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1 24/06/2004 06:46:29 RIFLEMAN Guess I'll be the first! :hammer: This set up has worked really well for me: 88FZR1000 wheel, 87 fzr1000 fork,87FZR1000 rotors,2000 YZF-R1 master cylinder and calipers,EBC Green pads and braided stainless lines. I'm looking to up grade the discs to cast iron. Now if I could just afford those Berringer Double discs........ RIFLEMAN
2 14/06/2005 20:47:45 gaillarry Upgrading the Brakes I find the brakes to be the weakest point of the FZ. Anyone done upgrades to the front braking system?
3 25/08/2005 23:16:53 cmcleod Re: Upgrading the Brakes Maybe you could try installing braided lines, it might give you a bit more bite to the braking power. Just from what I've heard anyway. You might also have to adjust your fork suspension to compensate for the increase in brake grab. Cam
4 26/08/2005 14:19:41 gaillarry Re: Upgrading the Brakes I just installed braided lines on the front and rear. There's a remarkable improvement in feel of the brakes, well worth the $100.
5 10/10/2005 21:18:16 ganepeil Re: Upgrading the Brakes Hi, I'm Gane,"Hi;Gane" and I'm a new member.I'm sure this entry should be prefficed by an entry in suspension, but I could'nt figure out how to get into that forum. I have an 1985 fz750 (1AE) which I raced for 3 seasons at club level and had a lot of fun. I'd like to share some of the info on the mods I made on this bike and recieve feedback / comments from others. This concerns front suspension, wheels, and brakes. ahem. the steering stem post from the stock lower triple clamp is a press fit and can be pressed into the lower clamp of the 91 (and presumably other year) fz600. this allows one to install upper and lower steering stems to the 750 frame(bearings are compatible) with proper spacing for front wheel and brakes off the fzr 750 and fzr1000. my application included 2inch over fork tubes for the 91 fzr600 from Franks Maint. and engeneering,@ $150.00 att. I used the front wheel from a 87 fzr1000 with stock 320mm rotors,though I think the stock 91 fzr600, fzr750 wheel and rotors would have fit as well.I purchaced the complete front end from a salvage yard for 200 bucks (thus reason for new tubes and alt. front wheel) granted this mod was made a number of years ago when these parts were readily accesible. however I found the front axle diameters were different on the front wheel I'd chosen. my solution was to have axle spacers machined with a step going into the larger (17mm) 1000 wheel bearings and shouldered to match outside inner race diameter. this permited uese of outer wheel bearing seals and centering of front wheel in forks. two footnotes here, 1st,my machinist made my spacers of aluminum, and while I've experianced no wear in retrospect I'd have them made from steel. and 2ndly it precludes the use of stock speedo drive. perhaps a sleeve going from outside bearing face to outside bearing face with correct inside and outside diameters would be preferable and incorperate use of stock wheel spacers and allow speedo drive. ah hindsight is 20/20. at any rate this front end gave me both the ability to tune front end height and braking potential beyond my skills. while the axle diameters were a challenge it did allow for big brakes,tire sizes that were in line for state of the art rubber and more ground clearance. the last probably never a problem with street applications.however at the time I was racing on some tight tracks and experianced some frame dragging and was searching for clearance.
6 25/03/2007 09:35:10 fzpilot Re: Upgrading the Brakes haven't ridden a bike with 4pot brakes but i put Goodrich braided lines and an honda nsr250 master cylinder on.(master a bitch to bleed but i got there) now the brakes are 200% better without a doubt. cheers Ben. :-D
7 31/07/2007 01:08:32 texasFZ Re: Upgrading the Brakes I realize that this is a pretty old thread, but where did you buy the stainless braided brake line?
8 31/07/2007 08:51:50 fzpilot Re: Upgrading the Brakes where are you from Spyder. i got mine through my local yamaha dealer here in Aus. cheers Ben.
9 31/07/2007 12:46:36 texasFZ Re: Upgrading the Brakes I am from New England part of US (Boston area). I am fixing my profile. I do not immidiately think of a dealer as a source for "upgraded parts" :-). But I would have to check. What are they typically charging for the kit? Are there any aftermarket options? I am finding that, as is the case with many FZ750 mods, brake lines are impossible to find.
10 02/08/2007 07:22:48 Dutch Re: Upgrading the Brakes I sell them regularly (Motorbazaar is an online shop for bike parts and accessories), mainly within the Netherlands. Current $/€ exchange rate + shipping probably makes sending to the US to expensive, but a 2 piece kit (both lines directly from the brake pump) including a protective plastic cover would be about 108 $ + 30 postage. Cheers, Dutch
11 02/08/2007 10:56:36 fzpilot Re: Upgrading the Brakes mine were $180aus. and i could have got them from any other bike acc. store but yam have been good in getting spares for me so went through them. cheers Ben.
12 03/11/2005 01:49:11 mike760 Modification with brakes change After the wheels changes did you use stock brakes or change to the brakes off the bike which the wheel came from has anyone change brakes other than FZR1000 or any other FZR's anyone used mid 90's brakes or late 90's brakes systems instead
13 10/04/2006 05:01:12 ganepeil Re: Modification with brakes change anchient post. but there is an ebay sale for a fzr400 front end w/400 tubes /lowers w/what appear to be fzr600 wheel with 1000 rotors and nissan calipers mounted by 1 off caliper carriors att. basicly what I'm running, and I've got no complaints. G 8-)
14 16/04/2006 22:25:23 buzz87 Re: Modification with brakes change I was goin to bid on this, but it went for over 400, and the guy wanted 200 bucks shipping! Yikes - nice setup, but alot of coin :-(
15 19/06/2006 23:02:21 tommyrut 1986 FZ750 engine for sale I have a 1986 FZ750 engine for sale. It's in good shape. I never had any major problems with it. I will be including the starter, water pump, alternator, and carb boots(intake boots whatever you call them). The starter could use a can still electronically start the bike, but it sometimes wont engage right away, might take once or twice to get it running. It's worth about 550 if you add everything up. I will be selling it for $400. I live in Ames, Iowa..near des moines. I can deliver it for a charge, or I will be in Chicago this Thursday night and friday morning, then wisconsin...lake geneva..friday/sat/sunday. If you are near any of that, we could meet and you can pick up. Let me know asap. thanks. tom-6/19/06 PS.. i am looking for some sides and upper fairing for an 88 FZ700.. if you have a good set, let me know, and we could trade.
16 29/06/2006 12:15:38 meurig 1990 fz 750 front brakes Hi, just joined forum, I have 1990 fz and will need to replace font brake discs soon. New discs are v expensive in U.K so am asking if there are any other yams with same discs so I can look for good used discs. thanks any help appreciated Meurig
17 04/07/2006 06:47:06 Dutch Re: 1990 fz 750 front brakes Hello Meurig, do you have a 1990 model with the 298 mm floaters? On is a doc with their model discs, several bikes have same exchange disc. If you can't find it, drop me a mail. Cheers, Dutch (riding with TDM850 discs ) :-D
18 08/07/2006 22:06:36 lurch Re: 1990 fz 750 front brakes Yes - err they're not that good are they? I jumped on the FZ for the first time after riding my nissin 4 pots/ABE wave disc set up on my GSXR1100 and I thought the brakes had oil on or something coz they were so scarey! I know I'd be interested in upgrading the calipers and discs too!
19 18/07/2006 07:07:30 Dutch Re: 1990 fz 750 front brakes No worries Lurch, FZ brakes aren't that bad. Even the <88 2-pots are reasonable, the 89> 4-pots are plain good. Of course they need to be maintained well, if they have been riden through winter & rain they need to be stripped and cleaned every now and then and old fluid with air doesn't help either. Personally I found the braking of my 3KS improved after replacing the front springs by WP ones. Much more feel. Cheers, Dutch
20 01/08/2006 11:34:03 genesis750 new to forum hey guys just bought my first fz750 1-1988 it's had it's fair share of problems but i have been reading the post's on the forum and it has been a great help . problems encountered include erratic fuel pump 'broken wire inside pump','air box had come off made lot's of induction noise and made bike hard to start when cold not enough vacum for choke to work','tank full of crap blocking fuel tap making the bike splutter'. i found all the info on this forum fantastic my bike is a daily rider covering 1,000 klm per week i live along way from work thanks once again for all the usefull info on this forum :-P
21 09/08/2006 04:56:21 ganepeil Re: new to forum gen. ride well and enjoy G.
22 11/08/2006 07:21:27 Dutch Re: new to forum bit late, but would like to say a very welcome to you nevertheless. Where are you from? Cheers, Dutch
23 22/08/2006 04:43:04 iXnay What brakes will fit on original FZ -85 ?? Hello Just bought a FZ750 -85 and I wonder if there are any aftermarket brake calipers/discs that would fit right on? Or perhaps from another make or model?
24 23/03/2007 07:42:41 lilfzr76 parting out my 86 fz750 looks like this project will be too much for me i will be selling parts next week so if you have any parts off of this bike let me know. i have an 86 no side fairings no windscreen. have everything else i will let u guys have first crack at it before i post on ebay. lots of these parts are discontinued so might as well get them if you need them or for back ups. more parts you buy the better deal i can give you plus i can combine shipping.
25 25/05/2008 01:06:51 wbdaily Re: parting out my 86 fz750 do you still have any of this bike? I'm looking for a headlight assembly and tail plastic
26 12/04/2007 13:46:37 gmanhevner Brembo and FZ 750!!! Hi! I need some help with my brakes! Can I put some brembo calipers on my FZ? Which model of brembo? Thank you :-)
27 16/06/2007 09:35:30 85fz7505v Re: Brembo and FZ 750!!! Though not of much help, I really doubt you could find brembo brakes for an old bike like the FZ. The thing with the FZ is that there is barely any aftermarket parts for it. For the past few months, I couldn't find a single slip-on exhaust system for the FZ (my muffler is beat up and it leaks), so my only choices are: Supertrapp universal, Vance and Hines exhaust SYSTEM, and a custom one. However I have heard of people putting on cbr600 master cylinders on their FZs for more braking power. The current fz brakes are garbage, can't even lift the rear wheel.
28 22/08/2007 14:14:53 kayak810 Re: Brembo and FZ 750!!! yeah i tried those same check with my buddies FZ even did the diode check failed so replaced that. We got it running today by using a remote starter switch we put together. But would like to see if the battery holds up after todays ride. Something was running it down not sure what maybe from the starters swith somehow since it isnt working properly. This is in reference to
29 06/11/2007 02:31:22 roadrash Re: Brembo and FZ 750!!! don,t think you,ll get brembo,s to bolt straight on but if the hole centres are far enough away from original calipers you could get billet brackets made and bolt and respace if you the time and resorces. for the exhaust problem posted:- for the past few months, I couldn't find a single slip-on exhaust system for the FZ (my muffler is beat up and it leaks), so my only choices are: Supertrapp universal, Vance and Hines exhaust SYSTEM, and a custom one. im running a full stainless system by micron on a 85 and 89,look up aftermarket company called m&p can also cut the original can off and laser do a slip on thatl fit the original mid section.
30 18/11/2007 08:26:23 Dutch Re: Brembo and FZ 750!!! What bikes are we talking about? Brakes: 85-88 with 16" front has afaik 85 mm, 89> with 17" has the bolt holes 100 mm apart. Brackets have been used before, works great. Exhaust: 85-86 with 4-2 or 87> with 4-1? Cheers, Dutch
31 13/01/2008 18:25:05 soapbops rear caliper Need to know what rear brake calipers we can fit to the bike --it's an '85 FZ750. Getting a bit desperate, any help much appreciated.
32 14/01/2008 19:01:33 FZ750Horse Re: rear caliper Does your bike still have the original vented disc? I've got a bucket full of FZ calipers but I think they're mostly from later bikes and have narrower openings for the thinner 2MG discs. I'm a bit busy at the moment but I'll try to have a look next time I make it down to the garage...
33 15/01/2008 21:25:48 FZ750Horse Re: rear caliper I've just had a look and I have three FZ rear calipers, any of which would fit either type of disc - must be only the front ones which have narrower openings for the later discs. One of them is fully serviced and ready to fit, one hasn't been serviced (by me anyway) but was working ok when I took it off the bike. The third is brush painted matt black and attached to a master cylinder and reservoir, but I took it off a wreck so it might need an overhaul (FZ rear calipers are prone to corrosion behind the seals, which makes the brakes bind). Let me know if you want any of them.
34 06/04/2008 21:29:32 texasFZ Re: rear caliper What sort of rear whhel you got, i have fzr 1000 rear wheel so useing brakes off that...i believe that 'blue spot' will do what you want. Geoff
35 13/05/2008 04:19:16 bnail FZR 1000 brakes on FZ750 Im looking at putting different brakes on the my fz750. Does anyone happen to know if the front 4 piston calipers off an FZR 1000 will fit an FZ 750 or if a mounting bracket would need to be fabricated? Both bikes are an '88. Any sort of insight would be helpful. Thanks Sean
36 15/05/2008 07:42:04 Dutch Re: FZR 1000 brakes on FZ750 Bracket. afaik FZ <89 = 84 mm, FZR = 100 mm Have you already got the old calipers apart, grooves cleaned and steel braided brake hoses fitted? ps, just noted this was your 1st post: welcome on this board !!
37 16/05/2008 05:02:43 bnail Re: FZR 1000 brakes on FZ750 Thanks for the welcome. I've had the calipers apart and cleaned them up. Figured i'd clean up the fronts after the rear kept freezing up on me. I do not have braided lines. I really dont know where to look for them over here in the US.
38 16/05/2008 19:16:08 FZ750Horse Re: FZR 1000 brakes on FZ750 I used to have to clean and rebuild the rear caliper on my road bike every year after commuting through the winter until I discovered ACF50. This is an anti-corrosion product marketed by the Lear Corporation to prevent corrosion in aircraft frames. Three years ago I smeared some into the grooves that take the piston seals after I'd scraped the corrosion out yet again - the caliper hasn't needed any attention since. Braided lines do make a big difference. IMHO the standard brakes are adequate for road use. They dont have a lot of feel or initial bite but they will stop you - I think the same calipers were used on the V-Max. :-o
39 19/05/2008 00:46:04 Cletus Caliper rebuilding Hi Does anyone know the specifications of the seals between the 2 halves of the brake calipers? Are they still available from yamaha? Are the rear ones the same as the front ones? thanks
40 19/05/2008 19:14:53 FZ750Horse Re: Caliper rebuilding As far as I know they were never available from Yamaha, probably on the grounds that there would never be any need to separate the halves. I think they were only made that way because it was easier than casting them in one piece or machining them from a billet. I did once take one apart out of curiosity - I just re-used the seals and it was ok. Front an rear calipers have different sized pistons, but I don't know about the seal between the halves - I only dismantled a rear.
41 20/05/2008 03:02:48 Cletus Re: Caliper rebuilding Thanks very much I will try to re-use them but they dont look very pretty. I do have some spare calipers so no catastrophe there. BTW I haven't been to this site for years, thanks Arch for keeping up the good work. was a BBS last time I think. Still got my FZ but its been planted into the back of a bus and is not feeling very well.
42 26/05/2008 11:15:12 Dutch Re: Caliper rebuilding afaik Yamaha doesn't sell them seperatly. Always re-used the old ones. If memory serves correctly: from another board long ago Suzuki seems to have the same seal which they do sell new. No idea for which model though.
43 28/05/2008 23:06:58 Cletus Re: Caliper rebuilding Thanks Dutch, I'll try and find it
44 20/05/2008 22:46:01 Cletus FZR calipers to FZ? Quick question for those in the know. Is it possible to use later model calipers on the FZ and do they bolt straight on? I apologise if this has already been covered.
45 20/03/2009 20:34:45 pat180269 Re: FZR calipers to FZ? Hi It depends on the year of your FZ. If your bike has 4 pot calipers then yes otherwise no. Basically most Yam calipers have 100mm caliper spacing between the mounting holes on the fork bottoms even up to the present day with the R1 calipers. The 2 pot calipers fitted to most early FZ's ( like mine ) have 88mm spacing ( if my memory serves me right ). If you have the early bike like mine, there are 2 alternatives 1) Change the forks for those with 100mm spacing mounting points. (FJ/FZR1000/Thundercat etc etc. The problem here is that the early FZ had 39mm OD forks and everything with 100mm spacing caliper mountings is bigger. So you would need yokes as well. Later FZ has 41mm OD like FZR1000/FJ1200. FZR1000/FJ1200/thundercat share head bearings, so the yokes go straight in. 2) Use an adapter bracket ( bought or made ) which allows the 100mm spaced mounting caliper to be bolted to the original fork bottoms. I faced exactly this problem with my FZ 2MG. The single pot brakes are suicidal by modern standards. IMO the caliper adapters look crap and flex. Plus the original discs are small. R1 blue spots 4 pots are the way to go they are cast in a single part and do not flex, they are also cheap and freely available. Bought some knackered Fz1000 forks and yokes off ebay, an FZr1000 rear wheel (18")for wider rubber and a thundercat front wheel (17", original was 16") complete with discs. Had stanchions re-chromed and then rebuilt forks (You will not find 20 year old forks on ebay in good condition, trust me !). Used R1/R6/Fazer 600 blue spot calipers. I was advised best blue spot calipers are the early calipers without link pipe from one side of caliper to the other. Mine are off Fazer600. I am currently building up the bike and will let you know how it rides. Hope this info helps. BR pat
46 21/05/2008 23:03:54 Cletus Suggestions on Brake improvements Hi guys, here is a copy of a post from Gosling1 on the Australian Kawasaki Riders Forum (with his permission). He is very knowledgeable and hopefully this could help someone here with braking upgrades. From my experience, I have always stayed with glycol fluids. You can get them anywhere, if you have a brake problem out on the road and need topping up / maintenance whatever, then glycol-based fluids are much easier to live with. Having a brake system filled with the silicone DOT5 fluid is often a bigger pain in the @rse than the benefits you get from it. If the brake fluid is changed with reasonable regularity, then water absorption issues should not be a big problem. They do become a problem if the brake system does not get regular maintenance. The single biggest improvement that can be made to any brake system is the replacement of standard rubber lines with 3/16" teflon (braided stainless steel lines). These will improve the feel and feedback at the lever by a far greater amount than changing glycol fluid to silicon-based. Rubber lines do deteriorate over time, only a slight amount of 'expansion' of the rubber line, over a long length of line, is generally enough to cause a noticeable lack of lever pressure. Braided lines remove this as a problem. " One other good performance tip for brake lines is to only have 1 single line running from your m/cyl to 1 caliper, and a smaller line looping over the wheel to the caliper on the other side ( front brakes) - I did this back in the early 90's on The Black Pearl, with the first set of braided brake lines I ever made - they are still fitted to the bike today, and have *never* failed. I have knocked up a few sets of braided lines since then, fitted to track bikes and a couple of mates street bikes. All lines are still performing as well today as they did 15 years ago. The benefit of having a smaller looped line is that you reduce the amount of fluid overall, and get the best pressure that the m/cyl is capable of providing. I also swapped the standard 5/16" kwakka m/cyl for a 1/2" RD350 m/cyl, this provides much better lever pressure and 'feel' on this particular motorcycle. EBC HH pads are also highly recommended for sports-bike use....."
47 22/05/2008 18:32:09 FZ750Horse Re: Suggestions on Brake improvements I'm reliably informed that DOT5 fluid destroys the seals in FZ brake and clutch systems. I've got those EBC pads in two bikes using the "blue spot" calipers and have been very impressed with them. Not so sure about the brake hose idea - most current thinking suggests that a double banjo bolt at the master and individual lines to each caliper is most efficient. Since fluids are by definition virtually incompressible, I would have thought the tiny amount of fluid saved by having 18" less hose would make no difference - unless he meant that there's less loss due to there being less hose to expand under pressure?
48 22/05/2008 23:17:48 Cletus Re: Suggestions on Brake improvements I believe that is what he is saying. I realise that with a braided line expansion is likely to be minimal anyway but there may well be someting to it as the new Z model kawasakis are fitted with this system standard. I'm not sure how much brake line you would save using this method and how much it would be to make a noticeable difference. I defer to those more experienced than myself.
49 21/06/2008 19:19:58 bobey1000 rear brake disc i want to fit a wavey rear disk to my 1988 fz750 any sugestions on a suppler in the uk. thanks bob
50 12/09/2008 06:27:12 oops-sorry Re: rear brake disc try ebay seen one on there today
51 24/06/2009 09:01:05 blunderbum FJ1100 to FZ 750 rear Master cylinder G,day Guys Does anyone know if the rear Master cylinder of a 1984 FJ1100 is the same as a 1985 FZ 750 my local wreckers only has the FJ Cheers Mark
52 24/06/2009 11:01:54 daddyjay Re: FJ1100 to FZ 750 rear Master cylinder My rear master cylinder is from an FJ1200, had to use the piston from the FZ master cylinder as the FJ one was a different length (can't remember if it was longer or shorter).
53 01/10/2009 00:18:13 slydvl front caliper That's a very good looking standard bike, very clean.
54 01/10/2009 08:38:36 Graham Re: front caliper That's A lovely original machine you have there. It's nice to see an old fz750 being kept in such good condition glennyam
55 01/10/2009 18:45:42 FZ750Horse Re: front caliper Thanks Graham and daddyjay. Fuel switch huh? We'll see if that cleans up. The fuel sender is looking pretty cruddy. I'll be treating the tank before to long for sure. The one with the headlight is supposed to be the runner. I'm picking up a fresh battery for it on my way home from work today. Tomorrow I'm going to drain the tank and put some descaler in it and see if I can't clean it up a bit. The fuel coming out of the outlet upstream of the filter looks OK, but I want to stay ahead of the rust if I can. The rear brake master is seized so I gotta break that apart and see what's going on. Change the oil and plugs and see how bad off the coil wires are. A cursory exam says they are pretty beat. Hoping they'll do OK for getting it running and re-seating the valves. Yeah, I've got my work cut out for me. But hey, this isn't the first bike I've rescued from the backyard bushes and the price was right! I'm living in Virginia in the US at the moment. I'm out in farm country, LOTS of nice twisties out here. Can't wait to stretch the legs on one of these puppies. The one in the pic with no tank has a bent subframe from a crash. It's fixable but I don't know if it's worth it. I'm gonna compression test the motor and see how bad the carbs are (they were left uncovered) before I put much work into it. It's also missing some stuff. Cheers, Will-
56 01/10/2009 21:08:02 slydvl Re: front caliper These calipers don't last long in the UK - road salt causes corrosion behind the piston seals and makes them grip the piston too tightly. I'd rebuild all three calipers if I were you. I've found that a smear of ACF50 in the grooves after you've scraped the corrosion out makes the job last much longer. First time I did it I was worried that the ACF50 might react with the brake fluid, but that was five years ago and I've had no problems.
57 05/10/2009 14:36:42 FZ750Horse Re: front caliper Can I remove the breather plate from the inside of the clutch cover?, how will it affect the oil system?
58 05/10/2009 21:12:56 slydvl Re: front caliper I've never had to replace a piston and there's no point in splitting the caliper to replace the two internal seals. Most likely you'll only need one seal and one dust seal per piston - even OE Yamaha parts shouldn't be more than ぴ0 a caliper. Cheers, Horse
59 01/11/2009 06:32:38 RIFLEMAN Re: front caliper Buddy,sounds like time to rebuild both calipers and you might as well do the master while your at it. Calipers hanging up in the FZ are a pretty common problem(just ask our UK members)especially in high mileage bikes in wet climes. Most importantly,does your bike still have the original rubber brake lines? If it does,you really need to either replace them with new OEM rubber lines or better,buy a set of braided stainless lines. I use for my braking needs. If your here in the USA,they are about the best way to go. If they don't have lines for the FZ,they can make you up a set of custom lines for a very reasonable cost. The rubber brake lines on your bike are over 29 years old and their recommended service life is actually about 5 years! Nothing is going to make your life more interesting than having a line burst! :-o
60 01/11/2009 06:36:15 RIFLEMAN Re: front caliper Go on eBay and look for a seller named 'siriusinc'. He always has alot of NOS and aftermarket repair bits like carb parts and petcock rebuild kits. Check his items for sale and if he doesn't list what you need,drop him a line and ask. Sometime he can get stuff he doesn't list.
61 15/12/2009 01:29:37 scarabrun up grade my brakes I always screw that guys name up! Its siriuscoinc .
62 15/12/2009 03:44:50 PeterL Re: up grade my brakes Hi, Well I did the Furbur business, very good, it doesnt feel like I'm riding a snake anymore, go's very straight, more oversteer than it had before but a bit of throttle around the corner soon takes care of that. I "dont need no stinking rubber washer" thanks for the help, bye, PeterL.
63 15/12/2009 08:58:41 dave1000 Re: up grade my brakes Hi, I thought the same, but I didnt want to change the front forks or calipers. I own two "85 FM (Jap) FZ750's I just recently changed one to braided/stainless brake lines, both my bikes have two lines only! from the master to the calipers, the difference is "chalk and cheese" the braided brake lines help a lot, no swelling of the lines as the rubber ones tend to do, but if you want to go further than that you're in the right place, ganepeil or graham etc will be along shortly I'm sure, PeterL.
64 25/12/2009 03:27:18 RIFLEMAN Re: up grade my brakes Glenny, Nope,87 FZR1000 arm and 88 wheel The front sprocket shim is about 3.5mm(if I remember correctly,don't quote me). The dished side of the rear sprocket is about the same. You could machine the hub,just watch that the chain doesn't hit the tire. Bike mag here put a wide tire tire in something or another and the alignment was good,but the chain fouled the tire. They reshaped the edge of the tire with a angle grinder! I don't recommend that! BTW:I use a 530 chain
65 25/12/2009 12:42:46 Graham Re: up grade my brakes Adapters mandatory and look into some R1 calipers. usually pretty cheap now. Those or the 4 pot Sumitomos from a first gen FZR 1000. Those are dirt cheap now. Definitely try the braided lines first,you will notice the difference.
66 26/12/2009 05:18:16 RIFLEMAN Re: up grade my brakes Rifleman has just reminded me that my old TRX850 had 4 pot Sumitomo's fitted which get swapped out for R1/R6 blue spots a lot which should make them a cheap 2nd hand option if you shop around. I think the FJ1200 used them too & FZR1000 EXUP & probably loads of others. Blue spots are better but the Sumi's are a shed load better than the standard FZ calipers. Still need adaptor brackets unfortunately unless you upgrade to later Yammy forks which accept the later 100mm calipers but then you need to change your yokes to accept the fatter forks so it depends which you would find more suitable, brackets for your new calipers or fork & steering stem swap ? As above, braided hose's are a must for me, car or bike.
67 26/12/2009 13:56:53 Graham Re: up grade my brakes No matter where I go,I find myself there :-D
68 27/12/2009 04:11:30 scarabrun Re: up grade my brakes I was lucky, sold the TRX & fitted all the standard stuff back on it which meant I had a lovely pair of 41mm FZR600 (foxeye) forks with uprated Hyperpro springs going spare + the R1 blue spots & master cylinder & a spare 17" TRX front wheel & a YZF750 front mudguard. :-D All I needed to buy for the FZ was 1000 Genesis yokes which bolted straight up with new bearings. Oh & TRX clip ons.
69 27/12/2009 12:15:52 Graham Re: up grade my brakes ok this is helpful but can someone sell me what i need to due the up-grade blue dot yamaha brakes with the brackets i need or sell me the brackets i can find the rest of the stuff ,trying to keep it as stock as i can ,i will pay someone to make me some brackets and make it worth your time and then some thanks i really need help with this
70 27/12/2009 21:11:15 scarabrun Re: up grade my brakes I've never done it but would be really tempted to make a pair of ally brackets myself in your shoes. I can tell you they will need 2 hole which are 100mm apart to accept the blue spot calipers & you can measure your FZ forks for the other 2 holes. Failing that you will need to take a diagram with measurements or your bike or both to a machine shop who can do it for you.
71 27/12/2009 22:51:00 PeterL Re: up grade my brakes maybe i will try soft pads and ss brake lines
72 29/12/2009 15:54:24 bandit74 Re: up grade my brakes Not having much luck computer been down ..... will try Harris all the rest just want to supply a complete unit. But my race budget is FIND and FIX 8-)
73 05/01/2010 01:19:28 scarabrun Re: up grade my brakes Hi fz700 it could be the relais or the earth connection. Try those first.
74 04/03/2010 19:14:49 dave1000 Re: up grade my brakes Hi there. How are you? What have you done to your brakes?
75 08/03/2010 11:37:30 oops-sorry Re: up grade my brakes I'm running brembos
76 13/03/2010 22:06:35 Gonad Re: up grade my brakes sold it last night
77 18/05/2010 06:27:56 billip Re: up grade my brakes I started it up tonight and looked for arcing, but didn't see any. I'm definitely leaning toward dirty carbs/fuel system now, though. I revved it up just to where it was stalling out around 3000 rpm and held it there for a little while and was able to "break through." I could then rev it up to 6 or 7 thousand rpm with no sign of stalling. (I stopped there because it was 1130pm and the V&H exhaust is obnoxiously loud :-o ). Does this sound more definitively like gummed up carbs?
78 18/06/2010 09:25:55 Gonad Re: up grade my brakes I put a brand-new cam cover gasket on my bike when I rebuilt the engine a year or so back. I still had some leaking issues as well. Ended up running a bead of RTV silicone gasket maker along the groove for the gasket on the cam cover side, and just a thin smear of the silicone along the engine side mating surface. Been leak-free ever since! :-D -Josh
79 08/03/2010 12:49:55 alliekat brakes, forks etc. I see psolple put the exup calipers on FZ which is what i am planning but i am putting the 44mm exup forks on as well. I have noticed that some are talking about botton yoke stems being changed. Will i have to do that with the Exup bottom yoke ? or will it fiT the Fz frame ? :-?
80 01/07/2010 19:36:25 wolseley Noisey front brakes [IMG][/IMG] This was my Dads. He got it 1975 as a trials bike. All I am doing is making it road legal. For those who do not know - it's a 1957 350 Matchless G3LS. The situation has been made worse as my Dad is now 74 and going blind so the local Classic shop is finishing it off for me.
81 01/07/2010 20:59:46 Crusty Re: Noisey front brakes Now I can sleep.
82 09/07/2010 19:51:34 wolseley Re: Noisey front brakes bugger
83 07/08/2010 14:44:43 Crusty What front brakes are these? A question for you all. As far as I know, I have standard (for a 2MG) FZ brakes on this beastie. The trouble is that they are two pots. Mine is a '90 bike so appears to be a mix of the 2MG and the later model. What do you think? Was there an FZ750 with twin pot front? [img][/img] Edit: Finally sorted the picture....
84 07/08/2010 17:31:52 tomster Re: What front brakes are these? [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]They look like Sumitomo twin pots, to me. A direct replacement without needing any brackets or adaptors.[/font][/color][/b]
85 07/08/2010 19:17:04 Crusty Re: What front brakes are these? There's definately no adaptors. Now, what the hell sort of brake pads do I ask for?
86 07/08/2010 20:55:06 tomster Re: What front brakes are these? [b][color=0000CC][font=Arial]Probs off an FZR1000 Crusty. Have a look on the bay at item # 220335691521 I think these are what you'll want[/font][/color][/b]
87 07/08/2010 23:41:44 ganepeil Re: What front brakes are these? Crusty, I agree they look like sumitomo, but am thinking ft fender looks like FZR600. I would, Pop a pad, & take it to a dealership/shop which carries EBC pads....Their (EBC) catologe shows pics w/deminsions of all the pads they carry. luck G
88 08/08/2010 02:16:49 PeterL Re: What front brakes are these? Hi, Same as mine although I havent installed them yet, should have Sumitomo imprinted on the side, from a FZR1000 88"-89" dont fit early model fz750's as the mounting holes are 100mm apart. PeterL.
89 08/08/2010 07:25:24 Crusty Re: What front brakes are these? Yep, you're right. It's stamped into the sides facing the wheels which is why I hadn't noticed it before. Thta will explain why I couldn't understand the complaints about crap brakes on these things.....
90 08/08/2010 11:53:42 Crusty Re: What front brakes are these? I've gone through Google pictures and every photo of an FZ with the same colour scheme as mine (white/grey/green) has the same wheels and twin pot front brakes. Now, either 1)everyone who's ever posted a photo of it on the net has made exactly the same modification (and some of the bikes look very new in the photos), 2) these brakes were standard on the model I have or 3) there's lots of photos of my actual bike on the interweb. I'm going with option 2...
91 08/08/2010 12:05:23 PeterL Re: What front brakes are these? If you look in the history section @ from 1989 onwards they had your brake setup, prev to that single pot. PeterL.
92 28/08/2010 08:02:19 Dutch Re: What front brakes are these? What a load of crap above ;-) The bike looks like a '90> or '91> 3KS. The 85-88 had a twin piston caliper. One pot in the outside and one in the inside part of the caliper. A single pot has only one (like the name says), the other halve slides. The '89 FZ is still a 2MG but has the 17" front wheel and four pot Sumitomo caliper like this bike. In -I think it was '91- the code became 3KS but apart from that not much changed (a bit in carburation due to regulations so power came down from 107 hp to a EU uniform 100). With the 4-pots and the steel braided hoses it will surely brake :-D Best you can do if you need more improvement is progressive front springs from WP or any other brand. Apart from upgrading the brakes Yamaha also made the suspension softer :-( Stiffer springs was the first mod on my 3KS (same colour as pictured), made a massive improvement, much more feel. Cheers, Dutch
93 28/08/2010 14:35:35 PeterL Re: What front brakes are these? Hi, Dutch although there are two pistons most people call them single pot or two pot, around here the "85 is considered a single pot brake caliper, later models had two pot calipers, Crusty calls them two pot as well so maybe they think that way in the U.K. as well. PeterL.
94 02/09/2010 07:09:08 Dutch Re: What front brakes are these? Thanks. Imho, if you got it, flaunt it, so 2 on the inside and 2 on the outside gets called a 4 pot :-) btw, how would you distinguise between a "single pot" like early FZ or a "single pot" where the other halve slides (like most car brakes)?
95 02/09/2010 11:40:21 PeterL Re: What front brakes are these? On the "85 fz750 the factory description is "opposed piston calipers" although it has two pistons "both press in the same spot". 2 on the inside and two on the outside is a two pot. PeterL.
96 19/12/2011 09:32:47 captaincon Re: What front brakes are these? I have put r1 on my rat they was a straight swop I had the same calipers as on your pic
97 09/01/2011 13:12:19 Christov Spongey brakes Hi all I've had spongey brakes on the front of my 86' FZ750 for a while now, tried bleeding them several times, taken the calipers off, cleaned em out, re filled the system etc etc but they are still super spongey... it's actually getting worse as time goes on. Now I was doing a re-bleed this weekend and I noticed as I was pumping the front brake lever I could hear a squelching sound, I couldn't see any fluid coming out anywhere it shouldn't and I'm really not massively mechanically minded. The brakes have steel goodridge braided hoses and sumitomo (correct spelling?) slave cylinders but I'm pretty sure the master cylinder is original from '86 which is why I think this could be the culprit. My first thought is that the seal that actually connects the lever and the master cylinder (unsure of the technical term), the bit where the screw pushes into the master cylinder.... is going and will go soon. Now my question is how easy is it to replace this seal or service the master cylinder, and is it worth just buying a new one? Found a couple of places that will do me one for around び00, but if it's going to take me more than a couple of weeks to fix this thing I may just pay up front for a new cylinder and re-fill the system. Any thoughts? Would very much appreciate it. EDIT: The bit that I'm talking about I'm pretty sure is #5 in this diagram:
98 16/01/2011 04:31:40 PeterL Re: Spongey brakes Hi, Just replace the internals in the master cylinder (cheapest way), the parts you mentioned, if you can do basic work and have a workshop manual which has good step by step instructions you shouldn't have any problem, just lubricate all the new parts in fluid before you put them in. If you dont have a manual there is a link somewhere on this site to download one. PeterL.
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