meter gauges

May 21, 2013 in daily life, maintainance by arch.1970

These are my collections.  And they are all out of order.  Of course another one is set on my FZ, but it is also broken.  All the speedometers have a grinding noise and its hands are jumping up and down during riding.  (Oh, one hand is now off.)

I’m tired of setting a new (secondhand) one :<CIMG0534' IMGP7435' CIMG0865'

Engine Head

December 8, 2012 in maintainance, Uncategorized by Martin Ramos

So i recently bought a 1987 Yamaha fz750 project bike for $500U.S. and im about done with it…. THE only problem is that when i bought it the guy said it needed a head gasket….SO i was okay. i paid for it and started to transform it from a ratrod BACK to original! It turns on but i dont want to start it for to long because of the problem. i havent got in the engine because im new to motorcycles and dont even know how to ride one!! This is my first bike and im determined to work on it. im 17 years old and i need help to take the head of and check if its warped or just needs the gasket.!

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New Rider With A Taste for Classics (FZ750 genesis)

August 28, 2012 in daily life, maintainance by Cody

So, I finally convinced the ladies in my life that a motorcycle is necessary for true happiness. Haha, they took a little longer than I had hoped. Anyway, I final found a classic in good shape for the price. I only paid a grand for her. Couple issues I’m having with the machine. Bike is titled as a 1987 Yamaha FZ 750, but I never find the model under that year. I do not have a service manual or owners manual to solidify one way or the other. Maybe their are other ways to identify the proper year. Also the throttle is slow to close after release, I think there is a minor bend in the handlebar causing this as I have already replaced the faulty cable. Any other ideas? Any websites someone can recommend for FZ parts or good aftermarket handlebars? Not sure of the OEM measurements or how to take them. (true motorcycle freshmen)

Any help anyone can give on any matter mentioned or not would be awesome. Any ideas to make a FZ super clean, I plan on riding sans fairings. Very minimalist.


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