turnsignal mounts to fairing stay in order to relocate flashers but am confident about outcome,and would be very cross if after spending $$$ on paint a tang or ear should crack/break. as usual G.
193 11/12/2005 23:10:08 mike760 Re: Front Fairing G. with regards to relocate blinkers i going to use flush mount blinkers they only require a drill size holes and from 2 to 4 holes need to be drill this what i plan to do they various types that can be use they also look better the old one look like they are old placement should be on the widest part of fairing but doesn't matter unless you road rules say it
194 13/12/2005 21:07:40 gaillarry Re: Front Fairing There are two front fairings on EBay now! One in the US and the other in Germany. The easy way is to send it to [url=]The Plastic Doctor[/url] A friend of mine sent a GSXR front fairing for repair and it came back looking better then new. Phone them, they are in the US.
195 20/12/2005 02:14:34 buzz87 Re: Front Fairing Here's a link I just got that is also for an outfit that does plastic repair, etc. for motorcycles:
196 29/04/2005 21:27:39 nealmax oil light I've been to look at an FZ750 today basically 'cos it was cheap!!!but also 'cos they've got a reputation as being a tough reliable bike.The bike is in quite good condition,decent tyres,new chain & sprockets,top end overhaul,original blue & white paint,and the engine sounded pretty good, but the oil light came on while I was out testriding it. The guy said it had been standing for a year or so and was just low on oil,but I'm not sure,are fz750's sensitve to oil levels? I've always been lead to beleive these engines are pretty bullit-proof,especially the bottom ends,what ya think??
197 02/05/2005 16:13:20 gaillarry Re: oil light If my FZ is on the side stand the oil light will come on and stay on until I level the bike. I keep the oil level at the 3/4 mark. Does the oil light stay on all the time? Could be 3 possible reasons: 1) bad switch 2) short to ground 3) the oil pressure is low!!!
198 03/05/2005 18:26:13 Horse Re: oil light The light is an oil LEVEL indicator, not an oil pressure warning. If the level is a bit low to start with it'll come on when you lean into a corner. This is probably what happened on your test ride. Providing it hasn't been run with very low oil level it's probably OK. Obviously you need to check, but the light coming on is not nescessarily a problem.
199 03/05/2005 00:06:14 lukewade Getting my bike back in shape. Hey fellas, I'm getting my 86 back in shape to be sold. It's been sitting for a year, and I obviously can't start it. I've replaced the battery and spark plugs. Now it cranks, but still won't start. Any ideas what else I should do? I don't wanna sell it as a fixer-upper. Thanks in advance.
200 03/05/2005 11:00:40 gaillarry Re: Getting my bike back in shape. Check for: - spark at the spark plugs - is there gas in the float bowl - is the kill switch off (happens all the time)
201 03/05/2005 19:10:55 lukewade Re: Getting my bike back in shape. Gas in the float bowl? You mean the tank? And what kill switch? I didn't think there was one. Thanks for the help though. If it's been sitting for so long, do you think the carbs need cleaning before it will start?[quote] gaillarry wrote: Check for: - spark at the spark plugs - is there gas in the float bowl - is the kill switch off (happens all the time) [/quote]
202 04/05/2005 01:21:06 gaillarry Re: Getting my bike back in shape. 1) check for spark at the spark plugs. Pull a spark plug wire and put a spark plug in it. Put the plug against a good ground on the engine. Hit the starter button - you should have spark - IF; the kill switch is off, bike in neutral. The kill switch is on the right handle bar its commonly known as the run/stop on/off button. In the off/stop position it prevents spark to the spark plugs. If you have spark - there may not be gas in the carbs. On the side of the float bowl is a drain screw, open the screw, if gas comes out theres' gas in the carbs. Since the bike has been sitting for awhile so a good carb cleaning is essential. Get a Clymer or factory manual and read up on carb cleaning. Check my site:
203 04/05/2005 16:54:24 lukewade Re: Getting my bike back in shape. Thanks, I did get a new kit for the carbs and I am gonna try to clean them tomorrow.
204 06/05/2005 03:23:39 eieoeoo new to the game need info on my bike I have 1986 fz750 abd it great! had about 6 months and just got it to run. the guy that sold it to me did not know what he had and sold it to me for a cheap price. know i am just trying to get it back to shape. the question that i have is why does the bike pause on me when i punch it, but once it gives , man does that baby give? I like the bike very munch but need to know what ia have to do to get it to its top shape? is the engine always that load in these bikes and do they give a small vibration through whole bike when riding? when should the clutch be replaced? Any info would be great!
205 06/05/2005 18:01:59 Dutch Re: new to the game need info on my bike Hello fz750ns, welcome. Where are you from, what exhaust is on your bike and when have the carbs been last looked at? We'll take it one step at the time, but surely here or on the bbs of is enough knowledge to get the bike in top shape. Cheers, Dutch
206 10/05/2005 04:11:36 eieoeoo Re: new to the game need info on my bike DUTCH thank you for your help! I have a D&D exhaust that was welded to the exhaust headers that where on the bike. Looks like the headers had been modified. The bike has 46,000 and some change, do you think the bike needs a new clutch? The loud sound that I was asking about is coming form the clutch cover? I am form the US and in the military! Anything you can tell me would be very helping, thank you.
207 10/05/2005 10:47:21 gaillarry Re: new to the game need info on my bike You may not need a new clutch, only re-torque or replace the clutch springs. I had a D&D pipe on my GSXR750 and it had a similar hesitation until I put in a jet kit.
208 10/05/2005 17:54:02 eieoeoo Re: new to the game need info on my bike Thank you for the info! Do you think that a VANCW & HINES exhaust system is good?
209 11/05/2005 01:25:31 gaillarry Re: new to the game need info on my bike V&H are very good pipes. I have a Yosh on mine. For the amount of $ I paid for the Yosh I should have gone to a V&H or a Kerker. I did have a D&D pipe on my FZ before the Yosh but the D&D pipes are LOUD. I prefer Hindle but they don't make them for the FZ.
210 11/05/2005 01:42:30 gaillarry My Search for a Replacement Fairing I've been looking for a fairing for a few months to replace the tattered mess on my FZ. I was considering an AirTech but that would require painting to match my bike. Lurking on for sale sites for bike parts I found a complete set of plastics, corbin seat and a nice tank for $400 (Cdn) Pics below. Although the parts are from an FZR I'll use them and make them fit. 22 May: I've added a pic of the FZR600 tank on the FZ750.
211 12/06/2005 05:07:37 eieoeoo need help with a wire that i dont know where it goes! I have 1986 FZ750 that I had the frame painted and it looks good, but the bike was in bad shape and know its starting to look really good. The question that I have for all of you experts out their is where those the black wire that has a connection piece at the end of it go to? Its the one that sits close to the temperature reading switch? The one that is mounted to the rediator cap? Their is a blue, red, green with a red strip wires that are connected but the black one those not have any where to connect to, I looked at the wire chart in the manuel and it shows that the black wire might be a ground, but where would you ground it to? MAybe one of you guys could look at your bikes and find that black wire for me and let me know where it mounted to, it shoud all be under the rediator cap assembly, also my temp gage does not work? I was blowing signal fuse until my temp gage went out and know the fuse those not blow out, before the fuse would go out and i would not have signal lights, tech needle would not work and the oil light and all the others would not work, and I wouls just replace the fuse and they all would work but the would blow out when I whent for a ride. At first it was a long ride till it blew out but after a few times it got shorter. KNow when I when just ten feet it would go out, but since the temp gage stop reading all the others work fine and i had not blown no fuse. I see that the temp gage gets power becuase the needle moves when i turn the bike on and off but just moves 1/8 inch and thats all. Please help some one thanks?
212 14/06/2005 20:42:54 gaillarry Re: need help with a wire that i dont know where it goes! Its a ground wire. There are 4 wires in the harness string. 3 for the thermostat/fanstat switches. The black bolts to one of the mount bolts of the thermostat housing. I took a pic of my wiring by the thermostat, send me your email addy and I'll send you a pic.
213 29/06/2005 23:53:25 reclaimer New 'un Hi All, New one here. Got an '86 fz750 not long ago....Luv it! I'm able to sorce plenty of parts, don't know why I do that, it runs great! Just thought I'd introduce myself, catch up with some of you on here soon, I hope.
214 28/07/2005 23:38:17 MARK1 GENERAL HELLO! Hi there! bought my FZ750 in march of this year as a project,it has thunderace forks,wheels and swingarm,steelheart rear subframe to take a 916 seat unit.Just had the frame powder coated,water pipes chromed and i am in the process of putting it back together.Forks,swingarm and all other ally parts i am polishing(what a nightmare) it is going to be one hell of a streetfighter when it is finished.Thinking of putting a FZR1000 engine in or does just the top end bolt straight on?. anyway have fun!
215 02/08/2005 10:52:44 Dutch Re: GENERAL HELLO! Seen a FZ with 916 rear on a Dutch ad site some time ago. Looked quite nice :-) Must have a pic on my harddisk somewhere. FZR1000 engine is a possibility, so is the top (1000 bore and 750 stroke gives a 911, used also in some UK almost classics racing class). More info in the logs of the BBS of Good luck with your project, look forward to the pics of the finished bike :-D Dutch
216 02/08/2005 16:22:36 gaillarry and As an dedicated owner/rider of an 85 FZ750 I enjoy the forums here at and Has anyone considered joining the two into one web site?
217 10/10/2005 12:38:33 arch Re: and I was going to join the two site. I thought this site ( was very systematic and was useful for dealing with lots of data. Many old freaks, however, liked the bbs of
218 03/08/2005 00:07:03 eieoeoo I am selling! :-( I am selling a 1986 FZ750 that want o get ride of, i just dont have the money and time to finish it! will sell the whole bike or just part it out, depends on offers for the parts. The bike has two good tires, powder couted wheels that are black and frame also that is sterling black, a vance and hines exhuast system and other things, just let me know? it runs and put about 4000 miles on it but dont know anything about the engine, dont know if it would need work?just let me know and i will get back to you soon. the only thing that is missing is the tail and side peices(plastic)? Do have the front but would need a paint job! you can email me at!
219 03/08/2005 11:50:08 gaillarry Re: I am selling! Where are you located?
220 07/08/2005 03:38:01 eieoeoo Re: I am selling! kentucky, u.s.
221 05/08/2005 09:57:02 linerunner Wheelies? Stoppies? Can anyone get thier FZ on one wheel? Its too damn heavy for me... :(
222 28/09/2005 01:07:49 mike760 Re: Wheelies? Stoppies? all in the control of the clutch at the start of the power band say 60km/h rev up with clutch in drop clutchand throttle going on very quickly and a jerk she go up
223 06/08/2005 12:45:29 boost repairing manual [size=medium][color=000000][font=Arial]i live in reunion island and try to rebuid an old 750fz. Could you help me by giving me an adress where i can dowload a repairing manual.TKS a lot for your great help. A friendly tap on your shoulder old chap Philippe [/font][/color][/size]
224 12/08/2005 22:46:09 gaillarry Re: repairing manual I can send you a copy on CD, or email you the chapters you need.
225 27/08/2005 09:38:28 boost Re: repairing manual Hi, Tks so much for your answer and sorry for the late to answer cause computer break.In fact, nearly all the chapters interesting me .There are so much things to put right on it !. Here is my personal e-mail adress , if you can find a little time of your precious time to send me the main parts (carburator,ignition, engine ) i 'll realy appreciate it. Tks a lot for advance. Philippe E-mail:
226 14/08/2005 20:43:32 FZ750_NY Which Timing Mark...? I've miss placed my repair manual and I removed the timing chain and never marked their relationship :-o Would someone remind me which mark to use? I've got an 86' the Marks on my crank moving from left to right are: T | |--| A "T" then a vertial line then an exagerated H Thanks all
227 10/10/2005 22:33:14 ganepeil Re: Which Timing Mark...? after all this time doubt you need this, but here goes the first vertical line after the T on crankshaft is tdc 1&4 the exagerated H is the amount of timing advance when checking with timing light on running motor. the easiest way to verify tdc is with plug out and some kind of probe to piston. be careful not to allow probe not to get jammed in plug hole to piston, crank can be rotated back and forth by installing an 8mm 1.25 thread pitch bolt with pal nut into end of crank. (easier to rotate if all plugs are out)
228 15/08/2005 20:55:23 MARK1 PIPES/WHERE/WHY? There are a couple of pipes coming out of the back of the carbs the one one in the middle i know is the fuel inlet(no shit sherlock i hear you say) its the two stubby pipes either side im not sure about,where do they run too and what are they for?.When i bought the bike the person i got it from said "all it needs is a few finishing bits and bobs ,brake pads,chain and sprockets"Lying sod!His bits and bobs are now upto about 800 quid,although there will be no other FZ like it!Your help will be greatly appreciated!This i think will be an on going thing for me asking if anyone has any help or advice!Cheers,Mark. :-x :-x
229 18/08/2005 13:25:23 gaillarry Re: PIPES/WHERE/WHY? They are vent pipes. I have one of my FZs apart and can take a pic of the pipes.
230 24/08/2005 16:48:19 crow32 Bigger Wheels Could someone please help... I need some of your experience in advising me in a set of bigger wheels for my 750 genesis. What would be the simplist and cheapest way to get some better wheels on there,any help please. Danny :-?
231 16/09/2005 03:57:17 7forty8 hello, new member hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I just picked up a '86 tonight and am looking forward to getting it back on the road soon. The bike is in excellent cond. even though its been sitting for quite some time now. Luckily it has been garaged and is all stock, but will no doubt need the usual. I'm sure you all will hear from me as it progresses- Thanks, Will
232 29/09/2005 13:47:57 fslflint specifications can anyone get me a factory or aftermarket spec sheet on an 87 fz700? I'm mainly interested in the torque and horsepower curve. even a metric sheet is fine, I can do the conversions thanks flint
233 07/10/2005 02:37:48 mike760 Re: specifications the information you require may be in magazine article seach for it that way. or ask yamaha they may give you a clue to where to find on general notice that didn't have much until 7000Rpm some magazine company did have the result but never posted the best way find someone with a stock bike and do BHP test it give you an ideas on the power curve torque curve
234 18/11/2005 20:25:26 buzz87 Re: specifications I Googled 'FZ700 torque' and the first hit was an outfit that assembles all the mag articles together for you, and sells them to you - may be worth the 20+ bucks for what you are lookin for. Here is the link: I would suggest asking if the info you are seeking is in there, before you purchase. This site has similar info for tons of other bikes too, so may be a good reference?
235 31/01/2006 15:32:53 blitzman5 Re: specifications hi you maybe find what you need on
236 11/10/2005 14:22:07 Vit0r FZ750, good NEWBIE Bike??? I was planning to get a Ninja 250R as my first bike as I have no prior riding experience. But my friend's sister's husband was planning to sell his FZ750 for 1K+ but would sell it to me for $500 since he's given up on riding. Money wise I'd def go for the FZ750. But is the 750cc too much for someone who has no prior riding experience? I drive a stick shift car so I think making the transition to motorcycle cluthing would be smooth, everything else from leaning and stuff I'll have to learn. Good idea to get the FZ750 or is it too powerful?
237 12/10/2005 01:25:24 mike760 Re: FZ750, good NEWBIE Bike??? depends on where you from in aus, for the first 15 months nothing more than 660ml with a power ratio no more than 150kW per a ton, meaning bike weighs 200kg + 90kg for you, you are allowed 43.5kW the could thing about 250's they teach you to ride well
238 14/10/2005 14:55:50 shak_dadi Re: FZ750, good NEWBIE Bike??? I just bought a fz 750 as my first bike. I only ridden dirt bikes before and it was not hard to adjust. I think as long as you respect the fact that it is 750, you'll be fine. Don't go pushing your comfort limits till you're ready.
239 12/10/2005 03:26:36 mike760 NicoShine has anyone got part nicoshine
240 12/10/2005 16:38:15 gaillarry Re: NicoShine what's Nicoshine?
241 13/10/2005 06:11:59 mike760 Re: NicoShine it a surface coat of aluminium suppose to give a longer lasting, low maintenance easy to clean look like chrome i suppose i think it a polish look without the polish i think
242 15/10/2005 04:13:55 ganepeil re newby vit, this may seem to be a contradiction in terms. but if it were me. I'd buy the bike just on account. sure, a fz750 is a handful for a novice rider, and I strongly reccomend a dmv based rider education course. here in Boulder they have courses in which they provide gz250 and cb250sc's for classes.if they offer similar courses where you live, by all means sign up. get familiar on toilet paper mc's and once you're comfortable start riding the fz. remember RESPECT I doubt you'll find the calibre bike of the 750 for 500 bucks again. Gane
243 15/10/2005 04:29:02 ganepeil re new member at this point you're hardly a new member. HI. I'm Gane. am trying to generate new entrys in this web. I'm a vet. A tech at a multi line MC dealership in Boulder Co. USA. am willing to help with advise on tech problems if I can . luck Gane.
244 15/10/2005 04:48:23 ganepeil after market plastic Hi all, am returning my old race bike to street and am having trouble finding body pieces at affordable prices.contacted the people at Targa last week and was informed that they "had no parts for that model" If anyone has had dealing with other manufacturers or has salvagable oe plastic for sale would appreciate feedback. have a 85 fz750 with orig. fairing stay and upper fairing, have 88 side panels {red strobe} am am looking for for orig full lower fairing halves or imitations in plastic {know from experiance glass half life.} also intrested in upper fairing with inner cowl tabs intact and innner trays. thks Gane.
245 17/10/2005 17:23:55 gaillarry Re: after market plastic Best place to look is EBay. I've found a lot of good, used FZ parts in Europe. There seems to be a better supply than in North America. Ship by insured mail. Don't think of using UPS or FedEx from Europe. Most auctions state they will only ship within UK or Europe, but if you email the seller most cases they will sell to Canada/US.
246 17/10/2005 17:24:44 gaillarry Re: after market plastic .
247 21/10/2005 01:55:23 ganepeil Re: after market plastic gaillarry, thanks for the tip,am shopping pretty much nightly on ebay, though my listings are primarily of us, canada,and gb.have gone so far as watching for used bikes in paper hoping for deaders or blown mills with salvageable plastic.unfortunately, most are front end impared. thks G.
248 22/10/2005 04:31:00 ganepeil Re: after market plastic gaillarry. thanks for tip. have expanded ebay search to non-english speaking sites and have current watch on upper fairing att. thks G.
249 16/10/2005 01:07:34 ganepeil re getting into neutral tommi,the 750 has four seperate starter lockout switches and two relays. 1st the kill switch must be in run position {and functioning) 2nd the side stand switch,3rd neutral sw. and 4th clutch switch. one of two conditions must be met to get power to the starter solonoid, either be in neutral or have the sidestand up and clutch in. the neutral sw. can be bypassed most simply by removing the light blue wire from switch and running it to ground. this should give you a green neut. light and power up both the starter relay and starting circuit cut out relay. if this doesn't givr you push button starter, bypass sidestand switch {needs to be closed {have continuity) and clutch switch (same) and try button again. still no go ? go directly to starter sol. {thats the cylindrical unit that the big red wire from the battery bolts onto.] unplug the little blue/white wire and touch to ground. if the starter solonoid is functional you should hear a click and motor should crank. if thats the case problem probly lies in either starter relay {and/or its wires or connections } or starter cutout relay {same}.
250 21/10/2005 02:41:18 ganepeil re hi bars and riser swap. findbar, may sound goofy, but a friend and compeditor who prefered flat track bars on his race bike (AN FZ750)simply drilled his upper triple clamp and fitted a set of risers. this allowed him (or you) to use any 7/8 bar out there. only restriction I can thik of is length of cables and clearance to fairing. G.
251 23/10/2005 01:50:02 ganepeil re. oil light horse is correct. yamaha uses am oil level sender,not an oil presure switch. it's basicly a float in a cyl.which makes contact when float rises. failure is fairly common, especially if bike has been long as oil level in site glass is good. a red light is just an annoyance, not a emergency. G
252 27/10/2005 21:27:18 reclaimer Total strip/ photos I'm stripping my '86 FZ750 this winter, new engine, refurb frame, brakes etc., I will be photographing all stages of stripdown and rebuild, I will make the photo cd or online photos available to this club by April 2006. I could do it in stages if needed. Cheers, Reclaimer
253 28/10/2005 01:07:57 gaillarry Re: Total strip/ photos I'm doing the same thing! Replacing two rod bearings. I have the engine in my basement shop. The FZ750 is a very easy engine to remove from the frame. Getting the clutch nut off was a pain but a little heat helped. Is there somewhere on this site to post photos?
254 29/10/2005 05:31:40 reclaimer Re: Total strip/ photos I don't know if there is anywhere on this site for photos, but I was thinking about an online photo album or such like.
255 31/10/2005 07:03:17 mike760 Re: Total strip/ photos i be putting back together this summer (your winter) already got strip photo's engine(minus carb's), frame forks wheels ready for assembly it probly take another year to finish have got photo for the rebuild yet want to see strip photo i can email
256 02/11/2005 03:15:16 reclaimer Re: Total strip/ photos Hi Mike760, Yes, that would be great, it woulds be interesting to see them. is my email. Cheers
257 02/11/2005 18:01:46 gaillarry Re: Total strip/ photos Same here
258 03/11/2005 01:29:21 mike760 Re: Total strip/ photos i send in next few weeks there are 60 photos i got to rescan in lower resolution otherwise the file will be over 200Mb bare with me i send in 5 to 10 photos at a time
259 03/11/2005 01:34:17 reclaimer Re: Total strip/ photos Hi Mike, Thanks for that...good morning from Scotland!
260 16/11/2005 13:34:20 mike760 Re: Total strip/ photos sorry i won't be able to send photo untill next month scan some i send them around the first week of december
261 28/10/2005 03:12:53 ganepeil re total strip photos cool, will be watching G.
262 28/10/2005 03:29:46 ganepeil re front fairing have original 86 ft fairing though console tabs are history and have crack on lh wing. seek to restore bike to oe cosmetics but with full lowers any help? G.
263 29/10/2005 02:31:05 ganepeil re front fairing stands alone, air tech offers a twin hl upper fairing in fiber glass, don't know which h/l it's supposed to fit or how it mounts to fairing stay. I have a fz600 set of h/l and will set in 86 stay if you'd like to know if they'll mount up w/out mods. G.
264 02/11/2005 03:29:50 Weiner127 Hi from A New Member ## PICS ## Hi I have a 85 FZ750 with a transplanted 87 FZR1000 mill, 1029 Wisecos, K+N Stage 3, Kerker. I also have a 88FZR1000 wheel which I haven't installed yet. Any specs for the mods to get this on would be a great help. save me from troubleshooting [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
265 02/11/2005 04:53:39 ganepeil Re: Hi from A New Member ## PICS ## weiner127, cute, more questions than help though would be happy to brain-storm w/ you if you name subject. am involved w/ similar project. ie 86 fz750 frame w/88fzr100 eng. gsxr 1100 rear wheel in stock swingarm,fzr100 ft wheeel in91 fzr600 ft end, hope to use 1000 carbs and exhaust, did you have any probs. w/ eng /exh/carb/ fit? is it a runner? if so any weight distribution issues,G.
266 02/11/2005 18:11:27 Weiner127 Re: Hi from A New Member ## PICS ## It's definitely a runner. I bought it like this back in April from my Nephew in ONT. He purchased it like this and never drove it. It's the bike I always wanted to build because I had a 85 back in 85 and my brother had a 87 1000 that we turned into a dragbike ultimately running 9.20's at 145. We always built our own engines so I figured if I ever had the chance i'd build a sleeper, but this fell into my lap. Anyways the swap should be fairly straight forward. Unfortunately I've never driven the bike since I got it. I'm waiting on a hip replacement surgery and was unable to ride all summer however I did some work on it to get it ready then sent one of my crazy buddies out on it and the word from him was "fuckin awesome, don't change a thing." Considering he's had 2 FZ's, the FZR Dragbike, and mutiple 8 sec Suzuki Dragbikes I'll take his word on how fast it is. I had found a website that had all the measurements of all the FZ/FZR specs on swingarms/wheels/bearings sizes but I lost it. I know this wheel swap is fairly easy but if i could find exact measurements, it would save me alot of trial and error. Thanks
267 03/11/2005 03:39:06 ganepeil Re: Hi from A New Member ## PICS ## weiner127, will gladly measure and send demensions of my wheel spacers, but fact is I'm running the rear wheel off a gsxr 1100 and can't say if they're the same as fzr1000. as I presenty have both bikes {86 fz 750 and 88 fzr1000 both with stock swing arms} down to rolling chassis they're easy to measure. are there any specific distances you would like? hope I can help G.
268 06/11/2005 01:53:14 ganepeil Re: Hi from A New Member ## PICS ## Hi,am in process of building a sleeper 750. chassis is a 86 fz 750 which will recieve a breathed on 88 fzr 1000 mil. split cases on 1000 motor today and and installed the trans from a fzx700 {bought on ebay for 125.00 us) the phaser trans. is the same as the fz 700 and fz750, and fits the 1000 cases nicely. If you're considering this mod you'll need both trans axles all gears, shift drum. and all three shift forks.bearings, cs seal and fork shaft are same pn's. gears mesh nicly and fork yokes center on on sliding gears, shifts through all 6 speeds smoothly.haven't installed clutch yet or run but am optomistic that this will give me a 1000 engine with a 6speed close ratio trans.G.
269 08/11/2005 15:08:11 Dutch Re: Hi from A New Member ## PICS ## I think you refer to Suzumi's site, it's in the link section of the mother of this site, Cheers & good luck, Dutch
270 09/11/2005 19:09:59 Weiner127 Re: Hi from A New Member ## PICS ## Thanks Dutch, that's exactly the site I was referring too
271 02/11/2005 19:00:44 Tommi FZ700/750 related links Arch's second (first) FZ site: Sean's site is full of tips: Suzume's site, lot's of detailed info:
272 03/11/2005 01:39:22 reclaimer Re: FZ700/750 related links Thanks Tommi, two good links for me, especially Sean's. Owe you one for that
273 10/11/2005 08:36:47 Dutch Re: FZ700/750 related links In German: (with seperate corner for the FZ) In Dutch (NL / E) And most have a links section that gives even more info :-) Cheers, Dutch
274 03/11/2005 04:45:30 ganepeil carberation 101 I have a rudimentry understanding in carbs,if anyone would be intested in my in put pls post.I am yam. hon. kaw.suz.pol.sdoocert. and have some background in fi yam snd suz fi systems. am willing to think on most probs'.could launch teutorial,but who would read? G.
275 09/11/2005 06:38:11 buzz87 Electrical/starter motor problem Hi, My FZ750 has just developed an electrical problem after I washed it down with a spray gun on a garden hose. The engine is now starting as soon as I turn the key with the kill switch in the 'Run/On' position i.e. without pressing the starter switch. Also, once engine is running in neutral I can hear the starter motor turning constantly (but not engaging). When I click into 1st gear (with bike on centre stand) the sound in the starter motor stops but will return if I pull the clutch in! Also the Oil light is on constantly but there is plenty of oil in engine. Is this a major short circuit caused by water getting into wiring or is it something more sinister. Bike has done 76,000km. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
276 09/11/2005 17:15:57 gaillarry Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Suspect a bad ground somewhere. I never spray my bikes, too easy to get water into the wiring harness. Take apart the right hand switch and spray it with WD40. It wouldn't hurt to take apart each connector and give each a shot of WD40. Dielectric grease is better and will last longer.
277 10/11/2005 01:10:13 mike760 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem the water may cause a short in between the switch or the a wire came lose from the hosing it got even when you motor runing you can't hear it but i suspect it still running, the starter motor clutch kicks in when gear speed are increase that why you don't hear it in neutral but hear it when clutch is in, gears arn't spinning when clutch is in. clutch is there to stop the starter motor causing damage check you starter switch it can be you source of problems if use multi-meter check the switch input should show voltage but the output should show zero unless it press should show the same on both sides if not switch it getting power from another wire with power source when measureing since it gound circuit put one lead on active and use the other to measure at the switch if have compressor use air to dry the bike out around the wires work better good may have a lose connector to some where
278 10/11/2005 05:33:44 ganepeil Re: Electrical/starter motor problem cammo, agree with mike and larry. problem is with power getting to ground in starter ckt either through hbar sw. or wire harness.most probable is starter button not fully returning due to wear/grunge. these switches are not supposed to be servicible, but ifyou're very careful, one can usually prise them appart / clean /lube and re-assebble. another check, is hl on? don't have scematic here , but seem to recall, that starter sw.disables h/l while cranking and returns power to h/l when starter button returns home . will get back G.
279 10/11/2005 06:01:21 buzz87 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Thanks for all feedback. I have pulled apart right switch block and cleaned and sprayed WD40 - starter button has stuck in the past but now is definitely returning to proper position. Also removed starter motor and checked its connection up near battery which seemed to be clean and dry. Don't have a multimeter (don't know how to use anyway). Headlights were off but I tried with them on just to see whether any difference. Unfortunately it has been raining for last 2 days and bike is now uncovered coz no garage and bike cover is on other newer machine. Will have a tinker this weekend.
280 10/11/2005 06:39:19 ganepeil Re: Electrical/starter motor problem cam,let me re- phrase,if you turn on ign, w/o any further input(ie starter button) does starter crank? G.
281 11/11/2005 05:55:26 buzz87 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Yes, if you turn on ignition the starter cranks the engine into life w/o pressing start button. But after engine starts, and is idling freely, the starter motor keeps whining as if it's getting a charge from battery but it's not actually engaging/meshing (prob coz engine is spinning). I can ride it around the block but it's just very noisy and oil light is constantly on. I asked a local Yamaha dealer and he said it's probably the solenoid in the starter relay and to give it a little tap to free it - if doesn't work then maybe have to buy a new one. Cheers.
282 11/11/2005 20:40:27 gaillarry Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Fix the problem before you ride it again. You can burn out the starter motor or damage the starter clutch. It may be the solenoid (starter relay) or the starter button contact is stuck.
283 13/11/2005 02:34:48 ganepeil Re: Electrical/starter motor problem cammo, am reading schematic from starter motor back. unplug blue/ white wire from starter sol.after eng . starts and listen for starter run on. if starter continues to crank, sol is stuck in contact mode. if cranking stops. chase wiring back to starter switch and wiring for contact to ground, or sticky sw. thinking for you G.
284 14/11/2005 05:23:24 buzz87 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Thanks Gary, I tried disconnecting that blu/whi wire and it does stop the starter cranking while eng continues to run sweetly. I have cleaned the earth point where battery grounds to the top of crank case b/w starter motor and generator. Could it be a break in a wire? Also, although starter stopped cranking, the oil level light still stays on !! and as far as I know there is no connection between these two?
285 14/11/2005 07:58:18 mike760 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem hi cammo it more likely a the insulation has warn away somewhere and is getting ground from another wire (oil wire circuit), since your starter motor working and stops when the wire a diconnected the solinoid is working fine the switch circuit work on ground wires, active always connected this for the starter motor only and some other circuit i just look at the diagram for 1987 bike the problem can exist the flasher box or the diode box or switch or another power source (other wires)
286 14/11/2005 22:34:58 ganepeil Re: Electrical/starter motor problem cammo, while mike covered all the bases, would check 1st, unplug rh hbar sw. and cycle key does eng crank? if so re connect. unplug lh hbar sw and do same. beyond that I'm afraid that if a multimeter is beyoud you.further dio would best be left to a shop. luck G.
287 17/11/2005 01:55:13 buzz87 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Well, this problem seems to have sorted itself out! I didn't have a chance to try anything for a couple of days so the bike just sat there. When I turned the key last night the starter didn't crank until I actually pressed the starter button, and once engine was running the starter stopped cranking and oil light went out i.e. back to normal. It is still OK this morning, so problem disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared - and just in the nick of time as I was resigned to having to take to an auto-elect.! But coz didn't get to bottom of it maybe it will return?? So thanks once again to all who responded (Gary, Larry, Mike)- it really was appreciated. Thanks and Regards.
288 17/11/2005 02:55:40 ganepeil Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Cammo, Hope I'm wrong, but chances are since problem started when it got wet, that it'll return when water gets back into problem area. since that usually happens when riding in the wet, could cause damage or turn you into a pedestrian. might try selectivly wetting different areas and hope to reproduce prob, thus trouble shooting in reverse. luck. G.
289 17/11/2005 21:18:14 gaillarry Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Invest in a tube of dielectric grease and use it in all the electrical connectors. Saves a lot of hassle and keeps them waterproof.
290 18/11/2005 00:09:54 buzz87 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Damn, spoke too soon, tried again last night and was OK for a minute or so then oil light came on, then soon after starter began cranking again. Maybe bike is slowly drying out? Will unplug and check all connectors over weekend (hopefully no more rain) and maybe get some of this dioelectric grease!
291 18/11/2005 09:12:22 mike760 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem since it did it again check by looking where water been by seeing if there any dry dirt in the connectors may lead to which connectors are playing up i just re-look at the electric schematic for 85-86 your solinoid is recieveing it ground this means there is ground fault (not a bad ground close larry) suspect it is in the turn signal relay plug or in the plug out of starter switch
292 21/11/2005 01:52:39 buzz87 Re: Electrical/starter motor problem Bike is back to behaving properly.Over weekend I removed tank and fairing and checked wiring loom for breaks,rubbing, all OK. Disconnected every plug and sprayed with WD40 then reconnected and tried starting, all OK. I did notice that bolt on bottom of thermo housing was v. rusty (where earths?) and it snapped when trying to loosen - had to get it helicoiled which damaged housing so when reassembled was leaking coolant - fixed with some silicone gasket. Because tried so many plugs, don't know which one(s) was root cause of prob? Rode around city for about 100km and bike ran and started without any further dramas (and no coolant leak).
293 10/11/2005 19:05:18 buzz87 Hi new member here Hi all I am the owner of a FZ750 1985. which has a problem. I have owned the bike for 5 years and the previous owner 7. It was a mint bike with 25k and full fairing until I dropped it and cracked the fairing. Upon removal to repair found damaged lugs and decided not to repair and make into a streetfighter. So risers with renthals and 5 3/4 inch bates x2 on front it looks the business. Beaaytiful condition, stainless fixing new tyres , chain original colours. Not in your face streetfighter but subtle with character. Now hers the problem, the front drive gear has a bearing behind it and needs replacing. I have been told its engine out to replace bearing. The engine still starts on the button and ticks like a watch. I am abit nervous about stripping engine and fitting bearing so am in two minds to sell or pay someone to fix. Bike is so good and always gets comments from riders. It doesnt look out of place with much newer bikes. The bates work and create such a light when I am arriving. So being new to this any comments guys. Lee :lol:
294 10/11/2005 20:22:36 gaillarry Re: Hi new member here IF the bike is in exec condition as you say and the mileage is low - I'd replace the bearing. Cheaper than buying another bike. You have to split the engine to replace the bearing. You can download the factory manual (ask me). Get a complete gasket kit - there's one on EBay now for $125. Its an aftermarket kit, a lot cheaper than Yamaha. I just bought the same bearing for $12. If you are not confident splitting the engine get someone else to do it. It's not that hard of a job. Some tips: - read, read, and re-read the manual - get the gasket kit and bearing - take your time - ask lots of questions - there's lots of people here that can help Just think of the learning experience.
295 22/11/2005 07:47:37 buzz87 Re: Hi new member here Hi Lee here Sorry not got back before but was super busy. Thanks for the info and will be in touch with questions etc. I am great at servicing and maintenance but engine job maybe too much but what the hell the bike is mine and owes me nothing. I do have 2 others to ride so its not all bad. Keep in touch Gaillarry Lee
296 15/11/2005 04:40:23 buzz87 Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada [size=medium][font=Arial]Hello to everyone out there in FZ land![/font][/size]I just became a member of this site, so I figured I better sign in and say HI! I just hooked in to a very low mileage 1985 FZ750 that has only 3248 Kilometres on the clock! (that only breaks about 2000 Miles.) From the looks of things, that is probably one of the lowest mileage 85's in the world. I am the third owner. Two brothers owned it before me - the first in BC, the other in Alberta. The only problem is, both of them layed the bike down, so there are the usual clip-on dings in the tank, some clips knocked off, and both short fairings are gone, not to mention the other dings and scrapes, here and there! To boot, it was left outdoors for at least three years, so the poor girl looks as though she's been thru the war :( I have been assembling parts on Ebay since spring, so that I can have it ready for the '06 riding season. I am told by the boy's uncle that at 1500km, the engine was removed and punched out to the 850 to 900cc range. I have no way of knowing what they did at the moment to accomplish this, but I plan to find out and confirm. Other than that, the only other mod that is obvious is a V&H pipe. Well, gotta get back to work. Yak at ya'll later
297 15/11/2005 07:42:04 mike760 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada you sure the bike has only 3300km might of had a new instrument panel put in (from lay down) or gone around the clock about the re-bore most likely later pistons put in from the fzr750 (yzf) which ran a 72mm bore which gives you 840 cc
298 15/11/2005 12:01:14 buzz87 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada Yes, I am as sure as I can be on the mileage. I didn't believe it either, and thought of the same things as you, as well as maybe a faulty speedo sender, but the uncle (who got the bike from his nephew with the intent of restoring it - but handed it off to me instead,) confirmed that this was indeed the mileage. I actually asked him about this again only on the 10th Nov. I do intend to get to the bottom of it, though, and get the names of the brothers from the uncle and call them about the mileage as well as who may have done the 'upgrade.' If this ends up being bunk - I'll post so everyone knows.
299 16/11/2005 06:20:12 mike760 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada how the bike is running good can't wait to see what bore it has
300 16/11/2005 07:45:29 buzz87 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada Hi Mike - I had it runing pretty good at the end of this summer. I cleaned out the old fuel (I'll have to rebuild the tank, cause its rusty inside on the bottom) put in some 91 octane, and after getting primed, she fired right up! I was very pleased to hear the sound coming from the V&H pipe! Couldn't take it for a spin yet, as I had to wait for a new chain and sprockets. No doubt I'll have some carb work to do over the winter - but I have time - we can have up to 8 months of snow! (but this year will be closer to 5, I think.) Take care!
301 16/11/2005 08:00:06 mike760 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada after riding my other bikes i do find the 91 octane to be too low and i get real bad blockage from the lower grade fuel or i use these day is 98 octane as for the snow lucky to see any out the snowy mountain range in australia may get some for three months usally two just fire my engine deffinatley can't take it for spin (not in frame) what type of v&h pipe you have
302 16/11/2005 08:54:07 buzz87 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada I don't think I can get much better than about 93 octane around here, so that's probably what I will have to stick with. he pipe is the Supersport (part no. 15305) as found on their website: which will bring you right to the page on that pipe. Later
303 16/11/2005 09:31:10 mike760 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada that not nice best 93octane is that because of the cold weather the pipe the same as mine i got my nicoshine to last a long time the look of chrome cost $500 only got it because the pipe was on special
304 16/11/2005 23:19:34 buzz87 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada I was going to put a pic in here, but not sure how. I was just going to cut and paste, but that doesn't work. Any ideas?
305 16/11/2005 23:29:32 mike760 Re: Hello All FZ750 Freaks From Beautiful British Columbia, Canada i think you can add a pic by copy and paste along with you words can also to printscreen when picture fully across the screen and do paste other than that never tried
306 16/11/2005 09:39:38 mike760 how far on a tank how far have you got a complete tank for the FZ750 do you regularly get 300km or more or do they not get to 300km i don't think my will because of modification to gain more power i never got to drove my bought as a bike that was unrealiable not to bad for $500
307 17/11/2005 02:09:15 buzz87 Re: how far on a tank When my bike's in good tune, I'll easily get 300km from a full tank. My bike has a standard engine and the pipes are Staintune stainless steel replicas of the originals. Also I don't use for commuting so not much stop/start riding. Now I really appreciate the 22 litre FZ tank - just this last Sunday I ran out of fuel on my newly acquired 2002 Fireblade - can't get used to the smaller 18 litre tank !
308 17/11/2005 21:25:06 gaillarry Re: how far on a tank I switched to Iridium spark plugs and my mileage went up from 300 to 350 km per tank. I have no idea why the mileage improved?
309 18/11/2005 02:45:03 buzz87 Re: how far on a tank Hotter spark plug kernel equals better fuel combustion equals better economy. Or so they claim with plugs like V-groove or the dual or quad side-electrode Bosch plugs for automotive use.
310 17/11/2005 04:42:52 buzz87 Parts for FZ750 Available Online or Ebay Would anybody be interested in having/seeing parts listed in a separate topic here with links to available parts for sale? Say when something comes available on Ebay we can list the item number or link, or if someone has parts available privately, or has seen them on the web somewhere. Being new to the site, I'm not sure how ya'll run things here. For example: there is a NOS 1985 (rectangular) signal light assembly on Ebay right now item # 4589943919 for 25USD ending in just under three days. There is also a left full bottom front fairing, item 8013310329 If I am looking for stuff for my bike, that is the first place I look, as the parts come up fairly frequently, and often for reasonable coin. I also can't walk into a store where I live and order decent parts....
311 17/11/2005 21:23:18 gaillarry Re: Parts for FZ750 Available Online or Ebay I have favourite Ebay searches for parts including the FZ700. I find most of the good parts in Europe but be careful with shipping charges. I get a lot of parts from the UK and the royal mail service is excellent.
312 18/11/2005 02:33:32 buzz87 Re: Parts for FZ750 Available Online or Ebay So you Ebay in the UK and Europe? I haven't tried that. I can read and speak Dutch, and could look on that site, I guess, And some of the guys from the UK do list on ebay motors, but I have found shipping quotes to be very high for larger items. If you have other sites or shops where you get parts there, I would appreciate - Thanks! I keep several searches saved in my favourites, as well. I was more concerned about whether people were wanting to have a place to list stuff that was available for sale.
313 26/11/2005 22:02:26 buzz87 Re: Parts for FZ750 Available Online or Ebay There is an AE 1986 CDI ignitor box available on ebay right now, for those interested:
314 04/12/2005 14:54:06 buzz87 Re: Parts for FZ750 Available Online or Ebay There are a pair of rear-side fairings off an 86 on ebay now: 30 USD And a pair of long front lower fairings from the same guy, 50USD: They don't look too bad. :-?
315 06/01/2006 15:07:01 ganepeil Re: Parts for FZ750 Available Online or Ebay John, item #4602545896 on ebay set of short fairing lowers. caution, seller states l/h lower has brake fluid damage to paint. brake fluid also causes deterioration to plastic over prolonged periods. luck Gane
316 08/01/2006 06:09:11 buzz87 Re: Parts for FZ750 Available Online or Ebay Thanks Gary - he says the brake fluid was dropped on 10 years ago, and that the plastic is fine. we'll see!
317 23/11/2005 10:22:31 buzz87 Small dent in fuel tank Hi all, last year I spent a lot of money rejuvenating my old 85 FZ. It came up a treat but unfortunately I dropped it when manouevering close to air pump at petrol station and put a small dent in left side of tank about 2cm/1 inch in diam. The new paint job didn't crack so I was wondering whether any one had any ideas on whether this could be removed without causing a whole respray ?!
318 23/11/2005 23:36:37 buzz87 Re: Small dent in fuel tank Hi Cammo - I'm actually taking my tank to work tonight in an attempt to do just what you want. I have dents on both sides of my tank from the clipons. I need to clean up some internal rust in it, too, so I am removing all from my tank, sandblasting the inside, and attempting to hammer-and-dolly from the inside. I'll let you know how it goes, and what, if any, marks it may leave on the outside. There is also a product I have seen here that glues to the dent, and has two threaded 'feet' that straddle the dented area. You crank in the two screws and pull out the dent. Never used it, though, so not sure if it works. Good luck,
319 23/11/2005 23:45:28 buzz87 Re: Small dent in fuel tank Let me know how you go Johnny. I think mine could be hammered out but I'm worried how clean it will look and if it will crack the paint. My dent was caused by my big toe as I tried to stop bike falling and it landed on my boot.
321 24/11/2005 06:22:49 buzz87 Re: Small dent in fuel tank I've heard at least one story of a tank splitting at the seams when trying to blow out with compressed air !!! I've sought a few opinions and a lot of people say regardless of method, it's not worth the risk of doing more damage to the tank considering how small the dent is. So I'll probably end up leaving it and rue my stupidity - very annoying as for years it had a dent on top which was repaired before new paint job. Tank was 'perfect' for only about 6 months.
322 24/11/2005 13:09:57 buzz87 Re: Small dent in fuel tank Was unsuccessful in my attempts. Main reason is, the location of my dints is where the airbox indent is in the tank - hence no access from any hole existing in the tank. But if you can access your dent from the sending unit hole, you may still be able to get it done. You would then need a helper to hold a padded rod against the inside of the dent in your tank whilst pushing against it. If you have no creases, as previously stated, you can GENTLY tap around the edge of the dent with a body hammer. If you put a wide strip of masking tape over the dent, the paint should be protected. The sending unit gasket is rubber, and can be reused. Or, as you say, Cammo, you can leave it.
323 24/11/2005 23:36:09 gaillarry Re: Small dent in fuel tank Take it to a reputable auto body shop. You'd be surprized on the tools/techniques they have available. My first FZ had a large dent by the gas cap - about 4 inches indented. The body shop used a puller and air pressure and popped it out easily, cost me $20. Well worth the trip.
324 25/11/2005 00:43:18 buzz87 Re: Small dent in fuel tank Larry, was your tank painted or unpainted at the time? If painted I assume no damage was done by the pulling?
325 28/11/2005 22:26:25 gaillarry Re: Small dent in fuel tank The tank was painted. There was a small 1/4" crease where the dent was. I used touch up paint and can hardly notice the difference.
326 26/11/2005 22:04:51 buzz87 new member hi just joined,great to see other people into the fz750. this is my third fz and is currently in bits for some mods over the winter. it is a1989 model but has 1985 red/silver bodywork fitted.r1forks,r6 wheels ,yzf 750 swingarm and r1 brakes/discs. still trying to get the rear shock linkage set up right and a speedo drive to work as the r1 has a electronic setup /all the mods seam to be going ok most of the parts bought of e-bay . like the look of the early fz but wanted the wider wheels and newer suspension so just hope all this work is worth it .should be finished by april anybody got ramair filters fitted are they ok and anybody know about a chip for the fz as ive seen a couple advertised
327 27/11/2005 01:35:29 buzz87 Re: new member [b][size=medium][color=6600FF][font=Georgia] Welcome B-MAC[/font][/color][/size][/b] Seems like everybody has a bike in pieces for the winter and hoping to ride it in the spring! Good luck on your project. Hope you can share pics as you go, and tell us what fabbing the mods entailed.
328 27/11/2005 03:08:28 ganepeil Re: new member B-Mac,Sorry to be Ignorant, But am Intrested,Is your' frame steel or aluminum? as near as I can tell, here in US model designation between fz and fzr was from square steel frame to extruded alumimum. I have an steel frame 750. and aluminum fr 1000. engines swap nicely, and have a complete upside down front end from 1000, but am hesitant to swap due to possible fairing stay clearances. would like any and all feedback. G.
329 05/12/2005 00:22:44 buzz87 Mirrors My FZ mirrors had lost all their silver backing so I could hardly see anything in them. I got quoted $106 AUD each for genuine Yamaha parts!! In the past I tried non-gen but they've got no tension in ball joint so never stay positioned. So I took my mirror stalks to a local glazier and he cut and replaced two new mirrors for $40. Inside is a little weight which must be to prevent vibration - just make sure these are glued or packed in place.
330 05/12/2005 06:02:53 mike760 Re: Mirrors did try use other mirrors not genuine to yamaha i didn't like the orginal mirrors i change to zzr600 mirrors did you glue them yourself make sure to seal around the mirror prevent water in behind mirror where the glue could wear off or not stick anymore i found that the hard way
331 06/12/2005 02:18:39 buzz87 Re: Mirrors I never considered anything other than FZ mirrors. I didn't glue myself but you're right - water had got in as there was a rusty dampness inside casing. I put a thin bead of black silicon sealant around edge to waterproof.
332 06/12/2005 04:38:19 mike760 Re: Mirrors not to worry that should fix it for sometime
333 22/12/2005 23:33:13 buzz87 Re: Mirrors There's a NOS HS mirror now on ebay at the following link (30 bucks plus shipping)
334 23/12/2005 08:18:25 Dutch Re: Mirrors As written a few days ago in the 'other parts' section: Re: Mirrors? I had the same problem with an aftermarket mirror (crap lens). CBR seems to bold on also. Apart from that you can also use handlebar mirrors that bold in on the reservoir of cluch and brake pump. Keep in mind the left one turn in counter-clock wise and that they should not come in touch with the fairing. :-D :-D :-D Cheers, Dutch
335 07/12/2005 03:08:43 ganepeil paint schemes All. Am upside down in plastic. have or have in route everything but two gas tanks. orig. plan was to copy 88 white w/red strobe oe paint scheme but am thinking of alternate colors/designs. anyone w/pet ideas?
336 07/12/2005 03:26:05 mike760 Re: paint schemes you could go with the tradition racing colour that is on the special edition bike R1 i going with blue & silver with a little black and white as for the decal that your choice i going to something unique to me there are some picture at i saw couple people bike with non yamaha paint scheme look under search by model yamaha than FZ750 my help with some ideas
337 07/12/2005 06:17:17 buzz87 Re: paint schemes I am very torn on this same issue. I have come up with a few paint schemes other than stock, because I like to customize. On the other hand, my bike is a first year of its kind, and low mile, and I do like the the red/white/black orig. scheme. I always find myself wanting more than one of something, so I can do one original, and one wild! For instance: I drive a 1980 Pontiac Grand Am - one of only 1670 built that year. I want to do it stock, but am working on getting two others locally so I can go wild on those. I digress.... I think I will go with more up-to-date colors, but not cookie-cutter modern. That way the bike will be mine, look more modern, but still stand out. My thoughts, anyways. 8-)
338 08/12/2005 02:10:01 ganepeil Re: paint schemes Mike, and John, wish to retain signature look of 80's fz/r and yet would like bike to appear even smaller. am fond of the blue yamaha used on the fz1 and r-1 am contemplating silky white with blue strobe with black or silver tracing. also, though not a big fan of yellow, perhaps a porsche/corvette yellow with (perhaps this doesen't exist in your' country's) the checker cab stripe (is a linier checkered flag) usually associated with weird load. Mike, while scrounging thru a painter friend's crash plastic turned up a fj1100 belly pan, don't know if it's spoken for or if it'll fit, will have an up in a day or two. also checked gpz 500 pan, no go .appreciaiate you'r ups G.
339 08/12/2005 07:08:10 buzz87 Re: paint schemes Gane - size-wise, I have seen a few FZ's with the rear fender removed. With little other modification, this one thing makes the bike appear 'smaller' because it takes away some of the visual mass in the back end. Looks decent, too, in my mind. Some pics on I'll add a couple of links here to detail: The second one is Jam's japanese site (from that shows what he did to accomplish this.
340 09/12/2005 04:44:39 buzz87 Re: paint schemes How about the old Marlboro Yamaha racing colours of block Red/White/Red that the likes of Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey sported in the late 80's and early 90's.
341 15/12/2005 14:32:49 gaillarry EBay Item Check auction 8022795946. Anyone tell me what these are?
342 15/12/2005 23:37:14 ganepeil Re: EBay Item Larry, they're the arms that attach to the lower shock saddle. also known as ride height adjusters.depending on their length they either raise or lower your rear end. as the applicationsare for fj 600 750 1000 and 1200 I have reservations as to what they really fit. luck G.
343 16/12/2005 17:50:44 buzz87 Re: EBay Item Larry, I can read Dutch, but not much good at German. But it looks to me that you have to tell them what model they are for (since so many are listed) and possibly what length you want, and they make them up. By the way, (off topic)you were mentioning on another thread that there were two fairing pieces available, one in germany. I am looking for a left front quarter fairing, as I just won a complete set of fairings yesterday, less that one. If you see one available, can you let me know? Thanks,
344 17/12/2005 02:22:17 mike760 Re: EBay Item arn't they the struts for the rear suspension the site claims they can improve on the grip for when you opening the throttle does say how they do it though i didn't too far in g right they can adjust the ride height they have different sizes for each model depending on what you want also depends on your suspension setting go to this site see picture
345 17/12/2005 03:30:27 ganepeil Re: EBay Item double entry here. John you beat my bid, let me know if side panels are both white, one looked champagne to me wising you luck. Larry, looked at my 86, my lower shock cradle doesen't use those link plates though I have some stock ones off a sv650 I could measure if your' bike does and you can figure which way you need to go. as usual G.
346 18/12/2005 10:56:19 Dutch Re: EBay Item indeed the dog bones are only for the 87> model, the 1** has different shock and linkage. The dogbones can easily be made yourselve. A mate of mine works in metal and he has lasered ones. 10 mm shorter, raising the back 30 mm. Have removed them because with the slighly smaller rear sprocket the chain started touching the swing arm and ate into the protection. He also lasered a chain protector and exhaust holder for me 8-) pics 3 and 4 on Cheers, Dutch
347 18/12/2005 23:43:42 gaillarry Re: EBay Item I was looking to lower my wife's FZ but she just bought a new Honda VLX600, (my xmas present to her) so I now can ride two FZs. I'm 6'2", 230lbs, so no need to lower the FZ. If anyone is looking for a fork lowering kit,by RaceTech, new in the box, let me know.
348 19/12/2005 10:55:00 Dutch Re: EBay Item Fork lowering kit? Is that something for the 1**? For the 2* and 3* just poke the forks through the yokes a bit :-) cheers, Dutch
349 19/12/2005 21:13:51 gaillarry Re: EBay Item Its a pair of fork springs with spacers made by Race Tech for the FZ750. According to the instructions it will lower the front end by" 1 to 3", depending how you adjust the preload.
350 22/12/2005 08:32:06 gmanhevner looking for 1985 FZ750 performance cams hey, can anyone help me find some 1985 FZ750 performance cams, and any big bore piston sizes that are available, and a good cylinder head shop to use for porting,
351 23/12/2005 04:20:21 mike760 Re: looking for 1985 FZ750 performance cams hi the cam are usally machine to a performance cam rather buy new any other FZR750 or YZF 750 pistons can use and make the bike a approx 850cc or use yzf1000 for bigger gain need to change the barrels as well or use FZR1000 top end local machenics should be able tell you someone that can do the porting for you ask around also where are you from
352 10/01/2006 03:25:30 gdenon3 My first bike 1986 FZ750 Those are some pics. I'm replacing the battery soon so it starts easier. Its got a dent in the tank. Im gunna have a shop look at it. I really want to get rid of the udly ass yellow paint. How much do you guys think paint will cost? Also is there any way I can make the bike look newer with new fairings?? Thanks a lot!
353 10/01/2006 03:26:06 gdenon3 My first bike 1986 FZ750 Those are some pics. I'm replacing the battery soon so it starts easier. Its got a dent in the tank. Im gunna have a shop look at it. I really want to get rid of the udly ass yellow paint. How much do you guys think paint will cost? Also is there any way I can make the bike look newer with new fairings?? Thanks a lot!
354 10/01/2006 20:49:20 gaillarry Re: My first bike 1986 FZ750 Nice looking bike, although yellow to me is ugly! A good paint job from a reputable shop will cost $300-500 for a basic paint job.
355 22/01/2006 10:11:29 Dutch Re: My first bike 1986 FZ750 It's not bad, pretty yellow isn't ugly :-) A pro job might be bit ott for a 20 year old bike. If you don't trust yourself to do it, maybe you can do all the prep work and ask a friendly paint / car repair shop to do the actual painting. Maybe it's a bit less if it is 'done on a saterday'. Cheers, Dutch
356 17/01/2006 03:29:56 eieoeoo parting out a 1986 fz 750 i have 1986 fz750 that i will be parting out soon have done some work to the bike and it was running till i took the engine out. now i have no time to finish the bike and so i would like to sell or part it out. if anybody is enterested email at tahn you!
357 17/01/2006 04:56:45 ganepeil Re: parting out a 1986 fz 750 miguel,on a whim, where is bike and what are you asking? best of luck G.
358 18/01/2006 00:35:27 eieoeoo Re: parting out a 1986 fz 750 i am located in kentucky, fort campbell. do not know really how much a would like for the whole bike but if someone would make me a good offer i will sell, would rather part it out.
359 18/01/2006 02:34:50 ganepeil Re: parting out a 1986 fz 750 M. thanks for reply, understand and good reasoning, distance precludes my intrest.luck G. :-?
360 19/01/2006 16:46:53 guui3dong Pic of my '85 FZ750 This was taken a while back (in 2000) and I've since done a few mods and am currently getting it nice for this summer, as it's been off the road for a while. It needs it's shims doing again (it's at just over 50,000miles). Mods: Bodywork. Laser 4-1 pipe + can. HEL Braided brakelines. R1 mirrors. Enjoy. I'll post more pics once it gets done. [img align=left][/img]
361 21/01/2006 05:14:56 buzz87 Re: Pic of my '85 FZ750 Hey - looks good! 8-) If I were to take a pic of my bike now, there would be tons of snow in the background :-( By the way, could you give us step by step instructions on getting a pic to show up like this. Many of us have tried, but few have been successful :-o Thanks,
362 21/01/2006 10:40:59 guui3dong Re: Pic of my '85 FZ750 It's quite simple: When you post there's a menu at the top (SIZE, FONT, COLOR, etc). Just above the size menu are three buttons. The third one is the image button. If you press it it asks you for your picture URL, which can't be one from your computer, it has to be online. (Try for uploading pics) Paste your URL in the box and press OK, then OK again (unless you want to fiddle with picture positioning) and the pic URL should appear in your text like this: [ img ] [/img ] I'm using the logo at the top for the example. Then when you post, it should end up like this: [img][/img]
363 25/01/2006 00:02:16 buzz87 Re: Pic of my '85 FZ750 Thanks - I'll give it a go. Don't have pics online, so i'll have to upload some! :-D
364 22/01/2006 01:32:29 ganepeil the 7 10 [img]corel photo album 6[/img]
365 22/01/2006 01:40:54 ganepeil Re: the 7 10 Sorry, botched attempt to post pics.
366 30/01/2006 08:01:38 buzz87 Re: the 7 10 This is my FZ 750 88' model!!! Hope you like it :-x :-x :-x file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/%C4%C7%CC%C7%D4%D1%C7%D3/%C5%F0%E9%F6%DC%ED%E5%E9%E1%20%E5%F1%E3%E1%F3%DF%E1%F2/06-01-20_13-18.jpg
367 22/01/2006 21:18:26 MARK1 To much? I went to see a FZR1000 exup ru today,its been down the road a couple of times(on its side)but has a fully blue printed and bored out with wiseco pistons engine.ive seen the dyno report and its putting out nearly 170bhp.I woz only gonna buy the bike for the engine and sell the rest.Does anyone think this may b a bit to much for my FZ750.suspension and brakes shouldnt b an issue cos im running thunderace forks wheels swingarm brakes and rear shock is from a late yzf750,im just a bit worried about the frame as it woz designed to handle about 100bhp. Cheers. Mark. :-x
368 23/01/2006 00:10:57 ganepeil Re: To much? Yup. way too much.wanna trade? seriously. am running a 123hp 1000 mill in my 86 and am looking for more. steel frames are more ductile than aluminum and less susceptible to stress fractures.while that engine makes @ 3x what the stock 20 year old chassis was desighned for my chief concern would be for would be for the longevity of the eng. not the exp.w/fzr1000's is/was that after 150 hp started having crank/rod failure, tho all the big hp fzr motors I'm familiar with were nitrus or had hair driers.perhaps yours only has flowed head and big squeeze.LUck G.
369 23/01/2006 07:49:58 Dutch Re: To much? You'll still need some NOS if you want to play ball :-D :-D :-D Have a look at one of the most famous FZ's worldwide apart from power have a look at the milage :-D
370 23/01/2006 07:51:36 Dutch Re: To much? sorry, double post.
371 28/02/2006 00:51:39 mike760 Re: To much? hi too much power well i think it depends on what you do to your frame and suspension stay stock well it won't last i just redid my frame with stiff bars across it to handle the extra power i got out my 750 engine which got a lot of work to produce around 150HP which is about 140 at wheel when i finally put it in the frames i used to method to strengthen the frame one there are new lighter steel i ran down the side on where it can't been seen the next was a two cross over bars underneth the engine which i able to design to bolt on the frame, i had replace the suspension at the front. the rear got rebuilt as i didn't find a suitable to replace it. it sound any more than 150Hp i also recomend to a bar across the top just behind the carbs to make a little stronger the cross over bars made as two but join where cross over i did this so where she bolt in will be the strongest in a bit of design work to fit in between the frame and where it bolt in i built my self, if good with metal i say do it yourself. cheers mike 760
372 24/01/2006 00:30:58 robhar2 My '86 FZ750 This is my first bike. It's an '86 FZ750 with 21000 miles. It looks to be completely stock. I've had it for just over a week now and have no complaints. It seems to be a very solid and dependable bike. [img align=left][/img]
373 24/01/2006 15:08:03 ganepeil Re: My '86 FZ750 Rob, welcome.was born in Grants Pass. clean looking scooter, watch out, It'll be a deer magnet.Luck, and again welcome.G 8-)
374 25/01/2006 23:41:02 robhar2 Re: My '86 FZ750 Thanks, It seems pretty common for the FZ to be a first bike. Which makes me feel better about having chosen it. I do have one question though. Is the throttle always so jerky at slow speeds (under 20 mph)? And if so, Is there a way to smooth it out? Or should I just suck it up and get used to it? :-)
375 26/01/2006 02:45:22 ganepeil Re: My '86 FZ750 Rob, The pic.of your' bike indicates that some one or ones have loved it dearly,as tesified by its additions of lowers and hand guards and general pristine appearance. it's also probable that it has sat for some period and if so probably has moderatly dirty carbs.stock FZ's have rather soft bottoms and don't start pulling strong 'til 5 or 6 grand but when carbs are clean and bike is in tune run smoothly from @ 1000 rpm to rev limiter. the carb pilot system having the smallest system of jets and orifices is most susceptible to blockage.indications of dirty pilots are exteended need for choke for warm up and poor throttle response at low rpm.before ripping things apart, might try this. get a spray bottle (anyting non flamable will do -straight water won't leave residue-) start bike and let idle for a minute or two then spray exhaust headers a couple inches down from the bend where they exit the head. and watch for uniform evaperation. If 1 or more cyls are running cooler (cold) (usually #1)either a fuel system additive/cleaner or a carb clean are in order.luck G 8-)
376 29/01/2006 06:37:10 robhar2 Re: My '86 FZ750 '
377 29/01/2006 06:40:46 robhar2 Re: My '86 FZ750 Gary - look at guui3dong's post of 2006/1/24 to see the instructions on posting a pic - It may help. I haven't tried yet, but others have gotten them in, so us old-timers :-o should be able to manage! Good luck :lol: Now try again - we want to see that bike :-P John
378 29/01/2006 14:07:08 gaillarry Re: My '86 FZ750 Thanks, I'll try that. I seem to remember hearing that it had sat for a little while. I'll let you know what happens. What would you suggest in the way of additives? And would it be a good idea to use an additive reguardless, since it has been sitting for a while?
379 01/02/2006 22:57:52 robhar2 Re: My '86 FZ750 So, I added the Seafoam. But I have been paying a bit more attention lately. And it seems like it's not just at slow speed. What I have noticed is that it seems like the throttle is getting stuck in the closed postion. It doesn't take much effort to unstick it, but the effort it takes makes the throttle seem jumpy from closed to just barely open. I have tested it out and it happens in all gears at all speeds. It's usually masked by the clutch above 2nd gear but is more noticeable at slower speeds. Which makes me think that maybe the butterfly valves are sticking.
380 02/02/2006 01:26:42 gaillarry Re: My '86 FZ750 Have you lubed the throttle cable? It could have a kink or binding.
381 02/02/2006 06:03:38 robhar2 Re: My '86 FZ750 Not yet, But I will check that also... Thanks for all the help so far :-)
382 02/02/2006 12:00:20 Dutch Re: My '86 FZ750 Nice bike, hope you have many miles of happy motoring (it's a cliche, but it's very true). Once a year a bottle of carb cleaner is a good idea, depending on the fuel you use (in Europe we now have this special gas with additional cleaning dopes). As for the yerky running: The cable might have a little stick, it can also be in the carbs. Give it a few tanks on varying throttle (motorway at a single throttle position won't do the trick) and see how it runs. Do you know when the valves have been done and if carbs have been synchronised recently? Be carefull riding below 3000 rpm (e.g. 6th gear in town), this is not too good for 6th gear cogs. Also keep an eye on chain tension. It should not be too much, but specially not too tight (check in diffent spots, the sprockets aren't always 100% round). Cheers Dutch. ps, the FZ is relatively strong at low rpm, it just ads a few coals to the fire above 7000 ;-)
383 21/02/2006 06:12:16 robhar2 Re: My '86 FZ750 I have just run a second dose of Seafoam through my engine, and it seems to be running much smoother, especially at idle in gear. As far as the throttle response, I'm not sure that it's not just normal play in the throttle system. Once it gets a little warmer and I have more time I'll lube the cable and see if that helps. I've been trying to pay more attention to my shift points lately also. The manual has a chart, but it's in mph instead of rpms. I've been trying to shift up around 4200-4500 and shift down around 3000, for 2nd - 6th. 1st has a shorter gear span so usually shift to 2nd around 2500-3500. I am fairly certain that it sat for a while before I got it, and since I have had it for just over a month, it just may take a while to smooth back out. Other than that I've just broke my first 1000 miles on it, and as a whole am very happy with it. It's plenty peppy enough for me, and keeps up with my friends '03 Triumph Speed Triple with no problem at all. :-D
384 29/01/2006 17:06:00 gmanhevner My 88' FZ 750 One of the best fuel additives, which is a great carb cleaner is Seafoam. Its made for marine engines but has grown in popularity in the bike world. You can get it at Carquest.
385 30/01/2006 12:00:38 gmanhevner Sorry, post again with picture this time! Post again with picture this time!!! :-P [b][size=x-small][color=99CC00][font=Courier][/font][/color][/size][/b]
386 31/01/2006 14:57:24 ganepeil Re: Sorry, post again with picture this time! Alack. I'm not alone.G :-(
387 31/01/2006 15:12:26 gmanhevner Re: Sorry, post again with picture this time! Nice to see you! :-)
388 08/02/2006 11:14:28 robhar2 Replacing Dynamo or Generator Anyone got experience of doing this? I have this rattling noise coming from my dynamo/generator, I think something is loose in there, and what I was thinking is maybe I should change out the whole thing.
389 09/02/2006 03:04:20 ganepeil Re: Replacing Dynamo or Generator Sno,It's a piece o cake, but do yourself a favor and disconnect the battery before you start. after you do that, unplug the stator lead from wiring harness, and free the lead from it's retainers. after that remove the 3 bolts that secure stator to engine.(the lower rear bolt lives in a recess and may require a wobbly socket or extension to access)stator is now free to slide out. the nose of the stator has a sealing o ring and may be reluctant but is usually no big deal. end of armature is splined and it's reciever is secured inside of cases, in other words, relax, nothings going to fall down inside engine and cause bad words.popping new unit is just reverse . make sure splines line up and unit slides in squarely before using bolts to tweek home. while you're there inspect/clean wire lead and connector, and MAKE SURE I repeat MAKE SURE! that stator leads and battery are securely connected before starting bike. reason is that the reg./rect. are incorperated inside of stator and without a load go pop! not only are they very pricy, but are truely a pain to replace as you'll find if you should elect to rebuild your' origional stator. (yes that can be done, your' problem is @ 98% to be failed armature bearing/s which are common size.) if you elect for rebuild rec. new brushes, and sub out to local automotive elect. jobber. a hundred bucks is cheap compared to new and the aggrivation of assembly. luck G. :-)
390 11/02/2006 23:34:06 robhar2 Pics of my custom FZ [url=][/url]
391 12/02/2006 23:10:16 robhar2 Re: Pics of my custom FZ [url=][/url]
392 13/02/2006 02:23:33 ganepeil Re: Pics of my custom FZ SAM, VERY COOL, is exhaust 1 off? are you making monster HP (IE frame gussetts) ? PM wheels? give a clue. G :-o
393 17/02/2006 21:41:19 robhar2 Re: Pics of my custom FZ Hi yes the exhaust is a one off.It`s a Muzzy exup.header mated to an Indigo shot gun for an R1.Wheels are 17"from YZF600(NOT AN EASY MOD)The "frame gussetts" are actually "track bars" (engine guards)offered to Canada only by Yamaha.The best mods have been the rebuilt 1020 engine yzf 750 carbs with OWO1 air box and the EXUP rad.
394 28/02/2006 00:19:49 mike760 Re: Pics of my custom FZ hi sam..... i just got my YZF600 wheels what year are yours and what was had about the mods my wheels are off 1996 model cheers mike
395 02/03/2006 17:26:01 Dutch Re: Pics of my custom FZ Seems Bandit wheels are a relatively easy job to get in (rear). No further details, read it on a German board some time ago. Cheers, Dutch
396 12/02/2006 09:51:18 robhar2 Engine Numbers on US Import Hi, Can anyone tell me whether US Import FZ750's have any engine numbers, or can any of our american cousins confirm whether their FZ's have engine numbers. Reason being I was looking at an 85 model US import FZ750 yesterday and the only engine number it had was "1FM" and nothing else. Bit concerned as all models released here in the UK have engine numbers and did not want to get stung by buying what could be a stolen bike/engine. :-( Thanks in advance, Catspaws
397 12/02/2006 19:22:34 ganepeil Re: Engine Numbers on US Import Cat; Yes. US models have engine #'s just like european and domestic's. If you go to, there is a listing for year/model by prefix. if your' engines tab is virgin after 1FM Most probable reason is that someone in the past has replaced cases. I've replaced a few over the years, and sometimes new cases have #'s and come with a sheaf of papers documenting them, sometomes not.vehicle registration varys with localle, here in Colorado USA DMV only uses frame VIN # for registration, other states use both frame and eng. #s would reccommend checking wih local beaurocracy's requirements and run frame # before purchase. PS don't be concerned if case #'s and frame year don't agree, many other year/model engines are easy transplants, ie Fz/FZX 700 FZ750 FZR1000. luck G.
398 02/03/2006 17:32:12 Dutch Re: Engine Numbers on US Import as mentioned: have a look at 'models by prefix' on USA 85-86 = 1AE, Europe 1FN, Canada 1FT etc. But engine swap is easy and in the Netherlands only the frame number (VIN) is important. BTW, it seems even Yamaha doesn't use the same number for frame and engine anymore. Cheers, Dutch
399 25/03/2006 09:35:55 Dutchfzx Re: Engine Numbers on US Import Hi there, just seen this post..... i own a '89 FZR750 type 2LM, from what i can find out (very less info on the internet about this type) it is a japanese restricted version with 80HP :-? :-? :-? but the Engine in this FZR is a type 1LM and it has also no numbers after it, i never saw something like this before and i am glad that i am not the only one here :-D another thing, how many gears do you have?? mine is a 6 gear box as all the 700/750 models, but i know that there where jap. restricted versions of the FZX750 which had only 5 gears The fzr750 2LM which i own could also be delivered stock with a 5 gear box, but dont know for sure and lost the info on the fzx750. so i am curious about the 1FM engine aswell. best regards frans
400 17/02/2006 19:56:26 robhar2 Will a stock fzr1000 header bolt on to fz750 head? Hey, does anyone know if the stock fzr1000 header will bolt right up to the fz 750 head without any modification? Will the EXUP exhaust work? Thanks guys.
401 17/02/2006 20:42:27 ganepeil Re: Do fzr1000 headers bolt on to fz750 engine? Can't speak for all year, applications, but D&D headers for 87 FZR1000 too large in diameter to fit into 86 fz750 head.G.
402 04/03/2006 15:38:16 gmanhevner Service-Repair Manual??? Hello! Can anyone tell me where can I found a service manual for my fz750 88'? :-( Especially the Clymers! Thanks :-o I have only the owners manual!!!
403 04/03/2006 16:06:19 buzz87 Re: Service-Repair Manual??? always has some Clymers for sale - in the 20USD range plus shipping. There is also a guy on that has one for sale from Canada. His name is mark, and he posted under items for sale on Feb 17 2006. (he is the first post under items for sale at the moment.)
404 04/03/2006 17:48:47 gmanhevner Re: Service-Repair Manual??? Thank you Johny I'll try some!!! :lol:
405 05/03/2006 02:07:54 ganepeil Re: Service-Repair Manual??? BobbyBoy, as you obviously have a computer and know how to use it would rec. ebay for service cd. they're all over the place and are cheeep! most are buy it now for $9.99 . chilton and clymer are prone to lump models and leave out specifics. luck.G.
406 05/03/2006 11:08:22 gmanhevner Re: Service-Repair Manual??? Thanks, I thought this is a better idea!!! :-)
407 05/03/2006 13:18:06 buzz87 Re: Service-Repair Manual??? So there is more info on the CD, Gary? Is it a direct copy of the factory service manual?
408 07/03/2006 00:03:02 ganepeil Re: Service-Repair Manual??? John and all, unable to vouch for all, but CD's I've seen from Yam. and Polaris are photo copys of factory service manuals. even have page #'s if you look closely. as a personal note, Factory manuals assume you are a tech and often don't give step by step distructions on dissassembly and generally refer to re-assy as reverse of dis. in that regard chilton and clymer are superior in that they usually include lots of pic's of used (grimy)parts with sidebars of things to look for/alt tools and ways of acheiving end product. also their later manuals usually have color coded wiring diagrams which are very nearly readable. to anyone planning on doing electrical work or trouble shooting on their own, highly rec. shopping ebay for Yam. 4-page color elect. schematic. luck G
409 13/03/2006 21:29:06 gaillarry Re: Service-Repair Manual??? If anyone needs a CD copy of the factory manual, let me know I can make copies for the postage cost. Larry
410 24/03/2006 11:14:12 robhar2 1AE vs. 1LJ It appears that the FZ that I have is a 1LJ, which as I understand it translates into a FZ750SC or California model. I'm gonna guess that the only real difference is the extra emissions rubbish. So my questions are: 1. Which parts are different. 2. Will it effect the performance 3. Since I don't happen to live in California, could I and should I remove the extra part. If so, How hard is it to do so? Thanks much, Robert
411 30/03/2006 03:12:37 ganepeil Re: 1AE vs. 1LJ Rob, was hoping someone more up to date would make post as it's been some years since I worked and lived in So Ca.on these bikes. none the less. I do remember that Yamaha had added a charcoal cannister which recieved vented vapor from gas tank (due to fuel expansion and possibly over fill drain line at gas cap.) if you opt to trash cannister, retain vent lines and route so as to prevent kinking and possibility of pissing on tire.kinking can result w/fuel starvation, and fueling tire poor option at best. the FZR1000 of same years had a AIR system which incorperated a vacumn valve which looked at intake vacumn and opened a fresh air path to cyl head at exhaust port via fitted steel lines thus mixing fresh air to exhaust gasses and reducing % of hc at exh pipe.look at cyl head below exh,pipe exit. if theres an additional set of steel lines, that'd be the AIR intake. if they exist, they have little/no effect on horsepower, tho failed valve or leak will cause backfire on de-cel as unburned gasses will ignite in headers with influx of fresh air /exh temps. blocking these ports can be acomplished by inserting interferarance plugs and securing plates or crimping/blocking intake pipe. neither affect H/P but both give more accurate readings if using EGA for tuning. P.S. stock headers have blocked ports at bottom of down tubes allowing for ega readings of individual cyls. good #'s are 3% CO w/< 500 mmp HC per cyl at idle .5-1.0 co double digits HC at cruise (3 grand +) more than you wanted I'm sure . luck G 8-)
412 30/03/2006 10:50:45 robhar2 Re: 1AE vs. 1LJ Thank you very much for your reply. It has been very helpful and extremely informative. I found the cannister on the diagram in my owners manual but haven't gotten around to locating it on my bike yet. From the sounds of things, there really doesn't seem to be much that effects performance, and I don't really feel the need to remove the cannister. It's not broke, so I'll not try to fix it. :-) Thanks again Rob
413 30/03/2006 22:36:20 mike760 Re: 1AE vs. 1LJ just asking did the calfonia model run a different jet system on the carb's or was that another version that recieve the different jets that reduce the HP a little mike760
414 31/03/2006 03:02:00 ganepeil Re: 1AE vs. 1LJ Mike, It's possible, tho I'm not sure, know that the 1000's recieved leaner jetting in CA, but they were EXUP and could be apples and oranges, if you have applicible manual Yam. usually moted differences in jetting either by specifiying CA model or eng#'s G.
415 31/03/2006 03:31:29 mike760 Re: 1AE vs. 1LJ i have a look at the 3 manual i got
416 02/04/2006 04:49:28 ganepeil Re: 1AE vs. 1LJ Did alittle research on 86 non and Ca,carbs , jetting same for all US models, however carb. bodies different , as a quess atmosprheric venting probly changed tho just a guess. also, no sign of AIR systems on 750, tho 1000 recieved AIR and carbon cann.on 86 models.G
417 24/03/2006 15:25:54 Mad_Liz Urgent Action needed re 3rd EC Driving Licence Directive Hi guys. I realise this is not the usual first posting but the BMF needs your help today. We need you to [url=]e-mail your MP[/url] as a matter of urgency. Early this month, there were rumours that the Austrian Presidency of the European Union was cooking up a scheme with Germany to fast track agreement of a Common Position on the [url=]Third EC Driving Licence Directive[/url]. Austria and Germany have disagreed with some of the proposals, particularly those relating to the life of driving licences and their renewal but showed no interest in the motorcycling proposals. Germany even praised them at the last Council of Ministers meeting in December. Nevertheless, they opposed agreement of a Common Position at the time. The proposal that they were considering in early March, as one of several options was that there should be a lengthy period before implementation of the Directive effectively sparing those who agreed to it any embarrassment when it was put in place since they would be unlikely to still be in office. We learned only this week that Austria and Germany intend to put the Third EC Driving Licence Directive in its current form but with a lengthy implementation date on the agenda of Council of Ministers on Monday 27th March with a view to agreeing a Common Position. They have designated it an 羨・topic i.e. one to be voted on without discussion. Throughout the UK Presidency and during the current Austrian Presidency, there has been a marked reluctance to open the text of the draft Directive to discuss even the issues that the Council members regard as sticking points let alone the motorcycling proposals. Hence there is little or no chance of the Council considering the European motorcycling community痴 amendments to moderate the motorcycling proposals or the UK motorcycling community痴 more radical approach of deleting them entirely to be revisited at a later time. BMF representatives brought this to the attention of Transport Minister Stephen Ladyman at a meeting on Wednesday but he claims that he has been unable to find support from other national governments at Council of Ministers meetings and that even the industry with the exception of Honda UK have made few representations. Even the Italians and Germans with indigenous motorcycle industries have shown no interest. A 創on-paper・submitted by the UK Government on the motorcycling proposals was rejected by all other parties. Dr Ladyman has agreed to register his disapproval of the proposal at the Council but indicated that he will be abstaining from the vote rather than voting against the proposals. This has a number of implications. This action is contrary to the indications given by the Austrian Presidency and the UK Government where it appeared that with so many differences, the Third EC Driving Licence Directive would be allowed to run out of time and be withdrawn for redrafting. The reluctance by the Council to debate it is also a concern with their justification being that they are reluctant to lose the points on which they are agreed. There is the question that if the time for implementation has been changed, then the text of the draft Directive has been amended and it should be subject to a debate. This all comes across as fundamentally undemocratic with governments who are supposed to represent the interests of their citizens failing to make transparent decisions. The agreement of a Common Position completes the First Reading and allows the draft Directive to proceed to the Second Reading initially in the European Parliament. With the ongoing reluctance to discuss the text, the Rapporteur and shadow rapporteurs want a formal Second Reading in which the draft Directive in its current form will merely be rubber-stamped. So, the next stage will be to demand a full Second Reading and that the motorcycling elements are, at least considered, if not deleted. In the interim, we should contact our MPs to whom Stephen Ladyman is answerable NOW to call for him to adopt a more robust position. Please send an e-mail to your MP based upon the following: To: ----------------------------, MP From: ---------------------------- Address: ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- Dear ------------------------------, It has just come to my notice that the draft Third EC Driving Licence Directive is to be subject to undemocratic procedures at the Council of Ministers meeting on Monday 27th March. The Austrian Presidency of the European Union proposes to extend the period for its implementation and vote on a Common Position without discussion. The UK motorcycling community has consistently expressed concerns about the motorcycling proposals in the draft Directive which will have a devastating effect on the use of motorcycles and their benefits in addressing congestion and social exclusion by restricting access to them yet failing to improve road safety. We believe that there should at least be full discussion of the motorcycling issues at the Council of Ministers meeting and preferably their deletion from the draft Directive so that meaningful proposals taking the latest research can be drafted. At a recent meeting with representatives from the British Motorcyclists Federation, Minister for Transport, Dr Stephen Ladyman claimed that he had received no support from other EU member states with regard to the motorcycling measures in the Third EC Driving Licence Directive and so, at Monday痴 Council of Ministers proposed to register the concerns of the UK motorcycling community but to abstain rather than voting against agreement of a Common Position. There is a serious danger that if the Council agrees a Common Position without discussion, then the European Parliament will also be reluctant to fully debate the text of the draft Directive. The inevitable outcome of this will be the implementation of measures damaging to the future of motorcycling which have not been subject to transparent and democratic procedures. Please use your influence with the Minister to ask him to more diligently seek the support of potential allies and to conduct a more robust defence, not only of UK motorcyclists・interests but the principles of democracy in the European Union. Yours sincerely, --------------------------- Cheers, guys! Have a drink on me!
418 25/03/2006 01:47:47 buzz87 Re: Urgent Action needed re 3rd EC Driving Licence Directive Perhaps this is not a motorcycling opinion: but I think you will notice that so-called Democratic Governments across the globe are becoming less democratic by the year. In Canada, we have had an elected Dictatorship (called a democracy) since the Trudeau era of the 70's. It only gets worse with every election. Party members, once elected, are not allowed to vote with conscience or according to constituents wishes, but must "tow the party line" or face expulsion. The issue of which you speak will apply to all areas of life soon enough - not just riding. Imagine what a "one-world-government" will do with our rights once that is a reality. No doubt it will be based on the EC form, or, perhaps, even grow out of it. Just remember - WE let this happen. Good luck with your cause!
419 12/04/2006 04:34:40 spack its the "newbie" hey, whats up guys? well my name is really shawn, i was given the name spack due to my last name McSpadden... well anyway, i live in florida, i am very interested in anything with an engine, i have a '87 ford ranger that im putting a 302 in and a toyota supra rearend in, it currently has "air ride" suspension on it which i fully built, (custom 3-link in the rear). i actually came across a '88 fz750 for sale as i was looking for a daily-driver while i worked on my truck, and well, i have been sucked in the the fz world! i think this bike is the most bada** bike! everything on it and about it for its time is really advanced! my dad has an xs1100, he has owned it since day one, and ever since i saw it i fell in love with it and yamaha. well anyway, i dont want to bore you too much with my life story... i hope to be on here quite often, as i am about to be the proud owner of a fz750!! ill probably have loads of q's.
420 13/04/2006 01:17:39 ganepeil Re: its the "newbie" Spack, welcome, ride safe,have fun. G 8-)
421 14/04/2006 19:11:27 buzz87 Re: its the "newbie" Hey man, welcome! Have a great time ridin your new bike - just resist the temtation to tear into it before your truck is done! :-D Make sure to read lots of entries both here and on, as there is tons of info to answer alot of your Q's!
422 29/04/2006 20:49:11 harry69koi Re: its the "newbie" Welcome m8 im new too 8-) Im still learning of what mods have been done on my fz as it has had some serious work in the past from the last owner ぶ722 worth :-o
423 29/04/2006 23:12:02 buzz87 Re: its the "newbie" Swingarm, rims, brakes, handsets, rotors (FZ1000?)and chainguard (1-off or aftermarket) for starters are off other bikes judging by yer pics. Likely engine mods thrown in for good measure with that kind of coin spent. A little hairy is it? :-x Johny
424 16/04/2006 02:59:33 isenegger Repair Manuals Well im new to this site. I was also looking for a repair manual on ebay. Which is better a Haynes or Clymer? thnks
425 16/04/2006 15:29:12 Dutch Re: Repair Manuals Haven't seen a Haynes for the FZ, but the Clymer is pretty good. There are also digital copies around somewhere, though haven't got an URL nearby, Sorry. Cheers and welcome, Dutch
426 18/04/2006 00:26:41 ganepeil Re: Repair Manuals I: another possibility is Yamaha factory man. on CD, almost always avail. from ebaystores at @ $10.00 Luck G
427 29/04/2006 20:38:34 harry69koi Newbie alert Hi peeps im totally new to this fz750 lark but loving every minute of my new toy :-D My names lee and im from grimsby in the uk,seems there is alot bigger following in the usa of the fz than here :-) Here`s a few pics of my modded fz anyway :-D [img][/img]
428 29/04/2006 20:41:36 harry69koi Re: Newbie alert Few close ups :-D [img][/img][img][/img][img align=left][/img][img align=left][/img]
429 29/04/2006 22:58:00 buzz87 Re: Newbie alert Welcome Lee :-) Looks like a great bike and nice family! If you look at stats on, you'll see more FZs sold in States then elsewhere, that's all. Have fun and stop by often!!
430 29/04/2006 20:54:07 potsy 85 fz for sale 85 Yamaha FZ750, corbin seat, supertrap exhaust, k&n kit, new tires, chain, and sprocket. looks & runs exc, 64K, $2500CAD obo. you can email me at
431 29/04/2006 23:20:05 buzz87 Re: 85 fz for sale Where Ya At?
432 01/05/2006 04:51:37 potsy Re: 85 fz for sale edmonton...what about you?
433 02/05/2006 01:28:26 buzz87 Re: 85 fz for sale 8 hrs away. Can you send some pics to the email in my profile? Thanks, Johny
434 29/04/2006 21:05:03 harry69koi Fairing infills needed Would anyone have any fairing infills(both side`s prefered) but the side where the choke is most urgent :-D Got the cash waiting peeps so please get in touch if you can help me out here 8-) Ta Lee
435 29/04/2006 22:39:31 robhar2 Re: Fairing infills needed Ebay has the left side insert for an '87. Item number #4635071950 3 days left, 1 bid for about 10.50US so far... Good luck...
436 29/04/2006 23:14:01 buzz87 Re: Fairing infills needed Apparently both are available from Yamaha-Canada in the 60CAD range. (See other posts under 'Other Parts' for part numbers) Link should take you right there... Johny
437 30/04/2006 01:23:33 harry69koi Re: Fairing infills needed Cheers peeps for those links :-D placed a bid :-)
438 30/04/2006 01:32:47 harry69koi Re: Fairing infills needed Need a sidelight unit if anyone has one aswell? eg the part with the two wires coming out of it :-) I believe it just push`s into the bottom of the light? and connects to the loom by two bullet connectors? as seen here in the piccy[img align=left][/img]
439 22/05/2006 19:18:18 enduro Re: Fairing infills needed Hi Lee, in response to your question if you visit you will see what you require, also visit these are websites i've found useful. I know that this is a late response to your question but hopefully it is of use to you and others. I myself are on my 4th Fz, 3 i've stripped and sold surplus via Ebay Cheers Dave. :-D
440 26/05/2006 03:40:06 harry69koi Re: Fairing infills needed Cheers dave 8-)
441 05/06/2006 16:43:25 harry69koi Re: Fairing infills needed Got the fairing infill from fz road+race as suggested on this site and wow what a bargain :-D Came today a looks the dogs doo darrs for ぴ0 odd quid :-o
442 25/10/2006 09:56:39 bolam58 Re: Fairing infills needed I need the same as this. if anyone can help...... Love my bike, and would like to keep it genuine.....[quote] harry69koi wrote: Would anyone have any fairing infills(both side`s prefered) but the side where the choke is most urgent :-D Got the cash waiting peeps so please get in touch if you can help me out here 8-) Ta Lee[/quote]
443 01/05/2006 10:37:10 oldman My bike project so far just incase anyone else here is going to start doing up a bike its not hard to do just take your time. If you want to see how far i have got with my project you can look at my pics i still have a long way to go and will keep updating the photos as i progress If you look at the gear picks you can see the damage on the sixth gear
444 02/05/2006 03:40:43 mike760 Re: My bike project so far nice pic old man couple of questions did the valve train get redone?? or did everything just get clean?? just pic some differences between the eariler engine and later ones your came out out all black mine has gold colour on rocker cover, clutch cover, the two side covers at bottom of crank, cams and cam clamps. though i see you made your bike into night rider or a ghost rider. it will make a difference on the bike having increase the compression, you heads came out well after clean or polish. when i had taken my head of it was far worst than yours, for year i couldn't work on my bike and keep it in a oil bath which is could because the paint the carbon and any other build was remove but the most important thing i found is that you only use motorcycle oil for the bath. just some info for anyone who read this. cheers mike
445 02/05/2006 14:28:30 oldman Re: My bike project so far i got the bike on e bay i was just going to give it a quick clean up then ride it but once the bike arrived at my house the job turned into a massive project. In the pics all i did was paint the engine black as most of the paint had fallen off i was told that there was a noise on the engine but after seeing the chain i thought is was the chain making all the noise unfortunatly i was wrong as you can see in the pics the sixth gear is shot. I decided that i might aswell do the bike up properly now as its in so many bits. Jobs done so far 1 stripped and cleaned siezed brakes 2 stripped rear suspesion replaced worn bushes 3 stripped front forks replaced oil 4 recoverd seat 5 polished everything i could or painted it :-D 6 stripped down the engine 7 repaired and painted front fairing /fuel tank and side panels 8 skimmed head cleaned and lapped in valves 9 fitted new o/s mirror o/s handle bar / clutch and brake levers 10 several repaires to the wiring 11 fitted new number plate and rear reflector 12 2 new tyres Yes i did think about Ghost rider when i was painting it I was going to powder coat the frame and wheels but after finding out how much it was going to cost i forgot that idea Things still to do 1 Repair lower fairings then paint them 2 rebuild engine and refit 3 repair or replace clutch slave cilender as its starting to leak ggggggrrrrrrrrr Once done take it for MOT then tax it and RIDE IT :-D
446 03/05/2006 01:29:13 mike760 Re: My bike project so far how much does the power coat cost over there here i get for $200AUS and S100AUS for sand blasting clutch slave doesn't cost much to fix up should replace the lines and use braided lines such a better feel also did it on the brakes cheers mike760
447 03/05/2006 08:28:58 oldman Re: My bike project so far the guy i asked wanted ふ0 for just blsting the wheels then another ふ0 for powder coating i did not ask about the frame as i was already leaving lol i aint paying a furtune for paint on this old bike i got the bike for fun not to look at. To be honest the paint on the frame is ok so why spend money when you dont have 2. As for the clutch slave cilender its going to have to wait till last. Oh well back to sanding the fairings :-o
448 04/05/2006 01:12:01 buzz87 Re: My bike project so far You are probably aware, but you can get a clutch slave cyl rebuild kit on ebaymotors for about 15USD plus shipping. Certainly better than buying another one. John
449 04/05/2006 07:52:07 oldman Re: My bike project so far i will have to look into that one thanks
450 04/06/2006 06:16:29 harry69koi Re: My bike project so far Another peeps who`s brave enough to bring the bike into the house 8-) respect m8 :-D weird thing is that the room urs is in looks like a near copy of my room that i put mine in when repairs are needed and even the wallpaper is the same :-o :-D :-D :-D
451 04/06/2006 21:04:53 buzz87 Re: My bike project so far Spoooky............ We freshly moved into a trailer last August. I brought my 85 FZ with me with the intent of putting it in the factory pullout to rebuild over the winter. Oddly, the misses was not of the same mind as me, and as the saying "happy wife, happy life" applies here, the bike got relegated to the shed o'er the winter doldrums. Needless to say, I am not riding that bike this summer. Now another move precludes the rest of the buldup :-( . But once I get settled, will tie into the old girl again. (the bike, I mean :lol: ) Later all...
452 06/06/2006 10:53:05 oldman Re: My bike project so far my ex wife drove me mad so now i am HAPPILY DIVORCED :-D now i can do what i want in the house the kids dont have a say in the matter. As for the rebuild its stopped for the moment as i have run out of money i am off to France next week on my Pan 1300 so i need all my money for that but once i get back i will save up and finish the fz and get out on it before the bad weather come back Ride Fast Ride Safe
453 09/07/2006 11:51:43 oldman Re: My bike project so far Well at last the project is finished i just added some more pics to show the bike in all its glory . It goes for its MOT Tuesday then tax it and finally i can go ride it :-D . I must admit pressing the start button for the first time was scary i was waiting for a cluck cluck bang but to my amazment it fired up first go sweet as a nut. I still have to ride it yet and make sure everything works ok no leaks etc but so far so good roll on Tuesday :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D go have a look
454 15/07/2006 19:40:32 oldman Re: My bike project so far got an MOT Tuesday and taxed but when i went for a spin all was not well there was no power at all then on the way home just to piss me off more the speedo stopped working gggggrrrrrr. I got some new plugs but that did not work so it was off with the carbs for a clean out and check its my own fault i know i should have checked them before but i just asumed they would be ok well i found a hole in one of the diaphrams went to Yamaha dealer thinking i should buy 4 new ones they would only be about ぴ or ふ each ha how wrong was i just for one ぺ8 THUD no way was i paying that so i went down the road to the push bike shop i got a puncture repair kit ぴ sealed the hole no worries got my new speedo cable Friday so now the test ride first impressions were holy shit this bugger is fast when i get to 8 grand the power kicks in real hard infact i left my vizer open and i near broke my neck trying to keep my head down :-D one thing that i did not think about was bedding in the brakes and the first time i had to stop quick there was next to no brake at all :-? but they soon bed in the new speedo is working all seems well no leaks temp is good the only problem i still have is the clutch drags a bit i find it hard to get neutral but i can sort that no worries so there we have it a 17 year old bike mixing it with the new bikes and keeping up with them :-) :-) :-) :-)
455 18/07/2006 07:26:15 Dutch Re: My bike project so far Dutch freak had a problem with the neutral and bike draging with cluch in. He replaced the push rod that actuated the cluch. Cost about 10 euro (about 7 quid) and made shifting a lot easier. Depending on the condition of your's could be intresting to try, it's not that hard to get it out and check condition. Greetz, Dutch
456 18/07/2006 07:49:24 oldman Re: My bike project so far Thanks for that Dutch but I checked the pushrod while building the engine looks ok but I think I have narrowed it down to 2 possibilities wrong oil ? Or worn out clutch plates ? I used cheap 20/40 engine oil. As for the clutch plates due to the fact I have never seen any new clutch plates I was not sure if my plates were worn out or not so I will ride the bike for a while then when I change the oil again I can also change the clutch plates then fingers crossed I fix the problem. There is one problem I keep getting is that the oil light comes on checked oil level ok here is the daft part if I put the bike on its side stand the oil light goes off tip the bike the other way the light comes back on again this happens for the first 2 mins of worm up once worm the light stays off very strange ?????
457 18/07/2006 16:28:43 Dutch Re: My bike project so far Clutch: oil can be a factor, I have the experience shifting went worse as usual with some batches of oil. No idea about origin, kind, maybe just batch related :-? Clutch plates could be, although my (not always reliable) gut feeling says worn plates would make the clutch slip, not drag. Oil: not odd at all! If sensor is left of the middle, oil will increase when leaned to the left, go down when to the right :-D . Also -unless you live in very hot conditions- 20W 40 is way to think at cold start. Manual says 15W 40, but only reason imho is that in those days they couldn't make such a wide multigrade as 10W 40. Just use any mineral or semi-synthetic 4-stroke 10W 40 motorcycle oil and change it regularly (6 kKm, 4kM). Anything more fancy is OTT. Even most car oils work fine (though at own risk, some might have additives that foul up a bikes wet clutch) Cheers, Dutch
458 01/09/2006 14:46:56 krondalf Re: My bike project so far hi.. this may sound a bit strange but.. I was having the same probs with the gear changes...especially neutral I replaced the geag change foot assembly and lincages on the exterior of the bike with new ones and the difference was amazing...suspect the old universal bearing?? in the linkage was at fault :-)
459 03/09/2006 09:51:27 oldman Re: My bike project so far i changed the engine oil for a better oil and now everything is working perfect that will teach me not to use cheap rubbish oil :-?
460 26/09/2006 11:29:44 fzpilot Re: My bike project so far clutch slave doesn't cost much to fix up should replace the lines and use braided lines such a better feel also did it on the brakes cheers mike760 how much were your braided brake lines mike. want to put them on mine. cheers Ben.
461 29/09/2006 04:54:28 mike760 Re: My bike project so far Hi ben should cost no more than $200 for (3 lines) brakes and clutch. cost includes it to be fitted on aswell i did mine through the machanics who may of got the lines cheaper didn't ask for individual prices but they are good quality. cheers Mike760
462 02/10/2006 08:12:37 pr0sketch Re: My bike project so far hey your bike looks awsome. are you a mechanic? because i was wondering , i swaped a 87fzr750 engine in put it on my 87fz700, it doesnt start could it be electrical indifferences? maybe the cdi? pls let me know what you think. thank u
463 02/10/2006 17:49:47 oldman Re: My bike project so far yes i am a car mechanic but sorry to say i have never worked on a 700 so not sure what cdi it uses etc so i cant help just check to see if you have a spark at the plugs is the fuel getting into the cilenders check the basics first i am sure you will get it running good luck
464 03/05/2006 19:25:08 harry69koi Can and link pipe needed Would anyone have a nice end can and link pipe forsale to fit my 1986 fz750? Something like micron etc :-D Cash waiting peeps so please get in touch if you have anything,ta Lee
465 20/05/2006 22:13:56 harry69koi Re: Can and link pipe needed All sorted now :-D Went for a quill can and link pipe,great bit of kit i can tell ya :-)
466 04/05/2006 12:54:50 cmendler Igniton System Hey evereyone...i'm looking to get a Ignitor box the part number on mine is T1d14-56. PS anyone know the difference between that part number and a T1D14-58 or if it will work. Thanks carl
467 12/05/2006 18:49:31 Dutch Re: Igniton System have you used the part number in a search engine? Sometimes that gives surprising results. Could be the difference is country related, don't really know. Where are you from and what code (1AE, 2MG etc) is your bike? Cheers, Dutch
468 30/05/2006 13:38:58 oldman need a sixth gear Can anyone help i am in need of a sixth gear has anyone in the UK got one for sale ?? :-o
469 03/06/2006 05:50:44 harry69koi Re: need a sixth gear Isnt there any other model of yammy that has the same sixth gear m8? Might be worth a quick email to Mr yammy themselves? Might be worth buying from them? Sorry cant be much more help than that :-(
470 03/06/2006 14:56:26 oldman Re: need a sixth gear been to Yamaha part No 1tv171610000 ぺ7.78 AAAAAAAHHHHHHH I cant afford that :-(
471 04/06/2006 06:06:32 harry69koi Re: need a sixth gear Not cheap m8 but save`s the stress of hunting for one and get her back on the road,summers coming m8ty 8-)
472 02/06/2006 05:47:32 nolafz What took me so long Just wanted to say hey yall. Finally found a site that deals with the FZ. Here's a quick, vomit inducing story of mine. Bought it about 12 years ago from a friend, perfect condition. Rode it as my only vehicle (rain and snow too) for several years without a single problem. Bought a car and decided to give the FZ to some rewards it deserved ....3'gs in paint, everything chromed,powdered, polished...nitrous forward a few years...get married, open gets put on hold. business does ok, bike starts coming back together. Finally...6 years later, I've got it in the shop for a final once over. Hurricane Katrina hits, shop gets 3 ft. of toxic chemical water...and my business ruined. Every bit of polishing , plating eaten off. All wiring corroded...clutch cover totally a coral reef it was so bad, nitrous shot. New plugs,new carbs rebuilt, cooling system flushed and 8 oil changes later it's back. I refuse to let it die like that. Needless to say, it's been a never ending flushing out process , but at least now it's rideable. I will say, it has been one, tough bike. I originally paid $1500 for the bike and put about 5 grand into it that was gone in a day. It's like the 6 Mllion Dollar will be better, faster...stronger! It's a bitch finding cool aftermaket stuff though. Have to make most of it.
473 03/06/2006 05:47:49 harry69koi Re: What took me so long Welcome to the site m8,boy the poor girl has had a rough time just latley then? :-o
474 04/06/2006 20:58:10 buzz87 Re: What took me so long My hat's off to you for bringing the old girl back from disaster. Good can come from many things, and it's good to hear this one! :cry:
475 06/06/2006 05:09:33 nolafz Re: What took me so long She's almost back, but I think the problems of swallowing toxic waste might be a little much. Throwing new clutch plates in tomorrow, but in the meantime..I fired her up today and the starter is grinding like there's a broken gear. Hit the start button a few times and you can get it to start, but I seriously think she's disintegrating. Literally.
476 03/06/2006 13:33:28 harry69koi Knumb hands Could anyone give me a clue how to stop the resonating im feeling in the handlebars at about 4500-5000 rpm? :-( Its not a vibration but more like a high resonation and its spoiling my ride and making my hands knumb as hell :-( I know i could go to 6000rpm but that will take me above our national speed limit and i dont fancy points again lol,Any ideas most welcome peeps :-D
477 04/06/2006 06:13:00 harry69koi Re: Knumb hands Think i might be onto the cause of the resonation now :-o yesterday morning before my rideout i put in super unleaded(98 ron) then all day had the problem,but last night i fancied another blast out so went and filled up again but this time used standard unleaded(95 ron) and the resonation hasnt gone but its a massive improvement to how it was :-D weird eh? Going to book my baby in for a full dyno setup me thinks 8-)
478 04/06/2006 18:29:09 oldman Re: Knumb hands if you get the dyno setup let us know if it made any differance etc and cost i may have to get my bike setup once i get it built
479 04/06/2006 21:09:06 buzz87 Re: Knumb hands Noticed from your original pics that shorter and likely lighter bar ends have been fitted. Heavier bar ends turned in a heavier metal can help with the vibrations. (Stock ones may be enough, and you can always get them dipped/chromed if you need the extra 'flash') Also read of one lad who filled his clipons with lead to eliminate the prob. It would also be interesting to see if a Higher grade yet of octane would affect things, and how. Suggest trying stock bar ends just to see how they work. Should be easy for you to get over there. But I have an extra pair a bit scraped if you're in a pinch. Johny
480 05/06/2006 02:27:11 mike760 Re: Knumb hands hi sound like a couple of problem you have. it maybe just wheel balance or engine mounts little loose but as for the fuel you find you bike carb's aren't balance. another thing for it is loss of compression in a cyclinder hence lower grade fuel works better and limit the intial vibration. do a compression test very easy and take not much time at all for me it takes hour and half to undo and redo everything. could take less Could also be that front tyre wear uneven or headset bearing worn you have fault find by inpection and simple tests bearing test need to get front wheel in air and move it around to see in you have play in the bearing another tighten all engine bolts should be six. have a look around see what you can and get it fix cheers mike760 need more info just ask
481 05/06/2006 05:53:02 harry69koi Re: Knumb hands Thanks for all the greta idea`s peeps :-D When i get to the bottom of the problem ill report my finding`s for future ref 8-)
482 05/06/2006 06:01:31 harry69koi Re: Knumb hands If you could send us a pm with your address johny and a price for the bar ends ill sort out the cash for you m8 :-)
483 04/06/2006 06:08:56 harry69koi Anyone off here? I saw a lovely fz750 genesis yesterday in grimsby/uk,tried to get a knod in but was going round a roundabout at the time,was it anyone off here? :-o
484 06/06/2006 21:53:48 lurch Just purchased 86' model - points to look out for??? Hi all, just bought an 86' FZ750 with Loctite Yamaha paint, 45,000 miles on the clock... Just started to strip it down, needs a full service/tyres, chain & sprockets, lots of corrosion but was wondering: Engine sounds fine but what about Shimming & camchains - when do these things normally need some attention on an FZ? Any help would be much appreciated!
485 07/06/2006 20:17:42 lurch Re: Just purchased 86' model - points to look out for??? Just noticed the post on shimming - nuff said!
486 07/06/2006 00:06:04 nolafz odd discovery FZ was slipping bad in all gears. Figured the clutch plates were shot from being soaked with floodwater. Got a new set and pulled the cover to change them and found the tips of the splines around the clutch basket were worn at an angle. The wear is still shiny so I know the problem is fairly recent. Any clues? I figured if the were rubbing against the cover somehow, I would feel or hear it.
487 07/06/2006 00:24:28 nolafz also I can't find my manual, so I ordered a new one. Should there be 6 friction plates or 8? I removed 6 old ones, but the EBC kit came with 8. I have to admit, the shop this bike was in, did as much damage as the storm. I'm having to replace every bit of work they botched. When replacing the plates, start with a steel clutch plate or a friction plate first? I've done clutches a million times but I never remember.
488 07/06/2006 04:28:50 ganepeil Re: also nolafz, this is goofy, but will try to be suscint, origional clutch hub (inner) had a steel wear plate with a cupped spring plate located inside it. then a steel cl.plate which was retained by a piece of piano wire which lived in a groove in hub. this followed by 8 friction plates begining and ending w/fibre plates and seperated by steel. later fzrs dispensed with initial cush and ran a skinny friction plate in middle of pack with a cupped plate inside of it. this plate and last friction plate being of different demension than other 7 fibre plates ie a total of 9 fibre plates. after market kit usually dispensed with spring plates for more agressive assemly, make sure that the friction plates making contact with aluminum (ie inner hub and outer presure plate are of full contact area. as a smaller contact area will wear either post haste. luck G
489 08/06/2006 03:52:52 nolafz Re: also I put the new plates in and it seems to be working ok. I seem to remember the the clutches grabbing harder though. It's the wear on the tips of the outer clutch basket that is really stumping me. It's not slipping anymore at least. One thing I didn't check when I pulled it apart, was to see if the idiots who worked on it,lined up the dots on the pressure plate. Not sure how much trouble this would cause if they didn't. It also has laggy throttle response and the carburation/fuel bugs are endless. Seems like it's running way too rich. Float levels might be high overflow though. Guess I'll go back to square one and sync the carbs and work all the way through the system. Again. Here's a tip. Never let your bike go underwater. Especially Mississippi river water.
490 07/06/2006 15:19:54 gaillarry Parting Out - 2 FZ750s I've finally finshed two FZs but have two left over! If you need any parts let me know before I put them on Evilbay. Both extra parts bikes are almost complete. I have lots of pics so contact me at
491 11/06/2006 11:49:54 spook Factory racers Does anyone know if the factory every produced race versions of the fz750? Or where they just put together by the teams? I have located an alloy frame and one-piece tank and seat. Any one have any clues? Cheers, Ralph.
492 14/06/2006 14:10:10 Dutch Re: Factory racers I know Yamaha sold race kits to get significantly more horsepower out of the engine, don't know if they had a full factory team or just supported the importers with a race team. Suspect the latter.
493 28/07/2006 18:25:14 Edgar Re: Factory racers Hello I got a History of the FZ /FZR here an they talk about an Alloy Frame in 1985. For the Factory TT-F-1 Bike. It is direct from the 011 Prototyp. There was the 200 Miles AMA in Daytona and Eddie Lawsen and other 4 Rider got from Yamaha Racing the FZ Superbike. 130 HP at 12.500 1/min. The youngest Rider was not allow to start- he is 17 at this Moment. His name is John Kocinski :-D
494 11/06/2006 11:58:25 FZ7508K 85 FZ750 8K miles for sale For Sale: 1985 FZ750. 8900 miles. Located in upstate NY. The bike has been stored indoors for about 15 years. Open to offers, must go!
495 13/06/2006 19:49:30 harry69koi My baby`s forsale :-( Take a peek guys/gals
496 14/06/2006 14:06:03 Dutch Re: My baby`s forsale :-( Sorry to hear you want to sell. Personally I wouldn't like a cruiser, even though I don't have a bad back. Every bump shoots straight up through the spine, with a more sporty riding position it just trows the bum a bit up. Ever tried riding with a kidney belt for some extra support of using slightly higher handle bars (CBX750 & early VFR750 fit and are about 1.5-2" higher which is very noticable)? Cheers, Dutch
497 16/06/2006 04:50:22 tommyrut Bunch of helpful Info on the FZ750 So i have had my FZ750 for about a year now, and in that year...I have rebuilt the engine, new fork seals, straightened clipons, new cables, stainless lines, 1991 FZR 600 rear wheel, 2001 R1 tail with matching 01 seat and seat cowl, carb rebuild/clean/tune/sync, custom exhaust routing with a 19" tunable disc system from supertrapp, and will be getting a new fzr front wheel, new upper fairing/sides(havent decided which to go with yet, ive heard that you can use some of the suzuki fairings from the early/mid 90's with minor bracket modifications. At some point, im going to get smart and make a new website with pictures and instructions on how to do all that stuff..there is a lot of little information that took me forever to dig right spacers you need for the rear wheel, what you have to do to mount the R1 tail. wiring solutions, and more. Until then if anyone wants to know how to do any of that me, and ill send some pics and info..otherwise ill update you all with a link to the site when i get it up and running.
498 19/06/2006 22:55:05 tommyrut 1986 FZ 750 Engine for sale I have a 1986 FZ750 engine for sale. It's in good shape. I never had any major problems with it. I will be including the starter, water pump, alternator, and carb boots(intake boots whatever you call them). The starter could use a can still electronically start the bike, but it sometimes wont engage right away, might take once or twice to get it running. It's worth about 550 if you add everything up. I will be selling it for $400. I live in Ames, Iowa..near des moines. I can deliver it for a charge, or I will be in Chicago this Thursday night and friday morning, then wisconsin...lake geneva..friday/sat/sunday. If you are near any of that, we could meet and you can pick up. Let me know asap. thanks. tom-6/19/06 PS.. i am looking for some sides and upper fairing for an 88 FZ700.. if you have a good set, let me know, and we could trade.
499 30/06/2006 07:14:23 tommyrut Re: 1986 FZ 750 Engine for sale so I forgot add up there, I can look into shipping on this if anyone is seriously interested. I'm also taking offers now. email me at the address below. thanks
500 30/06/2006 07:14:37 tommyrut Re: 1986 FZ 750 Engine for sale so I forgot add up there, I can look into shipping on this if anyone is seriously interested. I'm also taking offers now. email me at the address below. thanks
501 20/06/2006 07:42:01 isenegger 1985 FZ750 for sale....$1,700 Im selling my FZ750. It has 29k mi. new paint, tires, windshild, rebuilt carbs, supertrapp exhaust. It runs great and pretty quick. Im looking to get $1,700 for it. Call 361-652-9075 if intrested. [img][/img] [img][/img]
502 26/06/2006 21:20:38 ValeRossi About carburators (Mikuni BDS34) Hello all and greetz from Finnland :-) I had a -85 FZ 750 from late 80's to early 90's, and great bike it was. After that I had no bike of any kind until now; I bought another -85 FZ 750. This one had a lot of rust inside the tank. Now I've clened the tank (sandblasting) and I'm in the middle of cleaning the carbs (the bike didn't work properly with gas fully opened, maybe first 5/6 of the throttle worked.) Now here's what I'd like to know: what r the original jet sizes? (I guess main jet is the most important..) The thing is that I bought this bike from Germany, and what I've seen they tell this has 100hp. Here in Finnland it was 102hp for -85 and -86 models. So maybe the german models r "restricted" or smth and maybe it is in the jets? Anyway, what I "can" read about the hieroglyphes in the jets, it says: 105 (or 501) for the main jet, and for the pilot jet 15 (or 51.) Is this correct? Danke sch・n.
503 27/06/2006 01:32:50 ganepeil Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Valerossi, in USA stock jetting was 107.5 on cyls 1&4 105 on 2-3 (main jet) and 17.5 pilots. over 100 hp a little optomistic for fz models, but realistic for fzrs, luck G
504 27/06/2006 09:38:20 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Thanks for info, the different jet sizes seem a bit weird though :-/ But then again, what do I know. Well, I ckecked all the jets and they r all 105. I asked the local Yamaha-dealer about the stock jet sizes, and he looked from the catalog them to be 105.. Should I believe into it.. maybe it was some german catalog he used (I was on the phone with him and he seemed not to even recognize the model: "what did u say the model was?") Damnation. I think I 'll try find those 107.5 ones 8-) p.s. really it's told 102hp for models -85 and -86, and 107hp from -87 --> A stock -85 FZ 750 with full fairing did 240km/h real speed, no problem. U gotta have 100+ hp to that :-D
505 27/06/2006 11:30:46 Dutch Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) HP is calculated in different ways and different places (e.g. crank / rear wheel), so not every horse is equally strong so to say :-) German FZ's are restricted to 100 or even 98 hp, but you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference. Mind you 20 years ago the tolerances weren't as small as today so it did matter whether you happend to have one that was closer to specs (let alone a bleuprinted one). Let alone what 20 years of (ab)use has done to it. Good luck with your new bike, congrats. Dutch
506 27/06/2006 21:22:22 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Thanks Dutch, and maybe u happen to know how the restriction is done in those (these) german FZ's..? And yep, I remember seeing FZ's with 98hp too on I'm gonna try how the bike works with these 105 jets after cleaning, and if the speedoneedle won't hit 250 at least, I'm gonna try bigger jets. How big oversize would still be reasonable (with stock exhaust and airfilter)? Also, where shold I order those jets from? Maybe from here? Which of these is the right one.. Also I'd be interested of those single, "personal" airfilters for each carburetor (have seen pics), u know if those r still available? Thanks.
507 28/06/2006 03:20:59 ganepeil Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Valerossi, a note on jetting, US models used staggered mains more for heat dissapation and emmission levels than for peak H/P. usual practice when replacing exhaust and/or air filters is to go same size across the board. jetting will vary with altitude, exhaust restriction, intake restriction and amient temps. rough rule of thumb is 1 size main jet up at sea level for free er flowing exhaust system (at sea-level) as to "personal" air filters, I'm sure they're still available thru K&N, tho I can't reccomend them. track experiance is that the typical GENISIS " step "in power band is directly related to the height of the height of the velocity stacks inside the stock airbox, and becomes more pronounced with their absence. luck G.
508 10/05/2011 11:55:06 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Hello again, long time no see! I've now (last summer) bought a new tank with MUCH less rust inside and now I've installed new carbs (with no rust inside) and now the FZ finally works like a dream :-D We got a nice 20'C warmth blast here simultaneously too, so the FZ roarrs and life smiles now 8-) I think I'll try get that K&N filter for a stock airbox and those 107,5 jets if I need more power, but that's really not acute yet.. :-D Edit: K, I then already bought Iridium spark plugs and the K&N airfilter to go.. :hammer:
509 29/05/2011 11:00:27 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Tried with the K&N and without the lid on the airbox, not good :-D RPM build up slows after 11k, when at stock it hurries instantly to revlimiter 11,8k. I've now a set of 107,5 and 110 main jets to try too, and I'm working on raising the front of the tank by ~1 cm too :-D K, K&N WITH the lid and everything else stock too, and the bike is now faster. Revs to limiter with no problem again and I improved my test acceleration of little less than 900m, veery little upphill, end speed being now ~225km/h by the speedometer, with stock filter it was ~220km/h. Next I'll raise the tank and put the 110 jets in place.
510 06/06/2011 18:34:08 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) K, 110's in and tank raised ~10mm from the front, 225km/h again. Maybe stock exhaust is resticting factor already? Also noticed a leak of green coolant on the right side of the engine.. Dunno where it leaked from exactly. Maybe this is a sign to go no futher with this tweaking :-/
511 07/06/2011 02:08:29 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) And if I now stop denying and tell how it was: I got to change the 6th gear a bit earlier than before, but then there was a little glitch in the engine power right after, and maybe the engine didn't pull to the finish like it had before.. I guess that coolant doesn't spill out without a reason too.. So what happened, did I burn the head gasket maybe? The bike did feel like it accelerated OK with little gears still on the way back, butt.. :-o p.s. I already ordered 117,5 jets :roll:
512 07/06/2011 21:10:14 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Well, no coolant spills today, though I tried the top speed of the bike. I was disappointed to hit just 240, in the real world it can't be much more than 220 I guess, since the front tyre is very worn. I thought that maybe this bike really has 130k behind her, and really not 30k.. Later I remembered I had 95E10 gasolina in tank, which is bit of crap gas. So I'm gonna give her another chance. Dunno what gas qualitys u guys have, but atleast we've been blessed with this eco-savetheworld-crap in our choice of gas now. We have 98E5 which has 5% tops of ethanol mixed in it, then we have this 95E10 which has atleast 5% and 10% tops of ethanol. Shell is selling some 99 oktane superformulaturbo gas, but it costs a lot. Maybe I'll try it before Shell leaves here like Exxon already has. Do u guys use that liquid which is sold in 沼litre bottles and u pour that in the tank a bit, every time u fill'er up? It's used to replace lead in valve-protecting, since gas hasn't have any lead since long ago. I do use it. I broke a valve guide of my FZ in the early 90's, cos I used the then new green 95 oktane, which had replaced 92 oktane. It was a bad mistake. Should have used the 99 oktane, which still was ledded.
513 14/06/2011 09:00:48 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Oh yea, and the revs were 10500 at that "240 km/h". I checked now that 99 oktane Shell sells, they've dropped "Formula" off of it's name, so it's only "Vpower" now and it now does have tops of 5% ethanol too.. :evil:
514 15/06/2011 17:37:12 dave1000 Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Hi there, I am not sure if you are expecting too much from this bike. Do you have standard gearing? I have Googled some of the additives for petrol, and none of them seemed to work. I do use 98ron in my FZ but I do have High Comp pistons, before that I used normal unleaded, and had 240kmh on the speedo. I am quite sure it is not much faster, but need a different speedo. I do have a K and N filter and a Viper exhaust without the baffle. I use the standard jets.
515 22/06/2011 20:28:24 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Hi! Yep it's standard geared, does about 22km/h per 1000rpm. Really it only revs to 10500 at top speed. Haven't tried with better gasoline yet (98E5 or Shell Vpover 99E5.) But really if I'm honest to myself I believe my FZ has already 130k behind her, not 30k.. Then it's understandable it can't do better than that. The FZ I had 20 years ago did 260km/h to the speedometer (MADE IN JAP(here)AN) :-D But I'm not certain if it still had some tuning parts in it, it had been a somekind of a race-bike before I later heard..
516 30/06/2011 08:49:29 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) OK, yesterday it hit easily to ~10900 rpm and almost 250 km/h and the only difference to the previuos was 98E5 in tank. It did it actually twice and the other time was in mild uphill.. I wonder if stock air filter would be better for top speed.
517 05/08/2011 02:58:19 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) So 117,5 jets have been in for a moment now and I yesterday tried and hit 11k at the 6th gear and in the ~900 metre acceleration test of mine I got to change 6th gear noticeable sooner than before (at ~800m) Don't care to follow the speedo now 'cos the front tyre is different (Michelin Macadam.) I'll order 130 jets next, maybe I'll take those 142,5's too. Friend of mine bought a '93 YZF 750 R..
518 21/08/2011 15:39:51 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Mmmm k, 130's r in and now I first hit problems; accelerating is like going-notgoing-going-notgoing-etc.. I guess the carbs r not getting gas fast enough..? I have a "little" rust-problem with this newer tank too.. Though it seems fine inside, rust is coming out of it via the gas pipe all the time. During these maybe 2000 miles this summer, I've shaked about 0,5 ccm of rust off of the benzin filter.. And those r those bigger particles that get filtered, that finer stuff goes through to the fuel pump and carbs.. I've now realized that little magnets attached to the filter bottom could be used to trap that rust dust.. I dunno how to clean that tank. Anyway, I have just attached ANOTHER fuel filter to the line to battle that rust, maybe that's restricting the gas flow too much.. Also the fuel pump may have weaken already cos of the rust.. the previous one died cos of it already (with that previous, thoroughly rusted (insides) tank.) OK, that tank was so rusted cos it didn't have any_ kind_of_ventilation in it, cos of some strange German security laws. That tank was always creating a vacuum inside during riding, it could be clearly noticed by dents popping on the top of the tank.. :-D That could be handily handled by just lifting the tank cap a little from one side while riding.. Until next time ;-P
519 22/08/2011 17:25:05 dave1000 Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) You should have a breather on the tank, I worked for Yamaha in Germany when these came out. Under the tank cap on the tank runs to the back of the tank you should remove the seat and you will see a pipe on the back of the tank, it should have a rubber pipe on it
520 22/08/2011 19:39:41 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni VM 34?) Yea, the tank I have now is from (if i remember right), and this does have normal ventilation (the way u explained.) The original (German) tank did have warning stickers about the lack of ventilation on top of it too.. I today removed the old fuel filter from the fuel line, and placed a little magnet to the bottom of the remaining filter.. Let's see how it works. Anyway, I then tried the acceleration, and, I was able to go full fahrt the whole 1st gear, the going then halted early in the 2nd gear. I'm gonna try to lift the fuel surface of the carbs a bit with some metal bending tomorrow.. If it doesn't help, I'll buy some YZF R1's pump off ebay and try it. Damn it. U worked for Yamaha, kewl.. B-) Does anybody know somebody who knows how that 130 hp is taken out of an FZ 750? I've read that there was a racing kit of ~130hp offered for FZ that time. Wonder what it contained :-/ Surely a 4 to 1 exhaust, but what else.
521 25/08/2011 21:54:12 ValeRossi Re: About carburators (Mikuni BDS34) K, I then didn't try to raise the fuel surface, cos I understood that it can't be it. Also I gave up the idea to buy a new fuel pump. Today I got information about what is wrong in my carbs; the mixture in the MID area is too lean now. I'll try raise the needle next. If that won't fix it, bigger needle jets r required. p.s. I got the answer about that 130 hp race kit, I put it in the Engine department fyi The FZ 750 carbs r Mikuni BDS34, not VM34..
522 02/07/2006 03:34:05 pq49z 86 750 for sale in Missouri As much as i hate to do this it seems that i am getting too old for the old girl. So if anyone is interested in an 86 model with less than 13,000 and in decent shape please lt me know via e mail. It runs good and passes inspection . both tires are new and all wheel berrings as well. Thinking about getting a Vmax so if anyone has one i might think about trading. I also have bunches of spare parts to go with it but i dont want to sell them seperate. I can be emailed at or call me at [573]7562825 serious inquiries only please [img][/img]
523 13/07/2006 00:53:59 oops-sorry hi everyone-- new to forum im new to the forum but had my fz700 about five years now. i live in indiana and besides mine i have never seen another fz700 or fz750 in person. i guess their just not very common around here. my question is, are parts interchangeable between the two bikes? i understand some engine parts are not, but everything else such as plastics, gauges, etc. i was just wanting to know, so if i would see something on ebay i would be interested in, i could go ahead and bid. thanks for any info
524 18/07/2006 07:21:45 Dutch Re: hi everyone-- new to forum Hello Oops, Pressume by FZ750 you mean the 85-86 model, FZ700 the 87-88. In other parts of the world is has been a 750 from 85-95 (last year it was sold new, probably older stock). Most parts are interchangable, but it depends on what part it is. In case you are looking for something specific just ask here. Keep in mind though the year mentioned in an ad is mostly the year it came on the road, which is not always the model year. Cheers, Dutch
525 18/07/2006 19:44:15 oops-sorry Re: hi everyone-- new to forum Thanks for the info Dutch, that helps
526 03/08/2006 17:01:56 yam_trx 86 fz750 no start after sitting Hey all, Possibly buying an 86 fz750 if I can get it to start, that was the deal. Anyway possibly-soon-to-be previous owner had left it sitting for about 7-8 months. He says it ran great prior to not beeing used. Here's a rundown of the situation: Battery is dead - plugged into running car. Ok got power, set to run - I hear the fuel pump buzz for a couple seconds, then stops. Try to start - starter cranks up beautifully, no start. Try this a few times - same result. Switch on/off a couple to re-intialise gas pump. Still no start. Removed gas tank, poured out the old gas although it looked fine, no chunkyness or sludge. Poured in fresh gas, replace tank - still no start. Removed gas tank and airbox, poured gas directly into carbs until they filled up completly. Gas stays in, some bubbling from the two little holes on the bottom of the carb air entry. Waited 5 minutes. Open up throttle, all gas flows into engine - still no start. Try this 15 - 20 times as naturaly I've completly flooded the engine. The exhaust pipe reaks of gas. Getting some nice suction from the carbs. No start. Walk far away, smoke a cig or two to let some of the gas in the chamber evaporate, try again 10 - 15 times. Nope, no start. Moving on to electrical, checked all fuses, look good. All wiring *seems* in good shape and connected properly. Removed a spark plug boot, seems in good shape, the top of the plug looks ok. ... and this is where I stopped. OK now that you have an idea of what's going on, I need some help! First off did I do something wrong with my gas procedure? I'm more used to older bikes and cars, all this modern technology is confusing (fuel pump, electric reserve, upright carbs.. WTF??)! Second how do I get the sparkplugs out? Do I really need to remove the radiator as it's looking now or is there some trick I'm missing? What size socket would need for the plugs? Third is there a way I can check for proper voltage going to the plugs without: a) removing the plugs, b) killing myself, and c) destroying my multimeter? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
527 04/08/2006 07:35:30 oldman Re: 86 fz750 no start after sitting Hi ianare well it looks like you have got yourself in a mess if as you say the bike was alright before it was storred then it should start up again with no worries. Ok you need 3 things to get it running (fuel) well you have got plenty of that so we count that out (spark) by now the plugs will be knackerd with all that gas around them you will have to remove them clean and dry them out i run a flame over the end of them to burn off any gas still on them (compression) now the fact you kept putting in more and more gas tells me by now you will have lost some compression as the fuel takes the oil off around the piston rings and cilender walls . Right as a mechanic here is what i do remove plugs clean and dry them burn off any fuel on the plugs (DANGER) you will need to spin the engine over with all the plugs out this is to remove all the gas you have put into the engine before you attempt this you (MUST) clear all the plug leads away from the engine or unplug the coils or you will start a fire with the gas . Ok leave the engine to dry out next job is to poor a (SMALL) amout of oil into the cilenders pooring it in from the spark plug holes this is going to get back the lost compression . The last check is to make sure there is a spark at the plugs an easy thing to do all you need to do is place a spark plug into one of the spart plug leads place the plug on any metal part of the bike (DANGER) DO NOT HOLD THE PLUG OR LEAD turn the engine over using the starter and look at the plug there should be a spark at the end of the plug if all is ok build up the bike and start it you should not need much if at all any choke . things still to check for as i am not able to see how much fuel you have used etc be warned the fuel in the exhaust might burn if it does you might get a large bang and flames out of the exhaust so be warned . Also you might have to now change the oil as the fuel will have mixed with it . That should keep you busy for now i could give you more things to do and check but you should get the bike started with what i have told you so far good luck
528 11/08/2006 07:30:48 Dutch Re: 86 fz750 no start after sitting Hello Ianare, Did you get that bike running? Not sure what size the spark plugs are 16-17-18? You can get them out for the side, but small hands are a plus. Personally I'd use new ones. After engine transplant had trouble getting it to run, even though plugs seemed ok. With new ones it fired straight up. Cheers, Dutch Modern technology :lol: Electric reserve is only a by-pass that makes the fuel pump think the tank is still full when petrol is actually below reserve level.
529 07/08/2006 23:14:32 HerbFZ700 rust busting? Hello to all, I have just bought a FZ700 with ??? miles. It was dumped at some point and the front end was redone. No, No, No, just the plastic and gages. So it says 26K. Used and left out wet but runs great, but have a problem with the non-metal parts sticking to each other. What could I use to free them up? Due to it being outside for so long and being up in the NE, alot of the bolts/screws have froze. Any advice would be great, Herb.
530 08/08/2006 02:04:54 daddyjay Re: rust busting? Hi Herb, what do you mean exactly by 'non-metal parts'? Find WD40 or similar penetrating spray works on most things. Spray them and leave them overnight then try again in the morning. (Or buy a bigger hammer!) Jay.
531 09/08/2006 04:09:17 ganepeil Re: rust busting? Herb, am guessing that non-metal obstinant screws are rubber nuts/plastic retainers. sometimes a penetrating oil (wd 40, or 6 in 1) will free them, but often the old rubber gives first. inside the rubber body is/are brass/bronse inserts which have a tendancy to bond to their respective fastners with time. if you can reach the inside of these with needle-nose plyers whilst attempting to loosen is an assist. also if you have access to air tools velocity is a great aid. luck G.
532 19/08/2006 06:10:55 86Genesis Clutch not fully disengaging Clutch Isnt fully disengaging, just replaced the master ctlinder, and the slave cylinder. If the bike is off and I put it in first and push it, then there is some resistance on the wheel, when I start it in neutral pull in the clutch and then try and put it into first, then it just shuts off. The system is fully bled, and I cant figure out what it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
533 24/08/2006 01:35:20 ganepeil Re: Clutch not fully disengaging 86, just to make sure we're on the same page, offer this. if either the clutch switch or the sidestand sw. are bad, then spark goes away when bike is put into gear. both are "make" type switches and can be jumpered at wiring harness. if you've tried bump starting and clutch still drags at stop wilst in gear afraid your' headed for internals.luck G.
534 16/09/2006 17:45:22 Dutch Re: Clutch not fully disengaging Although you mention the system is bled, the upper banjo bolt is a notorious place for a small air bubble. So small you will think the system is bled but just enough to cause problems. You have to wrap a lot of cloth around the pump (brake fluid is great paint remover), squeeze lever, undo the bolt a little to let any remaining air excape and tighten up again. Sorry if above is superfluous & good luck, Dutch
535 17/09/2006 04:58:54 paddymc Re: Clutch not fully disengaging Genesis, my bike does the exact same thing. I just bought the thing last week, but have already experienced this. The prior owner, (the original owner) explained something about the lubrication system which leaves the clutch plates w/o oil after sitting...? Pls excuse my lack of technical understanding, but this fellow demonstrated a procedure which so far has worked for me: before attempting to start cold bike, pull in clutch, put in gear, and gently rock bike forward, then back, forward, back, etc. There is resistance at first, but after a few back/forth cycles the resistance disappears and bike is ready to start as normal. The guy told me its been that way since day one, if I remember right. I hope for your sake and mine there is nothing seriously amiss! Paddy
536 19/09/2006 01:46:55 mike760 Re: Clutch not fully disengaging hi Sound like all most need a new clutch plates i know that yamaha didn't have good clutches so there was problem but there aftermarket plates that retain the oil and also recommended to upgrade your oil grade. but the resistance also comes from the springs in clutch they either not releaseing or release too much. i replace my entire clutch sysem with new after market ones and what a difference it make more power too the rear better reaction feels like a new bike. that my thoughts cheers mike760
537 21/09/2006 08:47:33 Dutch Re: Clutch not fully disengaging Just re-reading your post. When it stalls does it do so with a jump/jerk forward or does it feel like you used the kill switch? In first case I'd say clutch isn't disengaged enough, in 2nd sounds like ignition (e.g. bike thinks side stand is still out). Cheers and keep us posted, Dutch
538 26/09/2006 06:51:45 pr0sketch Re: Clutch not fully disengaging i had that problem, the clutch handles must be pretty tight after you bleed the clutch.when you bleed the clutch it must squirt pretty far. must take out all the air.either your slave clutch is rusted stuck or the master cylinder not pumping.
539 04/10/2006 15:26:27 86Genesis Re: Clutch not fully disengaging I eventually got it to work, all I did was start the bike in neutral, i had a couple guys push me, popped it into second and it was fine, i drove it for a couple weeks and then the engine sprocket nut ended uo coming off somehow, and it destroyed the bearing on the outside of the tranny, so if anybody has a spare transmission, i will purchase it from you, or i will purchase a full engine and tranny, 750 or 1000.
540 20/08/2006 00:31:12 85fz7505v Picking up the FZ Maybe I'm just a weak person, or someone with poor technique, but I've dropped my bike 3 times (parking lot drop) and not once could I pick the bike up myself, always a passerby that would come and help me (and my brother). The way I try to lift it, is putting the seat against my lower back and pushing upwards with my legs with one hand on one end of the handlebar and one hand under the passenger seat. As I remember, the correct way to lift a bike would be to put the hand under the driver's seat instead of the passenger's (supposedly there is something to grab there) but the FZ has nothing to grab under the driver's seat. How do YOU guys lift your bikes? Mines an 85 fz750. EDIT- oh, and whenever I drop it, gas spills out of the vented gas cap. Is there any cap that I can buy that WILL prevent that?
541 20/08/2006 01:45:12 ganepeil Re: Picking up the FZ 85. should neccesity arrise again, try. facing bike on l/side. left h/bar gripped and tucked in near your' left leg. if you reach back under the side pannel about a thumbs width forward of the helmet lock you'll find the frame rail acessible without causing too much flex of the plastic. lay across bike and push with legs. if you were lucky, bike was in gear and won't try to roll to far. on other side, same procedure, bar near, with the advantage of being able to grab front brake. luck G :lol:
542 28/08/2006 01:55:10 mike760 Re: Picking up the FZ HI well droping bike they are easy to lift back up because you not lifting the entire bike basicly you are using the whells as you piviot point, i push not grab any thing push near where the seat meet the tank and grab the handle bar this mean you have to stop and hold while you twist you hand back for the last part of lifting also keep back straight to i have no trouble with bike weights because i work out in a gym and leg press 300kg i lift my bike in couple of seconds of dropping it. as the for the cap most bikes will leak a little when suddenly fallen over. cheers mike760
543 28/08/2006 13:10:06 Dutch Re: Picking up the FZ You won't find me in a gym and it shows in upper body strength :-D. Though not that often, it does happen that the bike kisses the tarmac. I just grab it by the lower handlebar and lift from the legs. Make myself angry and no problem :-D :-D (even without turning green :-D )
544 29/08/2006 02:25:21 mike760 Re: Picking up the FZ Dutch well you probably don't need to i did because of my sport but it is going on 6 years since last gym work, but you are right it all in the legs to get you bike back up. cheers mike760
545 22/08/2006 07:14:23 iXnay Which main jet to use??? Hello I have a FZ 750 - 85 with K&N filter and a 4-1 system with Micron carbon slip-on. I haven較 touched the carbs yet since I don較 know what size on the needle jet to use. Anyone who have something to recommend???? Thanks in advance.
546 25/08/2006 22:59:52 Healthy 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... OK..... Took tank off to paint it..... did not disconnect ground.....think gas shorted out gas gauge wiring... big ol mess. I replaced 3 feet of ground wire that had totally burnt off its insulation. Got tank back on.... started it, run but once it died it wont start...... I can wait ten minutes and it will start back up....... if it stalls or i stop it,, no run.... I plan to check wiring more in depth but would not seem like wire problem to me........ When the wires shorted what could i have fried? anythoughts, welcome..
547 27/08/2006 16:45:46 ganepeil Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... Healthy, check battery voltage. strong possibilty that cooked wiring was to generator. if so, running bike w/out battery load usually takes out reg/rect. sitting usually allows battery to come back up (marginally) and allows to start/run until battery voltage drops below its ability to saturate coils.hope this is not the case. luck G
548 29/08/2006 02:57:35 mike760 Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... Hi are you having problems when siting at the lights does it stall has it stall while riding, if not than you battery could be the problem, what ground wire and where to where did you replace it. it could be related to alternator, it could also be CDI hopefully not but easy to replace if so how the temperture of the bike may give some clues too like when you stop how hot the CDI box, battery, and alternator. let us know on what wires you replace if you left the ground on it should make a difference unless you shorted with another wire. also does the starter motor kick over after engine stops if not than it the battery and soon the battery will be dead. give more info cheers mike760
549 30/08/2006 00:14:58 Healthy Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... Well it was the ground wire coming from teh sending unit on the gas tank. I replaced all the bad wire. I found my repair manual. I checked the fuel controller and its not measuring up to the specs, so i need a new one of them. hopefully thats all. Thanks for all the info......anyone know if the fuel controller is repairable? I work with electronics probably going to open it up soon.
550 30/08/2006 01:18:21 mike760 Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... Hi nearlly or electronics from the 80's can be repaired except for the chips that are preprogram or one time programable i haven't look at one if you do open it up give us a picture of it. cheer mike760
551 30/08/2006 02:38:54 Healthy Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... Well i dont have time for pics almost all the parts i know i can get and or test except for one. There are three caps, two diods. oops looks like 3, i just measured and the 3rd one is shorted..... its a pink one though which i havnt recalled before. then there is a tall thin pack standing up with 8 legs, i am guessing resistor pack maybe? anyway hopefully have more time too look at it tomorrow, need to pull diode out and see if its shorted wheni pull it. out. That one could be a problem replacing as there is little to no identification on it?
552 30/08/2006 05:56:48 mike760 Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... HI the diodes can come in various characteristics, pink i assuming it fairly tiny and probably was orange, tall thin pack does not sound like any resistor, if you get a chance to take picture it be great i give my email address when/if you get the picture. is there any numbers on the tall thin pack just to find out what it is for you since i haven't open mine. and won't open usless not working. anyway cheers when you have the info. mike760
553 31/08/2006 03:09:39 Healthy Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... I was thinking the tall thin pack was a resister PACK not just a resistor but its not, its actually and ic pack...... but may have resistors in there. I have pics i can send. I think its just a signal diode the tall thin bakc has omron i am d005
554 01/09/2006 02:07:27 mike760 Re: 85 FZ 750 IF shut off wont start back up......... Hi IC's do not have any one style of arrangement they can have hundreds of little electronic charateristics inside them on the IC what was the number or was that the number on the IC my email on my poster file click on mike760 and email come up i wait to see the pics cheers mike760
555 28/08/2006 23:50:46 ganepeil carberators Gents and ladys, it seems to me that most problems we address are with either fuel or electrics. and neither have a specific column. shall we ?
556 29/08/2006 00:00:24 ganepeil Re: carberators Sorry all, attempted to open new catagory, failed. but in intrest, if viewed or reponded to will follow. just let me know if intrested. thks G
557 26/09/2006 05:24:30 dpauto Re: carberators yes agree i to have a fue issue's with the carb's on my bike. let's get this chat going.
558 02/11/2006 04:31:33 ganepeil Re: carberators OK, I'll open. majority of running probs w/fz's stem from extended sitting. be it just 2-3 weeks to well, it got parked in "02.(or earlier)and after battery ,the next system to deteriorate is fuel. then rubber pieces, electrial relays. et all. pump gas is a combination of refined fossil goo combined with misc additives which control burn rate, temp of burn, lubrication, and expansion rate. and probly other factors which I'm not qualified to enumerate on. short story is, as fuel evaperates, residuals are left in carbs which plug fuel and air passages and cause sticking of floats, their valves and all other moving linkages. effects of sitting are cumulitive.and cv (constant velocity)(diaprham slide) carbs are pretty forgiving tho even they have limits. when performing carb clean I avoid dissassibling bodys from rack unless absoulutly necessisary. if fuel screws are free, turn them in til they seat lightly and note psition before removal and note. if frozen, let set w/penetrating oil & hope they free. if not. leave 'm be until you at least verify there is flow from pilot jet circuit to intake throat. this is most easily proofed by squirting carb clean into pilot jet hole in carb body (jet removed ) and noting flow at both ariator holes (series of 5 at butterfly base) and bleed hole at fuel screw bleed. clean pilot jet by spray (AND yes this is a no-no)a standard wire brush strand thru pilot jet will clear w/out damaging jet.this ends page 1 and adresses prbbly 80% of setting bike issues. if too advanced to follow, rec, shop help. if more is desired drop a note,could probly wind up in 2 more installments.
559 30/08/2006 23:24:34 oops-sorry turn signal flasher can somebody tell me where this is and a brief description of what it looks like? i loaned my bike to a friend and he wrecked it. im just trying to put everything back together and the turn signals do not work. i have a 87 fz700, i assume its the same as the fz750. thanks
560 30/08/2006 23:59:58 mike760 Re: turn signal flasher HI there two spots where the relay can be usally find at the front behind the head lamp some where or near the fuse box sometimes, most likely it not the box more that a wire loose or light bulb dead and need to be change and then it flashes again. cheers mike
561 31/08/2006 21:27:14 oops-sorry Re: turn signal flasher thanks for the reply, but its not the turn signals or bulbs, because i had to replace all four turn signals. can you give me a general description of the flasher? im familiar with cars but not motorcycles. or does it look like one on a car?
562 01/09/2006 02:01:44 mike760 Re: turn signal flasher basicly a box 70 by 50mm if i remember right in size it should be able to open it up can't remember anymore i have to find it at home just check fuses too after a crash they can go too i never seen the one on my car but i do believe they are different. cheers mike760
563 03/09/2006 17:36:00 ganepeil Re: turn signal flasher oops, on my 86 fz750 t/s flasher unit is located on r/h side of fairing stay just above and forward of t/s mount. mine is a sealed unit w/9 wires exiting w/short pigtail culminating in single connector. wires are y/r, bk/y, br,br/w, bk, 2 bl/w, r/w and green/w. luck G
564 04/09/2006 02:16:02 oops-sorry Re: turn signal flasher thanks guys, i found it. now i just need to check it out. hopefully its something simple like a broken wire.
565 09/09/2006 01:18:43 oops-sorry Re: turn signal flasher thanks mike760 and ganepeil for the help. i just now got around to checking it out. it was two broken wires going into the flasher unit. :-D
566 09/09/2006 02:34:05 ganepeil Re: turn signal flasher oops, thanks for feedback. glad to hear flasher was'nt to fault. asside from being pricy, your's would have been the 2nd I've known to fail. and am trying to keep track of problems of all nature with these bikes. thks G
567 12/09/2006 05:34:44 mike760 Re: turn signal flasher Hi Nice to see it was something simple for a change. thank mike760
568 01/09/2006 14:26:19 krondalf side stand cutoff hi I have slowly been rebuilding my Dec 87 fz750 back to A1 condition for the last couple of years. I have noticed in manuals and forums that the bike had a knock out kill switch on the side stand.. I have seen several on ebay for sale. Does anyone know if the Australian version had this switch on it as I have not been able to find any evidence of it on the bike. I am the 3rd owner and the last owner had it for 9 years and says he never had the side stand switch on it. Any input would be welcome....thanks 8-)
569 07/09/2006 08:07:19 Dutch Re: side stand cutoff If the switch works properly and you -like me- always kick up the side stand before starting the bike* you wound't notice it's there :-D Easy test: try to ride away with the stand out, it should die the moment you put it in gear. There are a few differences though: on my '86 USA import I had to put it in neutral before it could start, my '95 Dutch FZ can also start in gear with the cluch pulled in. No idea if this is origin related or year related. Another possibility is that the kill switch has given a previous owner trouble and he simply cut the wires. * I don't like to let the bike idle on the sidestand because I'm a bit worried the angle might reduce oil flow to the right-top of the engine, specially with the oil cold. So always put on my gear except gloves, get on the bike, start it, put on the gloves and ride away.
570 04/09/2006 01:40:11 cycleops Paint Codes/Colour Matching Hi All I am new to this forum as I just purchased a 1986 FZ750. I was wondering if anyone would know where I could get the paint codes or paint to match the White, Red and Blue on the '86 FZ750. I would like to redo all of the panels and tank this winter and thought I would get a head start as I understand it is difficult to source the paint. I have found the decal sets already. Thanks in advance. Jeff
571 04/09/2006 11:33:16 iamwellsie 2MG Rods 1AE pistons Hi I've got a 2mg bottom end, and trying to fit 1ae pistons. the 2mg pistons compared to the 1ae are shorter by 1.5mm from the crown to the pin ( i have both to measure however the 2mg pistons are no good). I wonder if i can make an aluminium gasket 1.5mm thick to go under the barrels would the stroke stay the same. any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
572 04/09/2006 17:04:37 ganepeil Re: 2MG Rods 1AE pistons Mark, see no problem w/your' idea, tho you might consider bubble-gumming your' head first with stock gasket and determining just how much distance you need to make up for safe valve to piston clearance. who knows, you might be able to boost comression without decking your head. just be careful not to bend any valves in the process. luck G
573 05/09/2006 02:19:39 mike760 Re: 2MG Rods 1AE pistons HI You can put gaskets in under barrels, in the olds days where most motorcycle were single cyclinder they would remove spacers from underneath and then you had your race engine so it can be done. one thing are you going to hone barrels and put oversize rings on, you just can't straight swap pistons to barrels. the stroke only changes when you change the diameter on the crank shaft which mean another purpose built crank to the stroke you want. lifting up and down barrels lenghts over affect where the piston travel in the barrel and what the compression is. also is the pin the same diameter, if you want to you can use teflon buttons that hold the pin, they allow less sideways movement of the pin, not sure how much they cost i got my for free due to lot money a business made of me, so they should cost too much but will have to check how far the pistons come down to make sure they don't turn (dip) over inside the barrel when they hit bottom dead centre. there some idea and advice any querie don't hesitate to ask cheers mike760
574 05/09/2006 03:14:16 iamwellsie Re: 2MG Rods 1AE pistons Hi Mike I bought pistons and barrels from ebay cause mine were no good, unfortunately they were from an earlier model than my 2mg, saw 1ae on barrels and assumed pistons were same, when i rebuilt and tried to turn motor the pistons hit the head, thats when i realized the pistons were different. didn't want to buy new genuine ones, here in australia its $60 ish per piston and $50 ish per ring set. i'm hoping to get away with making 1.5mm gasket, the valve to piston clearance will be the same, just like you say the piston may come to low in the barrel, but i hope 1.5mm wouldn't be too much drama. Thanks Mark
575 05/09/2006 05:03:36 mike760 Re: 2MG Rods 1AE pistons yeah i know how dear the pistons and other parts are i am in sydney but there are some good deal to be made if you know who to talk too since this is my 3rd FZ750 second complete rebuild. cheers mike760
576 01/10/2006 10:54:53 iamwellsie Re: 2MG Rods 1AE pistons Hi Just a follow up, made a 1.5 gasket, got the bike running today, runs really well, haven't ridden it yet though. But theres oil coming out from the clutch pushrod, i think it needs a new seal, is this a common problem. What is standard jetting mine have 112.5 main jets in the manual i have it says 105, think last owner must of done some mods like exhaust. Thanks Mark
577 05/10/2006 07:24:05 mike760 Re: 2MG Rods 1AE pistons hi the secondary slave is known to leak but check your front sproket to see if it still on because it may of hit which can cause it to leak because rod bent. cheers mike760
578 08/10/2006 01:56:22 ganepeil Re: 2MG Rods 1AE pistons Mark. glad to hear cyl spacing worked out for you. as mike noted, loose chain or derail can damage cl. pushrod and beat up seal if general age isn't the culpret. both are relitivly cheap and since will probly be special order would replace as set. also wise is his reccommendation to check the counter shaft seal. worn rings and high revs can make high crankcase pressures which have been known to blow c/shaft seal out of cases. in the day, many racers fabricated retainer plates to secure c/s seals or ran a-bead of J B weld around outside of seal to isnsure they stayed at home. it gets very exciting when you enter a hard left hander with your rear tire sprayed w/eng.oil.luck G
579 06/09/2006 04:08:01 paddymc waiting... to pick up my "new" fz750. After what seemed like forever I finally saved up enough to get a friend of a friend's '86, in what looks like nice shape with low miles. Was hoping to bring it home for the Labor Day weekend, but there was a hitch: Dude lost his title, and because he hadn't tagged it for 2 years, SOS had to issue him a new title, which has to be shipped out by mail. What a drag. This will be only my 2nd bike, 1st being a Kawasaki EX500, and I must admit I'm a little intimidated by the power of this machine- guess I'll get used to it though! Anyway, I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions, etc. as I get aquainted with my new ride; look forward to meeting others on this forum. Until then... Pat
580 07/09/2006 07:57:05 Dutch Re: waiting... Welcome. Hope you have a lot of fun with your new toy :-) Cheers, Dutch
581 13/09/2006 23:40:40 paddymc Re: waiting... ...the wait is over! Picked up the bike on Monday, rode it the 5 mile trip home just before the skies opened up. Havn't ridden since due to almost nonstop rain here in SE Michigan. Was nervous and way out of practice, but by the time I got home I was feeling pretty good about my purchase. This bike has so much power compared to my EX500. The ride/comfort level, and brakes were better than I expected. I have a few quick questions,(more to follow, I'm sure): 1) the's terrible;can barely be heard. Is there a decent replacement recommended? 2) The right side cover has a tiny stress crack starting from the top and ending a few inches into the plastic. Is this common, or is there a good repair? 3) In the handling department, the bike seems reluctant to turn, or be leaned over, compared to my last bike. I'm thinking this just may be the nature of the beast, but thought I'd throw it out there. and, if you'll forgive one more, 4) Bike is fitted with bridgestone battleaxes. Are these tires ok in the wet? I'll be commuting with the bike and just want to know if I should start saving for new rubber. Thanks, and sorry for the somewhat long post. Paddy
582 15/09/2006 02:52:36 ganepeil Re: waiting... paddy, battleaxe, is good rubber, of course depending on wear and age. on tip-in effort, I assume you have original sizes ie 120 something 16 front and 130 ditto 18 rear. for the time that was a quick handling stable combo.and considered racing calibre. for street riding I'd try tire pressures of 36 front and 38 rear. (whilst racing I ran as low as 26/28 in order to get enough heat into the tires to get maximum grip.)when you consider the difference between a 500 twin and a 750 four's weight and height there will always be a difference in the effort required to change direction. for it's day the fz750 was considered quite nimble. luck G
583 07/09/2006 14:46:54 Stroudism FOR SALE: '86 FZ750 [i][b]I am selling my 1986 FZ750. [/b][/i] It has about 35k miles and could use a little TLC. It runs good, but needs a little work to be perfect. [b]Asking $1000 USD OBO.[/b] Please e-mail me at [b][/b] Please let me know if you have any questions or would like pictures.
584 12/09/2006 19:27:29 robhar2 Handguards/vent cover? I seem to have had a small mishap and the 'handguard' on the left side was broken during the process. In the picture it is the red triangular plastic piece just below the mirror. I am not really sure what it is called, if it was OEM or not and would like any tips on where to find a new one. I am also in the market for a new left mirror if anyone has one just laying about. Thanks much Robert [img align=left][/img]
585 13/09/2006 06:52:23 mike760 Re: Handguards/vent cover? hard to find that part i been looking to get some to put on my 85 replica fairing. i do believe they might of been hot up option on the FZ750 in 86 and contine in other later years. i seen both type in all years except in 85. i think most people who sell them sell them with complete upper fairing with it too so i don't know if you can get it seperatly. put better mirrors on old kawaka mirror fit on nicely ZZr600 GPZ900R ZZR1100 i think also the FJ1100 and 1200 may fit too cheers mike760
586 13/09/2006 10:20:48 robhar2 Re: Handguards/vent cover? I FOUND IT!!!!! On [url=][/url] under OEM Parts. If you look at the 1988 FZ750U/UC or the 1987 FZ700T/TC. They are $47.64USD each for Red and $52.50USD for Blue. They are listed as #5 Protector 1 (left side)and #6 Protector 2 (right side). The thing that troubles me is that they are listed as Backordered. I am going to call in the morning and see Backordered means no longer being produced or if it means it will just take longer to get a hold of. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks, Robert
587 15/09/2006 09:18:59 krondalf Re: Handguards/vent cover? they are a standard part through yamaha.....around $150 AU :-D
588 16/09/2006 17:51:02 Dutch Re: Handguards/vent cover? The handguards are not standard on 1AE like yours (those are my favorite colours :-D ). Like you found they belong to the 87> FZ and sometimes show up on ebay etc, though rarely. CHeers, Dutch
589 21/09/2006 08:50:14 Dutch Re: Handguards/vent cover? A person in NL is selling aftermarket ones (unpainted) for 49 Euro. No experience with them, just noted the ad on a popular sales site.
590 13/09/2006 02:32:31 kawrider05 tech help plz i have a 85 fz750 w/ 16k miles. for some reason it wont fire on the num 4 cylinder. i've checked the carbs and they are fine and even replaced the 1 and 4 coil but still misses on 4. if anyone has had this problem it would be awesome for some advice before i get a new cdi unit.
591 13/09/2006 03:52:24 kawrider05 Re: tech help plz it also sputters bad and has absolutly no power. it used to pull hard through the power band when i first got it for school bout 6 months ago. also when i had the carbs off i look into the intake boots and i saw antifreze around where the valves touch the head. its not leaking bad the radiator is still full but the thing is its leaking in cyl. 123 but not 4 and thats the 1 its missing on. this really has my dad and i stumped i really dont wanna dump this bike so ne help would be awesome...ty
592 13/09/2006 06:44:02 mike760 Re: tech help plz Hi couple of things that could go wrong gaskets gone letting water into 4th cyclinder, loss of compression in four hence valve damage which might of broke head letting water in can't tell if loss of fluid due to the fact it behind the thermostat holding pressure take the of the hose that come up from top of engine to tell if fluid is lost. also head bolts could be loose. have you check the spark plugs they might be able to tell you what wrong. also it is possible for your bike to of done 116k's rather than 16k's. to solve the problem may want to take head off their 12 bolts 8 allen key or hex head and 4 outside nuts to take off and then pull have a look at the head to see if any damage plus exhaust and carb's to be removed. thats if you want to go that far to solve the coolent leak. but it could be cdi box that not fireing the 4th cyclinder grab a second hand one for the same model should be able pick up one cheap and plug in and test. if i remember something that it explain more precise i post again cheers mike760
593 13/09/2006 06:55:54 kawrider05 Re: tech help plz ill try that next i hard is a valve job on a bike like this? ive never had to mess w/ nething w/ 5 valves per lol
594 13/09/2006 07:47:09 mike760 Re: tech help plz first thing get a manual follow it step by step it tell you what to do and how to do it it easy if have manual
595 15/09/2006 02:42:36 85fz7505v Alot of electrical issues Ok so here's my problem. After dropping my FZ (For the 5th time...), my electrical problems got worse: - After I dropped it,I kick it up into neutral, the light goes on but when I turn the handlebars to the right and the light goes off. Turning it left DOESN'T turn the neutral light off. The headlights as far as I'm concerned aren't affected. - The next day after I dropped it, I tried to start it up to go to work with it, but it wouldn't fire up! It cranks but no combustion (I had the choke FULLY open on a COLD morning too). Not only that, the battery was REALLY weak too, it wouldn't crank as strong as it usually does. The starter sounded pretty weak. But the only way I could start it was PUSH starting it in 6th gear. - This problem is ongoing (prior to the drop) but the engine doesn't idle very well (tach needle bouncing up and down with 300-400 RPM difference)The shop told me that the parts of the carbs are worn out and they tuned it the best they can without replacing parts or w/e, Maybe this made a difference?. And I always seemed to have an issue with HARD starts, as in... It doesn't fire up right away alot of times, so it drains the battery. TIA BTW, can anyone point me to a carb rebuild kit for my 85FZ?
596 19/09/2006 01:37:55 mike760 Re: Alot of electrical issues Hi you may want to check your wiring sound like you now have a loose one. when jump starting on motorcycles only need first gear may want to retightning the engine bolts on head. the loose wire is probably also draing the battery so hence not enough power to start. also which side did you drop it, if left you may squash some wires or cut/break them. as for the neutral the wire getting pull on when you turn handle bars to right and compress/relax when turn to the right. so some where it not able to move any more that is your clue to where to look. cheers mike760
597 15/09/2006 16:12:59 jessified will somebody sell me an fz owner's manual? i can arrange for postage or whatever. im in the vancouver, bc canada area. thanks
598 19/09/2006 11:45:12 fzpilot Re: will somebody sell me an fz owner's manual? go to the downloads page on this site there is download of the manual there. if you can't get one. cheers Ben :-D
599 19/09/2006 11:48:49 fzpilot new Hi new to this forum and the fz750. Just bought one and love it. Hope to be able to source lots of useful imformation here. Does anyone have a link to an online Service manual and parts manual for this great bike. cheers Ben.
600 19/09/2006 23:10:09 kawrider05 carb? yea, does any know of a carb kit for the 85 750 beside factory of course and where i can find a new diaphram. thanks rob
601 20/09/2006 02:38:26 mike760 Re: carb? Hi should still be able to buy them brand new from yamaha but are dear. some of the guys plug it up others rip out of another set of carbs there always some one with a old set. i believe some carb's are compatible too not sure which one's most likely FJ or FZR's. most parts i get from other bike that i strip down and select the best parts to change and resell to another wrecker about 20% drop on cost of bike work out a lot cheaper buy a bike not running and sell to another wrecker when you finish. Cheers mike760
602 05/11/2006 17:28:10 sharp99 Re: carb? Hello kawrider05- Like you, I am new to this site and am in the process of rebuilding a "poorly maintained" 1987 FZ700. Started with complete rebuild of the carbs and was able to find all parts on internet. The FZ700 uses four 34mm Mikunis and I am not sure if your bike has same carbs. In any case, check out these sites for Mikuni carb and other parts. Good luck, -sharp99
603 25/05/2007 16:49:07 marone Re: carb? i have got lots of spares for a yamaha fz750 , ive got some good carbs for sale about ぺ0.00[quote] kawrider05 wrote: yea, does any know of a carb kit for the 85 750 beside factory of course and where i can find a new diaphram. thanks rob[/quote]
604 20/09/2006 19:00:43 gmanhevner Service Manual !!!!!!!!! Anyone who needs the GENUINE YAMAHA FZ 750 Service manual ? Here is the Link :-P Cheers :-D
605 21/09/2006 11:11:14 fzpilot Re: Service Manual !!!!!!!!! Thank-you,Thank-you,Thank-you,Thank-you,Thank-you. can't say it enough. cheers Ben. :-D :-D :-D
606 22/09/2006 22:51:02 gmanhevner Re: Service Manual !!!!!!!!! You are Welcome! :-)
607 23/09/2006 06:28:55 paddymc Re: Service Manual !!!!!!!!! Many thanks from me as well! --Paddy
608 06/09/2008 05:08:58 besusprice Re: Service Manual !!!!!!!!! the link is no longer valid do you know where i can find another one?
609 23/09/2006 06:41:25 paddymc tech help- erratic idle speed Seems my idle speed is in a state of needing nearly constant adjustment. If I set it to, say 1500rpm, then go for a spin, it wants to settle out at 2500-3000, or, at other times I have to keep blipping the throttle at stops, just to keep the motor from stalling. Not sure how long its been like this as bike is new to me. Any thoughts/ suggestions?
610 24/09/2006 07:09:36 oldman Re: tech help- erratic idle speed sounds like the throttle linkage is sticking best to remove cables check there free then check the linkage might just need a bit of oil also check the return springs aint bust good luck
611 28/09/2006 04:45:29 paddymc Re: tech help- erratic idle speed After playing with it for a while today maybe I can decscribe the problem better. Here is the typical scenario: I ride a few miles, engine up to normal temp. I find myself having to give a little throttle at stop lights, as idle speed drops below 1000rpm. I pull into lot and attempt to adjust idle speed knob to 1500. it takes sometimes 2-3 turns of knob before idle speed suddenly jumps to 2500-2700rpm. I turn it back, only to have revs drop back suddenly to below 1000, where if I don't get back on the throttle, engine stalls. There doesn't seem to be any fine tuning on the idle speed on my bike.
612 29/09/2006 05:35:00 pr0sketch Re: tech help- erratic idle speed buy new carburetors. your are bad!! in every way
613 02/10/2006 05:22:17 paddymc Re: tech help- erratic idle speed Would carb sync help this, maybe?
614 24/09/2006 17:48:18 yogibear Desperately need help to solve vibration Please can can anyone help with advice to solve this problem? I have a 1990 FZ750 Genesis which I have owned for 15 years. It used to be smooth as silk but has developed a hand numbing vibration which occurs from 2.5k rpm upwards. I can't ride for more than 10 minutes without total loss of feeling in my hands. I've tried everything I can think of: engine mounts, carb balance, shims, all bearings, wheel balance etc etc. The bike has never been down the road and the vibration is definitely rev related as occurs when stationary not just moving. The mileage is under 30k.
615 25/09/2006 01:34:09 mike760 Re: Desperately need help to solve vibration sound like you bike may not being fireing all cyclinder at right time or that one fires every second time. i say it time for you leads and plugs to be tested better still replace. cheers mike
616 26/09/2006 02:15:18 ganepeil Re: Desperately need help to solve vibration yogi, agree w/mike on probable not running on all cyls. would try starting bike and spraying headers w/some non-combustible fluid. might reveal dead cyl/s. plug caps leaking to ground are usual culprets on single cyl prob's except w #1 which is usually carb. related. keep us posted, I'm sure intrested pisans will attempt to help G.
617 26/09/2006 16:29:48 morsetaper For Sale: Nice FZ750 8 pg Sales Brochure Hello, Sold my FZ several yrs ago. Still have a Yamaha FZ750 sales brochure, very nice, not sure what year?? 1985 or 1986 model year? I've listed it on ebay for $.99 starting bid, ending Sun Oct 1st. [url=,1&item=330032374990&ih=014&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT]Link To FZ750 8 Page Brochure on ebay[/url] I figured this would be a good place to post it. Wish I knew about this forum when I had the bike. Thanks, mark
618 27/09/2006 03:19:29 fz750scott Could an FZ be bored out this far??? I bought a 1985 FZ750 about a month ago. The bike has only 14000km on it. The bike is said to be bored out to a 920cc with planed heads. Ported and polished, K&N filter, Vance and Hines SS pipe, Hoaned intake manifolds and oversized carbs. It runs the qt. mile in 9.34s at 144mph. Do you think the bike is a 920cc?? How much speed would i lose if i removed all the fairings??? Scott
619 27/09/2006 14:53:04 gmanhevner Re: Could an FZ be bored out this far??? Lets have a look of some pics scott!!! :-o
620 29/09/2006 05:49:44 pr0sketch Re: Could an FZ be bored out this far??? is it really that fast 9.34 wow that couls beat the fastest stock bike out right now, the ninja zx14r.
621 30/09/2006 21:42:36 buzz87 Re: Could an FZ be bored out this far??? With different pistons and piston sleeves, the size can be bumped up to 920. FZ1000, I think. There are 3 or 4 combos of Yamaha parts that can bump up the displacement in various steps - you can research that on this site's old postings and on old logs - it is possible. So have fun with it! Mine is supposedly between 880 and 900cc. I haven't been able to confirm the mods made, but it has FZ750 sleeves, and different pistons, I think. (FZR?) Fairly common conversion awhile back.
622 01/10/2006 15:44:45 fz750scott Re: Could an FZ be bored out this far??? thanks alot for the info. my top speed so far has been 268km/h without fairings. How many km/h do you think i will gain when i purchase the fairings??
623 01/10/2006 17:13:59 fz750scott Re: Could an FZ be bored out this far??? [img]C:\Documents and Settings\Scott\My Documents\My Pictures\bike.JPG[/img]
624 19/10/2006 08:53:51 Dutch Re: Could an FZ be bored out this far??? most common is the 911, fzr1000 cylinders on a 750 crank. Bore of the 1k, stroke of the 750, makes an excellent (race) bike. They run them in races in the UK
625 29/09/2006 13:47:50 fzpilot my fz reading through the posts i've just discovered that my new bike was cammo's old one. small world! cheers Ben. ps. if you hadn' seen a pic here are two.:-D [img][/img] [img][/img]
626 30/09/2006 21:44:33 buzz87 Re: my fz Nice clean unit - Ben. Welcome to the world of FZ!
627 01/10/2006 09:52:48 fzpilot Re: my fz thank-you. i think it will be an enjoyable world. cheers Ben.
628 04/10/2006 15:15:12 chadincolo 85 FZ750 parts We recently bought my wife an 85 FZ750, custom paint, about 20,000 miles. I'm looking for some parts, is eBay about the only option? It's got the stock exhaust, way too quiet (I'm riding a VFR with 2 Bros. exhaust, she can hear my exhaust over her motor when she's riding lead). Would also like to find a good seat (her foam is about shot) and a new windscreen. What are the chances of finding any of that stuff?
629 05/10/2006 07:19:58 mike760 Re: 85 FZ750 parts hi there you can still get a lot of parts from other sites like vance and hines which do exhaust, eagle screens, as for seat well best way is to take triming place i had my done locally and came up really good change the foam profile and seat profile add a few lines of stitching and colours no worry you got a new brand seat base on old plastic. there just some ideas best place to find good places to go would be your local mechanic if he has no idea well he not a good mechanic go somewhere else. cheers mike
630 24/12/2006 23:46:32 pockrock Re: 85 FZ750 parts Right! Ive got similar problems. I will get my 85 Fizz in a while and I have other bikes. I am having my VFR transformed as the one who won the AMA SBK in late 80s with a left, Galassetti race can and ....we already know it sound like a V8 small block! Im looking for a 4:1 exaust for te FZ. I see V&H used to fabricate them and I wonder where I can find one, better if used. i will also check which improvement can be made (uppering rear end to ease cornering, braided hoses for brakes and fine brembo pads, K&N flt and rejetting). If any of U tried something, please drop a line.
631 31/12/2006 01:40:15 ganepeil Re: 85 FZ750 parts Chad, I live in the foothills of Boulder, and have some used parts. ie; a fzr1000 seat in good shape. you'd have to transfer the foam/cover to your' pan.(or for a fee I'd do it for you w/new cover) you can chk out my work on my 7-10. a windscreen in fair/good cond.(ruby red,not to my taste, aquired w/ebay fairing) and a Yosh 4/1 (in good shape but w/one-off race can) ie a couple inches shorter and large diameter baffle. exhaust is on my track bike so you could listen if intrested and would be intrested in trade if your' stock exhaust is in good shape especilly if system is 4 into 2. let me know if you're inrtested/close enough to take a look. G 8-)
632 11/01/2007 23:26:16 boaberto Re: 85 FZ750 parts Hi Remus do a crackin s/s system i know cause needed a new one for ma 1FN and people wanted silly money ie Predator do one and wanted 350 bucks.But i got ma Remus off a 2MG that was a tradin at local bike shop for ぴ00 Quid, result system like brand new had to change from springs to collars but no prob sounds Awsome. Also just found full laser system on E-bay び00 to go on 2MG. Project Streetfight Begins. Cheers Boab
633 10/03/2007 10:26:35 buzz87 Re: 85 FZ750 parts I think bike bandit has a pretty good selection of parts. They have sent me stuff in NZ. Pretty expensive but they'll do.
634 10/10/2006 01:57:28 fz750scott Another One Bit The Dust. :(:( Sad to say that yesterday I was racing a buddy of mine on my 85 FZ 750 Genesis. The bike was bored out to a 920..had k&n...vance and hines ss...hoaned intake...oversized carbs.. and a port and polish...i was in 6th gear at 11000 rpms and winning the race...then BOOM....TICK TICK TICK CRUNCH...The rod let go and tore apart in the crank case and beat the cylinder walls out. It's now seized solid...a good bike...RIP.
635 15/10/2006 14:55:04 Weiner127 Re: Another One Bit The Dust. :(:( Scott, what are you going to do with the bike now?
636 17/10/2006 02:42:38 fz750scott Re: Another One Bit The Dust. :(:( FZR1000 motor baby!!! Got my eye on a few. Wish me luck.
637 17/10/2006 03:00:57 mike760 Re: Another One Bit The Dust. :(:( hi going to make stronger and faster as well any other upgrades you thinking of, on the con rod was it big end or small end that went on you, most fz750 have the small end, i curious to know, what rods did the motor have stock or after market H rods or I rod type was standard. i wouldn't goes with yzf1000 motor if you can't get a fzr1000 motor i had a mate who was doing a thunderace 1000 (1996) engine and you can't even get the bearing for it, so if you can stay with early model engine. have a great rebuild cheers mike760
638 20/10/2006 14:35:44 fz750scott Re: Another One Bit The Dust. :(:( Took the bike apart last week and found out it wasn't the rod...I dropped 4 valves. All in one cylinder. The piston looks like chrome hamburger and so does the head on the 4th cylinder. I found a valve in my exhaust pipe, crankcase and clutch side. Shavings of metal are struin through the intake manifolds and exhaust...all in my bottom end and around my clutch side. My 700$ Hot cam is ruined to on the intake side. :-o
639 12/10/2006 14:21:15 Dante I can't find anything!!! Hi there, Am new on this site, first time I got to it I was looking for the electric circuit Diagram fo my FZ750 89. It is a very pretty muscle bike though I am not riding it yet because I still haven't got the funds to invest in a license. At the mo I am kind of giving it a good clean up and also trying to modernise the look of it because I like to be a bit tarty. Does anybody know where I could find a compatible hugger for a JMC 7020 swing arms, all other kind of modern rear fairings that could adapt to my bike and also where can I find an (compatible) exhaust system for it? When I got this bike the downpipes had holes as big as golf balls lol.:-o
640 17/10/2006 17:01:08 Dutch Re: I can't find anything!!! seen an FZ with R6 rear or Duc 916. Needs a lot of fiddling about but can be done. FZ is old so not much to be found new, keep an eye on ebay etc.
641 26/10/2006 19:31:32 pr0sketch anyone know about 87fzr750 carb jet sizes? hi does anyone know if i could take a fzr600 or fzr1000 carbs and put it in my fzr750 engine. are the main jet and pilot jet all the same size? the carbs that i have are for fz700 and/or fz750. anyone know any info about the fzr600/ fzr100/ or fzr750 jet sizes, or any info where i could find info? and also i ran the fzr750 with the fz750 carbs would that damage the engine severely since im running it to lean. What if i used the bike running lean for a few miles, what would happen? thanks!
642 27/10/2006 03:54:15 ganepeil Re: anyone know about 87fzr750 carb jet sizes? P, according to Yamaha shop man. 2lh (usa fzr 750) used staggered mains, 110 1-4 107.5 2-3 2lj (usa fzr 1000) 107.5 1-4 105 2-3. the 750 used 17.5 pilots and the 1000 20's. in 4 strokes jetting probs usually cause drivability issues long before eng. damage as opposed to two strokes which run best just before they quit. carbs from 400/600's are quite different from genesis motors,because well, 5 valvers cant. and the angle of the cly's preclude the use of the more or less vertical mounts of the 4/6. to a degree, carbs from fz 700/ fz750 /fzr 750 /fzr1000 are interchangable, while intake throat diametres differ, all can be jetted to acceptable performance/drivability. tho a built motor will achieve gains from bigger throat diameter (at sea level) a shoot from the hip guess about bigger/specialty carbs is 5-700 bucks and a couple hours of dyno time will massage 4-12 hp from mid range (where you ride) to peak hp. where it counts on the track. 's
643 30/10/2006 01:26:44 pr0sketch Re: anyone know about 87fzr750 carb jet sizes? thank very much ganepeil! i was wondering which carb is best to use the 85fz750 carbs or the 87fz700 carbs for the 87fzr750? or do they both have the wrong jet sizes. is there anyway to tell if the bike is running to rich or to lean?
644 30/10/2006 02:13:41 robhar2 Re: anyone know about 87fzr750 carb jet sizes? hi guys, i spoke to a yamaha guy here and he said that fz750 in uk are 105 standard but they used 102.5 in 2 and 3 the fzr750 was never produced for the uk market and we only seemed to get euro imports which were 95 and 92.5 jets fzr1000 in uk were 110 with 107.5 in 1 and 4?? which is strange, because they used the weaker jets on 2 and 3 in the 750's, might have been an emissions thing cya soon carl :-D
645 30/10/2006 19:40:40 ganepeil Re: anyone know about 87fzr750 carb jet sizes? Pro, Sorry to say have no definitive answere for you. have no knowledege of whether or not venturi diameteres were changed between 700-750. in US models Yamaha used different P/N carbs liberally depending on year, displacement and destination. seem to recall in north american cont. different carb bodies used for california, standard US and Canada. probly mostly trying to meet emmission levels. since have swapped both ways w/750-1000 carbs,figure 700-750-1000 spigots close enough to swap all ways. due to age,anything you find used will be dirty and worn. if I were to chose, would 1st chk throat dimetres and go w/ larger. if no difference go with least worn.and clean assiduously. jetting changes with altitude, temp,intake,exhaust and you'r case displacement mods. which ever carbs you decide on, would research stock jetting and start from there. once you have something to go on, drop a note. I'd be happy to go thru dyno records and make a guess at base line jetting. on tell for rich or lean, plug readings are fair if you can't access an ega , seat of pants by pulling on choke/opening airbox. luck G.
646 28/10/2006 09:51:22 fzpilot reserve switch hi all, could any one tell me how the reserve switch operates. as the fuel tap has only on or off. i understand the switch works on the pump , but how ? the shop manual says nothing about this. cheers Ben.
647 29/10/2006 01:23:56 ganepeil Re: reserve switch Ben, there is an excellent entry in "" under tips, fuel management. short story is that in run position fuel pump relay is powered from ignitor via kill sw. and side stand sw. when fuel sender(located inside gas tank) tells fuel pump relay your' below a certain fuel level( about a gallon ) fuel pump relay cuts power to fuel pump until reserve tripped. then power is fed to fuel pump relay via kill switch and reserve sw. a goofy way to give us an extra 30 miles to find a gas station. unfortunatly also a pain in the nether regions to find culprit when fuel pump. fuelpump relay, fuel level sender, cdi or wires fail and carbs run dry with fuel still visable in the tank. usual suspects in order of my experiance are fuel pump relay, fuel level sender, wires/connector. fuel pump itself. have yet to hear of failure at cdi or res. sw. tho possible. if you are having probs. rec. getting a wiring schematic (they show up regularly on ebay) and let us know what you find. luck G.
648 29/10/2006 09:07:22 fzpilot Re: reserve switch thanks G, nothing is wrong with it as far as i know. it was just that i had the tank off to clean the air filter and saw the arrangement. had me a bit perplexed , just thought i should know incase i needed to one day. thanks very much . and i shall have a look at that artical. Cheers Ben.
649 30/10/2006 19:28:06 7forty8 86 FZ750 for sale/ located Georgia 1986 Yamaha FZ750 Original Red, White, and Dark Blue 21,xxx miles, all stock with exception of K&N air filter, taller windscreen and FZ700 rotors. Michelin Macadam tires, front new ・rear > 50% All the following in the last 4,000 miles ・ -New battery -New EBC brakes, rebuilt rear caliper (seals & piston) -Clutch master cylinder and Slave cylinder rebuilt -New chain, front and rear sprockets -Carbs inspected, cleaned and synchronized -Intake O-rings and new intake boots to airbox -fuel filter, fuel line -fresh fork oil and inspected + greased wheel bearings -Spark plugs and new NGK caps, new exhaust gasket -coolant replaced, oil changed every 3k w/ genuine oil and filt -many new o-rings and gaskets, throttle/speedo cable lubed -new OEM Yamaha front fender (old was faded) -new fairing infills (dash panels) -Much more, see receipts Have receipts for all of the above and much more Bike comes with service manual and genuine Yamaha parts list (illustations and part #痴) Starts right up every time, idles great and pulls very hard, smooth motor. Was well loved, but school and another bike forces sale. $2150.00 OBO Contact me at Can provide pictures, bike is located in Athens, Georgia.
650 09/11/2006 00:07:41 7forty8 Re: 86 FZ750 for sale/ located Georgia 1950.00 nego
651 31/10/2006 08:39:42 iamwellsie Unleaded or Additive Hi Should a late 86 model 2mg run on premium unleaded? or should it need a additive to replace lead? Also whats standard gearing? Thanks Mark
652 01/11/2006 02:20:08 ganepeil Re: Unleaded or Additive Mark, stock gearing on 86 fz750 US was 16-45. & I've been running premium unleaded in my 87 750 and 88 1000 for 7 and 5 years respectivly (except when they were on the track) with no problems. luck G
653 14/11/2006 18:29:31 Dutch Re: Unleaded or Additive According to the manuel it should be unleaded of 91 RON minimum. It will run fine on leaded and any fuel of >91 Research Octane Number. Please google to find out how much that is in MON :-) When I bought my first FZ the dealer told i should use premium (98 RON), which is bullocks. In the Netherlands the lowest we have is 95, in Germany 92 is available. I used it plenty and it does fine, despite the relative high compression. BTW, most if not all Japanese bikes can run on unleaded fuel from the early 70's. Cheers, Dutch
654 11/09/2008 01:23:15 JoelB Re: Unleaded or Additive Leaded fuel (97 RON, I think) was still being used in Australia in 1985. Would I gain a benefit from using a valve saver additive?
655 11/09/2008 17:52:13 FZ750Horse Re: Unleaded or Additive Dutch is correct - Japanese bikes have been designed for unleaded for 30 odd years, i.e. there's no need for an additive.
656 12/11/2006 00:11:38 HerbFZ700 removal of old spark plugs/what plugs to use new? I would like to say thanks for any help I get. A FZ700 is a rare bike that you don't see around anymore if at all. I need some help with spark plug info. 1. What do you use to get them out? What kind of 18mm? socket shoud I use? I don't have the tool kit for this bike. 2. What spark plugs should I use? the plugs listed are out of use/made now. Any info would be a great help. Thank you, Herb.
657 12/11/2006 18:45:56 ganepeil Re: removal of old spark plugs/what plugs to use new? Herb. difficulty removing plugs usually is in accessing the boogers, I use a Snap-On 18mm plug socket coupled to a 3/8 universal (3 piece, craftsman) and whatever extension seems appropriate. I like NGK plugs, If unable top source DP8EA's locally ask for DP8EA-9 's as they are same except for broader heat range. luck G
658 12/11/2006 18:47:13 ganepeil Re: removal of old spark plugs/what plugs to use new? Herb. difficulty removing plugs usually is in accessing the boogers, I use a Snap-On 18mm plug socket coupled to a 3/8 universal (3 piece, craftsman) and whatever extension seems appropriate. I like NGK plugs, If unable top source DP8EA's locally ask for DP8EA-9 's as they are same except for broader heat range. luck G
659 21/11/2006 22:06:19 HerbFZ700 Re: removal of old spark plugs/what plugs to use new? Thank you ganepeil, I did not go with the "snap off" socket because this fourum is very slow, and did not check back until now. Used a 18mm Spark plug socket, Had my dear old lady turn it down .050 so it would fit down the the plug bore in the head. Got some new NGK plugs for it, and it is 150% better now. The old plugs had a gap of .055 + Tanks, ganepeil. Herb.
660 24/11/2006 10:47:48 Dutch Re: removal of old spark plugs/what plugs to use new? so it's not just me where the forum is a bit s l o w :-?
661 21/11/2006 22:10:20 HerbFZ700 How many FZ700 made? Does anybody know how many FZ700 bikes were made? I have bike with sn#192 at the end. Thanks, Herb.
662 25/11/2006 06:01:05 iamwellsie Clutch Master Cylinder I currently have a clutch master cylinder from a FZR 1000 on my FZ 750, the problem i have is, cause the bar on the fz is angled the master cylinder doesn't sit level, so i can have just enough fluid to cover the holes until i go over a bump with the clutch in it takes in air, and i have to rebleed the system about once a week. Its seems to be very hard to find one, does anyone here have one for sale, or know of one which will fit ok, before i commit to buy another to find the same problem. Thanks Mark
663 26/11/2006 09:41:24 fzpilot Re: Clutch Master Cylinder have you tried turning the bars hard right . you may be able to get more fluid in the master cylinder. just a thought. or apparently you can use suzuki gsx ones with remote bottles then you can bend the bottle bracket to suit. i have a honda nsr brake master master on mine and have no problems with it.:lol: Ben.
664 16/12/2006 09:10:58 pr0sketch carburetors pls help! me someone hi i still cant get the 87 fzr750 engine to work on my 87fz700 bike. im using the same manifolds that the fz700 used, does that make a difference? my bike floods all the time i tried adjusting the idle air screws from 2 to 1 3/4 to 1 1/4. the carbs im using is from a 85fz750. if i close the idle air screw am i closing the gas or air? If i run the engine lean what damages will occur to my engine? and also what will happen if i run it rich? now my bike is on 1 1/2 turns out on the idle air screws. I start the bike with the choke slightly open and throttle closed and i start the bike with starting fluid. to keep it idle i open the choke and adjust the idle speed knob as i adjust the choke to idle between 1- 2,000 rpm. for the fzr750 engine what is best to set the idle speed on? what does white smoke mean? i have no coolant when i run the bike. how long will it take for the engine to overheat? and also possibly maybe i have the wrong ignitor for the bike my cdi is not powerful enough? i have tid14-58 for the fz700 bike. sorry for all these question i do plan to get the right carbs but i cant find the 87fzr750 carbs anywhere.
665 18/12/2006 08:53:34 mike760 Re: carburetors pls help! me someone hi sketch first thing don't need to adjust the idle speed knob set it to the centre and leave it there and don't tounch the choke either should be able to set the bike up without choke on also refer to the choke as on and off just eaiser to make out what way you went. i mention previously that the carb's for the engine were made different size 750cc engines you also get a really torque motor with smaller carb's going this way be able pull better in sixth. first recomendation take to a bike shop and talk to the guy to let him show how to work these problem out, here take hour to tune it should cost no more than $100 half for overseas i suppose (outside australia) if haven't done so already try with out starter fuild set air screws on each carb to 2.5 turn out, and see if engine starts on it own accord if not than need to change carb jets. you need the vacumn meter, if you are to do all this. read up on the Fz750 carb in the book and compare to the FZR carb's may find that inside may require different setting like the FZ750 all may not. i read up and play a little on another bike PS you need radiator fuild in bike at all times if there no appartent leak, as to why it running down there two ways of telling where it going, oil sump will be going milkly or plugs will tell you and that easy to fix if there no rust in barrel.
666 30/12/2006 19:00:25 toosmooth FZ - laid up 3 years now it's not fuelling properly Hi all, I've just bought an 86 FZ in the original Silver and Red (UK) colour scheme, which is just gorgeous - problem is that it has an intermittent fuelling problem. It's been stood for 3 years, although it was laid up with empty carbs (it was run until cut out rather than drained) since then the carbs have been balanced and given the once over. I've done my research before turning to the forum, and I've read the excellent articles associated with this and other sites relating to the often weak points of the FZ - the relay and the pump (Kevin Footes article in particular) I've checked out the pump and it appears perfectly functional - the contacts are clean and not heavily worn, the connections of the 2 wires from the loom are also in good shape. The Nature of the Problem When it works - The bike will prime itself and start from cold without fuss, and if you only want to pootle around at constant 1/4 throttle, even at a steady 100mph it's absolutely fine. When it fails - rolling on from constant part throttle settings the fuelling becomes jerky and the bike surges and stutters - it's not enough to stop it just about accelerating (I've still had 130 out of it) but nonetheless, it's a long way from being right. ALSO - when you've pulled up to a junction and let it idle for a while, the thing cuts out - cough, splutter - DEAD. Once it's done this it doesn't want to restart, it is assisted by using choke but it's a real chore to get the motor back up and buzzing. If you keep the motor revving, it doesn't seem to suffer the same problem - just hands off idle is when it dies. Part of the reason I'm unsure that it is as simple as the pump and relay at fault, is that when it happened today (idle cut out) I immediately hit the kill switch and then put it back to run - this primes the pump with 5 seconds of voltage - the pump didn't cycle which it never does if the downstream pressure is already high enough (I suppose it could be the relay not sending the charge, but it does at all other times I've checked it) So I'm wondering - is it 2 problems or 1? - hot starting I've heard mentioned as a problem without fuel relays and pumps being blamed, and as for the poor running bit - any ideas before I start either cutting looms to bypass the relay or lashing out the cash to replace the pump? HELP!! cheers y'all Paul Berryman Buckinghamshire, England.
667 31/12/2006 00:51:39 ganepeil Re: FZ - laid up 3 years now it's not fuelling properly Paul, 1st welcome. as you've found Kevins excellent post I'll assume you've perused a lot. there's good info to be found in "exup brotherhood" and "" as well. To your' problem, first not wanting to accept throttle. usual suspects are in order of frequency. clogged pilot jets (jets /jet passages/(to include air passage at intake throat)and fuel screw passage. then, cloggged nozzel emulsion holes. then, torn/holed slide diaphrams. if running is improved off bottom with choke 1/2 on, pilot ckt is most suspect. as to engine dyeing and hard re- start, the 2 most common probs are running out of fuel in carbs, and carbs over filling. a couple of things to to do. Next time it stutters to a halt/dies, switch to reserve.(this powers a different contact in the fuel pump relay. and bypasses the fuel level sender in the tank (there are 2, one for guage,one for reserve)give it 5-10 seconds and attempt to start. another thing to chk is plugs. if carbs are running rich due to: high float levels: failure of float valves to seal: float valve seat oring failure, rich pilots or fuel screw settings,fuel boiling over due to engine heat, plugs will tell the tale. there's more but hopefully you'll not need it. hope this helps, let us know how you fare luck G 8-)
668 01/01/2007 22:18:31 toosmooth Re: FZ - laid up 3 years now it's not fuelling properly - update Thanks for your words of advice G. I'm really hoping it's not going to be anything carburettor based as I'm reluctant to start having them apart and learning my way around them - I've only ever had cause to strip carbs from LC's and PV's and that was an age ago! I have done some extra testing of the problem on the bike using a multimeter on the relay and pump. Relay checks out OK - 5 seconds of 12v at ignition switch to ON, continuous 12v when bike running, 0v when off - I don't think it's the relay. I'm looking at the pump with a bit more scrutiny now, I think apearances may be deceptive - it all looks OK, it cycles constantly when it's off the bike and dry with voltage administered to it, and the contacts look ok and in general it all looks like it's working, but everything that surrounds this problem could also be caused by low pressure fuel (i.e underfilling of the float bowls) when under load or under evaporative conditions (i.e stuck in traffic at tickover heating up the engine and the fuel in the bowls). As an early attempt to sort this out I've got a proven fuel pump from an EXUP on the way - it is exactly the same as the mitsubishi made FZ item, barring the fuel in and out pipes aren't parallel to each other but at 90'. I'm hopeful a quick swap of mounting plates should see it on the FZ with maybe just a bit of fuel pipe trimming/refitting to sort it. I'm not going to do anything more until the pump is here and either solves or doesn't solve the problem. If I still have issues then I'm right into the detail from your reply! Going through the points you've raised G, I'm not certain it's the pilot jets/nozzle holes being blocked, because it will tick over and run perfectly 90% of the time - only when hot does it fail, which it wouldn't do if they were (This makes me happy because I remember what an arse-ache cleaning them was even on an LC) Also, the mid to top end running is poor which a pilot jet really shouldn't have any bearing on should it? Float levels are definitely not high - the cutting out at tickover problem is definitely starvation of some form or other, this I know because the restart is much easier with choke than without it. The torn diaphragm problem could be a goer,- I'll probably have a look at that if I can build up the courage to whip the carb tops off if the new(ish) pump doesn't work. The thing I'm really looking for here is something that might give up the ghost just by being stored dry - the fuel pump innards I think are likely, the diaphragms also may have perished - things like air screw settings and stuff just havent been touched since the bike was last in everyday use and 100% reliable (even no cutting out at prolonged tickover) Thanks for your help, and I'll post again with EXUP fuel pump results. cheers Paul B
669 03/01/2007 03:17:36 ganepeil Re: FZ - laid up 3 years now it's not fuelling properly - update Paul, hope new fuel pump does the trick,direction and lay-out means nothing if lines can be routed without lines getting kinked. something to bear in mind, is fuelpump is internally regulated ie a diaphram and set of points shut -off pump at @ 3 lbs of presure to carbs. I believe Kevin's post noted possibility of poor connections/dirty points /broken wires inside fuel pump. also that relay can be intermittant.keep me in the loop. luck G.
670 03/01/2007 15:13:14 toosmooth Re: FZ - laid up 3 years now it's not fuelling properly - update Hi Gary, the new EXUP fuel pump came today and I've lashed it onboard using cable ties - the mounting points are just sooo different I can't fix it to the bike permanently I'm pretty sure. nonetheless, I have now done a couple of test flights and things are 95% better - I may have a bit of residual work to do cleaning out the carbs, but in general I think I've eradicated the poor running with the new pump. I've also taped up the radiator as it was running with the temp needle barely off the stop and I know on my old thunderace that I'd get really poor running in the winter because it never got to temp (I taped the rad on that too with good results) more work to do, but I think the root of the problem is at least known - I can now turn my attention to the last 5% and I think a carb strip and clean is on the cards for that. I may also have a go at stripping the 2 fuel pumps and utilising the good bits from the Exup pump in the casing of the FZ pump - If I manage that I'll get some pics and post them. Thanks for your support through this! cheers Pb
671 12/01/2007 22:01:08 toosmooth Re: FZ - laid up 3 years now it's not fuelling properly If anyones reading this and thinks I've had a good idea mixing and matching bits from a working Exup Fuel pump (which won't mount to an FZ) and putting them in a disfunctional FZ unti - don't bother! The units are 90% the same but the 10% that is different means that it's a non starter, little things don't quite match up and I'm pretty sure you'd ruin both fuel pumps trying. buy a Facet fuel pump like Gary said, or use 2 cable ties and an Exup pump like I have! cheers PB
672 02/01/2007 04:06:48 pr0sketch brake lights hi my brake lights do not work at all i turn the engine on kick the sidestand up and when i apply the brakes front and back neither of them work. i was wondering what controls the brake system is there a box or relay i can replace. maybe something got shorted.whats the best thing i should do?
673 03/01/2007 03:34:21 ganepeil Re: brake lights pro. first check would be look at taillight. it has 2 filimants, if both are constently powered it give the appearance of no brake lite.when in fact either front or rear always on.if that's not the case chk 1' fuse,2' bulb. no complex relays there, but common for rear brake lite sw to fail/spring hang. giving b.lite always on G.
674 21/01/2007 14:51:58 gaz69 Has anyone bought Parts from FZ Road & Race? Hi there! Was wondering if anyone had ever bought parts from Steve Spencer at FZ Road & Race? I'm still waiting on parts and the look like never arriving, was wondering if anyone else has dealt with him? Cheers Gaz
675 24/01/2007 03:28:47 mike760 Re: Has anyone bought Parts from FZ Road & Race? Hi Mate I looking at buying parts until i saw that the two names don't match. if you want check if the Bussiness number checks out with name too see if it legit. i have enquired about parts and seem very legit that way it just who reply seem a bit suspect. how long ago did you order, what were the parts you order, i may be able to chase him up to see, also you should recieved consignment number to track you parcel if not enquire about one. other wise put forward on to scotland yard electroinic faud department exspecialy over if it more thousand bucks. cheers mike760
676 04/03/2007 12:32:31 Rocks HELLO ALL! (Info please) Hello there ppl, I've just purchased one of these little FZ750 beauties, its a 1991 model, this was to be used as a second bike to my Vmax, thing is, I can't keep off it :-D It's one one hell of a ride and well underated as a serious contender to some newer plastics. After doing all the major checks It took to the road with a mate who has an R1, I was astounded by the performance and on a clear road opened her up and she went well past the 150mph clock, my mate was along side on his R1 and told me he was doing around 160mph, I had to shut her down as we ran out of road and it was still pulling. Now I'm not sure if people still use this forum, but if they do I would like to clear a few things up, I knew nothing about these before I purchased and seeing some pictures of others I would like a little ifo if possible. The bike was registered in the U.K. 01/01/1991 It has 3 spoke 17" wheels front & 18" rear, is this correct I know the size is but not sure on design? most of the other pictures I've seen on the se bikes have 3 spoke split wheels. Frame and eng no. is 2MG0 The exhaust looks like its been cobled together using a bigger Yamaha End can. If you have info on a 91 speck please could you let me know? I'm just trying to get it back to stock and original. Many Thanks in advance! Cheers Daz
677 07/03/2007 04:40:31 ganepeil Re: HELLO ALL! (new member Info please) Rocks, vin # corresponds w/ listing for european 89/90 fz750, manufacture dates for model years overlap by some months. so would rec. correspondence w/european bretheren. and for more exact info if none forthcoming here. wheel sizes correct for late euro wheels (w/320mm front rotors & 4 piston calipers). welcome aboard, things are slow here att. tho will pick up once we're riding again. I hope you will fare well. G
678 07/03/2007 20:14:09 Rocks Re: HELLO ALL! (new member Info please) Many Thanks ganepeil, Maybe your right not many peeps using the forum until the summer riding season, (almost in the U.K. will look forward to any info later.
679 14/03/2007 22:02:44 Rocks Hello again all Hello again, Still looking for the info and tips on this bike, also does anyone know of a place in the U.K. to get exhaust systems/downpipes and plastics from? I've also been looking for a complete set of new graphics, but have only seen decal sets for pre 1987 bikes. I can appeciate people not loggong in too much on here as the site takes an age to to load and use, I think this puts a few off using the forum, maybe it needs upgrading if possible. Daz
680 17/03/2007 08:47:09 trooper19 Re: Hello again all Hi just had a set of decals from they are realy helpfull and made up a set to what I wanted, as for the exhaust there is one on ebay at the moment Glenn
681 18/03/2007 13:18:52 Rocks Thanks Cheers for that (Trooper) I've seen the set on ebay and have messaged the seller, the exhaust system seems to be cobled together and made up of 3 different bits. Still no look finding fairings although there must be some company that still makes them or has old stock of them.
682 10/03/2007 18:28:10 boaberto None Starter HI folks, So here it is model 1fn, turn key Neutral light bright, hit start button solenoid clicks neutral light goes dim, oil light comes on and nothing happens at all. Battery is fully Charged all lights working. first time it happened fuel pump primed not priming now but havn`t started it since but was only the other day, only other sign when neutral light on, move gear shift slightly light goes dimmer. So may be a cut off somewhere. Cheers Boab
683 17/03/2007 00:23:36 bryan hi I just bought an '87 FZ750. I've had a '78 CB750K and '83 RZ350 before. Anyone know what the valve adjustment period is?
684 17/03/2007 02:33:39 ganepeil Re: hi welcome. suggested valve adjusts are every 24,000 km/ 15,800 mi. fortunate as they are time consuming and awkward. a tip, if your' bike has been sitting for a prolonged period run a couple tanks of gas thru it with fuel additive/ injector cleaner added.and once up to temp run well into top end, (not neccisarily red line, but up there under load.) as previous owner may not have. when Genisis motors are coddled they sometimes build up carbon which ends up on valve faces indicating loose valve clearances. typical checking is intakes tighten up while exhausts remain pretty stable. luck G
685 19/03/2007 22:35:44 FZXinCOLO FZX ignitor I think... Hello all, and thank you for your help in advance. I have an 86 Fazer FZX 700SC. It was running fine until I washed it after a trip late July. What it does now is, it will start an idle for a minute or until you try to turn the throtle, seems to be all the fuel that has trickeled in the carbs, then dies. When I turn the key to the on position I dont hear the fuel pump priming up. So I bought a new fuel pump relay, I pluged it in and it started right up and I was able to give it gas and it ran fine. This was in the winter so there was no chance to ride. I started it the next day and it ran fine, then I started the following day and it went back to not wanting to run. The battery was dying, so I jump it, no luck. If I pour gas in the carbs it will run, but the fuel pump is not pumping. I tested the fuel pump and its fine. Could it be the ignitor even though its getting spark? All contacts seem to be clean. Thanks again for any info. Frank.
686 20/03/2007 03:50:27 dbforums FZ 750 1FM HP First I just found this forum! It is nice to see many others who also love the FZ750! I have a 86' 1FM which I bought when I lived in Japan. I have had it for over 13 years now. Currently I have it with me in America, it has been here for many years now. I am tearing it down to clean it up as I have not rode it in some time now, yet want to get back on this summer. I am changing the chain, cleaning out the carbs, clean grease, and general fixes and repairs. As the engine is a 1FM which is listed as 77 HP, does anyone know why the 1AE is listed at 110 HP? Is there a way to get that HP back. Is there some type of limiter in the 1FM or a difference in the carbs, exhs., etc? Sorry for the questions but as it is now apart I would love to put it back together with an extra 33 horses behind it! Nice to meet all of you, David
687 21/03/2007 01:52:04 lilfzr76 hi im new just picked up an fz 750 1986 big fixxer upper project. any help and suggestions im in the bay area california. would like details on how to clean out my carbs thx. also what size is the carb to airbox so i can buy new pod filters because mine doesnt even have an airbox. thanks tony
688 22/03/2007 21:21:51 hikick1 clutch or transmission? hi guys/gals, I recently installed and bleed a used clutch master cylder reserve. I bleed the clutch cylinder as well down below. I had never put this bike in gear before because the master reserve was bad when I bought it as well as bone dry. I squeezed the clutch popped it down into first gear and it jerked and went dead. Every time I tried to restart, it lurched forward. After manually struggling to get the shifter back in neutral, I dragged it back to the garage. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a re-bleed? How should the clutch lever feel? mine isn't spongy but definetly nowhere near pressure building. Thanks for any help, Lavern-OHIO :-?
689 23/03/2007 03:31:52 ganepeil Re: clutch or transmission? hic,bravo, good post.sitting units often display this prob.for misc. reasons.working backwards, failed neutral switch, sidestand switch, clutch sw, all cause eng to die when shifted into gear. if bike still cranks w/clutch in gear, side stand up, eliminateds electrics. clutch feel when properly blead is similar to cable when new. next is hydrolics. since line is routed along frame and stages rubber to steel and back to rubber can be a pain to bleed. unless you have a vaccum device to bleed, volumn is the answer to bleeding. as moving large amounts of fluid carry air. if regular bleeding tequniques aren't yeilding satisfying lever feel, try backing off bleeder a 1/4- 1/2 turn and while keeping res above min.level move as much fluid thru system as possible. if master and slave are working properly this should result in acceptible lever feel. ie a lever which feels like things are getting done. at this point, there is a reasonable chance that your'e clutch plates have been sitting for a prolonged period and are stuck to each other. if you can roll the bike in gear w/ clutch pulled in, your'close enough to attempt start. things to check w/ hydrolics, are lever freeplay, ie is the lever straight enough to allow enough travel to do job, is pivot bushing allowing full travel, and is pushrod bush providing sufficient travel in master cyl. by removing slave from c/s cover is easy to verify motion and return for actuation. hope this helps.G
690 14/04/2007 19:01:09 Dutch Re: clutch or transmission? Good reply G. As it jerks when put in gear, it seems the cluch plates don't come apart. Either cause they are stuck together or because the clutch doesn't work as it should. Knowing how much pain it is to bleed properly my money is on that. More specific to a tiny air bubble in the banjo on the clutch pump. Have you put pressure on, loosend it, then redone? If you do so, protect the bike from the brake fluid that squirts out, this happens to be excellent paint remover :( Good luck, Dutch
691 05/06/2007 13:47:58 Edward Re: clutch or transmission? Hi hikick1, Did you get your problem fixed. I'm having the same issues as the bike has been sitting awhile. There is little to no resistance in the the clutch lever and the bike lurches and dies when I try to put it in gear. I'll try this weekend to bleed the clutch and see if that's the problem. Ed 86 FZ750
692 06/06/2007 23:23:04 hikick1 Re: clutch or transmission? Thanks guys....I will actually fix this tommorrow on my day off....hopefully. I will post the results... Audrey
693 06/06/2007 23:26:25 hikick1 Re: clutch or transmission? hi, I ran across a random post on the internet where others complained of difficulty bleeding their fz750 hydraulic clutches. They had success by bleeding through the slave cylinder...I will give this a try. If that doesn't work. I will check the clutch plates. I always wanted to replace a pack. Thanks, Audrey
694 07/06/2007 17:51:06 hikick1 Re: clutch or transmission?-1:30p.m. 6-7-07 hello, I started the process and immediately found micro bubbles. This is how. I started a reverse bleed (turn screw, squeeze clutch lever, close screw with clutch lever still depressed, open clutch lever, repeat, repeat) from the lower clutch slave cylinder. I became tired, tightened the bleed screw, released the clutch lever. I randomly began squeezing the lever and slightly depressing down on it. I noticed micro bubbles coming into the master cylinder. I did this for a 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, micro bubbles are still popping up. I have no line leaks. I am developing cluch lever pressure, about half there. I will repost after the bleed is done. I will attempt to roll it in gear at that time. Audrey
695 07/06/2007 18:07:39 hikick1 Re: clutch or transmission?- 2 p.m. 6-7-07... o.k. I am still bleedeing but now it feels a little "notchy" at the end of lever travel as I pump the clutch lever gently. I am trying to be a detailed as possible because this is a little more tedious than bleeding brakes. And if I don't post soon, I forget to write it. Audrey
696 07/06/2007 19:49:40 hikick1 3:45p.m. update hello, I put the bike in first and was able to roll it with clutch in. This was very encouraging. Thanks for the tip. I believe I may need to bleed even more. Pressure goes down just a little after 30minutes but pumps back up with four squeezes. I will post more later after I start and put in gear. Audrey
697 08/06/2007 16:34:19 hikick1 Re: clutch or transmission?--SUCCESS!!!!!! I bleed that took forever now has my clutch working. It is still a little hard to go from 1st to neutral. I am sure this is because it needs a little more bleeding to come to correct clutch lever pressure. But I was tired. I will finish today. :-D Now to adjust that choke........... Audrey
698 11/06/2007 23:32:12 Edward Re: clutch or transmission?--SUCCESS!!!!!! I bled my clutch and was able to get my bike in gear. I rode it for the first time on the weekend and it shifted pretty well. I didn't have much trouble bleeding the clutch though, I used the old tried and true method and seemed to work fine. Hopefully it will keep the pressure. On a different note, the bike seems to vibrate a fair bit. Is this normal for this bike? Ed
699 18/09/2007 14:55:25 texasFZ Re: clutch or transmission?--SUCCESS!!!!!! good to hear you had success.fat back end makes a big difference in the cornering deptment. :-D
700 23/03/2007 07:40:27 lilfzr76 parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. looks like this project will be too much for me i will be selling parts next week so if you have any parts off of this bike let me know. i have an 86 no side fairings no windscreen. have everything else i will let u guys have first crack at it before i post on ebay. lots of these parts are discontinued so might as well get them if you need them or for back ups. more parts you buy the better deal i can give you plus i can combine shipping.
701 23/03/2007 07:41:40 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. oh yeah its barely running due to starter gears are bad. starter is in actually really good condition though.
702 23/03/2007 23:43:11 dbforums Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. If it is a 1AE I would be interested in the Ignitor. Let me know. David
703 24/03/2007 09:26:39 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. i ae?? dunno whut that means but its an 86 fz750 if u tell me how to check for u i will.
704 24/03/2007 12:01:39 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. most my parts are on ebay now including the ignitor.
705 25/03/2007 08:46:48 fzpilot Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. 1ae is the model prefix that is both on the frame and the engine. by the way the days are gettin' shorter arn't they,seems like only yesterday your first post came up.:-( cheers Ben :-D
706 29/03/2007 08:41:40 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. yeah wish i could have kept this bike and got it running good but due to lack of avail. of afforable parts i can not pursue this. i did see ae on some parts though so im guessin it is. ne spots i can check to verify? i totally forgot where i saw ae but i know i did and i remembered u asked about it.
707 29/03/2007 08:43:44 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. if u guys want any motors parts let me know. some of my parts are currently on ebay but still have the bulk of the motor left. would like to sell to u guys beforehand instead of posting on ebay because i just want to be nice to fz owners. carbs are on ebay though and so is the radiator and fan. seems like the rest of the motor is up for grabs and i will be selling the bike as a roller on craigslist in the bay area sf,ca. any interests plz feel free to ask. plus you wont have to compete with ebay folks.
708 03/04/2007 07:22:58 dbforums Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. I could not find your parts on Ebay. Did the auction end?
709 09/04/2007 02:21:03 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. selling the frame soon hopefully. still have complete front end with brakes no master though. and swingarm with shock and good rear tire. have complete rear brake asym. I HAVE A DIGITAL IGNITOR OR CDI WHUTEVER FIRST PERSON TO PAYPAL ME 100.00 PLUS SHIPPING GETS IT.
710 10/04/2007 14:12:50 dbforums Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. How do you know that it is digital? Do you have the part number? I need an analog ignitor.
711 16/04/2007 11:45:15 lilfzr76 Re: parting out my 86 fz750 have a whole barely running bike request parts. 11548-001 is the part number. on the actual part it says ic ignitor tid14-49, 1lj-10
712 06/04/2007 04:27:04 joshuwaski Need to find out ??? I am trying to find out the price i sould be asking for a 1985 FZ 750 that. I was told that this is a rare bike and that is worth 8000 dollars. please help me?
713 06/04/2007 15:05:13 bryan Re: Need to find out ??? There's no way you'll get $8k for an FZ, lol. Maybe $3K if it's in showroom condition.
714 19/04/2007 10:20:27 dave56 Re: Need to find out ??? Depending on where you live you would probably get more if you break it down to spares, as spares are getting harder and harder to source. 8-)
715 09/04/2007 12:12:59 pmurdoch FZ 750 Breaking or complete bike 1989 Hi All As title says really. I'm UK based. The bike has 36,000 miles on it. Engine is lovely. Has a Laser 4-1 Race system on it. Awesome!!! New rear Bridgestone tyre. It's all there really but needs lots of TLC. Whole bike for a sensible offer. Drop me a message if interested to Kind regards Paul
716 10/04/2007 01:36:18 ssgivey Headlight Fairing Hello everyone, I am new to the post area but I have a problem I was hoping you could help me with. I am in need of a Headlight fairing as mine currently has several breaks in it and it would be easier to just replace it. I have seen one online that I can purchase new for about $170 but I am looking for a temporary part that I can put on the bike for the bike week in Myrtle Beach next month. If anyone has one for a decent price or knows of one, Please let me know. Thanks, James
717 10/04/2007 09:33:46 Gonad Downunder vibes Just new to the forum and thought id say hello. Good to see there are some other enthusiasts out there. I have owned my FZ750N from new (85). Its a great bike - but one thing that always bugged me was the vibration at around 4,500 rpm. Anyone else get that and can it be cured (yeah I know giving it more tit works but watching the license).
718 14/04/2007 21:47:03 Rocks Mirrors Advice please Does anyone know of replacement mirrors with extended arms, I'm sick of seeing my shoulders, I was told that R6 extended mirrors were a direct replacement but not sure, they look well different to me. Also trying to find a supplier of lower large fairings and the triangular V piece My bike is a 2MG FZ750 1991 model fully faired and I'm in the (UK) Many Thanks in advance! (ride safe) Daz
719 18/04/2007 03:23:11 paddymc wheel wobble I have an 86 (US), 6200 miles on the clock, which tends to wobble occasionally under certain conditions: when off-throttle, or at steady speed, without braking, when loosen grip on bars, as if to wave to someone, adjust visor, etc. Have checked steering head bearing, per manual, tires are quite new Bridgestones, don't think I have any rim or tire issues. Have increased preload on rear shock to 4 from 2,changed fork oil, which seemed to help, but still doesn't feel quite right. Also, I'm running 5 psi air up front. I have mounted a givi lookalike topcase, which I know may mess things up a bit, but the condition existed before I did so. Wobble never occurs if both hands firmly planted. Once started, wobble disappears as hands return to bars. This will happen at 20 mph or 50...don't care to experiment with speeds beyond that. Anyone have any similar experiences?
720 24/04/2007 04:31:32 mike760 Re: wheel wobble Hi you might find that the frame may be broken on the cross bar of the bike on the left side i have seen many frame with a crack in such a place also the triple clamps may just a bit loose hard to tell but they can also cause the same issue. but i did come across at one stage that brakes on the front can cause the same problem one side not releasing fully and this can also be the cause have a go with that and write back how you went cheers mike760
721 20/04/2007 21:47:04 HerbFZ700 She is on the road,87 FZ700 I would like to say "Thank You" to all the people that helped with this bike. The bike will need some getting used to but I know I will be happy overall. Any FZ 700 owners, I would like to talk with you to get info on this rare bike. Thanks again, Herb.
722 24/04/2007 01:24:48 sharp99 Re: She is on the road,87 FZ700 Hello Herb- Glad to hear you have an FZ700 on the road. I too am in the process of getting my FZ700 on the road and took my first ride last week after a complete carburetor rebuild and clutch replacement. I bought the bike cheap, but put about $1000 into it. The bike works well after major maintenance and it is now in the shop getting new tires. Original tires have dry-rot and probably not safe to drive on. My plan is too slowly replace parts that are non-critical, such as switches, exhaust and hand-grips. Depending on how well the bike does over the next few months, I may repaint the plastic. What did you need to do to get your bike back on the road? -Steve (Washington State)
723 03/07/2007 14:54:21 HerbFZ700 Re: She is on the road,87 FZ700 Steve, sorry it took so long to post. Life Happens. After sitting is some goons yard for who knows how long with the cover off, it had seen some good old NE U.S. weather. Bearings replaced, carbs cleaned with gumout/mech in a bottle, new chain/sproket set, new dunlop battelaxss, rebuilt hydros for all systems, and all the happy crappy that anybody does if they buy a used/abused bike that is 20+ years old, Yeah I am a Yamadog fan for life. I should of bought this bike in 87 but got a seca instead. Now I am 40 and I don't know if I have the back,arms, or knees for it. If need help give me a shout, Herb.
724 18/08/2007 21:33:47 zx12ryder Re: She is on the road,87 FZ700 Anyone know of any good aftermarket mirrors for the 750, maybe something looking more like the mirrors on an FZ600? Also I've seen pics of FZ750's with passenger seat Cowl's, I've looked online but can't find anyone who makes them. Artech Streamlining makes all aftermarket fairings for this bike but no seat cowl. Anybody know where to scoop one up? The front half of the fender slaps up and down at every bump, it's more annoying than anything, anybody else get this? Thanks
725 08/09/2007 22:40:23 FZBlack Re: She is on the road,87 FZ700 cheers geoff for the link and for the patience of the guy that sat and scanned it in top job my owners manual mustve got lost amongst the previous 11 owners l.o.l youve got 4 eh? how did that happen? are you collecting em all, one of each model theres one on ebay at the mo doing 50 quid no body work tho only rollin chassis mines a shed too but its now runnin im blagging some oil tommorrow and gonna do a change before i run it for a while to test the fan and temp guage etc makes a nice noise tho no unnerving ticks or rattles even the micron end can isnt too silly will try get a pic up later on cheers again dave
726 08/09/2007 22:56:18 zx12ryder Re: She is on the road,87 FZ700 I'm a hoarder, I love the FZ750 and tend to buy "stuff", I end up with all sorts. I have two on the road, mine and the wife's. But I am building another with the spec: FZ750 engine with 1000 barrels, pistons etc., Kawa zzr 600 rear wheel, fzr 1000 front end, fzr 1000 tank & fairing, yzf subframe and seat, blue spot front brakes, have not decided on the rear brake system, all the parts have been powder coated where applicable and I have started the actual rebuild now to be ready for next spring. The FZ 750 is a spectactular bike, look out for head gasket going and the bloody brakes...they need upgrading!!!!!! Geoff :hammer:
727 22/04/2007 17:53:29 tilterron 1986 FZ750 For Sale Perfect condition 1986 Fz750 For Sale. 22000 kms. 4 into 1 Vance n Hines exaust. Also orig 4 into 2 exaust in perfect condition. Bike is in Gander Newfoundland, Canada. Call [709] 651-3069 for details. Hard to find 1986 in better condition.
728 22/04/2007 18:00:00 tilterron 1986 FZ750 For Sale 1986 FZ750 in perfect condition. Will be hard to find a better one. Bike is in Gander Newfoundland, Canada. Asking $4000cdn. Call [709]651-3069 for details.
729 29/04/2007 09:32:04 fzpilot fz750 for sale saw this on ebay . it is in nsw australia. cheers Ben
730 30/04/2007 03:38:25 mojo1094 Interested in your opinion of the 750 Hey all. It's sunday where I live, and on tuesday, I may be taking delivery of (what i'm lead to believe is) a 1987 FZ750. She's wearing Metzler's on the front and rear (stock sizes). I'm curious about a couple things ... being that I don't know anyone that owns or has even sat on one of these. What are your opinions of this bike versus others you have ridden? How big of a rear tire can I get on the rear wheel? what kind of mileage are you getting out of these? It's a second bike that will see some track time, and lots of road time. There are only 25k on the bike, and I'm sure I'll have that odometer rolled over once before I decide to pass it on to another owner ... it's just how I am with bikes. She's clean, with a little cosmetic things (cracked windscreen and turn signal). Any thoughts/opinions are welcome. Thanks, and once again, Hi!
731 06/05/2007 03:09:52 85fz7505v Re: Interested in your opinion of the 750 [quote] mojo1094 wrote: Hey all. It's sunday where I live, and on tuesday, I may be taking delivery of (what i'm lead to believe is) a 1987 FZ750. She's wearing Metzler's on the front and rear (stock sizes). I'm curious about a couple things ... being that I don't know anyone that owns or has even sat on one of these. What are your opinions of this bike versus others you have ridden? How big of a rear tire can I get on the rear wheel? what kind of mileage are you getting out of these? It's a second bike that will see some track time, and lots of road time. There are only 25k on the bike, and I'm sure I'll have that odometer rolled over once before I decide to pass it on to another owner ... it's just how I am with bikes. She's clean, with a little cosmetic things (cracked windscreen and turn signal). Any thoughts/opinions are welcome. Thanks, and once again, Hi![/quote] From my experience of riding my FZ compared with the newer bikes... - The FZ is REALLY heavy so, learn to pick it up correctly (no, you don't need to be incredibly muscular, just the correct technique) - It is pretty torquey, I went up a decently steep hill in 5th gear at 70kph and when I opened it up, it still pulled decently - I don't know about the rear tire, but if you put a bigger one on, I doubt it will handle better. - It vibrates ALOT at high speeds - There isn't too much aftermarket for this bike so don't think about turning it into some sort of "show bike" - The stock brakes are junk, can't even do a stoppie if you tried. - The whole bike itself is really narrow (including the seat, the seat is also crap BTW). I've had people think it was a 500 - The gas tank is narrow so you can't really rest your forearms on the tank when in a tucked position like you can with the newer bikes. -The seat height is pretty high, so it would be good for taller people. Even for me, I'm only 5'3 and I learned pretty well how to balance myself so I get around. :) - To me, I think the bike is pretty stable riding the corners or on the highway, and probably less likely to have a tankslapper since it's so heavy. -For some reason, it kinda rumbles like a twin when the revs are down low, but it screams when you open it up. Don't know what else to say about it, but I choose to stick with this bike over all those newer bikes. I love my bike :-D Oh, btw my bike has about 87 000 KMS, these bikes will last forever. Maybe that FZ you're looking at ALREADY rolled over the odo. :-)
732 03/05/2007 10:58:44 fzpilot naked fz has any one out there turned thier fz750 into a naked bike. i prefer the upright possition. and i like the look. wondering where to stuff all the excess wiring and the like. cheers Ben
733 08/05/2007 02:01:14 arch Re: naked fz See the Owners Registry in Several freaks turned their FZs into naked bikes. Take a look at #60, #226, #237, #281, #332. arch
734 10/05/2007 04:44:44 ganepeil Re: naked fz Ben. Sure enough there's a limit to what can be stuffed inside a headlight bucket, and worse the harness going into it is in constant motion. my opt. would be making pig-tails of fresh wire plugging into stock swithches and harness and relocate into the areas behind stock coil mounts.Kawasaki fitted their swith couplers under the fuel tank along frame rails for years, but on the fz you might have to go all the way to the seat to find room. bear in mind that your' working with 30 year old componants, and that a broken wire or faulty connector could make you a pedestrian far from home. luck G
735 13/05/2007 08:07:06 fzpilot Re: naked fz thanks for the info. good pics thanks . wiring is deffinatly a prob though. cheers Ben.
736 18/05/2007 22:37:16 mickiwizz tyres Hi all,just put met4 160/60-18 rear tyre on and it seems to perform well with a met6 roadtec 120/70-17 front.cheers to you all.
737 20/05/2007 08:27:02 Martin Hello I just thought I would introduce myself. I am an avid fan of Yamahas owning a SRX, TDM, EXUP and a FZ750. I hope I wont offend anyone but as nice as the FZ750 looks I am in the process of modifying/streetfighting mine. It now wears an EXUP swingarm/forks and wheels. R1 brakes front and rear and a Cagviva Mito seat unit. It will soon be powder coated and painted. I also intend to build a FZ911 engine to put in. I have a spare engine and the complete top end from a FZR1000. If anyone has done this mod, I would very much appreciate any tips. Many thanks.
738 21/05/2007 17:47:28 haunter ignitor for sale from a 86 won it on ebay, was supposed to be for a 88 FZR750R, ended up being for a 86 FZ750 it seems labeled 1AE-70 TID-X136 and has 86 race scribbled on it. SOLD
739 01/06/2007 07:00:23 pr0sketch starting the bike in gear? hi everyone, my bike for some reason only starts in neutral in its really hard getting to neutral everytime i kill the engine. i cant even pull the clutch in and start it. i was told i needed to short the 2 wires from the clutch. does anyone have any other solution? life would be much easier if i could start the bike in gear i try real hard to move the gears to neutral but no change. cheers!!!
740 03/06/2007 00:21:46 pr0sketch fz750 wheelie? hi i was wondering if a stock fz750 85-88 can do a power wheelie because i cant. maybe im not doing it correctly. i finnally did get the bike to start in gear.
741 12/06/2007 17:41:39 Dutch Re: fz750 wheelie? an FZ -like any bike- can be wheelyed when done properly. Unlike modern light weight high hp sportsbikes it wound't wheely just on the power. That's also why it is so fast at the traffic light grand prix: much shorter gearing than the R1 besides you and it wouldn't flip over when too enthousiastic with the throttle :-D
742 19/06/2007 22:45:28 TurboM50 Mods to the FZ 700 who's done them and what r they
743 21/06/2007 02:34:49 ganepeil Re: Mods to the FZ 700 Turbo. 17" wheels w/320mm rotors.4 piston calipers.'91 fzr 600 forks/clamps etc. Fox twin clicker. fzr 1000 eng/ 6 speed trans. 4-2-1 exhaust. stock bodywork and paint w/full lowers. Ups. a good looking ride which runs with the big boys. cheap registration and insurance. the pride of having a 1 off ride you've built yourself.Downs, big wheels while provide awsome brakes and choices of almost any tires on the market in sizes to fit, slow steering. and the thought of putting a 125+ hp eng on the stock 16/18 wheels (who's breaking was nominal at best)is an invitation to off road excursions for the unwary.also.virtually no one recognises these bikes any more. most common commkent is "nice bike. what is it ?" and the sticker......... cops don't know, understand,or care that your' riding a 30 year old bike. it looks agressive. that sends up their red flag. you'll get all the attention a current GSXR R1 ZRX gets when you ride.(with any luck I'll trade my provisinay licence for the real deal Aug.1) luck G 8-)
744 24/06/2007 04:52:54 mike760 Re: Mods to the FZ 700 HI Turbo if you want a fantatic front end YZF600 1998 from triple trees down are a good investment much easier and get fantastic brakes and increase wheel size make life a little more comfortable you can leave an 18 on the rear but the 17 from the 600 goes wheel to though you need the forks to be up about 10mm through the triple trees to get right ride height that one mod i done cheers Mike760
745 14/07/2007 14:10:45 texasFZ Re: Mods to the FZ 700 Will these mods work on an '86 FZ750 as well?
746 24/07/2007 00:41:40 mike760 Re: Mods to the FZ 700 HI Snafoo yes they will cheers mike760
747 03/07/2007 15:13:26 HerbFZ700 Handle bar buzz at 75mph + Grips? What up Fz Bros What brand/type grips do you use on your FZ? Lots of "buzz" on the road over 50mph, lost all feeling in right hand after a 30mi ride. Old grips are on it now. Rode bare hand whole time. What gloves do you guys use also? THanks, Herb.
748 08/07/2007 03:11:48 ganepeil Re: Handle bar buzz at 75mph + Grips? Herb, I like stock yamaha fjr1300 grips w/stock 750 bar end weights. for gloves, Hatch deerskin gauntlets, they're supple and keep the wind outside of cuffs. have read of many vibration complaints in forum, but asside from moderate buzz @ 4-6 grand havent experianced any undue feedback.certainly nothing leading to numbness. you might concider checking the usual suspects, engine mount bolts and their attatchments to frame, I think Mike refered to possible cracking some time back. luck G
749 08/07/2007 11:42:16 HerbFZ700 Re: Handle bar buzz at 75mph + Grips? ganepeil, thanks for your info. I will check out the mounts and bolts, but I think they are ok. I don't have a lot of info on this bike, last owner passed away before I could talk to him, wasn't taken care of right. Miles are unknown, might be 27k???? Would the bike being dumped do it? Plastic was a smashed when bought but no frame damage from what I could see. Would worn out head bearings do it? I just replaced all the wheel bearings. Just replaced the chain and that made things a little better. Are the fjr1300 grips gell type? are the 750 bar ends larger or smaller than the 700's? Thanks, Herb.
750 10/07/2007 04:40:30 mike760 Re: Handle bar buzz at 75mph + Grips? HI Herb with frame damage it is not easy to see it on the inside behind where the frame split into two lines one follow the tank the other goes down it usally occurs behind the top engine mount at the back near a little circular piece is where it breaks. another thought is the wear on the front tire can also cause the same effect, also i have notice when the diapham goes and the piston stay not and making engine run poor sometimes hard to find but this can also cause this problem if it related to the engine it will happen when rev mid to high, if not it is a wheel or fork problem, if fork it should be able to look while riding and it may be moving back and forwards not up and down as it suppose to be, a cause oil too heavy check it see what you think Mike760
751 12/07/2007 23:25:50 HerbFZ700 Re: Handle bar buzz at 75mph + Grips? Thanks mike, new bearings, new tires, new chain, and new ect. I would have to rip the bike apart to check some of this frame stuff. This bike has unknown miles, ?27.000? 2700? last owner is dead. I feel that the bike is "shot" on the high end. I use 20w50 mobil 1. and think it is "lose" on the top end revs. But it does not smoke, stall, or leak. Does not use any oil at all. IT goes like a missle after 4k rpm. I worked for yamaha dealer back in 86 doing bike prep. so i am a yamadog guy. As far as carb sync, unknown will do it myself, when I get the time. Herb.
752 12/07/2007 07:58:16 texasFZ hi guys new old fz 750 owner here hi guys i just picked up the old warhorse 2 days ago shes my 20th bike ive owned its a 1986 fz750 red white and blue her brakes are shot the whole front end needs reworked the carbs are way off it will not rev past 8000 rpms it has 24 k on it a full race fairing im gona start with the basics fuel pressure timming check then go into the carbs the best part is i got the bike real cheap and the motor is awsome the gearbox is real nice i hav queations on rebuilding the front end what i would rally like to do is put a modern set of forks on her with all the preload load and damping adjustments is there a set of forks off say a fzr 600 or someting else that would match up all around as far as the brakes and all other spaceings i like the old school ricer look of the 18" rims with the skinny 130 rear on it i want to keep everything stock in the fron end but the forks any ideas i took her out the other night she barley had any front brakes the rear worked ok bike sounded great with the stock exhaust on it im in love lol :lol:
753 13/07/2007 18:25:19 Dutch Re: hi guys new old fz 750 owner here Congrats with the bike. Glad you use spaces between words. If you use dots at the end of each sentence and Kapitals on the start it will be even easier to read :-D Several mods have been posted here, on and other places on the web. Good luck, Dutch
754 17/07/2007 04:19:29 texasFZ Re: hi guys new old fz 750 owner here go put your finger in a dyke
755 12/07/2007 09:20:38 pr0sketch chain prob hi my chain has about 3 inches of slack when i move it. i was thinking of replacing it with an oring chain. it has a main chain link though, not endless. does anyone have and malfunctions with a chain with a masterlink? people say it breaks easier. thanks mates
756 13/07/2007 18:20:21 Dutch Re: chain prob A chain needs a bit of slack, but 7.5 cm is too much. If it is worn out, don't forget to replace the sprockets also. On a fast bike like the FZ I don't like a fish, either an endless chain or rivited. Cheers, Dutch
757 25/07/2007 00:24:50 85fz7505v Starter motor Hi I just finished rebuilding my starter motor and when I tried it out, there was a grinding noise and the engine wasn't turning. When I took it out, it looked like it was turning the wrong way. What could be the problem? I hope this isn't too hard to solve.
758 25/07/2007 04:20:46 mike760 Re: Starter motor Hi There Sound like your wires are cross over did you line up the marking after rebuilding this tell you where how the motor goes together probably find it upside down undo the bolts and twist to correct position cheers Mike760
759 31/07/2007 14:58:42 texasFZ An Introduction Hi guys, I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Leon and I have just picked-up 86 FZ750 with only 12k miles! I have a soft spot for these early FZ, as I used to have ・6 FZ600, back in ・9-90, when I was in college. Unfortunately, I am finding out just how rare this bike is! Parts/mods/online discussions are nearly impossible to find :-(. So far I have this forum and What are some other good resources? What about vendors, who tends to carry the most parts for FZs? Thanks,
760 02/08/2007 07:09:22 Dutch Re: An Introduction Hello Leon, Welcome to this board. There is also an FZ corner on the site of the [url=]EXUP Brotherhood[/url]. Guess most of the FZers you find there are also here or on the BBS of .net (Hello Ganepeil :-) ) Also the Dutch and Germans have there own boards that are quite active. In the Netherlands we have an FZ group with almost 200 members. Not sure how many still have their FZ, but still. Maintenance parts can be sourced from your local Yamaha dealer, usually without any problem. Some after market parts like rear sets aren't offered new anymore, others like shocks and exhausts is still available. Good luck with your bike, does it look as new as the milage suggests? Cheers, Dutch
761 08/08/2007 06:19:14 daddyjay Re: An Introduction Hi Leon, good choice of bike. What bit's are you looking for? Lot's of parts from other yamahas are compatible depending on how standard you want to keep it. Ebay tends to throw up parts on an irregular basis, just have to keep watching.
762 20/04/2008 14:18:16 texasFZ Re: An Introduction Thank you for the welcome and sorry for a delayed responce. I had some troubles with obtainting the title for the bike, so I decided not to work on it until I was 100% sure that I can get the title. Well, I now have the title and bike it out of storage, where it spent the winter! Time to get it back on the road! The bike in pretty good shape, though it has been stored outside for last couple of years, so it requires lots of TLC (there was even a small snake under the seat!:-o ). Other problems incide: - Figuring out the carbs (it just barely starts and dies, but more on that later). - Improving the brakes (PO indicated that they are terrible). - Replacing the front tire, it is fairly new, but has good amount of dryrot cracks on the sidewall :(.
763 20/04/2008 18:44:13 ganepeil Re: An Introduction Leon, welcome,(again) You'll find lively/current reading,at and All are pretty much Yam. exclusive sites populated by die-hard genesis enthuisasts.vendors are rare and mosty out of date. ebay,members and dealers are primary sources for parts. and members are an eclictic lot. enjoy and feel free to to submit questions or advise. there's a wealth of experiance/knowledge avail. again,welcome.G
764 16/08/2007 03:39:18 wamefou ... ...
765 21/08/2007 14:30:20 robhar2 ignitor/cdi enquiry dude....i know how you feel. My buddy and i just got his fz back running today. We had to run a set of wires to a switch that jumper the starter relay to get it running but it runs like a champ. We believe the problem is in the start switch will post some pics of the bike soon. Dont look for anything immaculate he bought it off a guy for 1K. It needs replacement fairings and a paint job but once again runs great.
766 24/08/2007 00:02:00 robhar2 Re: ignitor/cdi enquiry For the past few months, I couldn't find a single slip-on exhaust system for the FZ (my muffler is beat up and it leaks), so my only choices are: Supertrapp universal, Vance and Hines exhaust SYSTEM, and a custom one. Check this site for a Cobra slip on. [url=]Mammoth motorsports[/url] Dave
767 24/08/2007 04:26:59 ganepeil Re: ignitor/cdi enquiry Well, I've been enjoying my FZ for several weeks and it has run brilliantly until a couple of days ago. After sitting for a few days I started it. It ran for a few minutes then I started to smell an electrical burning smell but saw no smoke. I tried to rev the engine a bit but it wouldn't and just died after that. I have been trying to start it with no luck. I'll have some time this week to look at it more closely, just asking if anyone has any ideas where I should look first. It would be a shame to pack it away with some good days of riding left. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks ED 86 FZ 750 66000 Kms
768 24/08/2007 14:28:43 robhar2 Re: ignitor/cdi enquiry anybody here????? its really quiet i thought u would have seen this by now ganepeil, ur usually quick with these ones lol any ideas? cya soon carl
769 27/08/2007 01:00:57 ganepeil Re: ignitor/cdi enquiry if you goes street fighter they will to fit you need to change the triple tree i not sure whether anyone kept the fairing with it cheers mike760
770 27/08/2007 14:40:41 robhar2 Re: ignitor/cdi enquiry thanx for the reply mate, yeah this is identical to the 85 cdi, only the numbers are different i have about 7 different models here from 1ae 2mg 2kk 2lm 2mg 1uf 1ug and now this one the 1ae-x its got me puzzled, google has nothing to offer, i might have to try some japanes sites carl
771 22/08/2007 23:06:15 Edward Help my FZ Won't Start Hi, does anyone know if the YZF R1 forks will fit straight onto the FZ 750? I have a 750 Genesis 89' model...Please help. Thanks! :-D
772 30/08/2007 00:08:05 Edward Re: Help my FZ Won't Start You'll have to change to electronic speedo as well because the R1 doesn't have speedo drive on the front wheel.
773 23/09/2007 15:36:28 FZBlack Re: Help my FZ Won't Start Hi all, I have a FZ 750 that did have the 1FN engine with the two pick-up system. I now have fitted a 2MG engine in, it has the single pick-up. Question I have to change the wiring loom, or will my 2MG CDI unit work on the original 1FN loom? If I need a 2MG loom, does anyone have one...posted of course!! Cheers, Geoff :-?
774 23/09/2007 15:44:29 FZBlack Re: Help my FZ Won't Start check connections for corrosion. Also if you have a maintenance manual check out the schematic and follow it up to the main switch from the headlights. Diving into the Rats nest may be a requirement. Thats what we did to FZBlack's bike. If you can read a schematic all you need is time to check out the circuit connections. Check out the dimmer connection too.
775 06/11/2007 01:24:46 roadrash Re: Help my FZ Won't Start hi just joined you guys read your thread glad you got it sorted just thought that happened to me a few times always the same thing going on my 85fz found that the late 80,s early 90,s fuel pump from cbr600 work a treat.only check the points have plenty meat in the back of them b4 buying(remove small cross head screw at the back and ease back the cover,wires a bit tight usually points are there).always a handy spare if it goes again and a lot cheaper than an fz pump i found..
776 01/09/2007 05:58:34 zdhonda93 headlight/driving light problems Carl, You've been at this longer than I, so doubt this will be new to you. when the seca II was new, we used to grind the trigger plate locater and advance timing @ 6-8 degrees. which improved bottom end. I could be wrong, but I would guess that 700 and 750 ignitor units have more advance at the low end than 1000's, simply to exerbate the wind-up time before making power. a look at either 750 forum or the library of exup brotherhood should give some clue as to what your' ignitor units were originganly from (and where) giving you an idea of where to start. its just a guess, but i'm thinking the tid #,s are from the manufacturer, and 1uf 1lu 1ae et all are model specific.Luck, Frank says Hi.G 8-)
777 03/09/2007 00:42:44 mike760 Re: headlight/driving light problems Finally got my bike going. I thought the problem was with the Igniter box but it was the fuel pump. After doing some quick troubleshooting, I realized that I had spark (although not quite so fat and blue) but no fuel was reaching the carbs. So I checked the fuel pump relay and that was good, there was power to the pump when the ignition was turned on but, no action from the pump. I removed the outlet hose from the pump to the carbs and there was no flow. I removed the fuel pump and opened the plastic cover where the electrical wire went inside. I cleaned the the contacts and reconnected the wire and that did the trick. The fuel was spurting out nicely. I put everything back together and it started. Took it for a quick spin, I'm amazed at how fast the bike is for a twenty year old machine. I love my FZ. Ed
778 03/09/2007 14:27:04 wamefou Re: headlight/driving light problems I see in the specs from the link given, the FZ 750 is classed as a 'scooter'.hmmmmmmmmm! :lol:
779 14/09/2007 00:33:42 zx12ryder Re: headlight/driving light problems yeah dude i think we can get this bike up to par with some time, adjustments, and some parts here and there.
780 03/09/2007 19:42:38 thurnscoe hey up nah then sithee...... help!! My headlights and driving lights on my 87 fz700 are not working, all the fuses check out and the bulbs on everything are fine, turn signals still work, is there a relay or swith that I need to check? or should I dive in to the rat's nest of wiring? any help would be much appreciated. thanks
781 03/09/2007 19:53:21 texasFZ Re: hey up nah then sithee...... where did you run the wires from, for the remote starter switch? My 87 fz was starting up fine until today, now when I hit the start button I just get a bunch of clicking, it you could let me know how to bypass that swith so I could get it started it would be much apprecitated.
782 03/09/2007 20:17:47 thurnscoe Re: hey up nah then sithee...... hi Check you switch on bars they do wear check that power there if not move back towards fuses and you should find you problem but it most like will be at the switch see how you go mike760
783 04/09/2007 20:38:57 texasFZ Re: hey up nah then sithee...... Hey, hopefully you have the same problem I had. My headlights would mysteriously not work and then work sometimes. When you hit the starter button the headlights turn off while the buttons pushed in and then they come back on when the button springs back to its original position, all that was happening was the button was failing to spring back out completely all the time. Any time it happens I just pull the button out that last 1/16 " and the headlights come back on.
784 11/09/2007 12:41:23 texasFZ paint codes Just as a footnote, I understand that the Honda cbr 600 rear wheel fits straight in, not sure what these look like, but the Kawa 600D rear wheel looks like the FZR 1000 rear wheel. Geoff :pint:
785 12/09/2007 18:03:27 texasFZ FZ 750 wiring change? Hey HerbFZ700 I too have an 87 FZ700 that me and XZ12Ryder been working on for the past 4 months. It runs excellent but we encountered a lot of electrical problems. Maybe due to age and natural corrosion. We basically checked every single electrical component to make sure everything is working alright. Here are some of the issues we ran into. Wires overheated and melted together. (Extremely bad) One of the wire harnesses melted so we bypassed it. Constant fuse outage due to bad electrical wiring. Recently my starter went out so as a temporary fix we bypasses the original harness and tapped into the starter relay directly. Works like a charm As of about for days ago my bike start stalling around 7000 RPM's. But we believe it is a carb fix. There is forum on this so you probably can find the fix on this site. Besides that I love me bike and it has some power too it. This winter I will attempte to put in a new wiring harness and modify the bike like some of the bike on the owner's registry. I want more power and bigger wheels. Let us know how it is working out fo ryou.
786 06/11/2007 00:29:52 roadrash Re: FZ 750 wiring change? i changed a 2mg to a 1fn and the only difference wiring wise was at the cdi they had the same wires but 2 of them are 180 reversed in the connector block had too pull the 2 wires and reverse them then it worked fine so i think the reverse would be the same.hope that helps if your not sorted.
787 22/11/2007 22:28:59 texasFZ Re: FZ 750 wiring change? hi roadrash, thanks for your reply, i eventually managed to get a 2mg wiring loom, so problem solved....i think! Geoff :lol:
788 25/09/2007 03:51:42 jabloni 88 FZ Won't start My buddy stalled my bike then restarted it but ran lousy, would not rev up, stalled and now will not start. Seema to have spark and pump works and I can smell gas, turns over but will not fire. Any ides?
789 27/09/2007 06:30:02 Chris74 Re: 88 FZ Won't start Check all your ground wires (not just battery), then have a look at the wiring to your cdi box look for broken wires or where they might be rubbing the frame, etc. -Chris
790 28/09/2007 06:50:42 mike760 Re: 88 FZ Won't start Hi Guys the bike carb's sound like they are gone in the diapharm. or the pilot neddle is block and running full flow of fuel would be likey. i would change the sparks plugs as well, for they probably fouled up now with the excessive unburnt fuel that gone through clean the carbs out have a look at that, for checking of the diapharm remove tank and airbox and just move each of the piston inside each carb (grey in colour) it should move freely and return if not the diapharm no good on that one. cheers mike760
791 29/09/2007 02:45:21 Vapor63 New (to me) Fz700- I love it, but One Problem- It was a lazy day, and I had been hunting local craigslist communities for weeks, searching for a good bike deal. Then I saw it. I was willing to overlook the sellers line "I love to paint, so the bike is two-tone purple" when she said "FZ-700 - $500". I drove an hour, and discovered a beautiful thing. It came with a Joe Rocket jacket and a helmet, and despite the hand sprayed purple (theres paint on a few parts of the engine too), it was in amazing shape. 10k miles Perfect Chain Tension Perfect Fluid Levels Clean Filters Hollow Muffler Despite getting a very nice bike for 500 dollars, I have one problem: The flasher relay is broken. It was craftily re-engineered by a previous owner, who cut it half open, and managed to make it an operation relay, except for the fact that the flashers don't flash... They just stay on. Everything else works great. I don't want to pay $120 for a new relay from the dealer. Any ideas on where/how to find this rare item? Also, anything to look out for in the bike that I might have overlooked in a normal checkover?
792 04/11/2007 16:34:23 Dutch Re: New (to me) Fz700- I love it, but One Problem- Hello Vapor, Congrats with your new toy. You might find a flasher relay on e-bay. FZR1000 might work as well (not sure, but several FZR parts are interchangable). Or a breaker. If a bike crashes, the relay usually stays intact. If you want to run different turn signals you can also take the opportunity to fit a load independant relay. They are available for a few quid. You loose the self-canceling, but that's not a major problem since most bikes even today don't have that feature. And you can run 10W or LED flashers without problem. As for things to look out for: perfecf chain tension means there has to be some slack. Overtightening the chain puts great stress on the bearing behind the front sprocket. And to replace it the engine has to come apart. Also don't run too much below 3000 rpm, it's better for the gear box. But with a hollow exhaust it probably won't run well below 3K anyway.... Cheers and good luck, Dutch
793 02/06/2009 01:24:11 FZBlack Re: New (to me) Fz700- I love it, but One Problem- I am having the same problem with my FZ700. I purchased a new Turn Signal Relay but I am still getting the same issue. I also have a new Diode. Does anyone out there know how to get these things back working. The FZ700 has tones of electrical issues and burn outs.
794 03/10/2007 23:42:33 newBiker86 need help with 86 fz750 Hi guys, my brother in-law just gave me his "86 fz750, thats been sitting for about 9 years. I'm a new biker and dont know too much about bikes. I just wanna know how much oil , and whats the best(kind) of oil to put in the bike?
795 08/10/2007 20:53:31 mickiwizz Re: need help with 86 fz750 check out the owners manual in the files section,lots of info in there.
796 05/10/2007 03:42:43 EagleHawk Starter slipping Hey guys, New to the forum and the FZ. Just picked up an '86 750 a couple weeks ago. Runs great, and then today the starter started slipping. Sounds something like the gears aren't engaging all the way. (As reccomended by, I did test the starter to verify it was problem free before purchasing the bike- unfortunately I was a couple weeks too early to catch it.) From what I understand, this is most likely caused by a weak spring that requires case-splitting to repair. :-o This being the case, is there anything else to check before tearing everything apart or perhaps some tips/tricks (maybe even shortcuts?) to the job, or is it just really as bad as it sounds? :-( Thanks in advance for any help. -J
797 06/10/2007 21:09:17 zx12ryder Re: Starter slipping i suggest picking up a manual if you dont already have one and just planning on taking the time that is needed to properly fix it. You know whats funny?....i was just looking at the website... and the starter setup is almost i say "almost" like the one on my 73 Honda CB450. I have to fix the starter clutch on that one also due to a stuck spring piston in one of the 3 bores on the starter clutch.
798 25/10/2007 06:04:07 ganepeil Re: Starter slipping Eagle, by now you've probly done a little research and understand just what is involved in getting to the source of your problem. offer this. the big 4 have used the 3 roller starter clutch/sprag system for @ 30 years, I've only been at it for 25, but so far I've only encountered 3 failures which were due to parts failures. never to a broken spring. in the failures encountered all were due to gauging of carrior gear/flattening of rollers.probly brought on by other hard startiing issues.before splitting cases, I'd try running a 50/50 mix of atf or rislone and the cheepest motor oil avalible for a couple warm-up cycles. you might get lucky.G
799 28/10/2007 05:52:08 EagleHawk Re: Starter slipping Ganepeil, I'll give that a try. Bike still starts, just hard when it's warm, so I'm holding off as long as I can. I'd like nothing more than NOT having to split the cases if I can help it. :-( Thanks, -J
800 25/02/2008 22:12:44 bnail Re: Starter slipping Hi. Im also new to this forum. I bought my FZ750 -87 in the spring last year. Everything went perfect. Just had to change the front fork fluid. Last week I was ready with my after winter service; change of filters and fluids and spark plugs. I went for a Hiflo filter and a "racing" 10w40 fully synthetic oil. Started it up, it took a while for it to spark, but when it ignited i became so happy that i forgot to release the ignition button... I believe i held it for up top 5-6 seconds after ignition, maybe more!. I know, how stupid of me!!! This is how it sound: I kept it going in neutral until it became warm, turned it off and went inside putting my riding clothes on, went back out and started it again, this time much easier, but with a different sound. Went on a perfect ride around the block, checking the brakes. Put it in the garage, hoping the "sliding starter sound" should go away until next day. This is how it sounded the next day when i tried to start it: So, Is it broken? Shall I try changing oil in it (to something with more friction)? Or am i bound to do walk the same route as Eagle? :-(
801 27/02/2008 20:50:43 EagleHawk Re: Starter slipping Johan, That unfortunately sounds very similar to what I ran into. A couple differences were that mine still worked when the engine was cold, and there wasn't a 'clunk' sound when I released the starter after it started slipping. It would just spin down and stop. From the sounds of it, the bike ran fine last season? I seems rather odd that the starter could fail like that after just sitting over the winter. I wouldn't think holding the starter button too long would do any damage, since once the engine is running, it looks like the clutch disengages itself anyways. Hopefully some others can shed more light on your situation, where I may have missed something. (Possibly the oil?) If worst comes to worst for you, I photo-documented everything I did, so pics are available if you should want/need them. -Josh
802 29/02/2008 11:11:37 bnail Re: Starter slipping [quote] EagleHawk wrote: A couple differences were that mine still worked when the engine was cold[/quote] Thats pequliar! I went to the garage last day and tried to start it; with the same slipping result. So i then manualy ran it down a hill and started it that way, which worked easier than i thought. Put on my gear (while engine was on) and went for a 10 km trip. When i came back, i stoped the engine and tried to start it with the starter; Success! I became so supprised that i did it again, and it worked the second time as well! So, i put it in the garage and thought i wanted to try it when it was cold. So after about 2-3 hours i went back, and now it was a mix of "normal" starting sound and slippering. But it started. So maybe it wasn't warm but not cold either... I will go back there today and try. If it start slipping again with no start, then i don't know what dignosis I can make. If so, i will try to change oil. From 15w40 to 10w40 (or maybe i should go with an OLD 10w30? maybe mineral..?) [quote]From the sounds of it, the bike ran fine last season? I seems rather odd that the starter could fail like that after just sitting over the winter.[/quote] Ok. It ran perfectly before the winter, and no sign of sliping in the first start either. So im clueless, especially when people say that it wears and slipps progressive (from none->some->more)... [quote]I wouldn't think holding the starter button too long would do any damage, since once the engine is running, it looks like the clutch disengages itself anyways.[/quote] I hope you are right about that! It would make me so happy if it is normal today when i start it... :-? [quote]If worst comes to worst for you, I photo-documented everything I did, so pics are available if you should want/need them.[/quote] That is just out of the charts! THANKS! How long did it take in effective hours? Do you need many special tools? Many costly gaskets and other spare parts? Thank you for taking your time and answering. Johan
803 01/03/2008 19:33:21 EagleHawk Re: Starter slipping I just use a 20w-50 Valvoline brand motorcycle oil in my bikes. No problems thus far. I'm wondering if maybe the synthetic was too slippery, an could have caused your starter clutch to start slipping. You might try out Ganepiel's earlier recommendation of a 50/50 oil and ATF mix to flush everything out. My starter wasn't too bad at first. Took it about a month before it got bad enough that I decided I had to fix it. Also hard to say how long it would take for sure, since I'm pretty much doing a full rebuild, and only get to work on it sporadically. I'd guess 6 weeks of diligent work in the evenings and weekends would have done it for me. Parts were almost always special order, so that's drastically increasing the wait time before my engine can be re-assembled. Given the location of the starter clutch (buried in the middle of the transmission case) it's necessary to do a complete tear-down of the engine to gain access to it. That being said, at a minimum, you'd want a full gasket set, plus the associated starter clutch parts. Roughly $200 each for the gasket set and starter clutch parts. New rings / re- honing the cylinders is always good too. Another $200 or so for that. Another recommendation given to me was to replace the counter shaft output bearing (behind the drive sprocket), as it is known to fail on occasion. Luckily that's only around $25. ...And of course the Clymer's manual is rather mandatory on this one too. Not much in the way of specialty tools required. A good set of mechanic's hand tools will get you most of the way. Generally, there seems to be a trick or two out there to do the job of any of the few specialized tools the manual calls out for. I think my only 'specialty' tools would have been an impact driver, valve spring compressor, and a set of digital calipers. You'll need someone with a hydraulic press/bearing puller if you want to change out your c/s output bearing as well. -Josh
804 03/03/2008 02:36:48 alcopaulic Re: Starter slipping I have this exact same problem as you Eagle, starter turns fine when the bike is cold, but once it's warm or hot it just spins and doesn't catch. I was going to buy a used/re-conditioned starter but it sounds like that isn't the problem and would just be a waste of money. Plus, tearing apart the whole engine is not included in my plans so i guess i'm just stuck with a slipping starter when it is warm, i'll just always park on top of a hill. :roll:
805 08/10/2007 20:43:53 mickiwizz changing sparkplugs time to check/change plugs.anyone know the easy way?have taken off lower fairing but looks like tank/airbox radiator removal?any ideas gratefully received!!!
806 08/10/2007 21:12:13 EagleHawk Re: changing sparkplugs Radiator has to come out. You can access the #1 and 4 plugs with a little bit of work, but 2 and 3 require radiator removal.
807 08/10/2007 21:18:48 mickiwizz Re: changing sparkplugs what i thought was a five minute job looks like an afternoon marathon then!!cheers
808 12/10/2007 02:51:31 ganepeil Re: changing sparkplugs Mick, It's been my experiance that going in from the top is easiest. it involves removing gas tank and airbox, then the air duct panel. if you unbolt the upper radiator mounts,you can swing the rad. forward and gain access without having to interupt/drain coolant. if you have acess to compressed air, recommend blowing down head journal prior to pulling plug caps/ rocks &crap have a tendancy to accrue there and either hinder access to spark bolts or fall in upon removal. regardless, welcome aboard.G
809 16/10/2007 18:21:50 texasFZ Re: changing sparkplugs better still, get your local garage to do it!! Geoff ;-)
810 24/10/2007 17:35:33 FZ750Horse Re: changing sparkplugs Plugs can be changed without removing anything other than the fairing but it's not easy. You need a long plug spanner of the type that's usually supplied in manufacturer's tool kits and a bar with a slight dogleg (about 25 degrees) in the end. So long as the plugs were put in with some copper slip you only need to break the initial resistance with the bar and then you can get 'em out by hand. Definitely wash or blow the recesses clean first though - they're always full of grit which will otherwise fall into the bores :-o
811 04/11/2007 16:26:54 Dutch Re: changing sparkplugs I'm with Horse. It helps if you have thin hands :-D Blow out the dirt (or tape a small hose to a vacuum cleaner). You need a spark wrench that is short enough to fiddle over the middle plugs, if not available a pipe wrench works (just cut off a piece if too long). Breaking the seal is a bit fiddling, but once turned about 1/4 the rest can be done by hand. Ask your wife / kid if you have those coal miner's shovels :-D :-D Cheers, Dutch
812 18/10/2007 22:21:51 Roadside Help please - non starting FZ750 after 4 years Hi folks, ok, got an FZ750 on a K plate which has been dry stored for around 8 years, last time it was ran up was around 4 years ago. Now trying to get it ready to sell, put fresh petrol in it, and it'll fire up on 2 but won't fire on 4 at all. I've chucked loads of carb cleaner through it, carbs seem to be working OK and revs increase on the 2 working cylinders when carb cleaner sprayed, but the other 2 still won't fire. Which had got me thinking that it's a spark issue. I know jack about bikes, and taking the fairing off seems to be a fair task on its own and so was wondering if anyone had any pointers. Do these have coils like a car?? if is there 2?? was thinking 1 could have gone hence it only firing on 2. Many thanks in advance for any pointers you might be able to give
813 19/10/2007 15:12:13 texasFZ Re: Help please - non starting FZ750 after 4 years Hi, Threre are 2 coils one goes to cylinders 1 & 3, the other to 2 & 4. This sounds like a fuel problem, probably your carbs are 'gummed up' with old petrol. That means they will need stripping and cleaning.......there are 4 of them :-o . Cheers, Geoff :-D
814 19/10/2007 16:58:12 Roadside Re: Help please - non starting FZ750 after 4 years Many thanks for the reply, sounds like I've got my work cut out :( I best bookmark this place, as got a feeling I'll be here alot :D
815 19/10/2007 18:25:48 texasFZ Re: Help please - non starting FZ750 after 4 years yes, its not rocket science but it is fiddly and time consuming, you can get it done with sonic cleaning, but the carbs still have to be removed and it is not always succesful. Geoff :pint:
816 21/10/2007 09:20:10 Roadside Re: Help please - non starting FZ750 after 4 years mmm might be best to stick it on ebay as it is then. Thanks for your help.
817 06/11/2007 01:03:40 roadrash Re: Help please - non starting FZ750 after 4 years hi there you could try changing the plugs if its stood that long new 1ns would def help.its a bit fiddly but it can be done with plug spanner universal joint and an extension bar(normal socket set has em),with out removing anything except fairing lowers. loada people say radiator needs to be removed but its not necessary you can remove the two top bolts and ease it forward a touch gives a little more room. a good trick is just before you put the new plugs in heat the ends up then replace them warm. and try start it then if it,s getting fuel and spark it should fire. id try that b4 removing carbs(it,s very fiddly if you dont know how.. easy way to see if fuel going through is take off tank and look at back of airbox you can see the carb bowls.take out the four small drain screws(1 each bowl) see if fresh fuel in them you dont need to remove the carbs unless blocked.
818 21/10/2007 04:30:54 dpauto vapor line problem on carbs hay all does anybody know were the vapor line on the carbs go on 1986 fz750s. i have kn's on it now do i leave the line open to vent or cap them.can anybody help please thanks
819 21/10/2007 10:01:18 fzpilot Re: vapor line problem on carbs if your talking about the lines coming from the crankcase, then dont block them off. you may blow an oil seal from pressure build-up in the case. probably best to point them to the ground. cheers Ben
820 21/10/2007 15:45:22 dpauto Re: vapor line problem on carbs no there on the carb ,the lines are not there i followed the ports and they end up inside the float bowls.i will try and upload a pick later today.
821 25/10/2007 05:09:08 ganepeil Re: vapor line problem on carbs D, If memory serves, and we're talking about the same thing, there are 2 plyable "T" s which join carbs 1&2 and 3&4 at adjacent nipples about mid-way up their corresponding carb bodies. with tubes with an inside diameter about the size of a pencil eraser. if so, these are atmospheric vents. originally there were tubes shaped like sheperds crooks which ran up to about the level of the carb tops and then bent down and attatched to ..nothing. I've no proof, but my thought is that these vents provided 2 functions. 1st to provide the presure differential required to raise the slides, and 2nd to neutralize presure in the float chamber to base atmospheric (a pre-requisite for the pilot/idle circuit. hope this helps.G
822 25/10/2007 06:51:55 mike760 Re: vapor line problem on carbs HI Mate They went to the original air box hey, and you now running individual air filter the vent only ran up to the air box to ment emmissions laws for yamaha production of the bike. nothing to be concern with, though reccomend that they remain fix pointing upwards to let the gas flow up and out. may want to put a mesh over to stop something falling in. though i have see people fit them to the individual air flow. Regards Mike760
823 31/10/2007 05:27:13 EagleHawk Splitting the cases Hey all, Due to a slipping starter clutch, it looks like I'll be splitting my cases pretty soon to fix the problem. In looking at the engine it looks like I might be able to 'drop' the lower case half independently of the rest of the engine without having to remove the cylinders, head, etc., thus hopefully saving that much more work. Would any of you guys who have had the cases opened before (or not) know if this would actually work? I'm thinking it might, as it looks like the crank and drive shaft stay in the top half while everything else drops free in the lower half. Thanks for any help. -J
824 31/10/2007 21:46:43 FZ750Horse Re: Splitting the cases I haven't done it myself but I've been told that there are a couple of bolts that go right from the lower casing through to the cylinder head, so the top end also has to be rebuilt :-( - perhaps someone else on the board can give you more details. You should also replace the output shaft bearing as a matter of course 'cause they're prone to failure and the cases need to be split to replace it.
825 31/10/2007 22:18:06 mike760 Re: Splitting the cases HI Mate you find that there two bolts or so that you have to get to from removing the head and barrel to get to them they hold the crank case together as well they catch out every new comer to the fz and fzr engines so read the manual before hand. regards mike
826 01/11/2007 02:41:20 ganepeil Re: Splitting the cases E. Both horse& Mike are correct. 2 crankcase bolts reside in camchain galley only acessible after cyl is removed. Mike's suggestion to replace c/s output bearing is an excellent one, as it is probly the most common mechanical failure on this bike.would also pay particular attention to 6th gear and shift forks. as to the starter clutch ( the heart of the matter) if the core of the starter clutch sprag gear (the one driven by the hyvo chain and reciever of drive from 3 rollers/springs/ramps/caps. shows ANY wear. replace it along with rollers. in my experiance, it has been the cause of the problem. either by causing the rollers to bounce across flattened areas or slip across varnished sure to check springs and plunger caps for smooth/free travel in their bores. it's a long involved process to get that far. Luck. oh yeah, check your valve clearances on the way out, and set the intakes to the loose side of spec.if possibile. exhausts are usually pretty stable, though intakes tighten up, and it's much easier to do a valve adj. with eng. out.cleanliness is imperitive here as even minute particles on valve head/shim/bucket affect clearance usual G. 8-)
827 01/11/2007 23:46:23 EagleHawk Re: Splitting the cases Thanks for all the help, guys. Obviously not the answer I was hoping for, but far better to find out now than later. (What a mess THAT would have been!) Looks like I'll have myself a busy winter to say the least... :hammer: -Josh
828 08/05/2009 05:51:32 JoelB Last bolt. How do I get it? There is a crankcase bolt beneath the oil strainer under what appears to be the starter clutch (on the same axis as the water pump shaft). How do I get it out? I've tried getting the starter clutch out through the side by taking out the main clutch driven gear but that gets caught on the case. The bolts in the starter clutch are too long to get out past the gear.
829 08/05/2009 06:08:15 JoelB Re: Last bolt. How do I get it? Got it! Just reacted in a semi-panic. I've misplaced my Clymer manual and I'm not happy about it :-o Pulled the bearings from the clutch driven gear and got it out. It was the oil pump, not the starter clutch.
830 09/05/2009 21:34:33 JoelB Re: ACG shaft Anyone have a good way to remove the generator shaft so I can remove the Hy-Vo chain? Will it come straight out with the outer bearing using a slide puller?
831 09/05/2009 23:22:59 1STFZ750 Re: Splitting the cases I know this is an old thread but.... Unfortunately, I have the same slipping starter on my 1985 FZ750. It has 13K miles and I am the original owner. It started the slipping about 5 years ago and probably hasn't had 300 miles put on it since. Anyone have any luck with the 50/50 mix scenario?
832 12/05/2009 03:36:26 EagleHawk Re: ACG shaft Joel, My memory is a little foggy on exactly which shaft you're talking about. (I'll have to go reference some pictures to bring it back...) but in tearing my engine apart, I do recall using a slide-puller to pull out at least one shaft. I never had to use anything other than that on any of the shafts. Fairly straight-forward disassembly. If it looks like a slide puller would do the trick, then I'm guessing you're probably looking at the shaft in question... -J
833 12/05/2009 03:40:58 EagleHawk Re: Splitting the cases Probably not what you want to hear, but at least in my case, any effects of the 50/50 were negligible. The mechanical make-up of the starter would seem to dictate that once it starts slipping on you, there's not a lot you can do to bring it back again. In my case it was temperature sensitive too, though. Let the bike sit for 45 min. or so, and the starter would be fine. Ultimately all associated parts to the starter were replaced. (After all the work to get in that deep, it's not worth it to scrimp on parts that you think [i]might[/i] still be good...) -J
834 20/05/2009 02:11:22 1STFZ750 Re: Splitting the cases Thanks for the info Eagle. Yea, I know the right way to fix this is a complete teardown. Really sucks with such low miles and in pristine shape to have to deal with this. I'll probably just continue riding it a small amount each year until I can fix it correctly.
835 02/11/2007 11:31:37 Mudrc One question Hello Im from czech republick, I can buy once again FZ 750. I have questin, where is it good bazaar on the europe or your advertisement , pleas write ther links thansk you wery much all
836 02/11/2007 20:03:30 texasFZ Re: One question Try Ebay, Geoff
837 04/11/2007 16:18:41 Dutch Re: One question If you understand German, is good. And a German board on (the Dutch ignore us because we lack the R, fortunatly the German FZR riders are most hospitable). (and congratulations to myselve for my 150th post 8-) ) GET A LIFE DUTCH :-D :-D
838 05/11/2007 22:30:31 roadrash introduction hello,from newcastle i just found this forum recently i have owned an 85 and an 89 fz750 both pretty bare no fairings exup wheels and shocks sit up bars twin spots and basic black paint for over 10 years. used the 85 mostly but recently sold her deciding to keep the younger bike. iv a question for any1 that can help. for a while now iv been trying to find why my 89fz wont pass 80mph. its running on all four,never broke down in all time iv owned it,no funny noises or smoke. as i only took it round town till i sold the 85 i had not noticed. friends have taken it for spin and nobody can explain it they all say it runs great but soon as get to 80mph she just stops excellerating. any 1 know of any restrictions that were maybe fitted. a friend was saying its because it has not got the original clocks only after market speedo no rev counter he said the 89 has a rev limiter and changing clocks activates it cutting the revs is this true. iv tried a different cdi also diff carbs with no difference.
839 07/11/2007 08:43:52 fzpilot Re: introduction welcome roadrash, cant help with speed problem but wondering if the exup rear shock is longer than original as i need a bit more height in the rear end with mine. happy posting Ben.
840 07/11/2007 12:35:11 roadrash Re: introduction thanks fzpilot.the exup shock is longer but it won,t go into the fz frame without cutting and rebracing the top mount,i left original shock in and changed the lenght of the dog bones at the bottom shock pivot that worked fine.
841 10/11/2007 09:20:07 fzpilot Re: introduction thanks for the info bro. looks like my fz will be getting sold to make room for the new xjr1300. cheers Ben
842 11/11/2007 01:37:29 ganepeil Re: introduction Roadrash,New one to me.. tho not familiar with Euro '89 model. US model(and all I'm familiar with) have rev limiter cutting out 2 cyls at 11 Grand in ignitor. any speed restriction would have to come from a speedo sensor, abd since speedo is cable driven, might try disconnecting any leads to speedo except illumination bulbs, (thought is since bike will do 80 in 2nd through 6th without exceeding redline that any feed back to ignitor would have to come from meter. and last time I looked there were extra connectors on my meter which I thought to be for the long since defunct time/distance canceling unit for turnsignals used on some viragos, but could also be used for speed restictor. luck G
843 14/11/2007 20:49:09 Dutch Re: introduction Afaik Japanese bikes for the domestic market are restricted to 180 km/h (about 112 mph). On original gearing the rev limiter will come in at 120 km/h (75 mph), at least on mine. So if in 3-6 it will go smoothly to 80 but not past.... that's quite interesting indeed. Keep us posted please. Cheers, Dutch
844 07/11/2007 12:16:12 save2601 Is my FZ750 really 1996 model??? Has it existed this year? I have an FZ750 that i bought from a friend. The original date of registration is 1996. It is supposed to be a previous Police Bike used in Mauritius. However, i cannot find anywhere on the Net where it says that an FZ750 - 1996 model is present. See the bike: I wait for you comments guys!!! :-)
845 11/11/2007 00:50:14 ganepeil Re: Is my FZ750 really 1996 model??? Has it existed this year? Save2601, To my knowledge, 88 was the last year for US fz750s, tho Europe continued to recieve them til "91.(with Gull wing wheels, and full fairings) I don't recognise the taillight or headlight/fairing in your' pic. from what I can see in pic, headlight looks Duc. 916 like. Is it possible someone has modified body work? if so I like it............ check your' frame & eng. #'s against the "models by prefix" section in frame is certainly fz. chances are registration date is true only to the date of either sale or first registration for use on street. either way, knowing origin is important for getting parts.hope this helps, welcome aboard G.
846 14/11/2007 20:34:06 Dutch Re: Is my FZ750 really 1996 model??? Has it existed this year? That bike sure looks nice, although not factory original. If the wheels are original (3x17 front and 3.5x18 rear) it is a 89> model. I guess Yamaha made the last ones in 91 or 92, but in several countries they have been in the sales lists up to '95 (Freddy is a 3KS I bought new in '95). However some years ago there where pictures of the FZ as a police bike in Japan being made untill fairly recent. Not as slick as this one though, had a Diversion 900 fairing if I remember correctly. Enjoy the bike & good luck with it. Cheers, Dutch
847 14/11/2007 09:38:28 Gonad Investment Value Do you think the FZ will ever appreciate in real value if kept for an investment? Its stunning innovation yet lack of popularity at the time is an interesting issue. I know they were born to be ridden, but I have one I purchased new in 1985 and for many reasons (mostly doing family things) its only clocked 15,000 kms and as such it is in mint condition. Now Im getting back into it - Im kind of thinking should I put the cotton wool around it and bring it out for Sunday rides only. Hmm. Any similar thoughts or bikes out there?
848 14/11/2007 20:19:04 Dutch Re: Investment Value Neither of mine are minters, so all I can hope for is they don't loose any more value as long as they keep running. One thing is for certain though: they won't loose much value :-D Personally I think a mint '85 could increase in value. Probably not the increase an invester would like, but than again, can you put a price tag on the enjoyment of owning and riding a fine youngtimer? Cheers, Dutch
849 16/11/2007 09:34:49 Gonad Re: Investment Value Its interesting when you compare the rising fortunes of the classic car market. Maybe in another 20yrs - who knows. I guess its academic as probably wouldnt sell anyhow! I see the Barber museum in US has got an FZ - so maybe he knows something.
850 28/11/2007 11:32:03 fzpilot starting woes having trouble starting the fz on occasion. seems to be temperature dependant. when the weather is warm (about 15deg c +)bike will fire up straight away. when it's cold and damp it wont fire, it tries but thats as far as it gets. but if i jump it from a running vehicle there is no problem. spins over just as fast but wont go.seems like an elecrical component is a bit dicky. i have new plugs, battery, air filter. it has got me stuffed. :-( thanks in advance for any help. Ben. :-(
851 30/11/2007 19:35:28 mike760 Re: starting woes Hi Mate i have had similar issues i suppose it one of those things you find that you compression is slightley down and the engine is a bit worn, so a little too much fuel go into the engine and it just can't start. i found the bike starts just as i let go of the starter button, this slow down the engine allowing a slightley better spark to go through and a way you go. I Never hear of this issue when bike was new. like my recent GPZ900R retired at 0 compression in the end, the only way it started was on run and jump start go figure hey so i did When you run and jump start it no trouble, two things are happening, one not using power to start hence better power at spark plugs, the other you are putting more load on the engine hence better starting that relating the timing speed of the engine process. i ran a test added extra power and put a slower starter motor and started every time
852 18/12/2007 10:19:05 Foxy500 FZ750 Racing - Who is this ? I need the left dash plastic in good condition, including the little part that covers the switches, if anyone has any leads, please let me know.
853 20/12/2007 20:23:52 FZ750Horse Re: FZ750 Racing - Who is this ? Can't tell from the photos but Eddie Lawson was racing an FZ with No4 plates in Marlboro colours at that time.
854 27/12/2007 22:11:13 ganepeil Re: FZ750 Racing - Who is this ? I think FZ750HORSE is correct, Was idling thru a June '86 CYCLE and noted Mr.Lawson (pic.s & interview)riding a #4 fz750 at Daytona. tho leathers and helmet are different, his Bell has Marlboro sticker. from article, would guess that would make #1 to be Fred Merkel on a HRC VFR and #34 Kevin Schwanse on a Yosh Suzuki.G
855 06/01/2008 04:48:23 oops-sorry Re: FZ750 Racing - Who is this ? its rob mc elena who used to race 500 GP bikes
856 25/03/2008 11:29:38 bnail Re: FZ750 Racing - Who is this ? Hi thats Rob Mc Elnea (VIRGIN Yamaha boss) on Eddie Lawsons daytona winning FZ Glennyam [quote] Foxy500 wrote: Hi All, I have just registered with the forum as I am looking for some FZ knowledge. I have been sorting some old photo negatives and came across these pictures from 1985 (?). Can anyone tell me who is riding the No.4 FZ750 painted in Marlboro colours ?? Thanks for your help. Foxy [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [/quote]
857 23/03/2009 22:57:12 boldyman Re: FZ750 Racing - Who is this ? I was there to see this & ever since wanted that bike it looked stunning, I remember seeing Rob McElnea on a TV interview basicy saying he was promised Eddy Lawson's bike but it didn't appear to be his engine, I found this & it may explain a little better. Rob McElnea and Kevin in some ways perhaps are too alike. They have chided each other unmercifully but their friendship has certainly endured. In common with most people in Britain, Rob's first sight of Kevin was in the Match races at Donington. His view was rather special however as he was in the same race. "He fell off going under Starkie's bridge and managed to get back on the bike, he was being dragged along half off the bike. I was right there beside him when he did that." "I rode a Marlboro FZ750 Yamaha that Kel (Carruthers) organised, it was supposed to be Eddie's Daytona winning bike, well it wasn't even the same colour. His GSX750 was built here, it was a missile and he was just awesome on it. They were really dodgy conditions, wet and horrible and he and Merkel were very good. He was like absolutely scary. When you ride round your own track, you know where the scary parts are, especially if it is wet, and you treat it with a bit of respect. Then you see someone who has never been there before and they go absolutely banzai, Kevin was like that."
858 18/12/2007 18:14:09 fz-andy Wiring on clocks/instrument panel (please help!) Hi, I need some help, I am re-doing my loom and the wiring diagram I have is not great. would someone be able to tell me the wire colours used for the rev counter, fuel gauge, neutral light etc...or email me a good wiring diagram Thanks :-D
859 20/12/2007 19:47:47 fz-andy FZ750 items on EBAY Hi guys, If anyones interested Ive just put some FZ 750 stuff on ebay...user name is v_dub_andy HAPPY BIDDING :-D :-D
860 22/12/2007 09:45:24 fzpilot Sold my beloved FZ I've sold my Fz :cry: to make room in the garage for the 02 xjr1300 :-D i just bought. Sad to see her go but will always have fond memories. The rear Pilot road 2 had 7000kms on it and was only half worn(better than 5000kms to shagged out i got on the Battlax's). AS for my new aquisition all i can say is WOW what a rush. Thanks to all whom have helped me on this forum. Hope you all have a Merry Xmas and Happy and Safe New year. Bye for now Ben. :-D
862 31/12/2007 11:54:08 FZ750Horse Re: my fz750 dont past over 2000rpm 1985/86 FZs used a different CDI unit to the later models. You need a CDI marked with the same numbers as the engine/frame prefix. In the UK the types are 1FN, 2MG or 3KS - they're probably different letters in Puerto Rico but the 1,2 and 3 should still stand. 2MG and 3KS may be interchangeable but 1FN bikes wont run properly with a later ignitor (and vice versa). If you're not sure, 1FN types have two pickup coils, later types have only one (on the right hand side of the crankshaft). Hope this helps, good luck.
863 06/01/2008 04:43:56 oops-sorry happy new year it my intension to get the fz on the road this year i just got a suzuki m109 for christmas so i need a good track bike
864 08/01/2008 06:22:56 EagleHawk Rebuilding Engine Hey all, I'm finally in the process of re-building my engine (mainly due to needing to gain access to a failed starter clutch). Upon removing the head, all cylinders still have very defined honing marks. As nearly as I know, there's a least 800 miles on the engine since the last second-to last owner who apparently did some kind of rebuild job. Compression tests before disassembly came out between 102-115 psi. To get to my question(s), would this be due to an improper or just incomplete break-in? Also, should I still re-hone and replace the rings given how little wear there is? I unfortunately don't have much idea of how the bike was run immediately after the first rebuild, as that would have been two owners before myself, so any tips in that area would be appreciated as well. Thanks, -J
865 08/01/2008 19:00:29 mike760 Re: Rebuilding Engine HI Mate first thing your engine should have a compression of 150 to 170 psi. may want to check the current size rings and may have to bore out the barrels and replace pistons sound like they rehone and didn't put the oversize rings which would cause the marking on the barrels, if the engine done more than 60000 miles or 75000km i would replace the big end bearing too. may need to check pistons type as there two types 1985 and 86 run another type and other run different one again which drop the compression in the 85 and 86 models. so just see which piston you have. cheers mike760
866 09/01/2008 15:39:41 fz-andy Exhaust question Hi, does anyone know what the part on the engine block which connects to the downpipes is called? Mine is VERY corroded and as I am rebuilding the bike I dont want to miss anything! Thanks for your help
867 09/01/2008 19:22:44 Dutch Re: Exhaust question Header ? If you do serious work on the bike a Clymer is very usefull. It's probably named in there. Or check the drawings on
868 10/01/2008 08:09:18 EagleHawk Re: Exhaust question Per the Clymer's manual, the exhaust pipe portion is officially called the "header pipe", and it attaches to the "cylinder head exhaust ports" via the "header pipe clamps". Hope that helps. -J :-)
869 10/01/2008 13:28:50 fz-andy Re: Exhaust question thanks! :-D Only problem is Im having trouble sourcing one now. Ive got an 89' genesis model with a micron 4 into 1 exhaust, not sure if it differs from the standard one but the downpipes just slide over the headers PLEASE HELP, DOES ANYONE HAVE ONE LYING ABOUT THEY WANNA SELL ME? Im in Bath, England :-)
870 10/01/2008 20:54:38 FZ750Horse Re: Exhaust question The bits you're talking about are reducers and are part of the Micron system - they're not a Yamaha part. They would have originally have been plated but the chrome was notorious for lasting 5 minutes or 5 miles, whichever came first... You could probably get some new ones from Micron but it might make more sense to have the ones you've got re-chromed to a better standard (or source a better exhaust - the Micron puts a horrible flat spot on FZs at 4000rpm which isn't fixable by jetting or anything else - most people think it's caused by the oversize Micron headers :-( )
871 10/01/2008 21:00:12 FZ750Horse Re: Exhaust question The bits you're talking about are reducers and are part of the Micron system - they're not a Yamaha part. They would have originally have been plated but the chrome was notorious for lasting 5 minutes or 5 miles, whichever came first... You could probably get some new ones from Micron but it might make more sense to have the ones you've got re-chromed to a better standard (or source a better exhaust - the Micron puts a horrible flat spot on FZs at 4000rpm which isn't fixable by jetting or anything else - most people think it's caused by the oversize Micron headers :-( )
872 10/01/2008 21:07:06 fz-andy Re: Exhaust question OK thanks mate, what do u recommend? Anyone on here got a performance exhaust they want to get rid of?!! lol
873 10/01/2008 21:12:01 FZ750Horse Re: Exhaust question Predators are good - about ぶ00. I think Dutch also distributes some (US?) systems which are quite a bit cheaper.
874 11/01/2008 21:31:56 simon67 FZ racer saying hello I came across this site from traffic at my blogsite log/counter thingy.So I thought I'd join and say hello! Excellent...another bunch of FZ nutters to talk to. Here's my site all about my exploits racing my FZ. due for more tuning work and upgrades for the new season! :-)
875 12/01/2008 10:47:41 FZ750Horse Re: FZ racer saying hello Hi Simon, Keep up the good work flying the FZ flag. I'll try to catch up with you and say hello at a Brands meet.
876 15/01/2008 23:06:29 simon67 Re: FZ racer saying hello Hi matey, it's always great to see fellow FZ riders at the races. there's always tea on the go, you're more than welcome. look forward to seeing you!
877 17/01/2008 23:23:34 fz-andy Re: FZ racer saying hello Hi again simon, got my R6 forks on now...roughly mocked up fit a treat with the FZ750 stem on them. Will email u some pics when its a bit more together cheers, Andy
878 19/01/2008 09:32:26 simon67 Re: FZ racer saying hello Hi Andy, didn't realise you get on here! small world eh! Looking forward to seeing you project! cheers simon
879 13/01/2008 02:53:03 kayak810 Engine question I have an 87 FZ700. Anytime the temp guage gets around the middle, it starts to hesitate and stall. It's fine when riding, but at idle it wants to die. A friend said I might need to snychronize the carbs. What do you guys think? Dave
880 13/01/2008 08:34:04 EagleHawk Re: Engine question My 86 750 had an identical problem. Ran great until I stopped after the engine had warmed up. Sit more than 30 sec. or so, and I'd stall out. Carburetors ended up being WAY out of sync. Sync'ed them up, and that fixed the problem. Huge improvement in general riding too. :-D -J
881 13/01/2008 16:16:19 kayak810 Re: Engine question Thanks. I'll give that a shot. Dave
882 13/01/2008 12:11:55 soapbops manuals? we need a workshop manual for our '85 FZ750, anybody know where we migth get one in the UK ? ty! Mary :-D
883 13/01/2008 12:22:13 FZ750Horse Re: manuals? As far as I know the Clymer manual was the only aftermarket one available in the UK - you can probably still get one from Amazon or order one through a bookshop or bike dealer. They also come up on eBay regularly, along with the occasional genuine Yamaha item.
884 13/01/2008 18:22:16 soapbops Re: manuals? ok, will look. many thanks 8-)
885 20/01/2008 21:45:19 reclaimer Re: manuals? Hi soapbops, I live in NE Scotland, if you email your name and address, I'll send you various manuals for the fz on disc, let me know the model and year: Cheers, Geoff
886 28/02/2008 14:21:36 texasFZ Re: manuals? Can the guy that recently emailed me about a disc please contact me again....deleted your email address by mistake.(Was under reclaimer) Geoff
887 20/04/2008 19:09:17 reclaimer Re: manuals? Ok, sorry...but I now withdraw this offer. I have sent several of these out (for free...not even postage) and not ONE person has bothered to email me and say they have recieved the disc...let alone thanks! So no more freebies. Cheers, Geoff
888 04/05/2008 15:55:16 ellisuk Re: manuals? Hey Geoff, How about a "charge to cover costs", or uploading the manuals to a site? I'd certainly be happy to pay a nominal sum and a tad extra to cover a beer for someone's time and help. Money may make the world go round, but I prefer to exchange it for a beer every now and then! Ellis Ride it like you stole it - but don't get caught
889 24/06/2008 17:59:47 slydvl Re: manuals? dont blame you in the least bit, the least we can do is thank the guy let alone pay for the postage and disc! but i'll try to be a nice guy you need to register but manuals are free i think its only 1 a month or something that you can d/l enjoy!
890 09/08/2008 11:33:44 MickV Re: manuals? Does the clymer manual cover my 1989 FZ750? It only appears to cover from 85 to 87. MickV
891 11/08/2008 07:28:23 Dutch Re: manuals? all you need to know is in there. Either way, 88 = 87 and quite some '89> are 87-88 as well (with the 16" front wheel)
892 13/08/2008 04:48:41 jhafley Re: manuals? you might try ebay. I got a disc called repair pro for about $9.99 plus shipping. covers most aspects and you can just print what you want.
893 13/08/2008 04:50:03 jhafley Re: manuals? you might try ebay. I got a disc called repair pro for about $9.99 plus shipping. covers most aspects and you can just print what you want.
894 06/09/2008 05:41:09 besusprice Re: manuals? do you know of any other similar websites? for some reason I can't download the service manual from that one
895 06/09/2008 05:43:18 besusprice Re: manuals? nevermind i exceeded my download blah blah blah. I'll do it tomorrow
896 14/01/2008 14:45:33 fz-andy Need some help ASAP! Hi guys, Just wondering if someone can help me. I need to know the diameter of the round silver part of the clutch cover on the FZ 750.(without the rubber gasket in) I hope that makes sense! I am getting some new parts made up and have left the measurements at home and the engineers need the measurements in the next few hours :( Thanks, Andy
897 15/01/2008 01:31:24 EagleHawk Re: Need some help ASAP! If it's not too late, I just measured the face of mine inside the "o ring". Edge to edge comes out to 15.06 cm. (Don't know if it matters or not, but mine is of the gold variety- 1986 US model.) -Josh
898 15/01/2008 01:35:52 EagleHawk Re: Need some help ASAP! Oops. Looks like I mis-read the time stamp on your post. Might be a tad late with my reply... :oops: -Josh
899 15/01/2008 05:59:10 EagleHawk Success! *sort of* After about 1 month of working hit and miss evenings on disassembling my engine, I finally got to remove my suspected faulty starter clutch tonight. 8-) Rollers and springs didn't look too bad, although the mating surface on the associated starter gear looks like a mirror finish with a series of almost-imperceptible "ripples" running around the circumference of the outer hub. I'm guessing this to have been the cause of my starting troubles. (Or at least a tell-tale sign.) Ordering all-new parts tomorrow... :lol: -Josh
900 21/01/2008 04:58:44 simon67 Project 1987 FZ 750 Wow I just found this site! Well I have had an FZ750 sitting in the corner of my garage for a year now, so I thought it was time to start my project. This isn't going to be your ordinary 1987 FZ 750! My plans will include a new front end off a 98 R1, forks, brakes, tirple clamps. The rear end will see a new swingarm, most likly from the 98 R1 also, still determining fitment. Also in the rear end department the FZ will see a tail section off the 06-07 R6. I am going to have the exhaust exit out from under the bike like the new R6's have it to make the rear of the bike nice and clean! It will be painted in the traditional white and red and decaled up with the famous red blocks down the side of it. I'm not sure what wheel sets I am going with yet, but it will definetly have newer ones on it when she rolls out of the garage. I have alot of work ahead of me but this is going to be a killer looking bike when I'm done and sure to be a head turner! 8-)
901 28/01/2008 21:14:49 fz-andy Re: Project 1987 FZ 750 Hi mate, I have a similar project going at the moment...its on (uk streetfighter website) Andy
902 28/01/2008 23:59:38 ianz9 Newbie Hello all, I just found this site, as I am looking for an FZ. I was just a teenager when the FZ's were unleashed on the world, and I wanted one so bad, but as it would go, that didn't happen. I have been riding dirtbikes for 20 years now, and currently ride a husaberg, at 41 years old I may be mature enough to ride on the street (maybe). I do all my own wrenching and from what I have read so far there is a great community of home and professional mechanics here, which is a priceless value. This is a marvelous site and I look forward to getting to know you guys and gals.MONSTER
903 01/02/2008 02:34:11 ganepeil Re: Newbie Monster, welcome. always happy to meet new enthusiasts, and share/help when we can G.
904 01/02/2008 02:35:24 ganepeil Re: Newbie Monster, welcome. always happy to meet new enthusiasts, and share/help when we can G.
905 04/02/2008 04:43:00 bnail The New Guy Howdy, just picked up a running (barely) 86 FZ750 on friday for $250. The PO was a self admitted non-mechanic and he had it all scewed up. A thorough carb cleaning, a cheap after market fuel pump, new plugs, fresh gas, and disco baby, it sounds like a champ. Too bad I cant ride it, but that is what winters a are for. Some of my other bikes are: 1979 Yamaha XS750SF (This bike is my baby, two time show winner. lowered, pods, jetted, custom headers, custom seat, HOC blue metamorphic paint....too much to list) 1991 500 Ninja (the wifes toy) 1969 Honda CB350 (almost done, cant decide on the color)
906 05/02/2008 00:57:55 EagleHawk Main Bearing Replacement Hey all, Looking to replace my main bearings, unfortunately, the numbers on my case are all but illegible. The last one looks to be a '4', with the crankshaft numbers being '22221' I've been able to find all but one of my main bearing sets are marked with 'D5D'. The last one is a 'D5C'. My logic is that 4-1=3, ie: the bearing with the 'C'. If that logic follows true, my other 'D' bearings would have to equal 4's. A little imagination can turn the first four illegible numbers (which definitely are the same) into 6's to make everything else match up. (6-2=4) Anyone know if this is an accurate theory or not, or if 6's are even used for bearing measurements? I would have expected a 5-1 to achieve the #4 reading, but don't have any information to really support one way or the other... :-? Thanks, -Josh
907 06/02/2008 04:28:12 ganepeil Re: Main Bearing Replacement eaglehawk. by knowing where and what you're looking for puts you above the curve of the typical rebuilder. offer these. typical case #'s run fairly consistant 3 or 4 jurnals ( left to right) then when they change go up. ( indicating cases are/were line bored from left to right). just because bearing #'s only go to 5 doesen't mean holes couldn't be 6's tho I'd imagine molds would have been retired before then. Ive encountered bearings in numerous sizes with same casting #'s. were it me. i'd buy a set each of black brown and green and settle down to plasti-guage-ing for a couple of hours.(remember to ocupy all jurnals w/bearings . even w/loose, sag will alter readings.)in all, loose is better than tight.if it were the lotto, I 'd bet on brn brn brn brn green. luck G
908 07/02/2008 03:57:56 EagleHawk Re: Main Bearing Replacement Thought I'd throw out pic of what I'm working with for case numbers. Last one definitely looks to be a 4. With what you were saying, I'm thinking the first four numbers might be 3's after all, putting me at a number 1 bearing, if I calculate right. I ordered a set each of 2-4 today. Looks like I'd better get a #1 on the way tomorrow, just to be sure. (And some Plasti gauge with a few spare hours.) [url=][/url] Thanks again for all the help. :-D -Josh
909 05/02/2008 04:10:47 bnail Fuel pump The original fuel pump is missing and in its place is some sort of after market/Autozone square piece of junk that obviously is just not getting the job done. It has plenty of push as, in it is sputing gas about 10 inches out of the outlet side but not enough pull, it will hardly draw enough pressure to pull gas (just a small stream)through the fuel filter. So the draw is minimal and the feed is very erratic, and yes, I will clean the tank again because i believe that there is some crud that could still be blocking the petcock. This pretty much tells me that the bike is just not getting enough juice. To justify this i took the tank and air cleaner off and sprayed some starting fluid in the carbs and it fired right off. My question is, does anyone have a factory correct fuel pump for sale?
910 05/02/2008 07:11:35 EagleHawk Re: Fuel pump Hmm... Have you tried supplying the fuel pump from an auxiliary tank with a known good fuel flow, just to be sure your fuel pump is definitely the problem? The one on my bike was a little sticky and erratic as well, and I was able to take it apart and give it a good cleaning. Works great now. -Josh
911 05/02/2008 07:17:25 EagleHawk Re: Fuel pump Eh- Oops. Just noticed you said that was [i]not[/i] the original fuel pump... Mybad. :lol:
912 05/02/2008 14:58:08 bnail Re: Fuel pump No prob Eagle. This after market pump in my opinion just doesn't have enough consistant pressure. If it was more of a continuous flow then i would feel a little more comfortable with it. But it operates pretty much like a lawn sprinkler...
913 11/02/2008 23:43:30 ganepeil Re: Fuel pump Bnail, offer this. Yamaha fuel pumps are dual function. 1st, are pumps. 2nd are pres. regualators........ after cycling initial start-up,when running, fuel pump sees constant power.and cut off a 3-4 lbs pressure. because of remote location, in & out lines are s3eldom most external yamaha fuel pumps become ready donors. ie fz 400/600,s xvz 650's 1100,1600's . the most common failures are the contacts in pressure circuit, which with care can be accessed and cleaned. other common fuel delivery culprits are fuel pump relay,fuel level sender,flasher unit,researve switch,petcock, filter and kinked lines. and finally ecu. if you're running out of gas w/tank fairly full, and switching to res.solves prob. look to fuel sender. luck G
914 14/02/2008 14:13:13 bnail Re: Fuel pump Thanks ganapeil. I made a few calls since my last post and located a used factory fuel pump. Hooked it up, double checked the wiring,pulled the choke, pushed the start button and VAROOM, what a sweet sound. Now if i could only find a way to get rid of this cold white stuff that is on the ground and streets..............
915 15/02/2008 06:10:27 ganepeil Re: Fuel pump Brian,Glad for you.came home to 4 inches fresh today. took advantage of a lull in weather last tuesday and took Frank to the shop hoping for enough free time to fit exup pipe,servo and ecu before the riding season begins. Yar, he looks swell just settin' there all clean and warm. fresh rubber and chain droopin just so...........
916 20/02/2008 20:37:25 simon67 Re: Fuel pump Just to add a point.... rather a bit late I might add. Fuel pump from a '99 to '02 R6 yamaha would also do the job. :-)
917 06/02/2008 02:11:31 bnail $$$$$ for a fuel pump If anybody has a spare fuel pump for an 86 FZ750 that they would like to part with, I have some spare $$$moolah$$$ that I could easily part with.
918 06/02/2008 09:00:17 FZ750Horse Re: $$$$$ for a fuel pump I haven't got one but they're all over eBay like a rash (in the UK at least). They don't go for much money - even if you can't find one in the USA, getting one sent over from the UK should still be fairly cheap. Good luck, Horse.
919 06/02/2008 23:56:35 bnail Re: $$$$$ for a fuel pump Ahhhh, in the UK. Heck it did not even occur to me to search under Ebay UK. I always forget that there is an english speaking/civilized society just as equal to ours on the other side of the pond. Thanks chap.
920 06/02/2008 23:56:50 bnail Re: $$$$$ for a fuel pump Ahhhh, in the UK. Heck it did not even occur to me to search under Ebay UK. I always forget that there is an english speaking/civilized society just as equal to ours on the other side of the pond. Thanks chap.
921 08/02/2008 15:36:57 fz-andy Re: $$$$$ for a fuel pump Hope this is some good to you. Starting price is ぶ.99 (approx $10) on ebay UK Andy
922 25/02/2008 22:09:58 bnail not me too!!! Oopps. Saw that I posted as a NEW. not as a reply to the slipping starter clutch thread... sorry!
923 10/03/2008 06:09:17 EagleHawk Main Bearing Bolts So I was curious, Does anyone know what the deal is with the design of the 10 main bearing / crankshaft bolts? They have a reverse helix cut in the shank, running most the length of the bolt. I assumed it was some kind of oil passage, but there doesn't seem to be any passage openings cut in the associated bolt holes. All I can think of is that perhaps it's something to do with modifying the expansion characteristics of a steel bolt to match the aluminum case... Looking forward to your replies. :-D -Josh
924 10/03/2008 18:50:22 ganepeil Re: Main Bearing Bolts Josh, first noted fluted cyl studs on early honda dohc fours (which were exposed thru cyls) and found them excellent at funneling any /all collected debris to inside cases when cyl was removed.) one also sees similar design on some big end rod bolts. maybe there's something benificial to extra outside surface area as a simple swedged bolt would be cheaper and lighter.G
925 13/03/2008 06:02:15 aisle420 New around these parts, but lookin for some help. Hey everyone. I just recently was gifted with my very first street bike. And you guessed it, its a FZ750. The model is very popular in my family and I loved it ever since I saw my dad driving it as a little kid, and I am still in love with it today... except for the fact that as soon as I get the bugger going, it just comes up with some other lame excuse to not be able to run. See, my dad is one of those "do it yourself, its the best way to learn" kinda guys, and he wont give me any help on the topic (and let me tell you, learning to balance FOUR bloody carburetors is quite the experience..heh). So I am completely and utterly on my own. So here is the problem, and if any of you could help me, I would really appreciate it. And any other tips you guys could lend me for future reference on this particular bike (like what to watch for) would be awesome). My bike wont start in first gear. It literally just stalls. The clutch is good, fluid is good, no air, and when its IN gear I can use the clutch to push the bike. But I have to push start my FZ to get it to move. I also noticed that once its started and I ride it around a bit, if I come to a stop, put it in first and hold the clutch in, I have about 30 seconds before my bike realizes that it hates me and stalls all over again. I thought it could be a pressure leak in the hydraulic system, or a problem with the clutch plate springs, but I dont know. Oh, and its a 1988 FZ750 If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, and sorry for the lengthy write up.
926 15/03/2008 03:08:44 ganepeil Re: New around these parts, but lookin for some help. 420, a couple of questions first.does bike start easily in neutral? idle w/out choke? take off w/out feathering clutch? creep in gear with clutch in? or once started imediatly die when put in gear regardless of revs? problem/s can be fuel-clutch-electrical. just trying to limit the field.G
927 15/03/2008 11:03:53 bnail Re: New around these parts, but lookin for some help. In the Yamaha Triple Community your dad is a full fledged member of what we call the CBMMA (Cheap Bastard Motorcycle Mechanics Association)and it is a very elite club of highly specialized a secretive two wheel mechanics. I own a 1979 XS750SF and a 1986 FZ750 and I just got the FZ on the road the other day. First off put in four new plugs and four new plug wires, don't argue about it, just do it. Next, check and see if the fuel pump is working which meens take off the "out" fuel line and see if fuel is spurting out. Then you need to go through those carbs and really clean them out well and pay special attention to those long thin jets in the carb bowl next to the main jet. If there is any crud in those needle jets you are going to have idling problems just like I did. After three cleanings I finally broke down and went to the stealership and bought four new and put them in, the bike now idles perfectly. Take off the top end of the carbs and check the slides, slide needles and the diaphrams. Check for tares/brakes/cracks and hold the diaphrams up to a light source to see if there are any pin holes in them. As for the other problem of starting and dying I could make a good guess and say that it is most likely your side stand switch or your clutch switch. One of the two (or both)is worn out or just simply out of adjustment.
928 15/03/2008 18:08:36 aisle420 Re: New around these parts, but lookin for some help. ganepeil - Bike starts easily, idles well, and when the clutch worked (I forgot to mention that about a month prior the bike shifted without a problem) no movement in gear with clutch pulled in. It seems the bike just immediately dies in first gear. If I push start it, the bike runs fine and shifting is no problem, just not from a stop to first. I have to push start it. bnail - Thanks for the advice, but I beat you to it. The first thing I noticed was that my bike wasnt firing on all four and wouldnt idle. So I took the whole thing apart, cleaned it, replaced the plugs, balanced and it idles perfectly and runs very well. I also checked out the fuel pump, and its in mint condition. Its just first gear, and it totally blows. Thanks for the info though. Like I said its just my clutch. If its the side stand switch or clutch switch, what should I be looking for to address the problem?
929 16/03/2008 01:40:27 ganepeil Re: New around these parts, but lookin for some help. Aisle420. thanks for reply. I feel your' problem is electrical. and hopefully is your' clutch switch. it's easily shunted by stuffing a piece if wire ( a paper clip works nicely for testing) into the plug at the switch itself. our bikes have a safety system which requires at least 1 of 3 things to maintain spark when put into gear. be in neutral, clutch in, or sidestand up. if paperclip eliminates problem, fine. either get a new one,or permenantly bypass. if not,bypass sidestand switch as well.(it is also a close type switch) if problem persists, disconnect the wire going to the neutal switch and ground to well, anything. if problem still persists,I'm wrong and problem isn't electrical. if so,source can be wiring from either sw. , flasher relay,sidestand relay, diode or ecu... tho cl.sw and sidestand sw are usual culprits. sorry for the length of this post, hope it helps.G
930 16/03/2008 10:05:53 bnail Re: New around these parts, but lookin for some help. See, I told ya. It is always nice to get a positive confirmation on ones knowledge, thanks ganepeil.
931 14/03/2008 10:56:27 bnail Thanks gents I broke down and bought a new fuel pump for the bike, I figured why should I have to inherit someone elses problems, besides I only paid $250 for the bike and it is in nice condition. $215 with shipping included and the new fuel pump is on the bike. WOW, what a performer, this bike is pure evil compared to my 79 XS750SF(its a Yamaha triple)I wouldn't have ever guessed that this bike had so much power for a 750. It has a low idle problem of course, it is either at 1100 RPM's or 2200RPM's no inbetween but it pulls dam hard all the way to 11000 RPM"s. Since it pulls so well I guess I will go ahead and order the jet kit for it since it is so hard to find a carb(s) rebuild kit for it, hopefully the new jets/needle jets/secondaries will solve this problem. Once again, thanx gents and keep at least one tire one the road. Brian Nail Sioux City, Iowa.
932 14/03/2008 22:34:05 ganepeil Gane's 7-10 from Boulder [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
933 15/03/2008 02:27:31 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder All, with help I've finally managed to post pic's of my 7-10. Frank here is a junk-yard dog. built from 2 of my old racebikes and bits scrounged from ebay, fellow racers, and the garage. frame is 87 fz700, eng 88 fzr 1000, front end 91 fzr600, rear wheel gsxr1100 and bits and pieces from whatever the big four had to offer/was laying around. the race bikes had some tidy bits and were incorperated as well as was feasible. end product cost a little over $800.00 dollars and lots of time (fortunatly time was abundant at a Colorado m/c shop in winter) I had a pro paint the lowers and tank, and had a welder lengthen sidestand. otherwise the work is all mine. a lightly worked 1000 eng w/ 6 speed trans makes 132 hp w 110 ft/lbs torque tipping the scales at 480 lbs wet. 19/48 gearing allows for 4k rpms at @60 mph hiway cruising w/@ 42 mpg hiway. Hope you like. G 8-)
934 22/03/2008 16:37:21 alcopaulic Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder That is a very very clean bike, i had some funny feeling you knew your way around the Fz 8-)
935 23/03/2008 01:34:42 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder Alcopaulic, Thanks for looking, and your post. as you might imagine, I learned some things during this build, And am happy to help others who lack the time /background for diagnosing problems with the FZ. G :lol:
936 28/03/2008 00:02:24 FZ750Horse Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder You've been polishing that - very shiny! :-)
937 22/01/2009 01:44:19 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder It's like this...
938 08/06/2009 22:22:28 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder A labor of love.
939 06/12/2009 23:53:53 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder If you spend long enough on here you will find plenty of pictures but they are dotted around a fair bit. We have requested a gallery section & I believe it is being looked in to but the chap who runs the website is very busy. Let's see some pictures of "your" FZ whilst we're on the subject. :-D
940 07/12/2009 09:32:57 Graham Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder OOps, Again, my computer ineptness is revealed.Sorry, G :oops:
941 07/12/2009 23:28:58 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder Hiya graham, i am using standard fz bones with the exup shock arm and bottom mount. If i use the exup ones they are wayyyy longer and i ahve no ride height then and it looks like a drag bike !! it is only out by about 3-4 mm if i can i will get some pics. But looking at the arm it already had mark that looked like it had been just skimming it anyway . I think i might grind a little dip and see if that gives me the clearance.
942 31/01/2011 17:54:10 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder Just dragged this up in case Maniac hadn't seen it & might like to look at for reference. Haven't done a damned thing to it except for ride for the last 3 years. @ 12K miles. have some minor spider web cracking & paint attrition going on at the front lower (typical front tire blasting) asside from that, just push the button & ride. I LIKE THIS BIKE !!
943 18/03/2011 19:09:07 Dutch Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder 1st time I see the topic, sweet bike G. Cheers, Dutch
944 19/03/2011 02:39:12 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder Dutch, Thank-you Kindly, The 7-10 has been my concession to "Todays Modern Sportbikes", & I love it dearly. G
945 19/03/2011 17:45:49 Dutch Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder I bet you do :-D Did you use the FZ tranny or the YZF 750 6-speed? Freddy (my '95 FZ 750) is pretty stock, apart from eh, about 1 mod per year :lol: Most obvious being the Exup wheels. Finally with a 180 on the back since I created more space by using a 520 chain i.o the stock 530. Cheers,Dutch
946 19/03/2011 23:47:56 ganepeil Re: Gane's 7-10 from Boulder Dutch, I used an '87 FZ750 trans which I sourced from Ebay for $125.00 as I didn't want to open a "fair" running eng, & face the probable installation probs & wind up w/2 "open mills. It was however, a simple "drop in". In hindsight however, I wouldn't do it again, I nearly doubled my HP,w/ the 1000 motor & for street use the 6-speed simply makes for "more stirring the pot" than usefull outright acceleration..Luck G
947 27/03/2008 22:18:07 alcopaulic Slave Cylinder Last season in order for my clutch to engage i had to stick little chunks of paper toweling in the divot of my slave cylinder piston where the pushrod goes in, in order for it to push in further. I have no problem doing this in order for things to work, except for the fact that i think the added distance the piston travels with the paper towels being there caused the seals to blow. Has anyone else had this issue? Do i need to inspect the actual clutch and see how wore out it is?
948 27/03/2008 23:57:29 FZ750Horse Re: Slave Cylinder It's unusual for FZ clutch plates to wear badly - I've had two clutches with over 50000 miles on them apart and they're still well within service limits. In contrast, the hydraulic side is notorious for leaking seals. I'd suggest: 1)You've had to shim the slave piston because the hydraulic line needs bleeding - tiny amounts of air can be difficult to remove and will cause all sorts of problems. Search the logs for preferred methods (also the original master cylinder was 5/8" bore - if it has been replaced with the more common 14mm bore that may cause problems). 2) The slave is leaking because they just do that every so often. Old fluid with a lot of water in it makes things worse - the water settles in the slave cylinder and rusts the piston causing a leak. Dismantle and clean the slave cylinder, fit new seals (about び0), a stainless braided hose and bleed the system carefully - I bet it'll be ok. Good luck, Horse
949 28/03/2008 01:00:11 alcopaulic Re: Slave Cylinder thanks horse, i'll try bleeding it one more time, i usually just work my way down, cracking open each bolt along the system until i get down to the actual bleeder, maybe i can get it to stiffen up some more and give me some more push so the paper towels won't be needed.
950 28/03/2008 04:05:54 ganepeil Re: Slave Cylinder Paul, is it engage or dis-engage which is problem?
951 30/03/2008 18:53:56 FZ750Horse Re: Slave Cylinder Just a thought - if you're like me and cut up Cornflake boxes rather than pay for gaskets, the original Yamaha gasket was very thin - if the hydraulics are getting tired due to worn master cylinder parts and ageing hoses a thick gasket won't help. I never really saw the point of that particular gasket anyway. Cheers, Horse
952 27/03/2008 22:30:17 bnail engine siezed through lack of use i brought this bike as a project been sitting for a while, i was assured the engine did run but has siezed because it hasent been used what should i do as a first step any ideas would be appriciated. martin
953 02/04/2008 02:53:24 ganepeil Re: engine siezed through lack of use Martin. obviously, first step is find reason for lock-up. motors that quit spinning after sitting can have many causes, but the most common, are 1, hydro-lock (fuel coolant, or oil sitting atop piston) and 2.valves stuck in guides in open position. (this is assuming prob is w/eng. trans/drivetrain can be dismissed if bike rolls in neutral) My first approch would be after removing sparkplugs attempting to rotate crank by hand. this can be acomplished by removing the l/h crank cover.(there are 2, one on either side, secured by 3 ea. c/s screws. on the l/h side of the crank, there is a threaded hole.(8mm,1.25 thread pitch) by inserting a bolt and pal nut into this you should be able to rotate the crank by hand. TAKE CARE. snapping this bolt off in crank wastes either its future use and/or the only way of easily turning/locating crank. also if stuck valves are the case, you'll bend them. stuck valves are indicated if crank moves(at least a couple of degrees either clockwise or counter) if not, well...........luck G
954 03/04/2008 18:39:42 bnail Re: engine siezed through lack of use thanks for that g had a go but coudent move anything kinda thinking engine has been sat for a very long time loads of water in the inlets at the moment thinking strip down and rebuild, luckily found another fz 750 in need of repair but this one has a good engine. at least ill have loads of spares lol :-D
955 10/04/2008 03:31:31 bnail I am one too... I just bought back my 1985 FZ750 that I put a 1988 1000.... motor, carbs, wheels and brakes on back in 1993 or so... A friend bought it new and rode it on a few track days. He sold it to another friend a few years later and then I bought it from him. I had sold my 1990 FZR1000 to buy a snowmobile and go ice racing so I was bikeless... I bought it in a pile as an unfinished project from my buddy and finished it. Mounting the 1000 calipers to the forks was the hardest part. I campaigned this bike to great success on the streets and won more than my fair share of $$$ with it... I sold it to buy a ZX-11 and run that. I cannot remember what kind of power it made on 4&6's dyno in Chicago but I know it was there for tuning. It also went 10.50's @131 with my 145lb. but on it. Stock ride height--stock arm. Not bad fer a lil' ol' 750 back Anyway in a strange fateful way I was driving down a sidestreet on my way home from work and I spotted a huge gold rotor/ red wheel combo between a garage and junk car. I thought.."Is it????" IT WAS IT!!! I went and bought it back that day for $600 not running and with some sort of MAJOR electrical issue.... Here is where it gets good... If you hook up the battery the headlight goes on, the tach goes up and the neutral light goes on... ALL WITHOUT THE KEY IN THE IGNITION! If you turn off the kill switch I believe the neutral light goes off... PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS OLD SOUL LIVE AGAIN O FZ FREAKS!!! I will also need to rebuild the 5speed trans as it was jumping in 2nd when I sold it and I'm sure it hasn't healed itself... FIRST I NEED TO GET IT RUNNING though! I didn't even have 1 pic of the bike before and it looks to be just a bit more beat up than when I owned it. I sold it with 17k mi. and it has 20k now...
956 08/05/2008 17:53:07 Dutch Re: I am one too... I just bought back my 1985 FZ750 that I put a 1988 1000.... Welcome here. There are more people with a 750/1000 hybrid so should be some advice available now and then. A 1AE (1FN, 1FT) with 1K engine, front & back is a really nice beast in disguse :-) Cheers, Dutch
957 21/07/2009 04:23:13 bnail Re: I am one too... I just bought back my 1985 FZ750 that I put a 1988 1000.... HAHAHA... Finally got around to looking at it... Seems that the two wires coming from the alt. got together in the plug and melted it into a mess. after removing that short and plugging some connectors IT TURNED OVER and the key switch worked! I am only using a 2a trickle charger but it was trying... Now to get the carbs cleaned up and get it fired up... I really want to get it to the RSD by year end. I am in DIRE NEED of a steering stabilizer though... Was one ever produced for the FZ750?
958 25/07/2009 04:28:29 bnail Re: I am one too... I just bought back my 1985 FZ750 that I put a 1988 1000.... Here's a pic??? [img][URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/img]
959 25/07/2009 08:51:30 Nosforatu Re: I am one too... I just bought back my 1985 FZ750 that I put a 1988 1000.... Would like to see some pics there seem to be a few of us doing the same sort of thing at the mo. Try this to get your pics up, Thanks to Graham. :-D
960 25/07/2009 22:17:04 bnail Re: I am one too... I just bought back my 1985 FZ750 that I put a 1988 1000.... Got the carbs clean and back on (holy shit were the boots tight)... and.... [B]IT RUNS![/B] Idles smooth at 1000rpm and throttle response seems ok. It's very loud though. It has a Krecker that seems to be missing any packing it may have had. It's big cube high compression straight pipe Harley LOUD.
961 10/04/2008 17:37:19 bnail how to adjust the valvecrafts hi i wounder how to set the engien to t1-4 and t2-3 and where to look for it on a fz750 86`mod and how many pin`s are the betwine the valvecraft`s please help :-(
962 12/04/2008 02:24:22 ganepeil Re: how to adjust the valvecrafts Oberg.If I interpret your' querie correctly, you are looking to time your' cams. If so, yamaha locates them by 1st locating crank at 1-4 tdc via marking on crank thru slotted plug at l/h crank end. Then, Cams are located to crank by fitting exhaust cam first to cam chain and referenced by marks on cam sprockets to cam tower marks (at 12 0'clock) Unlike some Kawasaki and Suzukis the fz method doesn't call for counting pins. I strongly recommend accessing a shop manual, incorrect cam timing on a Genesis motor can be catastrophic. markings at crank are cryptic, and cam locators become clear w/illustration. take your' time, get it right, make your own marks to facilitate your' next valve adjust, and re-check your marks after rotating the crank a couple of rotations prior to buttoning up.hope this helps. G
963 14/04/2008 08:23:24 bnail Re: how to adjust the valvecrafts I picked up a non-running 86 fz750. So far I have checked the carbs and they are clean. I cleaned the tank and fuel filter. I checked and there seems to be spark. I bought a new battery. It turns over. I sprayed starting fluid in it and still nothing. Any ideas of what to check next would be helpful. Frustrated. John.
964 11/04/2008 14:20:58 bnail Stator diagnosis I picked up a non running 86 FZ750. The guy thought it might be the stator. Is there a way to diagnose a faulty stator? Will the bike run for awhile on just the battery if the stator is bad? Any help you can give will be appreciated.
965 12/04/2008 06:19:15 EagleHawk Re: Stator diagnosis Betzingj, When exposed, the stator has a set of three terminals. (ie: A, B, and C) Resistance between all combinations (A-B, B-C, A-C) should be 0.2 ohms. Less than that, and the insulation on your stator windings is probably starting to break down. More than that, (most likely infinite or 'OL' reading on a multi-meter) would indicate an open winding/connection. Either one requires replacing the stator. If I understand the charging system correctly, the bike could technically run on just the battery, although it would be far from optimum, and only last as long as the battery was able to supply sufficient energy for for the ignition coils, fuel pump, head light, brake light, etc. etc. In short, it won't run very long, as a failed stator would mean the battery isn't being charged to compensate for the electrical requirements to run the bike. -Josh
966 14/04/2008 02:25:12 bnail Re: Stator diagnosis LAFZRider, My peice has 4 mounts to subframe, 2 at top under seat, and 1 on either side under side panels. it is srormy red. molded into plastic is p/n 1ae 21651 01, and a calender which indicates 11 12 '84 all 85 all 86 and 01 02 87.... the one on my bike also has 4 mount points (in similar locations, but does not surround t/l) pls look to your' piece again. if I can use it, I'd consider a swap. if not, I'd sell for $50.00 and shipping G
967 21/07/2008 21:51:45 tom86fz750 Re: Stator diagnosis As sad and ironic as it is betzingj, I feel your pain and frustration with your bike. Judging from your post, you're determined to get that bike running? Am I right? What were the circumstances that led you to resserect the FZ? How many miles she got on it? Between reading your recent posts and my lifelong struggle to keep this beauty running, it's as if our bikes were exact twins. Later dude T
968 12/04/2008 22:07:07 FZ750Horse Foam for air filters I just fitted velocity stacks to my track bike. These are designed to run open but, since I still use the thing on the road occasionally, I'm currently using them in a modified airbox to stop them sucking in water, insects and bits of privet hedge. I'm thinking that the best compromise would be to fit individual foam filters but, since i don't think anyone makes them to fit over stacks, I'll probably have to make my own. Does any body know what is the best ( i.e. least restrictive but still heat/petrol resistant) foam to use and where to get it from? Thanks, Horse
969 17/04/2008 18:38:15 EagleHawk Re: Foam for air filters You might be able to use/modify a foam filter from an off-road bike to fit your purposes. If I remember correctly, my local bike shop had the filter foam in larger pieces so you could make 'custom' filters if necessary. All the foam filters I've seen to date have been from the off-road side of things, so that would be my first place to look... -Josh
970 18/04/2008 20:46:04 FZ750Horse Re: Foam for air filters Thanks for that. I found some on the web, sold in sheets as you describe. I'm in the process of forming it into a tube with 70mm ID to fit over the stacks. Once that's done I'll cap one end with more foam and then form some sort of doughnut to fit round the necks of the stacks so that I can cable tie the filters on. After that it'll be a dyno run or three. I'll be happy if I can get a good mixture with the mains over 135 - it's currently running a bit rich with 125/127.5 mains using an airbox and K&N filter. Horse
971 09/05/2008 20:38:13 FZ750Horse Re: Foam for air filters I thought this might come in useful for someone in the future... After fitting the stacks and home made filters I stuck 140 mains in as a guess and booked a dyno run. The bike wasn't running too badly except for a bad stutter going from the needles to the mains, i.e. 8000 to 9000 rpm. The dyno base run showed it running generally a little bit weak and very weak in the 8000 to 9000 rev range. Here's the interesting bit - whilst messing with the needles we discovered that the 1 and 4 carbs have very different needles to 2 and 3. I knew 2MGs had bigger jets in the outside but had assumed that this was just cause those cylinders ran a little cooler. In fact, 1&4 move onto the mains in a completely different way to 2&3. 2&3 start moving progressively onto the smaller mains from 8000rpm, whereas 1&4 come quite suddenly onto the larger mains (the end of the needle is almost square)at nearer 9000rpm. The point of all this is that if you mix up parts from 1fn and 2mg carbs it's probably not going to work very well cause 1fns had the same mains and needles in all carbs. I've still got a lot of messing to do but at the moment I've got 101.84 Dynojet bhp at the rear wheel, running 147.5 mains, with the needles lifted one groove and it's a bit rich everywhere. I think I'll fit the tapered needles to all four and drop the mains to 145 next (or maybe just drop 2&3 to 145). I guess I'm losing about 1-2 bhp through the filters, so with a better designed pipe and some work 105bhp should be achievable - not bad for a twenty year old lump with well over 40000 miles on it... :-)
972 13/05/2008 07:17:56 FZ750Horse Re: Foam for air filters I dragged myself out of bed at 6.00am this morning to take the bike out for a test run after making more jetting changes last night. Reasoning went like this... 1** bikes had the same needles and jets on all carbs with stock pipes. Aftermarket and race systems for this bike used a 4-2-1 configuration, with 1/4 and 2/3 pairing up. The 2** bikes had a 4 - 1 exhaust, no crossover, and different needles and jets on the outer cylinders. My trainwreck of a homemade exhaust has Laser headers which were designed for a 1** bike but the carbs were from a 2** bike, so... I fitted 1** needles (lifted one groove) and 145 mains to all carbs - success - loads of power, no flat spots anywhere - ready for my track evening at Brands Hatch tomorrow :-)
973 16/04/2008 22:09:32 gavink Fairing info Can anyone telle me if a bottom fairing (full lower) off a 1987 FZ750 will bolt up to a 1984 top bikini style fairing. Thanks Gavin
974 17/04/2008 01:16:00 ganepeil Re: Fairing info Gavin, to fairing yes. I've used Lockhart,Maier and OEM full lowers and all have fit to fairing without fuss. mid and lower mounts however had to be fabricated, and oem had to be clearanced around after market exhaust. the lowers in pic's of Ganes 7-10 are the Lockhart's, the OEM lowers fit tighter at chin, and are (I feel) more attractive. + paint lasts much better on plastic than fibre-glass. luck G
975 04/05/2008 15:50:32 ellisuk FZ in the UK Hi all, Glad to see an enthusiastic community for what must be my favourite bike! I've just been given ( yup for free, nought, nada and for nothing too ) an FZX 750 ( FZ750 in a vmax look a like for those that dont know the bike ). The Clymer manual is the same for both so thought I'd hop on here and get some well informed advice. It's a non runner at the moment having spent the lasst 9 mnonths outside without a cover on - not a good idea in the UK. I had intended to get it running again with a plug and fluids swap but when I started lookign a little closer I decided it's going to take a couploe of months ! good luck to you all with your rides! All the best, Ellis - Southern UK Ride it like you stole it - But don't get caught ! 8-)
976 06/05/2008 03:05:07 ganepeil Re: FZ in the UK Ellis,Welcome. the Fazer is indeed just a fz in different packaging, Hope you gain from our trials. G. 8-)
977 09/05/2008 18:40:15 ellisuk Re: FZ in the UK Cheers ganepiel - I hope so - at the moment it's not even good for razor blades so I'm in need of some tech help for sure. It's currently a garden ornament with mixed reviews ( I think it looks great - she doesn't ) All the best, E
978 07/05/2008 15:01:39 waynoone little info please hi just bought a 1988 fz750. i havn,t got a manual yet could someone please tell me what grade of oil i need for it. cheers,wayne
979 07/05/2008 20:15:38 texasFZ Re: little info please Take a look on the inside of your left side, mid/rear fearing. It has a label with all the tune-up information on it. As I recall, they call for 20/40 motor oil. I used 15/40.
980 07/05/2008 20:20:46 FZ750Horse Re: little info please 10W40 is probably best for the UK climate.
981 08/05/2008 17:29:43 Dutch Re: little info please Indeed. Back than the multigrade probably didn't have such a wide band as now. So it was 20/40 for warmer and 10/30 for colder weather. In the 21st century simple throw in some 10W-40 and done. While you'r at it, might as well change the oil filter, they aren't that expensive.
982 14/05/2008 04:45:37 jhafley bought myself a project. After 12 years I finally got my wife to agree to a bike. Bought a "running 2 days ago" 86 fz 750. Guy I bought it from was not a rocket scientist. He changed spark plugs and put an aftermarket fuel pump on it by twisting the wires on, then mounted the fuel pump so the line kinked. straightened all that out and it still wouldn't fire. Got it to light 1 time for about a second and it sounded good... for that second. Bottom line is I got the carbs off and I am hoping to get them dunked in the next week or so. There is paint on the inside rim of the gas tank and that is flaking away. That said, I have a couple of questions. 1 Do I need to use a stock fuel pump or will should the replacement work (he said it had about 3.8 psi pressure). 2. is it normal to have to crank for over 30 seconds to get a sign of life from the engine with starting fluid in the carbs? 3. Anybody think a dunk for the carbs will be enough or am I going to have to spring for a new set ($325 from my dismantler guy ready to bolt on and run). Sorry about the long post but any help would be appreciated.
983 15/05/2008 02:44:45 ganepeil Re: bought myself a project. Jhafley, Welcome. I'm sure you'll find the site helpful, as most of us here have "been there, fought that" and may be able to save you some time by sharing info. I'll begin with.... Yes, you can use a low presure elect. fuel pump.(I use a Carter 2psi automotive pump on my race fzr1000) and 3.8 shouldn't over power float valves ( I guess you"ll find out.) and, a tip. By far and away, the most common problem w/the fz is dirty carbs. not just jets, but the passages/vents/emulsion tubes, sticking floats/valves et all. before buying a "new" set I'd recomend a FULL dismantle and clean.(short of seperating bodies from rack) in my experiance, buying a "good running" set of carbs from a breaker simply means the bike ran. and would need cleaning to be proper anyway. a fit fz with proper jetting,clean carbs will race you to the button.(cold start is full choke/no throttle) and support life w/out choke after about a minute. Idle rpms usually pick up about a minute later when cyl head comes to temp. and will accept any /all throttle without faltering. a neat running fz700/750 is a treat.nimble,quick and stable. again welcome.G
984 20/05/2008 01:13:16 jhafley Re: bought myself a project. Thanks for the advice and sorry I took so long getting back. I work 2 jobs and free time is scarce. I am pretty good mechanically but I don't know if I am up to rebuilding the carbs. What would be a fair price for a repair shop to clean/sync them? I live in Northern California. Thanks again
985 26/05/2008 14:05:37 Dutch Re: bought myself a project. If the bike runs on the carbs just use some carb cleaner in a tank of petrol. In the Netherlands FORTE carb cleaner is popular, don't know if it is available in the US. Synchronising isn't much work, pretty easy to do yourselve if you have a measuring device. Probably you can even do it on hearing.
986 16/05/2008 23:26:54 87fz700 '87 FZ700 wiring harness Anyone know where I can find a decent harness for my bike? I have the resources to make one, but would rather not, it would be a major PITA! Before you say "Check Ebay" or something like that, trust me, I am, I've been looking for anything even close and they are scarce.
987 25/05/2008 00:17:19 jhafley Ok Now what AAUUGGHH! I have completely torn down, cleaned and rebuilt the carbs. Now it barely wants to fire with starting fluid but the fuel seems to only spew out of the carb closest to the fuel intake on the right side. The other carbs appear dry. I have set all the needle valves the same (2 turns is where they were at when I broke them down). Aftermarket fuel pump but as far as I know only 3.8 psi from it. Any help would be appreciated : :-o
988 25/05/2008 04:32:47 ganepeil Re: Ok Now what J. systematic of course.verify fuel flow from fuel intake to all carb bodies. and that all float valves both allow fuel and seal. double check that floats are installed right side up, (the level tang will have a spot worn from needle valve)verify that floats have free travel with bowls in place and that valves run freely in bores when float is manipulated. if compressed air is avail. blow into atmoshperic vent (top of intake throat) and verify slides raise. if not avail. raise slides by finger and verify slides move wihout bindiing to full travel. make sure all carbs are seated into intake boots.fuel screw settings/ sync/jetting are fine tuning. your' problem is on a larger scale. hope this helps. G
989 25/05/2008 14:48:04 jhafley Re: Ok Now what Thanks G. I will get back into it on my next day off.
990 25/05/2008 20:16:49 jhafley Re: Ok Now what Do the little wire bars on top of the needle valves have to loop over the tabs on the floats or do they just float free? if the are supposed to hook in somewhere, I may have found my problem. Thanks for the time and help G 8-)
991 26/05/2008 14:09:09 Dutch Re: Ok Now what afaik they go around something, would have to take a carb apart to make a picture to really tell. Perhaps it can be seen on a drawing on or the Clymer manual. Good luck, Dutch
992 27/05/2008 00:57:17 ganepeil Re: Ok Now what J. the bale on the float valves' needle hooks over the tang on the float which controls valve height(thus fuel level). luck G
993 27/05/2008 02:19:57 jhafley Re: Ok Now what Dang, that would do it... I hope. would leaving those little suckers off cause the fuel to spew out of the right hand carb? G and Dutch, I really appreciate the advice. I'm gettin there.
994 28/05/2008 01:10:21 ganepeil Re: Ok Now what J. possible,tho not probable. when you go back in, note how the float travel stops before valve can drop low enough to either drop out or jam in bore. a guess is that bale exists to draw needle down in the event the vitron tip should stick to seat.make sure needle is free, and seals, I'd also look to the seats o-ring, and into its fuel passage.( have found bits of fuel line fouling seats intake and keeping needle from seating in past) luck G
995 30/05/2008 02:36:33 jhafley Re: Ok Now what Signs of life at last!! had the fuel lines backwards and, after getting those switched around, it sounded pretty good...for about a half a second. I started with 3 turns on the needle valves and I am having to play with the choke and throttle quite a bit. Took it down to 2 1/2 and now I get backfires out of the carbs. Any thoughts as to an initial setting on the needle valves? book says 3 turns but I really don't know at this point. The engine sounded totally sweet, I just wish it would keep doing it. Thans J :-)
996 25/05/2008 07:37:01 bobey1000 FLAT SPOT AT 6500 RPM Hi i have a 1987 FZ750 fitted with a preditor 4 into one exhaust and a standard KN replacement air filter.This bike has a mayor flat spot at 6500 rpm would a dyno jet kit remove this problem or is there any outher simple up jets that would remove this problem bob :-?
997 25/05/2008 07:57:20 EagleHawk Re: FLAT SPOT AT 6500 RPM Bob, To my understanding, this is a known issue with the FZ750, and re-jetting is the way to go. I believe the dynojet kit was designed to help with the problem, but given both the intake and exhaust modifications, you'll want to make sure you get the right kit to match the mods. Either way, it may still take some dialing in, but should get you a lot closer. My bike was re-jetted by the previous owner (I think it was a dynojet kit as well) to get rid of the flat spot. I'm currently running a Vance and Hines 4-1 exhaust with stock air box. Not a lot of torque in the low end, which is normal, but more notably, there is absolutely nothing indicating a flat spot once I'm in the 6-7K range. After I start clearing 3500 or so on the tach, I have smooth power all the way to the top. -Josh
998 25/05/2008 16:45:33 FZ750Horse Re: FLAT SPOT AT 6500 RPM Hello Bob, Is your bike a 2MG? (I ask because I've seen a lot of 1FNs with plates later than 1987). I have a 2MG with standard airbox/filter, a Predator 4-1 and standard jetting - it has no flat spots anywhere. I have personally experienced the notorious flat spot at 4000-5000rpm caused by Micron systems but I haven't heard of a gas flow related fuelling problem at 6500. In fact I replaced the Micron with the Predator and immediately had a very smooth power curve. If you have a standard air filter I'd put that in and see what happens - if you still have a flat spot I think you have a carb fault. I did once have a very bad hole in the power curve under 700rpm - turned out that two of the end caps for the needle jets (they stick out into the float bowls) had cracked and were completely buggering up the fueling - I think someone else posted about a similar problem a while back. I've also heard of problems with the needle jets wearing into an oval but haven't experienced this myself (see for photos). IMHO, when they're properly set up FZs fuel better than any other carb equipped bike on the planet - smooth power all the way from tickover to redline, so I doubt whether a Dynojet kit would address your problem unless the K&N filter is causing the problem. I did have a K&N filter and race pipe on my trackbike for a while and just upped the mains a bit - didn't touch the needles - no flat spot. A dynojet kit consists of a set of their needles and 112 (I think) mains for use with an airbox, or 144 mains for individual filters. You can buy the mains for a lot less than the び00 Dynojet will charge and the stock needles are pretty good if set up right. Good luck, Horse
999 01/06/2008 18:39:11 jazzman new member,exhaust question Hello all,have just bought a 87 fz 750 as ive allways wanted one when I was a teenager,only had it 3 days but having been riding it when ever I can,still feels quite modern nxt to my zx9r.was wondering has anybody had full micron systems on there bikes as my exhaust is a bit shot and have been offererd one,do I NEED TO REJET? have noticed that ived allready got a k&n filter and its been dynoed at 92hp@wheel how much more would the micron give me?. thanks guys austin.
1000 02/06/2008 01:39:32 ganepeil Re: new member,exhaust question Jassman.U're already 20 hp up on what I managed from stock eng. w/yosh 4-1. if indeed you can buy a micron /anyone's new system that fits, go for it. but don't count on extra hp,
1001 02/06/2008 19:36:27 FZ750Horse Re: new member,exhaust question You don't say whether your bike is 1FN or 2MG (2MG was introduced in 1987 but I've seen 1FNs registered as late as 1989). I believe 92rwbhp is about right for a good standard 2MG (measured on a Dynojet machine anyway!)- 1FNs made about 80rwbhp on the same dyno. (Gane - US bikes had fixed needles, European ones had five grooves - aside from Dyno discrepancies this may have hampered your tuning efforts?) Personally, I'd rather eat worms than put another Micron on my road bike - they put a massive hole in the power delivery at about 4500rpm, i.e. exactly where you don't want it if you're in traffic. I've never heard of anyone being able to dial it out, it seems to be due to the oversize headers buggering up the wave action. For road use the predator is miles better - a bit more restrictive but no flat spots anywhere. I don't think re-jetting would be necessary unless you put a very free flowing pipe on it and then you'd really need to sort it out on a Dyno. I've got my track bike making 102 (Dynojet) rwbhp but that's with velocity stacks, a race pipe and lots of jetting changes. Either my bike has been race tuned (compression increased) in a previous life or the Dyno I used is optimistic because that's supposed to be about as much as a 2MG can make without race cams, pistons, rods etc. The Dynojet manuals are available as PDFs from their US website and give a rough idea of what jetting changes are required with various set ups. Good luck, Horse
1002 04/06/2008 05:03:58 jazzman Re: new member,exhaust question Thanks for your reply,my bike is a uk bike register in may 87 so sounds like it mus be 2mg.
1003 04/06/2008 07:28:41 FZ750Horse Re: new member,exhaust question Check the engine or frame number (which should match) - if it's a UK bike it'll start either 1FN or 2MG. Horse
1004 08/06/2008 19:10:50 jazzman Re: new member,exhaust question Just checked,its is has 2mg stamped on the engine. cheers.
1005 06/06/2008 14:18:22 togey New member Hey folks, Just got a 1991 FZ750. My mate had one of these when we were lads and he always used to leave me on my GPX750. Anyway, it needs quite a bit of TLC, i might take the fairings off and streetfighter it and maybe not. It has been standing for quite a while and the carbs have waxed up I think. It will only run on choke, but runs quiet :) Lots of questions to follow. Ride Safe G
1006 07/06/2008 01:52:03 jhafley Re: New member Welcome, I am pretty new here myself and everybody has been a Huge help here. I finally got my FZ 750 running this week. The guy that owned it before me was kind of a bone head but I got the bike for cheap so it worked out. Everything I read says the carbs are the most common problem. I tore mine down, soaked the bodies in carb cleaner and rebuilt them. after getting the settings right she purrs like a kitten. Make sure you take ALL the rubber fittings out before you soak your parts and depending on how long the bike has been sitting you may want to soak them overnight. E bay US has repair manual CD called repair pro that is pretty helpful. Good luck and be safe J 8-)
1007 07/06/2008 19:07:09 paulc Paint codes Does anybody know the PPG paint codes for the 85 FZ 750? Regards Paul
1008 08/06/2008 21:27:02 FZ750Horse Re: Paint codes In the UK, will supply you paint in anything from 2 pack to rattle cans - just tell them which basic colour scheme you've got and they can look it up. Horse
1009 08/06/2008 19:20:20 jazzman clutch slip Hi all my clutch seems to slip on very heavy loads ie full throttle roll ons in say 5th from about 5k as soon as it gets to about 8k will start to slip,but if you give it full throttle in the lower gears it seems ok. also my clutch bites very early almost straight away,shes done 25k but has had been standing for about 8 years untill 2006,any idea's? thanks guys.
1010 08/06/2008 21:22:00 FZ750Horse Re: clutch slip That's pretty common, max torque is in that rev range and the springs do get a bit tired - both of mine used to slip at exactly the same place, accelerating off a slip road onto the A3, hit a ripple and the revs shoot up. I've put Thunderace springs in the trackbike - work v. well but make the clutch action heavier - new OE springs would probably be ok if you're not going to be tuning. Clutch bite - make sure you've got the original master or at least a 5/8" one and not the more common 14mm type, bleed the system and probably replace the slave seals anyway - they're a weak point and often give up suddenly. Fitting steel braided hose is also worthwhile. Plates should be ok - both of mine have done 45000+ and are still good. Cheers, Horse.
1011 09/06/2008 09:40:48 jazzman Re: clutch slip thanks for info,ive got a new set of clutch springs which I bought for my 95 fzr 600r years ago,still in the packet I wounder if these will fit?I think there heavy duty too,master clinder is 5/8th can I still get hold of the slave clinder seals easily? and are they easy to fit. many thanks.
1012 09/06/2008 21:39:13 FZ750Horse Re: clutch slip I don't know about the 600 springs - never tried them. EBC Thunderace springs were only about び0. Slave seals are still availble from Yamaha for about び0. They're easy enough to fit but make sure you clean up the piston and bore properly - water settles into the slave and corrodes them - if you don't clean them up the new seals don't last long. Horse
1013 10/06/2008 07:05:48 jazzman Re: clutch slip thanks again for info. :-)
1014 12/06/2008 19:15:22 FZ750Horse Wow!! :-P :-P :-P :-P
1015 14/06/2008 15:25:16 jazzman Re: Wow!! Mad! :lol:
1016 23/06/2008 22:00:57 gmanhevner Your opinion??? What do you believe? FZ 750 is a reliable machine? Does it last for many many years without any problems? Are there any sensitive points? What do we have to do to make it last for along long time? Sorry for my bad english!!! :-D
1017 24/06/2008 08:24:17 FZ750Horse Re: Your opinion??? Most users find FZs very reliable. Carbs can be a headache if the bike hasn't been used for a while but if they're clean and the bike's used regularly they should be ok. IMHO the biggest potential disaster is the output shaft bearing - a badly adjusted chain can wreck it very quickly and the engine has to be completely torn down to replace it. Horse
1018 24/06/2008 02:37:16 bnail Spark Plugs So at the risk of sounding completely stupid and inept at life, is there some sort of special way/tool to remove the spark plugs from the fz750 motor? I pulled one plug wire realized that the plugs are seated very far down between the valve covers. To me it looked like the only way to successfully remove them would be to remove the radiator first. Is there an easier way, am i missing something? Thanks for you help. Sean
1019 24/06/2008 08:16:00 FZ750Horse Re: Spark Plugs It is do-able but it's not easy. You need one of those tube type plug sockets that come with most under seat tool kits. You can either modify it to fit a ratchet drive (this allows you to tighten the new plugs with a torque wrench) or, assuming your socket has two holes for the tommy bar at 90 degrees to each other, just put a bend of 15 to 20 degrees in the end of the bar and you'll be able to loosen the plugs. If the plugs have been neglected it may take a couple of hours of swearing to get them out - fit the new ones with copper ease and you can do most of it by hand (even if like me, you have hands like shovels!)and just use the bar/ratchet for the last turn or so. One word of warning - make sure you blast out the plug recesses with air or water (which should drain out of the holes either side of the cylinder block) before you remove the plugs. The recesses fill up with small stones, grit etc. which can otherwise drop staight into the combustion chamber. :-o Good luck, Horse
1020 01/07/2008 04:22:42 Trigger Idling Fast? Hello, I finally got my bike to start! I wont go into the details, lol. But when I start it up the revs start out alright at around 1500, then after a little bit they start to climb fast to around 3500, and then start to go higher and i just just it off. The ilde stop screw has no effect on reducing it as i turned it clockwise many times. Any tips or hints or solutions would be greatly appreciated.
1021 01/07/2008 07:14:45 Dutch Re: Idling Fast? Reducing idle is counter clockwise. If that doesn't work the choke might be stuck on full open. Cheers, Dutch
1022 01/07/2008 07:42:22 Trigger Re: Idling Fast? I meant counter clockwise, sorry. I did work the choke and it ran better with the choke off, but still had the rev acceleration.
1023 02/07/2008 01:33:02 ganepeil Re: Idling Fast? Trigger, Might read posts to&from Betzingi in Engine, He's having similar prob.G
1024 11/07/2008 14:48:34 Trigger Re: Idling Fast? I looked everything thru, it sits at a steady 3000. Dont see or hear any leaks, they all look seated well, i tapped all the carbs pretty good to knock anything loose, even though they were just cleaned in and ultrasonic cleaner. Anything else?
1025 11/07/2008 18:30:18 FZ750Horse Re: Idling Fast? Apologies if this is too obvious, but have you checked for trapped cables or stiff linkages? Mk1 carbs had only one throttle cable and relied on a spring to close the butterflies when the throttle was closed - make sure the lug on the throttle cable cam is hitting the idle adjuster stop when the twist grip is closed. Later bikes had two cables and pulled the buterflies shut when the throttle was rolled off so the throttle wasn't prone to sticking open. Horse
1026 08/07/2008 14:19:18 dan650plus new guy just wanted to say hi, just picked up an 87 fz needs some work so i hope some of you can help out when i need it. will post some photos soon
1027 11/07/2008 07:52:30 Dutch Re: new guy Welcome and good luck with the bike. Cheers, Dutch
1028 17/07/2008 17:14:34 jazzman jack up kit/dog bones Hi all,anybody fitted a jack up kit to there fz? if so was it worth it and what size,ive seen 20mm and 35mm on ebay. thanks in advance.
1029 18/07/2008 14:13:00 Dutch Re: jack up kit/dog bones only possible on the 87> FZ. OEM is 140 mm, you could use 135 or 130. Each mm shorter gives about 3 mm more ride height. You can easily make them out of a strip of stainless, so no need to shed big $$. Pay attention though the chain doesn't eat away the swing arm protector, it will do so if jacked up (= swing arm pulled down!) too much and/or if you have smaller sprockets as standard.
1030 18/07/2008 15:57:39 Kawa-wastl FZ750 for sale!! In excelent condition! Really like a new one! Hi, I殻 new here and I am from Germany. I want to sell my dad`s bike! I think it is in a condition, i have never seen before! It赫 a 88 red/white FZ!!! I don`t know how to put pictures in htis forum! But if someone is interessted in the bike i will send him pics via email!!! Best regards Sebastian
1031 19/07/2008 18:42:36 Dutch Re: FZ750 for sale!! In excelent condition! Really like a new one! You can go to the German board. It can be found at .It has a special corner for the FZ riders and a sales sub-forum.
1032 24/07/2008 20:24:54 jhafley smoke in the wrong place?? Hey guys, haven't posted in a while, been busy with ambulance strike teams and such. I had my fz 750 ready to ride but naked and then... it started leaking oil, dumping coolant and peeing gas. I was thrilled. Long story short, replacing 1 float needle valve that was sticking and had no clip on it, think I overfilled the radiator and found out there is no thermostat in the housing near the cap, and it started leaking oil when I finally got it warmed up. Still tracking down that leak. I also noticed there was smoke coming from an about 1/8" hole on the side of the right side cylinder head. Is that normal and if not, what the heck do I do about it. thanks Hafley :-?
1033 26/07/2008 09:02:31 FZ750Horse Re: smoke in the wrong place?? The hole is a drain to stop water collecting in the plug recesses. If there's smoke coming out of it it's probably because the plugs aren't properly fitted, allowing oil/petrol out of the cylinder to lie in the plug recesses and burn off when the engine's hot. Could be the source of your oil leak. Horse
1034 28/07/2008 02:24:30 jhafley Re: smoke in the wrong place?? thanks amigo. I will double check that. Finally got my carb needle from Old Bike Barn after 1 month and 2 emails (may want to think twice about going there) and I'll have another look just as soon as I get running again. Thanks again. Hafley
1035 26/07/2008 05:00:59 jazzman FRONT END NOISE Hi everybody,when out riding the otheir day my fz started making high pitch strecthing noises from the front end,it will happen intermitantly and may last 1 to 3 seconds then dissapears only to return few minutes or secornd later. Have been advised its the speedo drive so just got one off of ebay,but havent fitted it yet, I took the cable out and rode the bike and it appeared to be louder,I then put loads of wd40 in the drive and all was well for abour 30 miles then noises returned,anybody had similar probs. Thanks austin,forgot to say checked all nuts and bolts pads etc all in place.
1036 27/07/2008 07:54:04 Dutch Re: FRONT END NOISE Bearing on the verge of seizing? I wouldn't ride that bike untill problem found and solved. I a rear wheel seizes it's nasty, if the front does it's worse.
1037 02/08/2008 04:16:09 fz750lee new guy in florida just a hello out there i have a 86 fz750 just picked it up for 50.00 with a clean title 145 psi in all 4 holes and runs like a scalded dog just to let you guy know i was out here i hope there is a little more going on out here then i have seen in the past few days we need to wake this place up a bit :lol:
1038 02/08/2008 20:58:46 jhafley I am almost there OK so I've been posting here every time I have a problem and you guys have been a big help every time. This one has me stumped. I finished my carb rebuild, painted and remounted my header and pipes, put the whole thing back together and it started and ran great. Until... I keep getting a fuel flow out of the open port between the right side and middle right carbs. then the whole thing floods out unless I wind it out and then I am back to square one. Is it possible my aftermarket fuel pump is over pressurizing the system (reported about 3.5 psi) or is there something blocking the flow or what. I am about to light this thing on fire so my wife will let me start over. HELP!! :evil:
1039 03/08/2008 09:16:08 EagleHawk Re: I am almost there Just out of curiosity, have you used a gravity-fed auxiliary tank yet? (Such as one would use to synch the carbs). Might help narrow down whether or not your fuel pump is actually supplying too much pressure, or if there's a leak somewhere else in the fuel/carb system. Also, did you double check that all the carb floats actually did float? Just a couple ideas... -Josh
1040 03/08/2008 17:09:35 jhafley Re: I am almost there I didn't use a gravity feed when I first got it running but the gas tank I was using was on the floor. I just replaced all the float bowl cover gaskets and operated all the floats when I did that. They seemed to be moving fine but as to actually floating??? I have a breaker that says he has an fz 750 fuel pump so I am going ahead with that on tuesday (naturally they are closed on my days off). I am also thinking about doing a total rebuild with new parts on the carbs rather than just a teardown and cleaning. Any other thoughts I would love to hear. Thanks
1041 03/08/2008 18:09:59 FZ750Horse Re: I am almost there I'd definitely try gravity feeding it before spending money on a new pump. It's really quick to do and if you still have the same problem then you need to look at the floats and needles. You could also try giving the offending carb a clout with a rubber mallet - often jogs a stuck needle valve loose! Horse
1042 04/08/2008 03:10:26 jhafley Re: I am almost there thanks horse, I will definately try those 2 things first. I didn't have this problem when I first rebuilt them so that is most likely the culprit. If the rubber mallet doesn't work, I may switch to an 8lb sledge. probably won't help but I'll feel better. thanks again Hafley :-x
1043 04/08/2008 06:40:14 Dutch Re: I am almost there when I resurected an FZ that had probably stood for 12 years in a dealer's showroom the carbs flooded badly too. The float needles looked good (without microscoop), but after replacing them with needles from junk set of carbs they have been fine ever since.
1044 04/08/2008 18:53:53 jhafley Re: I am almost there I don't know what changed, but I just started it this morning and no gas leak!! after 5 months of trying, I FINALLY RODE MY FZ TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap that thing has a lot of punch. it almost makes me want to take back all the cuss words I used putting it back together. Seriously though, thank you to everyone for all the help. I would still be standing there scratching my head if it wasn't for you guys. :-D
1045 02/08/2008 21:02:44 jhafley I am almost there OK so I've been posting here every time I have a problem and you guys have been a big help every time. This one has me stumped. I finished my carb rebuild, painted and remounted my header and pipes, put the whole thing back together and it started and ran great. Until... I keep getting a fuel flow out of the open port between the right side and middle right carbs. then the whole thing floods out unless I wind it out and then I am back to square one. Is it possible my aftermarket fuel pump is over pressurizing the system (reported about 3.5 psi) or is there something blocking the flow or what. I am about to light this thing on fire so my wife will let me start over. HELP!! :evil:
1046 09/08/2008 12:14:12 jazzman clutch problem Hi,have allready posted about slipping clutch but have antheir problem possibly! I'ive ordered a slave cylinder seal kit as its leaking pretty bad,it still was riding ok on my last ride 3 days ago,however today it was hard to change gear and clutch bit instantly and was almost immposssible to get back in to neutral, gear change was also near impossible. One thing I did notice was the master cylinder was v low on fluid,the clutch lever became v easy to pull straight back to the bars and it sound like the slave was making a squecthing sound when the lever was pulled in! Ive since topped the master cylinder up but no better,I also noticed the clutch sound a bit rattle, which is new thing also. thanks in advance.
1047 09/08/2008 17:27:54 jazzman clutch update Have just bleed the clucth as per manual,and there's no pressure at all now on the lever,just goes straight back to the grip with zero pressure,am I missing something?
1048 10/08/2008 11:26:57 FZ750Horse Re: clutch update You need to sort out the leaking seal first, otherwise it's not possible to bleed the clutch properly. They can be difficult even when everything is airtight. BTW, if you have fairing lowers the leaking fluid will rot them as well as taking the paint off the lower frame rail!
1049 10/08/2008 18:59:05 jazzman Re: clutch update Thanks horse,I got a bit carried away trying to bleed and did,nt think that one though!dying to ride her as ive just had a carbon race can off of a 96 fireblade sleved and fabricated to fit on the standard 4-1,looks great and sound fantastic! its allraedy got a k&n filter in place so will interesting to see if it gains a couple of horsepower.
1050 14/08/2008 17:19:13 ajb235 model identification I have just purchased a 1988 FZR750 frame no prefix 2LM. Can anyone identify the country of origin? It is an import Jim
1051 18/08/2008 23:59:59 zcrashz another stalling issue... my issue is i have had the bike only for 4 months... it is an 1988 fz750... i love this bike... anyway the problem i am having now is the bike ran great for 3.5 months... couple weeks ago it stalled when i put it in gear...not good.. missed the day of work... would have been nice if when it started it would have ran... but it stalled again.. i chocked it and it started choke idle was lower than normal... usual choke runs bout 4000 rpms... it was at 1750 or 2000 rpm... soon as i throttled it it stalled and would not start... when i finally got around to it i pulled the fuel pump...yes it has one... took that apart dumped it all out and ran good for a week and did it again... then i tapped the fuel pump and it started... seems when it stalls if i tap the fuel pump it starts again for a little while... checked the connections they are solid... found two magnets in the pump that seem to make it work when they connect and sometimes...when its not starting i noticed they arent connecting...thinking this may b the problem... and now the headlight is shorting out or something cause it doesnt seem to come on everytime whe i start it... but if i tap the start button a couple times it usually comes on...i am hoping this is a simple fix... any suggestions as what to try next... thanks
1052 19/08/2008 00:04:21 zcrashz stalling issue my issue is i have had the bike only for 4 months... it is an 1988 fz750... i love this bike... anyway the problem i am having now is the bike ran great for 3.5 months... couple weeks ago it stalled when i put it in gear...not good.. missed the day of work... would have been nice if when it started it would have ran... but it stalled again.. i chocked it and it started choke idle was lower than normal... usual choke runs bout 4000 rpms... it was at 1750 or 2000 rpm... soon as i throttled it it stalled and would not start... when i finally got around to it i pulled the fuel pump...yes it has one... took that apart dumped it all out and ran good for a week and did it again... then i tapped the fuel pump and it started... seems when it stalls if i tap the fuel pump it starts again for a little while... checked the connections they are solid... found two magnets in the pump that seem to make it work when they connect and sometimes...when its not starting i noticed they arent connecting...thinking this may b the problem... and now the headlight is shorting out or something cause it doesnt seem to come on everytime whe i start it... but if i tap the start button a couple times it usually comes on...i am hoping this is a simple fix... any suggestions as what to try next... thanks
1053 19/08/2008 07:39:07 Dutch Re: stalling issue Crash, welcome on this board. Where are you from? Don't be shy and introduce yourselve :-) Problem seems electric related. When you turn the ignition to 'on' there should be a short rattle, this is the fuel pump. When the bike has just been just it's not more than one click, when it stood for a week or so it's a rattle of a second, depending on how long it takes to get the fuel pressure up. Does it work with the fuel switch on reserve ? This is a by-pass that lets the pump think the tank is full when actually it is on it's last 4 liters (or when the fuel level device broke and gives a low reading when there is plenty of fuel). Back to your 1st sentence: stalling when you want to put it in gear can also (quite likely) be caused by a failure in the side stand switch which should protect you from riding away with the stand out. Cheers and good luck, Dutch
1054 20/08/2008 03:05:21 zcrashz Re: stalling issue i will go ahead in the am and try switching to reserve... and see if that helps the issue... it hasnt stalled going into gear since that day.. the headlight issue is my only other thing at this time...other than if someone can tell me how to get a dent out of gas tank on top... (anger issues) lol...tried a plunger but did not work so well... cant get inside the tank or from what i can tell anyway... is there anything that could go wrong to make it not have enough pressure in the fuel pump... that i think would be my next step... that and the fuel filter... i appreciate the help...
1055 20/08/2008 03:14:04 zcrashz Re: stalling issue oh and btw... im in ohio...northeast...been riding for a few years on and off...used to have a 1980 honda cb 400..since i got the new bike (fz750) i have been riding alot more... a big step up from what i had...but i used to ride my dads GSX-R 750 about 14 years ago...and dirt bikess and stuff for about 20 years... i am 26...if there is anything else you would like to know about me ask...:)
1056 19/08/2008 19:42:03 jazzman rich or lean Hi all do fz750 normally run rich or lean,have just fitted a race can from a fireblade to the standard headers its welded and bolted on just like the blade set up it also has got a K&N filter on which was allready there,it runs fine with both standard and race can, thou it has slightly flatter low/mid response, but I was thinking may be go back to a standard filter as it may improve low revs running?carb setting are all standard and dont want to do any damage.Didnt need any carb work on my zx7r when i had a full akro fitted,had it checked by a dyno place. thanks for any advice.
1057 21/08/2008 12:10:33 FZ750Horse Re: rich or lean As standard, FZs have the reputation of being one of the best fuelling carb bikes ever. Whilst it's not really possible to say what effect the changes you've made are having without putting the bike on a dyno, at a guess you're probably running a bit lean at full throttle and a bit rich below 5000rpm. I think Dynojet recommend their 108 mains with that set up (along with their needles which may or may not address the tendency to run rich lower down). IMHO the power gains you're likely to see over the stock set up probably aren't worth compromising the driveability for. Cheers, Horse
1058 22/08/2008 08:14:54 jazzman Re: rich or lean Thanks for advice,will get it dynoed soon in the mean time ive orderd a standard filter to see if there is any difference.
1059 28/08/2008 05:28:32 billip what model FZR1000 forks+swingarm fit in the FZ750? hey, i'd just like to know what model FZR1000 forks and swingarm fit into the FZ750? i have a 1985 model. reason im asking is i have been offered a 1989 FZR1000 rolling chassis quite cheap, and they arent easy to come by here in australia (early FZR's or FZ's) I am hoping this model isn't a problem, as i've wanted to do the swingarm and fork upgrade for a while, and if all goes to plan, have it done before summer. - i only wish it had the engine in it still :-( any help would be greatly appreciated. kind regards paul kelly. :-)
1060 06/09/2008 23:09:35 besusprice service manual Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble finding a service manual online. I've gone through the forums and checked all the suggested sites and nothing works. :-(
1061 06/09/2008 23:10:47 besusprice Re: service manual oh and does anyone even use this site anymore?
1062 07/09/2008 17:13:45 MarkF Re: service manual I've never tried to download a manual so I would'nt know where to look.Have you tried ebay?They come up from time to time,bought mine from there.
1063 09/09/2008 12:58:32 tstover Re: service manual I bought the "Repair Pro" manual (actually a CD) from a guy on ebay. Cost less than $10. Recieved the CD in the mail a few days later. It is VERY BASIC for a repair manual, but was somewhat helpful. I am sure that there are better, more detailed manuals out there, but this one was good enough for the purposes of my rebuild.
1064 09/09/2008 18:13:16 Dutch Re: service manual somebody a bit impatient? I see the spanners already flying through that workshop ;-) There is a Yamaha Service Manual and the Clymer in English and the Buchelli repair manual in German. Those are the ones I know of. The Clymer should be fairly easy to get, though I wouldn't know a server that has a scanned version. Cheers and have fun efzetting. Dutch
1065 14/10/2008 18:23:43 jhafley Re: service manual I have the repair pro manual and I just bought a Clymers off of Ebay for $15 plus shipping. I always see them online there, usually for $25-35. I bought the clymers because I am about to do major surgery (head gasket hopefully) on mine. Good luck Hafley
1066 10/11/2008 01:00:03 lewisham Re: service manual Have you tried Do a search for FZ 750 (FZ750 all one word gets no hits) There is a shop service manual to download, as well the owners manual. Note that you have to register to download.
1067 16/12/2008 21:47:53 rob1968 Re: service manual Hi Ive tried this but the file is empty - has anybody got a copy of the page with changing the headraces that they may send me - please ?
1068 16/12/2008 23:41:14 ganepeil Re: service manual Rob, Things usually get slow this time of year, between the holidays and weather. Don't despair, Happy Holidays.G
1069 04/01/2009 23:48:34 slydvl Re: service manual give some of these a try good luck
1070 19/09/2008 23:25:25 malibu454 crankshaft bearings hello can anyone tell me the difference between the coloured rod bearings, ive tried plastigauging them and i don't get any difference in sizes and the numbers on the rods are gone.or can someone tell me how to tell which size rods i have 5's or 4's thank you very much
1071 20/09/2008 00:10:40 EagleHawk Re: crankshaft bearings Rod bearings are identified as follows: Blue No. 1 Black No. 2 Brown No. 3 Green No. 4 I don't know of any way of telling what your rod numbers were if they're no longer there. I had the same problem with my main bearings, and just had to order one of each size bearing and plastigauge them all to figure out correct sizing before ordering a full set of the correct bearings. Regardless of color and number, your clearance reading should be the final say on what bearing to use. .00126-.00220 inches, or .032-.056 mm (These measurements are for connecting rod clearances on the FZ750 or FZX700, and NOT the FZ700.) Hope this helps. -Josh
1072 23/09/2008 04:11:18 rotary7 Ignition Problem Every once in a while the bike will quickly loose power and finnally drop down to where it won't rev higher than maybe 4-5K rpm and 2-4K rpm in gear. It will still idle fine but won't rev past 5K. its like there is a rev limiter there. Other times it runs rather well all the way up to 8-9K rpm then it seems like it hits this rev limiter again but I don't hold it at 9K to verify this I just switch gears. some people say that it is a coil problem others say its a CDI problem. It can't be a fuel problem cause its not leaning out cause the choke makes it run worse when this problem happens. Is there a wiring diagram somewhere that I can check my ignition system with or is there any tests I can do on the CDI or coils to find a problem? Oh and the fuel gauge won't come up above a quarter even when its full. I can move the float up and down and no matter what it refuses to go any higher than a quarter. The gauge it's self works fine cause I jumped it and it will go up all the way to full but not when its pluged in. Any thoughts on this?
1073 24/09/2008 23:21:16 JoelB Re: Ignition Problem Lack of voltage available at certain places, springs to mind (fuel gauge, etc.) Reason, unsure. If there was a reduced voltage to the coil, the current build-up will be reduced. When the engine is running fast this is made worse by the shorter time the coil is exposed to the incoming current. My experience with coil issues is that the engine will run fairly well at low revs but will become very rough at some higher speed. Unlike a rev limiter which clips the engine speed smoothly, a coil problem could make it run like a hairy dog once you hit that rev range.
1074 25/09/2008 04:45:52 ganepeil Re: Ignition Problem Rotary7, Idle thoughts, 1st on rpm's. your' cdi does have a rev limiter, which should cut out 1 coil's ign. at @11 grand.and while all things are possible, when they fail, its usually all or nothing. a failing pick-up (or both) or their respective wires to ignitor are possible( i've read of poor grounds causing similar probs)also, a tach gone fruit-loops could take out a coil itermittantly. you might try unplugging the guage harness as a test. 2nd, your'fuel guage sender. to be kind is a paeological device most often found in tube type radios. in essence its a series of high resistance wire wrapped around a strut which the float arm causes varying contact with. decades of corrosion,buildup and wear often cause your problem. sometimes ginger cleaning of this "rheostat/potentiometer" restores full action. hope this helps.G
1075 26/09/2008 07:42:28 rotary7 Re: Ignition Problem So a CDI boc either works or doesn't huh. Ok I'll hold off on getting another one cause it always runs and will at least idle every time. I never thought of the Tach and now that I think of it, it doesn't always work quite right. Sometimes when its running right and I rev the bike high the tach will only register up to 5-7K rpm and then bounce there but the engine defiantely reved higher than 7K. The tach will most times register perfectly if I rev it slowy up to maybe 8K. So what are the signs of a bad Tach? Btw I'll try unpluging the tach harness and see what happens too. what would you recommend I do to try and clean the fuel sender? I know its the sender cause I traced back all the wires to the gauge and there are no shorts and then I tested the gauge and it will go up all the way if I trip the sender. but as of right now a full tank is about 1/4-1/8 on the gauge. I noticed tonight that when its having this problem and I unplug the fuel pump relay/controller with 6 wires going to it and wait a bit and somewhat clear the engine a little to where its runs smoothly and revs up and then plug the relay back in it will run a lot better... for a while. I know by doing that I am leaning the fuel system out which doesn't even effect the ignition system so thats kinda got me off on another solution path. I have another one of the relay I umplug and will put the other one on and see how that goes. I'm still certain that its a ignition problem. Oh and its been two years since I first had this problem and no one has been able to fix it yet, hopefully you guys can help me finnaly get it running right.
1076 27/09/2008 01:11:31 ganepeil Re: Ignition Problem 7, Cleaning requires removing sender. once out function and operation will be obvious, my approch was to clean contact and wire loops with semichrome polish, be careful to rub only horizonataly, and gently as the wires like to shift and bunch up. while you're there,look to the connections where wires attatch to fuel sender and fuel level sensor,as fraying and corrossion are frequent there and at the porcelin ballast resistor (near cdi). G. from deep left field, your' fuel pump has 2 internal circuits. both controled by points/breakers. 1st the pump, 2nd the presure regulator. either/both can become erratic with pitting/corrosion and sensitive to voltage changes (ie unpluging-re turnsignal and fuel pump relays) if you elect to go there, take care, fuel pumps are expensive. Luck G
1077 23/09/2008 18:13:40 fz-andy Bits for sale Hi everyone, Let me know if u need any of these, as they are cluttering up my garage and I need to raise some funds to re-paint the FZ! I have: - FZ750 Swingarm - undertray/mudguard bits in good condition - TRX 850 rear shock (with separate resevoir to adjust) - May fit FZ with some modification but no guarantees!! - FZ 750 clutch master cylinder - FZ 750 rear brake master Cheers, Andy
1078 24/09/2008 21:15:03 fz-andy Anyone got a 2MG wiring loom lying about? As above! Cheers
1079 08/10/2008 11:59:36 jjbfz Coolant Tank/Overflow Can anybody tell me where the tube from the coolant tank/overflow goes? Does the other end attach to something or does it just hang loose? I am rebuilding an FZ750 and I have run the bike without a tube attached, but coolant has come out of the overflow and gone all over the chain and rear tyre. Thanks James
1080 08/10/2008 21:40:40 EagleHawk Re: Coolant Tank/Overflow It just hangs loose. You're fine without it, excepting the extra mess. I'd still be careful about getting your various electrical components in that area doused with coolant until such a time as you get an overflow hose installed. To state the obvious, be aware of getting any coolant on your tire while riding too. You might find you suddenly have significantly less traction than expected at the worst possible time! -Josh
1081 09/10/2008 11:58:04 jjbfz Re: Coolant Tank/Overflow Problem solved. Thought I might be missing some crucial connection for it to be attached to! Will get a hose sorted. Thanks for that Josh. Much appreciated. James :-D
1082 14/10/2008 16:56:13 cashman Fuel Leak I had finally fixed my slew of issues (overheating/no spark) and the FZ had been running great. Then I returned from a long ride on Saturday and after the bike began to cool, I noticed the faint smell of gas. The odor got stronger and I noticed a few drips under the bike. Upon closer inspection, I noticed gas leaking from the fuel petcock. It appears as though the plastic (on/off) knob had broken/fallen off and the gasoline was leaking out from that spot. Anyway, I got everything all cleaned up BUT I am going to have to replace the petcock. Anyone have any tips/advice? Know where to buy one?
1083 14/10/2008 18:11:22 jhafley Re: Fuel Leak I would check ebay, both the auctions and the ebay stores. there are usually at least a few options there. I have also had luck at I have had problems getting the petcock to shut off so I am planning on putting an inline one in also so I don't have to mess with a screwdriver to turn it off. Good luck Hafley
1084 14/10/2008 21:50:34 cashman Re: Fuel Leak Thanks, took your advice and went to ebay. $29...not too shabby. OEM is $49.
1085 23/10/2008 05:52:48 iamwellsie Rebuilt FZ won't start Hi I'm having to get my latest FZ to start. I have completely rebuilt the engine, i get a spark, it seems as the petrol is not getting into the engine. I timed the engine as manual which is a bit vague when it comes to the timing marks, i think this may be incorrect. Any ideas, it ran before, had a failed sprocket bearing when i bought it. Thanks Mark
1086 23/10/2008 10:28:07 JoelB Re: Rebuilt FZ won't start I've set valve timing on several engines, both car and bike though not on the FZ. Some things are the same. You want to set number 1 cylinder (or any cylinder, really) to top dead centre (TDC). Use a screwdriver carefully inserted into the plug hole to touch the piston, and crank by hand until you're there. Both inlet and exhaust should be rocking. If not, rotate another 360 degrees and see then. The inlet and exhaust would normally be rocking by the same amount at TDC. If the valve timing were not correct, the engine would not sound right when cranking on the the least. At most, your engine would lock up and you'd risk valve and piston damage. Always rotate a freshly rebuilt engine several times by hand to reduce the possibility of this damage. An engine will often run if the valve timing is slightly out but it will run poorly. Is there any part of the manual you can describe that you want help with?
1087 24/10/2008 22:30:48 EagleHawk Re: Rebuilt FZ won't start Mark, Here's a couple pics I took of my engine timing during a rebuild. Also make sure you're turning the engine over in the correct direction (counter clockwise as viewed from the viewing window for the flywheel) to keep the timing chain tension vs. slack on the correct side of the sprockets. [img][/img] [img][/img] -Josh
1088 26/10/2008 03:08:40 ganepeil Re: Rebuilt FZ won't start Mark. Ever watched the show House? OK. I'll be the ass. 1st. Providing you've the ability to R&R engine,/R&R trans output bearing, & re-assemble expecting life, then in spite of vague cam timing, I should expect that at least,you attempted to roll over crank a couple of times by hand before cranking. (eagle's pic's are very good, esp #2) referencing the crank's position for #1 tdc.) A probe to piston via plug hole (#1)gets you close enough to read crank marking. at this point, #1 cam lobes should be roughly as pic #1 (tho I think intake lobe is a little low.(camchain wear and lack of top slider aside.)either are close enough to provide life. easily in the realm of checking valve clearances. if close, button up top end, pop carbs and spray intakes w/ anything flamible and crank.if you can get even 1-2 cyls to fire, addres carbs, if not,swap wires to coil;s and try.if valve clearances have opened signaificantly , oops. sory.G.
1089 05/11/2008 05:39:23 iamwellsie Re: Rebuilt FZ won't start Ok, assuming the timing is correct, which i now believe to be the case, tried taking the carbs off and spraying aerostart inside, still won't start.
1090 25/11/2008 07:29:23 daddyjay Re: Rebuilt FZ won't start One thing for you to try mate is the battery. Just rebuilt mine after a long time off road and after putting the battery from my Brothers FZR on it didn't want to go no matter what I did. Checked all the usual suspects and still nothing even with a can of easy start sprayed into it. After flattening the battery by turning it over (TWICE!), I got it connected up to jump leads and a car battery. Bobs yer cross dressing auntie, running bike! Ran it up to temperature to balance the carbs, as soon as I stopped it even though it span over fast it wouldn't start again on the supposedly fully charged FZR battery. Connected the big battery up again and it went first click. Worth a go if you haven't checked this already.
1091 26/11/2008 05:56:49 iamwellsie Re: Rebuilt FZ won't start Yes that was the problem, its running fine now, needed to add battery with jumper leads, disconnect second battery and it won't start, battery needs to be fully charged and in good healthy condition.
1092 31/10/2008 18:31:01 ThaSick1 electrical problems - 86 fz750 It wont. I've put the bike back together. Now mind you, I have never actually heard the bike run, but it does turn over when the solenoid is crossed, so I know it should eventually run. Here's my problem: Key in Turn on Wont turn over or click when start button is pushed Right side coil heats up, but not left (both coils are grounded to the frame, left side has what seems to be a ground wire on the opposite side of the connection wires, but right side that heats up in the 'on' position does not...does it need to have one?) Other symptoms: Accessory switches wont work (no horn, no click sound from the turn signal relay), havent checked to see if the lights come on yet, havent hooked them up yet Any thoughts?
1093 03/11/2008 23:41:31 EagleHawk Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 That could be any multitude of problems, but I'd start by verifying you have 12 volts and good ground connections everywhere they're supposed to be Basically, if your switches aren't working, then they probably don't have any power to them to turn on their respective functions. Proceed backwards from there to any electrical connections, then to your fuse block (make sure the fuse itself is passing voltage, since even the connection point that the fuse plugs into can go bad on occasion, allowing a good fuse to give the symptoms of a bad one) and finally you have your main fuse and battery left as the source/break in the circuit. Some stuff to check at least. -Josh
1094 04/11/2008 08:54:41 FZ750Horse Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 I agree with Josh; the reason most of us hate electrical problems is that they're difficult to diagnose because of the large number of interconnections within the wiring loom. You need a wiring diagram, a multimeter and a lot of patience. You can't assume anything, you have to test, not least because in some cases the actual wire within the loom will be starting to break down. Any conductor where the copper has turned black should be regarded with suspicion. Good luck, Horse
1095 04/11/2008 11:02:05 JoelB Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 Those connectors are a pain in the a$$ (the ones leading from the hand controls). Unplug and replug a few times to scratch them up a little. I've also had issues with the switches themselves. The thing is that they get greasy, dirty and tarnished.
1096 12/11/2008 20:55:34 ThaSick1 Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 well, now the headlights work, the turn signals I'm chalking up to a bad relay, which will be replaced in the next coming weeks...havent tested the horn, but i dont need one anyways...but, I took apart and cleaned the connections on the start button, and it still doesnt start when I push it. I replaced the starter relay, and yet, the right side coil still heats up and it doesnt start. I'm getting power to the brake light, im getting power to the accesory switches, just not to the starter switch. Once again, I can cross the relay and it turns over. But when I turn the key on, the right side coil starts to heat up. WHY IS THE COIL HEATING UP? If I have to replace the starter switches, fine. Not a big deal, but this is getting frustrating. All I want it to do is start up. Is there a way to test the ignitor module? Could that be the culprit? The connections on the starter switch are clean...I did that today.
1097 12/11/2008 22:18:43 JoelB Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 With regards to the coil, I'd definately check their resistances agains spec. Bear in mind they could have caused further damage if they were shorted. With regards to starting: The blue/yellow wire from the starter relay gets switched to ground to activate the relay. If you can touch it to the body and have the starter turn over, I'd find the blue/yellow wire at the starter switch and measure the resistance to the blue/yellow at the starter relay to see if there is continuity(close to zero resistance). Touch it to ground to see if you get action. If there's none, the wire leads to the starter switch from the starter relay by going past(through) the turn signal relay. Disconnect the connector there and find the two blue/yellow wires on the connector. Try measuring continuity between one of them and the starter switch blue/yellow, and try the other one to the starter relay blue/yellow. This should tell you where the issue is. You should be able to ground the wire that leads to the starter relay here to get it to turn over.
1098 12/11/2008 23:05:58 ThaSick1 Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 the blue/yellow wire from the relay - I took a jumper wire and attached it to the frame as ground. starter just kept engaging without pressing the start button. I took a look at the turn signal relay and it probably need to be replaced. would the ic ignitor be a cause though? If I have to Ill replace every freakin component. I dont f&^%in care at this moment, and am gettin frustrated with it sitting there not running. I need it to run. i need it to atleast start correctly, without the coil heating up. Its either that, or I give up and just sell what took me 8 months to build.
1099 12/11/2008 23:33:34 JoelB Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 Electrical problems are frustrating, I'll grant you that. You may even reach the point where need to decide whether you're able to do it yourself. I'm sure you'll get as much help as possible here all the same. I think it would pay for you to get yourself a multimeter. Simple ones aren't expensive. Tracing the ground wire from the starter relay to the switch and fixing it shouldn't be too hard if taken one step at a time and it would be good to have the switch working for the next steps.
1100 13/11/2008 00:45:44 ThaSick1 Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 is that blue and yellow wire the ground wire, and if so, is it not allowing the starter switch to activate because the ground is broken between the two? I am not an electrician, i dont know resistance/ohms talk, so i need it to be in tard language, seriously
1101 13/11/2008 02:28:14 JoelB Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 That's right. The starter relay has two parts. One is a switch, and the other is a magnetic coil that throws the switch. All of it is connected except for the negative lead for the coil. That's the blue/yellow wire. As soon as the blue/yellow wire touches ground, the relay operates and switches power to the starter motor. This wire runs up past the turn signal relay to the starter button and it is here that the ground contact is normally made. All you need to do is make sure the wire is still connected. Usually there can be problems with connectors or occasionally with the wire itself breaking inside the insulator. There are also issues with insulation rubbing off but I don't think so in this case. Setting a multimeter to the ohms range and putting one probe on the blue/yellow wire near the starter relay, and putting the other probe on the blue/yellow wire near the starter switch, will usually make the meter read close to 1. This means the wires are joined. If yours does, this may mean your switch is the problem. If yours does not read close to 1, take your other probe off the switch and put it onto the blue/yellow wire at the turn signal relay connector and see if you get a reading of close to 1 there. If you do, then your break is between the turn signal relay and the button. If not, then it is between the turn signal relay and the starter relay.
1102 13/11/2008 02:44:48 ganepeil Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 T.the starter solonoid is wired directly from the battery,and has 2 paths. the 1st is to 1 side of the starter motor contacts (thus the heavy wire), it also goes thru a whole bunch of windings which make up an electromagnetic switch. when you ground the bl/yel (shown on my schematic as bl/white) it closes the contacts to the starter motor. the bl/whichever goes 1st to the turnsignal relay ( a misnomer because it has 9 wires & multi functions.) then, to a diode (7 wires), then to the starter button. which when pressed supplys ground, activating starter sol. and crankage. Part 2. ignition coils recieve power thru a convoluted series starting w/fuse then main switch w/stops for kill sw. neutral, clutch, sidestand relay. sidestand sw. and more. short story, one side of coils should have power given run perameters are met.via the r/w wires. the grey and orange wires should go to the cdi.not to ground.(that's what the cdi does, provides ground, thus controling timing/ignition curve. Damn, I feel like the controller in AIRPLANE. SORRY, for additional help, you'll need at least a testlight, multimeter and schematic,G
1103 13/11/2008 03:17:57 JoelB Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 ganepeil, would you see any harm in this case suggesting running a fresh wire from the starter solenoid to the starter button?
1104 13/11/2008 05:41:10 ganepeil Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 Joel, no, but my first opt would be checking for power at inside of rh switch.(bl/wh), then continuity to gound,BK/ to chassis. sik may have multiple probs w/cranking. since 1 of 3 circuits must be complete to power starter. to whit. either clutch sw. neutral,or side stand sw. be grounded to provide cranking. then, at least 1 circuit remain to allow spark. shunting neutral sender to ground will by-pass other safty,s and provide power to coils (i think), but alternitive wiring may have f///ed this ie his reference to wiring coil to ground. this with no mention as to wether he has any spark at any plugs leave me short.G
1105 13/11/2008 15:59:38 ThaSick1 Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 so, I am going to assume that my next step would be to check continuity from the starter relay to the turn signal relay to the starter switch? As far as the nuetral switch, sidestand switch and any other switches that could cause this problem, where do I look for those? All I have is the clymer manual, and it tells you dick about where these should be located...
1106 13/11/2008 21:53:34 JoelB Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 These are my thoughts on what to do next to make sure the button is or isn't the issue. Put your meter onto the voltage setting as follows. There might be a few different voltage settings. You should point the rotary switch to the number higher than the voltage you're working with. It's usually 20. You might see a V with a straight line after it (V_) and one with a wavy line (V~). Be in the straight line section or if ther is none, there might be a DC/AC switch. Go with the DC. Anyway, put your red probe on the blue/yellow wire inside the right hand control near the button, and the black probe on the body or negative battery terminal. If you read close 12V then it shows the wire is connected to the coil. Change the meter to the resistance (ohms) setting (200 if you have it or close to 200). Move the red probe to the other terminal of your starter button switch and the black terminal stays on the body. If you read close to 1 then your switch is grounded. Lastly, disconnect the positive battery terminal. Put your red probe on the blue/yellow wire at the button and put your black probe on the body. Press the button and the resistance should drop as you do. If all these things work, your button is fine and your problem is elsewhere, maybe with some of the safety switches.
1107 13/11/2008 22:19:28 FZ750Horse Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 ...[quote] JoelB wrote: Those connectors are a pain in the a$$ (the ones leading from the hand controls). Unplug and replug a few times to scratch them up a little. I've also had issues with the switches themselves. The thing is that they get greasy, dirty and tarnished.[/quote] One thing that probably all these replies have assumed, but I don't think anyone has actually said, is that a can of contact cleaner (I like Servisol Super 10) is just about the nearest thing there is to a miracle cure for electrical gremlins. It can be sprayed into block connectors,switches, contacts etc. and quickly restores conductivity to corroded/tarnished contacts. There's usually a disclaimer about it possibly affecting some plastics but I've been using it for years and never had any problems...
1108 21/11/2008 01:11:22 ThaSick1 Re: electrical problems - 86 fz750 So, I replaced the flasher relay, and it cranks over with the start button! Well, the right side coil is still heating up.
1109 15/11/2008 16:24:25 Grass New Hi
1110 04/01/2009 15:57:02 rob1968 Re: New Hi from Rob Happy new year. I'm pleased as punch as I have now got my FZ on the road - got the MOT on it yesterday after 3 months of working on the bike. So if you see a bright red 86 model with a geezer with a big smile - say hello! :-)
1111 16/11/2008 15:45:12 Matt_GRJ Spark plugs... Hi, Was just wondering what the best way to get the spark plugs out is. Also, are they the standard size? Cheers, Matt
1112 16/11/2008 19:38:10 FZ750Horse Re: Spark plugs... Hi Matt, It's a bit awkward - search the site, it's been discussed at length before and several methods suggested. I'd allow a good couple of hours :-o first time you do it... Good luck
1113 17/11/2008 15:57:56 Matt_GRJ Re: Spark plugs... Hi, Had a search and found the thread. I have taken the radiator off but I can't seem to get the spark plug tool to 'locate' on the spark plugs. I am using a 10mm spark plug tool, is this right? Could it be dirt in there that is stopping me? Although I can't get it on any... :-? Cheers, M
1114 17/11/2008 19:03:57 FZ750Horse Re: Spark plugs... I'm not sure of the plug size without taking one out - they're pretty small but I'd have thought nearer 16mm than 10mm. It's pretty common for small stones to find their way into the plug recesses and stop the plug spanner engaging. You can blow them out with compressed air or fish for them with a mirror and a bit of Blu-tack on a screwdriver - really passes the time :roll:.
1115 18/11/2008 17:54:54 ganepeil Re: Spark plugs... Matt, Fz's suggestion for blowing down is good for two reasons, It both facilitats access to plugs, & keeps crap from falling into the NGK, plugs are DP8EA-9 and are 18mm in socket size. a 4" wobbly extension eases the process,G
1116 18/11/2008 22:14:30 JoelB Re: Spark plugs... Agree with everything here. I did manage just removing the radiator top bolts and pulling it forward. I recommend a socket with a rubber insert that holds the plug in the socket because when putting them back in it isn't easy to reach them to start them off by hand.
1117 24/11/2008 23:36:44 JoelB Idle tuning the carbs. I need some help with tuning my idle circuits. After a rebuild, my mid and high speed running is fine. I had one problem with the rebuild, I lost one of the tiny o-rings from one of the pilot screws (the ones on the top, inward side of the carbs). I still have the metal washer in there and I gave it an extra turn to compensate. I don't really notice a big difference with this, the bike seemed to idle roughly in general before and after the build. I also synched them as best as I could using a single vacuum meter. The problem is that when I turn the idle speed screw enough to make sure it never cuts out, when I back off the revs when hot, it settles on 3,000 for a few seconds before falling slowly back to 1,200. This causes a problem with engine braking. It also makes it hard to ride steadily at low speed due to the engine pulsing. At low revs the engine sounds a little nervous but keen to go, kind of like when the ignition is advanced too far on some vehicles. Could this mean it's running lean? If I remember rightly I had the screws out one and a half turns.
1118 25/11/2008 09:04:22 FZ750Horse Re: Idle tuning the carbs. For a 2MG at least, idle screws should be 2.5 to 3.5 turns out - about 2.75 seems about right for stock airbox and pipe. The positioning of these screws is a pain -it's near impossible to mess with them with the bike running. Re. carb balance, using a single gauge could only ever give you a ball park setting - every adjustment affects every other setting. I bought a cheap bank of gauges (ぶ0)and had a mate at a mains gas distribution engineering works check the calibration of them - proper balance makes a big difference.
1119 25/11/2008 09:22:44 JoelB Re: Idle tuning the carbs. [quote]about 2.75 seems about right for stock airbox and pipe.[/quote] I have foam filters and Staintune 4-2 pipes. Should I go higher than 2.75? [quote]using a single gauge could only ever give you a ball park setting[/quote] I keep rechecking them till none need changing. The problem for me starts because the gauge I use is a standard manifold vacuum one (car racing style) that goes to 100 or something and I'm trying to read 6-12 odd, but the real problem is that the reading is jumping around too much (mainly pulsing with the engine cycles). Is there an attachment to steady the reading?
1120 25/11/2008 09:52:50 FZ750Horse Re: Idle tuning the carbs. Dynojet recommended 3.5 turns out with their kits - actually I'm not sure how much difference pipe and filters make to idle circuit adjustments - the gasflow differences are likely most significant at full chat when the idle circuit component would be tiny - comments anyone? I've got mine at 3.25 with stacks, foam filters and a rubbish race pipe but TBH, that's a guess based on a previous Dyno run. I guessed that's what you were doing with the gauge. Try putting a clamp on the vacuum hose and constricting it until the gauge needle is just flickering. Constricting the pipe damps the effect of the engine pulses. You can buy dampers but essentially they just do the same thing. Horse
1121 29/11/2008 10:44:50 JoelB Re: Idle tuning the carbs. I have it idling reliably now. The main issue was the pilot screws, even though they were out by the same amount (I replaced the o-ring). It was much easier to synch the carbs. It's lost its burble at around 4k but performance is better, in fact performance is improved to beyond 5k. It's been a few days now and I already think the carbs are less in synch than the day I did them so I guess I'll be doing it again in a couple of months.
1122 07/12/2008 11:04:10 martynfzr trying to find out exactly which model picked up the project bike just trying to work out exactly what model it is the frame number is JYA1LJ001GA000123 and the engine number is 1FN000162 cheers martyn :-)
1123 07/12/2008 12:04:23 JoelB Re: trying to find out exactly which model Try this [url=][/url]
1124 22/12/2008 00:46:12 bmart 86 FZ questions Howdy all! I was glad to find your site. I have just purchased an 86 FZ750 and am getting it cleaned up and running again. Many of the posts on the list seem to be about modifiying the old FZ with newer parts off of other bikes. I'm making an effort to keep mine stock (aside from brakes/suspension) and need a little help. Is there a bolt-on 4-pot caliper for the front? If not, will stainless lines make a sufficient improvement in stopping power and feel? Are aftermarket rebuild kits for the front brake and clutch hydraulic system sufficient, or is there a Yamaha one that is better? (Mine look like lemon Jell-O inside!) I have not been able to find compression information on the Internet. What should each cylinder measure (hot or cold?) If I do not add air to the front forks, but upgrade the fork springs (to straight rate) and oil, do I need to do anything else? Is there a good chart of correct front springs for my weight? I see that Works rear shocks are still available. Are there others? From your posts and my experience, BT-45s seem the way to go. Anything else I should know? Mine will be running tomorrow for the first time in years! brad
1125 23/12/2008 19:34:30 FZ750Horse Re: 86 FZ questions Welcome aboard. AFAIK there is no simple bolt on 4 pot caliper for the 16" wheel front end. For what it's worth I've always found the stopping power of the stock brakes with braided hoses quite adequate for the road - not much feel, but capable of locking the wheel if you squeeze hard enough (the same set up was used on the original V-Max!). I've rebuilt several calipers using Yamaha seals and recommend putting some ACF50 in the grooves when you replace them, otherwise the alloy will corrode and swell up at the first sign of road salt, making the brakes bind. Make sure you get the right length springs - the air assisted forks had springs about 4" shorter than the later bikes and the bottom end of the coil was closed up to fit the variable damper mechanism. I've never had any problems with the BT45s - I like them, they last forever :-D . Keep an eye on the chain tension - too tight and the OP sprocket bearing will fail, requiring a complete engine strip to replace it. Good luck, Horse
1126 29/12/2008 21:06:28 ganepeil Re: 86 FZ questions B, Welcome, What Horse said. comp. new was @ 160psi, w/ min 145. over 165 indicates carbon build-up, and variances of more than 10% between cyls suspect. G
1127 05/01/2009 22:01:22 AndyHRC Superstock race series (UK) Hi guys. Just signed up to post this request: How come the Superstock series doesn't get more airtime on this site? Anyone seriously into FZ's would be blown away by it. I've been a few times, and seen 10-20 FZ's in the paddock as part of a travelling fan club. Are any of these guys members of this site? I'm unable to follow the series now, as I live in France, and as a result, I've lost touch with Steve Spencer, who runs the Superstock class, as well as being a supporter of all the competitors, whether FZ or other marques. Several years ago we discussed shortening a stock swingarm to replicate the bike Lawson used at Daytona. However, it took 6 years to find a 5.50 x 18" three-spoke Marvic. Now I'm back on track, I've heard that Steve doesn't compete any more, but runs a workshop/tuning business. Does anyone know where I can find him? For the record, my FZ has a T.Scott blueprinted FZR1000 motor with Yoshi cams, deep-sump, kit alternator and oil-cooler, Keihin flatslides and kit CDI. The chassis is a replica of Eddie's with a double-depth main frame spar. Exhaust is mild-steel Eagle headers with early eighties Harris endurance can from a Magnum II CB1100R. It runs on the road with AMA number boards carrying #4. It's too loud for track days........ Please help! Thanks, Andy.
1128 06/01/2009 02:04:33 FZ750Horse Re: Superstock race series (UK) Andy, I think Superstocks died off - the action in the UK for anyone wanting to race FZs is currently at Thunderbikes. Check out and Steve Spencer can probably be contacted through if that fails PM me and I'll give you his e-mail address. Sadly, Steve doesn't seem to be talking to me at the moment, probably due to some problems with an exhaust system he was designing which I foolishly got involved in, but he gave me a lot of help in the past. Re. swingarm check I'm hoping to celebrate my 50th with at least one round in Thunderbikes next year - see you there? Horse
1129 06/01/2009 03:07:48 85fz7505v 85 fz750 parts, where to find? It seems like the only places to find parts nowadays is through ebay or some other used parts. It's such a pain to search for parts for our bikes, have you guys found any website or shop that specifically deals with old yamahas? I know this one shop around my area sells brand new parts for 50 year old suzukis and newer. Wondering if you guys have found anything for yamaha?
1130 06/01/2009 19:24:12 FZ750Horse Re: 85 fz750 parts, where to find? You don't say where you're located, but in the UK there aren't many FZ parts that I've tried to obtain which weren't still available from Yamaha. If you get one of the parts book CDs off eBay and go to a main dealer with the part numbers they can look them up very quickly. I think a lot of dealers probably can't be a***d to look up part numbers on a 20 year old microfiche so unless you go to them with the numbers they'll just blank you. In SE England, HMC (Haslemere Motorcycles until they moved to Whitehill)have always been very helpful, especially Dave Hook. Good luck, Horse
1131 17/01/2009 20:45:45 bmart FS: 1986 Yamaha FZ750 86 FZ 750 ***CLASSIC*** Charlotte NC *Beautiful body and running condition. LOW ~11k miles. *Completely stock except for the Kerker Exhaust System. *Includes original owner痴 manual and tool kit. At 11,332 miles (January 2009): -Carbs were cleaned and synchronized -New Dunlop GT501 tires in stock sizes were installed and balanced -Clutch master cylinder and slave were rebuilt. Clutch system was bled. -Brake systems were bled -Wheel bearings were checked and greased along with axles -Air filter was checked and cleaned -New battery was properly charged and installed -Chain/sprockets were cleaned and adjusted -Kerker System-K muffler was repacked -New NGK DB8EA9 plugs were gapped to .8mm and installed -Castrol GTX 10w/40 oil and Yamaha filter were installed Cleaned, polished, and waxed twice! This beauty is ready to roll! All components tested and working except for the tach, which refuses to register engine speed. There is a small engine 田over-only・repair behind the rear brake lever The previous owner left a clutch slave leaking so there is very slight cosmetic damage to the frame paint near the kickstand and there is a small section of the lower cowling broken off. Also comes with a service manual on CD. Please ask for detailed pics. You won稚 be disappointed! Overall, this is a superb and very clean motorcycle. Asking $2399/bo
1132 09/02/2009 02:12:04 bmart FZ750 SOLD! This bike was sold today. Thanks for looking!
1133 10/02/2009 20:06:44 duggo Re: FS: 1986 Yamaha FZ750 86 FZ 750 ***CLASSIC*** Charlotte NC Thanks Brad! Im loving the bike.
1134 13/02/2010 00:50:33 scarabrun Re: FS: 1986 Yamaha FZ750 86 FZ 750 ***CLASSIC*** Charlotte NC man i want to buy that exhaust if you want to sell it
1135 13/02/2010 01:01:05 Graham Re: FS: 1986 Yamaha FZ750 86 FZ 750 ***CLASSIC*** Charlotte NC I wanna see some pictures ! :-D
1136 18/01/2009 16:37:43 trevor New member, need parts Hi all, new to the group. It seems that there are few of us out there. Just bought an 86 that is in nice original condition. It needs just a couple of things. Anyone have a 2 up Corbin seat or other aftermarket make? The rear fender cover (really tail light cover) P/N 1AE-21651-00-AJ is missing. Also needs FZ decal on fairing lowers. Who makes the best replica decals? The only other problem is now I have to part with my 89 FJ1200. To bad, such a beautiful bike, maybe I will keep it, you know, hide it from my girl ............. Thanks, Trevor
1137 18/01/2009 16:39:53 trevor Re: New member, need parts Oh, I am in Washington state, USA by the way. Trevor
1138 19/01/2009 16:15:35 ganepeil Re: New member, need parts Trevor, Welcome. Check for FZ puresport stickers. They are Identical to OE Except, lack the "Scotchbrite" shine in background. I have a new, center cover 1AE-21651-00-AJ, $20.00 + shipping. Email me if intrested. Luck G
1139 19/01/2009 21:49:55 trevor Re: New member, need parts Thanks for the info, and yes I want the cover. email me at and we can work out the details. Thanks, Trevor
1140 19/03/2009 15:29:35 FZ750Dude Re: New member, need parts Out of curiosity, how much would you be asking for your FJ?
1141 20/01/2009 19:02:38 fatbiker clutch master cylinda can any one help by giving me some information on where i can get a clutch master cylinda for my d reg fz750 i live in leicester and no joy up to now :-(
1142 20/01/2009 23:59:11 JoelB Re: clutch master cylinda There are examples of using one from a different bike, if that is acceptable to this site for some. Try [url=][/url] for another.
1143 30/01/2009 20:01:02 pat180269 Front End Mods Hi all, just registered I've just acquired an '89 Fz750 in great condition with just 24K miles from new ! Would appreciate any thoughts/advice on front end upgrades. My bike is a 2FN, one of the last with 18" rear wheel and 16" front + crappy 2 pot calipers. I want to fit a 17" front wheel for better tyre choice and I can't live with the numb brakes. Any ideas? I have heard that an R6 front end / R1 blue spot calipers will fit straight in ,if so, has anyone any experience / other ideas / details of how easy / difficult this is ? I have access to a lathe and milling machine. Also regarding wider rear tyres. How does this affect handling ? Cheers.
1144 30/01/2009 23:57:34 FZ750Horse Re: Front End Mods There has been a lot of discussion of this in the past - look at old posts under the suspension heading. Basically, you can put a whole R6/R1/Mille/anything front end on but you need to make hybrid yokes with the FZ stem and donor triple trees. I've used a 5EB R6 front on mine - the FZ stem needs to be metal sprayed/hard chromed and machined to fit the R6 triple trees (FZ stem is fractionally smaller than the R6 one). Horse
1145 05/02/2009 14:27:45 trooper19 Re: Front End Mods I am running standard 16" front fitted with early R1 disc's (they fit straight on to the FZ 16" wheel) and Nissin calipers on home made adaptor plates, as for the forks have fitted Hagon springs and rear shock and it handles and stops just fine. could email you a copy of the adaptor plates if required
1146 08/02/2009 20:21:07 dave1000 Re: Front End Mods Hi there could you send me a copy of your brake brackets. Thanks
1147 22/02/2009 09:05:47 trooper19 Re: Front End Mods Hi sorry but can't find you email address on the site mines on here so mail me and I will reply with the pattern and some photos cheers
1148 05/02/2009 19:59:02 trevor Hi all, fairing lowers Does anyone out there have stock 86 fairing lowers in good condition? Perhaps you have them left over from when you put on a full fairing? And, of course, there is the ever elusive stock belly pan. Has anyone tried the Airtech panels? Any thoughts on the Pirelli sport demons? I am in Bellingham, WA Trevor
1149 06/02/2009 00:54:32 billllz 86 fz750 (brakes) hey all, i just picked up a very low k 86 fz and in the process of giving it a minor restoration. my question is... is it normal that when i apply the front brake that one side of the piston inside the caliper move more than the other? seems the the side where the bleeder screw is on does most of the action and the same goes for the other caliper on the right. funny thing is the rear caliper has two bleeder screws (one on both sides of the caliper) where i find both the pistons move in unison. is this just a coincidence? any help would be much appreciated. anyone hear of r6 calipers from the 99-02 era basically bolting right up to the stock fz front end and stock rotors? thanks in advance to anyone with any input on these matters, thanks, bill. cheers!
1150 06/02/2009 01:23:28 JoelB Re: 86 fz750 (brakes) I remember thinking that last time I bled them (a couple of months ago after a master cylinder rebuild). I got all the air out I could, then I was distracted for a while and when I came back I tried again and removed more air. I can only guess that it had worked over from the other side. Turning the wheel didn't release any more air. The brakes are fine now.
1151 07/02/2009 01:33:01 billllz Re: 86 fz750 (brakes) thanks joel!
1152 11/02/2009 22:30:10 crash29 crankcase Hi, got a 85 fz750 and i need to split the case do i have to rip the top end of the motor apart to do this? thank you
1153 12/02/2009 01:59:04 ganepeil Re: crankcase Crash, Yes. There is one bolt securing cases together which requires cyl removal to access.G
1154 12/02/2009 05:15:44 FZ750Dude FZ750 Wheelie set-up Ok boys, here it is. Now this is just a rumor to me so far. I was texting a guy earlier who said his 86 fz750 could ride a wheelie up to 90mph, but he might of just been full of it. He said he had a pipe, four single pod filters, jetted it up one stage, down two teeth in the front, and up four teeth in the rear. I havent tried it yet but I have a pipe, filters, jets are on order, down one tooth up front and i am going to order the rear soon. If anyone else has tried anything similar tothis, please post
1155 14/02/2009 21:59:49 billllz front forks hey all, i have an 86 fz and really wanna keep the 100% stock look!! any suggestions out there for updating the fork internals? ie, springs, fork oil etc. i dont wanna go over board with the cost but if i could get a more modern feel from them for round 300 bucks id be very happy. im 225 lbs and i believe the bike weighs round 525. any help would be much apreciated, thanks. bill.
1156 15/02/2009 01:08:37 ganepeil Re: front forks Bill, I would, order new bushings, seals & wipers and a qt of 15w fork oil. replace bushings & seals, add @ 25cc's to fork oil (I believe your's used 425cc of 10 w stock) and add @ 1" of pre-load via spacer at top. (PVC Pipe works nicely & is easy to cut) running heavier oil will slow compression and rebound. pre-loading springs will reduce sag and in effect stiffen front bushings will reduce stiction and prolong seal life. while there, chec/adjust stem bearings. None of this will afford you "a more modern" front end, But it will return it to nearly new stock performance and a better fit for a man of your' stature. rough quess 2 bills. hope this helps, G
1157 15/02/2009 22:58:50 billllz Re: front forks hey G, the advise it MUCH apreciated! i will do just that. thanks. bill
1158 19/02/2009 18:40:00 gaz69 My FZ750 Hi All Thought I'd post my FZ, It was originally a 1988 FZ750 but now has the running gear from a 2000 R6, so thats forks wheels brakes etc. The standard rear swinging arm was modified to accept the R6 rear wheel and an underslung twin piston caliper of a Gilera Scooter! then shortened by 35-40mm, this work was carried out by FZ Guru Steve Spencer. With the new Hagon shock which is 15mm longer, this now gives it the same chassis dimensions as the 2000 R6, so should hopefully handle. The exhaust was a Micron Stainless Steel System but Graham at Mercury Exhausts removed the baffle in the link pipe, created a new link pipe and added a new can. Just need to sort out bodywork so either it will stay standard colours Or like the idea of this one! Just need to find some earlier bodywork if any one has any ??? Let me know what you think, or if anyone in the UK has early FZ panels they'd like to sell Cheers Gaz
1159 19/02/2009 19:38:21 FZ750Horse Re: My FZ750 Snap! :-D Horse
1160 20/02/2009 01:32:17 ganepeil Re: My FZ750 Gavin,Welome. Looks SWEET !! G
1161 20/02/2009 02:42:17 JoelB Re: My FZ750 Hi Gaz, The bike looks great. Question... I've always preferred the FZs handling over the R6 for street and casual riding. You've got the FZ steering angle and the R6 wheelbase, so which does the bike handle more like, an FZ or an R6?
1162 20/02/2009 11:07:07 gaz69 Re: My FZ750 Hi Joel More like an R6 due to the wheelbase and the fact that i have a longer rear shock which has quickened the steering quite a bit.
1163 24/03/2009 22:18:26 buzz87 Re: My FZ750 If you are looking for body panels, why not go new? You get to drill your own holes, so can tweak a bit if need be...
1164 21/02/2009 23:44:58 rwar10 paint formulas Does anybody know the paint formulas for the red on white 1985 fz 750...any help with this is greatly appreciated.
1165 25/02/2009 03:18:04 ganepeil Re: paint formulas Rwar10, Paint names are, Yamaha silky white, stormy red, and atlantic blue metalic Try and use their color wizard.luck G
1166 27/02/2009 14:17:46 PeterL Origin of bike. Hi, I bought a FZ750 which has Japanese writing on the brake master cylinder and a speedo which only reads to 180kph and a light on the tacho marked speed which comes on at 90kph,I know its an import, states 2003 on comp plate its arrival in Australia and has been retuned I have changed the speedo to 240kph since, it also had normal flat handlebars and top fork yoke, no clip-ons. Can anyone add any further info about this model? Just interested in its history, Thanks, GWPete.
1167 10/03/2009 18:31:09 chr1smasta Re: Origin of bike. hi, i own a 89 uk spec bike and its got japanese writing on the master cylinder covers...think thats just a standard model thing from yamaha the light/clocks and bars all sound like custom work to me. most of these motors are knocking on 20yrs old now. so its just a matter of time till someone wants to modify one? im not a FZ master like most on here but im not aware of any model's with those things on as standard? cheers chris
1168 14/03/2009 06:02:59 PeterL Re: Origin of bike. Hi, Thanks chr1smasta up to now I have found its a Japanese model imported into Australia and "retuned" in 2003 to normal power as the Japanese models only had 77HP, explains the only 180kph speedometer, have problem with clutch master cylinder not same as brake and no-one seems to have seen one the same, dont know what I,ll do when the time comes to put new internals.Thanks, GWPete.
1169 02/03/2009 18:15:14 antz258 Fz750 D reg for sale hi bike has no tax or mot needs some tidying up and also needs a clutch slave cylinder will make a great bike with a little time and effort new project forces sale looking for around ふ00 call me on 07892399849 the bike is in Leicester near j21 of the m1 if you would like pictures i will email them to you just pm me your email address cheers anthony :-D
1170 08/06/2009 18:31:59 Graham Re: Fz750 D reg for sale Hello Anthony, sent you a message just now. :-D
1171 26/03/2009 05:06:38 justinb 1985 --750 / 1989 -- FZR1000 ENGINE swap. is it possible? You guys would know this -- Can you put a EXUP-engine in a 1985 FZ750 frame? you know - 89 and up... And, if u have any pictures of a 750/1000 swap, I would love to see them. Thank you. :-D
1172 28/03/2009 01:37:27 ganepeil Re: 1985 --750 / 1989 -- FZR1000 ENGINE swap. is it possible? Justin, 87 &88 (pre exup) 1000 engines drop in. Exup motors used "spar" frames, and had motor mounts at headstays. It can be done, and has, but requires substancial fabrication. G
1173 28/03/2009 18:46:00 martynfzr fz750 project okay then the wife has bought me a fz project but it hasnt got a v5 and no reg plate thats not the real problem the problem is that a previous owner has lobbed of a load of the brackets so im thunking of trying to find another frame anyone got one cheers martyn
1174 29/03/2009 12:12:32 PeterL Re: fz750 project Dont know if this helps a group called ART AND MOTORCYCLES. COM have a "88 frame for sale $49.99 plus some other good FZ items, hope this helps, PeterL.
1175 29/03/2009 18:35:48 martynfzr Re: fz750 project thanks for that but im in the uk cheers martyn
1176 29/03/2009 22:23:28 PeterL Re: fz750 project There are three available on Ebay all in England Item No's 170282534933, 370180333610, 200316625802 or type in "yamaha fz750 frame" under all catergories that'll find you 2 off them, the third you have to type in the same but write fz 750 as two words, which gets you the other one, if this doesnt help I give up! PeterL.
1177 29/03/2009 12:52:36 plazmatic FZ750 for sale HI all I have an FZ750 for sale - Black on a C reg 1985 It's got the 4 pot brakes, new tyres, fairing lowers and a spare non-running engine. Bad bits.. A bit neglected but still in OK condition for year (bought it for a project but decided to start my long awaited VMax project instead) and needs a new battery. Thought I'd offer it to the community first before selling/breaking it.. Looking for offers.. Any questions etc contact me on Ps, no tax or MOT. Oops forgot to mention I'm based in Notts, UK
1178 29/03/2009 18:38:05 martynfzr Re: FZ750 for sale any idea of a price cheers martyn
1179 29/03/2009 23:16:46 plazmatic Re: FZ750 for sale Open to offers really, not sure on how much it's worth as is, or how much they go for now. Cheers
1180 30/03/2009 13:04:01 tom86fz750 86FZ750 water pump /oil leakage repair After discovering milky oil, I found a worn out impeller shaft seal part. After installing the parts I thought I needed, there was one un numbered part left over that had been included with my impeller parts order. After complete coolant and oil replacement was done, I noticed a leakage from my water pump beginning to drip.It now appears that this unmarked part left out during reassembly was to be installed within the inner pump assembly between the bearing and the new gasket/spring part. Have any of you guys done this repair ? Please feel free to ask me further questions if you can assist me. Thanks Tom86fz750
1181 02/04/2009 03:04:18 ganepeil Re: 86FZ750 water pump /oil leakage repair Tom, I've done 2 or 3. being pretty much self contained the waterpump unless damaged can only leak at the housing o-ring, mechanical seal, impeller oil seal/shaft, or nose o-ring. either housing oring leak or mechanical seal will drip coolant. a leaking oil seal or nose oring will drip oil. the mechanical seal is of 3 parts, the white ceramic portion and its boot which reside whithin the impeller cavity, and the spring faced seal which is pressed into the inner wp housing.from outside in, impeller, rubber boot&ceramic, spring seal, oil seal, (cavity facing eng oil) bearing and retaining c circlip. the boot locating the ceramic of mech seal needs a bit of yamabond 4 (grey) on its outside, mating surface of mech seal clean & dry. external leaks will be obvious when fixed, It often requires 2-3 oil changes to get rid of milky oil. hope this helps. G
1182 03/04/2009 09:48:13 tom86fz750 Re: 86FZ750 water pump /oil leakage repair Yo ganepeil. Thanks so much for your detailed reply. It appears that your answer to my repair is exactly what I was hoping for. After reviewing my parts invoice, somehow I was blessed with an un-labeled, un-ordered OEM part that was left out during my reassembly of water pump. So if I may trouble you for the proper reassembly of my wp impeller leakage, please correct me in the proper insertion of this oil seal. Referencing the 1986 FZ750 parts fiche; water pump section. It appears that I this leftover part (part #3) needs to reside in the inner wp housing beneath the bearing? Then the 努hite~hard・surface side of the oil seal facing towards the next to be installed bearing (#2 part on the fiche file). Also you mention using yamalube 4 during reassembly. Although with the help of a MMI graduate, I recently assisted him in the tear down/reassembly of my FZ 6 months ago to repair my sticky transmission. I honestly do not know what type of product yamalube 4 is to be used for.I apologize for asking you these specific details but I am hoping to breathe life into my FZ once again. I must compliment you on your long list of sincere thread replies that you have responded to. I have spent many hours scoring through your past replies in seek of tech help for my aging FZ. I truly appreciate your aid in my recent repair confusion. Even though I am the original owner, I have yet to get my hands on an in-depth shop manual, got any tips for me? I noticed your screen name is listed as Boulder, Colo. If correct, I知 wondering if I might know you since I hail from Colo. And graduated from CSU. Bladdy blah blah. I appreciate your help . Tom
1183 04/04/2009 01:25:56 ganepeil Re: 86FZ750 water pump /oil leakage repair Tom, will try to be consise. The impeller has 2 sealing functions. 1st the coolant seal (mechanical) which has 3 parts. 1st a rubber cup which locates the white ceramic portion of seal (2)in the vaned end of the impeller at shaft. the outer lip of this cup gets a bit of sealant.(yamabond 4, GM non-hardening sealant,Honda bond 4 whatever, the grey sealant used for sealing case halves.) inside this rubber and in turn inside the vaned end of impeller lives the white ceramic portion of mechanical seal. the springed section of mech. seal seals first at ceramic, and 2nd via press fit to inner half of waterpump housing. the 2nd sealing function keeps engine oil out of waterpump and resides between the carrior bearing and mechanical seal (cavity/spring facing eng.) the inner waterpump housing is stepped to allow bearing & seal placement. circlip locates impeller shaft. Removing the bearing and oil seal from housing without disturbing mechanial seal is sometimes delicate work but can be done. hope this helps G
1184 10/04/2009 10:20:26 tom86fz750 Re: 86FZ750 water pump /oil leakage repair Ganepeil, thank you very much for your detailed reply. As soon as I get a chance to re repair my still leaking water pump housing (as it has for the past week or so),I'll send you an update after I git her back on the road. Thanks a heap for your install tips. Tom >> [ lieu of using yamabond 4, could I use either the red or black high temp rtv silicone gasket maker by Permatex?]
1185 04/04/2009 18:18:32 Rocks Speedo Drive wanted 1991 FZ750 Hello guys, I'm in need of a speedo drive for my FZ750 1991 model, I was informed there are differences from the early models, so one from from a late model would be better. I'm not sure if there is any other marks of yam speedo drives that may fit but I'm sure one of you may know. Thanks in advance for any reply Daz
1186 07/04/2009 09:25:40 jezndi 1987 FZ750 For Sale Hi I am emmigrating, and can't take my FZ with me. It's tatty having been dropped both sides but the engine and cycle parts are sound. It had an MOT when I last rode it. It's been stored in the garage for the last 9 years, and after cleaning out a considerable amount of crap from the carbs and fresh petrol, it still insists on running on 2+4 only - which means it's likely not an ignition fault. It was still pulling 140 when I garaged it, so nothing wrong with the motor (32K miles) I'm open to realistic offers. I'm in Sussex, UK.
1187 11/04/2009 03:09:35 billysbike lots of parts for sale hello, parted out 3 fz750's recently, all 85's, not much bodywork but ton's of engine parts, and everything else, help me clear out my shop a bit, email me with what your looking for, prices will be cheap, I can ship anywhere in canada, along with the us, international is very expensive,
1188 11/04/2009 03:12:54 billysbike wanted, 86 body work hello, I am looking for any 86 fz750 stock bodywork, in very good condition, I have a 86 project that has only one good fairing panel! trying to make my bike the classic it is!! let me know what you have, thanks, Bill
1189 16/04/2009 20:42:08 nigewi newbie needs help hi all , got a fz750 88 , has had a delta box swing arm and fzr 1000 wheel fitted at some point , had a look today at jacking rear up but cant as bottom of shock is catching the swing arm , so cant lower swing arm enough to fit the jack up arms , any suggestions would be greatly received cheers nigewi
1190 17/04/2009 00:41:14 slydvl float level can anybody tell me what the measurement is for the float level on a 85 fz 750 my other bikes all give me a reading like 14mm from the gasket. i cant find anything for this bike though thanks
1191 17/04/2009 18:11:19 FZ750Horse Re: float level 8.3mm, +/- 1.0mm below the line embossed on the bottom of the float bowl.
1192 18/04/2009 00:28:04 slydvl Re: float level hopefully i'll get to it tomorrow thank you
1193 19/04/2009 00:09:08 slydvl Re: float level YAY bike runs, but there is a fair bit of backfire though the exhaust..whether at idle or when reving have any suggestions? thanks again
1194 19/04/2009 01:24:57 chr1smasta Re: float level you may be overfueling?
1195 19/04/2009 13:54:16 slydvl Re: float level the pilot screws are 3 turns out. maybe i should try 2?
1196 19/04/2009 22:21:05 JoelB Re: float level I would.
1197 20/04/2009 05:36:38 ganepeil Re: float level S, Lots of possibilities for back-fire. low compression,(1 or more cyls) poor plug caps, an erratic pick-up/s, failing cdi, burnt valves, cam timing, vac. leaks, old gas...more... however, the most common, is ... a fuel/air mix too lean to combust in chamber at proper time. this charge is ejected into exhaust un-burned. and when exposed to other HOT exhaust gasses decides to burn. biff, Cdi/ingition probs are few. plug caps more often.Carb probs probly account for 98% of the run-ability issues on these bikes. get familiar, be thorough. check for fuel delivery and vacumn leaks. hope this helps,G
1198 24/04/2009 20:21:30 slydvl Re: float level Yup! Thanks, it does help. These bikes are new to me, I have two of them that I recently bought. I hope to build one good one, but really hope to have them both . the both have long crank times before they start. one set of carbs were freshly rebuilt. i have a fair bit of work ahead of me, but will sort it out sooner or later, thanks to this great forum! thanks and take care i'll be back!
1199 24/04/2009 22:46:13 FZ750Horse Re: float level Good luck with them. These old bikes are ADDICTIVE :-D . Like Ganepeil said, most problems are of the carb. variety but when sorted they're probably the best fueling carb bike ever made and starting is exemplary. Cheers, Horse
1200 03/05/2009 17:52:16 slydvl Re: float level Not only are they addictive, but in my opinion, the fz is a gorgeous bike! I have pulled the carbs apart and noticed that the slides have a hole drilled into them. The original hole. and then, i guess the po drilled a second hole into them. Any ideas why? I simply cannot get either bike to run with these carbs....when I throw in my old grubby carbs, that have not been cleaned adjusted or anything, both bikes run, although not well, but they do run!
1201 04/05/2009 08:42:07 FZ750Horse Re: float level There are normally two holes in the bottom of the slide; one is just a locating hole for the plastic washer on the needle. I think that some Dynojet applications call for the vacuum hole to be drilled to a different size (you can download the instructions from their website) but I've never heard of anyone drilling an extra hole. Strange...
1202 04/05/2009 22:07:01 slydvl Re: float level I have heard about it, but havent really done much research. There is the one hole for the needle. Another hole, not sure what its for, but i have seen it on different carbs. Just basically a vent or something, I guess. And these slides have a third hole drilled into them. Something else that I noticed, not that I know a hell of a lot about bikes, but the jets on the bike or at least the one jet is made out of plastic, instead of brass. Now thats a first for me! I'll check dyno jets web site and see what they have to say thanks
1203 05/05/2009 18:33:15 FZ750Horse Re: float level I wasn't counting the hole that the needle comes through - there should be three including that one. The nylon jets are ok - i've used them before. Cheers, Horse
1204 05/05/2009 22:40:11 slydvl Re: float level now I am confused :( I have 2 fz750s both 1985 the one set of carbs, has3 holes in the slides, including the one with the needle the other set has only 2 holes, including the one for the needle! does anybody know what the stock jet sizes are for this bike? or where i can find a good manual? i have a Clymer manual, but it doesnt tell me anything about stock jetting. I am just trying to find out if there have been any mods to either of these bikes or not. thanks
1205 06/05/2009 18:05:45 FZ750Horse Re: float level I have three sets of carbs. Two are 2mg and the others I had assumed were 1fn (i.e 85/86)- all have a hole for the needle, one to locate the plastic needle holder and one "vacuum hole". It's possible that I was wrong and they're all 2mgs. There are subtle carb differences between the models (different needles and mains)- perhaps the slides are also different. 85/86 mains were 105, I THINK needles were 5CE-6 (maybe non-adjustable 5CE-1 in some markets) - I've got it written down somewhere. 2mgs had different size mains and different needles for the inside and outside cylinders - 105/107.5 from memory. Outside needles had a very blunt end. Hope this helps, Horse
1206 09/05/2009 19:55:31 slydvl Re: float level Thanks for the help Just gotta find some time to dig into them again. take care
1207 19/04/2009 18:18:57 nugget FZ750 Streetfighter - Nearly finished!!!!!!! Hi Guys - hope you welcome those who alter the looks of their beloved FZs I'v never added pictures to forums before - I hope this works Cheers all Nugget [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
1208 21/04/2009 06:49:19 PeterL Re: FZ750 Streetfighter - Nearly finished!!!!!!! Hi, Have you done anything to the motor, PeterL.
1209 21/04/2009 18:56:15 nigewi Re: FZ750 Streetfighter - Nearly finished!!!!!!! that looks great , wanteing to do similar to mine
1210 21/04/2009 02:10:34 rexie pods or airbox? hi all. new to the forum. i have an 85 fz750 which im building as a racebike to run in new era class in nsw. it will be similiar to kevin magees marlboro yamaha team bike he ran in the castrol six hour at bathurst.i have changed front and rear ends for trx850 items giving me great brakes,17inch wheels,and adjustable suspension. i have an fzr1000t race seat and a 4-1 headers with micron can. i have put a set of fzr1000 carbs on as they are bigger and have the 750 jets. havent run yet but will tune and see how it goes. question is i would like to run pods so i dont have to keep removing the airbox to change carb settings,jets , needles etc. has anyone here run pods successfully on the fz? :-)
1211 21/04/2009 19:22:35 FZ750Horse Re: pods or airbox? Hi Rexie, Pods are ok for racing, but you'll need Dyno time - I'm using stacks. See Currently 102.5 bhp at the wheel (Dynapro). I'm not allowed to make too much power in UK Thunderbikes, but I'd be interested to see what you get out of the bigger carbs. Cheers, Horse
1212 22/04/2009 03:07:34 rexie Re: pods or airbox? thanks for the info fz750horse. i thought about stacks. where did you get yours from? :-)
1213 22/04/2009 18:05:48 FZ750Horse Re: pods or airbox? Mine were made by Steve Spencer, who seems to have disappeared - no-one I know has had any contact with him for months. I can give you the dimensions but they'd be useless for the bigger carbs - I know Steve had also made stacks for the 1000 carbs but I'm pretty sure the heights were different :-( Horse
1214 23/04/2009 02:16:42 ganepeil Re: pods or airbox? Rexie, In the day, most pre- Exup Genesis racers retained the stock airbox and it's incumbent velocity stacks. simply because it worked best for a greater range of rpm. The reason why is briefly addressed by Kevin Cameron in his book "Sportbike Performance". In essence the velocity stacks helped negate the "reversion" caused by exhaust sound waves at certain rpms which caused exhaust to try to flow back into cyl head and disrupted flow. (the reason most current sport bikes use exhaust modifying valves) luck G
1215 23/04/2009 10:15:35 rexie Re: pods or airbox? thanks ganepeil. i spent some time last night working out a quicker way to get the airbox on and off but i guess i will just spend the money and get it tuned properly so i dont have to stuff around with it.
1216 23/04/2009 21:41:56 FZ750Horse Re: pods or airbox? Over the last couple of years I've tried loads of different intake/exhaust configurations on my track bike, including Micron, Predator, 1980s Gibson and modified Laser pipework, standard airbox with K&N, FZR1000 airbox (the longer trumpets andweird rubber ring on top of the filter do seem to make a difference!)with K&N, Spencer stacks in the FZR1000 airbox with no filter (to keep the water out - I think IOM TT guys used to do this), stacks with no filters, and stacks with home made foam filters. Ganepeil is right, the airbox definitely smooths things out. While I haven't got dyno figures for every combination I've tried, I feel that my current set up with the Gibson pipe and stacks is overall best. It runs very rich below 4000rpm (probably mainly the pipe, the Micron was even worse) but that's obviously not an issue for racing. I've also got a slight fueling glitch when I drop back into the 8500rpm slot when going up through the gearbox - I think I know why and I've got another set of carbs with slightly smaller mains and Dynojet needles that I think might cure it if I ever get round to trying them. The stacks add a definite top end rush - it's what they're designed for and I think it's worth some minor niggles lower down. The filters are probably costing me a little bit of power but after feeling how much grit was in them after 50 miles running, they're staying! It's been fun experimenting - I've been told that the bigger carbs are only really an advantage on heavily tuned engines but I'll be interested to hear what you find. All the best, Horse
1217 28/04/2009 19:20:04 FZ750Horse Re: pods or airbox? If anyone's interested, I just posted the latest power/fuelling curves here
1218 07/05/2009 10:56:35 mike760 Re: pods or airbox? hi rexie no doubt that the air box is good across the rev range, and pod are good for the upper range, two things to consider in the design, an air box runs with less air turbulence and has longer air duct on center cyclinder and short one on end cyclinder, this allow for better lower and mid range rev, compare to pod where there is air turblence and short air duct, where the pods mount on carb, and duct height is significant lower. similar but better the new air duct in the R1 where they rotate the extension on and off depending on the rev range it in, ie hi rpm it come off and low rpm it come goes back on, this would bring best of both worlds, really it comes to looks i suppose pod's look alot better but better for track, as air box good all rounda and is the ugly ducklin.
1219 21/04/2009 22:54:46 yamshe 86 fz750/700 parts i have a ton of parts for a 86 fz750/700 for sale more then a complete bike worth so if you need ANY THING hit me up
1220 29/04/2009 04:00:27 votumamor Was running perfect, now no spark! This is my first FZ750 (probably not my last). It was running perfectly when I got it, but had some electrical problems. Bought the turn signal relay from somebody on this forum and that fixed everything. Put back all the plastic and it wouldn't spark. SO, I: checked all connections have full voltage up to the Ign coils have full voltage up to the Digital Ignitor (TID14-62/2NK-10) both ignition coils ohm'd out ok ignition switch working properly Right now, my best guess is that the Digital Ignitor isn't working, but I'm not sure...and those things are difficult to find used AND expensive. What am I missing? Suggestions? Possibly bad pick up?
1221 10/05/2009 00:36:14 mike760 Re: Was running perfect, now no spark! Hi if you don't mind which way did you test that it had no spark, a common thing on FZ750 is fouling of plugs and the rubber that suppose to keep the water out, i had bought another fz750 to run around while i build the current one, left in rain and water was in spark plug hole, all i got was ignition in the exhuast pipe sounded like a canon going off. yours issue could be related to plugs or the box like you say, there not had to find or buy they can vary in price though just shop around.
1222 29/04/2009 15:13:40 Got_86FZ New to Forum! Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum but not new to riding.8-) I have recently inherited an 1986 FZ 750. 57k miles and has been stored 4-4 1/2 years. From the outside it looks pretty well taken care of and is only missing a few parts (radiator core assy.:-o ) from what was a lay down(??). So I just want to do the basic check and adjust to get it started and find out where I am at with the bigger picture. My previous ride was an 1983 FS 650 Midnight Special. I can't wait till I get the FZ running as So Cal weather is suited for year-round riding and with the economy I hope to save a lot on gas! I just hope I don't bug you with all the questions I will have. :lol: Cheers, Steve, Fullerton, Ca
1223 29/04/2009 16:29:00 daddyjay Re: New to Forum! Welcome aboard Steve, sure you will enjoy your FZ. Just don't go on about the So Cal weather too much, a lot of us live in England and forget what sun is. :-(
1224 29/04/2009 23:12:26 JoelB Re: New to Forum! That's right. Some of us don't wear our jackets for armour, it's so we don't freeze :-D Welcome Steve.
1225 27/05/2009 03:34:31 1STFZ750 Re: New to Forum! Welcome to the forum! Fuel economy on my FZ was in the upper thirties per gallon back in the day. But then again that was riding pretty easy. :-D
1226 01/05/2009 05:54:46 Milano Another new to the forum, and FZ750 woes... Hi all, I recently have purchased a 1985 Yamaha fz750, blacked out. Thus I've been doing my research and also found these forums! I bought it from a guy who says it was well maintained, he is the second owner buying it a year ago from the original guy who had a collection in some garage. Says he got it serviced and ready to ride this season and sold it (wanted 2k, I got it for 1.5) It had 60,000 clicks and he said it ran great and ready to go. At that price why not? Well I got it, fired it up, ran/idled great. I am still waiting for warmth to show up and also on some gear I ordered so it sat in the parkade for about 1.5 weeks. During this time I would occasionally go down and fire it up, let it idle a bit, and shut it off. Eventually I wouldn't have enough power to start (it never fired up RIGHT away, so I must have drained the battery doing this a few times). So the last few times I fired it up I had to get a boost from the truck because it wouldn't have enough power to start (well, it would try for a lil while then die out). With the booster cables it fired it up almost right away. After unhooked I let it idle for awhile, my RPMS are around 800-1000 (too low?) at idle when engine is warm. After 10 minutes I killed the bike to see if I could start it up again and BAM right away. Let idle for another 5-10 minutes. Kill it, try to fire it up... bam. Third time? It wouldn't start right away and it rolled over once or twice and died... (Not enough power to start? Not enough power in battery?) Fires right up (pretty much) after a boost. Will die after idling awhile (10 mins or so). Is this because I've drained the battery? And it doesn't really charge up while idling? (Like in the last week I've drained the battery more than anything else, and there is only enough juice in there for a start, if I am lucky?) I hope so, because I just bought a new battery. Hope to put it in soon. Also, this guy isn't getting back to me about some questions I had in regards to what was serviced specifically... I am not too concerned yet as the bike runs and sounds good when it is running... I think I might be anticipating riding too much and killed the battery starting it and letting it idle on and off in the last week.
1227 01/05/2009 06:04:37 JoelB Re: Another new to the forum, and FZ750 woes... Hi Milano, For one thing you might find the bike won't start easily unless the battery is reasonably well charged. Even more so when cold. Your mileage may vary. When the battery is on its way out it won't hold a charge for long. I'd wait for the new battery before I started worrying. And yes, there's not much charge happening at idle. For a good charge I like to hold mine above 3k for a while (while riding it of course :-) ) Good luck.
1228 01/05/2009 06:06:54 Milano Re: Another new to the forum, and FZ750 woes... Thanks! Yea it will be sitting for another week to two. I am just hoping nothing goes wrong with it while it sits. (All this time waiting, install new battery, no starty... holding helmet in hand, unimpressed with first day of riding season... when we only have about 3.5 months of it!!!) Heheh..
1229 11/05/2009 22:29:56 matthewlee fz/ fzr speed parts i have a collection of stuff i need to sell unfortunately. for the fz: set of cases, polished crank, carillo rods, weisco pistons, ported head w/ rd valve springs and megacycle stg 2 cams and slotted cam gears, 37mm keihin flatslide carbs, kerker 4-2-1 header, total loss generator cover and starter plug, back cut close ratio 6spd trans w/ clutch. spare stock heads. fzr1000: 2 cases, crank, carillo rods, cosworth 1029 pistons, weisco 1029 pistons, 2 1029 cyl., ported head, another head w/ exh valve for center intake and 1mm over exhaust valve, 39mm flat slides, stainless 4-2-1 supertrapp header, back cut closeratio 6spd, falicon clutch basket, deep sump oil pan w/ oil cooler. i have a ton of kit literature and some cool tools for fzrs. and a bunch of odds and ends. i have an add on the wera 13x forum also. there is a picture of my bike on there. if there is any interest for this stuff feel free to shoot me an offer. please no low ballers. i am reasonable and in a bind for cash though. i package deal for everything would be email is thanks matt
1230 13/05/2009 18:39:05 yzergod Noob with a carb swap question... Cheers to all my fellow FZ owners/lovers! I have a '85 FZ750N that I [u][i]purchased new[/i][/u] from the dealer in 85. I have had it stored for the past 8 years and have just pulled it out to restore it and get it running again. Since it will probably be easier to swap out the carbs rather than take them apart and clean them, I was wondering if there would be any benifit to putting a set of FZR1000 carbs on there instead. I could not find any previous posts on this. I am also in search of a new windshield. It appears that Lockhart Phillips has discontinued them a few years back and a call to their company revealed that there is no more to be had. So, anybody have a lead on one, I'd appreciate it! My FZ is 100% stock and has the racing seat back. It has 15,500 miles on it. The finish on the engine is wearing off and the left upper fairing is starred from a mechanic over-tightening the bolts at Vance & Hines. The racing seat back is also cracked/broken at the bolt holes so I will need to fix that as well. Plans are for a new chain, tires, battery, fluids, plugs, and to get it back to as new a possible. So, hopefully I'll get it running before too long. I also have the manual and the 4 page color sales brochure and somewhere I might still have the factory advertising poster with Eddie Lawson that I got the salesman to throw in. :-D I'll see about getting a picture up soon.
1231 17/05/2009 18:59:29 Milano How much oil?... and more Have a 85 FZ750. I replaced the oil filter and O-ring. My manual says to add the amount specified by my manufacturer. (I thought the amount would be in the manual but it is a third party one I guess). Any ideas on how much to add? And how do I check oil levels? There is no dipstick under the cap. Also, should the oil filter cover BOLT have a seal or something to go between it and the housing? Because there wasn't one there when I changed the filter, and it was so full of grime. I do have a leak and hoping this is where it is coming from, because it is all caked around the oil filter cover.
1232 18/05/2009 01:09:38 PeterL Re: How much oil?... and more After replacement of oil filter my book states 3000cc (3.1qt) of oil to be added, engine oil level is checked through the inspection window located at the bottom of the clutch cover. There is a O ring on the oil filter bolt for the oil filter cover. Go to and after signing in you you will find full blowups of all parts for the 1985 FZ750 and others, very handy. PeterL. :-D
1233 18/05/2009 01:10:14 PeterL Re: How much oil?... and more After replacement of oil filter my book states 3000cc (3.1qt) of oil to be added, engine oil level is checked through the inspection window located at the bottom of the clutch cover. There is a O ring on the oil filter bolt for the oil filter cover. Go to and after signing in you you will find full blowups of all parts for the 1985 FZ750 and others, very handy. PeterL. :-D
1234 18/05/2009 16:21:45 fz-andy My FZ 750 Streetfighter on ebay! For anyone who is interested, my bike is now on ebay!! (follow link below) Cheers Andy
1235 23/05/2009 13:54:00 zoltan1967 fz750 not firing up - help needed Hi all. New here, but been around on the exup forums also and need some help gettng a mate's road spec fz750 firing up. Had it running on the track fine, brought it home, parked it, now it cranks but won't fire up. Used aerostart, petrol down carbs, nothing. getting spark on all 4, but 1-4 seems weak, but changing to a good coil has not fired her up yet. it's not the wiring or the signal, as plugging the other coil into this plug results in a good spark. yet using a known good coil from my yzf750r still won't fire her up. So now I am confused. OK, so this is where I am at: drained fuel from both tank and carbs, not the problem. hotwired fuelpump to bypass known faulty pump relay, fills carbies just fine, stops pumping by itself as required when carbs full. TICK disconnected fuel level sensor from loom connection as some wires broke due to being brittle and we don't need to know when fuel is low at the track. put new plugs in, still no fire. cleaned carbs, now all clean, still no fire. clean all lead caps. i have good suction at carbs on each mouth, short of having a compression gauge on it which I don't have for these, it sounds good and even. checked coils: coils measure same resistance. but spark from lead caps at #1 and #4, outside engine appear significantly weaker than spark from lead ends #2 and #3. replaced plug caps. no change. so i figured coil must be faulty despite equal resistance. all this testing done by screwing in a small long bolt instead of plug into cap and seeing spark outside engine, watching colour, strength etc, how far it jumps (#s2&3 jump over 10mm, but #s1&4 5mm have a weaker thin spark. so I plugged other coil over to this coils' wiring plug, with other connection left disconnected, with still weak spark suggesting coil is rs. Replaced coil with one from my yzf750, still same result despite knowing that this yzf coil works fine in service. so confused now. all coils measure fine, it's all weird. bike still won't fire up, despite some spark from all cylinder leads, so i figure the iginition box might be sensetive to having fuel pump and/or tank fuel level sensor disconnectedand might be causing a problem and I have the following questions: could someone with a going roadie type fz750 please: disconnect fuel pump wireplug and see if it still fires up - i know it won't run for long, but just see if it still fires? disconnect the triple plug going to the bottom of the tank to the fuel level sensor, and see if it still fires? disconnect the fuel pump relay from the loom ans see if it still fires up? thanks inadvance...
1236 23/05/2009 23:50:16 ganepeil Re: fz750 not firing up - help needed Z,Sounds like you've covered most of the usual culprets, I'd pop the valve cover and check clearances and cam timing. luck G
1237 24/05/2009 10:09:06 FZ750Horse Re: fz750 not firing up - help needed For what it's worth, an FZ will start and can be nursed to run on two cylinders if everything else is ok so if it's not even trying, the fault is probably not with the sparks. That said, you mentioned that it's getting a bit wire-sick which is a common fault. I once had a problem with the wiring going to the kill switch causing an intermittent loss of sparks - it took me weeks to track it down . :-(
1238 31/05/2009 10:33:10 zoltan1967 Re: fz750 not firing up - help needed damn it, no compression on #1 and low on others. darnnnnn
1239 31/05/2009 23:49:22 ganepeil Re: fz750 not firing up - help needed Z, Sorry.. But offer this, Years ago I worked on a fz700 which had been babied, and then sat. The problem turned out to be the carbon in head had broken loose and chunks were holding valves open. Again, rec, checking cam timing and clearances. if cam timing is correct, there is a chance this is your' situation. luck G
1240 05/09/2009 11:21:29 zoltan1967 Re: fz750 not firing up - help needed Does this mean that the light is off even when the engine is not running?
1241 25/05/2009 11:17:30 trueblue2 new bike, new member Hi there fellow motorcyclists i have purchased a FZ750 that some of you may know because it belonged to the fzpilot. Have ridden with Ben for a number of years so was stoked to see his old bike for sale. Just one thing i put led indicators on it all round & they just strobe, went to a couple of bike shops and fitted inline resistors on advice but same result. Anyone had this problem? any ideas?
1242 25/05/2009 12:10:24 JoelB Re: new bike, new member If you want the new bulbs to appear electrically like old bulbs then you should be increasing the current that the flasher unit sees (I'm assuming this is the issue). To do that you need to put a resistor across the bulb not in line with it.
1243 26/05/2009 12:12:50 trueblue2 Re: new bike, new member Hi Joel, thanks for taking the time to input your thoughts. The resistors that are wired inline are supposed to make the new 2 watt LED lights appear to be like the old ones(13w,i think) at the flasher unit. I got a battery for my multi meter today so will look further into it. I was really hoping that someone else out there may have updated their indicators & could give me a quick fix
1244 26/05/2009 13:43:14 JoelB Re: new bike, new member Sorry, I haven't done it but I've read about others changing their flasher can. Here's a link, for example [url=][/url]
1245 08/06/2009 00:40:13 trueblue2 Re: new bike, new member Thanks for your input Joel bloody good of ya, problem is sorted. Had to use two sets of resistors per indicator. Now to get her legally on the road.
1246 01/06/2009 22:31:06 crash29 my Fz she still needs some work but it can wait until winter, I might repaint the fairing and wheels right now i'm just enjoying riding her.[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Stan\My Documents\My Pictures\2009_05_31[/img]
1247 01/06/2009 22:34:37 crash29 Re: my Fz that didn't work very well! how do u post a picture?
1248 10/06/2009 20:40:30 Graham Re: my Fz Hello, Look forward to pictures of your bike. I use to host all my pictures. If you register on there the rest should become clear regards copy & pasting the [IMG] url of your uploaded pictures. Good luck, I will know if it works when i see pics of your ride. 8-)
1249 13/06/2009 15:22:25 crash29 Re: my Fz thank you Graham. here it is, by no means mint but much better than the $200 bike it started out as.
1250 15/06/2009 20:36:57 Graham Re: my Fz Looks superb from that picture. Did it cost you much to get it looking like that ? I ask as I'm due to view one this week for ふ00 which, on the surface looks almost roadworthy. Hoping to have it on the road for less than へ00 all in. This is my TRX, hope you like it.
1251 16/06/2009 22:39:57 crash29 Re: my Fz Your bike looks great. I picked up a parts bike which i used the engine out of and this past winter i replaced most of the bearings in the bottom end. repainted the engine, frame and repaired my fairing. so far i got about $1000 cdn in it.
1252 17/06/2009 07:38:25 Graham Re: my Fz $1000 ! Ouch. I knew you would say something like that.. . I was hoping you wouldn't, but knew you would. :lol: Hoping to view/buy my 1st FZ tomorrow if I can get the time off work. :-D
1253 07/06/2009 20:49:49 chezzy looking to buy an FZ I am a newish rider and am looking for a new street bike. I am in college so money is tight and I really like the looks, sound, performance and relative comfort of the FZ750. I found one on craigslist(ill post the link and you all can have a looksy and tell me what you think) it looks nice and the guy has a bunch of spare parts(fairings, gear, etc). what are some notorious problems with the FZ especially on an older bike i want to know what im looking for when i am shopping, and what i am getting myself into if i buy an fz. are parts easy to find? can i get a shop to work on things like the engine and carbs? I just want to find a reliable sporty bike that i can ride for longer than 20 mins without feeling overly achy. -thank you, chezzy
1254 08/06/2009 02:12:47 ganepeil Re: looking to buy an FZ C, welcome, Some thoughts. Fz's are prone to electrical probs, partially due to a goofy fuel delivery system, and a unusual "alternator" configuration. aided by age. fuel pumps, their relays etc. Cooling is often an issue, mostly due to age/build-up in rad. Bike looks pretty, but "spare's" throw a flag. owner has fitted 17" wheels, this is good, as stocker's had marginal brakes. but a spare set of plastic's and road-race leathers might indicate possible road race use,(they were a favorite for club level racers) Ask about oil consumption, and look at exhaust for color & build-up. Some dealers have a solid cut-off date of what they'll work on, others will take into condition of bike. if you go to look, ask owner to start. (first feel eng. for heat) and watch if h/l brightens from idle to say 2-3 grand. and look for exhaust smoke. hope things work for you, PS, valve adjusts are time consuming, thus expensive if done by shop, Old bikes are well, old. and require frequent maintenance & care. luck G
1255 08/06/2009 03:06:59 PeterL Re: looking to buy an FZ Hi, The last comment was "negative" in the extreme! I own two FZ's and a Goldwing, one of them is an ex race bike, the motor was rebuilt before I bought it, I have had NO problem whatsoever, but I add the comment if your capable of general maintenance and the bike you buy is good/fair you should be alright. The two things I would comment on keep your chain maintenance up dont go cheap on lube, and adjust it!, it is a high performance sport bike, second the front brakes are ????, use the best pads and if still not happy, one of my bikes has two braided brake lines from the lever, makes a big difference to the braking, go through the Internet and read all the comments you can, I did, when I want to go interstate (I'm in Australia) I take the Goldwing but for shorter trips the FZ sure clears the cobwebs, love it, bye, PeterL.
1256 08/06/2009 22:16:48 ganepeil Re: looking to buy an FZ Ouch, I certainly did'nt mean to sound negative, If i didn't love the Fz, I wouldn't be here.You asked for problem areas to look for. I simply responded with Common problems with the model. I own a 87 FZ700/1000, and 88 fzr 1000, both have seen 2 full seasons of track time. and are restored to street. both have @ 50 k miles on them and i've owned the 7/10 for 9 years and the 1000 for 7. The Genesis motor is hardy, and believe me I've used both to the extreeme. as for my comments, I stand by them and add, yes, counter shaft output bearings are also an area to watch. G
1257 09/06/2009 06:04:49 chezzy Re: looking to buy an FZ Thank you for your post. when I look at it should the headlight brighten? the engine will get hot(it is many explosions of fire and hot gases) what do i look for when it is heating up/how hot should it get/how long should it take to get there? i am guessing that exhaust smoke and color/buildup is bad, where is this color and buildup going to be? how do i check the counterbalance shaft thing you stated and is it a possible fixit yourself? I am pretty good at working on vehicles and can do pretty much anything if i have a book to work out of. what are some tools i will need that are not normal shop tools?
1258 10/06/2009 04:32:00 PeterL Re: looking to buy an FZ Hi, Headlight does brighten when running on mine and friends, never been a problem, battery is small compared to other bikes but a good/charged battery you shouldnt have any problems, I ride in Sydney Aust and we have a lot of hot weather in summer I found putting a radiator cap on with a higher opening pressure which helped a lot, (I only had a running hot problem when caught or sitting in traffic on hot days) in 50,000K I havent had any front sprocket bearing problems, a loose chain is not good, but a over tightened/tight chain on a FZ750 will/can cause damage and I believe you have to split the cases to repair. You put it all in a nutshell you said your capable of maintenance and repairs, get a manual which will answer your "tools needed question", and do it all yourself. Bye, PeterL.
1259 08/06/2009 13:41:06 tubbs one of my fz750s for sale hi, first post on here but been around site for some time. just tto let anyone thats intrested that one of my bikes is now for sale as no time to finish,oh and wife wants it out of the house. thanks very much.
1260 08/06/2009 18:34:51 Graham Re: one of my fz750s for sale Hello tubbs, looks like a fair bit of work gone into your bike, very nice. Would you mind letting me know a price you/your wife are looking for ? :-D
1261 08/06/2009 18:58:07 tubbs Re: one of my fz750s for sale you have a pm 8-)
1262 08/06/2009 20:18:44 DVS-BSTD Aftermarket parts and other stuff Ok can anyone help me with there any aftermarket stuff for the FZ750 and if so can some one give me a web addy.....also I need some OEM parts as well anyone got a link to a place that sells this kind of stuff
1263 14/06/2009 01:13:16 tom86fz750 Re: Aftermarket parts and other stuff Being that I'm the original owner of my aging 86FZ750 and don't possess the indepth technical knowledge of this forums top posters. On the other hand I beleive my 23 years of neverending parts acquistion might be of some help to you. Reply back 2 me with a more detailed wish list and I'll do my best 2 connect U2 the suppliers. I don't know how long you've had yer FZ, what part of the world you reside in and how deep yer pockets are...?
1264 13/06/2009 13:59:55 tom86fz750 What's causing my loss of spark? Help me out here, my 86FZ750 that was recently rebuilt and running better than ever has developed a increasingly intermittent problem. The bike will start fine, yet it increasingly has been running erratically. Most notibly when idling at a stoplight, It must be constantly rev'd to prevent it from dying. During my panic to keep it running I discovered that if I press the starter button it appears to run normal. Once up to cruising speed, I'll have to depress the starter button intermittently to get it to recover from it's stuttering. Trouble shooting electrical snafu's is something I'm at a total loss at. I've torn apart the starter switch looking for a possible short. Nothing appeared loose or broken. What or where should I began to look for next. I'm all ears. Thanks ya'll. Tom (AZ)
1265 13/06/2009 23:41:50 ganepeil Re: What's causing my loss of spark? Tom, I'd check sparkplug caps for arcing to ground.easily done by rolling into a semi dark area and peeking into plug valley (engine running)preferably while stumbling. luck g
1266 14/06/2009 00:24:52 tom86fz750 Re: What's causing my loss of spark? Thanks mucho ganepeil for the rapid reply. In the event I do discover the caps to be arcing(sp). How does my depressing the starter button while riding briefly allow the engine to recover from stumbling? [ps: I just viewed the sweet pic of yer fz. The color scheme leads me 2 guess it's a FZ600 or possibly a '85 FZ700/750?] ... Tom
1267 14/06/2009 19:45:31 ganepeil Re: What's causing my loss of spark? Tom. Ok, this will sound remote, but.. when you engage starter, the electrical system experiances a fair additional draw.thus lowering the power to coils slightly. if plug caps are only arcing when system is at it's peak this COULD be cause of your' temporary respit. also, past experiance points to caps being intermittant and are easily checked w/out tools. coils, while sometimes intermittant when begining to fail usually are heat related & require a cool-down period before coming back on line and are harder to check.pickups usually just sign out. ignitors either quit or throw wild & intermittant timing curves. there are of course a miriad of possible causes, caps were simply off the top of my head and could be a time saver.... Thanks for the pop on Frank, It's a 87 fz700 with 88 fzr1000 eng, w/mods & others.. Thanks, and luck G
1268 28/06/2009 02:24:35 tom86fz750 Re: What's causing my loss of spark? So after looking at my spark plug caps in the dark garage w/engine running, I did not see any arc-ing. Again my scenario is this: With a >1yr old battery showing a 12.6v level, my bike fires up quickly when cold, I then proceeded to do a lap around my block. The engine runs erratically and constantly stutters under throttle up as if it is getting poor spark. I might be trying too hard to focus the problem on the electrical side. Troubleshhoting electrical problems leaves me in a fog bank if I don't have crystal clear 'go or no go' steps to follow. The recently reassembled engine was performed meticuously. A oem fuel pump was included but the carbs were only disassembled and cleaned. I did replace the 4-jet pilot screws with a #120 size.(the brass screw that sits on the outer rim on top of the carb).I did notice a few pinholes on each of the diaphrams of which I applied a dap of superglue in lieu of replacement. When it was reassembled last summer it ran better than ever. This problem suddenly appeared about 2 months ago while cruising down the road. Without warning the engine began sputtering and in my attempt to keep it from dying I depressed the start button and it would spring back to life temporarily. At the stoplight it would take everything I had to keep it running by over reving the throttle and intermittenly depressing the start button. So with this information that I have given, what would your expertise lead you towards in resolving my problem? I so desperately want to keep my 23yr old running. If I can figure out how to send a pic of her I will. Thanks ya'll Tommy.
1269 28/06/2009 03:04:50 ganepeil Re: What's causing my loss of spark? Tom, Have you tried swithching to reserve when prob arises? (short story) when ign. is cycled, ecu cycles fuel pump for @ 20 sec.s. then power to pump is recieved via turnsignal rlay then fuelpump relay. (It's possible that fuel not spark is culpret) if swithcing to reserve helps, locate ballast resistor under lh side cover near batt. chk con's. (fuel delivey is much more oft prob than spark. (it's possible that hitting starter sw. initiates pump as well) luck g
1270 28/06/2009 03:30:02 tom86fz750 Re: What's causing my loss of spark? I recall reading a thread about the fuel reserve switch. I'll go give it a try right now. Will I notice a difference right away when driving? Also, can you tell me how to load a pic in my post like you did? Thanks Tom
1271 28/06/2009 11:34:45 Graham Re: What's causing my loss of spark? Go to & follow their instructions regards posting pic's on here. On most forums you can copy & paste the [IMG] url but it doesn't work (for me at least) on here so I copy the link without the [IMG] bit. Are you happy with the super glue repair to the diaphragms ? I ask as it's nasty stuff & can melt certain materials.
1272 20/09/2009 04:11:24 tom86fz750 Re: What's causing my loss of spark? no you are not lazy, its just a pain in the a**. for some reason the dealer said if i wanted he would adjust them for me for only a 1/2 hour of labor. his labor rate is $90 per hour. but me being as cheap as i am, i declined his offer and did it myself. but after you get the hang of it its not really that bad
1273 20/09/2009 05:53:00 tom86fz750 Posting pic's test test ..... im attempting to post pic's ....?[url=][/url][url=][/url]
1274 20/09/2009 08:48:02 Graham Re: Posting pic's test test ..... Does any one have a spare belly pan, am in UK. If not will the FZR one fit? Cheers
1275 20/09/2009 13:49:22 slydvl Re: What's causing my loss of spark? soon as I figure out how to do the pic thing, I'll post them. milwaukee,wisconsin.
1276 19/06/2009 17:36:23 bodinejcs 1986 FZ electrical problem Hi all , I just purchased a 1986 FZ 750 to restore and I am having some electrical problems with it . I haven't tested any componets yet , thought I would run this buy you guys first to save me some time . Bike starts right up cold pretty well , high idles fine with the choke and idles down after warm up and choke off fine after 5 minutes . After the bike gets hot , it will not idle nor will it restart . The starter will buck too like its straining a little , though turns the bike over pretty well ,( Note starter sounds fine when cold ) Even though the battery seems fine , it will only restart hot with the battery charger and starts right up and idles perfect until you remove the charger , then it dies . Idles fine with the charger hooked up and revs good . I have checked the battery voltage , 12.4 volts key off , 13.5 idling to 2000 rpm and almost 15 volts at 3000 and above . The Alt seems to working fine so what gives ? I think the igniter is heating up and zoiding out as a first guess , what do you guys think ? Anybody delt with this before ? Thanks for any help Bodine
1277 20/06/2009 04:02:45 ganepeil Re: 1986 FZ electrical problem Bodine, no answer, but, some thoughts. FZ's tend to close their intake valve clearances especially noticible when up to temp.causing lowered compression. they also tend to boil-off fuel in bowls.causing moderatly wet plugs and low fuel levels. this with a tendancy tward intermittant fuel pumps could be cause..plug caps and coils are often heat related, ignitor not so much. a clicking fuel pump doesn't necesarilly mean delivery. look for fire works in gallery, check for fuel delivery, have battery load tested. check compression hot. hope these help.G
1278 20/06/2009 18:43:07 Graham For sale & wanted I'm never sure which bit to look at regards parts or bikes for sale as they seem to be dotted about all over the forum. :-? Might I suggest a separate section dedicated to spares/bikes for sale & also 1 for wanted ad's ? Unless of course such a section already exists & I have missed it ? :-D
1279 21/06/2009 15:28:41 crash29 Re: For sale & wanted I agree. A little off the topic here but did you buy the bike you were looking at? If so, what condition is it in?
1280 21/06/2009 16:19:06 Graham Re: For sale & wanted Yes mate I bought it ! :-D Bit rough but cheap (ぴ80.00) which was just what I wanted so I have something to tinker with over the next 6-12 months. Engine has done 54000 miles but sounds sweet. I have plans to fit my spare TRX rear wheel & tail unit & have the frame powder coated. I will post some pictures when I get chance. 8-)
1281 21/06/2009 15:39:47 crash29 Side stand relay I need to replace my side stand relay (85 FZ750). Anyone know of a 12 volt relay that will work? I'd rather not pay the $55 that Yamaha wants! :-o
1282 25/06/2009 21:59:37 Graham My new FZ Hello people, I bought my 1st FZ exactly a week ago today so thought I should introduce my bike properly. 1987 2MG model with 54K showing, totally standard but very rough looking. It was an impulse purchase if I'm honest but I was sort of looking for something to get my teeth into so this is perfect. Already bought FZR1000 rear arm complete with linkage, torque arm, spindles etc, FZR1000 rear wheel, tyre & sprocket, & Harris side fairings. I did a 230 mile round trip to collect the bike & another 150 last night to collect the fairings & rear wheel. I must be mad but it's getting expensive going out drinking all the time so this should work out cheaper in the long run ! :lol: I will have to apply for a log book as it came without one so I have changed the colour from silver to white/blue on the application form as the bike has all sorts of different coloured panels fitted at the moment. My spare TRX850 seat unit looks sooooo cool perched on the rear rails that it would be rude not to make it fit properly. :-D this will be my 1st job along with fitting the FZR rear wheel/arm then I will be taking it all apart to have the frame powder coated gun metal grey I think it's called ? Watch this space for pictures & progress & expect lots of questions & "wanted" ad's else where on the forum. 8-)
1283 26/06/2009 17:00:46 djcrow22 Re: My new FZ Graham, Sounds like a great project. Looking forward to pics. I had a look at your immaculate TRX and was really impressed. Clean, lean and black! I think we only got the FZ 700 here in the s States. I'll be following your project so good luck. I've been tearing down an '85 FZ engine the last few days. I split the cases yesterday and am trying to understand how the transmission works. I've taken pics of the whole teardown if you're interested. Gotta run, today is my wife and my 27th Anniversary, going to Seattle for lunch. Take care, Kevin
1284 25/06/2009 22:06:38 Graham Wanted, front mudguard My bike came with only the front half of the mudguard so I'm after the rear bit. Will buy complete if cheap enough (& white) but not paying ぶ0 + post for one (ebay joker). I'm in England & can paypal money or cheque ? Graham
1285 27/06/2009 07:42:26 Graham Re: Wanted, front mudguard Mudguard doesn't HAVE to be white, would be nice but not vital. :-D
1286 27/06/2009 10:00:23 Graham Re: Wanted, front mudguard Daddyjay I have replied to you message mate. :-D
1287 26/06/2009 23:13:21 oops-sorry hi everyone, im back i was a member a few years ago, i think i registered in 2006. anyhow i sold my bike to my neighbor, and it has sat in his garage since then. i dont think he rode it more than 2-3 times. anyhow, i went and talked to him and ended up buying my bike back :-D . but the problem i have now is that he lost the only key for the bike. can someone tell me how to hotwire the bike until i get another ignition switch for it. i dont know if it is exactly like the fz750, but it only has 3 wires(red,blue, and brown).
1288 27/06/2009 21:37:27 oops-sorry Re: hi everyone, im back never mind, my neighbor found the key after all
1289 28/06/2009 00:21:48 Graham Re: hi everyone, im back :lol: :lol: :lol: Good job you found the key mate. Is it another FZ or something else ? Got any pictures ?
1290 28/06/2009 02:39:07 oops-sorry Re: hi everyone, im back sorry, my bike is a 87 fz700. i will try and dig up some pics of it and post them tomorrow
1291 29/06/2009 03:00:28 oops-sorry Re: hi everyone, im back this is the only picture of the bike i could find right now. since the picture was taken i had the header powder coated. i also have the long fairings for the bike, but i think i like the shorties better.
1292 29/06/2009 08:41:12 Graham Re: hi everyone, im back Link not working for me mate ? I bought Harris full side fairings for mine last week but just found pics on the internet & they only mate up with the early side panels. :-( They cover all of the engine & most of the frame too (bit like the early CBR's) so not sure if I like them or not ? :-? Good job I'm fitting a different seat unit or they would have been a waste of money. Can you try again with the picture link ?
1293 29/06/2009 15:39:32 oops-sorry Re: hi everyone, im back lets try this one.
1294 13/07/2009 21:46:14 Graham Re: hi everyone, im back I've been practising this picture thing for a week now so try this. [img][/img] Yay it works ! :-D
1295 14/07/2009 01:18:47 oops-sorry Re: hi everyone, im back thanks i appreciate it. sorry i couldnt give you a better picture to work with. it actually looks much better in person. :-D
1296 14/07/2009 12:36:08 Nosforatu Re: hi everyone, im back Yeah you the man Graham when it comes to uploading pics thanks again for the tutarial that you posted :-D Nice bike by the way I have the long lowers for mine (full ) but i think i prefer the short ones better. Just had a parcel delivered from E-bay should be my front light clocks and bracket, have to find a seat hump next. Oh and sort out the wiring,...fueling.... rust.. and on and on. Have fun on your steed and to miss quote top gun you feel the need the need for speed! :lol:
1297 02/07/2009 23:27:00 chr1smasta my FZ 2mg now for sale Hi guys, just thought id let you know that ive finished the rebuild of my 2mg. and need some funds for a business. so im well gutted. anyway take a look on ebay uk its item no 160346195631 thanks chris
1298 05/07/2009 10:43:54 Graham Re: my FZ 2mg now for sale This might be easier for people Chris, [url=]Ebay link[/url] Good luck with the sale.
1299 08/07/2009 18:09:03 Nosforatu HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Just bought an ebay specal last thursday picked it up on friday mot'd on monday rode it for the first time and F**** it just will not rev/ pull past 4.5 5 thou revs just spuuutttt. pulls clean upto this any help much appriciated :-o
1300 09/07/2009 15:49:00 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! had a look at the bike there is what looks like a vacume takoff from the inlt manifold over the camchain adjuster with a short piece of pipe which goes to nowhere? this must conect to something. Have been trying to get a manual but no luck! was going to upload a pic but haven't sorted out the white mans magic of uploading yet. :lol: anyone got some ideas if it was an old car I'd say it was a vacume advance for the dizzy.[quote]
1301 09/07/2009 18:15:19 PeterL Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Hi, Bit hard to comment but going by the book all the inlet manifolds have a blind plug on them(Part No.16G-13569-00-00, Plug blind) dont think thats your problem, if you havent got a manual go to "" and after signing in you can view/download full parts catalogue with order no's for your model, this will show you all the parts and give their description, that could help you a lot. Bye, PeterL.
1302 10/07/2009 09:29:07 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Mate I'm no expert as I've only recently bought my FZ but I can take pics of my engine if you like & post on here or email to you ? That would only help with the mystery pipe though & won't be until Tuesday as I'm away from the bike until then. Sounded a bit like a breather hose from your description ? :-? Is your air filter in good nik ?
1303 10/07/2009 12:09:47 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Thanks it would be good to see another fz, i have some pics just haven't sorted out how to upload. Will defo go to the yamaha site. just out to poke the bike with an oily stick :-x
1304 10/07/2009 16:19:21 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! After poking the bike. I have noticed that: A: the fuel pump is not always coming on when the ignition is turned on. B: the fuse in the pic (hopefully going to upload, had to open up photo bucket acount)blows as some as the bike is rev'd it's fine if left to tickover? C:once the fuse has blown the bike will not start turns over but not firing i think this fuse is for the fuel pump? I did manage to get the bike to revpassed 5000rpm and upto 9000rpm didn't want to rev much more in neutral. Have also just bought a Clymer manual on Ebay so when that turns up Hopfully I'll have a better idea of stuff. Once again thanks all Nos [img align=right][/img][img align=right] This is the vacume pipe i mentioned. Thanks to Graham for the howto on upload pics. :-D
1305 10/07/2009 16:38:58 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! This is my Fz as bought on the Bay the fairing was not fitted but did come with the bike but no head light, but guess what yes just bought one on the bay. [img align=right][/img]
1306 10/07/2009 18:21:26 FZ750Horse Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Welcome aboard. The fuel pump will not always run when you switch on if the float bowls are full. The pipe in your photo is the tank breather. From memory, all the fuses should be in the fuse box (I might be wrong - I'd have to check) so you might have some 'custom' wiring - eek! Running problems - it's not always the carbs, but often. Lots of FZs have been standing for years before someone decides to resurrect them and the carbs get badly gummed up. Even if it eventually proves to be an electrical problem, half a day spent thoroughly cleaning them is worthwhile. Good luck.
1307 11/07/2009 04:34:11 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Thanks for that. Will have to wait till the manual turns up to check the wiring. come on posty :lol: There is text about the vacume pipe but the releavent pic is missing will try to post again;[img align=left][/img]
1308 11/07/2009 13:33:14 FZ750Horse Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! That's a vacuum hose for a Scott oiler and could very easily be causing your running problems. It would have been operating a diaphram in the oiler, but it has just been cut off. If it hasn't been plugged it will be drawing a lot of air and making that cylinder run very weak. Pull the pipe off and put a blanking cap on the spigot or remove the spigot and seal it with a screw and copper washer the same as on all the other inlet tracts. Good luck
1309 11/07/2009 21:16:04 JMPDFZ700 Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! That little fuse block is for the main fuse, which should be 30 amp according to the factory manual. It looks like there is a 20 amp fuse in there right now (yellow), so that is probably why it's blowing. Clean the carbs! If the bike has been sitting for more than a couple years, the carbs are probably gummy. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches by taking care of it now. You shouldn't have to replace anything except the float bowl gaskets, and those are pretty cheap, just be careful with the rubber diaphragms.
1310 16/07/2009 12:21:04 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Thanks for the help will blank off the pipe spigot see what it runs like then will probably strip and clean the carbs an ultrasonic cleaner would be nice. The nice delivery people have brought me some new toys. And a Clymer manual :-D So all I need Now is for it to stop raining, Then hopefully Project ZERO ゼロ, will start running propely, Then just the on going tidying and modifing. Found this which is interesting linked through from another bike forum This has been used on motorcycle even though this is for a rc plane. :-) Thanks again to all.
1311 16/07/2009 16:28:25 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Come on you know the drill now. :-D [img][/img] [img][/img] Does the EXUP arm fit then ? I've bought pre-exup FZR1000 arm & rear wheel for mine. S'posed to be a straight fit. 8-)
1312 17/07/2009 08:47:09 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! I don't know if it fits! I've just measured it with the highly acurate Q&B tape and It's 245mm across the spindle and 97mm across the shock mount. How does this compare to your FZR? I still need to get a wheel, I think a bit of digging to find what bike is fitted with the lightest wheels in the right sizes may be in order, at least will give a starting point no sense in fitting somthing heavier. How about some pics of your bike,and aanyone else who maybe reading this. It would be nice to see what others have done and get a bit of insiration. Anyone for a carbon Kevlar tank? :lol:
1313 17/07/2009 08:51:17 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! I can measure the FZR arm if you like but I'm pretty sure it fits straight in from what I've read on here ? Been meaning to take some pic's of mine but it's in a garage away from my house & it looks ROUGH so didn't think anyone would want to see it. :-o
1314 17/07/2009 09:06:37 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Yeah thats what i'm lead to belive just wanted to know if my Exup one is the same size as the FZR one. And your bike can't be any rougher than mine, so get snapping I'll show you mine if you show me yours ooww eerr! miss's :lol:
1315 18/07/2009 18:06:25 FZ750Horse Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Exup ones are different. This might be useful: Horse
1316 18/07/2009 18:43:19 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Didn't think to measure the shock mount but my Genesis arm is 252mm across at the front mount & 258mm between the rear rails for the wheel. I've got a genesis wheel & tyre ready to bolt in too. It would probably take 10 minutes to whip the old arm out & bolt the FZR one in but I want the frame powder coated & might need to chop the rear frame rails about a bit 1st so seems a bit pointless just yet. I took some pictures of mine just now whilst I was measuring the swinging arm so might post them up later if my camera stops messing me about. :cry:
1317 19/07/2009 08:00:48 FZ750Horse Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! The FZR1000 arm will bolt straight in, and lots of people have done just that. I have one in the garage which I was going to shorten and use in my race bike. I've held off doing it because the dimensions around the swing arm pivot and shock linkage are subtly different and would almost certainly affect the spring rate one way or another. I may still get around to doing it at some point but it'll be when the shock is due for an overhaul anyway.
1318 19/07/2009 10:12:49 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! The link with the different arm dimensions is very useful Horse, cheers for that. :-D As you've mentioned shock rebuilds can you recommend anyone for this ? I have a spare shock for my TRX that I would like done & the FZ one is bound to need it too.
1319 19/07/2009 15:24:03 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! That is a fantastic site thanks for the link 8-) :-D
1320 20/07/2009 17:50:13 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Hi al been out poking project Zero with some spanners today (a nice way to start a two week holiday me thinks),some things are better bike reving up through :-D But not clean,turns out the petrol pipe was getting kinked when fitted on the bike resticking flow. I found this out when it cut it off completely,New pipe all good :-). bad things after a quick blat up the road, running rough. Pulled the plugs all good bar No.1 checked this and found it's not firing :-( . Then rain stopped play :-( . So awaiting some dry weather hopefully tomorrow will have Zero running well.
1321 23/07/2009 10:40:16 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Ok then plug No. 1 ceramic broken now fire :-) Bike starts first time on the button with it's new battery :-) Bike runs ok till warm about 5mins then runs rough and will not start, back fires coughs. Leave it till it's cold and it starts and runs again :-? Starting to get very feed up @ the mo please some more help. Thanks Nos
1322 23/07/2009 12:19:34 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Did you change the other 3 plugs ? If 1 is shafted the rest might not be far off. Could be a plug breaking down when it gets hot. Is the choke dis-engaging also ? Won't run well (at all) if it's sticking on. I might be talking bollox but it's something to be going on with until a proper expert comes along ! :lol:
1323 23/07/2009 18:45:33 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Hi there all advise greatly recieve good sir. All four plugs were new just one, us. Bike is also overheating. This afternoon the sun came out, bike starts fine hot or cold, mined you i did go through the electrics pulling plugs etc. coolent coming out of the overflow, new radiator cap sorted that runnig slightly cooler. But the fan still not cutting in. Ms posty delivered more goodies this morning K&N filter new oil filter. :-D just bought thunderace rear wheel on the bay so more goodies coming :-D As o the Bay was that you asking questions about R1 wheels? Thanks Nos
1324 23/07/2009 21:25:32 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! No not me asking about R1 wheels. I dare not go on ebay for a month or 2 now as I'm well & truly skint. :-( :lol: Don't want to suggest head gasket so I'm gonna go with air in the coolant. Might be why it came out of expansion bottle & could be why the fan isn't cutting in ?
1325 26/07/2009 08:47:55 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Hi all. First of Should I keep adding to this thread or start a new one with the thing I'm doing with Project Zero? :-? Any way here are a couple of pics of the trial fit of the front end. The fit is reasonable just hte steerer stem is about 20mm to short. So does anyone have any expirience pressing out stems? :-? As I see it I can press the stem out and either: make a new one, ( best option) Or cut this one make a spacer bush weld this in and then tidy the weld. Any help greatfully recieved. [img align=left][/img] [img align=left][/img]
1326 04/08/2009 15:03:26 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Just found this FZ advertised on pistonheads forum Nos. (click on the pictures in the link to expand them a bit). Proof that an EXUP rear arm & wheel does fit in the FZ frame & looks bloody good too. :-D
1327 04/08/2009 16:40:41 daddyjay Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Is it just me or does it make the swingarm look really short? Any idea of length differences between genesis and exup arms?
1328 04/08/2009 19:54:41 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! No idea regards exup/genesis dimensions but yes now you mention it, it does look like there is a lot of rear seat overhang. That's an 85/86 model for sale so don't know if that makes it easier or harder to fit the exup arm ? :-?
1329 15/08/2009 11:37:15 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Loving the pics. More please makes me inspired to go do mine. Exup swing arm check got one of those, needs fitting. whats that rear wheel? Not sure of the purple though. Glens very nice. :-D
1330 15/08/2009 11:51:23 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! I had originally intended to fit a different rear seat unit to my FZ but I'm not 100 percent certain I want to as it will involve welding lugs to my frame & maybe cutting some of the rear rails. I've got the chance of a standard seat assembly (side panels) which although not mint, is the same colour scheme as my new tank (blue & white) but it's from the slightly older 1FM, 1TV, 1AE model so 1985-86. My bike is a 1987 2MG model with slightly different side panels so I'm wondering if it will bolt straight on in all the same places as my original panels ??? If not, I might as well carry on with the TRX seat unit I supose. :-?
1331 15/08/2009 12:03:20 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! :lol: Regards your steering stem, Have you still got the original FZ yoke with stem fitted ? I think a lot of the blokes on the TRX forum fit the YZF750 front end by pressing the original stem out & fitting it to the donor yoke. :hammer:
1332 15/08/2009 17:53:34 Graham Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Thanks oops-sorry, at the moment I haven't really got any more photo's of my FZ to show you and the ones that I have paste'd have been taken with a non digital camera and then scanned onto the computer, maybe I need to get my arse into gear and get a few more photo's sorted. For those who are interested it is also fitted with YZF750 clutch and front brake mastercylinders, 3inch bellmouths,early fireblade front mudguard, spondon engineering rear brake disc with brembo brake caliper and YZF750 indicators that have been shortened. Can't think of anything else at the mo & I've got to go to work so I may answer any queeries tomorrow. P.S. Thanks for putting my pics onto the site Graham, it would be nice to know how you did it so that I can do it in future.
1333 16/08/2009 14:33:26 wheaty8918 Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! My TRX does it sometimes and the bike has only done 17K miles. I just put it down to not being firm enough with the lever. Does it happen a lot ?
1334 11/09/2009 12:00:51 Nosforatu Re: HHEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!! Thats some really nice work you got going on there makes me look realy slack, haven't touched mine for a few weeks. Keep up the good work Nos :-D
1335 11/07/2009 22:55:04 FZ750Horse Oops... After an attack of over-exuberance whilst trying to learn the Brands GP circuit - - I'm now in the market for a RH fairing lower (any condition) so I can get it looking pretty again for the Bemsee meeting in a couple of weeks... Anybody got one?
1336 12/07/2009 06:03:46 Nosforatu Re: Oops... :-o sorry i cant help, but it doesn't look to bad for a bit of a get of though. the rest of the bike is still in better shape than mine.
1337 18/07/2009 19:26:51 Graham Some pictures of my project Been busy with "other" stuff as usual, namely my TRX850 which I'm getting ready for a trip to Germany so not really touched the FZ since I bought it over a month ago now. I have been slowly buying stuff for it so when I finally do get round to attacking it, things "should" move along swiftly. Don't laugh, this is it. [img][/img] [img][/img] Exhaust is a joke but I can possibly make something to replace that ridiculous end can so not a total disaster. Seat unit is cracked & I'm not all that keen on the FZ seat arrangement so I would like to bolt my spare TRX seat unit on it which would then look something like this. (lots of imagination please :-D ) [img][/img] [img][/img] Hoping to keep the standard blue & white colour scheme as I have bought some white Harris fairing lowers & if it ever turns up, a minty mint blue & white tank. Pictures show the FZR1000 wheel in place & I have the swinging arm to go in there too.. . . once I get round to it. [img][/img] Engine runs or at least it did on the day I picked it up so that's at least something isn' it ?
1338 20/07/2009 17:58:45 Nosforatu Re: Some pictures of my project Looks like it hasn't been bodged about with like mine. Body work just need some paint. That TRX seat unit looks sweet. And the best bit is it fits in your garage i could't get anything bigger than a pygmy hamster in mine :lol: Keep up the good work. Nos
1339 22/07/2009 08:30:52 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Not too bodged but the frame has been painted & is badly chipped & the bloke I bought it off said when it came to him it was matt black all over ! :-o :lol: He did well to get it off but the tank is dull & scratched now & the standard side panels are damaged anyway. Think the fairing is after market job but it serves a purpose & should look ok painted up. I was really hoping some of my old TRX bits would bolt on such as wheels, brakes & maybe even forks but the yokes are too small for the forks, calliper mounting holes are too close together for the callipers & the wheels are too wide & too tall. :-( Bugger. :lol:
1340 24/07/2009 17:48:16 djcrow22 Re: Some pictures of my project Looks pretty sweet to me, keep it up. What's the problem with the exhaust can? Is the wheel powder coated or did you do it yourself? Really like the gold.
1341 24/07/2009 18:50:06 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project I bought the wheel as you see it painted gold but I scratched it a bit moving the calliper out of the way. :-( I like the gold too so might do the front to match. The can doesn't look too bad in those pictures but it's got huge screws all the way around it holding it to the rest of exhaust & looks tragic in the flesh. I would love to make something that exits out of the seat unit at the back but can't see where to route it. Also like the twin can set up on my TRX but think it might look a bit stupid on an FZ ? :-? We will see. Thanks for the kind words, it looks quite a sorry state at the moment but I have plans to change all that over the coming winter months. :-D
1342 24/07/2009 20:03:29 Nosforatu Re: Some pictures of my project I think you've got a nice base there. Are you any good with photo shop you could do some diferent piant schemes wheels etc. :-) Or if your like me you have to use imanination and cut up pics :lol: Gold wheels with the blue and white should look good. I'm thinking of the Eddie Lawson piant but quite like yellow? :-? :lol:
1343 25/07/2009 15:51:34 daddyjay Re: Some pictures of my project Yellow? Has to be a Kenny Roberts speedblock paint job then surely..... 8-)
1344 27/07/2009 10:45:32 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project This turned up today (after nearly 1 month of buying it). [img][/img] Apart from a few bits of crap which are rattling about inside it's probably better than the tank on my 96 TRX ! No dents & only the very smallest of chips in the paint. :-D I think the colour scheme is from a slightly older model than my bike & the cap looks like an early one but I don't care, it reminds me of my old RZ250RR with the silver flake in the white & has helped me decide on the colour scheme for the rest of the bike now. I won it for 99 pence but sent the ebay seller 20 quid. Probably still not enough as she then went to the trouble of having a new key cut for the filler cap ! It took a while getting to me but now it's here I'm well chuffed. [img][/img] Nothing ground breaking I know but I rarely get a bargain so I'm feeling the need to share this one with you guys.8-) All this & I still haven't told my girlfriend about the bike yet ! :-o There may be trouble ahead. :lol:
1345 27/07/2009 18:04:39 Nosforatu Re: Some pictures of my project Absolute bargin! As to the girlfriend you never know she may think that the bikes great. My wife had never been on a bike till she met me, and she still says one of her best holiday was going two up round Wales. On my KMX 200 of all things. :-o :-D Keep up the good work Nos
1346 27/07/2009 22:17:37 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Pretty sure there's no chance of her getting on the back now. Tried her on the TRX for no longer than 5 minutes (not the most passenger friendly bike I admit) & she was shitting bricks at 40 mph ! :-o Couldn't hold on properly, wind hurting her neck etc. :-( Any excuse really. She prefers bingo, salsa classes, 5 star hotels, that sort of thing ! :roll: Might be easier to get me a new girlfriend. :-D & I'm a right cugly unt. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
1347 28/07/2009 06:36:45 Nosforatu Re: Some pictures of my project Salsa Ehh! send her round i'm up for dancing with someone new. :-D
1348 09/09/2009 17:30:12 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Not too worried about this infill panel now I've been back & had a better look Jay. There is a lug with all the holes in place for the reserve switch (when I get one) & choke knob so I will just bolt everything to that & forget the panel. I'm hoping for the bike equivalent of the track car I'm building so finishing touches aren't really a priority. I've been at it with the angle grinders today so no going back now. :-o
1349 09/09/2009 17:52:24 wheaty8918 Re: Some pictures of my project A little update which I'm finding quite amusing for several reasons. 1st, I still haven't told the other half about this FZ so it's kept locked away in a rented council garage about which is a 2 minute drive from my house. There is no electricity there & it's not quite as big as the garage I have at home but big enough for me & the FZ. I finished work early today (again) so off to the garage I go not really knowing what I was going to get done. I have owned an old petrol generator for nearly 20 years which wouldn't start the last time I tried it so I raided my spark plug supplies today, had a little tinker with a few linkages n stuff & it fired up like a good un so I sped home to grab my angle grinders. Here is the result of todays proceedings. [img][/img] I cut a V in each of the 4 rails towards the front in the battery box area & cut the diagonal rails off at the back so I could bend them down & the top rail up in order to clean them up underneath. [img][/img] Then cleaned the diagonal rails up & bent them up to meet the top rails. [img][/img] Amazing how strong masking tape can be when you've got nothing else to hand. This is the size of the garage I have to work in until I grow some balls & tell her about the FZ ! :lol: :lol: :lol: [img][/img] I'd better grow some soon as my poor little generator will struggle to power the welder for sure. :-(
1350 09/09/2009 18:14:37 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Hiya Graham, I had quite a laugh reading your last post. Personally I think you should stick your bike in the living room like I did & don't tell your misses beforehand then we could all have a laugh when you post the result on the site. Did you have any luck with the choke cable? I mean't to take a photo for you but I haven't managed to do it today, I only live about 30 miles north of Birmingham anyway so if you had some real problems it wouldn't be too dificult to pop down and point you in the right direction
1351 09/09/2009 18:36:45 wheaty8918 Re: Some pictures of my project As above, got my eyes on a shock from an 85 bike with a rebuild in mind but I know the linkage changed on my 87 bike so wondered if the shock mounts changed also ? Sorry for yet another dumb ass question but if you don't know ? :-?
1352 10/09/2009 15:36:48 djcrow22 Re: Some pictures of my project Graham, The upper shock mounts are the same but the lowers are different. An FZ 750 shock on left and a FZR 1000 shock on the right... Does this help or did I miss your point? The FZR shock should be similar to your '87 FZ shock. The clevis' on the bottom are different. I can take more pics if you need them. Kevin [img][/img]
1353 10/09/2009 19:27:17 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Thanks Kev but I think I bought a reserve switch from ebay yesterday or the day before ? I'm loosing track already. :-? :roll:
1354 11/09/2009 11:46:57 Nosforatu Re: Some pictures of my project Hi, Midnormold on Ebay sells infills for fz750, bought two happy with them. If Daddyjay is quick there is a right hand side one for sale right now, listing 250491647639, but would have to be quick! PeterL.
1355 11/09/2009 23:33:14 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project She doesn't look that old Kevin ? She does however look a lot like Jaja Binx from some of the last Star Wars films. :lol: :lol: :lol: Those lips must have had some help ! God I hope you don't really know her now I've said that. :-( :oops:
1356 20/09/2009 15:33:43 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project i agree sounds more like a fuel issue than a spark issue i would reclean and set up the carbs
1357 25/09/2009 18:13:56 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project I have took some better pictures of what was involved regards getting this TRX seat unit to fit & all the bits that go with it. [img][/img][img][/img] [img][/img][img][/img] [img][/img][img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img][img][/img] Rear light unit is from an early Yammy R1. I used the old FZ light mounts welded to my new frame. Relocated brake fluid reservoir lower down to clear bodywork & bought a trx expansion bottle which is a perfect fit as you would expect. It took longer to make and weld all the mounts than it did to make the subframe ! Sorry for all the pics but I got a new camera & needed to test it out. :lol:
1358 26/09/2009 08:03:37 bnail Re: Some pictures of my project Try here: Horse
1359 26/09/2009 08:22:03 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Hi Graham, I have a complete fz750 motor in my garage the cams have been removed as i needed the valve shims for my 1000 motor,you can have it for ぷ0 if you are interested. it was a runner when it was removed,that way you get a new head and lots of spares Hope this helps Glenn
1360 26/09/2009 09:32:00 bnail Re: Some pictures of my project Very interested Glenn, are you anywhere near Grays ? I have very good friends there who could collect & pay for it. I'm guessing the only reason you removed it was to fit the 1000 motor yes ? Any ideas what the mileage is on it ? You can send me message if you prefer. Thanks, Graham.
1361 26/09/2009 10:51:31 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Hi Graham, I have sent PM you if you would like the motor PM me your e-mail address and i will give you my address the mileage of the motor is 55,000 ml Glenn
1362 11/01/2010 23:52:04 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Been & robbed some bits off the spare bike this morning so I measured from the back of the headstock to the centre of the single bolt hole that holds the tank on (couldn't remember where you wanted me to measure exactly). I make it 68cm give or take a few mill'. I measured from under the bracket trying to be accurate but then couldn't see the tape very well so with measuring stick on top of bracket it looks more like 67cm. I can't confirm if an early tank goes on a later frame yet as my tank is in 1 place whilst the bikes are in another. :roll: But I will.
1363 12/01/2010 19:25:56 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Well folks it's been a while but I think I made a bit more progress this weekend. 1st I would like to thank Glenn for selling me his spare engine last year. I only needed the head initially but have also used the right hand engine case outer from it as I found a crack in mine. Next I will thank RIFLEMAN (Mike) for being very helpful over the last few months by sending various technical data regards valve clearance checking & more recently, cam & ignition timing. Cheers both, thanks to you I now have a decent engine (I think ?) for my FZ. Took head off spare engine & stripped it last week. This is my favourite part of any engine rebuild as they are nearly always in need of a refresh & mine was no exception. [img][/img] Just cleaned up the ports a little using a die grinder as they are a bit rough around the valve seats but not nearly as bad as all the car heads I have rebuilt. Bike stuff is always made so much better from the factory but you don't need me to tell you that. With valves cleaned up, lapped in & fitted I thought I should paint it all. Someone had painted my entire engine black (badly) & I wanted to break that up a bit so used VHT silver. [img][/img] Bolted it down before fitting the cam bed as I found it easier to torque the nuts without the extra metal in the way. [img][/img] Had a bit of a blonde moment when I fitted the cam caps from a different head & wondered why the cams wouldn't turn with caps tightened down. :-? :oops: I'm blaming my mate who turned up whilst I was doing it as he talks a hell of a lot so I couldn't concentrate properly. :roll: :lol: Took the oportunity to clean & paint stuff like the starter motor, alternator, filter housing etc whilst it was all in bits. [img][/img] Also removed the sump & right hand casing as I didn't like the look of all the instant gasket that was hanging out all over the place. So glad I did, there was a long thin piece of rag in the bottom of the clutch housing & a crack in the engine case ! [img][/img] I bought a real rough FZ in December to use for spares & had to relieve it of its clutch cylinder today as mine was siezed solid & the rubber was shot. Not after it all looking mint, just want it running so I can ride the damn thing but a bit of paint here & there whilst it's on the bench isn't going to hurt. I like to think I will be updating this thread next week to show the engine in the bike. :-D :hammer:
1364 13/01/2010 18:34:44 oops-sorry Re: Some pictures of my project yes i do wish i still had it :-( probs the best most reliable bike ive ridden /owned :-D
1365 13/01/2010 20:50:33 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Graham looking good. it that a fzr 1000 rear brake arm
1366 14/01/2010 09:32:04 oops-sorry Re: Some pictures of my project Yes mate, the whole rear is FZR1000 Genesis. Brake/torque arm is the same as my old TRX850 just on top not underneath. Would look nice polished but I spent an hour polishing the right hand engine case so not really interested in polishing any more bits. Keep thinking I will change the rear swinging arm for one with no chunks out of it but this whole thing is starting to get very costly so maybe once it's road worthy I will look at replacing the bits I'm not happy with. Fitted a couple of windscreens today so no progress on the FZ. Might have tomorrow off to see if it runs ! :hammer:
1367 14/01/2010 10:03:26 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project ive gone with a yzf 750 rear arm with a underslung xjr 1300 rear caliper and a fzr 1000 exup rear wheel. i like the way your pipe sits. Is that a handmade exhaust system as i like the way the rear pipe sits
1368 14/01/2010 10:09:45 oops-sorry Re: Some pictures of my project I wasn't brave enough to try anything like YZF arms or EXUP wheels, just stuck with what I know fits. Yours sounds sweet, have you posted pictures of it on here yet ? I don't remember seeing any. Yes "that" exhaust is very handmade. It has a split running along the bottom & huge screws holding the end can in place. I have replaced it with a Lazer system with a bigger carbon end can but will see what can be done with the old one when the bike's finished.
1369 14/01/2010 10:49:24 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project I will update this so people can find it easier (it had vanished from the board) & to remind those who don't know that there is a slightly better way of posting pictures than that lot above. Most will know that your pictures need to be uploaded to a host site such as photobucket where you will be told how to get your pictures from your pc to their site if you're totally new to it. So without going over all that again, here's what I've found. The majority of other forums I visit require nothing more than the copy & paste of your pictures "image" or "IMG" link. Apart from maybe resizing the picture 1st that is usually enough for it to show in your replies. On here however I noticed that the "IMG" being in capital letters means that it doesn't work. So by copy & pasting the "IMG" link as normal, then change the [IMG] at the beginning to [img] & also the [/IMG] at the end to [/img] your pictures "should" show on this forum. I'm not a computer expert, that is about the extent of my knowledge on this kind of thing so I can't help you with other pc related problems. My philosophy is that if it can't be fixed with a hammer.. . then it can't be fixed ! :lol:
1370 08/03/2010 18:13:31 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Just a few pics of my rat bike thing as I have slowly started to bolt stuff back to it. [img][/img] Not sure what direction I want to go in now. Seat unit doesn't match the white of my replacement tank so I either paint my old tank & try to make it match the seat unit or paint the seat unit to match the new tank ? [img][/img] The more I work on it lately the more I wish I had got the frame powder coated.. . bugger it. [img][/img] I trimmed the rear plastic down to look neat & forgot to allow for some indicators so I have utilised the old metal bracket with a few bends in it. The number plate bolts will hold the plate & the bracket to the rest of the bike now or at least that's the plan. :-? [img][/img] Really pleased with the Laser exhaust system despite paying over the odds for it & having to weld the collector section. It sits exactly how I want it to & sounds every bit as good as my Fireblade's Akropovic system if not better. :-D Think I will have to accept the fact this bike is never going to look immaculate & just enjoy it for what it is, a good old girl which should serve me well for many years to come. :-D
1371 23/03/2010 21:01:19 djcrow22 Re: Some pictures of my project there is a guy from norwich selling replica fairings on ebay. i bought his faring inners and if the std is the same then i would have no issues buying from him
1372 23/03/2010 21:32:02 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project I'm not sure what the stock cam timing is but when we had the FZR dragbike we always degreed the cams. I can't say how much it would help, but I know in the Suzuki dragbikes we've dyno'ed it can make a big difference. I'll be doing it when I rebuild the 1041 motor for my FZ750 later this spring, 102 intake/104 exhaust is what I'll be using, stock is susposed to be close to that. If you're unsure then after your build check the lobe centers, if they're way off then degree them yourself, hope this helpd
1373 23/03/2010 22:30:58 alliekat Re: Some pictures of my project I was wondering what you were up to Kev. Eating corn with your friends eh ? Nice. :lol: Looking forward to some fresh pictures from you (of the bike). Hope to spend another day on mine tomorrow. Had roughly 4 hours on it on Monday but did nothing more than fit the airbox & weld 3 brackets on for my bellypan. :-( Keep those pictures coming, both types please ! :-D
1374 19/04/2010 21:21:04 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project Well I have been beavering away with this project lately with very little in the way of evidence unfortunately. Based on what Allison said about raising the tank I have added some metal to a spare pair of tank brackets to lift the front an inch or so. My short fairing lowers arrived from CASCU on Friday so I have cut the holes out of them & primed them ready for paint. On the subject of paint, I have spent what seems like weeks painting 3 bits of bodywork for this bike. Decided to use the original tank as it is in fairly good condition but what a nightmare getting it ready. I got there in the end but started to question my reasons for doing this at 1 point. Frustrating is an understatement I tell yer. :evil: Here is my cut down YZF750 front mud guard & TRX rear seat panel drying in my professionaly installed low bake oven.. . ok my garage with a heater. :lol: [img][/img] With a nod towards the original front set up (which I really like) I painted the rear part black before applying the laquer. For the tank I have tried to use the original dark blue/light blue & yellow combination using nothing more than some A4 sheets of vinyl from an ebay seller which cost peanuts. The YAMAHA on the tank is part of a set which I bought, again from ebay but I had all the black stuff done in light blue & the big FZ for the fairing lowers done in mirror silver. [img][/img] I really couldn't be bothered with copying the original colour scheme exactly as it would have meant doing the entire top half in dark blue so I just did the top stripe in dark blue. Lazy ? maybe but this painting business takes too long as it is without making myself more work & this way I don't have to buy any blue paint. The whole thing is a bit of an experiment for me as I have never laquered over vinly decals before so I wasn't even sure it would work. Not sure I'm happy with the stripes but it's done now so they will have to grow on me. The plan is to continue the stripes along on the top fairing so the tank ones have been strategically placed in order for this to happen (I hope). You can't tell from these pictures but the white is metalic & looks lovely in the flesh, honest. :oops: & here it all is drying sssllllllllooooooowwwwwwlllyyyyy. :roll: [img][/img] This was yesterday so today I flatted it all with 1500 grade paper then polished it using G3 cutting compound errmmm.. . stuff. :lol: I am more than happy with the finish of the laquer, straight out the gun but in my "not very ideal for spraying" garage there are loads of air borne particles (crap) that lands on my work which needs flatting out afterwards. I have another TRX front seat pad due which I will be mating with the front part of a spare FZ seat in an attempt to loose the gap between the tank & seat caused from using a seat that was designed for a different tank. Still have top fairing & lowers to paint yet so don't expect any pictures of that for at least a month ! I bought R1 brake hose's last month but they were too short so I now have FZR600 lines which is what the forks are from & they fit. I'm torn between getting this done fairly quickly & using the bike this year or fitting an EXUP lump & having the frame powder coated which will no doubt take at least another year, maybe longer ? Perhaps a compromise will be to get it all working then strip it & have the frame done this year which should only add a week on at the end. That will give me chance to use it as a 750 for a bit whilst I decide if it needs more power or not ? Off to bed now, my typey finger is hurting ! :lol: :lol: :lol:
1375 19/04/2010 21:29:31 tomster Re: Some pictures of my project [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Well I'm well impressed with your efforts, Graham. It's looking great so far and I like the stripey thing too. I'm just trying to tidy up at the moment and spent this evening getting covered in fibreglass and resin tring to fix the broken plastic bits. Doh![/font][/color][/b]:-x
1376 22/04/2010 17:12:32 Graham Re: Some pictures of my project I think I will be at that stage fairly soon Tom. Trial fitted the tank to see where the stripes need to go on the fairing today & cut some vinyl for the seat unit whilst I was at it. [img][/img] Reminds me of my old RZ250RR now it's mostly white. [img][/img] The lines on the seat are supposed to compliment the ones on the belly pan without going mad as I like the "mostly white" look. 8-) [img][/img] Top fairing needs a bit of repair work before it gets painted white. The tank stripes will then continue on the fairing once I buy some more vinyl sheets. Not sure how it will all turn out but I can always do it differently on the next one ! :-o :lol: [img][/img] I did the left side in a hurry & got it completely wrong so that will have to be done again now. :evil: I'm a bit worried that these colours are slightly wishy washy & will make the bike look errmmmm how can I put this.. . slightly gay ? :oops: Need to make some lugs next for the side fairing lowers & relocate the crash bungs. I'm finding the sight of my FZ very satisfying lately. :-D
1377 22/04/2010 20:06:09 oops-sorry Re: Some pictures of my project looking great Graham and thanks for the shock specs
1378 23/04/2010 16:36:27 tomster Re: Some pictures of my project [b][color=0000CC]It is reminiscent of an RD isn't it, but I think it looks great and I can't wait to see it with the fairing finished. [/color][/b]
1379 22/07/2009 06:05:56 bigshuford lots coolant draining out of the overflow...? I bought this "88" FZ750 from a guy and it ran good but had a water leak. It was leaking out of the weep hole so it was obviously the mechanical seal in the pump. I replaced the seals and now im getting a lot of coolant\water out of the overflow. It seems to flow out heavier when I rev it. When I say a lot I mean like 20 OZs in about 5 minutes. what causes this? blown head gasket? Air pockets? Please help...
1380 24/07/2009 20:55:18 EagleHawk Re: lots coolant draining out of the overflow...? I had a similar problem that turned out to be head gasket. You might want to check that your radiator cap hasn't gone weak. Much cheaper and easier than a head gasket if that ends up being the solution to your problems. On a side note, my radiator cap turned out to be weak as well, but replacing it only slightly remedied the problem, thus the head gasket being the next thing to fix and the ultimate culprit. -J
1381 25/07/2009 07:33:57 Nosforatu Re: lots coolant draining out of the overflow...? Had the same problem with mine just changed the radiator cap. :-) Now theres no coolant coming out and it runns cooler as it was getting hot real quick. Hope this helps :-)
1382 23/07/2009 00:29:29 oops-sorry any body have any spare parts when i bought my bike back from my neighbor there was a piece of it missing and he can not find it anywhere. ive checked ebay and cant find it there either. im looking for the plastic piece that is behind the seat and above the taillight. if anybody has one they are willing to part with let me know. i dont even care if it is cracked, as long as it is repairable
1383 24/07/2009 01:17:02 oops-sorry Re: any body have any spare parts never mind he finally found that piece. lol. its actually quite funny. first time he cant find the key, i post for some help and then the next day he finds the key. this time after waiting on him like what seems an eternity, i posted again asking for someone to sell me a piece, and the next day he finds it. maybe now i can get the bike back together :-D
1384 24/07/2009 04:19:44 bnail I need a steering stabilizer/dampner for a FZ750 Anyone know where to purchase? I want to keep the tank slapping to a minimum this time around so I'd like to get one before I ride it fast. A universal kit, a used one or a new model specific one.. Any would be great! Thanks
1385 28/07/2009 17:25:14 HFA_Ultima Hey everyone Hey guys I just picked up a 1986 FZ750 for 200 bucks. Bike doesnt run, has sat for about a year. The guy that I got it from said he bought it not running but the previous owner swore up and down it ran great. It needs a starter and I cannot find one. Any advice on getting one? Any advice on the bike in general? I cleaned the gas tank and will probably clean the carbs as well. I used to have a 2003 Z1000 and know this wont be as fun as that but am still hoping for a good time. Thanks
1386 28/07/2009 17:39:50 JMPDFZ700 Re: Hey everyone After sitting for awhile and not running, you should probably go through the wiring harness first and check for any melted/corroded connections. I have a FZ700 which was not getting any electrical power at various points, and it was mainly due to corrosion and melted connectors, so your starter may be fine. Try bypassing the starter solenoid and see if you get any signs of life. If you need a starter, search ebay. I saw quite a few up there, and there are also rebuild kits available. If you rebuild the carbs, replace the machine screws with allen heads so you don't have to worry as much about stripping them out.
1387 28/07/2009 18:23:29 HFA_Ultima Re: Hey everyone I found a couple but they were in Europe and some wouldnt ship to the US. I havent got the starter yet but I was gunna bump it with a battery to see if the arm comes out and spins. I figured it would have some elctrical issues. Not only has it been sitting for a extended period but its 23 years old. Its in overall good condition but for 200 bucks Im not scared to have to work on it a bit. I dont know if it will offend anyone but I might just pull the motor out and put it into a Banshee frame. Always wanted a quad with a rocket motor in it. Does anyone have any good links to info on the bikes, or a website dedicated to replacement parts for these?
1388 29/07/2009 04:46:16 PeterL Re: Hey everyone Hi, If Ebay doesnt work the site seems to have a lot of FZ750 parts. PeterL.
1389 28/07/2009 18:13:16 JMPDFZ700 FZ750 Manual Hi Everyone, I was browsing around the internet and found the FZ750 factory manual over at: [url=][/url] Thought this might help a few of you out there since it's not in the Files directory.
1390 29/07/2009 19:52:00 FZ750Horse Thunderbike UK I just posted some photos from my first race meeting here: Thunderbike UK is a class which allows pre-1990 inline four 750s (2FZs, an FZR750, a couple of GSXRs and several Kawasakis) to race against 400s, CBR600s, overbored SV650s, Ducati 748s, the Alto Vyrus and all sorts of other weird and wonderful creations. Great to watch, friendly to compete in - have a look here:
1391 31/07/2009 08:00:00 Nosforatu Re: Thunderbike UK Nice to see an fz being ridden well. Looks like yoe where running out of ground clearance did anything touch down. particularly like the pic titled Knackered. Good job Nos :-D
1392 02/08/2009 17:12:38 FZ750Horse Re: Thunderbike UK Some scuffing to the rear of the belly pan - nothing serious though, could mod the belly pan but might just need a bit more compression damping anyway.
1393 01/08/2009 11:26:51 Nosforatu Project ZERO ゼロ Hi all I thought I'd just post a few pics and words to show the development of my Bike ゼロ. [img][/img] This is how the bike came. [img][/img] This is the tial fit of the front end. :-D The steerer need modding to allow proper fitment so of to work on my holiday :lol: and one moddified steerer more detail later if anyones interested. [img][/img] :-? The short part is the top of the original it was only pressed in.
1394 01/08/2009 14:51:02 oops-sorry Re: Project ZERO ゼロ your bike is looking nice. i really like the color of it. if you can find a way of hiding all of the wiring in the front, i think it would actually look better without putting the fairings back on. keep up the good work
1395 11/09/2009 12:40:40 Nosforatu Re: Project ZERO ゼロ Sorry for the delay in posting have been slack. That is some most valuable info, you just have to love forums nad the people that populate them. Many thanks Wheaty :-D
1396 11/09/2009 14:53:24 djcrow22 Re: Project ZERO ゼロ Graham, Doubling back to the dust seal, for crying out loud order a new seal! Having the spacer machined to fit a worn seal is nuts. Half a mil isn't much and you can always machine it again to fit a new seal but...BTW, your girlfriend must be an angel. One thing I've noticed about you guys in England is that space is at a premium. Small garages and workspaces, pictures of motorcycles in the living room, drop cloths draped over kitchen counters ect. I have to hand it to ya, you get it done with what you have. We're the same way over here but there's just a lot more room. My garage is cramped but nothing like say, Glenn's garage or yours for that matter. Later, Kevin PS: I'd love to have a set of those ratcheting spanners like the one in the carb pic... My next door neighbors... [img][/img]
1397 12/09/2009 07:56:45 Nosforatu Re: Project ZERO ゼロ Not to the FZ but I went up 3 teeth on the TRX rear which felt like an extra 10bhp on acceleration. 8-) I think loosing 1 tooth off the front has roughly the same effect. Good if you use the bike for fairly short journeys but obviously you loose out on 5-10 mph top speed. You might find this useful ?
1398 12/09/2009 08:05:40 Graham Re: Project ZERO ゼロ The front end is off of a ZXR 400, thought i'd give it a try as i had it laying around from another project. Not going to streetfighter it will have a fairing I have the full fairing but would like to run the earlier half fairing but need to find some lowers which don't cost an arm & a leg plus some internal organs. It would be really nice to have an American style garage to work in, have been trying to clear some space in mine and you can just about get in now so more work todo. I did subcribe to rod and custom up til about a year ago and you guy's seem to have some good home workshop/garages. Keep up the good work Nos. 8-)
1399 17/09/2009 13:48:21 Nosforatu Re: Project ZERO ゼロ Its a red & white one innit! if you want one I got one for sale, its not as pretty as that one in the picture but it is 50,000kms & totally reliable well maintained & most of all cheap get back to me if you are up for it.
1400 11/10/2009 22:00:14 Graham Re: Project ZERO ゼロ Not as bad as I made it sound! :-D The first set of downpipes were on the bike when I got it in 1994 - they died of old age and were replaced with new ones which lasted about eight years before one of the headers cracked. I still have the third set - they were on the race bike until I got the Gibson system. The drain hole is a good idea, I did the same thing - you'll see the sense in it when the system is fitted.
1401 02/08/2009 23:47:46 oops-sorry can someone tell me what this part is called? it is the little black box, that is located under the upper fairing, on the right side as you are sitting on the bike. i think there are 9 wires coming out of it. i know for a fact it controls the turn signals and has something to do with the starter also. mine is bad and i need to try and find one. thanks
1402 03/08/2009 16:43:09 djcrow22 Re: can someone tell me what this part is called? It is the flasher relay assembly, SKU 41R-83350-71-00, $94 US, same part for 85/86 models. Kevin
1403 03/08/2009 20:18:29 oops-sorry Re: can someone tell me what this part is called? is it the same part number for my bike then? mine is an 87 fz700
1404 04/08/2009 12:33:52 JMPDFZ700 Re: can someone tell me what this part is called? It's the same part for an FZ700... I might have a spare kicking around, I'll get back to you on that later today.
1405 05/08/2009 14:38:07 JMPDFZ700 Re: can someone tell me what this part is called? I have two spares, I just have to check if they all work.
1406 05/08/2009 21:04:31 oops-sorry Re: can someone tell me what this part is called? thanks. that would be great. let me know how much if it is good.
1407 10/08/2009 23:11:59 fz700 gas tank problem thanks for the reply. i have also used these search terms, but i keep coming to dead ends. im actually looking for the one for the fz700, but im sure its the same as the fz750 different jets. but as of now, i can find neither one
1408 11/08/2009 10:22:02 bnail FZ750/1000 PICS [i]The board requires you to be registered and logged in to view this forum[/i] :-(
1409 11/08/2009 12:00:07 Nosforatu Re: FZ750/1000 PICS [img][/img] I hope this works crossed fing[URL=¤t=fz750restore020.jpg][IMG][/IMG][/URL]ers glennyam
1410 11/08/2009 12:56:48 daddyjay Re: FZ750/1000 PICS Slightly off topic but: the fz 600 is just the japan spec 400 but with an xj 600 motor.
1411 11/08/2009 16:26:18 djcrow22 GlennYam's FZ pics Thanks Glenn, just wanted to check with you first... Enjoy your vacation/holiday. You did a wicked pissa (Boston term for really great)job on your build. I'm from Mass originally and ended up in California while in the Navy and now in Washington. My dream holiday is over your way to the Isle of Mann for the TT, England and then the rest of Europe. Have a good time. Kevin
1412 15/08/2009 08:14:44 wheaty8918 Re: GlennYam's FZ pics where are you located at? im just trying to figure out roughly how much shipping would be
1413 15/08/2009 10:47:42 Graham Re: GlennYam's FZ pics I haven't done much track riding but if its of any interest I did manage to take a few photo's of my clocks at 150mph whilst on the autobahn in Germany, the handling is that good that it was a piece of cake & I,ve still got the photo's. In the early 90,s I had an FZR1000 barrel and pistons grafted onto my FZ crankcases (taking it to 911cc) and got it to do 160.7mph at a 2 mile long runway used for top speed testing, if I'd geared it up I would have got more out of it because it was easily revving out but I didn't get that chance.
1414 15/08/2009 11:27:04 Nosforatu Re: GlennYam's FZ pics wheaty I'm guessing you fitted the 1000 carbs yes ?
1415 15/08/2009 13:17:35 wheaty8918 Re: GlennYam's FZ pics Yes still have the original stuff poked in the garage. Have modded the zxr stem but may still try the fz one pressedout and fitted the good thing with the zxr stem was that the bottom bearing are the same size and the fz one fitted the top part which I had to extend. I may also later just make a complete new stem now that i have one to measure that i know works. :-D It's all just a matter of time :hammer: I have an exup swingarm to fit up with anthunderace rear wheel which I stupidly thought would be a straight fit, But turns out that the spindle on the thunderace is much larger (technical term, haven't measured it yet)than the exup which comes in at 23mm so E-bay is now furnishing me with an exup spindle at more cost. Then I'll have to either make top hat spacers to fit the bearings in the wheel or change the bearings to suit. (bearings = money,spacers= time) same old equasion. Still enough rambling must go do some shopping then hopefully finish rebuilding the tokico four pot calippers. :-o
1416 15/08/2009 14:58:35 oops-sorry Re: GlennYam's FZ pics Glad some of you like the photo, the rear wheel is a Marvic Penta with a 190 back tyre which really brings it up to date and theres also an Ohlins shock in there. The bike is also fitted with an FZR1000 Genesis engine with Exup carbs, which are a little bit more tricky to fit than the standard 1000 Genesis carbs but work far better. I've also got a set of R1 forks and brakes to be fitted but have got a lot of work to do before getting the front end finished. I think the purple looks far better than the photo's do it justice.
1417 15/08/2009 15:51:46 wheaty8918 Re: GlennYam's FZ pics i really like the way you bike looks wheaty. have you got any pics of it?
1418 15/08/2009 18:02:05 Graham Re: GlennYam's FZ pics Don't know if it will help in your case mate but again, the YZF750 rear wheel gets fitted to a lot of TRX's as it allows for a wider tyre (180 instead of 160). This too has a different sized spindle so the trick is to replace the wheel bearings for the ones that suit the thinner TRX spindle as the outer dimensions are identical & you will probably replace the bearings anyhow if the wheel is 2nd hand. :-D Having said all that,I would be tempted to sniff out a cheap EXUP wheel & tyre with spindle if you could, be less messing about.
1419 17/08/2009 09:14:43 wheaty8918 Re: GlennYam's FZ pics Just a quick note to show another bike that I have, it was bought in complete pieces as a basket case and is 30 years old. At a track day at Donnington track last year it was the only two stroke there and it was nice to see it getting some attention as its old and different.
1420 17/08/2009 09:28:34 Graham Re: GlennYam's FZ pics [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img][img][/img] Nice one wheaty mate. Don't think I've seen an X-7 since the late 80's ! I do a bit of work at a body shop where one of the blokes there has got an X-5. 8-)
1421 08/09/2009 07:46:00 wheaty8918 Re: GlennYam's FZ pics Hi, FZ750Horse is RIGHT! get yourself a good Multimeter and learn how to use it, if you havent already, after 22 bikes I'd like a dollar for every part I've bought that wasnt the problem, with the meter you can trace the wiring to the fault, which may not be the CDI, PeterL.
1422 08/09/2009 08:34:04 Graham Re: GlennYam's FZ pics As requested, just a few more pics of my moped
1423 08/09/2009 09:34:59 wheaty8918 Re: GlennYam's FZ pics I love the fact we have some pictures to view on here now, makes it much more homely. :lol: [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Nice one Wheaty. Always wondered what my TRX indicators would look like on the FZ, now I know. :-D Some of the details on your bike are very impressive. Love the chrome water pipes & polished engine casing. 8-) Sorry to ask but is your headlight cracked ? :-(
1424 08/09/2009 11:32:44 Graham Re: GlennYam's FZ pics Hiya Graham, I've tried to follow your instructions to put the pics on the site but still no luck. As mentioned previously, my indicators are yzf but with the stems cut down (which wasn't easy). The headlight got cracked after a mate threw a stone up from his 350LC about 17 years ago, it just adds to the history of the bike and it still works so I see no point in changing it, I've had the bike since September 1988 & I'll sell my house before I sell the bike, if anyone's wondering, its in a bit of a restoration point at the mo hence the battery charger and other bits that need sorting.
1425 17/08/2009 21:22:18 bnail A couple of pics of my bike so far. Seems that some people are still struggling to post pictures so see if this is any clearer. When you click "reply" on any thread, you should be faced with this screen or similar depending on your internet browser. [img][/img] I have circled in red, the button that needs to be clicked in order to paste your image url/short cut. Not the best circle but you get the idea. Once clicked you should then be faced with this. [img][/img] Sorry it's so small but you should be able to see the pop up box where you can paste your picture's link then click "ok". Another box opens up but just click "ok" again without doing anything & that should be it. The picture doesn't show until you "submit" your post. Hope that makes a bit more sense.
1426 17/08/2009 21:34:35 Graham Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. Hi all, This is how it looks so far, i thought i'd use it as is this summer to make sure it handles ok before i go any further, much to my relief it handles and goes great. I hope the pics work ok if not im sure someone will help me out. Robbo. [img][/img] [img][/img]
1427 17/08/2009 21:44:05 bnail Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. Hiya Robbo350. Have a read of this thread regards posting pictures. It still didn't work so I've had to replace the [IMG][/IMG] from your links for lower case versions as the forum seems to prefer this. :-D Nice bike. Another with the EXUP arm fitted I see. Loving the radial front calipers. 8-) Where'y from mate ?
1428 17/08/2009 21:47:56 Graham Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. I see you got your pictures to work Robbo, nice one. Did you read my thread or work it out for yourself ? I've deleted the ones in my post now. :-D
1429 18/08/2009 08:27:32 Graham Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. Cheers for that Graham, so was that all that was wrong, should've been lower case? Im from up north in the lake district. robbo.
1430 18/08/2009 15:38:37 wheaty8918 Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. There's a bit more to it than that Robbo as you will see once you've read my thread "posting pictures on the forum" I think it's called. :-?
1431 18/08/2009 16:38:31 bnail Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. Nice one Robbo, I can't make up my mind if you've got R1 or R6 running gear, it looks good though. If you've got R1 forks, did you have to get them extended coz I think that they're slightly shorter than FZ forks? If not then how does it handle compared to standard? You're brake mastercylinders look good too. Your exhaust reminds me of a Vance and Hinds exhaust I had some years ago, it was the best sounding exhaust I've ever had although the locals may disagree. Nice job.
1432 18/08/2009 23:25:50 djcrow22 Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. Graham, i read your post and i'd pretty much done what you said but for some reason the img bit was in capitals, as soon as i changed them to lower case like you said it worked. Wheaty, The front end is 05 R1, the rear wheel is R6.The forks are extended by putting 20mm spacers under the cartridges and machining up longer bolts to compensate but in this photo ive slid the forks up through the yokes 20mm to simulate removing the spacers. Ive been using it like this and it still handles great, not slappy at all and no ground clearance probs either and its had a good workout as the back roads round here are proper bumpy with hump back bridges and the like so i'm gonna take the spacers out. I think the ohlins on the back helps aswell though. The front pipes are allegedly ex Dale Quarterly AMA items although i cant say for sure.I made up the link pipe to suit the can and yes i dont think my neighbours are too keen on it either. :lol:
1433 19/08/2009 14:15:48 Nosforatu Re: A couple of pics of my bike so far. So when you had shifting problems, was the shifter physically difficult to move? Does your bike suddenly lunge when you shift into gear, like the clutch is engaged no matter what, or is it a slow bog? I had a stuck clutch/lunging problem when I rebuilt a CB750F and a CB350G, where the plates got stuck together and would cause a stall. Try removing all the plates and see if the bike will shift into gear just fine so as to isolate the problem to the clutch. But, seeing as how you've had all those plates taken apart before, I feel like the clutch slave might not be putting out enough pressure... have you noticed any leaking fluid?
1434 05/09/2009 20:23:38 FZ750Dude NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD hi guys. thanks for the replies, i didn't get notification cause i didn't set the forum preferences to do so. Duh for me!. anyhow, did a compression check some time ago and found that most comp was down a bit or to 50psi, and just tonight pulled the engine down ready for a clean and a headoff. sounds like crap under the valves as the exhaust port view is pretty ugly with crap on the stems. a good clean should work wonders. will keep you all posted here. thanks for the help. zoltan
1435 06/09/2009 16:33:48 djcrow22 Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD I'm not sure what you are asking. Are the R1 bolt holes 34mm apart? You must have the FZ fairing and the FZ holes are 56mm apart outside edge to edge with the center to center hole dimension of 46mm. Don't know if this helps...Kevin
1436 07/09/2009 03:00:10 FZ750Dude Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD Dude, I have one, right number, but I can't guarantee it works. The '86 donor I have hasn't run since I bought it. Email me if you're interested. Are you in the States? Kevin
1437 07/09/2009 16:17:34 djcrow22 Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD I have an 86 fz750 and awhile ago the bike started running weird. most of the time it would run fine and occasionally it would start acting like it was running out of gas and usually die and wouldnt start again. But if I just turn the key off and back on then it will start right up. Then it started getting worse and now it wont start at all. Plus anytime it started to die the tach would start acting eratic and die but turn the key and it worked fine. I have no spark on either coil so I didnt just lose a coil. Everything else, lights horn fuel pump, works just fine so its not the ignition. I am suspecting the cdi/ignitor. What do you guys think. If so, if anyone has a spare they could part with, please let me know.
1438 07/09/2009 17:08:08 FZ750Dude Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD Graham, I got so excited I forgot how to read! Plus you folks are on the metric system...Not buying that I imagine. HAHA.Did you catch the races yesterday in Misano? The 250 race was crazy good. Anyhow, good to hear from you and no worries on the pics. Whenever. It's been a dream of mine to spend a couple of months in Europe and England and see as much racing as possible. The Isle of Man first week of June is a must as well as everything in your neck of the woods... Take care, Kevin PS: Ben Spies rocks!
1439 07/09/2009 17:37:37 djcrow22 Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD that sounds fair. but before we go through that i posted the issues I was having in the engine section. let me see if anyone comments to confirm or deny wether it actually is the cdi first. If they confirm then I will take you up on that offer. Do you have paypal and where are you located?
1440 07/09/2009 18:00:23 FZ750Dude Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD I'm up in Washington State near Tacoma. I have a Paypal acct. as well. Let me know what you decide to do. Take care, Kevin
1441 08/09/2009 16:00:41 djcrow22 Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD ok thanks. I will clean and check the connections. If it were the kill switch though wouldn't it not turn over either?
1442 13/09/2009 04:24:07 FZ750Dude Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD I was trying to gear my 86 fz750 so I could pull the front wheel off the ground. so far I am down to a 13 up front with 46 out back and still can barely pop it. But my red-line speed is down to 125mph. great acceleration though. I can get to 110 by the end of an on-ramp. I think doing 70 in 6th I was running about 6400 rpm. at stock I think i was doing 68 in 5th at 6500rpm red lining at about 152mph. Im thinking about putting the front to a 15 and leaving it.
1443 13/09/2009 07:29:01 PeterL Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD Ok, I tried all the stuff that I was told to try and still nothing, so I would appreciate it if you could send me yours. My email is with a zero) send me an email so we arent putting our personals out there and I will send you my address, etc. Justin
1444 16/09/2009 17:31:19 djcrow22 Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD Evil. Pete's correct. there's a crank case bolt residing at the bottom of the cam chain galley which is only accesible after cyl is removed. G
1445 21/11/2009 19:12:47 djcrow22 Re: NEED A CDI/IGNITOR REALLY BAD I will check the valves .my air box rubbes are new so are the carb stubs
1446 11/09/2009 14:54:00 slydvl 1985 and 1986 Nos, Looks good, what is the fr end off of? The red engine paint has got to go bro! I was just commenting to Graham about the limited work spaces you guys deal with. Needless to say I'm impressed with the work your mates accomplish working outside, in the dirt, in generally cramped quarters. Is your bike going to be a streetfighter style? Keep the pics coming, I really enjoy what my English friends are up to... Kevin Eye candy... [img][/img]
1447 11/09/2009 15:11:27 djcrow22 Re: 1985 and 1986 i have the opportunity to buy a 1986 750 , rough but complete and a good price. does anybody know if the 86 engine will fit in my 85 fz? will it slide right in or will i have to do some mods? thanks
1448 11/09/2009 19:33:11 slydvl Re: 1985 and 1986 Ha ! I've got that picture saved to my pc Kevin but it says something different on their T shirts. :-D You would never get any work done to the bikes if they really were your neighbours. ;-) The ratches spanners were dirt cheap from a wholsale place by me. Bit too bulky for every job but nice when you can use them. 8-) I have spent another whole day on the FZ subframe today welding it to the rest of the bike but I'm off out with the other half right now so will post some pictures when I get back. It looks superb if I do say so myself. :-D
1449 11/09/2009 22:36:27 djcrow22 Re: 1985 and 1986 ok ok i take it back its almost mint compared to yours! i picked it up. it starts and runs great. took it for a blast down the street. transmission and everything seem good. tank, fairings and EVERYTHING else is pretty much scrap in my opinion. but who knows, maybe i'll find a thing or two that i can keep as spares i'll hopefully pull the engine over the next few days and swap it into my other bike. i'm not even positive if the other bikes have engine problems or what (i have 2 fz 750's) i'm just tired of trying to get them to run. since this new one runs well, i'll do the swap and at least be able to ride one bike while i am trying to sort out whats wrong with the others thanks for the reply i will keep you posted on how these projects go besides, there is a wealth of information here, and lord knows i need all the help i can get!!
1450 11/09/2009 22:51:18 Graham Re: 1985 and 1986 HAHa.. No worries, there is a bunch of guys here who have seen just about any problem with an FZ so you're in good company. Good luck with the engine swap. I have a failing starter clutch in my '85 and I'm considering doing the same engine swap myself. Keep us posted on how you're doing.. take care, Kevin My old girlfriend... [img][/img]
1451 12/09/2009 14:46:31 slydvl Re: 1985 and 1986 i use to ride 4 wheelers alot. and i would change sprockets according to what type of riding i was doing for the day. if i remember i was told -1 tooth off front sprocket = +2 1/2 teeth on the rear sprocket. i was thinking about adding 2 teeth to the rear sprocket. but i was wondering what r.p.m. that would put me at for cruising. i dont really want to be cruising for long periods of time at 6000 or higher. it definately couldnt be good on the motor.
1452 12/09/2009 15:16:16 slydvl Re: 1985 and 1986 i believe that i read somewhere, in order to replace the starter, you have to split the case open? if thats true, i would rather do an engine swap too! Nick
1453 12/09/2009 16:02:55 djcrow22 Re: 1985 and 1986 so i decided to pull the carbs off of the "new" fz that i bought and put them on one of the other bikes. Bike fired up and runs beautifully! Which i am really happy about, of course. And now i know that the only problem i have had all along were carb issues. the crappy thing is, I HAVE NO FRIGGIN CLUE what i am doin wrong on these carbs! any tips from anybody about cleaning and setting up the carbs would be appreciated. is there an easy way to set the floats? anybody have a copy of the procedure that i can try to follow? when i cleaned the carbs,i didnt touch the float adjustment. i didnt think i would need to, but im thinking now that could be the only thing thanks
1454 14/09/2009 07:52:17 wheaty8918 Re: 1985 and 1986 It may be worth trying NRP Carbs in Manchester England as I managed to get a diaphram for ふ0 for my FZ, although it is fitted with EXUP carbs, it should be worth trying though.
1455 14/09/2009 20:45:49 slydvl Re: 1985 and 1986 Hi, Your right the advantage was minimal (4kph) I mainly did it for chain life and that worked, my type of riding I dont need faster down low but higher touring speed at lower revs, I've due for a gear change about Xmas, and will try 17x45 which going by should change the top speed from standard 233.1 to 242.1kph and slightly lower revs, PeterL.
1456 12/09/2009 03:56:52 oops-sorry anybody change their sprockets? I like to have something to take my mind off the fact I'm not earning any money when work goes slack & the last few days have been just that so there is more progress to report today. :-D As I mentioned earlier, there is no electric where the FZ lives so I got a mate to help me load it in the back of my van today. 1.5 miles later we pull up outside his new/old house where I get to work welding the diy sub-frame to the FZ's frame. Had a few panic attacks trying to line everything up as the Yamaha sub frame was miles out but then I remembered we had just shoved it in my van with the rails hanging by a thread as I cut them all yesterday. :roll: Between us we had bent the rear end out of line quite badly. Once happy it was back where it belonged I found a screw driver the perfect length to jam between the tyre & sub frame & hold it all at the height I wanted it. [img][/img][img][/img] Having cleaned all the Yamaha rails down to bare metal everywhere the new frame touched it I was ready to tack it in place. More lining up & squinting through 1 eye from every angle possible & I was off. [img][/img][img][/img] The whole thing will take my weight (198lb) at the back on the smallest horizontal rail but I still want to weld 2 supporting rails from there to the top of the old rails so there is a complete box there when I'm finished. It's overkill as I will never take a passenger but one day I might sell the bike to someone who wants to ? Finished off with lots of mateys red oxide on everything for protection incase I don't touch it again until next year ! :lol: :lol: :lol: This is how it looks now with the "sacrificial" seat unit in place. I call it that because it's getting so badly abused it will only be good for a skip by the time I'm done with it & my white one turned up today too. 8-) [img][/img] Few more things I noticed today, my headlight frame is bent along with my right hand clip on & my welding skills are on a par with whoever built the FZ frame 22 years ago ! :lol: Function over form I say. ;-)
1457 12/09/2009 07:43:28 Graham Re: anybody change their sprockets? im just wondering if anybody has done this? if so, did you change the front or the back? how many teeth? and finally, how did you like the outcome of it?
1458 12/09/2009 09:01:55 FZ750Horse Re: anybody change their sprockets? You might be glad of those GTR clip-ons on a long journey mate ? Do they clear the fairing with levers attached & do all the cables/hoses reach ok ? They would be my choice as long as they don't look silly.
1459 12/09/2009 13:47:08 oops-sorry Re: anybody change their sprockets? I emailed this midnormold ebay seller yesterday (his name is Paul) & he says he will make more of these infill panels with a pre-payment via cheque as they are fiddly & he doesn't want to make them without a guaranteed sale which is fair enough. Didn't say how much they were though ? That last panel sold for ぷ.50 !
1460 13/09/2009 04:10:46 FZ750Dude Re: anybody change their sprockets? Jaja Binx??? That hurts!!! If I really knew any of these gals my wife would never let me out of her sight. Beautiful women and good looking motorcycles just seem to go together. See what I mean... [img][/img]
1461 13/09/2009 04:13:32 FZ750Dude Re: anybody change their sprockets? I was trying to gear my 86 fz750 so I could pull the front wheel off the ground. so far I am down to a 13 up front with 46 out back and still can barely pop it. But my red-line speed is down to 125mph. great acceleration though. I can get to 110 by the end of an on-ramp. I think doing 70 in 6th I was running about 6400 rpm. at stock I think i was doing 68 in 5th at 6500rpm red lining at about 152mph. Im thinking about putting the front to a 15 and leaving it.
1462 13/09/2009 11:05:40 Graham Re: anybody change their sprockets? Hi, You dont say where you're from, if your not sure it works why waste your time!! theres one on Ebay, listing 170380303072, although you would have to be quick as its ending soon, but at least they say it works, PeterL.
1463 13/09/2009 19:34:08 oops-sorry Re: anybody change their sprockets? I think it was PeterL who mentioned an ebay seller "midnormold" who used to make the infill panels. I have been chatting with him via email for the last few days & he tells me there will be a new lot ready towards the end of this month. :-D Price is a very reasonable ぴ8.00 per pair delivered for UK buyers but there was no mention of posting overseas. His real name is Paul & his number is; 07872613020 I wasn't going to bother but at that price, will be ordering a pair towards the end of the month if anyone wants to know what they are like.
1464 13/09/2009 23:35:14 PeterL Re: anybody change their sprockets? I removed all the bolts and the lower casing is still not coming apart....any hints or help??? do the cylinders have to come off too?????
1465 13/09/2009 23:52:08 oops-sorry Re: anybody change their sprockets? Hi, Manual states "On all models, the cylinders must be removed before removing the lower crankcase half" (Clymer} PeterL.
1466 14/09/2009 13:46:22 PeterL Re: anybody change their sprockets? From problems that I've had in the past, I would imagine that your problem could be blocked pilot jets. It isn't too difficult to sort out if you're competent enough. All you've got to do is to take the float bowl covers off the individual carbs, but be careful because the bolts are made of jelly, which is why I've replaced mine with allen bolts, and then unscrew the jets (do the pilot and main jets) in the centre of the carbs and look through them to see if they are blocked. If the main jets are blocked (the larger ones) then you may be able to clear them but if the pilot jets are blocked then it is a swine of a job to clear as they are so small and as they are quite cheap it is worth just buying new. While you have your float bowls off it is worth just giving the inside of the carb a good clean to remove any congealed (old) fuel that will have solidified over time. When you put the carbs back together, don't be too heavy handed when you screw the bolts back into the carbs as you COULD strip the threads from the carb body (as I have in the past) Hope this helps, its not too difficult a job.
1467 14/09/2009 21:33:35 oops-sorry Re: anybody change their sprockets? thanks i will pull them and clean them again. found a manual so i will go through all the trouble, and it seems like ALOT of trouble, to adjust the floats wish me luck!
1468 16/09/2009 19:42:15 mtw1988 what kidn of bike is this? Peter, How are things down under? I think I made more than a fair offer to FZdude. Just trying to help out. It cost $2.75 to ship it and I asked for no money in advance. If it works that's great. If not he's out three bucks to mail it back. I have bought a lot of parts online and no one has made me the same offer. Just saying... American girls... [img][/img]
1469 16/09/2009 20:30:31 FZ750Horse Re: what kidn of bike is this? what kind of bike like this? how much could i get for it please help any information be very helpful i know nothing about bikes
1470 16/09/2009 21:25:58 Graham Re: what kidn of bike is this? That looks like a very tidy 2MG Fz750 from 1987 - 1989, though I think the US FZ700 was near identical. You don't say where you are, but in the UK they make very little money - near mint, low mileage bikes usually go for about べ50
1471 16/09/2009 22:48:32 oops-sorry Re: what kidn of bike is this? [img][/img]Looks like the same model as mine which is a 1987 E registered 2MG only that one is much much tidier ! 8-) Projects in need of minimal work fetch as little as ふ00 which is criminal from a sellers point of view but good if you're looking for a cheap, reliable bike with a good pedigree & more character than Dick Emery ! :lol: :lol: :lol: I might be showing my age there. :-P You would need to view it of course so if as you say, you know nothing about bikes I would advise taking someone who knows lots. Is it for sale then ?
1472 16/09/2009 23:09:29 steven53 Re: what kidn of bike is this? If you want a braced swingarm then your best choice is YZF 750, 0W01 style, not that you will see much advantage as the frame still bends & flexes. what I would do is buy a race bike, but if you wont then try this: shorten the wheel base, make the swingarm 45mm shorter at the wheel spindle, lift the shock up 15mm then loose lots of weight off the old nail ie lighter wheels (fat rims 17" is best)then spend lots of money on good suspension front & back as STD stuff is total rubbish, there is nothing you can do about it apart from spend money chasing what Yamaha have done...... & thats build a new bike....R6...R1 best of luck.
1473 28/09/2009 19:39:34 nistein Cant get my bike to start Any news on yours nosforatu ? Would original ZXR400 clip ons work ? What does nosforatu mean ? :-? :lol:
1474 28/09/2009 22:30:56 Kdane Re: Cant get my bike to start Sorry it's not a Yamaha folks but for what I paid, & what it's capable of I couldn't care less ! I'm well into the older stuff so this is quite modern by my standards but it was still old enough (1992) to get my attention when I saw it advertised 2 weeks ago. [img][/img] For those who don't know, it's an early Honda CBR900RR fireblade. It has had roughly ぴ000.00 worth of engine work done by a well known tuning company called TTS & a へ00.00 Akrapovic exhaust. The standard 898cc is now nearly 980cc thanks to a big bore conversion. Standard bikes are roughly 120bhp. I have a dyno read out for this one showing 135bhp ! The bloke I bought it from seems to have spent more time cleaning it than riding it so I'm making it my mission to even out the balance a bit. :-D Front wheel points at the sky in 1st & 2nd gear using nothing more than throttle so I'm having to watch myself a bit more than usual. :-o Needless to say the TRX850 I have mentioned elsewhere on here is up for sale as I am well & truly skint now. :-( I've still got just enough money for fuel so that's all that matters really isn't it. :-D Oh and the FZ is staying of course. I would probably only get enough for a round of drinks for it at the minute and as the fireblade (cheesy name) wants for nothing I will still need something to get my hands dirty on won't I ? :lol: :lol:
1475 29/09/2009 00:04:32 oops-sorry Re: Cant get my bike to start Hiya! I'm new here, so first off a big hello to all of you. I just picked up a couple of FZ750's the other day. They are pretty rough, but the price was right (free!!). One is complete except for the gauge cluster, the other is missing some bits and pieces and is a parts bike for the first. Here's some pics for your viewing pleasure. Also, anyone happen to know what this switch does? Thanks!
1476 02/10/2009 02:01:37 nistein Re: Cant get my bike to start i just priced out rebuild kits from the dealer and they want almost 100.00 per caliper. any suggestions where i might find them cheaper online? thanks
1477 02/10/2009 07:52:06 Graham Re: Cant get my bike to start ok i found the plug and it was for the radiator so that was not it. it is not cranking over at all the only sound in the fuel pump clicking and i just tried to start it and fuel came out the overflow. the lights come on and everything like it is getting power and the battery was fine when i started all this so i dont think it is the battery. thats where im at now
1478 02/10/2009 13:46:24 nistein Re: Cant get my bike to start I would be checking for 12 volts at the starter motor when the button is pressed. If you have got it then the motor could be stuck or shot, if not then the problem lies further back so maybe the switch itself ? I'm not an FZ expert like a lot of the blokes on here (yet) but that's what I would be looking at regardless. Do the lights dim when you try to engage the starter ? I might also be tempted to disconnect the lights for now incase them coming on is related to the starter not working.
1479 02/10/2009 15:52:51 Graham Re: Cant get my bike to start Yes the lights dim when i try and start it and the fuel pump clicks and then nothing. except for last time fuel came out the overflow. i clean my cards could it be possible that the float is stuck or something that is wht it keeps feeding it fuel.
1480 02/10/2009 22:28:02 nistein Re: Cant get my bike to start Did you take the carbs apart to clean them or just blow them out with air ? If 1 or more floats are stuck then fuel may have filled one of the combustion chambers ? Bit extreme but I have hear of instances where this has happened. With 1 pot full of fuel on the compression stroke the engine will never turn over. If the bike ran before you messed with it then I'm guessing it's something you've done to change things ie, cleaned the carbs. Stuck floats would be a good starting point.
1481 29/09/2009 12:58:06 hollywood My restored 1986 FZ 750 Hello Nistein, The clicking noise is most likely the fuel pump. Check the choke to make sure the cable is clamped in the right place so when its pulled it actually is working. How many pins does the black plug have? The black plugs on my 85 are for the headlight, rad fan and a little relay (not sure what for) I have been rebuilding and the coils are bad so check you spark also.
1482 29/09/2009 12:58:49 hollywood Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 welcome to the forum. i was like you a few years ago, i worked on cars but i was new to bikes. but i learned they are pretty much similar. is the bike cranking over? is it getting spark? how about fuel? on my bike if the battery is bad, but i am using a battery charger it still wont start. but with a fresh battery it will fire right over with no problem. you might also check the engine kill switch. did you have the clutch in while trying to start it? is the clutch switch working properly. as i said there are many things similar to the way a car starts, but just start with the basics. good luck
1483 29/09/2009 12:59:34 hollywood Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 Hi bikers, I'm a new member of this club: my name is Fabiano and I'm an italian bikers. Today I would like to show you my 1986 FZ 750. I bought it the 16th January 2009 and after about 7 months I finished to restore it. Now the bike is perfect and I love it very much!! I hope you like the result of my restoration ;) Enjoy with the pictures!! [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]
1484 29/09/2009 13:00:05 hollywood Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]
1485 29/09/2009 14:35:36 daddyjay Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]
1486 30/09/2009 19:20:23 bnail Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]
1487 13/10/2009 10:50:39 hollywood Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 Thank you guys!! I like the FZ until I'm 11 years old (I saw it for the very first time in the movie "Troppo Forte"). I found this bike in Turin and after a lot of months of restoration, now it seems like new!!
1488 16/10/2009 03:39:13 85fz7505v Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 Wow, good work... I spent 2 years on my fz and I couldn't make mine look anything like that.
1489 16/10/2009 08:18:27 hollywood Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 Thank you very much, 85fz7505v!! I spent 7 months (and a lot of money) to restore this bike, but now I'm very proud of it. Have you some pictures of your bike? Initially, I was looking for a 1985 version (the grey/red version), but at the end I found this 1986 version and I fell in love!! :-D
1490 22/10/2009 01:58:14 85fz7505v Re: My restored 1986 FZ 750 Nah unfortunately I stripped her naked now so she's all apart and ugly. But I know after i finish up with her, I'll be soo proud and happy! :-D No matter how beat up she looks.
1491 01/10/2009 16:51:47 lostin202 New to FZ's, just picked up a project bike (FZ750's) finally got to take my 85 fz750 for a blast, but it didnt last long the right front brake started to seize up and smoke. after letting the bike sit for a while, it freed itself up, but as i started to ride it again, it started smoking i am assuming because it was only the one caliper, that the caliper is the issue but just wanted to check with you guys if it might be the master cylinder? thanks
1492 01/10/2009 17:28:53 Graham Re: New to FZ's, just picked up a project bike (FZ750's) If your master cylinder fails I would expect the opposite to happen as it looses the ability to push fluid down the brake hose unless the piston is seizing up but as you say, it's only happening on 1 caliper so that rules it out completely for me. If you had changed/upgraded the master cylinder for one from a different bike & used the wrong front lever this can also cause brakes to bind but again, I would expect both fronts to do it. I would have them both off anyway for a strip & rebuild. From past experience I have found that once 1 starts playing up the other is usually not far behind. If the pistons move freely in both calipers I would then look at your hose. If you have standard/stock rubber hose or dare I suggest, the original hose from 1985 ! I would renew these too as they break down over time (all rubber does) & bits of crap/rubber then contaminate the fluid causing more problems. Would be a good time to check the master cylinder whilst the system is drained of fluid too. Probably THE most vital component of any bike so peace of mind is very important with front brakes. You can't beat the feeling of knowing your front brakes have been overhauled. You can then concentrate on all the other odd noises it's making ! :lol: :lol: :lol:
1493 01/10/2009 17:41:28 daddyjay Re: New to FZ's, just picked up a project bike (FZ750's) Hiya matey, you can't beat freebies ! :-D That's the reserver fuel switch mate, plugs in to the sender unit under the tank. [img][/img] I would kill for your headlight ! 8-) Wanna sell it to me ? [img][/img][img][/img] Think I would be tempted to try & make both of those good again. :-D Where'ya from ?
1494 01/10/2009 18:20:35 lostin202 Re: New to FZ's, just picked up a project bike (FZ750's) A little bit of T-cut should sort those 2 out, I've taxed worse! The switch on the bottom is the fuel reserve switch, they are electronic on the FZ. Good luck with the rebuild. :-)
1495 16/10/2009 03:36:36 85fz7505v Re: New to FZ's, just picked up a project bike (FZ750's) Good luck on your project, I almost lost motivation and heart to finish my bike. It's a pain in the butt to find parts!!! Plus I have to work on this outside in the cold and dark, but that's another story.
1496 08/10/2009 17:23:03 eltofto fzr running real rough! So it continues, my ever growing budget for this FZ of mine. :-( I have just bought an FZR750 rear shock for it now which looks like it should have been rebuilt by Noah, before he started work on the ark so was wondering if anyone could recommend a company to do this ? Not build an ark, rebuild my shock. Needs to be in England & nothing too fancy (expensive). Fankoooo. :-D
1497 08/10/2009 17:31:10 daddyjay Re: fzr running real rough! hey... guys ive just rescued a 89 fzr750...and its need of help. thing is i dont know where to start. it wont charge its batt so it needs a new regulator, it ran sweet when i first got it, but i bumped started it today and it ran very badly. riding down the road i open the throttle it lurches forward and nearly chokes itself out.... then it just cuts out... i dont understand as when i first got it it ran like a dream? now the batts flat it can barely run? surely no charge in the batt would cause this when the engines running? i dont have the lights on or anything like that would demand power from the batt.. i dunno? any ideas will be greatly recieved..
1498 09/10/2009 12:02:03 eltofto Re: fzr running real rough! You might be ok with that remote reservoir - I think the problem with the 2mg FZ one was that there was no way to re-gas them. Steve Jordan will probably know if you ring him. Good luck.
1499 13/10/2009 08:27:11 rclifford FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions Hi Guys, I'm new to the board having just bought a 85 FZ750 with 62,000 miles on that I plan to restore to it's original glory, I have a few questions that I wanted to know if you could advise on: 1. Parts manuals and service manuals, I haven稚 seen any on Ebay, are these available electronically that you know of? 2. Whilst the engine runs fine, it feels a little vibey, so I plan to strip it, paint it and rebuild it, anything is should definitely replace whilst I have the engine striped, I was thinking valve seals, rings, cam chain & blade, clutch. I will also check all the main bearing whilst they are apart. 3. I was going to repaint the engine, anyone have aby experience of having an engine blasted to remove the old paint? 4. Chassis, again a full strip, powdercoat rebuild, replacing bearings as needed, any feedback? 5. Exhaust, it has a period Harris 4 into 1, that is too loud for me. Not many options left on pipes, any advice 6. Finally I am in eth UK, any good Yamaha dealer for older bikes?, I rebuilt a Fireblade last year and used David Silver for Honda parts, great delivery and good prices. Lots of questions, thanks for the help Ross
1500 13/10/2009 11:59:16 PeterL Re: FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions HI, has in the parts and service section all parts catalog/owners manual etc for the FZ, free, you will have to register but thats not a problem. PeterL.
1501 13/10/2009 13:02:13 daddyjay Re: FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions If you want a manual on hard copy do a search for Clymer manuals, have found mine very useful. There as a thread recently about good dealers for the FZs, I'll try and find it... Can't find the page but think the general consensus was Webb's of Lincoln, Fowlers in Bristol or Flitwick Motorcycles in Bedfordshire.
1502 13/10/2009 19:07:32 FZ750Horse Re: FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions Definitely replace the output shaft bearing when the crank cases are split and see previous threads re. the starter clutch assembly. Predator exhausts do a good stainless system Dave Hook at Haslemere MCs (now at Whitehill in Hants) is very knowledgeable about FZs. Factory manuals and parts books on CD turn up on eBay every so often - buy both - it's amazing how much better you get on with Parts Managers if you can supply part numbers! Good luck Horse
1503 13/10/2009 21:06:06 PeterL Re: FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions No need for Ebay or spending money,factory manuals and parts catalog showing all the bike and part numbers are free from PeterL.
1504 13/10/2009 21:55:35 bnail Re: FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions Hi, if you fancy selling the noisy harris 4-1 give me a shout. robbo
1505 14/10/2009 14:02:39 rclifford Re: FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions Yes I am going to sell it, it's undamaged, just needs sanding down and repainting, I can send you some pics if you want
1506 14/10/2009 18:46:10 bnail Re: FZ750 new to the forum, have a few questions Have pmed you, check your inbox please rclifford. thanks robbo
1507 14/10/2009 02:58:08 86_750 new to site hey yall im new to this site but i like it so far...i have an 86 fz750 and its my first bike. my queston is where is the idle screw located at and if you have any pics..i think i found wereit goes but i dont see any adjuster screw or anything thanks for the help.
1508 14/10/2009 10:34:47 daddyjay Re: new to site [img][/img] Remote adjuster is on the end of the short cable as pictured. Hope this helps. Welcome to the site. J
1509 14/10/2009 13:44:22 PeterL Re: new to site Hi, Daddyjay got me thinking, I have two FZ's and both have the the adjuster in the middle of the carbs, you have to reach under the tank to adjust, sticks out only about an inch and seems to be standard on both models, a pain to use as you have to get of the bike and adjust while its hot and running. Remote adjuster doesnt show in my parts catalog or workshop manual maybe it's only on certain models, like to get one! can anyone add to this, thanks, PeterL.
1510 14/10/2009 14:34:39 daddyjay Re: new to site Carbs pictured are from an FZR thou' but my '85 FZ750 has the same adjuster. Thought it was standard... :-? Just checked my PDFs, the fzR750 has the adjuster too.
1511 14/10/2009 15:38:04 Graham Re: new to site Mine have the adjuster in the middle of carbs 2 & 3 also (1987, 2MG model). I know as they are rolling around on the back of my work van so I see them every day ! :lol:
1512 18/10/2009 12:25:11 basketcase Oil filter cover Arrrgh help please. Just did an oil and filter change on the FZ and typical me managed to destroy the oil filter cover by over tightening it. Anyone know what other bikes if any would share the same cover as I'd be lucky to fine one in breakers. Unless someone on here has a spare there willing to sell? Thanks
1513 20/10/2009 18:14:29 Graham Re: Oil filter cover Just realised I might have a spare cover. I have bought an engine from Glennyam so I'm guessing it has one. I didn't look when I took it out of my mate's car last week as it was late/dark so we just dumped it in his garage & went to the pub. :pint: I will check for certain & get back to you. Are you in England ?
1514 23/10/2009 19:21:33 basketcase Re: Oil filter cover Hi Thanks for the Offer, but I managed to get one by contacting just about everyone on ebay that had any fz parts on sale. BTW early pre 90's fzr1000s use the same filter and cover.
1515 24/10/2009 00:29:41 tj85fz 85 hard to start and idle I have an 85 with about 18500 miles that I stopped riding because it developed trouble idling. When I would come to a stop, the bike would run for a few seconds then shut off and I would smell gas. I would be able to restart it and then it would be fine as I rode, but not at idle. I thought that maybe the coils were bad, so I replaced both the coils and all plug caps. A slight improvement but not really enough to make it rideable around town. I let the bike sit, and now it really doesn't want to run. A friend and I pulled the carbs apart and inspected and blew air and poke cleaning wire through them. I was able to get it to start by messing around with choke/no choke to get it to start. I let it run until it warmed up, but I had to keep it running by messing with the throttle and the idle setting. Once it was warm it would not start unless I sprayed ether down the carbs. So I started checking the rest of the ignition at the and found that the pickup coils were out of spec. I replaced them, still the same. I am at the point where I have run out of ideas. I will be checking the compression as soon as I get a gauge with the right fitting. ANY IDEAS WOULD BE APPRECIATED! :-( :-( :-(
1516 28/11/2009 01:49:18 RIFLEMAN Re: 85 hard to start and idle you can swap your coils with the FZR1000 up to 1990(3GM) The only thing is, that the leads are shorter. So you have to re-fit them with longer ones. Did the same swap, both ways, from 1FN to 3GM, and back.
1517 25/10/2009 18:28:43 bandit74 REAR SHOCK HELP Hi I'm new to site . I own And race an 85 FZ and wonder which modern shock would fit E.G. Early R6 R1 or 1000 fazer . I've now got all winter to set it up but the quicker I start the better. :hammer:
1518 25/10/2009 18:43:48 FZ750Horse Re: REAR SHOCK HELP I think Steve Jordan re-sprung and re-valved a GSXR600 shock for Simon Baggett's 1FN race FZ. I've got a Technoflex race shock on my 2mg but it was nearly ぷ00 :roll:
1519 26/10/2009 09:29:32 bandit74 Re: REAR SHOCK HELP Sound ta very much .I'm also on hunt for full exhaust system . I've got an early Swona on at mo but collector box beginning to rot . Or IF anyone knows of somewhere in Edinburgh area to get a new collector fabricated . Will keep you posted on development for next season
1520 25/10/2009 18:51:05 FZ750Horse FZ at Thruxton I've just posted some pics of the FZ racing with Bemsee Thunderbikes at the very fast and bumpy Thruxton circuit here: I'm now trying to scrape up enough dosh for an engine refresh (I've never had the barrels off it and I'm paranoid about the rods). I'd also like to get the shock resprung and revalved for use with the shorter swing arm. I think I'll have to start selling my internal organs... :-D
1521 25/10/2009 20:21:30 Graham Re: FZ at Thruxton Love the FZ pics, makes me want mine finished & working seeing those. 8-) WTF is with the black number 6 bike going over the kerbs about 2 feet off the ground though ! :-o :lol:
1522 25/10/2009 23:08:42 djcrow22 Re: FZ at Thruxton Don't ya know that's the fastest way around? Horse decided he needed the engine refresh and new shock spring after this guy passed him on the inside...maybe it's the new racing fuel? [img][/img]
1523 26/10/2009 08:16:05 Graham Re: FZ at Thruxton Kevin, I'm going to insist on a similar picture to the one above now with every post you make.. . . please. :-D
1524 26/10/2009 14:44:08 djcrow22 Re: FZ at Thruxton No problem Graham... How is your build coming along? Pics? I've been really slacking on mine, $$ has been really tight, still need to get parts made for the swingarm. I found a fella who can do the work, scraping the bucks together... [img][/img]
1525 26/10/2009 17:16:07 Graham Re: FZ at Thruxton Not done much to mine lately. Need to make & weld rear exhaust mount to the frame as I chopped the original one off for reasons I have now forgot. :-? :lol: Once I've done the shims thing to the replacement engine it should all go together quite quickly.. . . yeah right. :roll: Still buying stuff for it. Laser exhaust being the latest purchase along with a pair of those repro' fairing infill panels, front brake lever for my R1 cylinder & both throttle cables. This bike is working out to be more expensive than I had thought/hoped it would. :-( Oh well, it's only money. You're a long time in your box & you can't take it with you so what the heck. :-D
1526 29/10/2009 05:14:01 Henway Is it possible to fix a fuel sending unit? replacement? The dash shows E all the time. The tank has a fair amount of gas in it. I checked Clymer and did an Ohm check between and black and green and got nothing on my unit. There was an Ohm drop between the black and the middle pin (which there is no spec for). Has anyone rehabilitated a fuel sending unit before? is there anything I can "fix" if I take it apart? Or am I going to have to bite the bullet on this...New ones are EXPENSIVE.
1527 31/10/2009 14:16:16 Henway Re: Is it possible to fix a fuel sending unit? replacement? By the way, it IS possible to fix these. There are coil wrappings on the gauge that you can see if you pull out the sending unit. The armature (correct word?) that touches the coils to vary the resistance needed to be bent slightly more to make contact. 5 minutes and it's fixed.
1528 31/10/2009 16:11:40 Graham Re: Is it possible to fix a fuel sending unit? replacement? That's good to know. Last time I looked at one (off a car) there was a printed circuit on the main body & an arm with a float on the end that rubbed across it depending on the fuel height. The printed bit had rubbed off in places so there was no way I could fix it. :-(
1529 31/10/2009 23:49:41 lostin202 FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question I recently picked up what I thought were two FZ750's. One is complete except for a few bits, and the other is a parts bike. The complete bike has coils that are trashed and need replacing. I noticed that both coils have these rubber insulators that keep the metal ends from contacting the frame. When I read up on this in the repair manual I purchased, it says that the FZ700's had this coil setup not the 750's. I checked the parts bike and it's got the coils bolted on like every other bike I've seen. So my question is this, if the coils are insulated from the frame, how do they ground? And, would it be possible to use the coils from the 750 on the 700? Should I insulate them or ground them? Thanks! Will-
1530 01/11/2009 11:21:48 FZ750Horse Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question You might just have one 1FN and one 2MG FZ750. AFAIK the FZ700 was just a sleeved down 2MG. If you have the Clymer manual most, but not all of the info relating to the FZ700 is also applicable to the 2MG FZ750. The 1FN had coils bolted to the frame near the airbox, the 2MG had them in the rubber mounted holders you describe and were on the downtubes. I think the rubber caps were just to reduce vibration, not to stop them earthing. I fitted Dynacoils to my race 2MG, using the existing ignitor and wiring and mounted them like the 1FN with no problems. However, the ignition systems were different between 1FN and 2MG - different ignitors, pickup coils and I think coil DC resistances. I've heard it's possible to mix and match but it would be a lot of work. I'd find out if you have a one pickup or two pickup crank and go with that complete system. Good luck, Horse
1531 01/11/2009 12:54:55 lostin202 Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question Thanks for the reply Horse, Just to get this straight, the 1FN is a 700 and the 2MG is a 750? And the 1FN should have coils mounted to the frame near the airbox and the 2MG should have them in rubber insulators mounted on the downtubes? The Clymer manual I've got says the FZ700 has the coils with insulators mounted on the downtube. Is this wrong? It could very well be, these second party repair manuals always have errors in them. In any case just like you describe, the donor bike has the coils mounted to the frame in front of the airbox, and the runner bike has them on the downtube. You're suggestion of going with the whole system is a good one. I'll check that out. The electrical system on the donor bike (a 1FN I guess) is in better shape anyway. When you say the "whole system" this would be coils/wires/caps, Crank Pickup, and Igniter box, anything else? Thanks!! Will-
1532 01/11/2009 17:50:24 FZ750Horse Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question To clarify: 85/86 FZ750s had the engine/frame prefix 1** (1FN in the UK - other markets had different letters). The revised "Genesis" model FZ750 was released in 1987 and, in the UK had the 2MG prefix (could be 2** in other markets). I don't think the FZ700 was ever officially imported to the UK but as far as I know it was identical to the 2MG FZ750 except for the smaller capacity. The first three characters of the engine and frame numbers will tell you what you've got.. 85/86 bikes had the coils by the airbox, 87 onwards had them on the downtubes. 85/86 bikes had a pickup coil on either side of the crank, 87 on only on the brake side - i.e. I don't think you can use 85/86 pickup coils with an 87 crankshaft, but I could be wrong (Ganepeil?). Personally I'd decide what crankshaft you've got and use the complete ignition system for that bike. Cheers, Horse
1533 02/11/2009 22:02:37 lostin202 Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question So it looks like unless I can use the coils from the two crank pickup system on the one crank pickup bike, I'm stuck. It doesn't look like I can add the second crank pickup since there isn't anyplace to put it so I can't use the whole ignition system from the parts bike. Any suggestions on replacement coils? Or does anyone have a set of originals they want to sell? Thanks! Will-
1534 02/11/2009 22:13:17 FZ750Horse Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question Where are you? I had some coils but I'm not sure where they are, whether they're 1FN or 2MG or even if they work... I can have a look for them but unless you're in the UK it's probably not worthwhile. It might be possible to use your 1** coils, I don't think there's a huge difference in the resistances - I just don't know how much difference it makes. Perhaps someone else has tried it?
1535 03/11/2009 01:58:27 lostin202 Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question Yeah probably not worth it, I'm in the Virginia in the states. Thanks anyway though. The 1** coils measure at 2.7ohm across the harness plug and the 2** coils measure 1.7. I'm not sure if my multi-meter is sensitive enough to measure from harness plug to plug wire, but I didn't get any value on any of the four coils. So the coils I would like to use have a bit more resistance. I don't know what constitutes "a huge difference" hopefully someone will chime in eh? Thanks for all your help none the less! If I wasn't so afraid of frying the igniter, I'd just try them and see, but I don't have to pop for one of those if I can even find one! Will-
1536 04/11/2009 01:36:56 lostin202 Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question OK, so taking a closer look at the ignition setup of the two pickup system a thought occurred to me. The single pickup system has the two wires running from the pickup directly to the igniter. The double pickup system does the same thing it just has two sets of wires, one set from each crank pickup. What if I just splice the two wires of the single crank pickup into the four wires of the double crank system making sure each wire is wired to proper side? What do those pickups do? Are they just a magnetic field that gets disturbed every time a lobe or somesuch attached to the crank swings by? Thanks!
1537 05/11/2009 18:50:32 FZ750Horse Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question Sounds feasible - you'd probably just have a wasted spark at the end of the exhaust stroke, which I guess is what happens with the single pickup system. I've never tried it though... Second hand coils seem to turn up on eBay pretty cheap and often, though I suppose if you're in a hurry to get the bike going it might seem like a long wait.
1538 05/11/2009 22:54:26 lostin202 Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question Thanks for your thoughts Horse. I've been keeping my eye on feebay, but second hand ones aren't too much less then a pair of dyna coils and I've had too many used coils die on me shortly after install in other kinds of bikes. Maybe Yamaha made better coils, but.. ya know. That and I don't even know if this engine is any good as I haven't been able to fire it up yet. I'd really like to get it running and reseat the valves and springs and check out the trans before I put any kind of money into it. I think I'll give this a shot. I don't think I'll hurt any components by doing it, the worst is that 2+3 or 1+4 won't fire, or they will all fire weakly or some combination. Will-
1539 06/04/2010 10:53:49 lostin202 Re: FZ700/750 Ignition Coil Question Just in case it helps anyone I'll update this thread. So this scheme did not work. Not really sure why since the logic seemed sound, but 1+4 wouldn't fire with this setup. I was getting spark, but it was really weak. Also the tach would only work when the engine was being turned by the starter motor. As soon as the engine began to run on it's own it stopped working. I put the 700 CDI back in and used the 750 coils and problems solved. Will-
1540 03/11/2009 17:46:15 Henway Dos ANYONE have any carb spare parts? The 1AE-14141-90-00 NOZZLE, MAIN is backordered for at least a month. Does ANYONE have any spares or a bad carb they can sell me a nozzle from?
1541 03/11/2009 18:25:24 Henway WTF for used prices? Do all the salvage yards get together as a cabal to set crazy pricing? I get a great brand new discount. The prices I get quoted for stuff USED is 80% of brand new prices. And it's uniform between my local place and the other place I called. I am looking for a thermostat housing/fan switch/temp sensor and they want $100. WTF??? At this point I think I'll just wait patiently for eBay or make do with a similar one
1542 03/11/2009 18:59:30 Graham Re: WTF for used prices? Wrong side of the pond but I found these. Last one is cheap enough. If you want to email me your address I will buy it & find out how much shipping would cost to you ? I also have spare carb's. I could remove the jet from one or 2 of them & include that/them with the thermo' housing ? I'm a bit reluctant regards parting with spares as I'm bound to need them once they're gone but you seem desperate to me & I can't have that on my conscience. :lol:
1543 07/11/2009 01:01:32 RIFLEMAN Re: WTF for used prices? Yeah,some yards seem to think that they hold The Holy Grail and charge accordingly. eBay is the best place for the FZ-phile and even craigslist. Use craigslist to buy backyard cluckers for parts. I have also seen bikes parted out on craigslist. Now not all yards are greedy. One that used to be in Stanton,Ca used to have a 'Dollar Days' every year. You brought your tools and they cut you loose in the yard. One part for one genuine American sawbuck! Bought a whole induction system off of a Seca Turbo for $25.00! One guy left with an engine for a 82 GPz550 for(you guessed it)$1.00! The vast majority of wrecking yards only want to deal in stuff that is only 1-8 years old. So they usually have a sale once or twice a year and blow out the 'relic' parts. Talk to your local yards and see if they do this and wait.
1544 07/11/2009 17:03:53 djcrow22 Re: WTF for used prices? Graham, You're a good man especially with that conscience thing going on... [img][/img]
1545 07/11/2009 17:24:58 Graham Re: WTF for used prices? Wow best picture to date Kev, keep 'em coming. :-D
1546 05/11/2009 22:59:08 lostin202 Transmissions While reading up on the FZ750s on the web, I came across a couple of posts that mentioned the transmissions being weak. I've got an FZ that I'm currently in the process of getting running and I wanted to suss out the trany before I put much money into it. I put it up on a stand and removed the plugs and took off the oil fill plug and spun the wheel and listened to all the gears. They all sounded fine which says they probably all have their teeth. The oil looked fine, but what I'm worried about is that a fork will be bent which will only show up when I put power to each gear and see if it pops out. Anyone know in which way these trans are considered weak? Thanks! Will-
1547 05/11/2009 23:27:17 daddyjay Re: Transmissions I haven't heard of the transmissions themselves being weak or unreliable it's generally the output shaft bearing that is the weak spot. The engine cases have to be split to replace these bearings so they get overlooked and ignored.
1548 05/11/2009 23:31:06 Kdane Re: Transmissions After roadracing FZ750's and 700's through the late 80's I never had any tranny issues. Skinny tires and weak brakes the only issues.
1549 06/11/2009 12:10:44 lostin202 Re: Transmissions Thanks for the answers you two. I didn't hear any bearing noise so that's good! Will-
1550 07/11/2009 01:17:17 RIFLEMAN Re: Transmissions The output shaft bearing is the biggest problem. Chain tension is CRITICAL! Nothing will kill this bearing quicker than a too tight or too loose chain.
1551 07/11/2009 01:24:19 lostin202 Re: Transmissions Awesome, thanks for the tip. I'm hoping that it's a good sign that the previous owner had the chain properly adjusted. Will-
1552 07/11/2009 16:37:47 dave1000 Re: Transmissions Hi yes outputshaft mainbearing mine has just gone. The bike has done 65000miles and the last 25000 it has had a hard life. Hopefully up and running next week I have ground the valves in and new springs and the most interesting are some kit race pistons that have been converted to use standard piston rings.
1553 12/11/2009 04:07:39 Henway Carb air-fuel settings? [img][/img] [img][/img] well i hope this works, this is my FZ after i got it mot'd an dfirst ride:-D forget the date on the pic it was me being lazy with my camera
1554 12/11/2009 04:46:48 PeterL Re: Carb air-fuel settings? I had a virtually museum quality '83 GS1100E (Red) until I let a "friend" ride it. Fixed it, but couldn't ever get a perfect tank. I upgraded the front suspension to have CB600F front rotors and CBR900 calipers for better brakes. Have a custom made 4-2-1 stainless and black ceramic coated exhaust. It makes 99Hp corrected at the rear wheel. Way better than stock but not like a modern bike. Still have her. Scarily faster/quicker than my FZ.
1555 13/11/2009 19:25:22 FZ750Horse Re: Carb air-fuel settings? mmm thats what happenened to mine !! i have the fairing which i will get fixed. I think i was lucky with mine it was only ぶ00 and へ0 to get an MOT. It had been standing for about 6 years !! It goes really well although i think i will need new clutch plates as it slips when a drop a gear sometimes. My aim is to do a track day next year maybe the PB one as i went with a friend a couple of months ago at Brands and it was really fun, hadnt be there since ...1992 :-D Showing my age now :-o :lol:
1556 12/11/2009 14:47:27 martynfzr fz750 project for sale Ross, is this yours? 270482613523 If so; what do I need to fit that to my FZ? I have a 2MG, 1987? I'm not great with the old spanners, and have no garage at the moment... Might have to pay someone to fit it for me, but I think the bigger rubber is worth it... :-?
1557 12/11/2009 15:57:00 Graham Re: fz750 project for sale my fz750 is up for sale as i havent even touched it since i got it a year ago no v5 or number plate but the frame and engine numbers are intact comes with a decent set of carbs and a 2nd hand wiring loom looking for び50 ovno if you want piccys email me and i will try to sort some out cheers martyn
1558 13/11/2009 11:50:09 martynfzr Re: fz750 project for sale I removed my fairing lowers from my commuter bike to do an oil change a couple of weeks back and half the mounting holes disintegrated - it now looks identical to yours :-D
1559 14/11/2009 14:41:50 Graham Re: fz750 project for sale Re. clutch - plates don't often cause problems but the springs get tired so I'd try changing them first - they're only about び5 a set for EBC ones.
1560 17/11/2009 20:00:23 martynfzr Re: fz750 project for sale Hello , This is a fairly straight forward swap as the other guys have said , i would try some testing first compression and bleed down . if its all o/k why not install the motor and see what you have got, I have a fzr1000 gen motor in mine it works well , i also have to agree that brakes,suspension etc should be improved to match the new performance. Regards glennyam
1561 17/11/2009 20:31:27 Graham Re: fz750 project for sale if you could post them for me cheers martyn
1562 15/11/2009 05:25:09 lostin202 Fuel Reserve Switch, What Does It Do? Thanks for that i was going to get plates. i would have to save up for them but springs i can afford next month.
1563 15/11/2009 08:02:33 RIFLEMAN Re: Fuel Reserve Switch, What Does It Do? Title says it all. The fuel pump only has two leads coming off of it. The petcock doesn't have any motorized works or even split level intakes, so what exactly does this switch do? Thanks! Will-
1564 15/11/2009 13:16:25 lostin202 Re: Fuel Reserve Switch, What Does It Do? oh wow... so much knowledge on this site i am glad i joined. ill become an FZ nut or somthing... cool :-D :lol: i will investigate that once i have got the back end sorted. As i have found my Remus exhaust middle section hits the arm !! so will have to get a dent put in the back of it. Alos as it has been mentioned i have to get my foot rest plates modified. Missing riding it actualy :-(
1565 16/11/2009 05:01:19 RIFLEMAN Re: Fuel Reserve Switch, What Does It Do? ah ha, OK, I get it. Thanks for the explanation. Will-
1566 18/11/2009 15:53:44 captaincon newbie with a proplem Regarding the FZR1000 barrels and pistons (911cc), I had my original 750 engine modified in the early 90's and eventually got a little write up in Performance bikes magazine (which would explain a lot of your questions) in December 1993. Here is a little quote from the mag:- ''To big bore an early engine means opening out the crankcases to take FZR1000 barrels. You also need to fit the later, 1.5mm longer 750 rods, shorten the barrel, machine the pistons for correct squish and valve clearance, drop compression from 14:1 to 12.5 (max) and reset valve timing to avoid bent valves. The early ('86/'87)FZ exhaust cam is best.'' Just remember that the early FZ's conrods were 1.5mm shorter than the Genesis model, as I think that you have the later model you should be alright. When I had my engine done I kept the 750 head but got it gas flowed to formula 1 spec, apparently gas flowing the exhaust ports makes a massive difference as they are so restrictive. That engine of mine eventually dropped a valve and now resides in my loft until I can get around to repairing it which is why I then fitted a FZR1000 engine. Unlike some recent comments on this site, I didn't have to change the exhaust or coolant pipes when I fitted the 1000 engine, I just fitted the CDI unit, changed a couple of wires and that was about it. Hope this helps.
1567 21/11/2009 01:36:53 ganepeil Re: newbie with a proplem I don't mind at all - it's Racing Line's image :-D CASCU's panels do have the recess; they're clearly molded from an original panel 'cause you can see the outline of the 'FZ' sticker in the gel coat. If you do buy panels from him tell him I sent you...
1568 21/11/2009 10:14:23 captaincon Re: newbie with a proplem Welcome Cap,n, A couple thoughts.. Pre-EXUP fz/r's have a characteristic flat spot around 3-4 grand caused by a phenom. sometimes called "reversion" (in essence exhaust shock waves traveling back thru intake tract & messing up fuel mix flow at this RPM. This is often amplified by wear in the tops of emmulsion tubes & needles and is where I'd start my search... while ignitions do fail, they rarely do so at one rpm band.. luck G
1569 21/11/2009 10:49:55 wolseley Re: newbie with a proplem Me again at the min my bike has a twin pick up engine from around 1985/86 not as i thought a 1987.the cdi box that is on the bike is a tid14-39.would a tid 14-49 fit?thanks for all your help
1570 21/11/2009 11:38:25 captaincon Re: newbie with a proplem Have you checked the valve clearances, they may need re-seating. One of my problems was the inlet ducts (filter box - carb) had hardened and kept sliding off. I asume when you had it on the rolling road that it was held at certain revs through the range. Best luck
1571 24/11/2009 14:39:44 Henway Re: newbie with a proplem Replace your slides first. Make sure none of them have any pin pricks in them. White lithium grease makes the air filter box go on easier. If you're super-fast, carb cleaner will lubricate them to go on, but the second the cleaner evaporates the rubber will not slide at all---useful for putting on new handgrips and MAYBE for this if you're fast enough.
1572 07/12/2009 12:52:58 captaincon Re: newbie with a proplem 1st time I've seen this thread. Bike looks fantastic from those pictures G. 8-) I was looking at 1000 barrels & pistons etc for mine but decided against it for now. Be nice to just have it running. :-( What's your opinion on the Bridgestone's you have fitted in those pictures ? How did you get the rear jacked up so high without shock/spring fowling on the arm ? Looks sweet. 8-)
1573 19/11/2009 08:20:16 captaincon age of engine how do you get the pics on top of each other. sorry about using all this space.its an 85 fz750 picked it up with 23000 original kms. trx 850 frond end with fork brace, trx 850 rear end with fzr600 shock and new bottom shock linkage mount, full set brake and clutch braided hoses, homemade rearsets,gsxr1100 slabbie race tail modified for fz, cut out original fuel tank and now just using it as a shroud to go over alloy tank you can see next to tailpiece, cut sprocket cover to make changing sprockets easier so i dont have to pull it off, pipeline headers and a laser baffled midpipe will be used as the tailpipe,dyna coils and leads. just have to pick up the fzr1000 genisis top end and rods to go in it to go a bit quicker.
1574 19/11/2009 08:33:52 wheaty8918 Re: age of engine This is my engine number any body tell me how old it is thanks 1fn000592
1575 19/11/2009 12:46:33 PeterL Re: age of engine It sounds like an early Pure sports model to me. I'd say 1986, it should have the gold clutch/rocker cover if I'm right (although it wouldn't be hard for a previous owner to change them to silver). Hope that helps
1576 19/11/2009 15:12:23 captaincon Re: age of engine Looking good. What series are you running in?
1577 19/11/2009 15:56:53 Munch Electrics................. Thanks people .the cdi box i have has these numbers tid 14-39 and 1Ae-10 501 is this right for this engine .would the rev gauge being missing cause the flat spot i have?
1578 19/11/2009 19:01:58 FZ750Horse Re: Electrics................. Hi all, new to this site so hello!!. I have recently aquired an 1989 FZ in Loctite colors. Very happy with it I am too. Unfortunately I have recently developed an elctrical issue.I appreciate she is getting on a bit!! The problem is that the starter has stopped starting.... There is no current "draw" when I press the starter button, its almost like the switch has gone or the wiring has come adfift some where?? Is this a known issue or just one of those things? Thanks for your time.
1579 23/11/2009 08:09:18 Munch Re: Electrics................. will the coils and plug wires from a 87 fz 750 work on my 88 fz 750? bike has been runnung great,lasnite she started to kinda cut out on the freeway, looked at it this morning and one of my wires came out of the coil while i was checking them, i cut away the corroted wire and shoved it back in there, seems to be ok, the bike is acting a little funny,i think that i need new pluggs....
1580 19/11/2009 22:42:24 fabrik New in town Check the sidestand switch. Could also be the killswitch contacts or wiring. Cheers, Horse
1581 20/11/2009 19:46:58 RIFLEMAN Re: New in town Or here... ぴ5 each plus carriage. Photo of one fitted to my bike here:
1582 23/11/2009 08:09:22 fabrik Re: New in town Thanks mate, had a look over the weekend and got it working. Seemed to be a dodgey contact between the handlebar cluster and the connector block. Did some cleaning and some wire wiggling with intent. Has been ok so far, so fingers crossed.
1583 26/11/2009 23:30:04 Kdane Re: New in town Hi grunt33 and welcome. Your FZs sound interesting. I have an 86 FZ with a few mods and I am just rebuiding after the output bearing had gone. Look forward to more from OZ.
1584 27/11/2009 04:30:21 RIFLEMAN Re: New in town Hello Fabio, I am going to attempt the R1 front end swap, brakes, wheels everything. I am also going to attempt to swap the swingarm for an R1 rear. I also have a Vance and Hines SS2r oval stainless exhaust system from the R1 I am going to mod and install. I am also going to upgrade the master cylinder for the clutch (a dry kit would be very cool). From what I understand the FZ steering stem can be pressed out of the old unit and pressed in the R1 clamps. Other problems come from clip on clearance. For the swingarm I will need to ream out the frame to allow for the larger pivot bolt. I don't know what to expect but I have all of the parts from an old project and my 85' FZ was only $350 so all I have to lose is time!
1585 27/11/2009 04:35:07 RIFLEMAN Re: New in town Well,the starter clutch is easy-when you try to turn the motor over you will hear "expensive noises" or it will slip and the starter motor will spin freely without cranking the engine over. Checking to see if the valve train is tight requires essentially doing a valve adjustment and checking the clearances. You should possess what I call 'advanced intermediate' mechanical skills and need to have a secure,clean place to do the job as it will take upwards of 8 hours to do it you're first time. Since I have done it several times,I can usually perform the job in 4-5 hours. The countershaft bearing can be checked by putting the bike up on a race stand and turning the rear wheel by hand. Listen at the cover over the front(drive)sprocket. There shouldn't be any grinding/grating noises and the wheel should turn smoothly and freely with the transmission in neutral. Be suspicious of any bike that has a chain that is overly tight or loose. Normal slack should be around 19-25mm,measured at the center of the bottom chain run. Note;sometimes a unevenly worn chain,warped rear brake rotor or bad wheel bearings can mimic the symptoms of a bad countershaft bearing. If you can,loosen the rear wheel to put slack in the chain,remove the drive sprocket cover and try to wiggle the countershaft with your hand. There really shouldn't be any 'slop' found and the seal around the shaft shouldn't be leaking or showing signs of wear. The electrics are very tricky to test or diagnose because they usually start their decline with intermittent failures that come and go. My bike took to years to fail completely. Do look over the wiring to make sure that it hasn't been damaged by poor repairs or a collision/accident. Thats about it. Good Luck! :-)
1586 27/11/2009 04:52:12 RIFLEMAN Re: New in town Kdane, You don't want to ream out the frame to take the R1 swingarm pivot bolt. Best thing to do is get a sleeve machined that will reduce the inside diameter of the swingarm bearings to the size of the original swingarm pivot bolt. Everyone that has reamed out the frame has regretted it. Just my 2p
1587 20/11/2009 19:57:43 wolseley Does not pull Fabio, Welcome! The FZ is a pretty sturdy Old Girl. Things to watch for are tight intake and exhaust valves,the starter clutch(requires engine disassembly)and the countershaft bearing(the bearing behind the engine drive chain sprocket as it also requires engine disassemly to repair). Also the wiring/electrical system can have problems due to age,especially if the bike is from a moist climate. Since the Old Girl is in her dotage,parts availability can be a problem. Fortunately Yamaha is and has always been a frugal company and uses many parts between models and years. Often times a 1st generation FZR1000 part will easily replace the non-available FZ750 part. Its too bad your local laws will limit you to what size tire you can put on the bike. The best conversion is to 17" wheels and tires as any other size severly limits tire selection. An R1 fork is a difficult swap. The easiest way to go is to get the entire front end off of a 87-88 FZR1000. It bolts right on! Go to the other site ( ) and look at the bikes in the 2 registries (I'm #48 in the 'old' registry)and you can see the kind of mods people have made,especially on the European continent. The one thing you must keep in mind when owning an FZ750 is that it is an 'old' bike. This means many dealerships and shops won't even talk to you,let alone work on the bike because they really don't know how. Expect the care and feeding of an FZ750 to be completely your own responsibility with a great deal of help from these 2 websites. Also,heavy modifications may look "cool",but many times create more problems than they solve. Sometimes living with a 'FrankenBike' is a very unpleasant experience! Look foward to seeing more of your posts and your English is fine! :-D Mike
1588 22/11/2009 17:11:00 FZ750Horse Re: Does not pull Hi, Check (south australia) they list replica top fairings, I've had no dealings with them but its worth a try, PeterL
1589 24/11/2009 14:34:35 Henway Re: Does not pull will the coils and plug wires from a 87 fz 750 work on my 88 fz 750?
1590 21/11/2009 10:20:03 captaincon cdi Thanks for that .but i have the same fault with 2 sets of carbs and like i say on the dyno the fuleing is ok .but its a option.
1591 22/11/2009 23:38:43 mrfazer need coils Those airbox rubbers can be a pain - they go crispy and it can be hard to make them fit properly. If they had come right off, the symptoms you describe could be caused by lean running which is dangerous to your engine's health... I'd certainly get a good seal between airbox and carbs before looking any further. Good luck, Horse
1592 23/11/2009 21:59:21 mrfazer coil compatability Thank you for your answers! Can I ask you how can I find if the bike has one of the problems you have listed? Here is the site where the beautiful japanese FZ is: Regards!
1593 24/11/2009 20:04:07 FZ750Horse Re: coil compatability Two of these little triangular shaped rubber pieces were on the ground after I pulled my carbs. One has the marking L7 and the other R8. Where do they go?
1594 24/11/2009 21:26:41 mrfazer Re: coil compatability Pictures?
1595 25/11/2009 23:58:19 lostin202 Re: coil compatability hi guys been a lurker here for a while. i'm based in sydney and own a vzr 1800 suzuki . 2 X fz 750s and a lc 350 At present on my fz i have converted a 1990 model back to 85 bodywork. so i could have the flush filler cap,i have fitted fzr 1000 rims underslung rear caliper and rear wavey disc . brembo 320 mm front discs. brembo 4 piston calipers.xjr 1300 brake and clutch mastercylinder.corsce rearsets from japan . yzf 750 swingarm with the bracing machined off .getting a billet top triple clamp made at present that retains the std ignition switch and bars.hell braided clutch line. Stainless bolts here there and everywhere future plans for 2010 are a LAWSON PAINT JOB (have all the decals already) vance and hines or custom pipe, fit the brembo front calipers. getting shorter dog arm made up as the ones i bought of ebay are the same length as fzr1000 ones . alloy crank end caps (sliders) and hopefully that will see it on the road and i think this one will be a keeper for ever but then a factory dry clutch conversion would be so trick
1596 27/11/2009 23:24:11 Fzcolors Re: coil compatability in the uk at present but will find out for you next week bought them a year ago and they cost me about aus $420 landed
1597 24/11/2009 14:42:25 Henway Where do little rubber "slips" go? Have you done a dry/wet compression check?
1598 24/11/2009 21:24:29 daddyjay Re: Where do little rubber "slips" go? This was discussed at some length not long ago - check previous threads. If you can get hold of some 7mm copper core HT lead it's possible, if a bit awkward, to replace the leads.
1599 25/11/2009 12:38:29 oops-sorry hi from australia so they just wont just swap out? they look exactly the same, what is the 7m HT that you are talking about?
1600 26/11/2009 18:01:52 dave1000 Re: hi from australia Hi, They fit okay, but I spilled a bit of hydraulic fluid when fitting braided brake lines, and the black came off, they were white underneath, I resprayed flat black no problem. PeterL.
1601 27/11/2009 09:17:37 RIFLEMAN Re: hi from australia I looked at the Japanese FZ. Very nice and VERY expensive! The motor appears to be a 3rd generation FZR1000 engine. I am intrigued by the speedometer drive built into the countershaft (drive sprocket) cover. That would be necessary as there isn't any provision to connect a cable to the front wheel with the R1 frontend. The triple trees are a work of art,but I would figure that to get a set would probably cost in the area of $600.00 to $700.00USD (402-469 Euro). There has also been some very serious engineering done to fit the R1 swingarm and Ohlins shock absorber. It is a very beautiful bike. Truth be told,it would probably be easier to try to buy that bike and have it shipped to Italy than trying to re-create it yourself! :-o
1602 27/11/2009 10:44:22 oops-sorry Re: hi from australia Welcome from the Mojave Desert! Dry clutch looks cool Mate,but are rarer than hens teeth,cost about 1/3 the GDP of most 3rd world countries and absolutely hate any kind of stop and go business. And yes,I want one too! Last one I saw was on eBay about 2 1/2 years ago and it went for $2700.00 USD :-o But at least it was all new bits. Got a web address for those reaersets? Cheers
1603 30/11/2009 05:42:13 PeterL Steering stem question. I would like to know what was involved regards getting the TRX arm to fit the gap in the FZ frame. The dimensions on this link, state 250mm as the width of the FZ front pivot point against 262mm for the TRX. Did you have the TRX arm machined to suit or can you fit it without the end caps to reduce the width ?
1604 30/11/2009 09:33:12 dave1000 Re: Steering stem question. i machined the ends of the arm and made a new sleeve with 17mm centre to fit original pivot bolt then get shorter bearings to suit and use end caps. running in formula 1 new era horse.
1605 30/11/2009 13:21:01 captaincon Re: Steering stem question. Hi there I have just changed the head bearings on my 86 FZ and this washer wasn't there and wouldn't have known about but for you. Goodness knows what it does, I will not worry.
1606 01/12/2009 03:34:28 PeterL Re: Steering stem question. Does any one know where I can get the rear number plate light and baffle for an 85. Also the extender rear mudgaurd would be nice. Cheers
1607 01/12/2009 10:48:14 captaincon Re: Steering stem question. Hi, I bought both my '85 FZ750 FM models (Jap model) about 10 months back, both have anti-dive forks, there's an adjuster bottom front of fork reading up to 4 to adjust, I use 4 as I'm on the large size and like a firm ride. I have the Clymer manual for 750/700/fazer 1985-1987. The question is I've searched for info on the anti-dive forks, unsuccessfully, I want to replace the fork seals, but am unsure of the oil quantity needed, standard by the book takes 408cc/13.8oz but because of the adjuster/canister on the front of the forks maybe the anti-dive forks are different, anyone out there know, thanks, PeterL.
1608 15/12/2009 03:17:58 PeterL Re: Steering stem question. does anybody know of a high performance brake up-grade for my 1985 fz750 , these stock brakes just ant doing a good job after riding newer bikes and im in love with my fz and would love to have better brakes thats all she's needs ,thanks and i hope someone can help me
1609 19/12/2009 09:50:55 RIFLEMAN Re: Steering stem question. Depends on how hard I was wringing the Ol Girls neck. Commuting figure 200-225 miles,threading the canyons 2/3 rds that.
1610 01/12/2009 03:50:37 PeterL Fork oil question. Hi, Very nice Captaincon!!! shows there's always more to learn, went to, excellent explaination of the furbur mod, my problem was a low speed weave but if you push it in a straight line or around corners at high speeds handles beautifully, (Ohlins back suspension) intend to try a few things based on information found/recieved till I solve/improve the problem, already found a washer that fits, there's a unhappy Goldwing in my garage but I'll cheer it up later when I replace the washer I took of it's steering stem, it was the correct size!! thanks a lot, PeterL.
1611 01/12/2009 18:15:51 lostin202 Carb Rebuild Kits? Hope it helps i use the site alot 4 my v.max its very usefull and handy 4me being a uk site
1612 01/12/2009 21:36:31 djcrow22 Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Anyone know of anybody in the States that sells one? For an '87 fz700 or '85 fz750 Thanks! Will-
1613 02/12/2009 15:05:52 lostin202 Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Will, Don't know what ya need...this may help: [img][/img]
1614 12/12/2009 20:53:13 RIFLEMAN Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? I have an 86 FZ 750 with 60000 miles on the clock and saw a 150 MPH. I have just rebuilt the engine and put some Race pistons in I have a 160mph clock, so I can see if it gets there, the way it feels it will. I have tooka lot of wait off the bike, an Ohlins ahock and CBR 600 brake calipers. Oh I shouldn't do this I'm 62 and should know better. but Ilove giving people on their R1s etc a run for their money.
1615 14/12/2009 06:16:46 RIFLEMAN Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Arch, Absolutely my pleasure and I hope I wasn't overstepping my bounds. Just consider my words the humble defence of a good friend. Considering your kindness of running 2 sites for us FREAKS and not asking for ANYTHING in return,no apology from you is necessary or will be accepted. You have always done what you can when you possess the time. Trying to raise two young sons and keeping a roof over your family's heads trumps our 'immediate' needs. Worry not about us and we look forward to any improvements when you can find the time to make some. Do so on your own schedule,not ours. Best Regards
1616 17/12/2009 00:34:25 lostin202 Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Hi all how far can u go on a full tank b4 u hit reserv
1617 19/12/2009 09:42:30 RIFLEMAN Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Hi, VERY true Horse! but sometimes as in my case small parts help, I bought two fairing infills and there is a small plastic part on the left infill between the choke knob and the reserve fuel switch, never seen one for sale! one would finish it of nicely, so in this case ???? I also need two fork cap nuts, up to now havent had much luck! take into account in Aust the parts are VERY scarce, but you are right, maybe I'll use this occasion to ask do any other fork cap nuts fit a FZ750 1985, thanks, PeterL.
1618 18/01/2010 15:46:12 lostin202 Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Hi Can amnone post a picture of a original toolkit for an 85 FZ750 - ideally with a description of each tool - ie 14/16 mm spanner, 6 mm allen key etc. Thanks Cliff
1619 18/01/2010 19:24:22 FZ750Horse Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Are you sure you're getting that name right? I'm not coming up with anything on Ebay for siriuscoinc I'd def. love a full rebuild kit. Just the needles might get it, but a full kit would be better. Thanks! Will-
1620 25/01/2010 20:37:33 pat180269 Re: Carb Rebuild Kits? Hi Cliff I do have two of these but I need them and I have lost the label from them. I think it is part no 5 on the parts list. I hope this is of help.
1621 05/12/2009 21:03:02 bandit74 R6 spring Can I add to this by asking about the exhaust & the reason why an FZ exhaust doesn't fit ? I read somewhere that said you can use the FZ exhaust & now I read that you can't ? :-? Also I think the 1000 has an oil cooler yes ? I'm asking all of this as I'm trying to gather all the parts I need to do the 1000 genesis swap using just barrels, pistons & head on my FZ bottom end as I like the idea of having 6 gears & the FZR lump I have my eye on needs attention to the gears anyhow. So far I assume I will be needing FZR100 barrels, pistons, head, top end gasket set, carbs, cdi/ecu (call it what you will), coils & oil cooler. Is there anything else ?
1622 24/01/2010 20:25:16 bandit74 Re: R6 spring Good news D. Faulkner springs is place to go . Finally managed to getspring rate Hagon use on FZ . Then bought a 900 lbs spring fitted it to R6 shock seems to do the trick . sag measures spot on and compression and rebound move at same rate static. :-D . SO I highly recommend D. Faulkner
1623 25/01/2010 12:13:35 rclifford Re: R6 spring G'day I've pulled apart the forks of my 85 FZ750 to replace the leaking seals. Now that I have everything apart, the bottom bushes are relatively worn. However my local Yamaha dealer, plus sites such as don't have a part number for the bottom bush - its shown in the exploded diagram as part of the "inner tube". Can anyone help with a part number for the bottom bushing, or do I have to replace the entire "inner tube" P/N 1EA2311000 ? Thanks Cliff
1624 29/01/2010 09:25:18 bandit74 Re: R6 spring Ask and you shall receive...[img][/img]
1625 06/12/2009 14:57:48 scarabrun let's see some photo's of your fz750 Ive managed to fit a 2000 R6 shock to My 1FN BUT its severly under sprung . NEED Contacts for Harder spring I'm 15 stonr and what ever weight difference between R6 and FZ . HELP PLEASE :hammer:
1626 06/12/2009 19:39:19 Graham Re: let's see some photo's of your fz750 :lol:
1627 07/12/2009 00:03:59 ganepeil Re: let's see some photo's of your fz750 Roughly 10k miles,new ft/rear tyres. some crazing around "glass" mounts. still haven't figured how to convert to EXUP. G
1628 16/12/2009 11:37:19 captaincon fuel range You will need adaptors made, I have CBR 600 4 piston calipers on mine and a nissin pump. The braking is brilliant now.
1629 19/12/2009 09:46:17 RIFLEMAN Re: fuel range Definitely want to check out siriuscoinc . He had the needles,seats and gaskets for my GSX1100f in his kit.
1630 19/12/2009 11:55:31 captaincon Re: fuel range I never understood the thinking behind that rubber washer. Mine been replaced with a steel one for years.
1631 17/12/2009 21:10:46 FZ750Horse Wannabe Breakers Aaah... I should have remembered our previous conversation about seat units - Australia is a bit too far to trailer the bike :-( . I asked because I'd been looking at New Era over here and couldn't see a suitable class... With about 3 months to go before the start of the season over here I've been amusing myself by fitting an alloy seat subframe and adding some main frame bracing while my engine is away being freshened up. I've also got a YZF rad to fit once Christmas is out of the way and a new set of plastics on order... going to be busy :-D
1632 18/12/2009 05:52:27 PeterL Re: Wannabe Breakers Is anyone else getting slightly alarmed by the number of wannabe breakers appearing on eBay who are stripping FZs (and others) into stupidly small components? I can't imagine anyone buying a camshaft for ぴ5 when you can buy a whole engine for that, let alone a set of stripped carb bodies, a bit of coolant pipe or an empty water pump housing. It seems to me that 99% of this stuff is going to be unsellable and will end up in a skip - i.e. a complete waste of what would be useable spares if they'd been left as part of a reasonable sized assembly :-(
1633 21/12/2009 09:50:42 Graham Happy Christmas all Dont think i will see 200 mile i just got 160 mile with a bit of hard and slow rideing.i cant ring its neck yet our roads are to icey at the moment.but its better on fule than my max
1634 21/12/2009 16:19:36 dave1000 Re: Happy Christmas all I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas & thank everyone who has helped me over the last 6 months or so with advice & spares etc. I really appreciate even the smallest bits of info & it's nice to know I'm not the only person with a soft spot for the FZ. I'm still tinkering with mine whenever I get the chance & still spending money on spares so hope to have it finished some time mid 2010. It would be nice to meet some of you guys as Wheaty has already suggested so maybe when the weather improves we can sort something out ? Thanks again everyone & keep posting your pictures, I find it very inspiring to see other FZ's regardless of their condition. 8-) Graham
1635 23/12/2009 08:22:57 oops-sorry Re: Happy Christmas all Doesn't look like a good representation of the word "won"! Hope it has some good bits for ya. "been in garden waiting attention for a couple of years" In England :-o . Probably got a little damp once or twice. "wiring was a little rough" I bet. Mine oxidized inside the insulation by its 14 year here in sunny southern California. Verdegris will probably complement the blue anodized bits I see in the pics :lol: . Just some advice: STEP AWAY FROM THE PC/eBAy! Good Luck buddy! Hey,maybe at least you have found your valve shims! :-D
1636 23/12/2009 17:34:47 bnail Re: Happy Christmas all Hi bandit74, I will have a better look for you. But if I were you I would contact Harris or one of the other suspension specialists.
1637 24/12/2009 03:50:59 RIFLEMAN Re: Happy Christmas all Glenny, Watch your chain alignment,thats one of the problems with getting a 17" wheel in the Old Girl. I tore up two chain/sprocket kits before I realized what the problem was. The giveaway is the outside of the teeth on the rear sprocket look like they have been machined and the inside of the outer chain plates look the same. The way I cured mine was to have the raised portion of the front sprocket blanchard ground off and then shimmed the sprocket as far away from the cases as I could and still have the lock washer engage the spline on the output shaft. Then I flipped the rear sprocket dished side towards the hub and viola,perfect alignment! Good Luck!
1638 24/12/2009 03:56:44 RIFLEMAN Re: Happy Christmas all You might also try RaceTech here in the States. . They have a page on the site that helps you calculate spring rates,oil levels ect. Check it out and Good Luck!
1639 08/01/2010 16:45:27 velimir Re: Happy Christmas all 1
1640 08/01/2010 22:55:30 velimir Re: Happy Christmas all thx im nearly to have my decision about oil,i call you on beer in bosnia.....does have on this site some photo of our FZs........
1641 08/01/2010 23:09:20 Graham Re: Happy Christmas all Thanks for that! You're right - 86 colours were probably the best, but mine were getting very battle scarred - doesn't really show up on the photos. I've bought/made new everything so I'll respray all the red/white/blue stuff and use it again in 2011 if the bike and I survive that long. Meanwhile I've got a colour scheme that looks great in Photoshop - I'll post pictures when it's done. Gibson will still make you a pipe but they're about へ00 :-( .
1642 28/12/2009 14:26:20 rob1968 1986 FZ750 for sale on ebay spares or repair Hi Scarabrun, If you decide on stainless lines, I dont know if it's worth it from Florida, but I found it cheaper to buy mine from England, check on Ebay a company called Venhill, you order the lines and banjo's separate, to any length you want and you can screw it all together. In my case I ordered two clear covered stainless lines, one straight banjo, three 20 deg banjo,s all chromed. You position everything then just tighten the nuts, also if later you want to change to another bike or different caliphers just change the banjo's to get the right angle. NO "straining or under tension" like the ready made lines sometimes do. Bye, PeterL.
1643 28/12/2009 19:59:21 Graham Re: 1986 FZ750 for sale on ebay spares or repair If any of you guys are interested my FZ750 is up for sale on as spares or repair - was running great until I ran out of fuel on my way back from Donnington - some good recent stuff on it - eg battery - steel braided hoses,, overhauled callipers and clutch slave cylinder - all up I want a hundred quid for it - so if any of this stuff is uesful to you please check out ebay . Best wishes for the new year !
1644 31/12/2009 10:18:00 rob1968 Re: 1986 FZ750 for sale on ebay spares or repair Gavin is that a well known mod regards the frame bracing ? Does the FZ suffer from frame flex ? I'm guessing it does judging by the skinny rails. :lol: I ask as mine is down to a bare frame at the mo' (near as) so if the bracing is worth doing, I will do it. :-D Is the ally rear subframe a bid to save weight ? And 1 last question, :roll: have you used box section or angle to brace your frame ? Could be either from your picture.
1645 04/01/2010 01:08:03 fz700 blinkers hello im looking to buy a factory solo seat cap for my 1985 silver/red fz750 . if you have one or know of one for sale please let me know for i will pay a good price and or pay you a finders fee ! thanks for your help
1646 04/01/2010 19:33:34 dave1000 Re: blinkers so i am restoring my 87 fz700, and i put new blinkers on the bike, at idle the blinkers work fine, but the right hand side of the bike is faster than the left, and the blinkers light solid when i rev the bike, they stay solid after anything more than 1100 rmps, anyone know whats wrong with my beast? im stumped
1647 06/01/2010 01:22:49 fz700 Re: blinkers mods: please delete
1648 08/01/2010 01:08:56 fz700 Re: blinkers Ok folks forget about valves matching cams for now, I've got bigger fish to fry. :-( Can someone confirm for me what the TDC mark on the crank lobe/web looks like exactly please ? I'm looking through the inspection hole with a torch, turning the crank anti-clockwise using a nut & bolt locked in the end of the crank & I see what looks like the letter T 1st, followed by 2 notches and then another letter T. Does that sound right so far ? My Clymer manual is very vague here just saying "line up the TDC mark on the crank with the notch on the casing". I'm thinking that anywhere between the 2 notches (which are very close together) will be TDC yes ?
1649 06/01/2010 01:18:59 fz700 RE: BLINKERS Jesus that makes me feel old. :-( Thanks.
1650 07/01/2010 23:05:53 501662358 Frame Dimensions The water pump on my 85 FZ appears to be leaking oil - not into the coolant, but down the side of the engine case. The parts listing shows 2 oil seals at the back of the pump - the oil seal (part number 9310112060 / 93101142173) and a "seal - mechanical" ( Part number 11H-12438-10) Should I be looking to replace both, or just one or the other. Any thoughts, words of advice re water pump oil leaks would be appreciated. Cliff
1651 07/01/2010 23:44:23 Graham Re: Frame Dimensions I need to know the frame dimensions of a 1986 fz750. I ask because the tank does not line up with the rear tank mounts bracket (about 1 inch out) I hvae only had the bike for a couple of months so dont know its history. Maybe it might have the worng tank on it. So just want to do some measureing. If anyone has any information and also let me know what method was used to measure that would be excellent. Lee
1652 09/01/2010 09:40:27 501662358 Re: Frame Dimensions Anybody know if speedo from a bandit can be used on yamahas? Can't remember which makes are interchangable without using some sort of ratio convertor.
1653 09/01/2010 09:57:49 FZ750Horse Re: Frame Dimensions I need to know the distance from the from the back of the head stock bearing to the front of the rear mounting bracket for the tank. so a simple straight line from point to point. This should give me a good indication. I am about 1 inch out on being able to drop the tank onto the mounting bracket when it is secured on the front mounts. Lee
1654 10/01/2010 04:43:40 mike760 Re: Frame Dimensions cliff i will email you tonight.
1655 10/01/2010 12:00:50 Graham Re: Frame Dimensions HI Lee a little while back there was post on which fuel tank can fit on which year model, i know that the 87 onward won't fit, 85 or 86, how to identify, early model had removable fuel cap, the later model have what you get on latest bike of today where is not removabe.
1656 11/01/2010 10:56:16 Graham Re: Frame Dimensions i recon its a good idea as i have a 1989 fz in australia that would make a good project and only want $650 australian for it
1657 12/01/2010 22:56:14 streets hello all Yet another day with no work for me so fetched the bike & loads of bits from my mates house this morning & took it home so I could have a play. [img][/img] Finished painting the frame 1st then left it to dry whilst I gathered nuts & bolts & fitted the frame lowers to the engine then lifted it all in place. [img][/img] Feel like I have turned a corner now, just hope it runs when I put it all back together. :oops: Look forward to a time when I can get this bike out in the open & take some decent shots of it instead of all these up close, cramped pictures.
1658 12/01/2010 23:03:01 streets Re: hello all hi all been looking around here for a little while and thought id better at least say hello :-D i had an fz in the early 90s and always regreted flogging it and now ive started slowly gathering bits an bobs to put together another. il try an post a pic of my old one if i can work out how :-o
1659 13/01/2010 07:27:01 oops-sorry Re: hello all try 1 [img][/img]
1660 13/01/2010 11:08:55 Graham Re: hello all welcome aboard. the fz bug never dies
1661 13/01/2010 13:54:08 streets Re: hello all Hiya mate. That looks lovely. wish you still owned it ?
1662 29/01/2010 16:29:26 rclifford My project Well guys I thought I would share my project with you and maybe as I am going through it I can get some advice as I am sure I will need it. Well it all started after I had finished restoring a 93 FireBlade and I wanted my next restoration, as ever I was looking on eBay and this FZ caught my eye: Well it didn稚 look too bad from a distance, got it for ぷ00 and thought it would be a cheap restoration. Whilst it had been pretty well maintained it at 61k miles it was tired and needed most areas looking at, so I started looking at this forum, and that痴 when it all changed・thanks guys!!! After a ride the bike was pretty dull to say the least and that痴 where the modification bug has set in so I though that if I take this: [img][/img] And add some chassis parts from this: [img][/img] And an engine from this: [img][/img] I could finish with something like this: [img][/img] So here is where I am up to at the moment, the FZR1000 engine is fully stripped, as I wanted to have a look at it and paint it before it goes in the bike. Glad I did as the small ends of all the con rods had picked up, a check with Yamaha left me gobsmacked at ぴ40 each!!, luckily SEP at Kegworth saved the day and re-bushed and machined all the small ends and pressed on a new output shaft bearing for び41, bargain・ [img][/img] They are also cleaning up the head and re-cutting the valves for me, I値l let you know what that comes to when they have finished, I値l then tidy up the ports and give it a paint. I致e also gone the whole hog and ordered a Wiseco 1,029cc big bore kit from the US that takes the compression up to 12:1. again I値l get SEP to bore it out for ほ0. Bought all new oil seals, o池ings and shells, which were all pretty expensive, also needed a new primary chain tensioner as the original one had delaminated. So when the engine is finished it will be as good if not better that new, I値l post a pic as soon as it is finished and built up. All in all the engine rebuild will have cost about び,300・ULP but it will be a fire breathing 1,029cc FZ special・ hope Onto the chassis, I decided to put an FZR swingarm and linkage on as it was more modern than the original FZ linkage, and changing the suspension dog bones will allow me to adjust the ride height. I have got wheels, forks, yokes, & brakes for an R6 off eBay, Derby Racing Services have done all the machining for me, they pressed in the FZ stem into the R6 yokes, welded an extension on the frame lockstops and tidied up the rear shock mount welds that had been repaired by the previous owner. I knocked up some drawings for the swingarm adjusters and a longer rear spindle that they made as below all that for ぴ30, really good guys and a good price: I just needed to enlarge the hole in the swingarm with a Dremel and the R6 back end bolted in a treat. And now it is sort of a rolling chassis: Hopefully the weekend I・take some pics of the swingarm setup and rolling chassis. Cheers Ross
1663 29/01/2010 19:21:37 wheaty8918 Re: My project Nice one mate, it would be nice to hear how you get on with the engine mods as mine has a standard 1000 genesis engine (except for the carbs). The rest of the chasis mods sound interesting too. I've used both SEP and DRS in the past and found them to be good to take work to and would always use them again. Just keep us all informed about how you get on with your project. Good luck.
1664 30/01/2010 11:52:24 Graham Re: My project Ross that looked pretty good to start with & for 500 quid I think you did well. :-) Paid ぴ80 for mine (initially), probably cost me 5x that already & still not running. :-( :lol: If yours looks anything like your last picture when done I will be well impressed. Got any pictures of the Fireblade ? 8-)
1665 30/01/2010 14:33:14 rclifford Re: My project here is the Fireblade, still got it, it iwas in PB last month against a 98 R1 [img][/img]
1666 30/01/2010 16:39:58 Graham Re: My project WOW ! That is tidy. :-o I think mine looked like that when new. It's got a Rothmans rep paint scheme now. I thought it was mint until I saw that picture. 8-) Wonder what the chances of 2 people owning both a mk1 fireblade & an FZ750 are ? :lol:
1667 31/01/2010 12:43:51 PeterL Re: My project Hi, Have you noticed Graham, Rclifford doesnt say where he's from. Hi, Rclifford from ?, your first picture of the FZ750, I noticed it had what looks like stainless undrilled discs, first I've seen on a FZ, yes I think drilled are better but the first Goldwing I bought they all had exactly the same. And today I thank them for that because no-one comes close to me in the rain. When you apply undrilled especially stainless discs in the rain there's always a lag while it spits the water of before it grabs, you go further into the corner than you would normally, once you get the hang of it, no one beat you, I "love the rain" !!. And your Honda "brilliant" keep up the photo's, Bye, PeterL.
1668 31/01/2010 17:38:06 rclifford Re: My project Hi Peter, I live in Ashby, UK
1669 31/01/2010 20:05:35 wheaty8918 Re: My project No wonder you've used the same companies as myself, I'm only about 4 miles away from you.
1670 02/02/2010 01:36:46 PeterL Re: My project Hi, Rclifford, whats the story on the pipes and muffler on the CBR, I notice you have the same finish? on the FZ750, whats the finish??, looks good, thanks, PeterL.
1671 28/02/2010 22:05:08 Logiebear Re: My project Hi Rclifford, just rescued my 89' Fz750 from my mum's garage after 6 years of storage. No I was'nt doing time, well sort of, 3 snappers now aged 8,6,and 4 used up all my time and money. I have plans to rebuild 2 Fz's, an 86 750 and an 89 with a 1000cc engine that needs tidying, a lot. Seeing what you have done with the Blade and what you are planning to do to the Fz has lit the old fires in me again, hope I can bug you for inspiration from time to time. Cheers Logiebear
1672 01/03/2010 14:59:06 rclifford Re: My project PeterL, I'm sorry I thought I had replied to your post, the can was a new one, I sent the can and headers off to be blasted and ceramic painted, the headers were fine but they dented the can, to say I was pissed off was an understatement. Honda still have new cans available at not to extortionate pricing. Logiebear, Welcome to pick my brains I can assure you it won稚 take very long. It's been a frustrating few weeks as I have been away working alot and haven稚 done much to the bike, I have the R6 wheels bolted into the chassis, and not need a few more mods before I strip it for painting. Also got all the parts for the engine rebuild, so I just need a weekend at home to get it started. I'll drop some more pics as I go. Cheers Ross
1673 05/03/2010 23:37:42 Logiebear Re: My project well Ross, I don't have a deadline, but I would love to restore my two Fz's and get them road worthy. More that road worthy, tidy examples with a lot of TLC and up-grading to a decent standard. So any help would be a big help. Best of Luck Sean.
1675 30/01/2010 00:19:27 FZ750Horse Re: WHICH CDI I've got one somewhere. It's no use to me 'cause I'm using 2MG engines. I don't know if it works but it came off a crashed bike so there's a good chance... e-mail me and I'll send it to you.
1676 30/01/2010 09:14:20 FZ750Horse Re: WHICH CDI I just remembered - I cut the plastic cover off it to have a look at how complex the circuit was :roll: . I've still got the cover and it could likely be glued back on. Let me know if you want it.
1677 30/01/2010 11:43:27 Graham Re: WHICH CDI I found a company in Oxford many years ago called Electrex who can repair them, even sealed units. Probably only 1 really cheap componant that's failed, zener diode or resistor or something but how you test them I do not know. :-? Cost me 125 quid back in 1995 but a new unit from Yamaha was ぶ00 at the time ! Bike was an import so 2nd hand unit not an option either. :-( Worth a search ?
1678 31/01/2010 20:56:59 bandit74 Re: WHICH CDI FZ750Horse .........Have PMed You TA
1680 01/02/2010 09:23:51 rclifford FZ750/R6 suspension wheelbase question, Hi guys, A question for those of you that have fitted early R6 suspension to you 85-86 FZ. Fitted mine up yesterday to check it all worked and it went fine other than needing to press the FZ stem a further 11mm in the R6 bottom yoke. With it all bolted up and my already shortening the FZR1000 swingarm, I now have a wheel base (At it痴 shortest) at 1,430mm measured from the centre of the front and rear spindles, what should I be aiming for?, I was thinking around 1,410-20mm?? what do you have?. Also how far do you dropped the top yoke down the fork leg?, I have about 15mm showing through the yoke, again whats the ideal. Cheers Ross
1681 01/02/2010 23:11:13 FZ750Horse Re: FZ750/R6 suspension wheelbase question, Dont know if this helps ..My Race bike is on DAYTIME ONLY MOT which requires REAR LEGAL SIZE NUMBER PLATE >>> REAR RED REFLECTOR >>> AND AN ELECTIC HORN .
1682 01/02/2010 09:24:37 Munch Loctite 1988 For sale Hi Guys For sale is my 1988 FZ750 in Loctite colors. She has 24k approx on the clock, and is still on the original exhaust system. She has 12 months MOT and 5 months tax.Good tyres etc. Am open to sensible offers for her. Would rather she goes to an enthusiast as I believe she is a good un. Can send some photos via my mobile (07886892458) and I have one pic of her on my works computer. Thanks Glen
1683 01/02/2010 09:24:37 rclifford FZ750/FZR1000 suspension setup question Hi All, I bolted my FZR backend into my 85 FZ chassis to see how it all lines up, and I have a few questions to those of you that have done this mod. 1. The bottom frame mount has a gap of around 56mm, and the FZR linkage is 46mm wide, do you make up 2x5mm spacers or leave it and let it 素loat・ when it is bolted up I don稚 think it would move anyway. 2. I知 fitting an R6 wheel and need new rear spacers made up, can anyone with an FZR back end give me the measurement from the inside of the swingarm to the inside of the sprocket/sprocket carrier face. Unfortunately I don稚 have the engine in at the moment so I cannot line the chain up. Cheers Ross
1684 01/02/2010 22:53:20 FZ750Horse Re: FZ750/FZR1000 suspension setup question I looked into this when I had my race bike on a "daylight only" MOT for testing purposes. I've lost the link, but you can view the regs online. As I (and my neighbour who works for the part of the DVLA that oversees MOT stations) read them, if you have "position lights" (sidelights) you need everything, including indicators. If you don't have sidelights you don't need anything. BUT... Every tester I've ever spoken to reads the regs as "If you have any lights at all you must have the lot". This lead to the ridiculous situation of me having to tape the brake light up to get it through the MOT and then remove the tape before riding off to avoid being nicked by the traffic police :-D . You don't need a chain guard but you'll probably get an advisory if it's not fitted. Cans don't need to be stamped - they did for a few months about five years ago before the requirement was withdrawn. It's now down to the tester's discretion whether a pipe is too loud. The fact is, every tester reads the regs differently (and not infrequently wrongly) - it's probably easiest to just talk to the test station first and ask them what they want...
1685 01/02/2010 14:12:46 rclifford MOT requirements All, Just trying to make sense of the MOT requirements, can you shed some light on the following: 1. For lighting can you have 2 projector lights one for main one for dipped and no side light and pass the MOT? 2. Do you need a chain guard to pass an MOT? 3. My bike was registered mid 85, the Micron can I have for the bike has no stamping on, would it pass the MOT or do you have to get a stamped can? Cheers Ross
1686 01/02/2010 19:05:04 FZ750Horse . .
1687 01/02/2010 19:34:29 FZ750Horse Re: MOT requirements Don't know about the linkage stuff but I had to grind the dust seal housing off the wheel and turn the drive sprocket wrong way round to get the chain run right. There is just about adequate clearance between 520 chain and a 180 tyre.
1688 01/02/2010 20:40:01 bandit74 Re: MOT requirements I dropped the yokes 10mm over the forks - I was worried about running out of suspension travel under the bottom yoke - just about certain to result in a bad experience :-D . I think I had about 1415mm with the shortened FZ arm - with Racetechs the tyre was rubbing the cross brace. I've been told that 1400mm would be ideal but it's not achievable without altering the head angle. I'm currently using the full length arm again - the short one messed up the spring rate and I was worried about the reduced rear grip. I'll have another go with the short one when the shock is due for a rebuild. What was the offset on the original yokes? The R6 yokes are 40mm - same as a 2MG FZ but I think the older bikes may have had less so it might turn in a bit quicker due to reduced trail. I'm no expert at this but I don't think reducing trail helps it hold a tighter line - just makes it a bit easier to get it on it's ear in the first place?
1689 03/02/2010 11:50:12 streets fz frame wanted im on the lookout for an fz frame, anyone got a spare they dont want/need :-D thanks
1690 04/02/2010 20:35:55 oops-sorry Re: fz frame wanted i have 2 but i think they might be a little far away . there are somo cheap bikes on ebay at the moment. best of luck Paul
1691 04/02/2010 20:38:39 oops-sorry frame on ebay Item number: 300343202820
1692 04/02/2010 22:34:57 streets Re: frame on ebay guys i'm lookin for the tail light surround on a 85 fz . its the one between the 2 side panels that surrounds the back light . need one with good mounting lugs . thanks Paul
1693 04/02/2010 22:39:31 streets Re: fz frame wanted thats what couriers are for :-D
1694 06/02/2010 04:01:04 oops-sorry Re: frame on ebay if you want to pay for a courier you can have one
1695 06/02/2010 08:22:29 streets Re: frame on ebay ok then, what do you want for the frame :-D
1696 04/02/2010 20:41:37 oops-sorry tail light surround wanted yep id seen that one but its to nice for what i need it for but thanks :-) what im after is a tatty or modded frame to house a 1000 engine to do a bit of rwyb racing 8-)
1697 21/04/2010 12:23:38 oops-sorry Re: tail light surround wanted picked up a new one from yam for $160 australian but red ones are not available any more
1698 13/02/2010 00:57:09 scarabrun im looking for a kerker exhaust for my 85 fz 750 old or new really dont matter , i will referbish if i have to ,will pay top dollar so if anybody knows of one for sale let me know and i will throw you a bone for your help ,,,thanks my number is 813-293-8551 or email
1699 21/02/2010 03:16:54 wamefou Re: im looking for a kerker exhaust for my 85 fz 750 I have a 4 into 1 Kerker exhaust on my '86, but it's in three parts. Theres the 4 into 1 header, a 2.5" pipe, and then the Kerker exhaust can - I don't know how much of it is stock Kerker. You can get the canister and baffle from Supertrapp, it's the Kerker K-series model with the 2.5" inlet. I don't know about the rest of it though. If you want a 4 into 1 exhaust you can get a brand new full system from Vance and Hines, model # VHR15305. If you're that into Kerker I'll sell you mine but I'ld need that vance and hines system in return! :-D With shipping and everything I don't think it would be worth your while. (I'm in Toronto, Canada - I think you're in Tampa, Florida) My canister's all scarred up too, and my baffle's the wrong size so it's pretty noisy... It's basically a straight 2.5" pipe, it sounds awesome and looks bad-ass though. Good luck with your beast.
1700 14/02/2010 23:37:29 scarabrun 1985 fz 750 oil capacity hello the dealer told me 3.5 us quarts to do a oil / filter change . so thats what i put in, and when the bikes off of the center stand and in a level position and i look in the sight glass well its over the full line and at the very very did i say very top of sight glass "window" . would this be to much oil or is this correct to be at the very top of glass window ? there are two lines on the window the 1st. one would be the low side and i thought the second would be the full line . like i said the whole glass window is full of oil ???????? thanks for your input
1701 15/02/2010 02:46:05 PeterL Re: 1985 fz 750 oil capacity Hi, Clymers says, 3.1qt (3,000cc) with filter change, 2.7qt (2.700cc) without filter change, 3.7qt (3,500cc) after engine rebuild, so you've put too much in! also the level should be between the maximum and minimum window marks. PeterL.
1702 15/02/2010 13:21:36 scarabrun Re: 1985 fz 750 oil capacity ok i was thinking the same thing ! i will drain some out ! thanks for your help
1703 15/02/2010 19:29:03 FZ750Horse Re: 1985 fz 750 oil capacity I wouldn't worry too much about it - most dealers used to recommend filling the oil level to the top of the glass. I was advised by an experienced FZ tuner to run my race bike at "top of the glass + 200ml", which I've been doing for the last two years with no ill effects. Horse
1704 16/02/2010 00:19:55 scarabrun Re: 1985 fz 750 oil capacity back in the 1980s i remember at the drags guys would run drag bikes a quart low to gain horsepower "something about less oil drag on the crankshaft" motor made more hp with less oil ?? hhhmmmmmm i dont know
1705 16/02/2010 13:36:01 PeterL Re: 1985 fz 750 oil capacity Hi, I agree scarabrun, I always thought too much oil builds up internal pressure, I fill to the maximum line which for street use is good, Clymers manual says "do not overfill", PeterL.
1706 16/02/2010 08:25:07 oops-sorry wrecking fz 750 in australia Guys decided to wreck my spare FZ. any aussies need anything email me on
1707 27/03/2010 19:08:20 oops-sorry Re: wrecking fz 750 in australia Hi, The part that oops-sorry is talking about is just called a cover, Part No. 1ae-28365-00-00. I would like one also and have asked on this site previously with no results. I have been in contact with midnormold and this is part of their Email to me, "Hi, I know the piece you are talking about, if you can obtain a good condition one I can make some up quite quickly, I am a biker first and a business second, I have owned 3 FZ's over the years................................................. I have a resonable (cracked) one but I'm in Australia is there anyone closer to him that has a reasonable part they can send him to make a mold from, it's Midnormold on Ebay, thanks, PeterL.
1708 17/02/2010 11:17:46 hill44 electrical wiring urgent+manual seeking owners manual + workshop manual for fz 750 86-87 and a schema for the electrical wiring if someone has it can you take a copy and mail me please urgent cant get the flashlights to work +rpm gauge +break lights is out of order have fix it it was a fuse that looks OK but was not
1709 18/02/2010 01:16:00 PeterL Re: electrical wiring urgent+manual Hi, It would help if people knew where your from, there's one on Ebay 330404740955, if thats no good what part of the manual do you need if someone else doesnt help I'll send you copies from manual. PeterL.
1710 07/03/2010 19:33:24 Graham bulk buy oil filters there are 3 lots left at the time of posting this. ぺ.00 for 4 filters + ぶ.00 postage seems like a good deal to me ?
1711 07/03/2010 20:40:32 bnail FZ750/1000 All finished Hi Guys The Fz750/1000 is all finished i am crap at inserting photos so i,am going to ask graham to put a pic on the site for me. glennyam
1712 07/03/2010 22:46:33 Graham Re: FZ750/1000 All finished I will consider myself asked Glenn. :-D I need links to them 1st mate so if you can just copy & paste the (IMG) links either in this thread or via a private message I will alter the necessary bits to make the pictures show. Hope to have mine finished this summer too so a meet up is definitely on the cards if you or anyone else is interested ? 8-)
1713 07/03/2010 23:41:11 ganepeil Re: FZ750/1000 All finished Gents, my intrest is piqued.. to date, my only known 7-10 is my own.. & would wecome other's approches. Especially in the cooling/exhaust respects. G
1714 08/03/2010 08:49:59 Graham Re: FZ750/1000 All finished Glenn I have sent you a message mate. Those emails you sent me didn't work. :-(
1715 08/03/2010 11:03:37 Graham Re: FZ750/1000 All finished Out of all those emails Glenn only 1 has files I can view as images. the rest have been attached as data files which don't open as pictures for me. Here's the 2 I got. [img][/img] [img][/img]
1716 08/03/2010 11:35:33 oops-sorry Re: FZ750/1000 All finished Glenn that looks great. Top job . You should be very proud of your effort
1717 08/03/2010 12:42:48 alliekat Re: FZ750/1000 All finished Wow... that looks so pretty... makes me think mine is really tatty :-? oh no looks like i am going to have to do more to mine now.. !
1718 08/03/2010 15:41:07 rclifford Re: FZ750/1000 All finished looks terrific, your going to have to post the specs, lots of interesting details, such as what headers did you use, what clutch master cylinder did you use?? soo many questions :-D
1719 08/03/2010 17:37:46 Graham Re: FZ750/1000 All finished I was in a rush when I posted the pictures earlier Glenn but having spent all day working on my bike & coming home to actually look at these pictures properly all I can say is WOW ! Your bike looks better than new & makes mine look like a pile of shite, thanks. :lol: So much effort must have gone in to this. Simply stunning. :-o 8-)
1720 08/03/2010 17:58:00 bnail Re: FZ750/1000 All finished Hi Guys FZ 750/1000 mods Motor-fzr1000 pre-exup,carbs coils etc fzr1000 forks and yolks Robby 41mm Clip-on's on top of top yolk FZR 1000 Front Wheel + braking wavey disc's R1 Calipers stainless lines all round. fzr600r Brake master cylinder - yzf750 clutch master cylinder R/end - Fazer 600 swing arm + 17 x 5 rear wheel fzr1000 shock and linkage +fazer 135mm dog bones , Fazer 1000 rear brake caliper. Fazer crush drive hub machine 5mm (chain alignment) Exhaust stainless 4-1 unknown + supertrapp muffler.Re-plated or replace every nut and bolt Lots of e-bay time and money Sorry if its to long winded Regards Glennyam
1721 22/03/2010 22:22:26 bnail Re: FZ750/1000 All finished Ross I hear the replica lowers are/were moulded from an original Yamaha item so should be every bit as good fit wise. I think the main bolt hole is recessed on an original but flush on the repro's. Doesn't seem to matter. The top fairing on one of mine is a reproduction & it all bolts up perfectly. I will be looking to buy a pair of the short lowers when the bike is closer to completion but they are 50 quid each so holding out for a while.
1722 08/03/2010 23:48:30 lostin202 Super High Idle Problem Alrighty, after a few months of pecking away at getting my backyard special running, I've got a problem I'm not sure how to start chasing down. Details: '87 FZ700 hasn't run since 2005 or so. I did a mini-overhaul on the carbs which included a cleaning, replacing the needle jets and checking the main and pilot jets for clarity. I also pulled and check the slide/diaphrams and I didn't see any holes or anything strange. New plugs, trimmed the wires and checked for cracks. Went through the wiring looking for problems and bypassed the starter safety unit. After cranking it about a billion times it fired up and ran but it wouldn't idle down even after a 1/2 hour of running. AS far as I know the choke was not engaged, but I don't really know how to verify that with the airbox on. The tach works while the starter is cranking the engine, but as soon as it's running on it's own the tach stops working so the rpm numbers I'm going to give are guestimates. It "idles" at about 2k and if I even touch the throttle the tiniest littlest bit, it races up to about 5k or so then settles back down to 2k over maybe 10 seconds. I looked up on the book about timing the bike only to find that I can't because it's a CDI ignition. I did fiddle with the idle screw which had no effect in bringing it down but would bring it up (after quite a few turns) Any suggestions??? Thanks!! Will-
1723 09/03/2010 03:22:46 lostin202 Re: Super High Idle Problem Something else I should add: The coils on the bike had major road-rash as well as cracked wire insulation. I got an '86 750 as a parts bike at the same time so I had thought to just use the coils. Turns out the 750 coils are hotter, 3 ohm as opposed to the 2 ohm for the 700, so I swapped the entire ignition system. The ignitor box is different so I swapped that, and the 750 uses two pickup coils on either side of the crank presumably one for the 2/3 coil and one for the 1/4 coil while the 700 uses only one pickup coil for both pickups with two markers on the same side of the crank for both pickups. So I put the 750 ignitor with a 750 pickup coil on the 700 and wired the plug to the ignitor from the pickup coil to so that the ignitor receives a signal every time either the 2/3 or 1/4 crank angle comes up figuring I would just get wasted spark on each cycle in the off cylinder since all cylinders would fire every rotation. This is a stop-gap, getting running measure since I've been haunting Feebay for months and have yet to run across a set of 700 coils. Once I do, the ignition system will go back to normal. I mention this in case it could have something to do with the idle problem even though I can't imagine it does since this bikes does not have a fuel enrichment circuit ( or does it?_) But you never know eh? Will-
1724 09/03/2010 08:58:09 dave1000 Re: Super High Idle Problem Hi there is your throttle cable ok. Re the coils where are you?
1725 09/03/2010 12:37:36 lostin202 Re: Super High Idle Problem The cable housing is broken just past the handle bar control, but I did check it and it's not pinched or binding anywhere. I'm in Virginia in the US, sorry right after I post this I'll add that info to my profile (I keep forgetting) The next chance I get I'll put the 700 pickup coil and ignitor box back in and see if that makes a difference. How does the choke work on these bikes? Or is it some sort of mechanical fuel enrichment scheme? Thanks!! Will-
1726 09/03/2010 16:28:21 dave1000 Re: Super High Idle Problem Hi again the choke on the FZ 750 is a black knob on the left side on the infill panel. A pull/push action. I have a workshop manual somewhere but I would think its the same as an FZ 750. If you need coils they are the 2 ohms you need.
1727 09/03/2010 18:15:15 lostin202 Re: Super High Idle Problem Dave, thanks for the coil spec, I actually do have a repair manual. I had posted on here about the coil situation and it was recommended that I use a "complete" ignition system from one bike, either the 700 or the 750 since they have different specs for the coils (2 ohm and 3 ohm respectively) as well as different specs for the pickup coils (i forget the numbers). Now that I know the engine runs (and seems to run well, except for the idle problem) I don't mind laying some cash down on a new set of coils so I might get there. But this doesn't seem like an ignition problem, it's not missing or hard to start (once I got it started) or any of the typical ignition problems. This really smacks of a carb problem. I was looking over the spare bank of carbs I have (way too dirty to run) and I don't really see how the choke works, but I'm thinking it's some kind of mechanical fuel enrichment scheme which is maybe stuck or something? I think I'll leave the ignition system alone and go through the carbs again. Cheers, Will-
1728 09/03/2010 18:35:35 FZ750Horse Re: Super High Idle Problem The choke cable attaches to the end of the rod which terminates on the LH side of the carb bank. The choke is active when the rod is pulled out - you can see it acting on each individual carb. This sounds much more like an air leak on the carb rubbers though - spray some soapy water round the upper and lower boots and look for bubbles. Cheers, Horse
1729 09/03/2010 19:07:47 lostin202 Re: Super High Idle Problem Thanks Horse, I do see where the cable is and what it does and it does seem to be sliding the rod back and forth for each carb. What I meant was, what does that rod actually do inside the carb? On other bikes that I had, a vacuum leak in one of the intake boots always resulted in a rough or no idle, is it the opposite on these? The bikes I'm used to are 70's stuff without diaphram carbs so if that's a difference I wouldn't know it. I did try spraying some wd40 around each boot without any change up or down. I'll try the soapy water thing too.
1730 15/03/2010 12:12:19 lostin202 Re: Super High Idle Problem Twin pot FZ6 calipers bolt straight on (04 -06 model) so no need to swap out front end or build unsightly brackets. I have some calipers from ebay on the way so can send photo if anyone interested in finished look.
1731 21/03/2010 18:21:23 lostin202 Re: Super High Idle Problem Sounds like an investment I won't regret (I find it really easy to justify buying tools), thanks G
1732 08/03/2010 23:54:55 captaincon fz750for sale hi all i am selling a 1986 fz750 got it off a mate who can no longer ride it due to ill helth its in nottingham with tax till end of april mot till mid may .good tyre good paint etc recent service well 2000 miles ago new battery at same time as was the plug caps. not mint but will clean up nice i would add pics but can't work out how to do it my mobile number is 07931328117 or email me for pics to i am looking for ぷ00
1733 09/03/2010 08:42:08 Graham Re: fz750for sale Might be interested but if you can email pics to me & I will post them on here. I have just emailed you now with my address.
1734 09/03/2010 18:50:21 captaincon Re: fz750for sale hi mate i have sent you some pics
1735 09/03/2010 23:45:59 Graham Re: fz750for sale & here they are. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] not my cup of tea sorry but good luck with the sale. That's a novel arrangement for the brake calipers.
1736 13/03/2010 09:27:36 captaincon Re: fz750for sale hi all i am after a rear disc for my winter hack any idea which disc i can use of which bike. i have the 3 spoke 18" rear wheel if it makes a diffrence thanks.(this is not for the one that i am selling )
1737 12/03/2010 15:54:54 captaincon rear disc Hi, Google up "needle clip position Yamaha FZ750" you'll find the answer there, the position you put the clip in determines how lean or rich you want your mixture, going by the settings there, top slot (pos 1) is the leanest, bottom slot the richest. PeterL. (Also look up "tuning the Mikuni carburetor" plenty of help there.)
1738 17/03/2010 17:22:40 dave1000 Re: rear disc Have been and bought April's edition today and a guy from Suffolk has wrote in to say how good the write up was and that his FZ remains the best bike he's ever had even though he sold it on. As the majority of us are either repairing/ restoring or modifying our FZ's I find the mag quite helpful with the machanical side of 80's bike ownership and one day it would be nice to get my FZ into the readers bikes page as I have done with my old X7 a year or so ago.
1739 17/03/2010 19:40:26 FZ750Horse Re: rear disc See no reason wy the full fairing shouldn't fit Allison ? This is the bike yes ? [img][/img] I would snap the lot up at 75 quid if I were closer.
1740 23/03/2010 23:33:36 Graham FZ's for sale Hiya graham, bike is looking pretty. If you want to get rid of old exhaust i would be interested as it looks like a YZ7R Neta race system from motad in the eighties, i used to work in sales with Motad in the eighties and that pipe was the beez neez , there was a carb kit that went with it. two metal plates that raised the front of the tank a couple of inches and let the carb breath properly alongside some airbox modifications jets and needle raisers. Had to have a race licence to order one so they didnt get on the road.Alan Baker my boss at the time reckoned the airbox limited the Fz alot. Part of my pay rise was a firms bike so i got to try all the development bikes to work and back that wa sa good one an dso was the GPZ600r race pipe, happy days :-D
1741 24/03/2010 17:28:36 Graham Re: FZ's for sale Ignore my question, I just noticed the 87 FZR1000 timing is slightly better
1742 25/03/2010 03:47:22 PeterL Re: FZ's for sale Yes it was th ething to do when i woked at motad in the sales and advice dept. Eighties yamahas dont like having the filter taken off and singles one put on so to stop a depression over the main jet which mucks up air fuel delivery you have to raise the needles, which lets in more fuel at smaller throttle openings as at low speeds the engine is running on the needles and not jets. it gets a bit more involved than that but hat is the basics, The xj range were the worst even ledar didnt make kits for them. I cant remember if the Motad, neta race kit had air correctors, long time ago, but that pipe you have taken of is a Motad neta race system and needs a kit plus tank raisers to set up properly (good pipe) :-D
1743 25/03/2010 09:12:52 Graham Re: FZ's for sale Hi Graham your right a section on sell/swap etc would be good, I buy from Uk (cheaper!) and USA also, I'm also on the Naked Goldwing Site, much bigger site because there's more of them especially in USA, the site is good and the people like youself want to keep it going and make it better. I'd just like to add when you get some help/feedback from a question, come back with a comment/thank you/ or whatever! show some appreciation for the effort someone went to to help you with,after all we are people interested in the same cause, PeterL.
1744 30/03/2010 21:42:01 Graham Re: FZ's for sale This looks nice. If only I could bring myself to spend this kind of money on one initially it would save me hundreds of pounds in the long term. :roll: I viewed one with the same colour scheme in the mid 90's but was put off by the pink stripe ! :oops:
1745 31/03/2010 21:16:15 tomster Re: FZ's for sale I bought this one. It's my first ever Yam and it's a bit of a dog to be honest. Misdescribed to hell in the listing so I got some money back but it's gonna take a lot of sorting out. Might need some advice so watch this space. My other bike is a Ducati 600ss which was on the bay for sale until I realised there wasn't a hope in hell of getting this one on the road in the near future. Hey ho. I'm sure it'll be a good bike...............eventually...................
1746 31/03/2010 21:53:56 Graham Re: FZ's for sale Hiya Tom ? What's it need exactly ? Only thing I didn't like about it was that it has been painted which normally only means one thing. Where are you from mate ?
1747 01/04/2010 21:50:45 tomster Re: FZ's for sale I'm from Cumbria so miles away from anywhere. What's it need? headlight doesn't work, horn doesn't work, front brakes are seized, the paintwork isn't bad but the stickers are awful, the neutral light doesn't work, a gynecologist couldn't get it into neutral, it has got a sound reminiscent of timing chain tensioner problems, one of the front mudguard brackets is broken, the fairing is broken around the choke/ fuel switch, the four into one has burned through the fairing and this is only what I noticed in a ten minute perusal. Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from inspecting it before I got it home so I'd already parted with the cash. Everything is just shoddy about it. Overspray where things have been disguised etc. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh :evil: :evil:
1748 01/04/2010 22:31:34 Graham Re: FZ's for sale Doesn't sound all bad Tom, headlight horn & neutral light should only cost a bit of your time. Maybe your clutch just needs bleeding to sort the neutral problem ? Get some pictures up. :-D
1749 01/04/2010 23:04:52 tomster Re: FZ's for sale What about a picture of me kicking it in the nuts!!!!
1750 05/04/2010 10:57:36 Graham Re: FZ's for sale
1751 06/04/2010 19:22:22 tomster Re: FZ's for sale Been away for Easter weekend but hope to get a poke around with the fz next weekend, hopefully. The cosmetics will wait but the brakes, headlight and horn will have to take precedence. Hopefully the leckies will just be a fuse and it shouldn't take too much to bully the brakes back into action. How are your projects Graham??
1752 06/04/2010 20:04:08 Graham Re: FZ's for sale I now have another blue & white 2MG FZ which is pretty standard. I have replaced the fork seals & fitted a standard air box. It runs better but I'm waiting for my carb balancer to arrive & it should be sorted. :-D Not sure if I will be keeping this one although it's very tidy & my favourite colour scheme. Just can't find a good enough reason to own 2 working FZ's & the fireblade. :-( Still need to make wheel spacers, buy brake lines, fit chain, paint bodywork etc on the other bike so no sign of finishing for a while yet.
1753 06/04/2010 20:34:29 tomster Re: FZ's for sale Damn, and there's me thinking I'd be able to get you to do mine next..........
1754 06/04/2010 22:20:06 Graham Re: FZ's for sale Where you from Tomster ? You'd better fill your profile in or Peter will be on to you. :lol:
1755 07/04/2010 06:51:22 PeterL Re: FZ's for sale If I knew where he lived I send the boys around for not filling out his profile!!!!!PeterL. Nice one on "what's for sale", Graham, can only help mate.
1756 07/04/2010 21:42:42 Graham Re: FZ's for sale This one looks very tidy. 8-) This one listed as an FZR ??? :-?
1757 07/04/2010 22:34:38 tomster Re: FZ's for sale The first one is lovely, but the second one would be a good project. The boys have been round and forced me to update my profile. The ruffians!!! :-D
1758 08/04/2010 22:43:02 Graham Re: FZ's for sale
1759 12/04/2010 20:14:47 tomster Re: FZ's for sale [b][color=000099]Gonna have to get mine started and get it on the road cos I think my Ducati's gonna rattle itself apart soon. The valve rattle is starting to frighten me and I'm expecting one coming through the side and spitting me off before long[/color][/b]
1760 13/04/2010 16:51:23 Graham Re: FZ's for sale Few more I found. Some might have been relisted so don't cry if I'm repeating myself a bit. I say don't cry if I'm repeating myself a bit. :lol: :roll:
1761 13/04/2010 20:36:11 Graham Re: FZ's for sale
1762 13/04/2010 21:11:31 tomster Re: FZ's for sale [b][color=0000CC]60 odd thousand miles? Ouch!! び00 quid is my kinda price though[/color][/b]
1763 13/04/2010 23:40:24 Graham Re: FZ's for sale Says it's in kilometres mate so only mid 30's in miles which (if they are looked after) is bugger all for an FZ lump. Mine is showing 54K miles & the cams, carriers, bores etc are all mint. :-D び00 is the starting bid & there is a reserve so it's anyone's guess what the seller wants for it. I would say anything less than べ00 is a good buy but they don't seem to be selling lately ? :-?
1764 14/04/2010 20:14:57 tomster Re: FZ's for sale [b][color=0000CC]Ah, never spotted that. Started on my Duke tonight. What a shitter that's gonna be to do the valves. Think it would have been easier to drop the engine out. Stupid desmodromic valves. Hahahaha[/color][/b]
1765 17/04/2010 09:14:42 Graham Re: FZ's for sale No pic's as yet but I might be willing to part with my "other" FZ if anyone is interested ? It is a 1988 "F" reg', blue & white with a bit of yellow, full fairing, grab rail, braided brake hose front & back, 36K miles, wheels powder coated grey to match the frame, top yoke & bar weights powder coated black, new chain & sprockets & rear tyre, very good front tyre, fork seals replaced 2 weeks ago & carbs balanced last week. I think there is a bit of tax & mot left on it but will have to check. I will be taking a loss at the above price but I have discovered that compression is down on all 4 pots so looks like the valve shims have never been done. It runs & rides but is down on power. The bike itself has been very well looked after generally but there are a few imperfections to the body work & a bit of surface rust on the frame. I will post pictures later in a bid to temp someone but if I get no interest it will not be going on ebay, I will just tuck it away until I have time to sort it. If I find time to replace the shims in the next few weeks I will probaby want べ50 for it. The only reason for selling is that I am short of 2 things, time & space. :-(
1766 27/04/2010 21:04:37 Graham Re: FZ's for sale This one is just like my latest addition to my crusty fleet. This might appeal to someone with an old bottom end kicking about (& plenty of spare Sundays). But this one is simply stunning. 8-)
1767 15/06/2010 20:36:48 scarabrun Re: FZ's for sale You might be thinking about Tony Tice's FZ? He used to post on and reputedly got over 170bhp out of an FZ based engine. Note the "based" though... :-D
1768 24/03/2010 17:37:16 Graham Air box rubbers wanted If anyone wants to ad to this then feel free. I only started it as there is no designated area for "bikes for sale" on this forum. Found this one tonight.
1769 24/03/2010 19:01:05 oops-sorry Re: Air box rubbers wanted I bought a lovely FZ last week with tax & mot but someone has fitted separate cone filters which makes the bike very reluctant to rev up from tick over & when cold. I have a standard air box but no rubbers to go from it to the carbs so if anyone has a spare set or a spare air box with them fitted to it I would like to buy them/it please.
1770 24/03/2010 19:51:29 Graham Re: Air box rubbers wanted yes thats the one its now on e bay. i think i will leave it as i have to many other things to get. got my insurance today び00.20p cool huh was cheaper than carol nash Having a chaingaurd bracke tmade up and the remus pipe bent out to miss the arm, very worried abou tthe chain alinement bu thave seen people taling about turning the sprocket around so will look in my manual and see what i have to do. Migh go shorter on the dog bones as well 156 at mo and have found some at 153 little bit at a time. :-D
1771 24/03/2010 20:18:51 rclifford Re: Air box rubbers wanted I can recommend using one of these comparison web sites Allison. I have used & Go-compare recently. Cheapest quote for my new FZ which is totally standard was ぷ6.00 !!!! :-o :-D 8-) I paid 75 quid for my Fireblade, third party, fire & theft but if I mention all the mods on the other FZ it comes out at around ほ0.00. :-( Can't justify 3 lots of bike insurance so will have to devise a cunning plan. ;-) Does your manual have a section titled "what to do when fitting an EXUP rear arm" Allison ? :lol: :lol: :lol:
1772 24/03/2010 20:22:52 Graham Re: Air box rubbers wanted Is it going to be a cunning plan thats as cunning as a fox schooled at the school of cunning ? :-D :-D :-D Was going to look at my manual to see how to get to the sprocket and turn it around. need a new chain as well. Wow cheap Fz insurance.. to late now got mine :-o :-D :-D
1773 24/03/2010 20:51:39 alliekat Re: Air box rubbers wanted mmm i am a fair bit older but havnt ridden for a number of years so only one years no claims :-D
1774 24/03/2010 21:04:55 Graham Re: Air box rubbers wanted Graham, try 2mm needle raisers, think it will cure you problems.
1775 24/03/2010 21:32:27 alliekat Re: Air box rubbers wanted I had considered changing the jets to suit the filters but without knowing what size to use & not wanting another bike in pieces I was sort of hoping to just fit my standard air box & use this bike for a bit. I own 3 FZ's now & still don't know what one is like to ride ! :oops: Are you saying that raising my needles 2mm might be enough to sort the fueling ? 8-)
1776 25/03/2010 09:25:42 Graham Re: Air box rubbers wanted Couldn't agree more Peter. A reply saying "thank you" or "it worked" is always nice to see. Manners cost nothing as they say. :-) I pm'd Arch last week asking if some new sections could to be added to the forum which would make it easier for folks to find the stuff they are after. Time will tell.
1777 25/03/2010 09:30:27 rclifford Re: Air box rubbers wanted Right then, last night I paid for an air box complete with rubber trumpets via paypal. Not wishing to count my chickens but it looks like I am sorted for this now. Thank you very much for your offer Ross. It's nice to know there might be a plan B for me if this one doesn't turn up or is a load of rubbish when it does. :-D
1778 25/03/2010 09:34:25 Graham Re: Air box rubbers wanted Sorry Graham, it would seem my FZ airbox has disapeared, I fear I left it precariously close to the plactic recycling bin and my wife may have helped me recycle my airbox :-x So I need an FZ750 airbox now to mate it to my FZR lower, if you dont need the airbox let me know and I'll buy it off you Cheers Ross
1779 28/03/2010 13:01:50 Graham Re: Air box rubbers wanted Ross I have a spare FZ air box now. Is it just the top you need or the whole thing ? You are welcome to it all but the front mount is snapped off. No filter either but all there other than that.
1780 06/04/2010 09:05:14 rclifford Re: Air box rubbers wanted I found the other half at work, so I think I have the FZ upper and FZR lower that I needed. Thanks for the offer though
1781 25/03/2010 09:59:28 rclifford 85 FZ750 parts for sale Yes mate I will have a spare box as I only really need the rubbers. :-D Result all round. I will contact you when this one turns up.
1782 26/03/2010 01:51:38 oops-sorry looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help Guys, As some of you will have followed I am rebuilding my 85 FZ750 with updated engine and chassis parts. I was going to keep all the original FZ parts but I doubt I will ever change it so I知 selling the bits, heres what I have. Engine, 60k miles, ran very well didn稚 seem to burn any oil, clutch slipped at higher revs, sprocket cover missing. Carbs Forks (straight) Wheels & discs with good tyres. Rear suspension, swing arm, shock ect (need an overhaul but straight) Front brake calipers, master cylinder & goodridge braided lines Rear calliper, master cylinder & goodridge braided line Bars, Top yoke, Footrests & gear change assy Clutch master cylinder & line Rad (small pin hole in bottom tube, easy araldite repair) Indicators Hopefully they will go to a deserving home and make some cash to help with the rebuild, preferably buyer collects from Ashby (By Donnington Park) You can drop me an email on Cheers Ross
1783 26/03/2010 08:50:37 dave1000 Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help spring is here, so im trying to get my bike ready. i have just finished sanding it down getting it ready for the new paint. but their is a couple of parts i am missing. i am looking for the little black box that controls the turn signals that is mounted under the upper fairing. i bought one last year off of a member of this site, but it was bad. so im looking for another one. i am also looking for the black plastic piece on the left side of the upper fairing, it houses the choke knob. i dont know what to call these pieces so i am doing my best to describe them. i would prefer someone from the U.S. because im not sure how much shipping would be from over seas. my bike is an 87 fz700. thanks
1784 26/03/2010 09:18:21 Graham Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help Hi there there is a guy on EBay UK selling bits for a FZ700.For what you want the postage shouln't be a lot. I sent a seat cowl to Florida, it cost just over び0. You have to watch the size more than the weight.
1785 26/03/2010 15:11:31 lostin202 Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help Ebay seller is called "midnormold" if you want to search for him. Fairing inners. :-)
1786 26/03/2010 22:56:40 oops-sorry Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help hiya could any one tell me if you can pump the exup shock up by the resevoir as mine is way to soft and the spring is at its hardest. If no is there another shock that will be the same as an exup one or stronger spring. sometimes i wish i had left it alone :-(
1787 26/03/2010 23:42:28 oops-sorry Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help those parts would have been great, but the auction was over by the time i got home. ill check around ebay and see what i can find. thanks for the help everyone
1788 27/03/2010 11:23:43 Graham Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help thanks for the information. i never even thought about looking on ebay UK. there is sooo much more available over there. thanks again
1789 27/03/2010 15:05:49 PeterL Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help If you have trouble persuading an ebay seller in England to post overseas then pm me for my address & they can send the item/s to me. I will forward it to you but please don't sue me if the plane crashes or the ship sinks ! :-o :lol: Makes it a little bit more expensive but could be the difference between finding the part you need or not. 8-)
1790 28/03/2010 04:49:50 oops-sorry Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help guys bike sold complete
1791 28/03/2010 10:18:44 PeterL Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help Hi, I dont think you understood what I wrote, the person that makes the inner fairings on EbayUK is Midnormold he is the one who offered to make the part you described in your first blog, up to now he doesnt make that, ( plastic piece that holds the choke/fuel switch)if you want some made and can supply him with a reasonable one so he can make a mold he will make you one, the inner fairings are three pieces left and right, and the third smaller piece which goes over the hole for the choke/fuel switch. PeterL.
1792 28/03/2010 23:48:25 oops-sorry Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help sorry, my bad, i didnt realize they were 3 pieces, as i have never had the left side. i thought this is what you were wanting also
1793 28/03/2010 23:49:17 oops-sorry Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help sorry, my bad, i didnt realize they were 3 pieces, as i have never had the left side. i thought this is what you were wanting also
1794 29/03/2010 01:33:35 oops-sorry Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help Peter i bough a new one from team moto in blacktown for $44 australia last month
1795 29/03/2010 13:19:37 PeterL Re: looking for a couple of parts if anybody can help Hi, Thanks Grunt, hope we are talking about the same part, I should have checked, seems there's a chance of getting one from Nippon for that price. But I'll still Email Midnormold a pic of the part and measurements, to get a price even with postage based on his price for the infill panels should be cheaper than the $44 Yamaha price. Not to mention I think his infill panels are better than the original Yamaha product, certainly stronger! will post update when things happen, thanks, PeterL.
1796 28/03/2010 18:42:26 gaz69 Road Bilke to Race bike [b][size=large]From this ぷ00 Ebay buy[/size][/b] [img][/img] [b][size=large]To this ![/size][/b] [img][/img] [b][size=large]It's taken a while, more money than I care to count, but I got there in the end! Gaz[/size][/b]
1797 28/03/2010 19:02:52 oops-sorry Re: Road Bilke to Race bike Looks very tidy. what rims are you running
1798 28/03/2010 19:21:30 gaz69 Re: Road Bilke to Race bike Its got R6 wheels, forks and shortened FZ swinging arm. Very much like FZ750Horse's
1799 30/03/2010 19:43:47 Henway '86 FZ750 for sale in San Diego $1400 contact me with any Qs.
1800 02/04/2010 14:39:03 captaincon fork oil back again how much fork oil and grade do i put in my forks thanks its a 1986 modle
1801 02/04/2010 15:12:44 dave1000 Re: fork oil Hi there quantity 408cc, 10 weight. I hope that helps.
1802 02/04/2010 15:29:40 lostin202 Carb Vacuum Slide Needle Clip Postion Still trying to chase down why this bike won't run right. What is the position for the clip on the vacuum slide needle for a stock setup of 105 main (1&4) and 100 (on 2&3)? Thanks!
1803 03/04/2010 12:07:39 lostin202 Re: Carb Vacuum Slide Needle Clip Postion Oops! My bad, the stock needles only have one position :-? How about the main jets? The Clymer manual I have says that 1+4 have 105 and 2+3 have 100. Is this correct?
1804 04/04/2010 18:49:12 wolseley Pembrey Park Took my FZ around Pembry park on a parade lap with the VJMC Was good fun but I was a little cautious as not used to it totally but felt the power start at 7000 rpm. Will post a pic when I get them :lol:
1805 06/04/2010 00:25:48 lostin202 Stock Jet Sizes My Clymer manual lists the stock main jet sizes for an '87 FZ700 as 105 for 1+4 and 100 for 2+3. Is this correct? Further, the manual lists stock mains for an '86 FZ750 as 105 for all four. I'm using a bank from an '86 750 on my 700, should I use 105's all the way across or the 100/105 combo? Thanks!! Will-
1806 06/04/2010 08:32:47 Graham Re: Stock Jet Sizes I'm no expert Will but would personally use the right set up for your bike so 100/105. If it works it works. :-D
1807 06/04/2010 10:47:26 lostin202 Re: Stock Jet Sizes Weeeelll, that's the problem is that it don't work at the moment. I think I've traced the problem to a sticky throttle cable, something I dismissed at first because it had good snap back and closes all the way when the carbs are flipped over so I can see the throttle plate. But when they are installed, they hang up a bit. anyway, I'm just trying to eliminate as many factors as I can and I have no idea if the jetting difference is due to internal carb variances or because of engine differences, or even exhaust or airbox differences! I wish I could stick to all 700 stuff, but my parts bike is a 750 and I don't have the money/time to wait for 700 stuff to show up on Feebay. Thanks! Will-
1808 06/04/2010 12:46:44 PeterL Re: Stock Jet Sizes Hi, Seems to vary, check out Ebay 290421110517, another post I found said 105 / 107.5 - 102.5 / 105, PeterL.
1809 06/04/2010 14:50:41 lostin202 Re: Stock Jet Sizes Hmmm.. thanks for posting that Peter, that's interesting. Well when I get my throttle cable, hopefully it should run somewhat normal and I can do some fine tuning then. Thanks! Will-
1810 06/04/2010 19:00:47 FZ750Horse Re: Stock Jet Sizes My 1987 2mg has 102.5/105 I think one jet size difference, i.e 2.5 was usual. Make sure you've got 2nd generation carbs fitted - the 1st generation had all the same needle sizes and jets, 2nd generation had different needles on the outer carbs. TBH, I think this was mainly to do with the change from 4-2 to 4-1 exhausts and wouldn't be enough to stop it running altogether. Horse
1811 07/04/2010 11:41:26 lostin202 Re: Stock Jet Sizes Hmm... OK, so I'll check the needles and see if they are the same. Different needles for different jets would make sense. So do you mean to say that the different jet combo was used for 4>2 exhaust and the same were used for 4>1 or the other way around? When I look up a parts catalog for an '86 750 (the carbs I'm using), I get 105 all across listed and only one needle assembly part number. I am also running a Kerker 4>1 so given all this info the proper setup likely is, 105 all mains all needles sizes the same Sound good? As you already mentioned, these are slight differences that more have to do with proper performance but shouldn't keep the bike from starting/running mostly correctly. I get my new inta