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    HI guys,
    I’m a UK freelance journalist looking for information and pictures of the most under rated bike of the late 20th century. I know why I think the FZ750 is so important but I would really like input from owners please. Also looking for new hi-res images of the any model but especially the first examples that show of that awseome engine. ANy takers? If so please feel free to drop me line a at steve.the.scribe@gmail.com


    Mark Harrison

    I am an FZ750 fan and have been for over 25 years. My ’88 version is a 2MG model, is pretty much as it left the factory and I have had it since new. Done some mods in the past but it is back to standard now apart from a smoked screen. It is the red/white model and has covered just under 20k now. I put it away when the kids came along but now they are getting bigger I can get out on it out now and again. Let me know if you need any photos of this model and I will see what I can do. We have a basic camera but I am not sure what resolution or how many pixels it is. I am in Devon and am willing to let you have or take some pictures if it helps. I have some from our trip to France this summer and some previous exploits too. It is obviously not one of the first models but I still love it. If I can be of any help get in touch. Best wishes Mark



    Hi Mark,
    Yes please, I’d love some shots if you have the time and some decent weather. Can I suggest a a quick trial run with the camera set up to max pixel/resolution? I’d love to come and shoot the bike myself am am miles away in Bedford. Neutral backgrounds that contrast with the bike’s colur seem to work best. If you are able to run off a couple of side ons plus close ups the clocks, carbs, front brakes/forks, clocks etc it’d be really appreciated. Outside in natural day light always works better than flash off a digicam.
    Thanks, Steve

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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