has been attacked

September 5, 2013 in website by arch.1970

This site has been attacked for several months.  I banned the suspicious IPs and didn’t comfirm many new suspicious users.  Then the company I rend this server told me that my site was being accessed by too many, which put a lot of strain on the server, so they changed the login URL.  So you could not log in this site.  Now I installed the new security system and you can log in.  But I don’t know how it will work.  In some bad cases, I will have to ban anyone from loggin in.  Sorry for your inconvenience.

You can see all the posts in FZ750.com here in this site.

July 13, 2012 in website by arch.1970

I arranged the data of fz750.com and made some html files. You can see lots of valuable info/tips for the FZ750/700 in this site. Click “FZ750.com” of the menu in the upper side and choose any forums you want to see.

The Post is Open to Any Freaks!

July 3, 2012 in website by arch.1970

Here is open to anyone who has signed up with the site.  I’d like you to post your articles about your FZ, some useful info, a meeting of the FZ freaks, and so on.  It is better to use the forum if you ask for some opinions or want someone to answer your question.


/////  How to Add New Post  /////

Step 1 : Click “Site Admin” after you log in.

Step 2: Go to “Post”>”Add New” in the left of the Dashboard.  Or Go to “+New”>”Post” in the upper of the Dashboard.

Step 3: Write your article.  You can add some pictures.  Input some tags about the article.  Check the categories and click “Publish.”

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