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1 12/02/2004 06:06:13 ColinFZ750 Kerker exhaust I just got a used Kerker 4 into 1 exhaust system. I have yet to install it...but I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's one of the better systems for the bike or not? This is for a US model 1986 FZ750. What other systems are available for this bike? I can't seem to find any!
2 14/02/2004 08:34:40 Tommi Re: Kerker exhaust Personally I have no experience on Kerker exhaust but found a web site where one guy has used Kerker in his FZ. Maybe you can try to contact him and ask his opinion. Tommi
3 28/02/2004 12:23:15 Ticeman Re: Kerker exhaust Nearly all the pipe manufacturers had a pipe for it at one time. Supertrapp and Yoshi made the best best two pipes. Kerker was right there with them though. Sound, as in loud? Tonal quality? Tony
4 17/03/2004 03:59:38 Ziggy Re: Kerker exhaust My 85 has a Hindle 4 - 1 slip on. I find it doesn't sound mean enough...kinda sounds like a dirt bike on steroids. Find when you slow down, you tend to get that pop, pop sound from the manifold but not much you can do about tightening the pipes. For an oil change, you need to drop off the headers to get at the plug and to easily remove the filter. I am looking around to see if I can find a Supertrapp at a good price....need a 2" inlet on it and can make it work.
5 26/03/2004 21:06:02 dave-c Re: Kerker exhaust don't know about the kerker but i would'nt change my yoshi system for anything,even with the home made baffle,it still make's the hairs on my neck stand up, pity it's out of production,luckily it,s so well made it should last a good while yet. Remus list a system in the U.K :-D cheer's dave
6 24/06/2004 06:39:03 RIFLEMAN Re: Kerker exhaust Colin, The best pipe that was evermade was the SuperTrapp 4-2-1. Keep an eye on eBay,they show up fron time to time. I had a SuperTrapp 4-1 Internal Disc when I first got the bike,but it was a major Cop Caller. Through some connections I managed to get my hands on a one off Muzzy stainless 4-1. A lot quieter,but obnoxious on long runs if you are on my right! I got hold of a ST 4-2-1 collector that I am sending to a shop nearby that is going to make a copy out of stainless and mate it to a Kerker Carbon slip-on from a 97 YZF1000. Should be sweet! RIFLEMAN :pint: [quote] ColinFZ750 wrote: I just got a used Kerker 4 into 1 exhaust system. I have yet to install it...but I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's one of the better systems for the bike or not? This is for a US model 1986 FZ750. What other systems are available for this bike? I can't seem to find any![/quote]
7 07/04/2004 07:19:35 Brian Exhausts I've got 2 slip on exhausts for my '88 FZ 750. One is a very short V&H and the other is a Megacycle. The V&H has a sharp crisp sound and I get a real smooth response right through the rev range but it is too noisy. The Megacycle is a longer Alluminium one which is quite a bit more muffled and I don't mind the softer note but I get a bit of a flat spot with it when I roll on the power after sitting on 110 Km/h for a little while. They both get that popping sound when I back off, the V&H more so but I can live with that. Any ideas about the flat spot?
8 12/04/2004 20:42:35 faststeve Re: Exhausts hi brian re flat spot at 110 klms raise carb needles 1 notch or shim if not ajustable you are running to weak in mid range with open pipe. my own settings with race pipe are main jets 105 (standard)they run them a tad rich as standard anyway. needles 1 notch down (richer)pilot screws 3 turns out it makes 97bhp at the wheel and 64 ft lb tourqe .gearing is 16 47 (standard is 16 44)top speed 132 mph and very good acceleration flat spot at 3000 rpm fairly usual with 4 -1 exhaust can be removed with dyno time and pilot jets. dont waste your time with dynojet kits you dont need them to run better. and dont under any circumstances remove or modify the airbox unless you want an instant detune good luck
9 24/06/2004 06:30:28 RIFLEMAN Re: Exhausts :-) Brian, The dreaded flatspot and the popping are due to valve overlap and theres really no easy fix. The popping doesn't bother me. In fact,my mates say that a very spectactular 3 1/2 foot blue flame shoots outta my Muzzy on overrun at night :-x Cheers! :pint: RIFLEMAN [quote] Brian wrote: I've got 2 slip on exhausts for my '88 FZ 750. One is a very short V&H and the other is a Megacycle. The V&H has a sharp crisp sound and I get a real smooth response right through the rev range but it is too noisy. The Megacycle is a longer Alluminium one which is quite a bit more muffled and I don't mind the softer note but I get a bit of a flat spot with it when I roll on the power after sitting on 110 Km/h for a little while. They both get that popping sound when I back off, the V&H more so but I can live with that. Any ideas about the flat spot?[/quote]
10 02/05/2004 17:57:29 DanielT Old Yosh pipe Here's the deal, I got this old yosh pipe. I love the way it sounds, I love the response I get with it, I don't really seem to have any flat spots that some people talk about, and the header doesn't cover anything up (like the oil plug). But heres the problem, it looks like crap. It's all torn up, apparently at some point the cover broke off, or well it came off so the previous owmer (or one of them) just put it back on then slapped a ummm metal tie (you know the ones that you screw to tighten), it even looks like some one attempted to weld it back on too at some point. Anyways, I kinda want to get a new slip on, but I don't want to get a new header, however companies don't sell slipons by hole diameter. My header pipe is 2.5" and i was wonder ing if anyone knew of some other bikes that would have a diameter of that size, or anything like that. Thanks
11 09/10/2004 10:19:28 rooots39 remus got a full ss remus system sounds awesome but legite :-o
12 07/12/2004 16:25:41 Jimocasio Re: remus Cobra F1s, always makes everyones head turn when I'm coming, then they realize it's not a super bike they wonder what the hell i'm riding, especially when my Fairings are off.
13 13/11/2005 03:50:07 ganepeil exhausting Have no idea if this is usefull, but upon fitting 87 fzr 1000 eng to 86 fz750 had clearance issues at trans pan. elected to use 1000's headers (@ 5mm differecnce at intake diameteres. with a little judiciadce prising at trans pan and new exh. gaskets managed clearance without bending header pipes. used d%d 4 into 2%1 headers into Youshimura tri-pod polished can. had to expand d/and d intermediate pipe @ 2mm to seal w/ yoush tri oval. also shorten d%d intermediate pipeby about 5 inches. parts used wre d%d 4/1 system and 2004 yoush tri slip-on for cbr 600. will updated on exh. note and dyno figures whem I get this pooch running G.
14 05/02/2006 02:50:16 ganepeil Re: exhausting Have played some games,to wit, opening/restricting intake of stock airbox, playing with velocity stack height, going up and down w/main jet sizes and needle heights. and raising and lowering float height. here's where I am now. 105 mains (stock mikuni all 4 cyls) Dyno-jet needles 4th clip (counting down from top of needle)float height 9.0mm pilot jets 17.5 w/ air screws 2 1/4 out from light seat w/ega readings of 3.0 CO and 460 ppm H/C at idle 1000 rpm dropping to .28 CO and @ 38 ppm H/C at cruise @ 5000rpm airbox and tubes stock (K&N drop in filter arisol lubed)(just enough to turn typical K&N red). drivability is good, not exceptional, dyno curve reflects same as seat of pants, slight flat from 4grand to 7. then resumes strong to oh my god red line. figure this is why Y made exup, and am looking to incorperate if I can. as 4 to 7 is where I ride. also, while Yosh can looks trick (nice lines etc, sounds like full race over 8 grand ie "I NEED A TICKET", don't get me wrong, I like a throaty exhaust, just in the BASSO PROFUNDO range, not the step on the cats' tail. bike is making 133hp now and in retro, would not have installed 6-speed,sounds cool but stirring the pot isn't really required for street. bear in mind, this is a fzr 1000 eng and carbs and I'm at 5 to 7 thousand ft elevation with a typical temp of 68 degrees (summer) making it a lean mix for those closer to sea level. wish I could figure out how to post pic's am inordinantly proud of this lump. G 8-)
15 05/02/2006 04:11:18 buzz87 Re: exhausting Gary - you do like to putter and fiddle, don't you? :-) Do you do this with all your dozens of bikes? Wish I had the time. :-D But really - I appreciate all the output you enter onto this site for those of us who may wonder what we are going to do with our rides and whether or not we should, - or how it might work. Did you try and follow "guui3dong" instructions on putting in pics? (see my querry regarding same under his entry under "General" "Pic of my '85 FZ750" dated 2006/1/24) It may help?
16 06/02/2006 18:54:29 ganepeil Re: exhausting John, Thks for stroke, perhaps this would be more appropriate in PM but will put in general in hopes that more sources might render a broader range of imput. Have read (in fact printed out ) GD's post on pic. entry. and using that attempted to post using my computers photo album, feed from camera, feed from read/write device and Problem is I don't know what the #@###@ I'm doing, or in what order to do it. am ashamed to admit the scope of my pc illiteracy, but still working on it. thks G. :-?
17 07/02/2006 01:44:33 buzz87 Re: exhausting Gary - none of us are good at everything, are we? That's what makes life interesting! (for some, anyways :lol: )I don't admit to being a MC mechanic, so there, it appears, you have me. I do love to fiddle and wrench, though, so will always keep at it, God willing. I haven't tried putting in a pic yet, so can offer no help. Have a good one!
18 30/03/2006 23:27:10 mike760 Re: exhausting Hi G. did you ever play with exhaust header pipe dimension like putting insert into the header pipe. i hear some people have done that to change pressure to make bike run better. mike
19 31/03/2006 04:22:22 ganepeil Re: exhausting Mike, no, haven't tried restricting headers, and am abashed to admit why. fact is w/6 speed and 123 hp on tap bike has more potential than I care to use on street and is embarassingly loud, am shopping for EXUP headers w/valve (as 1000 cdi has driver for motor)and a can which doesn't require earplugs.have 1 point left on license til July and need no more attention from cops. came into shop parking lot a little hot last week and set off a m8s car alarm. would prefer a stronger mid and more bass tone exh. as opposed to the present shreik I have when things get serious who knows might end up with 1st exup fz700/750/1000 ever. junkyard dog.
20 31/03/2006 04:42:07 mike760 Re: exhausting i know what you mean setting car alarms off i had a competition with car driver friends i got 24 alarms to go off. but that was on my GPZ900R bike which had a very low sound but need ear plugs to ride, almost as loud as the harley it only had formula 1 slip-on though i been lucky with cops because i really am a hoon with 900 putting out the same power as you 1000 reaching 280km/h was easy as turning the bike on. sorry to say i have not been caught and still have all points after 6 years of riding so-far, in australia going any quicker than 160km/h getting away from the cops is easy because they don't chase you if they not catching you only have to watch speed camera that catch you from behind usally a foot good for that though never done that. one thing loud exhaust makes every one look at you which means you must have a bike that has HP my best time dow the strip was 10.1 on the 900 should beat that on the FZ when finish but not by much. just another thing with the change of engine to the 1000cc is there much change in the weight of the bike overall. also do get overheating trouble on the 1000cc motor, because i got my thicken out by 5mm to increase volume of fluids to combact this problem for when i start to ride in our summer cheers mike
21 01/04/2006 13:36:05 buzz87 Re: exhausting Mike - What did you enlarge by 5mm for better coolant flow? (i think that's the right question) I was also thinking that for those out there with some overheating problems that an oil cooler tapped into the system might help a bit. Just haven't had time to see where a guy might put it, as I haven't had my bike out to see where it runs. I don't think the stock finned oil filter cover helps much given it's proximity to the headers.
22 02/04/2006 05:52:56 ganepeil Re: exhausting Mike, took a couple of heat cycles to burp stock 750 rad/coolant lines and pissed all over the dyno in the process, but have had no problems since, in fact now takes @ 20 mi. to get reading on guage and have no temp problems even in slo/go though amb,temps are only in 60/70's ATT temp gun indicates fan comes on at 220 degrees and shuts off @ 190 w/cycles about 3-4 minutes apart in parking lot type traffic.will up if have probs arrise in summer temps. G Ps have no idea what this pooch would turn in 1/4 of pants tells me that I"m no danger to 06 R1 or gsxr 1000's though anticipate raised eybrows. G. 8-)
23 02/04/2006 13:37:15 buzz87 Re: exhausting I have read in other forums that the waterless coolant variety has better heat dissipation properties. Another chap from Toronto said he uses a water-wetter (I can get the link if anyone wants it) that is supposed to transfer heat better than any coolant - and is also "track compliant" as coolant is not allowed in bikes on the track - according to him. Has anyone tried either of these and noticed the results? Mike - May want to try these if you end up with problems. :-D Johnny
24 02/04/2006 23:42:54 mike760 Re: exhausting john, G the increase the volume of the radiator and allows for more air to come in and cool it down. i had no troubles. maybe i should of said a new radiator but it was made like the old one but with a size increase and better airflow john not taking bike on race/track so not really looking for a new systems to comply. i fitted the radiator and has no troubles even put a laser cut grill on and no problems either mike760
25 03/04/2006 00:41:15 buzz87 Re: exhausting Thanks for update - Mike. So you went 5mm thicker with the rad core? I remember you saying you were getting a custom 'air scoop' grill on. Do you figure that grabs more air, too? I was only putting the 'coolant' info in for those interested, but wasn't sure if you were having problems. The guy in Toronto runs straight water in his bike with the wetting agent on the street too, just because of his track regs. He swears his bike runs cooler that way than it would with coolant. Johnny
26 04/04/2006 04:44:55 mike760 Re: exhausting hi john the grill is laser cut one a one off it not made for a scope rather a better looking one and better at protecting the radiator from damage. the air flow is not retricted by the grill just more looks with FZ750R Printed in the design i yeah put the R in meaning Remake if you wondering cheers Mike
27 17/02/2006 03:18:32 buzz87 Baffled about backpressure It appears from past input to this site and, that it is important for the FZ750 to have a certain amount of back pressure to run properly. So here is the thing - I have a V&H pipe that appears to have the "stuffing" removed. (I say this because it is very loud, and haven't had the chance to open it up yet.) The previous owner said to repack it with steel wool if I wanted to quiet it down. So if I don't have enuf back pressure (BP) will using steel wool help - will it stand up? There was also talk of exhaust baffles. Are these removeable and is there an optimum ID for the baffle, and do they even exist in an aftermarket exhaust. I'd like to play with various ID inserts to come up with the right balance of exhaust note, and performance.
28 17/02/2006 17:00:37 ganepeil Re: Baffled about backpressure John, steel wool not an option for muffler packing! It burns, and anyone who has witnwssed a bike that pops on decel can tell you how pretty the flames exiting the exhaust are.Fibreglass is best opt, preferably long strand type, but have been known to use housing insulation in a pinch. the tighter you can pack it, the longer it hangs around. packing will deaden some of the shock wave sound,but has little/or no effect on restriction. some after market exhausts offer optional diameter baffles (the perferated tube that fits inside muffler)a good though very technical and kinda dated book on exhaust tuning is PERFORMANCE TUNING IN THEORY AND PRACTICE FOUR STROKES by A. Graham Bell it gives lots of info on the how and why of sound and shock waves, exhaust volumes pipe diameters, bends and system lengths.also cam timing / valve overlap. very dry reading but informative. luck G.
29 02/03/2006 17:17:11 Dutch Re: Baffled about backpressure a Dutch freak has measured the flow of the original pipe and of an aftermarket Superpole#1 muffler. He used a connecting pipe with a diameter small enough for the Superpole system to give the same resistance as the oem. Bike ran beautifully without baffles (we call them dB-killers ;)). With the killer inserted it ran slightly less, with the pipe of the killer slightly shortend it improved, but you could still notice he had done the calculations on the mufflet without insert perfectly. Pics on Most aftermarket cans have those dB-killers because without them they don't get an approval. That there are a lot of riders removing them is their 'problem'. Cheers, Dutch
30 03/03/2006 04:44:31 buzz87 Re: Baffled about backpressure Thanks Gary and Dutch for het info! :-)
31 26/02/2006 23:11:06 robhar2 fz750 downpipes or headers wanted hi guys im a new guy on here and was wondering if anybody knows where i can get a good set of downpipes 4 2 1 for an fz750 streetfighter, ive tried everywhere but with no luck, i dont mind second hand parts as long as they are reasonable but i dont want standard ones, its a streetfighter job im building, any info on wnat other bikes have a similar engine angle would be much appreciated so i could hopefully find something to fit thanx guys carl
32 01/03/2006 01:47:40 mike760 Re: fz750 downpipes or headers wanted hi well pipes where to go there is only a few company that still make aftermarket pipes but most of these are sold in one piece versions which is still fine probaly the most known is vance and hines, i adapted the ss2 pipes which is made for the FZR750 may be able to get it built to fit. or go with the pipes and get them nicoshine it a better look than polish and last a very long time and looks like chrome finish places like electromold do this for you about 300 US dollars i get the website to few some of there work for you cheers mike
33 04/03/2006 16:26:46 buzz87 benefits of dual exhaust. Some years(s) of FZ came with the dual exhaust with crossover feature that paired the #1 and 4 cyl. and the #2 and 3 cyls. It also looks kind of neat. Apparently this pairing is the best way to run this bike. In anyones experience, does this help the FZ run better at lower RPM or does it help the power curve any? Any Comments?
34 05/03/2006 02:53:42 ganepeil Re: benefits of dual exhaust. John, Yes and Yes. imagine exhaust gas flow as water. volumn flow explodes into pipe looking for escape. in acheiving velosity it creates flow in exit direction and vaccum/ draw. at source. cyls 1&4 rise & fall simotaniously but exhaust 180 degrees appart. thus draw from exhausting cyl is still present at counterparts exhaust spit instead of dead air/staggered flow of cyls 2&3 increasing "scavanging effect" same for cyls 2&3. my simile is of course simplified but is basis for joined 4-2 header design. which also benifits by having smaller collecter diameter usually along side eng. instead of below rendering greater ground clearance. somebody wake up the snoozer :-? G.
35 05/03/2006 13:21:06 buzz87 Re: benefits of dual exhaust. Thanks, Gary! :-D (hope that wasn't too exhausting) :lol: :lol:
36 05/03/2006 16:05:37 gmanhevner Re: benefits of dual exhaust. Sorry but I have a question! What is your opinion about REMUS exhaust (Gran Prix)at lower RPM? Generally your opinion about this type of exhaust??? :-o
37 10/04/2006 23:40:12 FZChris Vance And Hines Supersport System, Jetting? Hello, Can you guys tell me if I need to change my carb setup or modify my air-box or filter if I install The V&H Supersport System #V15305. Can I just leave everything else stock? Thank You
38 11/04/2006 04:03:31 mike760 Re: Vance And Hines Supersport System, Jetting? hi the bike made need just a tune-up of the carb's doesn't have to be done but should be make bike run nice no other modication need to be done though if you have made changes to your bike vance & hines make the exhaust to match otherwise it made for the stock bike mike760
39 16/04/2006 22:28:07 buzz87 Re: Vance And Hines Supersport System, Jetting? These bikes run best with the stock airbox and a single filter. You could run a K&N single air filter, but its possible you nneed to rejet.
40 03/07/2008 22:36:08 sykes Re: Vance And Hines Supersport System, Jetting? What about if I have a Dynojet stage 1 and KN single air filter installed? Is the stage 1 enough? Don't want to run too rich.
41 10/05/2009 16:36:29 1STFZ750 Re: Vance And Hines Supersport System, Jetting? I have had the Vance & Hines SS2R exhaust on my FZ for years. I do have the Dynojet kit as well with the replacement needles/jets,no air box(4 single air filters), drilled slides etc. Throttle response is awesome!
42 12/04/2006 00:32:53 Cobra Can you help: What exhaust for my bike? Hi guys and gals, Firstly appologies was previously registard as millm2310 but seems to have been wiped out. Should have visited more often! My downpipes have finnaly started to give way I have leaks around the four pipe connection area. I have the FZR750 Genesis (Non Exup) 1987 2LM I can only find listings for the bikes below: FZR1000 Genesis 1987 (Non Exup) Micron Pipes: PY13SS Can: T4/01 FZ750 Genesis 1987 Micron Pipes: PY14SS Can: T4/01 Can anyone tell me which of these if any will fit on my FZR750 Genesis. If it helps I have found that English service parts fit my Jap import. Cheers Cobra (Mark)
43 13/04/2006 02:33:22 mike760 Re: Can you help: What exhaust for my bike? HI the best idea for you would be to go to a weckers nowday i don't think they make aftermarket parts for the bike very much any more so search for the second hand pipe and if you want a new exhaust cut and put on a universal slip on pipe or a custom job may be required mike760
44 16/04/2006 22:31:48 buzz87 Re: Can you help: What exhaust for my bike? Don't forget to try eBay in the UK. There are often FZ750 parts on offer. They are original, will fit, and are relatively cheap. I've seen single stock, single aftermarket, or the stock dual pipe setup over there. The dual runs 1 and 4 and 2 and three together as pairs, and is a good setup. Good luck 8-)
45 20/05/2006 22:11:05 harry69koi Re: Can you help: What exhaust for my bike? Mark give jim a ring at and tell him lee from grimsby put you in touch,he is a sound bloke and what he doesnt know about exhaust`s isnt worth mentioning :-D Lee
46 15/04/2006 21:01:43 DamonF I'm looking to buy a Kerker exhaust system Hello, I'm new to your site, is there any info regarding where I can buy a Kerker exhaust system for my 1986 Fazer 700? Thanks Damon,
47 16/04/2006 02:06:37 ganepeil Re: I'm looking to buy a Kerker exhaust system Damon, chk out item 4631409361 on ebay from speedyfreek. system is used, but then doubt you'll find new. luck G. 8-)
48 28/04/2006 19:03:46 tommyrut WANTED TO BUY! 1986 HEADER Hey, so im looking to pick up a set of headers for a 1986 FZ 750. Dont want the full exhaust, just the headers. Anyone know if there is anyone who makes them? Thus far vance and hines is all i can find, and its like 200-300 bucks just for the headers. So if you have a spare set, or know where i can get some...PLEASE LET ME KNOW! thanks.
49 05/05/2006 21:33:02 harry69koi Fz600 headers query Would a fz600 headers fit my fz750? ta Lee
50 12/05/2006 19:24:34 Dutch Re: Fz600 headers query Probably not, the FZ600 has the air cooled engine of the FJ 600 Seca.
51 10/05/2006 04:11:05 tommyrut YZF 750 Headers/FZR 750 Headers Does anyone know if any of the YZF 750 or 90's fzr750 headers will fit on a 1986 FZ750?
52 12/05/2006 19:11:48 Dutch Re: YZF 750 Headers/FZR 750 Headers FZR750 should, that is basically a FZR1000 with a FZ mill (prefer the other way around 8-) ). YZF750 not sure. The engine can be placed in a FZ frame, but could it be the YZF mill is at a different angle?
53 20/05/2006 19:24:13 harry69koi Got myself a new can Had a one off can and link pipe made by quill in manchester ,uk and they did a corker of a job :-D and cheap too only ぴ50 for a one off link pipe and slightly shorter oval can in stainless,sounds the dogs doo darrs aswell :-D [img][/img]
54 26/05/2006 15:44:12 buzz87 Re: Got myself a new can Nice Job!! 8-) Time to start marketing! John
55 23/05/2006 04:02:31 tommyrut Supertrapp Exhaust so i just got a new can for my bike. It's the supertrapp superlight stainless model. Does anyone know how many discs an 86 FZ750 uses? Is anyone running one? I'm anxious to hear how it sounds! :) The main reason i went with it over the now standard Vance and hines is A. you dont need a re-jet, and you can adjust the bikes performance, by removing or adding discs...more discs = more HP, and fewer discs will get the back pressure right, and more torque.
56 25/05/2006 06:50:11 isenegger uncaping supertrapp my 85 came with dual supertrapp exhaust. i removed the caps and plates. it sounds mean and still runs good. i just wanted to know if anyone else has done this and will it hurt anything. thnks!
57 19/06/2006 23:03:18 tommyrut 1986 FZ750 engine for sale I have a 1986 FZ750 engine for sale. It's in good shape. I never had any major problems with it. I will be including the starter, water pump, alternator, and carb boots(intake boots whatever you call them). The starter could use a can still electronically start the bike, but it sometimes wont engage right away, might take once or twice to get it running. It's worth about 550 if you add everything up. I will be selling it for $400. I live in Ames, Iowa..near des moines. I can deliver it for a charge, or I will be in Chicago this Thursday night and friday morning, then wisconsin...lake geneva..friday/sat/sunday. If you are near any of that, we could meet and you can pick up. Let me know asap. thanks. tom-6/19/06 PS.. i am looking for some sides and upper fairing for an 88 FZ700.. if you have a good set, let me know, and we could trade.
58 21/03/2007 05:10:51 lilfzr76 Re: 1986 FZ750 engine for sale im interested in your starter gears all of them. let me know thanks tony
59 04/11/2006 21:12:58 roythehov down pipes for 1985 FZ750 Got a 85 FZ750 , busy building into street fighter but need down pipes as old ones were rotten, needs to fit a micron can, anyone got a set for sale in the U.K.
60 23/03/2007 07:43:51 lilfzr76 parting out my 86 fz750 looks like this project will be too much for me i will be selling parts next week so if you have any parts off of this bike let me know. i have an 86 no side fairings no windscreen. have everything else i will let u guys have first crack at it before i post on ebay. lots of these parts are discontinued so might as well get them if you need them or for back ups. more parts you buy the better deal i can give you plus i can combine shipping. i have supertrapp dual exhaust with all the rings.
61 25/04/2008 07:09:17 billip arrow R1 slip on and mid pipe on a FZ750 hey all, just wanted to know if a slip on and mid pipe from a 98 - 99 R1 would fit on the FZ?? regards billip :-)
62 02/05/2008 17:04:11 Dutch Re: arrow R1 slip on and mid pipe on a FZ750 The R1 muffler -like any other- can be made to fit the FZ. A plug&play it is not, afaik no other muffler is.
63 03/07/2008 22:29:51 sykes delete delete
64 07/04/2009 01:07:06 Brianfz Vance and Hines Hey y'all. Ran across this site in my search for parts to my 85 fz750. I recently bought it and it needs some work, almost all the parts on it are original. I was looking for some aftermarket exhaust systems and the only one i could find was the Vance and Hines V15305 Supersport System. Anyone know where i could get a new one?
65 04/06/2009 21:06:27 spqr75 FZ 750 1988 Exaust System Hi Guys! Can someone tell me please which type of exaust was mounted on FZ 750 '88? I have to mount it back to my bike to register it to the italian historical bike registry. To do this I have to mount all original parts on the bike. I don't know if the exaust system was 4 in 1 or 2 x 2 in 1 with two exaust sys. Thanks for your replyes! :-D
66 05/06/2009 04:07:02 PeterL Re: FZ 750 1988 Exaust System Hi, Go to (not .com) and in the history section you will find all the models with picture and specifactions, there you'll find all the info you need on the "88, Hope this helps, PeterL.
67 05/06/2009 16:34:10 spqr75 Re: FZ 750 1988 Exaust System Thank you very muck Peter I found what I was searching for!!!!! Greetings from Rome Stefano
68 20/07/2009 15:41:52 dreadalls fzx exhaust? hi.does anybody know if the exhaust from a fzx750 will fit my fz 750.
69 31/07/2009 15:06:29 Nosforatu Standard exhaust Hi anyone have a pic of the standard exhaust. I'm asking as i have just cut out a huge load of bird poo welding and it looks like there should be a link pipe between the middle 2 pipes. This is a 4 into 1 89 bike. Any help greatfully recieved :-)
70 01/08/2009 01:42:41 PeterL Re: Standard exhaust Hi, Go to, you will have to register but thats no problem, then you can go into "Parts and Service" and "View Parts Catalogue and Owners Manual" all the models are on microfische and you'll find what you want. I looked and the info you need is there, PeterL.
71 01/08/2009 18:09:38 Nosforatu Re: Standard exhaust Hi I just tried that but I can't find fz750 listed in any of the drop downs. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Nos :-?
72 01/08/2009 18:13:34 Nosforatu Re: Standard exhaust Hi there again I just tried with a diferent year and voilla! You sir are a star. Thanks Nos 8-) :-D
73 31/07/2009 18:20:30 crash29 vance & hines or predator? I'm looking to replace my stock exhaust and would like your guys opinion between vance & hines and predator exhaust. is there any other exhaust available for 85 fz750? I'd rather not rejet if possible. thank you
74 10/10/2009 16:59:44 Graham Laser full system thanks man, ill get that sorted and see how it goes, the fzr is a really rare bike in Ireland so nobody knoes anything about them...............sweet bike tho.
75 10/10/2009 17:54:40 FZ750Horse Re: Laser full system Not for sale sorry, I have just bought a 2nd hand one with a carbon silencer & am waiting for it to arrive. Does anyone else have the same or similar system fitted or have any experience of them ? It has been described to me as having a "middle box" which I wasn't expecting. Thought it would most likely be 4-1 or 4-2-1 with 1 silencer ? :-? Been on Laser web site but they only seem to list the end cans ?
76 10/10/2009 19:18:21 Graham Re: Laser full system I've had three - they're a bit restrictive, mainly due to the baffle-packed link pipe (could be your "middle box"?), but they don't cause any flat spot problems like the Micron. There are two versions; the one for the 85/86 bike pairs 1&4 and 2&3 in a 4-2-1 system, the one for the later bike is simpler. Both had mild steel down pipes which were prone to rotting on top of the 4-2 joints and two of the ones I had were scrapped after they cracked at the headers. I doubt if the carbon can is original. All in all one of the better aftermarket systems. :-)
77 11/10/2009 12:39:00 FZ750Horse Re: Laser full system :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Mild steel pipes prone to rotting, 2 out of 3 scrapped from cracking & that's one of the better systems ! :-o :lol: Cheers for the info, seller says it's in good nick but then he would. Looks like it's off a late bike. He also states there is a small hole in the link pipe/centre box which is supposed to be there for condensation drainage ! :lol: If it warrants welding I might have to cut it open 1st & see what I can cut out & throw away.
78 28/12/2009 21:56:12 rclifford Will an early R1 system fit an FZR1000 in an FZ frame? Well I picked this.. . thing up today. Not sure if it's worth restoring but the spares that came with it must be worth the price I paid for the bike so still fairly pleased with myself. It has an FZR1000 rear wheel fitted with the rear caliper bracket ground down to clear the hub. There is another FZR1000 rear wheel complete with good tyre, sprocket carrier & disc that came with it along with the original wheel, 2 spare wiring looms, a spare cdi unit, a lovely rear paddock stand, a complete exhaust system with what looks like FZR tail can, braided brake hose, a Clymer manual (now I've bought one), a complete top end gasket set (now I've just paid ふ0 for a head gasket), spare FZR brake calipers, another 4-2-1 exhaust which is mint but looks too small to be FZ so that's a shame & 3 bags full of bits that I didn't even have time to look at. I dumped the lot in my garage just now & will go back tomorrow in the daylight to have a good look through it all. There is a frame with log book on ebay right now which I've got my eye on but will have to see if it's worth my while going to those lengths first. :-D
79 16/03/2010 20:42:43 oops-sorry anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted would the full fairing go straight on mine or will i have to alter alot like has been stated. i have a spare nose fairing but want some fairing sides for my genesis. my full faing sides are cracked a scrapped.
80 16/03/2010 22:26:06 alliekat Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted looking for any pics of how well the vance and hines sits on the bike
81 16/03/2010 23:30:31 PeterL Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted went an got it. i like the really early ones they look better than my genesis :-?
82 17/03/2010 01:59:59 oops-sorry Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted Ok, new springs are in and tested. Results are as good as could be expected given the 25 year-old technology. (ie: Sag and spring rate are where they should be. Damping... could be better, but alas, it's non-adjustable.) Brake dive is much improved, although I might add a bit more fork oil to get things to stiffen up a bit quicker. Ganepeil: I gave the 15w fork oil a try. Results were excellent, unfortunately it was so much stiffer than my rear shock that I was forced to go back to a 10W to avoid a radically mis-matched front-rear damping, which only served to accentuate the less-damped rear shock. :-( At least I know the option is there for future reference, though... -Josh
83 17/03/2010 02:04:06 oops-sorry Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted THANKS ALLICAT
84 17/03/2010 04:24:30 PeterL Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted tom best option is to fit a 1989 fzr 1000 rear wheel.then you can run a 170 rear tyre and its an easy upgrade and upgrade your front wheel to a 17 inch
85 17/03/2010 21:22:55 oops-sorry Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted I agree re. the Bridgestones - Kenny Irons raced on them back in the day and managed better lap times than I do on Racetecs :-? . The carcase might be the same but the compound has been updated - I've only once managed to get the rear to break traction using them on the road and that was being silly.
86 17/03/2010 23:50:40 PeterL Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted looking out for it but it still has not reached australia yet
87 30/03/2010 10:18:10 oops-sorry Re: anybody have any pictures of a vance and hines fitted pipe has arrived and sounds great. very happy with my choice . now for the mods to begin
88 17/05/2010 15:06:23 rangerdave Painting exhaust Hopa all went well. I am sorry i couldnt get there in th eend as money is very tight and i had to tax the bike. i think it was び2 to get in as well. let me know next time as i would like to see and fz race. havnt seen one race since since seeing steve spencer crashing in the early nineties, ( i was racing elsies)he lived in the same town as me in essex. He did have an old triumph trident race bike before the Fz i seem to remember.
89 17/05/2010 16:02:44 Graham Re: Painting exhaust Just wondering if anyone has had luck painting their exhaust? Mines not too bad but there are a couple areas that could use a touch up. BTW, I thought a try to add a picture...hope it works?! Dave [img][/img]
90 17/05/2010 17:06:55 rangerdave Re: Painting exhaust Dave I'm not much use regards the exhaust paint as everything I've ever used just burns off. My mate swears by old engine oil applied regularly but he's a bit strange. Bike looks stunning by the way. Makes you wonder why people (me included) feel the need to mess with them. 8-)
91 17/05/2010 17:31:49 Graham Re: Painting exhaust Thanks Graham, I attached the wrong picture actually. I meant to show the exhaust side! Makes sense right? :-? I've read a bunch on painting but there seems to be a mixed bag of successes and failures. Ouch. I'll keep looking and post what I find. New pic... [img][/img] I'm not sure if I like the Hindle pipe yet. Dave
92 17/05/2010 17:33:55 alliekat Re: Painting exhaust That pipe will probably grow on you. Can is small (diameter) so I'm guessing it doesn't do much by way of silencing ! :-o
93 17/05/2010 17:40:16 rangerdave Re: Painting exhaust i think that pipe looks really nice, i have a full Remus stainless system but would like one that is neat and small like yours.
94 17/05/2010 21:40:05 tomster Re: Painting exhaust Thanks horse, i am off work tomorrow so will go and try your advice out. :-D
95 19/05/2010 06:49:52 peteskeet Re: Painting exhaust I'm not making that much more power anyway. thanks for the info.
96 19/05/2010 20:52:06 wolseley Re: Painting exhaust [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]What I use is something called WD40. Ever heard of it. I don't know if it's available over there but it is a very light aerosol which is used as a dismantling lubricant and water dispersant (hence WD). Any light lube that does not have PTFE or any other additive that will leave a residue which will gum up. WD40 is solvent based so will dissolve crud as well as leaving a lubricating film. Hope this helps.[/font][/color][/b]
97 29/05/2010 09:36:28 gaz69 Micron Exhaust Hi, I went to the Probolt (Aust) site, in the FZ 750 section they list a oil filler cap as M27 x 3.00mm #LOFCY10. PeterL.
98 29/05/2010 23:53:24 ganepeil Re: Micron Exhaust The ignition wire is not wrapped around the spark plug. The plastic cap/boot is on the plug, but I was concerned about the connection between the lead coming off the ignition coil and the top of the spark plug cap. The wire seemed to pull out quite easily. I haven't gotten a chance to take a look at the other plugs. In other news, I've drained/rinsed out the tank and taken apart the carbs. There were plenty of mucous-like gobs in the tank and float bowls. Also, the gas was orangish from rust. I have a question about the carbs for those that have taken them apart. There is a very tiny o ring that sits inside the main jet holder between the main jet and the holey aerator-thingy. This gasket is badly mangled in carbs 1 and 2 and entirely absent from carb 3. It is not in the parts diagram in the CLymer manual or on bikebandit. Does anyone know where i could get replacements for these or should i just remove them entirely??
99 31/05/2010 14:31:51 gaz69 Re: Micron Exhaust Graham, Had similar, You need to ensure that all 3 pipes are fitted to the airbox. Centre one is to the oil breather above gearbox. Two outside ones join together into a 3rd tube with an NRV fitted. This then meanders its way to the centre hole in the lower suspension link. Some people drill holes in their airbox, make sure there are none. Another problem could be exhaust blowing. Basically, the reason I suggest this is that a 'pulse' is sent down your pipe, a negative pulse then runs back up, through the cylinder, into the airbox causing new charge to enter the cylinder. Hope this helps
100 06/06/2010 09:52:31 tomster Re: Micron Exhaust Dave I think there are still a few things not right on here as I'm only showing the same message that's been there since the forum was back up & running. I can't alter any of my settings or delete the message so I'm guessing your message hasn't got to my in box yet ? You can get me here,
101 06/06/2010 11:02:16 FZ750Horse Re: Micron Exhaust [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]If your Micron is anything like mine then it will melt through your lower fairing. I'm going to either have to mess with the downpipes or re-model the fairing. Good luck with the pipe and let us know how you get on.[/font][/color][/b]
102 06/06/2010 12:40:11 tomster Re: Micron Exhaust They might be ok on the thousand, but the larger diameter headers of the Micron used to bugger up the gas flow on the 750 and cause a massive flat spot at about 4500rpm. Good top end power though... :-)
103 28/08/2010 14:30:47 Dutch Re: Micron Exhaust [quote] tomster wrote: If your Micron is anything like mine then it will melt through your lower fairing. I'm going to either have to mess with the downpipes or re-model the fairing. Good luck with the pipe and let us know how you get on[/quote] the blue is nice, bolt is a bit 'shouty' imho You can tape a material like GPR Teknofibra (my company Motorbazaar is importer for GPR in the Benelux) on the inside of the fairing. Protects it from the heat from the exhaust. They used it with very good effect on a.o. the MotoGP bike Alex Barros rode. @flat spot: yes, the FZ needs some counter pressure to run nice below 4000 rpm. Common problem with an open can and hard to fix. [i]hadn'nt realized I hadn't posted here for almost 2 years. So now I'm back as last poster on every sub-forum of the FZ part :-D [/i]
104 16/09/2010 06:48:14 billip New kerker Baffel and end cap? Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me where I could possibly get hold of a new baffel and end cap for the Kerker muffler that came with the exhaust system for our bikes? I bought an Exhaust from the US, and the muffler is gutted without the end cap.
105 17/09/2010 19:39:59 PeterL Re: New kerker Baffel and end cap? Hi, Try to Google "" they have a new Kerker baffle cap advertised, plus other items. Bit of a job getting there but its there, eg. "Buy aftermarket accessories"-"Aftermarket accessories"-"Street accessories"-"enter your bike model"-"Exhaust systems"-then again "exhaust systems"-"Kerker Misc parts accessories" and bingo! should be there. Hope that's what your looking for. PeterL.
106 10/02/2011 14:57:04 fabrik Compatibility Hello. Does anybody know if an FZR600 or FRZ1000 4 in 1 exhaust system fits fz750 engine without modifications? Thank you
107 13/02/2011 19:08:16 billip Re: Compatibility The 1000 exhaust would be the closest, but you can still find systems for our bikes on ebay, both new and second hand, so theres no need to use a different one really.
108 16/02/2011 09:56:55 fabrik Re: Compatibility Unluckly where I live (Italy) isn't so easy to find spare parts for FZ! A really little number of bikes has been sold in the 80's. There are many FZR series instead, and also a lot of spares, so I hoped that a "swap" would be possible easily!
109 19/03/2011 17:51:57 Dutch Re: Compatibility Hi, Don't worry, shipment within Europe isn't much of a problem. Just supplied a brand new exhaust for an FZ a few months ago. Fits nicely so the buyer was very pleased with it. Don't think he has used it much as we had quite a winter here in the Netherlands (Holland).
110 06/08/2011 02:49:32 1STFZ750 Selling my 1985 Yamaha FZ750...Located in Michigan I have owned this FZ since new and it has been kept inside for it's entire life. 13,000 miles on the odometer, New Metzeler tires 250 miles ago, Vance & Hines SS2R exhaust, K & N Filterjet kit and factory seat cowl. I can also include the factory service manual. This bike is in superb condition and has been my pride and joy for over 26 years. I believe there was only 1000 of these made this first year and I am selling due to lack of use. Only negative I know of is at times when the bike is warm, the starter doesn't always catch right away. I need to try it multiple times before it catches (starter/starter clutch issue??). With the limited riding over the last several years it hasn't been an issue for me. However, if someone wanted to use it regularly, this would need to be looked into. The bike is located at our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Pricing is negotiable, but I feel this rare bike in this condition should be worth somewhere between $3750-4250. Yamaha was way ahead of the curve when they released this cycle. If interested, the easiest way to contact me would be through email.
111 16/08/2011 19:48:57 ValeRossi Re: Selling my 1985 Yamaha FZ750...Located in Michigan Keep it still 10 years and then sell at 30000$ if u still wan't to ;-) Where u get the information of just 1000 made in 1985? I'd think Yamaha would have made a lot more of them believing it to be a big hit. I personally have owned two '85 FZ's already and almost bought a 3rd one (original condition) this summer B-)
112 08/05/2012 01:46:40 1STFZ750 Re: Selling my 1985 Yamaha FZ750...Located in Michigan I've been trying to find supporting info on the 1000 purchased for quite some time with no luck. I'm not trying to provide incorrect info and was just going by what I was told when I purchased it new. Maybe the dealer wanted to tempt me a bit more for the sale.....he didn't need to I was already sold after reading the Cycle Guide article a month before I bought it. New Battery installed this week, time to RIDE!
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